Story: Himeko and Chikane: Their Story (chapter 20)

Authors: mandygirl78

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Chapter 20

Title: Sweets For My Sweetie

[Author's notes: I didn't know whether to write this chapter before or after 'Judgement Night', so I asked my beta-reader and she told me to do it BEFORE, but I read it wrong and thought she meant AFTER. Thus, that's why it sounds rather out-of-place compared to the rest of the story.]

It was Friday, February 11th. Three days before Valentine\'s Day, and the Japanese do celebrate Valentine\'s Day, especially the girls. It\'s a Japanese tradition for a girl or a woman to give chocolates and candies to a boy or a man. However, the Japanese also celebrate \'White Day\', which occurs exactly a month after Valentine\'s day, March 14th, where the boy/man gives gifts to the girl/woman.

For Himeko and Chikane, there is one big problem with that…


On that day, Himeko and Makoto were watching TV in the living room, when Makoto realized that Valentine\'s Day was coming soon after seeing a commercial.

\"Valentine\'s Day is only two days away, and I haven\'t gotten Souma-kun anything!\" Makoto panicked.

Himeko came to that realization as well, \"And I haven\'t gotten anything for Chikane-chan. Maybe we should get some chocolates together.\"

\"Yeah, why not?\"

\"But where?\" Himeko shrugged. \"I\'m still not totally familiar with this area.\"

\"Why don\'t we go to Pritemps down at Ginza?\" Makoto chimed.

\"Pritemps? Isn\'t that a department store? And isn\'t Ginza an expensive area.\"

\"Yeah! However, it\'s one of the places to be during Valentine\'s week, they have so much going on during Valentine\'s week, since a lot of women shop in that area. That\'s why I love Tokyo so much, there\'s so much to do here!\"

Himeko thought about it for a bit, \"I guess it wouldn\'t hurt a bit. Why not?\" She smiled.

\"Great! Tomorrow, we will go there in the afternoon, and get some chocolates and candies from there.\"

\"What time are we going to leave the house?\" Himeko asked.

\"Around noon. So you better be up, sleepy head!\" Makoto joked as she playfully knocked on Himeko\'s head.

Himeko giggled, \"Okay, I will.\"


Chikane was talking to Izumi during their Music club meeting.

\"So what are you going to get for your girlfriend?\"

\"Huh?\" Chikane asked rather dumbfounded.

\"Don\'t you know Valentine\'s Days is coming up this Monday?\"

\"No, but now that I think about it, I do need to get her something.\"

\"You have to get her some chocolates, after all you\'re a girl.\" Izumi informed her.

\"Yeah, but she\'s a girl too, so what if she gets me something?\" Chikane shrugged.

\"I don\'t know, but you have to get her some chocolates. It\'s tradition.\"

\"Just because it\'s tradition, doesn\'t mean I have to do it.\"

\"You\'re right about that, but do you want to risk it, and have Hime-chan crying because you didn\'t get her some chocolates?\" Izumi said looking questionably at Chikane.

After she said that, Chikane paused for a bit and thought about it. An image of her and Himeko appeared in her head.

\"Hey Chikane-chan, did you get me some chocolates?\"

\"No, I didn\'t?\"

An upset face appeared on Himeko\'s face. \"Why?\"

\"Because I thought that it wasn\'t necessary?\"

\"Wasn\'t necessary? Is that what you think our love is? Unnecessary?\" Then Himeko started to cry, \"You don\'t love me anymore – BOO HOO HOO HOO.\" And she ran away crying. Chikane was standing there, flabbergasted.

Chikane quickly came out of her reverie, and told Izumi, \"I need to get her some chocolates!\"

\"I told you so. I knew you would come to your senses.\"

\"But where?\"

\"Why not Takashimaya? They have a great chocolate shop in the basement.\"

\"That might work. They seem to have a great selection of chocolates.\"

\"Yep. I know that you will impress Himeko-chan a lot with those chocolates. She will be so happy, she will kiss you all over your face.\"

Chikane blushed for a bit, thinking about Himeko kissing her. \"That would be great.\"

\"It sure would, so why don\'t you go tomorrow and get some?\"

\"I don\'t see why not.\" Chikane shrugged.



The next day it was late morning. Himeko was doing her homework while waiting for Makoto to call her back, when Chikane entered into their bedroom.

\"What\'s up baby?\"

\"Um… Nothing?\"

\"Nothing? It must be something, for I didn\'t expect to see you with the phone next to you.\"

\"Well I\'m waiting for a call.\"


\"Makoto-chan. We are going shopping.\"


\"For… For something to get for her boyfriend, since Valentine\'s Day is coming.\"

Chikane chuckled. \"Okay, that\'s cool. Well I hope you two have fun, I\'m heading out myself, going to play some tennis.\" And she left the room.

Himeko let out a breath of relief. She went back to doing her homework. About twenty minutes later, Makoto called.

\"Hey Hime-chan, I\'m should be there in about fifteen minutes, so get ready.\"

\"Okay, I\'ll get ready.\"

Himeko quickly got herself dressed, and waited for Makoto. While waiting for her, she decided to draw hearts and a stylish \'Happy Valentine\'s Day!\' lettering on a piece of paper.

Makoto finally arrived, walking with her usual perky bounce while being her usual chirpy self.

\"Hey there Hime-chan, are you ready?\"

\"Yep! I\'m so excited about this!\"

\"Same here. The next bus comes in about ten minutes, so we better get our butts to the bus stop.\"


The two left the house, making a mad dash to the bus stop. They barely made it. While on the bus, Himeko drew some more on the paper. Makoto noticed and made a request.

\"Hey Hime-chan, can you draw me a \'Happy Valentine\'s Day\' art piece for me?\"

\"Why don\'t you take this one?\" She said showing the one she made earlier.

\"Oh thank you! Souma-kun will love it.\"

Himeko chuckled. \"It would be great to see him happy.\"

\"I know, he hasn\'t been in a good mood lately. How about Chikane-chan?\"

\"I made something for her already.\" Himeko showed Makoto the colored art she did for her.

\"I think she will love it.\"

\"I think so too.\"

Then Himeko brought up something very important that she just realized.



\"Ano… How can I get the chocolates without them suspecting that it\'s a girl?\" she asked with bit of nervousness in her voice.

Makoto thought a bit, then an idea came into her head.

\"Tell them it\'s a tomo-choco. You know, chocolate for your friends. That way they won\'t know that it\'s for a female partner, they\'ll just think it\'s for a female friend. It\'s all the rage now, most girls get chocolates for their female friends.\"

Himeko thought about Makoto\'s suggestion, and liked it. She relaxed and thanked her friend, \"Thanks a lot, it makes things easier for me.\"

\"I know, right?\" Makoto chuckled.

They arrived at the Ginza district of Chuo an hour later. When they got there, they started walking around, checking out the various stores. During their walk, Himeko spotted a small necklace displayed in the front of an antique store.

\"Hey Mako-chan, look!\"

\"What is it?\"

\"It\'s a cute necklace, look!\"

Makoto looked at the necklace and shrugged. \"Do you want it?\"

\"Yeah! It\'s pretty!\" she exclaimed like an excited child.

\"It\'s just an ordinary pink shell to me, but if you want it then you should get it.\"

\"I sure do! It reminds me of a beautiful pink shell I once found in a beach back in Mahoroba.\"

\"Well okay then, let\'s go ahead and get it.\"

They went in the store clerk and asked for the necklace. The clerk told them, \"The necklace cost about 3,000 yen.\"

\"I\'ll take it!\" Himeko impulsively replied. She really didn\'t care about the price, she was going to get it, no matter what.

Makoto grinned a bit, seeing how happy Himeko was about getting the necklace. \"I think Chikane-chan will like it.\"

The store clerk looked at Himeko strangely.


Before Himeko could say a word, Makoto spoke for her.

\"It\'s for her friend\'s birthday coming up. She likes pink seashells.\"

The clerk then chuckled, \"Oh okay! Well that would be a nice gift for her.\"

\"… Thanks.\" Himeko replied nervously.

She paid for the necklace, and quickly left the store, feeling a bit embarrassed about how she came close to being found out that the gift was for her partner.

\"That was close…\" Himeko sighed in relief.

\"Yeah, it sure was,\" Makoto agreed. \"I wish you didn\'t have to go through so much trouble just to get something for Chikane-chan.\"

\"Maybe in the future, it won\'t be such a big deal, maybe…\" Himeko sulked.

\"Come on Hime-chan, the clerk didn\'t find out and the future isn\'t here yet. Let\'s not worry so much about it, and get some chocolates for our partners!\"

Himeko smiled, \"You\'re right.\"


Chikane came back from a tennis game she had with a fellow classmate. She had picked up tennis recently, enjoying the fast-past movement of the sport, and it wasn\'t usually a team sport so she didn\'t have to deal with others.

When she came back, she saw that everyone was gone, except for Souma. Feeling a bit wary about him, she tensely asked him a question.

\"So Himeko and Mako-chan are gone?\"

\"Yep. They\'re gone. They didn\'t tell me where they went.\" He responded in the same manner. Things have eased up since that eventful day, as Kazuki somehow managed to wrangle those two hotheads into a truce, but there were still some uneasiness between the feuding teens.

Also, he wasn\'t stupid. He suspected that they went to get something for Valentine\'s Day. It\'s not new for Souma since they\'ve been dating for over three years.

\"Well, I got to go and get something for Himeko.\"

She was about to head out of the door when Souma replied, \"Then you\'re going to need me to come with you.\"

Chikane turned around, and looked at him with a bit of disdain. \"I don\'t need a babysitter, especially one like you. I can handle myself very well, thank you.\"

\"Not really. You\'re not the most popular person in this area, and you got your share of enemies. You\'re going to need all the backup you can get. Plus, do you want to wait for the bus to pick you up? It\'s a busy day, so it will take you some time to get anything at all.\"

Chikane thought about it for a bit, she can at least use the ride. It sure beats riding the bus.

\"I guess I have no choice, do I?\"

Souma smirked at her, \"Not really.\"

She finally surrendered and reluctantly stated, \"Okay, let me get my money, and let\'s get going.\"

Just before she was about to grab the money, she heard her stomach grumbling.

\"Hungry Chikane-chan?\" Souma asked.

\"Yeah, let\'s get something to eat first.\"

\"Why don\'t we just pick up something a LA Pizza?\"

\"That\'s fine with me. The sooner, the better, I\'m starving.\"

Souma handed her an extra helmet, and they headed out of the door.


At the other end of Shinjuku, Souma and Chikane went to pick up a quick bite at LA Pizza. The two were outside, sitting on a bench, eating their lunch. It was quiet in the beginning, since both were suspicious of the other. To break the tension, Souma spoke up.

\"Did you see Yokozuna Asashoryu in the tournament last month?\"

\"No.\" Chikane simply responded.

\"Man, he went 15-0 in the tournament!\"



It was then that Chikane noticed something when she inadvertently looked down on the ground. It was a necklace, with a pink shell on it. She picked it up and examined it a bit. The chain on it was broken.

\"Wow, it looks pretty.\" He said.

\"It sure does.\" Chikane replied. \"Maybe this would be a nice gift for Chikane, in addition to the chocolates.\"

\"It sure will.\" Souma suggested.

\"Then maybe we should go and get this thing fixed. There\'s a jewelry store two blocks away from here, right?\"

\"Yeah, but you\'re better off going to the one about four blocks from here, it\'s cheaper.\" Souma advised.

\"That\'s sounds much better to me. Let\'s do that after we finish.\"

After their lunch, they headed to the jewelry store. Along the way, they bumped into Chikane\'s old friend…

\"Well hello there Miya-sama!\" Corona said sarcastically.

\"What the hell are you doing here?\" Chikane growled.

\"Yeah, don\'t you know the red-light district is not around here?\" Souma joked and Chikane lightly laughed at it as well, but Corona didn\'t find it amusing.

\"Shut up you two! I\'m here because there\'s a talent show going on here, and I\'m gonna win it!\"

\"That\'s if the talent show also judges on swallowing,\" Chikane wisecracked and Souma laughed. Corona got livid.

\"Laugh all you want, I will win it!\" she vowed.

\"If you don\'t have to stand for the contest,\" Chikane joked.

Corona spat back, \"Chikane-san, I wouldn\'t be speaking, you\'re not a saint either!\"

\"I know, but I never had to open my legs for a few yen!\"

\"No, but I bet you\'ll be willing to put your head between Blondie\'s legs for free, Fish Eater!\"

Chikane quickly turned mad, and scowled, \"You better take that back, bitch!\"

\"Make me.\" She smugly retorted while coming up close to Chikane. She was about to find out that it was a big mistake, as Chikane cocked back her right arm in readiness to deliver her a knockout blow. Souma quickly held her back. Chikane struggled from Souma\'s grasp, but he was able to calm her down.

\"Chikane-chan, let it go, she\'s not worth it.\" He said while trying his best to convince her to be the better person and just walk away.

Chikane paused for a bit and then took a deep breath. She steely gazed at her nemesis and reluctantly agreed, \"You\'re right.\"

Corona smirked once again, \"Well, no need to be around two pieces of trash, I\'m on my way.\"

\"Make sure that you\'re not wearing clear heels when you get there. You know what type of girls are associated with clear heels, right?\" He said as he pointed to the high-heels that she was wearing. The two started to laugh as Corona was blushing in embarrassment. The two just kept on laughing and Corona having enough of their chaffing, left.

When they got done laughing, Souma looked at Chikane, \"Let\'s get that chain fixed so we can get those chocolates.\"

\"Yeah, I don\'t want to run into any more people, especially ones that come with whiskers and a tail.\"


\"Yep. She\'s the last person I want to meet.\" Chikane said with a touch of anger.

\"Yeah, let\'s get going then!\"

Without a moment to spare, the two left the area.


Meanwhile, at Harajuku, Himeko and Makoto finally arrived at Printemps. The building outside wasn\'t so impressive, but when they went inside, it was a different story.

\"Wow! This one is better than the Printemps back in Mahoroba. Oba-san loves to shop there.\"

\"Of course it is, this is Tokyo! We get the best of the best, Hime-chan! Let\'s go downstairs, that\'s where they usually sell their candies.\"

When they got the second level of the basement, they were surprised to see how many people were down there. Himeko was amazed at how big it was.

\"There\'re so many people here. I hope we don\'t have to stand too long in line.\"

\"I agree, let\'s get something quick.\"

They started to look at all the chocolates and candies displayed on the counter. Himeko was in awe. If she could, she\'d buy all the sweets in the store. During her browsing, Himeko ran into one that was amusing and appropriate for Chikane. It was a chocolate heart-shaped with decorative frostings of musical instruments on top of it. It was almost as big as a twelve-inch pizza.

\"Mako-chan, I think I found one for Chikane-chan.\"

\"Really?\" Himeko nodded and Makoto looked at it. \"Yeah! That would be perfect for Chikane-san.\"

\"Great! I\'ll get it.\" Himeko then tried to get one of the store clerk\'s attention. \"Excuse me ma\'am, but can you get this piece of chocolate for me?\"

\"Why sure.\" She grabbed the chocolate and informed Himeko, \"You know you can have it customized so that you can have personalized writing?\"

\"Really?\" Himeko giddied.

\"Certainly. Who would you like to make it out to, and what do you want it to say?\"

Himeko hesitated a bit, then she told her, \"I would like to make it out to Chikane-chan, and it should say, \"No one can play a melody to me like you can.\"

The store clerk looked at her like she hit her head on a wall.

\"… Chikane-chan?\"

Himeko was starting to feel nervous. Other customers who were nearby also heard and they gave her questioning looks. Makoto reassured her, \"It\'s okay Hime-chan.\"

Himeko felt a bit better and responded, \"… Yeah.\"

Then Makoto told the worker, \"Chikane-chan\'s her best friend.\"

\"Sure she is…\" the employee muttered under her breath. She then placed the chocolate under a machine that writes the words on the chocolate using a thin frosting.

Himeko was starting to feel very uncomfortable. Makoto had enough.

\"Hey, why don\'t you just mind your business?\" she spat at the nosy customers. \"Can\'t you see she\'s getting some chocolates for her best friend? I\'m sure she\'s not the only one that\'s doing it!\" The customers had nothing to respond back so they looked away in embarrassment and shame.

Finally the lady handed over the chocolate to Himeko. \"You can go down there and have it gift wrapped.\"

\"Thank you very much.\" The two girls left that area and went to another wrapping section further down. Over there they saw a container full of small bike-shaped chocolate candies. Makoto thought it would be perfect for Souma.

\"Ooooh oooh! Souma-kun would love this.\"

Himeko took a look and agreed with her. \"Absolutely, he loves bikes.\"

\"He sure does. He\'s trying to teach me how to ride his.\"

\"Do you want to learn?\"

\"Yeah! It\'s awesome, do you want to learn?\" Makoto asked.

The thought of her riding a motorcycle actually scared her. \"Uh… No, but thanks for the offer.\"

\"No problem. I\'m sure Souma-kun would be happy to teach you.\"

Then another store clerk showed up. \"How can I be of assistance?\"

\"Yeah, I\'m interested in some of those chocolate candies that look like bikes.\"

\"Yeah, they\'re quite popular here. How much do you want?\"

\"About three scoopfuls of those.\"

\"Okay, is there anything else?\"

\"Yes, could you please put it in a box where I can have it written, \'To Souma-kun, thanks for being the best boyfriend in the world for three years, Makoto.\"

The clerk smiled, \"Sure.\"

As the clerk left, Makoto faced Himkeo and beamed with a huge smile. \"I know Souma-kun will love it!\"

\"I think he will Mako-chan!\" Himeko supported.

A minute later, the clerk came back with the box full of chocolates.

\"Here you go ma\'am. You can go pay at the cashier up front.\"

Now that they got their candies, they headed back home excited about how their partners would react.


Chikane looked for a chocolate that she thought would make Himeko happy and Souma looked along with her.

\"Well she loves Sanrio, so you should get her a Hello Kitty one.\" Souma suggested.

Chikane shrugged. \"Yeah, why not.\"

Chikane started looking for a Hello Kitty Valentine\'s chocolate and found one. It was Hello Kitty painting on an art board. Chikane had a genuine grin on her face. She was very happy to find it.

\"I think I got the perfect chocolate.\"

Chikane had the woman pick it up.

\"Who would you like to make this out to?\"

\"To Himeko-chan, the love of my life.\"

\"What?\" The clerk said with a disdainful look on her face.

\"You heard me, woman! This is Shinjuku for God\'s sake, just do as I say or I\'ll get management on you. Got it?\" She threatened.

\"...O-O-Okay ma\'am,\" she stuttered in fear and left.

Souma was surprised a bit at first, then he teased Chikane about it, \"You would make a fine customer service rep.\"

Chikane coldly looked at him and told him, \"Shut up.\" Souma just chuckled.

The lady came back with the chocolate in a box, made out to Himeko. Chikane smile while the clerk had a distasteful look.

\"Here\'s your chocolate.\" She said rather coldly and dropped the box. Chikane was about to complain about her attitude, but Souma put his hand on her shoulder and signaled her to let it go. When they were away from the clerk, Souma had a short word with Chikane.

\"Chikane-chan, there\'s no need to let her get to you. You got to let it slide.\"

\"You of all people giving me anger management lessons, how ironic?\"

Souma sighed, \"Come on now, this is not San Francisco. Not everyone is comfortable around gay people, even though this is Shinjuku.\"

Chikane sulked a bit and sighed, \"You\'re right. I just wish it wasn\'t true…\"

\"Ah don\'t worry about it, let\'s go back home, I think we\'ve done enough for today.\"

\"I totally agree.\"

The pair got on the motorcycle and headed straight home. Chikane was able to get over her anger and was delighted to find a chocolate for her partner.


Finally Himeko and Makoto got back to the house. She was excited about her gifts. \"I can\'t wait to give them to Chikane-chan! I know she will love them!\"

\"I hope so, you paid a pretty penny for them.\"

\"And so did you.\"

\"Yeah, tell me about it…\"

Kazuki came back from the temple to get something when he saw the two.

\"Hello ladies, came back from your Valentine\'s Day shopping?\"

\"Yep!\" Himeko chimed.

\"We sure did. We got some great stuff for our partners. I think they will like it!\" Makoto added.

\"Well that\'s very good to hear. So where did you two go?\"

\"We went to Printemps to get some chocolates.\" Makoto informed.

\"Printemps! That\'s quite an expensive place.\"

\"Yeah, but we wanted to get the best for Souma and Chikane.\"

Kazuki drew a small smile on his face. \"That\'s quite romantic of you two.\" Then he saw the small box containing the pink seashell necklace.

\"So is that the chocolate inside, Kurusugawa-san?\" he asked pointing to the box.

\"This? No, this holds a necklace I saw at an antique shop. I really like it, so I got it for Chikane-chan.\"

Kazuki smiled, \"That\'s very sweet of you. You really do love her?\"

Himeko blushed, \"She the most important person in my life.\"

\"Hey Hime-chan, let\'s put them away before they come.\" Makoto warned.


They went into Himeko\'s room and put the chocolates and jewelry in the closet. A few minutes later, Chikane and Souma walked in and saw Himeko, Makoto, and Kazuki.

\"Hello everyone. How are all of you doing?\" Souma greeted.

\"Great! Where did you two go?\" Himeko asked.

\"We went to Takashimaya to get you this:\" Chikane then pulled out the box from the bag and opened it. Himeko went giddy the moment she saw the chocolate.

\"It\'s Hello Kitty! I love Hello Kitty. Thank you!\"

Chikane had a wide smile on her face, which was a rare sight to see from the ever-grumpy girl. \"I\'m glad you like it.\"

\"Like it? I LOVE it!\" Himeko elated.

She gladly grabbed the box from Chikane and then lovingly hugged her partner. She squeezed her as tight as she could.

\"That was so sweet of you.\"

\"Thanks…\" Chikane replied while she was blushing, ignoring the painful squeeze.

\"Now let me get you my gifts.\" Himeko, along with Makoto, quickly went to her room and came out with her and Makoto\'s gifts. She handed the chocolate one first.

\"It\'s for you, I hope you like it.\"

Chikane opened the box and grinned, \"Oh thank you Himeko!\"

Himeko blushed, \"I thought you would like it, since you like music so much.\"

Chikane smiled even more, \"I sure do, but do you know what I like more?\"

Himeko gleamed, she knew the answer. \"What?\"

Chikane put the box to the side and told her, \"You.\" Then she gave Himeko a warm, lovingly hug, not as tight as to what Himeko gave her. Himeko was blushing even more. Kazuki, Souma and Makoto were happily smiling as well.

Then it was Makoto\'s turn. \"Hey honey, I got you some chocolates as well.\"

\"You better,\" Souma jibed. Makoto playfully hit him on his shoulder. \"Ouch!\"

\"Some romantic you are…\" Makoto jokingly derided and playfully pouted.

\"Oh come on baby, at least let me see the gift.\"

Makoto smirked and handed it to him. He opened it and chuckled when he saw the mini bicycle chocolates. He was very happy with the gift.

\"Thank you so much,\" he said as he hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.

\"Well, it\'s very wonderful to see so much love in this room. I think Aizen-Myoo would be proud.\" Kazuki gleamed with a rare beam on his face.

Himeko looked at him was a puzzling look, \"Who?\"

Kazuki then explained to the Christian, \"Aizen-Myoo is the kami of love.\"

\"Oh okay. Thanks for the gift, it was wonderful, Chikane-chan!\" Himeko said.

\"Not as wonderful as this…\" Chikane pulled out a small box from her jeans pocket and opened the box. It was the pink seashell necklace. Himeko and Makoto were in shock. Himeko didn\'t say anything for a bit, so naturally Chikane was worried.

\"What\'s wrong Himeko?\"

\"W…w…well it looks similar to what I got for you.\"

\"Very similar…\" Makoto agreeing.

\"What do you mean?\" Chikane asked.

Himeko grabbed her purse and pulled out a small box from it. She opened it and showed the pink seashell necklace to Chikane. Everybody in the room was shocked to see the matching necklaces. Now it was Chikane\'s turn to be speechless. It took quite a while for Chikane to speak.

\"Are you kidding me?\"

\"I know, amazing, isn\'t it?\" Himeko wondered.

\"I don\'t think amazing is the word.\" Makoto injected.

\"Nor do I.\" Kazuki agreed.

\"How about \'fate\'?\" Souma suggested.

Kazuki looked at him and replied, \"It could be…it could be.\"

Then Himeko brought up somthing, \"Do you know what this means?\"

\"No?\" Chikane responded in a puzzled look.

\"It means that we were meant to be together. Like Ruth and Naomi in the Bible.\"

Chikane immediately smiled after that, remembering that chilly night in November when Himeko confessed her love to her.

\"Ruth and Naomi?\" Souma questioned. Himeko was about to answer but Kazuki surprisingly replied.

\"There\'s a Bible story about a woman name Ruth who fell in love with another woman named Naomi and confessed it to her.\"

Souma looked at him like he was crazy. \"If that\'s so, then why do Christians hate gay people?\"

\"Some don\'t believe that they were lovers, but if you read it yourself, you would strongly believe as well. I\'ll tell you more another time.\"

At first, Chikane was puzzled by her statement, but the more she thought about it, the more she can see Himeko\'s point.

Finally, she smiled back. \"We certainly are…we certainly are.\" And she hugged her partner. Valentine\'s Day proved to be a very special day for the two mikos.


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