Story: Himeko and Chikane: Their Story (chapter 6)

Authors: mandygirl78

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Chapter 6

Title: The Showdown

[Author's notes:

Japanese Terminology:

The Best Kid - That's how the Japanese called the move The Karate Kid.

Sentou - (Wikipedia) is a type of Japanese communal bath house where customers pay for entrance.

Chapter Note - I would like to thank L337_Ninja_Girl for beta reading my story.


Only a few minutes ago, Chikane was mad at the world for loosing her locket, now she's elated to have her locket back, all thanks to Himeko. Just to show her appreciation to Himeko, she decided to walk her back to her tent. Himeko happily took the offer, seeing it as a way to get to know her better. Just as soon as they got out of the very huge and very crowded train station, Chikane brought up something to Himeko.

"Look, if you're going to hang around me, then you got to toughen up, because right now, I'm a walking bull's eye with you around me. This is the rough streets of Tokyo, the side that you'll never see on a postcard. Triads, Yakuzas, drunks, shady businessmen, con-artists, and African and Brazilian drug dealers are all around here. You got that?"

Himeko said timidly, "Y-yes, Chikane-san." Deep down, Himeko was really scared since she didn't think she could never be tough and that no matter what she does, she will always disappoint Chikane.

"The first thing I'm going to teach you is defense. In order to survive in the streets you got to have a good defense, no, a great defense. Meet me at the station tomorrow around 11:00."

"OK, Chikane-san." Himeko said like a child.

"That's another thing. Not only do you look soft, you sound soft. That's going to change as well. Well you start hanging around with me you're going to sound like a real woman, not some little girl trapped in a teenage body. You got it?"

"I got it." Himeko said with her normal soft and high-pitched voice. Chikane gave her that look and Himeko knew that she had to correct herself. "I mean, I got it." She said with an exaggerated deep voice. Chikane didn't say anything while they were on the crosswalk heading to the park but in her mind she said, "I got a lot of work ahead of me."
Chikane kept on lecturing Himeko, "Also, you gonna need to make some money. Nekoko can't support you forever and she won't. She's not really the motherly type, that's why she has cats and not dogs. I'm also willing to show you how to make some money around here but not only you got to be tough, you also got to be smart and you got to be quick, understand?"

Himeko nodded her head in agreement. Then she asked curiously, "Where in Mahoroba are you from? I know that you come from an orphanage since I heard the Snake clan call you a ‘koji girl' but which one over there?"

Chikane hesitated a bit to answer the question. She didn't want her to know that she came from that infamous reformatory/orphanage in southern Mahoroba, it might scare her away, even though she look naïve enough to not know about the place. For some reason, she didn't want her to leave her so she couldn't take that chance. Instead she told her the other orphanage in western Mahoroba.

"I'm from St. Fuukino's orphanage at Saimachi." Saimachi is a section of western Mahoroba known to the locals as the "wealthy district." That orphanage is well known and well respected.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, but there was nothing special about the place, it's just your typical orphanage." Chikane said trying to sound indifferent but her body language said something else and Himeko saw it.

"OK." Himeko said in her usual soft tone. She didn't bring it up but she could tell that Chikane didn't have pleasant memories of her orphanage. Not feeling comfortable about the subject, Chikane quickly changed it.

"It sounds like religion plays a big part of your life, Himeko-san."

"It really does. My relatives run a church."

Chikane had a feeling that Himeko belonged to a very strict religion. "So what religion do you belong to?"

"We're Pentecostals."

When she said that Chikane immediately thought in her head, "Oh God...", pun intended.
"No wonder why this girl is really sheltered and messed up. Her relatives basically controlled her." Of course she didn't say that to her, however she did ask another question. "So, how big is your oji-san's church?"

"That big," As Himeko said pointing out his appearance on a large High Definition TV screen displayed at the front of an appliance store that Himeko and Chikane was walking by. Pastor Kyoshiro Ayanokouji is a well-known televangelist in Japan. He was on TV doing his usual spiel on how you can be saved by donating to his church. He was the most well known Pentecostal pastor in Japan who had converted over 2 million Japanese ‘heathens' in his life. Chikane was shocked to see who her relatives were. She never would have imagined that Himeko relatives were rich, now her sheltered life made more sense.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope," as she pulled out an old small photo of her and her relatives from her dirty pair of pants. Chikane was even more stunned that she wasn't lying. She wouldn't think that Himeko was the lying type but she wasn't fully convinced until she saw the photo.

"Wow, your relatives must be very rich, why would you want to run away from your home?"

Himeko quickly reverted back to her shy and timid persona, and was hesitant to talk about it.


Chikane saw the pain in her face so she simply told her she didn't have to tell her. Somehow she sensed Himeko ran away for the same reasons she did.

"Look, Himeko-san, you don't have to tell me now, you can tell me when you're ready."

"Okay, arigato, Chikane-san."

"No problem," She said and Chikane watched Himeko's uncle show for a bit, thinking to herself "yet another religious huckster," then they continued on to Himeko's place.

"So what about you, do you belong to any religion?"

"I belong to no religion whatsoever, even though I grew up in a Catholic orphanage. I don't want to have anything to do with God, religion, or anything of that sort. And I don't want anyone to enforce it on me, understood?" Chikane said tersely. It was even more evident to Himeko that something really did happen during her time at the orphanage.

"Yes, Chikane-san. I will never try to preach or convert you."


"Yes, it doesn't really matter if you are a Christian or not. What really matters is how we can change other people lives for the better." If only Himeko had the confidence to believe those words in her heart.

Those words left a small smile on Chikane's face. "Well, that's good to hear a Christian that has an open mind and an open heart."

Along the way, Himeko spotted the famous ‘LOVE' sculpture. It's a big red sculpture that says the English word ‘love'. She thought that it would be perfect to take a picture of it with her and Chikane together, so she brought it up to Chikane.

"Hey Chikane-san, isn't that the LOVE sculpture?"

"Yep, it sure is. I really don't understand what's with Japan's fascination of Western things. I mean come on now, this ain't Philadelphia!" Chikane was referring to how similar the sculpture was to the one in Philadelphia.

"I really like the aesthetics of it, even though it's very similar to the one in Philadelphia. Also, I think love is a universal thing, it's not just a Western thing. The message of love is universal, no matter what language you use to say it." She concluded. Chikane got a rare look at Himeko's hidden intellectual side, a side that some people ignorantly say doesn't exist. "Would you like to take a picture of it with us together?"

At first Chikane was shocked that Himeko would think such a thing, it could be sending out the wrong message, but then she realized that Himeko meant it in an innocent matter. Thus, she didn't see any harm in it and she happily agreed to participate. "Okay, that's fine with me, but who's going to take the picture?"

"I'll get someone to take it." So Himeko found a passerby and asked her to take the picture with them together. Like Chikane, she was at first stunned but she too realized the nature and then agreed to take it. With the sculpture in the background, Himeko and Chikane posed for the picture. She had her arms unconsciously around Chikane's waist. Chikane was surprised by her action and was about to protest but she saw how happy she was. The woman noticed as well but she still took it. Himeko stuck out the peace sign while wearing a genuine smile on her face, while Chikane just had a regular smile on her face. Himeko was surprised and glad to see Chikane smiling for once. The woman took the picture and was about to returned the camera back to Himeko, but she asked to take another picture, so she did. She finally returned the camera back to Himeko and quickly left the area. Himeko couldn't understand why she would do such a think but Chikane knew full well. Seeing how happy she was, Chikane couldn't tell her why. She asked Himeko a question while looking at her camera.

"Is that an old camera?"

"Yes, it's a good quality one, but it's not digital."

"So you have to take the roll to a photo shop?"

"Yes, it might take a few days before I get it back. The good thing is that Bic Camera has a discount going on for processing roles."

"Okay, when you have it, can I have one for myself?"

"Of course, Chikane-san. I wasn't planning to keep the picture for myself."

"Arigato, Hime-san," she thanked her sincerely.

"Dou itashimashite, Chikane-san," Himeko responded back in kindness.

"Come on, Himeko, it's getting rather late and I don't want Nekoko to get a heart attack over you. I'll hear it to no end from her."

Himeko nodded in agreement and so they went straight to the park. As soon as they got to the tent, Nekoko was waiting there. Chikane rolled her eyes in grief, thinking that some drama is about to happen.

"There you are, Hime-chan, and why is Chikane-san with you?"

"I went to see her so that I can return her necklace to her."

"Yeah, Neko-san, she can do things for herself you know."

Nekoko was starting to steam up but knowing that Himeko is around she quickly calmed herself down and told her some important news.

"Yes, I know Himeko is not a child, so stop patronizing me. Before you open your big mouth, Chikane-san, I got important news to tell both of you. The Snake Çlan is regrouping and they are planning to not only attack my circus but also to get both of you as well. This time they got another gang who is very willing to help them out. I'd had issues with the group in the past since they wanted to be the leaders of the park and now they're using this opportunity to take over. They plan to attack in about three days from now, when I will have my performance near the station. They don't know that I know about the attack, and I would like to keep it that way."

Chikane wasn't surprised that the Snake Clan are planning to retaliate against her and she wasn't surprised that they would get some outside help. Nekoko does have her share of enemies. Nevertheless, it puzzled her a bit that Nekoko would ask her for help.

"So why are you asking for my help?"

"Because I know that you're a good fighter and that you will be a significant contribution to putting an end to the Snake Clan. You're as much of a mark target as we are. You know the Snake Clan isn't the only gang that wants to kick your ass, especially with all the shit you've done since you've been here."

"We to be honest with you Neko-san, I'll be more than happy to help you kick their asses. There's nothing more in this world I would enjoy than to give those perverts the ass-whipping they deserve, but who is going to help us out as well? There won't be enough of us to take care of all of them." Chikane asked with an unsure look on her face.

"Hana and the girls plus Natashi and his gang will back us up. They will be there to help protect us."

Chikane knew very well that it still wasn't enough but she couldn't pass up an opportunity to beat the hell out of those raping perverts. This was a hidden personal agenda of hers. She really wanted to teach those creeps a lesson, so she reluctantly agreed.

"Well I don't have much of a choice since I'm going to train Himeko."

"Train Hime-chan? In what?"

"In fighting. Can you defend her all the time? Will you watch her 24/7? Can you spare enough time to train her and train your cats as well? I already know the answers to those questions, furball."

Nekoko really wanted to smack Chikane but she also knew that Chikane is right.

"OK, I get your point! But you can't force Hime-chan to be trained unless she wants to. Hime-chan, do you want to be trained?"

Himeko nodded her head positively without any hesitation. Nekoko didn't know what to make out of this, something deep inside of her sensing that Himeko has already started to grow fond of Chikane.

"OK, then you can go ahead and train Hime-chan," Nekoko said with some reluctance. "However, if you harm Himeko-chan in any way, I will come after you like a tiger. You got that, nya?"

Chikane looked at her dead in eye without any sort of flinching and said, "I fully get it. I will not harm her at all."

"Good, as long as we actually agree on something, for once. Now then, the performance will be at 12:00 three days from now. It's happening around lunch break so there will be a lot of people there, understood?"

"Understood very well, Neko-san."

"Now let's get inside Hime-chan."

Himeko immediately obeyed and said, "Okay, Neko-chan."

As Himeko followed her to the tent Chikane said "See you tomorrow, Hime-chan!".

"See you tomorrow!" Himeko turned around and smiled back as she waived to her. She didn't head inside Nekoko's tent until Chikane was totally out of her sight. In her mind she was thinking why Chikane was so passionate about ‘teaching' the Snake Clan a lesson. Did something like that happen to her in the past? Finally, she head inside and asked her about the showdown.

As soon as she got inside, Nekoko address a few things to her.

"Hime-chan, I don't like it one bit that Chikane-san is training you, but it would be the best thing for you. Nevertheless, that's as far as you want to associate with her, she cannot be trusted one bit."

"I understand, Neko-chan."

"You only have a short amount of time to get yourself prepared so learn as much as you can. We need to show those bastards who's boss around here."

"OK," Himeko said softly. In spite of this, Himeko was sensing this wasn't the right way to go about this. What if the Snake Clan knew about Nekoko's plan and has a counter-plan in return? What if the Snake Clan has a stronger backup than what Nekoko thought? Then they would all be in big trouble. But the biggest concern was that a lot of people, especially innocent bystanders, could get hurt. Himeko really didn't want to see anybody get hurt, so she brought up another solution.

"Why don't we get the cops to help us on this?"

"Are you crazy!" Nekoko exasperated. "I knew you were rather naïve but I didn't think that you were that naïve. Of course not! The cops don't care about us one bit, so they won't help us. And second of all, if they do ‘help' us, they would probably use the opportunity to arrest us. After all, we're not even considered human."

"How do you know they would do that? Isn't there another way?"

"Cause Himeko, I've been out here for over ten years and the police haven't change much since I've been here. There are a few like Officer Girochi-san who does care but the rest of them don't care about us. To them we're nothing more than worthless trash that brings down the society and raises taxpayer's money. As for another way, there is no other way. It's simply us vs. them and the only way to settle it is to go head-to-head with them. You got to understand that there are certain things that can only be solved through confrontation. This ain't no kiddie game."

"OK," Himeko obeyed, but deep inside her thought she couldn't get it out of her mind how violent it could be and how much harm and damage it could cause. Her thoughts were especially focused on the innocent bystanders. So Himeko went back to her tent and continued on her drawings, but those thoughts never left her mind.


While at the clothes run, Hana was waiting in the line when he saw a beautiful pink scarf on a table, hoping that no one would pick it up. He came here to pick up some old clothes for the fight. It was by chance that he saw the scarf. There was only one woman in front of him so he had that going for him. As the lady reached the table, she looked at the scarf but decided not to pick it up. It left a smile on his face. When he got to the table, Sister Miyako appeared.

"I thought you might like it."

"Well thank you darling. You have such great taste."

"Well I learn from the best."

Hana smiled in return. "So how are things going at the cathedral?" The cathedral he's referring to was St. Teresa, which is only two blocks away from the Sun and Moon temple.

"Quite fine, been busy as usual."

"Well that's good, but there's something I want to tell you for a long time."

"What is it, Hana-chan?"

"I want to thank you for defending me at St. Teresa's the other day." About a month ago a new priest took over the church and made sweeping changes. Part of the sweeping change includes ‘converting' or getting rid of the people that didn't fit the church ‘image', and surely Hana was considered one of those people. Sister Miyako strongly objected to many of those changes, especially with those that didn't fit the image and she made it known throughout the church.

"No problem. You are my friend and a huge contribution to the church and to everybody around you, especially in the choir. Because of that, I would like for you to come back."

"You know I can't go back there. They don't accept my type, after Father made an example out of me in front of the congregation."

"Look, Hana-chan. We really need people like you to stand up to him. The reason why he's getting away with his agenda is because instead of taking him on, everybody's running away. Nobody's standing up for what they believe in." She had fought the priest on numerous occasions and because of it she her role in the church reduced. Now, there are plans to oust her from the church altogether.

"Nah, I'll just find another church that will accept me."

"And then what happens if that church turned out just like St. Teresa's? Are you going to run to another church? Change will never happen if you don't take a stand for what you're committed to."

That gave Hana something to think about. "You're right, Sister Miyako-san."

Miyako just smiled and said, "Now can I expect to see you next Sunday?"

Hana's body tensed a bit when he heard that. He knew that Sister Miyako can be unreasonable at times but that one really got him.

"Yes, I will be there, and early too!"

"Around what time?"

Sister Miyako wasn't going to let Hana slide out of this one and he knew it so he told her the time.

"I will be there at 9 am, when the service starts."

"Good, I look forward to seeing you there."

After the conversation, Miyako noticed that Hana was carrying something unusual, well unusual for Hana's standards.

"What are you doing with that old, worn-out coat?"

"Well, I'm planning to redecorate my place, and I don't want to use my clean clothes so I need to wear something that I wouldn't mind messing up, yeah." He said with some nervousness in his voice. He sure didn't want her to know about the upcoming showdown. Miyako saw it very well that he was hiding something. "Well I got to run, I'll catch up with you later," He said before she can get more out of him.

Miyako knew that Hana wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing worn-out clothes and she also knew there was something else going on. She thought to herself, "Something is going on here and I need to find out fast."


The following day, it was 10:45 am and Himeko came earlier because she was excited about the training. In her mind she was thinking she will finally be like Himiko of Battle Mikos, shy and weak but eventually become strong and powerful. Chikane then took her to the alley to the alley where she cried the other day. It was a perfect place since not a lot of people come there. Himeko was wearing a long-sleeve shirt with some loose pants. It caught Chikane's attention since it was not proper attire.

"I hope you brought a T-shirt with you. It's a little bit cold right now, but eventually you will get hot and sweaty and that long-sleeve shirt won't help you."

"No, I didn't bring a T-shirt, but I'll be fine," Himeko said with assurance.

Chikane gave in reluctantly and said, "Well then, welcome to your first day of training. The first thing I will teach you is defense. Defense is critical in fighting, more so than offense because defense is the one thing that will determine whether you live or not. And since we only have two days before our meeting with the Snake Clan, I want your full and undivided attention. You got that?"

"Hai! So sensei, are you going to teach me ‘wax on, wax off'?" Himeko said jokingly with her arms doing the waxing motion that Mr. Miyagi showed to Daniel in The Karate Kid. Chikane just smacked her hand on her forehead in disbelief.

"No, Daniel-san," Chikane said sarcastically. "My name is not Miyagi-sensei and this ain't The Best Kid. This is real life, girl, so stop kidding around. Before you can do any defensive techniques you will need to learn the proper stance, because your defense and offense will not work if you do not have solid footing. Can you imagine doing the Crane Kick without solid footing?"

"You mean like this?" As she foolishly attempt to emulate the Crane Kick like how Daniel did in the movie. Due to her natural clumsiness, she lost her balance and fell on her right side on the asphalt and then started to cry.

Chikane shook her head in disbelief and thought to herself, Oh my, this is going to be a loooooonnnnnng day.


The training was over and it was an intense three hours. Himeko was sore and her forearms and thighs were hurting and had red marks all over them even though she was fully clothed. Her shirt was drenched with her and Chikane's sweat. Chikane pleaded with her many times throughout the training to take her shirt off. She even offered to give her an extra T-shirt, but Himeko refused. She was also sad because she didn't do as well as she thought. She really thought she disappointed Chikane since she heard her cussing under her breath many times. Chikane saw the disappointment on her face and was about to tell her to stop it, but then she realized that she would make the situation worse. Instead, she went against her nature and offered her some words of encouragement.

"Look, Hime-san, you won't be an expert overnight. It took me years to get to where I at, so don't beat yourself up on this, okay?"

"I understand, sensei, but I want to get it right by the time the day comes." Himeko said with the matching disappointment in her voice.

"Look, you're in a better position than you were three hours ago. You got two of the basic blocking techniques down and we will work on the rest tomorrow. So don't get so worked up over it. Remember what I told you, the best way to defend is to be loose and flexible. Worrying and stress will bring the exact opposite. Besides, they can't do any worse to you than they already have done. At least this time you have better backup."

Himeko nodded in acknowledgment. "Yes, I fully understand, sensei."

"Hey, Hime-san, I know that you are sore but I know this wonderful sentou where they get their water from a hot spring and they have some great Jacuzzis and saunas."

Himeko immediately panicked and said, "No thank you!"

"But it would help relax and heal your muscles."

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'll just make due. I'll see you later tomorrow," And she quickly walk away. Chikane couldn't understand why she would be so afraid to go to a spa.

How Himeko usually washed herself is that she either went to the sentou near the park during the late hours when nobody else is around, and that's if she had the money to afford it, or scoop up some of the water from the pond and wash herself in the tent. She can't let Chikane see her scars.

Himeko couldn't get enough sleep since there were many things spinning in her head. One of them was how much of a failure she was to Chikane during the training. She thought anybody else who wasn't as weak and as soft as she was would have done better. That inner voice of hers kept on telling her, "Why are you wasting your time on this? They will skill kick your butt no matter what."

The other important matter in her mind was about the showdown. She knew deep in her heart that there had to be a better way to deal with them without resorting to confrontation. She didn't want to see anybody getting hurt over this.

With all that going on in her head, she barely got any sleep. When she woke up it was 10:20 in the morning. She quickly panicked and got herself dressed. She ran all the way to the station and she barely made it on time.

The training went a little bit different this time, as Chikane realized how uncoordinated Himeko was, so she made that the main focus. She also knew that Himeko was tense, so before the training, she had her do some meditation techniques and throughout the training she had her do some deep breathing. By the time the training was over, she was sore as usual, but that didn't matter. Even with all the techniques and meditation she was doing, the upcoming confrontation was still in her mind. She knew she had to do something about it. She had to talk to someone about it.

So she went to St. Teresa and asked for Sister Miyako. The secretary called her up and when she finally arrived she saw the concern on Himeko's face. She knew that Himeko has something very important to tell her.

"Hey, Himeko-san, what are you doing here?"

Himeko was clearly nervous but she knew that she had to do this. She thought it was the right thing to do. So, she swallowed her throat and said, "Sister Miyako, I need to talk to you about something."


Today was the day. It was basically the day of reckoning for everybody.

Himeko was able to get some good rest for once, thinking that she did the right thing. Nekoko on the other hand, didn't get much sleep. She stayed up late training her cats to attack when she gave the command. After they woke up, she and Nekoko went to the Salvation Army homeless shelter and got some breakfast. They didn't say anything at all; they just quietly ate their food. Then they went back to pick up the cats and the props and to wait for Natashi and his crew. It was better that way just in case if the Snake Clan jumped them on their way. As soon as they arrived, they headed to the station. All this time Himeko was thinking in her head, "I hope this works." But her inner voice was telling her, "Nope, it will fail just like everything else you do in your life."

Chikane woke up earlier than usual. Corona was up before her and she knew what was going on so she decided not to bother Chikane, this time. She made sure her tanto was sharp and clean the night before, though she naturally prefers hand-to-hand combat. Chikane was up in knots about this and she knew that wasn't a good thing, so she did some deep meditations in a hidden corner of the station before going outside to where Nekoko was going to hold her performance.

Hana was geared-ready for the confrontation. He was wearing the worn-out coat with the rest of his worn-out clothing. He didn't want to wear anything good, it's very difficult to remove blood stains! Ironically enough, he still had to put on some makeup. He was naturally vain, you know... He also had the necessary weapons for the upcoming melee. Inside his purse was a pair of brass knuckles! He was waiting for the rest of the girls to meet up and head over there. As soon as they arrived they headed straight to the station. Hana wanted to finally put an end to the Snake Clan.


It was 11:30 am when Himeko, Nekoko, Natashi, and the rest of the crew arrived near the station. Chikane was already there since she didn't have to go too far. As soon as they met Nekoko and Chikane gave each other cold stares but Himeko broke the tension-filled atmosphere with her cheerful greeting.

"Ohayo, Chikane-san, how are you doing."

"Fine, I can't wait to smash the Snake Clan's skulls! That should put an end to those mother-fucking rapists. How are you doing?"

Himeko was taken a bit by Chikane's anger. She responde back nervously "I'm fine too. I think I'm ready to face them."

"Well, that's good to hear. Now do you want me to help you out with the props?"

"Sure! It would make things go faster."

Chikane's offer for help caught Nekoko by surprise as she was noticing the interaction between the two and felt some sort of discomfort about it. But she felt that it wasn't a big deal as this moment so she just started to get the cats ready. There were still some tension in the air until Natashi greeted Chikane, in a very cynical way.

"Well if it isn't none other than the great Miya-sama. Allow this humble servant to bow in your great honor," He said with a mocking tone. As soon as he fully bowed down Chikane smacked him in the back of his head. "OUCH! Why the hell did you do that?" He said while laying one of his hands on the back of his head.

"Consider yourself knighted, sir." Chikane dryly noted. Everyone laughed at the spectacle, even Nekoko found it humorous. Eventually, everybody got back to their respectable jobs and continued on. About three minutes before noon, everything was set and the show began. The show went fine for ten minutes. Everybody was still on their guard and there were no signs of the Snake Clan until during the cats jumping through hoops performance. Not far from the block were the three villains who wanted revenge. They were accompanied by five other men from the other clan..

The Snake Clan's leader was Gin, a stocky and gruff middle-aged man who has a wife and a daughter but left them after his gambling debts skyrocketed. On his left was the young Mazuki, who is in his early twenties and was abandoned by his family because he didn't live up to their expectations. And on his right was the elder yet strong Yasuo, who was beyond 60, in fact he was pushing 90. He once served for the Imperial Army and took part of the 1937 Nanking Massacre and had fought many battles in World War II, so he's no stranger to bloodshed, fighting, and cruelty.

As they approach the area, Nekoko, Chikane, Hana and the girls, and Natashi and his crew took their guard nonchalantly, trying not to get the clan's attention. Himeko was standing behind Chikane in fear. When they finally got to the area Gin spoke directly to Nekoko.

"Alright, kitty cat, the show's over, cause we're here to crash it!" The audience were confused since they didn't know what was going on. Then Gin had a scowling look on his face when he saw Chikane. "I see that Miya-sama is here as well, that means we can finally teach that fucking cunt a lesson." At that moment, curiosity struck when he saw a small patch of wheat-colored hair behind her. "And who is that behind you?"

Chikane finally noticed that Himeko was behind her with her hands on Chikane's waist and was shaking nervously. Chikane whispered, "Remember what I told you Hime-san? Be tough!"

So Himeko came out from behind Chikane and tried to put on her tough face while being on her defensive stance. Gin and the others weren't buying it.

"Well, well. It's that little sweet cake, Himeko. When we're done whipping those two," pointing to Nekoko and Chikane, "We will take good care of you, and Chikane too." He said followed by a sickening kissing gesture and a sinister smile. That rattled Himeko a bit and it made Chikane's skin crawl. Now she really wanted to smash his face.

"You better think again, Gin-san." Hana said with his girls and Natashi and his gang revealing their weapons. "We knew about your plan for a while back so we came along to put an end to it," He said heroically. What he didn't know was that he spoke too soon, for they and everybody else would be taken by surprised from the Snake Clan's following actions.

Gin and the rest of the villains just laughed. Nekoko and the rest of them didn't know what to make out of it, until Gin spoke again.

"So you think you guys have the upper hand? Well, guess what okama? Take a look around you." As they look they saw other men coming from all corners of the area. They were carrying an assortment of weapons. It was clear that they were going to finish them off. Some of the audiences started to flee, fearing the violent melee that was about to occur. "It was all a setup. We knew that Natashi-san was a weasel that was loyal to Nekoko, so we had Mazuki tell him that it was just one clan. We happened to find a lot more people who were disgruntled with Nekoko and the way she ran things at the park, so they were more than happy to join us," Gin said with a sadistic smug on his face.

Hana spoke up and said, "We are not going down without a fight."

"Well if that's how you want then so be it, okama. I'll be more than happy to kick your dicksucking gay ass. It's time for you all to meet your fate, attack!" But before they could do anything a loud voice came from the background.

"This is the police, you and the rest of the punks are all under arrest!" The voice came from Girochi as him and his squad was only a few feet away from the area. Apparently, they were hiding all that time. When Himeko met Sister Miyako, she told her about the upcoming confrontation and Sister Miyako told her brother about it.

Even thought there were far more of them than the police, the villains panicked and started to run. Conversely, some of Natashi's men, who had some past troubles with the law, started to run as well and then the rest of the audience started to panic. This caused quite a bit of chaos in the area, the cops couldn't tell who was what. They were able to arrest the three members of the Snake Clan and a few other villains, but they also accidentally arrested two of Natashi's men and two of Hana's girls, plus they accidentally arrested a few of the audiences whom they mistaken for the villains. Himeko's plan of having a peaceful resolution to the confrontation backfired very badly and she knew it.

After all the commotion died down, Nekoko was furious and she knew who was behind this. She looked at the frightened and extremely shaken Himeko with raging anger.


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