Story: Himeko and Chikane: Their Story (chapter 17)

Authors: mandygirl78

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Chapter 17

Title: Judgment Night

There was a rather big and bad battle going on between Chikane and Souma. Kazuki knew he was partially responsible for this, so he had to intervene quickly. While holding Souma back, Kazuki spoke with a commanding voice.

“That’s enough you two! Stop it right now!”

Both Souma and Chikane knew better than to mess with him, so they immediately stopped and gave a hard glare at him as he walked to the center of the floor, equal distance between the two. He took a deep breath and said, “Please let me explain everything, then when I’m done, you can talk.” They were still looking hard at him, as neither let their eyes off him, as well as Himeko.

“I apologize for not telling you about Tsubasa-san. I honestly swear that I thought what I did was best for you two girls. I didn’t want you to say no and return back to the streets.”

“You still shouldn’t have lied to us! That was like stabbing us in the back!” Chikane shouted back.

“I understand you anger, but -”

“But what!?! What!?!” To allow him to -”

“Let me speak!” he spat in a loud and commanding voice, looking coldly at Chikane. Chikane instantly became quiet as he continued. “Now, as I was about to state, I understand your anger, but I had no intentions to keep it a secret forever. I was planning to tell you two when I thought the time was right. Now I see that it was an error on my part. Tsubasa-san wasn’t always like this, he was normal, more or less, at one time. He had a bright future ahead of him. He was an honor student going to University of Tokyo, and had a girlfriend. But all that changed suddenly, when he acted differently. I didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he changed dramatically.

I had him check out at a hospital, and they said he became schizophrenic. They told me that he could cause a lot of trouble and he should be in an instintution. I didn’t want to do that, for I considered him as a brother, so I kept him at my place. We did the usual, checked up on him and kept him in medication, but I found out that it wasn’t enough.

It was like four months after the diagnosis that something serious happened. While one of my friends were staying over for the weekend, he came into the room. The guest was sleeping. Tsubasa was carrying a cord and tried to strangle him. Fortunately enough, my friend made a lot of noise during his struggle so I rushed to the room and punched him out. It felt terrible, like I was beating on my own brother, but I had to do it. After a few hits, he was knocked out unconscious. After that, I had no choice but to send him to the institution. I know Souma-kun hasn’t fully forgiven me for it, but as you can see, I had no choice. He was a risk to everyone.

“No he wasn’t!” Souma shouted.

“Yes he was!” Kazuki and Chikane shouted in unison. “Souma, I know you care for him a lot, but he’s not the brother you grew up with. He’s totally changed. Do you understand that?”

Souma thought about it for a bit, then he meekly responded, “Yes."

Chikane wasn't done yet. She had still more questions about one other person. “Okay, now that you told me about him, tell me about Sister Miyako.”

Kazuki sighed and then spoke, “Tsubasa-san and Sister Miyako were together since high school. They were very much high school sweethearts and were totally opposite, yet they both loved each other madly,” he smiled as he reminisced. “I don’t recall a time when those two had their difference, until he became sick. After the incident, she broke up with him.“

“Does she know that I’m here in Tokyo?”

“Yes, she does.”

Now Chikane was both nervous and furious as hell. “Do you realize what she could do to me? She could send me back to that hellhole!”

“Himemiya-san, she wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“Yes she would, she’s one of them!”

“It would be better that way…” Souma muttered. Chikane heard and tried to come after him, but Kazuki immediately grabbed her from behind and twist her right arm to her back.”

“Please Himemiya-san calm down,” he said while still holding her right arm behind her back.

She knew she had no choice, so she did as he ordered. Kazuki released her and signaled her to go back to her side. Kazuki came up to Souma and slapped him across the face. “Didn’t I tell you to shut up?”

“Yes, onii-san.”

“Okay then.” Then he returned back to his previous position and spoke calmly, “Let’s get some sleep, we got to get up early.”

Everybody left the room, not saying anything and headed to their rooms. No more than an hour later, while lying in the bed, Chikane had trouble sleeping, and Himeko noticed.

“Baby, you need to get some sleep.” Himeko worried while stroking her partner's hair.

“How can I get some sleep when that nut can come any time and attack us.”

“He won’t attack us, believe me. Please get some rest,” Himeko softly pleaded, following a light peck on her partner’s cheek. She then held her tight next to her, doing her best to comfort her girlfriend. She couldn’t bare watching Chikane being like this. Eventually, she fell asleep.


The next day, it was just like any morning, except that nobody was talking to anybody. As Chikane ate her food, she looked angrily at Souma. Souma in returned seethed at Chikane. Kazuki didn’t like the atmosphere one bit, but he knew he couldn’t do anything about it – for now. Himeko wasn’t liking this either, and when she had some time after breakfast, she had a talk with Kazuki.

“Oogami-sensei, we need to do something about this.”

“I totally agree Kurusugawa-san, but not now.”

“But it might get worse! I have a feeling that it will,” Himeko said. What she knew was that both Souma and Chikane were hard-edge people who were very stubborn, and she knew that was a recipe for disaster.

"Perhaps, but I've deal with worse. I'll take care of it if things don't calm down between the two."

"Please do so, I don't want anything happen to either of them."


Meanwhile, back at Himeko mother’s apartment. She was talking to her partner about her daughter.

“I placed a few ads on the paper, and tried to look for her on MySpace. She doesn’t have an account.”

“Have you tried to find that blue-haired girl as well?” said her partner.

“Yes I did. I couldn’t find anything about her as well.”

“Great… Well you might as well contact her aunt, as much as you don’t want to.”

“Yeah, perhaps.” So she went and called her on her cell, but she found out that she couldn't get through. She called again, and she got the same result. She then realized that her number was blocked.

A bit furious, she cursed, “Bitch! She blocked my cell! I just got the new number two weeks ago!”

“Not surprised, knowing how that Holy-Rolling nut works.”

“Yes, she is something else… Reiko-chan, do you know any other options we got?”

“No, none for now.”


“Maybe we should contact her school, you do know what her school is, right?”

“Of course I do, but they’re good friends with her.”

“Well that sucks, then there’s no point in trying Noriko,” her partner moped.

Noriko resigned for a bit, but something inside of her told her to make the call. So she went to the school’s website and looked for the number. Then she picked up her cell and gave them a call.

“Light of the Spirit Private High School, how can we help you?” asked the administrative assistant.

“Hi, I want to talk to someone who can provide me information regarding my daughter.”

“Ano miss, who is your daughter?”

“Kurusugawa Himeko.”

The phone went silent for a bit, until Noriko spoke up.

“Miss? Miss?”

“Ano… I’ll transfer you to someone who can help you,” the lady on the phone suggested.

The principal got the call from the assistant, “Somebody wants to talk to you Ayaki-san.”

“Who is it?”

“A woman who says that she’s Kurusugawa Himeko’s mother.”

He was shocked and went stiff a bit. “Let me answer it.”

The lady transferred the call and he answered, “This is principal Ayuki Reito, how may I help you?”

“Yes, I am trying to get any information about my daughter, Kurusugawa Himeko,” she asked. He knew simply by her voice that it had to be her mother. It was only an octave or two deeper than Himeko’s. He knew that Himeko transferred to another school in Tokyo, but he couldn’t take that chance of telling her about it and risk her being sent back to Mahoroba. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Himeko as student or anything like that. Actually, he was quiet fond of the shy blond. It was her aunt that he had problems with. She’s been quiet critical about the school lately, thinking it was becoming ‘too liberal’ and accuse him of making it so. There was no love lost between the two, and when her Art teacher told him about the abuse she was getting from her home, he was more than willing to go along with the secret transfer. He heard about Kazuki Oogami and his irreputable reputation, thus he felt that Himeko was better off in Tokyo.

“We don’t know where she is ma’am.”

“Well I know that she has been to Tokyo, because I’ve seen a picture of her at a convention she and another girl attended. It’s up on the website,” she primed. Reiko’s brother told her in another email that it was up on the website.

Now he was a bit worried. If she can find them on a site, then so could the aunt. Calming himself before answering again, he said, “Can you tell me the website?”

“Sure, do you have an email address? It would be easier that way.”

“Yes I do,” he informed. He gave her the address as she typed it on her laptop. He got the email and followed the link on it. There it was, Himeko and Chikane smiling in from the Battle Mikos convention. Now he was really nervous. Luckily it was no longer on the front page of the Battle Mikos Fan website. He had to contact the webmaster immediately and tell him or her about the situation.

“Well thanks for the info. Now we know where we can start looking for them,” he lied.

“Good, if you do find her, please, please, please inform me! I haven’t seen her since she was five years old. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“Will do. Have a great day.”

“You too,” she ended as she hanged up.

“So… How did it go?” Reiko asked.

“They don’t know where she is,” she said as she started to cry. Reiko offered Noriko a shoulder for her to cry on, this was nothing new, she does cry a bit. It seems to be a family trait of sort… “I might not ever see my little girl again,” she lamented.

“She’s not little anymore, she’s sixteen now,” Reiko informed with her usual stoic tone.

“I know, but she’ll always be my little baby,” she weeped as she continued to cry on her lover’s shoulders.

Meanwhile the principal was seriously debating to himself whether she was trustworthy enough to tell her about her daughter. She seemed to truly miss her daughter, but eventually he felt that he made the right decision.


During lunch period, outside Chikane’s homeroom, Makoto had a talk with Chikane.

“We really need to talk about you and Souma-kun.”

Chikane however didn’t see the need to talk. Dismissively she responded, “I don’t really see the need to talk. Your boyfriend and I don’t like each other.”

“I beg to differ,” she replied back in a serious tone. Chikane raised her left eyebrow. “We do have something to talk about. I don’t want to see you two hurting each other He’s a passionate person, and he can be bull-headed, but he is a very capable fighter and he can seriously hurt you.”

Chickane wanted to laugh at Makoto's speculation. “I had him down on the floor last night. I can hurt him.”

“You might have, but you still shouldn’t take him lightly.” She warned.

“I’m not taking him likely, but I’m not going to have him push me around just because he's still delusional about his dysfunctional brother! Don’t you know what his brother did to me the other day, huh? He nearly killed me. Ask Himeko, she was there when it happened. The bastard threw a knife at me and it hit me around the shoulders. You tell him that if he fucks with me like that again, I will seriously fuck him up!" Chikane gritted.

Makoto was left speechless as she went back to her homeroom. As Makoto returned to her homeroom, she sat right next to Himeko, who was enjoying her lunch. Himeko looked at Makoto and something wrong. She wasn't being her spunky self, so Himeko asked, "What's wrong Mako-chan? And where's Chikane-chan? She would have been here."

"Nothing is wrong, and Chikane-san is in her homeroom."

A puzzled look appeared on Himeko's face. "Why? she's usually here, during lunch."

"She didn't want to come today." Everyone else was looking at Makoto strangly at the table.

Judging from Makoto's expression and Chikane's mysterious disappearance, Himeko knew something was terribly wrong. "I'll be back. Hopefully before lunch is over." So she picked up her food and went downstairs to Chikane's homeroom.


In Chikane's homeroom sat Chikane with three of her 'friends' - more like acquaintances: Izumi, Misaki, and Kyoko.

"Hey Miya-sama,"

"Please don't call me that. I hate it." She hates it when Corona calls her that in mockery.

"Sorry Himemiya-san."

"Chikane-san is fine enough. Never really care about honorifics anyway."

Himeko then came into the room. Chikane was a bit surprised to see her, but she was happy though.

"Himeko? What brings you here?"

"What's wrong Chikane-chan."

"Yeah, what's wrong? You're usually moody, but not like this." Izumi informed.

"Well, Souma-san and me had an argument last night and just a few minutes ago, me and Makoto-san came close to one as well."

“Why?” Himeko asked.

“She had the audacity to tell me that Souma-san can hurt me.”

“But why would he want to hurt you?” Misaki inquired.

“Because of what his brother did to me…” She went on to explain the story, with Himeko adding a few detail into it. The trio was left a bit stunned after she finished.

“Wow, now I see. But you should still be careful Souma-san is quite strong. He’s the best kendo and Akido fighter in the school. He reached the Kendo finals last year and nearly won it. He also reached the All-Japan semi-finals as well. He shouldn’t be taken lightly Chikane-san. Please think it over!” Izumi begged.

However Chikane’s pride wouldn’t budge. “Well he’ll find out that I’m no pushover if he tries to push my buttons again.”

Just as soon as she said that, Souma walked by the homeroom. He stopped and gave an icy cold look at Chikane. She didn’t noticed until she turned her head towards him. She stopped and gave him back her own stare.

Izuma tried to get Chikane’s attention, “Chikane-san, what do you think about…”, when she noticed Chikane looking at Souma. She turned and saw herself. Then Himeko and the rest of the girls noticed and they looked at Souma’s direction.

Quickly Souma walked away. Now the rest of the girls saw how serious this has become, and Himeko was very concern.


It was early Saturday afternoon and a visitor dropped by the house.

“Neko-chan!” She greeted followed with a hug.

“Hey there Himeko-chan! How are you doing?”

“Fine. I’m glad to see you. How are you doing?”

“Just great! We recently got more blankets since the winter has been rather brutal.”

“Oh, the great to hear!” Himeko chirped.

“It sure is. A few people already miss you down there.”

“I wish I could come, but I got school work, shrine work and kendo practice. I don’t have much free time to draw or paint like I used to.”

“I understand. But please don’t be a stranger, come and see us some time!”

“I’ll try. I’ll definitely will.” Then Chikane came in from outside and saw Nekoko. The two just looked at each other.

“Hi.” Chikane brisked.

“Hi.” Nekoko responded in the same tone.

Noticing the tension, Himeko thought of something. “Hey, I got a new DVD of Battle Mikos, wanna watch?”

Nekoko and Chikane looked at each other and just shrugged.

“I guess. Why not?” Chikane shrugged to Himeko.

“That’s great! I’ll get the DVD.”

While they were watching an episode of Battle Mikos on DVD, Himeko was getting into it, while Nekoko and Chikane were questioning what they were watching.

“Priestesses goes boom!” said a rather silly and ridiculous catgirl that Kannazuki no Miko fans are familiar with. Nekoko had some distain for the girl.

“What kind of idiot is she? She’s so ridiculous! And the worst part is that she sounds like me!” Chikane couldn’t help but to laugh her butt off on that one. “Shut up! You’re no better than that Kaon girl, brooding and moody all the time!”

“Hey! I’m nothing like her, right Himeko?”

“Ano... Ano...” she hesitated as she was fiddling her fingers in nervousness.

Now it was Nekoko’s turn to laugh while Chikane looked at her with anger. Himeko stopped the DVD and asked, “So did you like the cartoon so far?”

Both were speechless, they couldn’t tell her the truth. Himeko was starting to get nervous.

“Ano... I’ll got to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

And Himeko left. When it was clear that she was far away to hear them, Chikane spoke up.

“Well wasn’t that a stupid cartoon?”

“It sure was. I don’t know how anyone can like that crap.”

“I don’t know either. If there were even more decent lesbian couples in anime, then I bet it wouldn’t be so damn popular.” Chikane berated.

“Yeah, that’s for damn sure. Let me get the DVD.”

Chikane then playfully asked, “What are you going to do with the DVD?”

“Ano... Nothing, except don’t be surprise to see the ‘DVD goes boom!’” she answered in the same annoying tone as the catgirl in the cartoon.

Both Chikane and Nekoko started to laugh hysterically on couch. Himeko returned and was surprised to see both girls were laughing instead of trying to tear each other head’s apart.

“What’s so funny?” Himeko wondered.

“Ano... Nekoko told me a funny story!” Chikane lied. Himeko grinned even bigger, happy to see some sort of truce between the two ladies.

“Can you share it with me?”

Chikane and Nekoko were put on the spot. Luckily, the quick thinking Chikane had one. “Neko-san was telling me about what Hana-chan was wearing the other day.”

“It was a hoot!” Nekoko added.

Himeko started to laugh. Nekoko and Chikane just smiled.

“Let me get some more snacks. I’ll be back.”

She headed to the kitchen and saw Souma there standing.

“What’s up?” Himeko asked as she was getting some snacks.

“Nothing,” he told her briskly.

“What’s wrong? Does it have to do with Chikane-chan?”

“Of course. As long as she’s here it will be a problem.”

Himeko stopped what she was doing and looked at him. “I know you have issues with Chikane-chan, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

“Doesn’t have to be that way? She insulted my brother!” he exasperated.

“I understand.”

“No you don’t. You or her doesn’t know my brother that well. He was a great brother, who took care of me when our parents died. He’s all that I have in terms of a true family. I know that the Oogami family care about me very much, but it’s not the same. He always looked out for me when I was young, now that he has this problem, it’s time for me to look out for him,” he told as he was about to tear up.

Himeko listened. “I understand where you are coming from, but there no need to be angry at Chikane-chan, she was attacked by your brother. Even Officer Martinez Girochi confirm this, and I heard he was close to him as well.”

“He was.”

“So please understand where she’s coming from. She’s hurt as well. How about if I have her apologize for her comments, would that help?”

“No.” And he walked away. Himeko was just standing there, looking in disbelief when Nekoko walked in, “Hime-chan, did you forget to get the snacks?”

“No, not really. I had a talk with Souma-san.”

“What was it about?”


Nekoko rolled her eyes, “What did she do this time?”

Himeko quickly explained the situation and she wasn’t close to either of them, so she agreed with the way Chikane reacted.

“I can’t blame her really. I’ve heard about him from Natashi-san. I would also be wary of living in the same place and be a bit paranoid.”

“I see that, but I’m afraid that things will get worse between the two. I don’t want that to happen.”

Knowing from the Snake Clan incident, Nekoko wasn’t surprise that Himeko would act this way.

“Well I hope that you can stop those two from killing each other. As much as I can’t stand Chikane-san and how I find Souma-san a bit annoying, I don’t want them to be beating each other up for basically nothing.”

“Neither do I. I don’t want to see this keep on going on. What should I do?”

“Maybe you should have them do some activity together, maybe it will force them to cooperate with each other.”

“Hey that’s a great idea! Thanks.”

“No problem! Now get the snacks and let’s watch something else.”



It was late January and the situation between Souma and Chikane wasn’t getting any better. Himeko thought that a board game would be perfect for them, where they were on the same time, while she and Kazuki was on the other. Unfortunately thing didn’t go according to plan, they nearly fought each other.

And things didn’t get better, the animosity between Souma and Chikane was slowly simmering each day to a full boil. It finally exploded one Saturday when Souma was practicing his kendo outside. Kazuki and Himeko wasn’t there since they went to pick up some supplies for the orphanage. Chikane just came back from a 7-Eleven, getting some pork buns.

When she came outside she saw Souma practicing and tried to ignore him but Souma called her out.


“What do you want?”

“You, bitch! Now I can finally put you in your place. No one’s here to stop us. Not nii-san, not your little girlfriend Himeko-chan.”

“So that’s what you want? If that’s what you want, then come and get it!” Chikane sneered loudly while positioning herself in a fighting stance.

Souma just laughed and sneered back, “No, not that way. I want you to put on that armor and grab that stick as well.”

Chikane couldn’t believe it, he was challenging her to a Kendo fight. Part of her was scared, after hearing and seeing for herself how good he was, but another part of her was looking forward to it, finally facing Souma. Though she would prefer a good old-fashioned fistfight, but Kendo was good enough.

She saw how big the armor was, she knew that she couldn’t wear it. “I’ll get my own armor. I’ll be back.” She went to her room, put on her gear and got her own stick. She returned, ready to take him on.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while, to finally shut that smart mouth of yours. I’m going to finally teach you not to disrespect my brother.”

“I never disrespected your mentally challenged brother. Now come to think of it, I don’t know who is more mentally challenged, your brother – or you!”

Souma got angry from her insult and came charging at her. Chikane quickly dodged. Souma turned around and Chikane quickly swung to his ribs. Souma blocked it with his stick. Chikane swung to the opposite side and Souma blocked again.

Next Souma went for a thrust but Chikane quickly dodged it. Chikane went to strike Souma and hit him right on his shoulders.

“Ouch!” he yelled.

Chikane smiled and struck him once again. She then went for the third strike, but then Souma blocked it and then he finally stuck her in the ribs. Chikane felt it through her armor and grimaced for a bit. Souma hit her once more, this time at her left arm and she yelled.

“Aaah! You’re gonna get it!”

“That’s what you think, you whore!”

That made Chikane even madder and she trust him right at his stomach. Souma winced and Chikane struck once again. Souma was starting to feel pain now. Chikane was going for another blow, but Souma was able to dodge it.

Souma then struck at Chikane, but she blocked it with her stick. Chikane swung back, but missed. This back-and-forth melee affair kept on going for more than a minute. Secretly, Souma was impressed with Chikane’s skills; no female has even gave him such a challenge. Chikane was also impressed with Souma’s kendo abilities, more so than before.

Then simultaneously, both fights swung their sticks at each other, blocking each other out, until Himeko stumbled and fell rather hard on the ground. Her helmet flew, giving Souma a perfect opportunity to strike her right on her face.

Chikane was in fear, as she lied helplessly awaiting her fate.

Just as Souma was about to lay the final blow on the fallen Chikane, he grinned and told her, “Now you will finally shut your mouth.”

He pulled his stick as far back as he could but then he felt something was pulling on his stick, or better yet someone.

“Stop it right now Souma!”

He let go of the stick and turned around to face a very furious Kazuki.

“What in kami has gone wrong with you!?!” He yelled like an angry lion. Ashamed of his own action, he sulked and said nothing. “Answer to me now! Why are you and Himemiya-san are fighting?”

Chikane barely got up and answered for him. “That bastard, and I do mean bastard, challenged me to a fight.”

“Did you?” He angrily answered.

“I sure did. I want to teach that bitch a lesson for disrespecting my brother.”

Kazuki pulled his arm back and slapped him across the face. “First of all, don’t you ever call her a bitch again? And second of all, that’s no excuse for getting into a fight with her. You will be punished for this, mark my word.”

Himeko quickly went to her lover’s aid.

“Chikane-chan, are you okay?” she asked. Tears started to come down her eyes.

“Yeah… I’m okay,” she coughed in pain. Kazuki came to her aid as well.


“Am I going to be punished as well,” she asked in fear.

Kazuki gave that a thought…


Later on that night, Souma’s brother Tsubasa was walking by a small electronic store when he saw on a displayed TV a blue-haired woman singing some run-of-the-mill J-Pop song.

“Blue daemon. Blue daemon. Blue daemon must die!”

He entered into the store and immediately the storeowner and a few of the customers took noticed. His hair was mangled, his teeth were rotten and he had a strong stench on him. The owner was already weary of him, and he had every reason to be, as he will soon find out.

Tsubasa went to the Television section and saw the same blue-haired woman. He let out an eerie and frightening scream. Everybody in the store heard it and they were either stunned, terrified, or both. He then started his in cohesive rambling.

“Die Jupiter blue-daemon! Blue daemon must kill!”

He pulled out a piece of metal and started smashing the TV. His psychosis was worsening as he was scaring everyone in the store. The store owner was terrifying fright and started calling the police.

There was a cop down the street when one of the patrons ran down frantically to get him.

“Officer, officer, come quick! Someone’s smashing the TVs in the store!”

The cop saw the panic on the patron’s face and without questioning, ran down to the store.

He started to go to the Audio section and smashed the stereo systems there with all of his psychotic rage in him. Without any discrimination, he was smashing and demolishing everything around him.

One of the people in the store tried to leave, but Tsubasa spotted him and he went after him like a German Shepard. The guy was blue-haired, thus Tsubasa though that he was evil.

“Blue Daemon must die!”

“Oh no!” The man screamed in terrifying fear. He tried to run, but Tsubasa was faster, tackling the man down. He was back in the TV section. He grabbed him by his hair and smashed his face in front of a LCD TV screen. He was lucky that he didn’t get shocked.

“DIE! DIE! DIE!” he screamed like a raving maniac.

Tsubasa had the blue-haired man by his hair as he was about to strike him was the metal when the police came.

“Freeze!” The officer screamed with his gun pointing towards him.

He let out a loud scream and tried to throw the metal but the officer quickly shot him a few times. A female customer who was nearby screamed in fright.

Tsubasa started to bleed profusely as he was stumbling. He took a few more steps towards the police. The police took precautions by shooting him again, stopping him on his tracks. Finally, he collapsed hard on the floor.

The real-life nightmare was finally over for the owner and the patrons, especially the blue-haired man who was bloodied and was taken to the hospital. There he was, lying there dead with blood still flowing out of his body. He was no more.


Even later in the night was a tired Hana, who had a meeting with the ‘girls’. As soon as he got to his ‘home’ in the back alley, he was greeted by four people who was wearing nothing but black. They slowly approached him as he started to back himself to the back of the alley. They even had their faces covered up, except their eyes. Hana immediately noticed that one of them was a woman, due to the body shape.

They didn’t say anything, just continued to slowly approach him until his back was against the wall. Then one of the finally spoke. “Well if it isn’t the king of the queens himself, Hana-chan.” Hana was terrified, he knew who it was and he feared for his life. “Alright, let’s cut the bull, where did you get that necklace from?”

“I’m not telling you anything.”

“Wrong answer.” One of them pulled out a razor and slashed him across his cheek.

“Aaaaahhh!” He screamed. One of the thugs forcefully yanked the necklace from his neck.

“Hey be careful! That gold chain cost some money.”

“I’m sorry.”

Hana knew that voice is familiar.

“Oh my God, it’s –“

“Shut the hell up okame!” The person said as he slashed the other cheek.

“Now you got one more chance to tell us who gave you the necklace. Who gave you the damn necklace?”

“You’re going to kill me either way or, so all I’m going to say to you is to go fuck yourself!” Then he spit at his eyes, the only exposed part of his body. The man was furious and he proceeds to punch him right at his mouth.

Something then came in his mind, he decided to ask some questions.

“Did that cat girl gave it to you?”

“Not telling.”

He punched him in the stomach.

“Did any of your fag buddies gave it to you?” He didn’t say anything, but moaned from the punches, so he backhanded him on his face. Now he was spitting blood. “Did Natashi-san give it to you?” Still nothing, so he grabbed him by his hair and slammed his face against the wall. Meanwhile the female member started looking for clues that can help. She saw a picture of him with Himeko and Chikane from the other day. She had a hunch that Chikane was behind it. Everybody in the streets knows that Chikane is a thief.

She brought the picture to him and showed it to him, pointing to Chikane. She didn’t say a word, afraid that Hana might recognize her voice, like he did for the other hoodlum.

The man saw it and then asked, “Did that koji bitch gave it to you?” He didn’t say anything but he didn’t have to. His eyes jumped and he trembled a bit when he said it, that was enough to give him an answer.

“So it was her after all? Well that koji bitch is going to pay for it! After you.”

He punched him in the stomach one more time. He was now coughing up blood, but the group wasn’t done yet.

“So you refuse to talk, huh? Well I’m going to teach you a lesson for that.”

So he grabbed a stone, and struck Hana at his mouth, smashing some of his teeth out. His mouth was bleeding as he spits out some of his teeth. The female member noticed Hana’s nails.

“Ah, look at those nails, they’re so well-manicured – until now!” She took the rock from the leader, pinned his hand against the wall, and smashed it. He was screaming in agonizing pain, but couldn’t do much about it because the other members were holding him as she proceeds to bash his nails. They did the same with the other hand.

They weren’t done yet. The leader gouged him in his eyes, making him scream. He wasn’t blinded since he closed his eyes, but the pain was still excruciating.

Thinking that he didn’t get enough, they slashed him a few more times all over his body, just for the simple fact that he was gay. He was too week to walk or do anything. Bleeding profusely, they poured some rubbing alcohol all over him.

Then the leader pulled out a matchbox and spoke to him for the very last time.

“I heard that you’re a Christian and that Christians think that fags like you will burn in hell. Well consider this a preparation for your eventual doomed fate. It time for you to die, you sick queer!”

Finally, they threw the match on him. They quickly left the area. Hana was covered in flames. Finally, he was burned. The only thing remained was a burnt body of the former Hana Misaki. Two deaths in one day, it was judgment night for the both of them, and the verdict did not go in their favor.


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