Story: Tales of Darkness - The Knight's Redemption (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter - The Messenger

[Author's notes: A normal day at Nightwind Manor, or is it?
A messenger arrives at the front door, carrying a tied scroll, ordering Allisia back to the royal capital Sarrania for an apparent charge of high treason to the crown.]

"Your move, Faris" Allisia said, her and Faris having engaged in a game of chess, Faris looking quite pleased with herself as she moved a pawn a square upwards.

"I'll get your queen soon, Miss Metal..." she grinned satisfied as she waited for Allisia to make her move.

"Hmm, quite tactical; you surprise me, Faris" Allisia mumbled, focused on her position on the board.

"Let me see..." Allisia nodded to herself, moving her bishop down four squares, taking one of Faris' rooks.

"It's a real pain mixing both offense and defense, is it not?" Allisia grinned, Faris replying in kind; chess really were a game of both wits and tactical ability.

"Hmm, lemme see...oh! Oh, I gotcha now...!" Faris smirked, moving her bishop five squares up, Allisia's king caught unable to move between three pawns.

"Gods! I should have forseen this..." Allisia scolded herself, teasing Faris with a wink; "...OK, you got me fair and square; now what did you want if you won, again?"

"Hmmm, need you really ask?" Faris teased, slowly pushing the board away, leaning over to Allisia, kissing her cheek and winking at her.

"Well, you won your price, so I will honour our agreement" Allisia said, smiling to herself as it was a pleasent change; to lose might even have been better than to have won...

"Concentrate; don't lose your focus!" Shica said, her and Jiraz schooling Jisha in her newly found demonic powers.

"OK, but where am I gonna...?" Jisha asked between gritted teeth, finally looking at torch in the room's other end; concentrating as best she could, she aimed her demonic flame in that direction as it flew from her hands towards the torch.

"Str-r-r-rike!" Jisha exclaimed happily, her mothers noticing the large scorch marks on the wall behind the torch.

"...Ye-e-ep; she sure has the spark for it" Jiraz grinned, proud of her daughter.

"I begin to think you could prove quite a good sorceress with all that power of yours, Jisha" Shica nodded at her daughter, who smiled shyly, rubbing her head.

"Well, I'm just glad uncle Rhannie found out to unlock my potentional for magic; I didn't even think I had it in me!" Jisha grinned, Jiraz and Shica exchanging looks; Rhanar Narra-Jar, Shica's brother and thus uncle to Jisha, had used his Mystic and mental powers to reach into Jisha's mind, unlocking her demonic heritage from Jiraz and Shica.

"Let's see what else I've got!" Jisha eagerly smiled, sparks of Dark Magic lightning forming in her right palm as she juggled from right to left and back again.

"Careful, now; don't take too many risks" Shica adviced, the sparks becomming larger and harder for Jisha to control.

"Oh-oh, I think I gotta cut loose..." Jisha said nervously, aiming the sparks at the wall near the torch; in a small, dark-purple explosion, the lightning blasted a tiny hole in the solid stone wall, Jisha amazed at both controlling Chaos and Dark magic.

"This is fucking amazing! I'm getting the kicks outta this!" Jisha laughed happily, Jiraz and Shica both admiring their daughter's progress...

...Yet at the same time seeing the danger if Jisha were ever to be angry, making them grin as they wondered how it would turn out...

Siriki ran as fast as her legs would carry her; this had continued for nearly two intense minutes, somewhat scolding herself to agree to Chinyi's silly game of tag.

"I'm gonna get you, Siriki!" Chinyi's chuckling voice could be heard not five meters behind her; grinning, Siriki decided to bolt for her own room and hide.

"I'm faster than you, kitty! Don't run your paws off!" Siriki teased over her shoulders, distracted as she almost tumbled over a carpet, quickly regaining her balance.

"Oh, I'm gonna getcha for that one, Siriki!" Chinyi's voice were heard, Siriki glad to hear it sound slightly more distant, meaning she had gained the upper hand.

Bolting up the stairs, Siriki darted for her room not ten meters from the stairs, hoping Chinyi had not seen her.

Closing the door, Siriki's skin were wet with sweat as she tossed herself on her bed, partly hoping Chinyi would find her, partly hoping she could just catch her breath a moment.

"I'm not really that dumb, Siriki..." Chinyi's teasing voice were heard outside the door, Siriki grinning to herself, knowing fully well what was to come next.

Entering Siriki's room, the equally exhausted Chinyi stood panting in the door, closing it and dragging herself over to Siriki, tossing herself down besides her, the two girls giggling at each other for their creative 'improvement' of the classic tag game.

"Siriki, my reward..." Chinyi grinned, Siriki sighing, shaking her head and smiling playfully as she began taking off her shirt, baring herself the now even more excited Chinyi.

"Mistress Narrisha! I gotta talk to you!" Narru pleaded, Narrisha looking up from her bed sheets, Lillian and Innoki looking slightly disappointed with the interuption.

"Hmm? Yes, what is it, Narru?" Narrisha asked, not too happy to be disturbed while having her fun.

"There's a stranger at the door, and he says he wants to talk to Miss Allisia" Narru informed, Narrisha's eyebrows raising a bit.

"A stranger, huh? Well, I'd better go meet him..." Narrisha sighed, turning to Lillian and Innoki; "...I'm really sorry, girls; say, why don't you play a bit until I come back?"

Stepping out of bed, Narrisha grabbed her black dress and shawl as well as her boots; she needed not dress completly formally.

"Uhmm..." Innoki moaned, now a target of Lillian's slightly dominative lovemaking; with her breasts bared, Innoki felt as the head maid truly enjoyed herself, Innoki smiling at the thought of her eventual payback.

"So someone wants to see me, you say?" Allisia asked, Faris looking sour as her chance to play with the warrior girl were ruined by this unknown arrival.

"Well, that's what Narru told me; better just head down and get over it" Narrisha said, Allisia looking at Faris.

"No worries; once I return..." she said, stroking Faris' cheek, smiling; "...I will be sure to recieve everything you wish to give me."

Blushing, Faris crawled a little to the side, letting Allisia get out of the bed and heading for her closet as she picked up a richly decorated blue and silver dress.

"'By order of the Royal Council of Silvarcira, Lady Allisia Lightblade is to return to the Royal Capital of Sarrania for trial due to high treason against the Crown of the Dragon King, forsaking Her oath as a Dragon Knight of the kingdom.'"

As the messenger, a Silvarciraian soldier, read up from the scroll he held, he had not imagained the angry looks he would get from the Nightwind girls and their mistress.

"I know my duty to my kingdom, but my absence from service is well-founded" Allisia spoke formally, although her undertone was quite obviously more than merely displeased.

"I know, Lady Lightblade; trust me, I, too, have seen the corruption that claimed our kingdom back in the days..." the messenger said, rolling up the scroll, a sigh heard from his helmet; "...still, hope has returned to Silvarcira."

"What do you mean? Speak your mind" Allisia said, the soldier saluting as he explained.

"Ma'am, the royal bloodline did not die out with the queen's death on the battlefield; King Arathasa Arannor has claimed the Dragon Throne" the soldier said.

"Arathasa? Was he not in exile due to the Royal Council's 'displeasement'?" Allisia asked sceptically.

"With all respect, ma'am; no-one can defy a rightful ruler His or Her place...especially not one with over half the Royal Army's support as well as the people's" the soldier said, a true happiness clearly present in his undertone.

"So, lemme get this straight..." Shica asked, hers and Jiraz's presence apparently not shocking the soldier; "...your kingdom, being rotten and corrupted at first, has returned to normal since your king's back?"

"That's correct, miss; the king is currently trying to clear up the mess the Royal Council had started when they tried seizing complete control over Silvarcira..." the soldier said bitterly; "...luckily, the first thing the king did upon His return was to establish the People's Council, and-..."

"'The People's Council'?? The common citizens having their own say in even royal affairs??" Allisia asked, failing to mask her pleasent surprise.

"Heh, correct, milady; the king seeks to completly root out any xenophobic or otherwise racistic nonsense in His kingdom, as well as injustice for any commoners or nobles" the soldier said, tightening the bridle of his horse which stood beside him.

"Although I do not make a habit of indulging myself in royal affairs..." an unknown, darker voice now spoke; "...I will gladly do what I can to make sure this trial will be swift and not to any greater concern."

Apparently out of nowhere, a tall, dark-robed figure with a hood appeared; standing even taller than the Silvarciraian soldier, he made his way towards the door, Shica nodding at the dark figure.

"Hallo, bro; you're coming with us?" she asked, surprised to see her brother turn up.

"I cannot allow some mumbling old fools to punish a soldier for doing what was right..." the figure said, facing Allisia; " need not feel shame for denying to serve a kingdom without any pride to their banner; the Royal Council betrayed what your people believed in, and now, they try and make you a scape-goat and take the blow for their ignorance."

"Who are you to speak ill of Silvarcira? You're right, though, but it doesn't concern you" Allisia said, her verbal slap having its effect on the figure.

"I apoligize, Lady Allisia, though I fail to look with any forgiveness on the Royal Council for ordering you to Sarrania like a common pup" the figure said, its undertone almost snarling.

"Drop the robe, Rhannie; you've already over-used the whole 'dramatic entrance' thing" Jiraz sighed, shaking her head; nodding, the figure dropped its hood, a male shin'saras with dark-purple, cat-like eyes appearing under its folds.

"You''re that 'Dark Rider' who convinced me to travel here, are you not?" Allisia asked, remembering this shin'saras' face clearly.

"Indeed I am, milady, but for now, I am here to help you to a safe travel to Sarrania; the trial begins tonight, so we need to go now."

"...OK, lemme just say, how the fuck can those old idiots expect us to get from here and to the royal capital in less than a day?!" Jiraz asked in complete confussion.

"Ah, a simple, cheap politcal trick, Jiraz; a tight and injust time limit to sort out any potentional threats before they go for their prize, the king..." Rhanar explained; "...basically, they are somewhat like predators in the animal kingdom, leaping on what they presume to be the weakest prey."

"Lord Narra-Jar, Lady Allisia is far from the weakest! How dare you-...!" the soldier began, Rhanar hushing him with a gesture of his hand.

"Do not misunderstand me; I merely meant that the Royal Council's corruption should be stopped, and I believe lady Allisia and His Highness are the only ones who can bring this plot into the light" Rhanar explained.

"Urgh, can we quit this, already?! Gods, this whole thing sounds like something outta Lord of the Rings; I'm gonna need a nap..." Jiraz sighed, Shica smiling at her.

"And you..." Jiraz said, smirking at Shica as she leaned towards her, the shin'saras girl sticking her tongue out in tease; "'re coming with me this instant!"

"Sure thing!" Shica grinned, following her girlfriend as they went inside, heading for their room.

"This place lives up to the rumors you hear at the taverns!" the soldier said, chuckling under his helmet.

"Had you been a lesser responsible human I would have cut you down for that remark..." Rhanar snarled, the soldier taking no notice of him as he mounted up.

"I will be sure to inform the City Guard to let you in!" he yelled over his shoulder as he rode away.

"Fifty Aras that he will be telling the rest of his unit wild tales of this place..." Allisia said, sighing.

"Then my coin and yours are in the same flip, miss; we will be lucky if some degenerate commander of the Royal Army does not lay siege to this manor, now..." Rhanar said darkly, Allisia sharing the draconoid's suspicions as they went inside with the others.

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