Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (chapter 8)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 8

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 8

Ranma woke up, the first thing she did was search her mouth for a gag, there was none. Once she was able to feel her limbs she checked if she was tied up, she could move. She sat up, shaking the cobwebs from her vision and looked around the room. The first thing that came to mind was, "What the hell?"

It was clearly one of the Tendou's rooms, but it was made to look like a school infirmary. She looked at the clothing she was wearing, she was wearing a school girl uniform from Furinkan high. Her confusion of everything was broken when she saw Akane walk through the door, dressed as a school nurse and carrying a clipboard, "Oh, good. You're awake. You've had quite the bump on the head." Akane said, "You should thank all your little friends, they brought you up here."

Anger built up in Ranma, but she was still too dazed to express it, it still showed in her voice however, "Why can't you all just leave me alone?" She tossed off the covers and stood up, but she stood up too fast, "Oooh, my head." She put a hand where it was aching the most.

Akane sat Ranma back down on the bed, "This is more than just a fetish of mine," Akane said, "I can actually help you with that head of yours."

Ranma reluctantly allowed Akane to look at her head, "You guys aren't going to 'punish' me for escaping?"

"Don't tell Kasumi that, I told them that you were just getting away from that Shampoo girl. You'll find I'm the cool one, I let girls get away with the most. Just be glad you're not a guy, I don't let them get away with anything."

Ranma, tried her hardest to keep from laughing.
Shampoo, who was still conscious to begin with, did not have as warm a welcome when she opened her eyes. She felt herself being unrolled from the blanket, which kept her in darkness the entire trip. When she finally saw light, she saw the two older sisters towering over her, "Lock her in the interrogation chair." was all Kasumi said before walking upstairs ahead of her sister.

With that, a silent Nabiki hoisted Shampoo over her shoulder. The paralysis had worn off, so Shampoo found herself able to struggle again. The more she struggled the more desperate her struggles became, Why can I no break rope, she thought frustrated. Here she was thrashing around like a madwoman, but there was no budge not even on the grip of the person holding her. Nabiki eventually made it upstairs and to the extra room where the dreaded interrogation chair sat. She was strapped in easily. Angry and confused, Shampoo kept struggling. Nabiki walked out of the room, but not before turning on the switch that powered up the chair. The high pitched electric humming sound made Shampoo uneasy, especially since she was sitting on a cold metal surface.
"Is this really necessary? I really don't need to be to be tied up." Ranma complained as Akane tied her arms to the bedposts at the head of the bed.

"Any patients that show resistance to treatment must be restrained. School rules." replied Akane in total role play mode, "Besides, you're just too cute to not tie up."

Ranma rolled her eyes, "Really, what is you're girls obsession with tying me up? Why do I have to be your 'pet'? HEY!!"

Ranma felt Akane go under her skirt and retrieve her panties, which were then stuffed into Ranma's mouth, "That was already explained to you. And if that Shampoo is under the same circumstances as you are, then she'll be your playmate." Before Ranma could even make a muffle, a cloth was tied to secure the panties in Ranma's mouth. To add extra insult to injury, medical tape was put over Ranma's mouth.
Shampoo waited a long time before she was joined by Kasumi, who came in with a black leather bag. She dumped the contents out, it included restraints and gags, as well as some toys that were meant to go into certain places. Shampoo, however, did not show her captor a weak face. She was going to give this woman the kiss of death first thing she got out. The gag was removed from Shampoo's mouth, immediately she outburst in fury, "Where is place you take Shampoo?! Why you strap her in chair?! Where's Ranma?! First Shampoo kill her, then she kill you!!"

The response to which was Kasumi flipping the switch, sending electric waves through Shampoo's body. It was much longer than the first time they shocked Ranma, where as Ranma had a one second jolt her first time. Kasumi flipped the switch off. Shampoo's body shook, but she still had her attention fixed on Kasumi, "First of all," Kasumi started, "There will be no killing whatsoever. Not Ranma, and most certainly not me. Secondly, you're in no position to be asking questions, that is what I will be doing."

Kasumi walked around her prisoner, studying her body intently, "Let me explain to you your predicament. Ranma is our pet, and you tried to kill her. I would like to know why. I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and every time you don't answer quick enough, I'm going to shock you again. Also, you won't be able to escape, you are clearly a skilled martial artist, so in order to keep you from escaping, I hit a pressure point on your chest that takes away your strength."

Shampoo looked at the older girl in disbelief, there was no way her strength was gone, "You lie!" Kasumi flipped the switch again and another shock was sent through Shampoo's body.
Ranma was still wearing her school uniform, but the shirt was lifted over her breasts. Akane had a little too much fun with 'breast inspection', she was now going through a bunch of doctor's equipment that she had stuffed in her night stand, it was a mess in there. Organize much? Thought Ranma. Akane finally brought out a stethoscope, "Alright, now we're going to check your heartbeat."

Akane put the stethoscope on, and placed the diaphragm on Ranma's bare stomach. It was stone cold, Ranma flinched as it touched her body. "Now take a deep breath," Akane instructed. Now Ranma knew she was way too into this school nurse thing. When Ranma didn't respond Akane pulled on the red head's earlobe, "I may be the cool one, but I also have the least patients when it comes to pets not doing as their told. Take a deep breath before I get violent."

Not in the mood for pain, Ranma inhaled through her nose, "Very good," Akane said, moving the stethoscope to a higher position on her stomach. Again, Ranma felt the unbearably cold diaphragm on her stomach, she let out a light moan upon its landing, "Again," Ranma inhaled, and put it right under her chest this time, "Again."
Shampoo wailed in agony from the electric shocks of the chair. Kasumi had applied the pressure point to keep her from lying, which was located on the roof of her mouth. It was not like Shampoo at any reason not to tell the truth, but her lack of responsiveness kind of required it, for the nerve would tense up after an electric jolt, thus with enough torture, the prisoner would eventually succumb. Although, Kasumi was a little disappointing. She was so sure this girl would be much stronger than Ranma in terms of endurance, but once she applied pressure point of truth, she'd only had to shock her twice. No matter, this meant she was going to break a lot faster.

"Question number nine Shampoo, why do you want to kill Ranma?"
Back in China, many months earlier, in the village of Josetsuzoku, the locals had their annual martial arts tournament. Nobody seemed to notice the red haired Japanese girl and the fat guide from Jusenkyou enter the village. Why would they, all eyes were on the finalists, one of which was Shampoo. Shampoo could taste that prize feast now, it was one that she'd have with many friends. All she had to do was keep her balance on a hanging log, and knock her opponent off of it.

For Shampoo, this was merely child's play. She took her opponent down within a matter of minutes, the entire village cheered, Shampoo raised her arms in victory. This was about more than just a prize feast, this meant she'd be recognized as the strongest in the village! The feast was just a bonus, but not taking it would be a major shame. She walked over to where all the food was, only to a little pipsqueak of a girl wearing an oversized martial arts gi eating her prize meal. The nerve, "Why are you eating my prize?" she said in Chinese.

The girl, who spoke Japanese, clearly didn't understand her so the guide translated. Upon hearing the translation, the girl seemed to gesture apologies. "She says she is very sorry," the guide said, "she had no idea it was yours."

"I doesn't matter, for eating what is mine without MY permission, I'm challenging her to a duel."

With that, both girls were standing on the hanging log. Shampoo charged at the girl, who just stood there, Easy victory, thought Shampoo. Then all of a sudden, the brought her foot up and kicked Shampoo in the chin. Shampoo went flying off the log, she just simply couldn't believe it! She had just won the tournament, and now she was defeated by this...this...outsider. There was just no way.

All was confirmed when Shampoo hit the ground, and looked up to see the outsider girl's hand get raised by the official. Angry, humiliated, Shampoo stood up and walked over to the girl. She took her gently by the face, and gave her a long kiss on the cheek. The kiss of death, this would mark this girl until she was hunted down to the ends of the earth, and killed. She'd since chased the girl all around China and had eventually tracked her down in Japan.
Kasumi let off one last electric jolt as Shampoo finished her story, "It truth," Shampoo pleaded, "Shampoo swear!"

It all made sense to Kasumi now. Her anger had subsided, that last jolt was all she needed for her to let it go. She walked in front of Shampoo, and started to rub the girls thigh, "I already know that as painful as those electric shocks were, you feel quite the stimulation from this. You want something Shampoo, and you know what it is, you don't have to ask me, I'll ask you. Do you want me to make you feel good, to make you feel like a new woman."

Shampoo couldn't deny it. There was a certain feeling down below, and she felt like she needed a release more than anything.
Akane was now positioning herself between Ranma's legs. She'd done all she could to get Ranma euphoric, and she'd succeeded, "Ranma-chan," she said, "I'm so glad I get to be your nurse today. I hope finish this off. Kasumi and Nabiki got you to feel the same way you do now. You're feeling hot, you feel like everything in your lower region is just screaming for something to go inside. I would really like to have the honor of being the first one down there, I can tell you're a virgin and you know want to know how it feels. However, I share Kasumi and Nabiki's no rape policy, but all you have to do is not."

Before she could completely finish, Ranma was already shaking her head no. Akane was astonished, this girl was still under the delusion that she was going to get free someday. Not only that, she was still refusing after FOUR DAYS in captivity. The longest any girl lasted one three hours. The anger built up in Akane, but she took deep breaths until it went away. She brought a box of rubber gloves, "A cavity search it is then."
Nabiki sat in the dining room, watching TV. The house echoed with a pair of screams, one of tortured pleasure, the other pure pleasure. She sat down the remote, "Screw this, I'm going to a strip club." She grabbed wallet, put on her shoes and left.

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