Story: Himeko and Chikane: Their Story (chapter 5)

Authors: mandygirl78

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Chapter 5

Title: Giving to the Needy

[Author's notes:  Japanese Terminology:

Hoshi - Star

Onee-chan -"Big sister" or a way to address a woman of higher power.

Gomen nasai - I'm Sorry

Kabukichou - An area in Shinjuku where it was traditionally a stronghold for the Yakuzas, but currently there's a movement going on to get rid of the Yakuzas called Kabukichou Renaissance. Kabukichou is also well known for something else, more on that in future chapters.

Golden Gai - (From Wikipedia) an area of tiny shanty-style bars and clubs. Musicians, artists, actors and directors gather here, and the ramshackle walls of the bars are literally plastered with movie posters.

Baka - Idiot, not a very nice thing to say to a Japanese person.

Dou itashimashite - You're welcome


"Where's my locket, bitch?!!!" Chikane screamed.

"I don't have your stupid locket!" The other woman screamed.

"Then where the hell is it?!"

"That stupid piece of junk could have broken off. It looked like it was on its last chain anyways."

"Don't you dare call my necklace a piece of junk!"

"Oh my! Behold the great princess Miya-sama, lost her precious jewelry, pity to the world," She ended in a mocking tone, saying it loud enough to make everybody in the section take notice.

"Corona, will you quit calling me Miya-sama, you skanky ho?! You of all people should be the last on this pathetic earth to call me that, especially with that fake diva attitude you carry around."

Corona Hoshi often calls her "Miya-sama" because of her aloof personality. However, as Chikane stated, she at times acts like a diva, primarily because she was a singer who wants to be a pop idol so badly, and she thinks one way she'll get there is to act like a diva like most pop idols. She is also Chikane's "next-door neighbor" and she's basically the same age as her. Even though she didn't grow up an orphan, she too ran away from a troubled situation. Her mother left her when she was a baby, thinking she could do better without them, and her father was an alcoholic. He never abused her physically but tortured her verbally regardless of whether he was drunk or not, reason was that she looked so much like her mother. His verbal abuse has created some self-esteemed issues in Corona like Himeko but the effect is not as severe.

"Why should I, you royal pain-in-the-ass highness? At least I will be a pop idol one day, so I have an excuse to act like a diva. It's my destiny to be a star; after all it is my last name. All hail to the princess in her irrelevant glory!" She said out loud. Chikane started to grit her teeth in anger. May I also add that Corona is delusional.

"If you keep it up bitch, I'm going to make you see stars!" She sneered.

This was almost an everyday event for the two ‘residents' of Shinjuku Train Station, Chikane and Corona's constant bantering. Everybody who was nearby watch the spectacle the two often performed unintentionally. Some, who were daily commuters, shook their heads in disbelief, wondering why the station guards haven't put them out permanently. Their fights have become something of an embarrassment for the station and they have put them out, yet due to the size of the station and the lack of security guards, every time they put them out, they just come back. One of them mumbled, "These homeless trash should be locked up in jail for good. I don't care if they're just young girls." For a culture that prides themselves greatly in appearance and impressions, those two and their fiascos were considered utter shame, knowing full well that there are quite a few foreigners who had witnessed their racket.

"Hey, I didn't steal your locket! I don't make stealing a full-time profession like someone I know," Corona snorted back while looking at her. Chikane gave her an evil sneer in return as she continued in her defense.

"You should know me by now that I wouldn't dare take your stuff." That's not totally true, Corona has at times "borrowed" items from Chikane's "house," a big, dirty, worn-out cardboard with an equally dirty, worn-out blanket and pillow. The rest of her possessions are in a small plastic bag that she carries around because of Corona. Sometimes she did it because she doesn't want to pay for it, but sometimes she also did it out of spite.

"I can't trust you," Chikane barked.

"Do you trust anyone?" Corona chided, raising an eyebrow.

"With shifty bitches like you around in this city, why should I?" Chikane spat back, glaring at Corona.

"Because I know very well that a shifty, trashy koji girl like you doesn't have much valuable shit to take anyway."

"I may be a koji girl with a less-than-respectable profession but at least my profession doesn't require me to always be on my knees or my back!"

"Why, you stupid bimbo!" Corona screamed and lunged at Chikane. Chikane was taken aback never, thinking that Corona had the tits to charge at her. The sudden impact caused Chikane to fall the ground on her back while Corona was on top, but it didn't take her too long for her to easily overpower Corona. And in an instant, she pulled a switchback on Corona, grabbing her shirt and slamming her on the floor, gaining the upper hand atop her adversary. Chikane was unable to punch effectively with her bandaged hand and also she did not want to break her good hand against Corona's face.

Eventually, a security guard came to the scene and broke it up, grabbing Chikane with a good amount of his strength. He was nearly as big as Girochi and Chikane knew better than to take him on. When Corona finally got up from the floor, she took advantage of Chikane's disadvantaged position and slapped her right across the face. He could have charged her with assault but since he never liked Chikane's attitude, he let it slide.

"Officer Kyosabi-san, she just slapped me! Aren't you going to do something about it!"

"Yeah, Corona-san, get out of this area immediately."

Knowing full well that he just basically gave her a slap on the wrist, she just smiled and picked up her stuff.

"Okay officer, I will do as I am told," She said along with a pompous smug on her face and quietly left the area.

Chikane was shocked that he let her off the hook and just as he let her go, she stated her complaint to the officer as diplomatically as she could.

"What the fuck?!! The bitch just slapped me in front of you and you just let her go? What kind of god damn officer are you? A pathetic and lousy one if you ask me," She grunted.

Officer Kyosabi had enough of her mouth and gritted his teeth at her, "You listen to me, you foul-mouthed koji bitch. I will have your dirty cunt sent back to that hellhole in Mahoroba if you don't shut the fuck up. I'm sure they'll be happy to see you back, get my drift?"

That quickly quieted her, knowing full well that he had to power to send her back. The last place she wants to be is at that koji. After a second or two she mumbled, "Understood officer."

The guard heard her good enough to understand her affirmation and said, "Now, don't have me come back here again, cause I won't be so nice the next time." Immediately, he threw her at the wall and walked away. There were people at the area that saw the incident but some were too afraid of the officer and others were glad that he took care of that embarrassing "trash."


Fall was approaching and although Tokyo's autumn is pleasant and cozy, it can be a bit cold at times. Thus, every year for the past ten years there has been a clothes giveaway, where second-hand clothes are available for free too many homeless people. Founder of the charity event is Kazuki Ougami, a highly respected priest of the Solar and Lunar Temple across the street from the station. He was coordinating the preparations going on in the front lobby of the temple. This is usually a project he coordinates himself but this year his is being assisted by a special assistant.

"Do you have everything ready for the giveaway, Sister Miyako-san?"

"I sure do sensei. With the exception of the next pile coming up, all the clothes have been sorted. The jackets, long-sleeve shirts, pants, and long skirts are sorted by size and gender," She said kneeling on the floor while she had the clothes neatly separated around her. "Also the bad clothes are at a separate pile," She mentioned.

"Good. Do you think we have enough time to sort out the last pile you're brother is bringing out?"

"I think so, as long as I'm doing the sorting and my brother doesn't do something stupid."

"Yes, God forbid," Kazuki said in despair. Last year, when Officer Girochi participated without his sister, he sorted the clothes based on the design label, regardless of the space of the clothes. That didn't sit too well with Kazuki. "I'm very surprised that you decided to help out this ‘non-believer'," He said in his usual dry humor matter as he continued, "Because whether I ask your church for any of the project I or my temple are involve in, they turn me down for various reasons."

"Homelessness is everybody's problem. No one church or group can fight it all alone. In the bible, Jesus didn't care what religion the homeless belonged to. He still helped them regardless. It's such a shame that people in my church won't open up to others and help make things better in this world."

Kazuki had a small smile and responded, "Yes, I totally agree with you. I'm not too familiar with the Bible or Jesus Christ, but I've heard his story enough to know that he was always there to help others.

In a little more than a second later, Miyako's brother, Girochi, was carrying a big pile of clothes he got from the storage room, it looked like he was carrying a big mountain!

"Oh boy, this is one heavy load I tell ya!"

"Are you ok Girochi-san? Do you need my help?" Kazuki stated for concern.

"Nope, I'm fine. This is nuthin' for me!" He said with his usual assured confidence carrying the big pile. The pile was so big he couldn't see through it and that turned out to be a problem since he couldn't see that his sister was nearby. Kazuki saw the impact coming and tried his best to warn Girochi.

"Girochi-san, watch out for your sister!"

She was still sorting the clothes when she heard Kazuki's warning, however she didn't react quick enough to evade it.

"Girochi, I'm...AAAHHHH!"

He collided onto her, most of the clothes flew all other the place while some of them were sandwiched between her and Girochi as he fell on top of her. It was very uncomfortable to her since he was more than twice her weight. The scattered clothes screwed up the neatly organized pile she had labored on for hours. Kazuki saw the full collision and just shook his head in disbelief.

Knowing fully well how heavy he is and how somewhat fragile she was, he quickly got off her and took the sandwiched clothes off her. Miyako was lying on the floor face down moaning painfully, she looked like she was barely living. He pulled her off the floor and saw that her face was rather red.

"Onee-chan, are you alright?"

"I guess so..." She said in pain.

"Gomen nasai, onee-chan."

"That's okay, I'm still living - barely."

Seeing her red face Kazuki came up to her quickly.

"You looked hurt, do you need any medical attention?"

Miyako felt like that she didn't need any attention and stopping was the last thing on her mind so she told him, "No, I'm fine, I can continue."

Before Kazuki was going to stop her regardless of what she said, a young black-haired man along with a young, short, brunette woman entered into the temple. They were a bit shock seeing most of the clothes all over the place.

"What happened here?" He said.

"Looked like a small tornado came in here?" The young lady added.

Kazuki was happy to see his younger adopted brother, Souma Ougami, and his girlfriend Makoto Saotome. They were coming back from their practices at school. Souma is a top athlete in his school, lettered in four sports; baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis. He's considered one of the top high-school tennis players in Japan. His skills are so good, his former private tennis coach tried to persuade him to go pro but Kazuki wanted him to get his education. Makoto is an equally skilled athlete who is involved in the school's volleyball, soccer, baseball and track and field team. She's considered one of the top high school track and field athletes in Japan. Their love of sports and other things is what draws them together.

"Yeah, Tornado, Girochi-san." Kazuki quipped.

"Yep, that's Tornado Girochi-san, leaving a mess everywhere he goes," Makoto quipped in return.

Girochi heard Makato's smart reply, "Hey, I heard that!"

"Officer Girochi-san, how are you doing?" She said followed with a soft hug on his hips. She was rather short and he was tall and big thus she couldn't fully hug him. Kazuki left the area after that to attend other pressing matters.

"I'm dong fine, especially after the Yakuza bust at Kabukichou."

"Yeah, I've heard about the bust! How did you guys do that?" Souma said excitedly.

"Well me and my group, including your friend Setsuna-san, did three raids at various places that the Yakuzas do their business in Kabukichou. In one of the raids, we captured a big leader of the Yakuza." As Girochi stated, Setsuna is a good friend of Souma. They often play tennis together and she is a few years older than Souma. She is also a mentor to Souma when it comes to tennis. "However, as usual, when we get rid of one trash another takes over. The African Syndicate is starting to run things over there."

"Were there like a gun shooting and stuff?" Souma inquired.

"Oh, come on Souma-kun, it's not like a TV show or an anime!" Makoto scoffed.

Girochi just chuckled and said, "No, nothing like that, we took them by surprise. We surprised them so much that they didn't have the time to grab their weapons. There were thirty of us and we had them surrounded quickly, none of us got hurt. Boy, I tell ya, by the way the lieutenant planned it he should be the next chief of our precinct!"

"Well, I guess that means Setsuna-san can play in our pick-up soccer game down the park tomorrow?"

"She sure can, and I'll be there as well!"

"I hope you'll be there, maybe that time I get to score four goals against you, girl power!" Makoto said. The last time they played soccer together, the quick and nimble forward Makoto scored two goals against the big and slow goalie Girochi.

"No you won't Makoto-san, last time I was sore from my last assignment."

Believing that Girochi was making excuses Makoto playfully taunted, "Are you just jealous that a girl whooped your butt in soccer?"

"He sure is," Miyako responded in amusement.

"Onee-chan shut up!" Miyako just smiled back when he said it. "I was going easy on her since she was a girl. If I wasn't so generous she wouldn't have scored at all!"

"But what about you being hurt?" Miyako added.

"Well...that too! I-I-I could have..." He was starting to sweat and his brown face was showing some red as he was stumbling. Souma and Makoto were laughing at the embarrassing situation, eventually Miyako joined in. Still bruised by the collision, the laughing was a bit painful but Miyako tried her best to hide it. The laughter ended when Kazuki came back to the area.

"Souma-chan, have you seen Yukihito?"

"No, I haven't. He hasn't been around that much lately."

"Hmm, he knows about today yet he doesn't come on time."

"I haven't heard from him since yesterday. I tried to call his home the other day but I got a message saying the phone has been disconnected."

"That's very strange. Probably his parents are changing to a new line."

"Or getting rid of it, you know most people don't use landlines anymore," Makoto added in the conversation.

"That's true, but he should have at least told us about it. Anyhow, since it seems that you have some free time and that we have a lot of work to do, Souma, why don't you go sort out the clothes while Sister Miyako-san takes a break."

Souma had a stunned look on his face when Kazuki said that. "But I'm with Mako-chan and I need to study, can I spend some time with her?"

"Well, you can still spend some time with her, both of you can sort the clothes together. And don't try that ‘I need to study' trick, the first thing you do when you get here is to play video games on your computer. After you are done with the clothes then you and Makoto-san can go study. Don't forget who's in charge here," He said as he walked away to take care of other important issues.

The couple just gave a surprised look at each other. Soumo was clearly miffed at his brother's actions. "I swear to the Gods that one day I'll-"

"Come on now honey, it's not so bad. Think about it, we're improving the lives of thousands of homeless people." Makoto stated with her usual sunny disposition on life. "Thus we're making a difference on a lot of people lives, I think that's really exciting!"

"About as exciting as listening to elevator music."

Miyako just chuckled, "Look Souma-san, you and Makoto-san don't need to help me, I can take care of this myself. You two can go and do your studying."

"Sister Miyako-san, I need you for a minute," Kazuki called from a distance.

"OK, I'm coming."

Thus it left Souma and Makoto with the scattered clothes. "Come on Souma-kun, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we get to ‘study'," she said with a seductive wink at the end. That was all the motivation Souma needed to sort the clothes. Meanwhile while Kazuki, Miyako, and Girochi were taking care of other priorities at the back of the temple, Girochi got a phone call from the precinct.

"...Is that so? Okay I'll tell him right away and I'll be on a lookout for him. Take care and have a good day."

As soon as Girochi hanged up Kazuki asked him "What was that all about."

"I got news that Souma-san's brother Tsubasa has escaped from the mental institution."

"What!" Miyako shouted out inadvertently, getting a quick sharp headache as a result."

Kazuki with his usual cool and stoic demeanor said calmly, "That's not good, especially with his case. He could get himself hurt out there."

"Or others."

"Girochi, how could you say something like that?!" Miyako said regardless of the pain she was suffering, even though her face showed it.

"Onee-chan, I know how important Tsubasa is to you but let's face it, with his condition of schizophrenia, he's a dangerous risk to the general public. Trust me on this, I've dealt with my share of nutty schitzos in my job." Miyako gave him a dirty look for using that term but Girochi didn't get it, instead he responded with, "What?" Miyako just shook her head, not bothering to explain his insensitivity.

Tsubasa is Souma's biological older brother who was adopted by the Ougami family after their parents were killed in a plane crash. He was fine during his teen years, in fact he was dating Miyako during his high school and early college years, but during his college years he developed a severe case of schizophrenia. At first, Kazuki didn't want to send him to the institution, fearing the treatment he might receive over there, but one day he inexplicitly attacked Kazuki thinking he was a demon who was about to attack him and his brother. After that, he had no choice but to send him there.

"I need to tell Souma-san about this. I have a feeling that he will come here to see his brother and probably Sister Miyako-san." Kazuki noted.

"Yes, tell him. Who knows what he's capable of? He might instead come after him."

About a few seconds later, Yukihito finally arrived at the temple. His face looked like he was tired even though he woke up just an hour and a half earlier. He tried to sneak in nonchalantly but Miyako spotted him.

"Hey, Yuki-san, we were wondering where you were."

"Ano, I had to do some errands for my father."

"Why didn't you tell us about it? You know that we have to get everything set up for the clothes run, right now we only got an hours left."

"Yes, I know and I do apologize."

When Kazuki spotted Yukihito, he called him out.

"Where were you Yuki-chan? I tried to call earlier but I got a message saying the phone was disconnected. What's going on?"

"Like I told Sister Miyako-san, I was taking care of things for my father. My family got the landline disconnected, we're not using it that much anymore and we need to save as much money as we can especially in these hard times," he said with some nervousness in his eyes and in his voice. Kazuki and Girochi didn't pick it up but the very perceptive Sister Miyako sure did.

"I see, right now Souma-san and Makoto-san are getting the clothes together, you can start getting the tables together."

"Yes, sensei."

"And you will have to clean up the entire temple after the clothes run, that's your punishment for being extremely late."

"But sensei, I got to do my school work!" Yukihito protested.

"You should have thought about that the night before. I know very that you overslept. Your father would have made sure that you got here since I told him about it days ago. Not only did you come here late, but you also lied to me and to Sister Miyako-san and I will deal with you about that later on today. Now don't say anymore and get those tables set up. End of discussion."

"Yes, sensei." Yukihito sulked and he went to get the tables.

"He probably had a hot date, maybe that's why he came so late," Girochi said jokingly.

"That may be but that's no excuse for being late for something of this importance. Souma has one as well but at least he comes on time. He's been acting differently lately."

Sister Miyako sensed that it was something more than just a hot date is going on with Yukihito. While Girochi and Kazuki were still talking, Miyako quietly left the area and looked for a small quiet area. When she found it, she got on her knees while and bowed her head down. Then she started to pray, "Please God, let nothing happen to Tsubasa."


Back at her tent, Himeko was adding the final touches to her drawing of the girl in the locket. It was much smaller than the place she lived in Mahoroba but she was much happier. The tent inside was decorated with her drawings of anime characters, outdoor settings, famous people, and people that she considers to be friends. There were also photos that she shot hanging all over the tent. She had copies of anime magazines and art books she collected from the junkyard, which include her favorite manga, Battle Mikos. She also had a sleeping bag and a small drawer that contain among other thing her explicit drawings. While she was drawing, Himeko was having a reverie about her past.

She remembered the one time when she was only six that she drew a picture of Jesus for her Sunday school. It wasn't the best looking but it was much better than most of the other six-year olds drawings. Her aunt and uncle were impressed with her drawing, even congratulating her, something they haven't done much to her even at that age. From that day forward, she knew that drawing was her destiny. She continued to draw for her uncle's church, people were amazed at the drawings but she never received any credit for them because her relatives wouldn't allow anyone to know who drew them, nor did they allowed her to tell anyone that she did it. Eventually, they made her stop because they though she needed to focus on something else that they considered "more important" than that "nonsense" art stuff.

Then there were her art teachers throughout her school years. How all of them were amazed at her creative and artistic skills and many of them gave her the encouragement and care that she never received from her own relatives. They were the closest things to a loving parent that she ever had. She was in all the art clubs that were available in her schools. In those clubs she never said much, keeping to herself most of the time. Even though she was the most talented in the clubs she was never chosen to be the leader, but then again she never sought to be the leader thinking that she was too much of a screw up to ever become a leader. It also didn't help matters that some of the people in her club were jealous of her and others thought that she was too much of a loser and a wallflower to be around with.

However, her work was very impressive. Many of them were on display throughout the school. Her artistic talent did not lie only in drawings and photography, but she was a master in woodwork, weaving, sculpting, metals, jewelry making, sewing and knitting. Many of her pupils copied her drawings and bragged to others like it was theirs. She knew that other people were doing that but what could she do about it? She felt like it was a hopeless cause. She had won many awards and trophies for her artwork, which brought her some joy in her life, something to be proud of in her life. On the other hand, her relatives showed little interest in her winnings, one time her aunt complained about having all that "junk" on top of her dresser. Art was the only thing that gave her sanity in her life for all the beatings and bullying she endured. If it wasn't for art, she probably would have committed suicide.

Nevertheless, there was one art teach that stand out the most, Sensei Kuu Shiratori. She was the one who gave Himeko encouragement and support when most of the students and teachers thought that she was stupid. She was the one who fought for her to stay in the clubs since her aunt wanted to pull her out, feeling that she was wasting her time being in such a club. At that time, Himeko felt that she was the best thing to happen in her harsh life. She felt like she had a special bond with her, at that time she couldn't put that feeling in any other words. She sometimes stayed past the club hours to help out her art teacher or to chat with her about art-related stuff. That was until her aunt started to pick her up immediately after the club ended, she was getting tired of slapping her for coming home late.

One day when Himeko was helping her out, she stepped out of the classroom. While she was gone Himeko noticed a peculiar magazine on her desk. She went over the desk and picked it up. It was a magazine called Yuri Hime. When she opened it and looked at a few pages she was at first shocked to see some of the story and drawings. Girls loving girls? She was told that two girls loving each other were wrong, but yet somehow it very much appealed to her. Somehow that magazine opened up her eyes and asked a lingering question about herself that she couldn't answer before. She noticed that she always felt more comfortable around the girls than with boys.

When she heard all those girls talk on boys and who was the cutest, she couldn't understand why they found them attractive. During the shower room after gym she found herself looking and admiring some of the other girls' bodies. After reading that magazine, she realized that she is gay and that she has a crush on her teacher. Then again, another thought occurred in her mind, that text in Romans 1 that her uncle talked about a few times, saying that girls like that are dirty and will be burned in hell. Those words echoed in her mind and brought fear in her, even though that text doesn't clearly forbid lesbianism. In spite of this, many people in her church, including her uncle uses it to justify their beliefs that lesbianism is wrong and to bring fear on those who practice it.

When she got home, she immediately went straight to her room and cried. Then she prayed to Jesus about her "sickness."

"Why Jesus, why am I this way? Now I won't be able to go to heaven and be with you."

As she was crying on top of her bed the Bible fell off it. She heard the small thud and then she looked down at the floor. She picked up the Bible and noticed that the pages were opened to the chapter of Ruth. She dried her eyes and read it completely. She heard the story of Ruth and Naomi numerous times and read a good amount of it, but she never fully read the story until that day. After reading it, a smile was on her face. She got on her knees and thanked Jesus.

"That you Jesus, thank you very much for clearing my mind and my soul."

After snapping out of her reverie, she has a small smile on face, thanking God for bringing some sort of peace into her life. But something else came out of her mind, her former art teacher.

"I think I should send sensei a mail or at least an email when I get to that internet café, letting her know that I'm okay," She said to herself.

After she was done with the drawing she decided to go to the station and give it back to Chikane before it gets too dark. But before she left, she grabbed her camera. Who knows she thought, there might be some interesting things to take shots at along the way.


It took a while but Souma and Makoto finally got all the clothes sorted out in their respectable piles. It was quite an accomplishment given the time the needed to get it done and the amount of clothes scattered throughout the hallway.

"See what we can accomplish when work together as a team?" Makoto said with her usual enthusiasm.

"Yeah, especially when you have something to work for," He said followed by a seductive wink. It made Makoto blush a bit.

"Maybe you will get..." Mikoto said seductively. Little did they know that Sister Miyako was not too far away watching those two. Knowing full well that Sensei Kazuki would get upset if he catch them smooching at this time, she made herself noticed before their lips could lock.


As soon as they heard the sound they turned their heads to see Sister Miyako wearing a smirk. Their red faces showed their embarrassment of being caught red-handed.

"Oh, we sorry Sister Miyako-san. We didn't know that you were here."

"Hey, I have no problem with it."

"But you're a nun."

"I took a vow of celibacy, not a vow of intolerance. Anyways, I needed to speak to Souma about something very important."

"Do I need to leave the area, Sister Miyako-san?"

"No, Mako-san, you can stay put." Mikoto stated then she took a small breath and said, "I need to tell you that your brother Tsubasa escaped from the institution."

Souma was in shock when he heard that, "What! How did he escape? Has anything happen to him? Do you know where he is now?"

"I know it's a much of a shock to you as it is to me but all I know is that he's no longer in the mental institution." Miyako said as she noticed a tear was rolling down his face.

Him and Tsubasa were always close, before his schizophrenia makes him unstable. Makoto could see the worry on his face and tried her best to comfort him. She never met Tsubasa but from her conversations with Souma she knew how important his brother is to him. Miyako came up to Souma and put her hand on his back.

"Look, Souma-san, I care for Tsubasa as much as you do. The best thing to do right now is to pray to the gods that he will be okay and let them take care of him," She said to him, even though they were of two totally different religions, she still respected his.

Girochi and Yukihito came in moments later to help pick up the clothes. They saw Souma in tears with Makoto holding him but they knew very well why.

"So, you finally told him?" Yukihito said. He was told earlier by Girochi.

"Yeah, and he's very concern for his safety."

"What about you onee-chan?" Girochi said, not beating around the bush.

"I am very much as well. I sure am."


Nekoko and the homeless guy decided to head to his tent to discuss about the Snake Clan's plan of attack and how to stop it. When they finally got there they went straight to business.

"I heard from the young one, Mazuki-san, while playing a game of mahjong with him that they got word that your next performance was going to be near the station. The other two will get out of the hospital tomorrow. They were planning to get together with another clan to crash your circus and take your money, and then they were planning to take Himeko if she was there and finally get their way with her. Plus they also plan to have their revenge at Miya-sama as well after the ass kicking she gave them."


"A nickname Corona-san gave to Chikane-san since she acts like a spoiled princess."

"Oh, and that's coming from a delusional delinquent." That made Nekoko and the guy chuckle a bit but then she returned back to being mad as hell.

"So, they want play hardball? Well the cats and me have no problem with that. I know where they're located and I'm gonna show them why I'm the leader of the park, nya."

"Along with Hana's girls, I can get some of my gang to make sure nothing goes wrong with your circus."

Nekoko appreciated the offer but she knew him too well to know that he not that gracious. "What is it that you want out of this?"

"A free meal for us at the Lucky Dragon Café near the station."

"The Lucky Dragon Café?! Who do you think I am, Bill Gates? I barely have enough money for myself."

"OK, how about Hideo's Café in Golden Gai?"

"OK, that's doable." Hideo's café is not a cheap place but it's much cheaper than the Lucky Dragon Café. They're one of a few places around that accepts homeless people.

"Well that's sounds good. I'm going to play another game of Mahjong with him tonight, if I hear anymore I'll let you know."

"Please do so, I don't want them to cause any more trouble then they already have."


Himeko finally arrived at the station and started to look for Chikane. It took her a while to get there because she was too busy taking pictures of the city during her walk. Even though it's her second time being there the place feels very intimidating to her with all the people around her. It took her about thirty minutes to finally spot Chikane. She was sitting on top of a cardboard sulking. She was clearly not in a happy mood. Himeko was very afraid to approach her but she also knew that she had to return her the locket.

She gave a quick and silent prayer to Jesus asking him to give her strength. Then, with her heart beating hard she slowly went up to Chikane, who was still fouled from her altercation with Corona. She was about a few feet away from her and was about to give her back the locket but Chikane went off on her immediately.

"What is it that you want this time, huh!? What did I tell you about being out here by yourself without a weapon!? Are you some sort of baka!?"

While Chikane was shouting her mouth off, Himkeo quietly pulled out the locket from her pants pocket and displayed it to Chikane. She immediately shut her mouth and didn't say anything for a while.

"My necklace, where did you find it."

"I-I found it at the counter where we were eating at earlier today," She said timidly.

"Why... arigato, Himeko-san," She said followed by a firm hug given to Himeko. Himeko's face turned red, partly because of how tight the hug was but also because how much she liked her touch. Chikane felt so warm even through her cold exterior. As much as that hug was nearly suffocating her she didn't want her to let go.

"Dou itashimashite, Chikane-san," Himeko said while trying to hide her blushing red face. Chikane saw how red her face was but she thought it was because she hugged her tight. "Well, I got to get back. I'll see you later."

Just as soon as she turned around Chikane called out for her.

"Himeko-chan, wait!"

Himeko turned around in surprise, surprised that she called her ‘Himeko-chan'."

"Let me take you back to your place. It's starting to get dark and I don't want anything else happening to you again."

That left a big smile on Himeko's face.


[End notes:   Author Note: I would like to thank my beta readers Fears Unspoken, lildevilish, and L337_Ninja_Girl for their contributions to this story.]

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