Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (chapter 7)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 7

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WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

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Chapter 7

"You let her escape!?" Nabiki and Kasumi said in unison.

"There was smoke everywhere, she was dodging a girl who was literally trying to kill her, I even had to dodge her myself." Akane explained.

Nabiki sneered, "That's no excuse, she may not have her strength, but she still has that speed of her's, you should have been more responsible!"

Kasumi, despite how shocked he was, remained calm and collected, and sipped her tea, "Now Nabiki, Akane could not have seen this coming. From what I hear, she's not to blame."

Akane was relieved, she really didn't want to get spanked again by Kasumi. Ranma and that Shampoo girl, once she caught them both, they were both going to pay by her hand. "In any case," Kasumi continued, "We'd better look for them, I'm a little concerned about Ranma being out there with no strength whatsoever. By the way Akane, this Sampoo. Is she cute?"
Ranma leaped from roof to roof, she had fled the ice cream shop and she was free! Free! After two days, she was finally able to find a way to escape thanks to Shampoo. As excited as she was though, she knew she wasn't out of the woods yet. For one thing, Ranma still needed to get out of town, find a way to regain her strength, exact her revenge against the Tendous, find a way to get Shampoo off her back and then finally, go back to China to find a cure for her curse and change back into a guy.

It was all easier said than done. She stopped by a near by window, and noticed her attire through her reflection. She was still wearing the sailor style schoolgirl outfit that Akane bought for her. She'd get new cloths, but right now, these were the only ones she had. She also needed to get some new shoes, somewhere along the way, she lost the sandals that the Tendous had her wear.

Ranma continued leaping through town, until she found her usual route out of there. She ran, balancing herself on the fence that she'd always walk on. She knew she was home free. Suddenly, and without warning, a red ribbon was thrown at her from out of nowhere, and wrapped itself around her body. No, Ranma thought, I was so close. Not having any strength to fight her attacker, she was easily pulled down from the fence. Ranma landed hard on the ground, unable to land on her feet.

Ranma shook the cobwebs out of her eyes, and looked up to see Shampoo, with four other girls laying around her, knocked out cold. All but one girl were covered in bandages. The one that wasn't was dressed in a gymnist leotard, and had the most hideous looking pony tail Ranma had ever seen. Looking at the sight, Ranma assumed that they were all knocked out by Shampoo, who stole this ribbon from her. "Now Ranma, you die."

Ranma's attention snapped back to Shampoo, who had a sword in her hands. She backed herself up and was cornered on the fence, "Please Shampoo, I'm sorry! I don't want to die!"

Ranma shut her eyes as Shampoo swung the sword at her, but it never hit her. Ranma opened one eye, and saw Akane standing in front of her with her hands clapped on Shampoo's sword, stopping it from going any further. Ranma didn't know weather to be relieved or be filled with dread. Shampoo's sword was stopped, but Ranma was also greatly concerned about the girl defending her. She quickly rose to her feet, and started to run, but something grabbed ahold of the ribbon that tied her and was pulled backward. Falling on her back she saw Nabiki holding onto the ribbon, "Going Somewhere?"

Ranma Struggled, but she was once again hogtied in Nabiki's signiture hogtie, crotchrope and all. Kasumi arrived shortly thereafter, "You take Ranma," She said sticking a gag in Ranma's mouth, "Akane and I will take care of her."

"No! She mine! I Kill!" The Chinese girl said in her broken language, as she kicked Nabiki, put an elbow to Akane's gut and brought the butt of the sword down on the head of Kasumi. Ranma, still struggling against the ribbon, was then picked up by Shampoo who leapt off with her over her shoulder.

"Dammit!" Nabiki cursed, "What's with all these bitches that can beat us up coming into town?"

Akane caught her breath, "This is far from over," she said punching the nearby fence.

Kasumi wasn't knocked out but she was dazed. However, her silence was a sign of her anger.
Shampoo took Ranma to a place that was not to far from the areas where Ranma use to camp not more than a few days later. The ribbon was untied, but new rope that Shampoo had with her was used to hoist Ranma off the ground and hang on the branch of a tree upside down. Ranma was hanging by her ankles, with her hands tied behind her back. She was stripped naked and the gag that Kasumi stuffed in her mouth earlier, was tightened. Ranma hung nervously, not knowing weather or not she was dead. But all the while she was still struggling, hoping she could loosen the ropes. The rope work was good however, and nothing that Ranma could just get out of.

Shampoo meanwhile, was sharpening her sword on a rock. She explained to Ranma what she was about to do, "First Ranma fight and defeat Shampoo, then Ranma run like coward. Is greatest insult to amazons. Ranma only deserve to die in worse way, by execution amazon tribe use to only kill worst of criminals. What Shampoo do, is tie Ranma up, hang her upside down, then when all blood has rushed to head, Shampoo will behead Ranma. Then Shampoo have her revenge and her honor back."

The sound of it all made Ranma's struggle become more violent. It seemed it was all over. Ranma never thought she'd think this, but she needed the help of the Tendou sisters, right now.
Kasumi still had a good enough sense to track where Shampoo had been. Her sisters followed her close behind, it was not a good idea to take the lead when Kasumi was mad, for she was known to deliver blows that would be fatal. One time, the family doctor was trying to come onto her. His advances were so aggresive, that Kasumi assaulted him until he needed plastic surgery to have a recognizable face again. If an angry bull fought an angry Kasumi, Kasumi would win hands down. It was rare for Kasumi to be angry, and that was a good thing.

"I think Kasumi is mad enough she might actually kill, Shampoo." Akane whispered to Nabiki.

"Heavens no, she's still going make Shampoo our pet, but she's going to make her suffer all night until she breaks." Nabiki responded, "Think about it. Shampoo defeated us, that was one thing. But then she stole what is rightfully ours, and intends to kill her. And finally, Shampoo just ignored a fight that was clearly coming, not even bothering to allow us to issue the challenge. Kasumi considers this a great insult, you know."

Akane gulped, "I don't think I want to help her break Shampoo after this tonight."
Ranma's struggling stopped a few minutes ago. She was feeling extremely dizzy. She had been hanging upside down for well around three hours, she hadn't conditioned herself for that long. Shampoo was meditating next to the tree Ranma was hanging from. It was almost dusk, a customary time for this kind of amazon execution to take place.

"It time," Shampoo stated opening her eyes, and picking up her sword. Ranma shook her head, this can't be happening she thought. The sword was brought up to Ranma's neck, Ranma looked in the eye of her exicutioner, "Die Ranma!"

Shampoo brought up her sword and was ready to swing. All of the sudden, Ranma was cut down from the tree. Shampoo looked at the tree to see two shuriken stuck in the tree. The shuriken were clearly what cut down her prisoner, "Who there?"

Kasumi walked out in the open, "I wanted to challenge you back there, but you didn't have any courtesy to allow us to issue one to you."

Shampoo laughed, "What make you think you can defeat Shampoo, a highly trained amazon warrior?"

Akane and Nabiki arrived, and found Ranma out cold on the ground. They guessed she landed on her head, from the way she was stewn out on the ground. They needed to get her away from Shampoo, but how? Akane had some kind of idea, but she didn't know if it would work. Still, she whispered her idea to Nabiki, who nodded in agreement. Akane picked a pair of nunchucks out of her belt, and charged at swinging them wildly. Shampoo noticing her attacker wielded the sword at her. Akane stopped it with the nunchuck chain and wrapped it around. This kept Shampoo from being able to use the sword, "Let go!" Shampoo sneared with anger, Nabiki meanwhile grabbed the unconcious Ranma and took off, "NO!" Shampoo called after her.

Akane broke off the nunchucks grip on the sword and backed up, still swing her weapon around ready to attack again. Shampoo, was now blind with rage, she would kill these girls with no mercy. She raised her sword and started forward. But she didn't get more than three steps when the swift and stealthy Kasumi hit the pressure point of paralisys on Shampoo's back.

It happened so suddenly, Shampoo was shocked and astonished as she fell to the ground. She tried to move her limbs, "Why can I no move!"

Kasumi didn't answer, as she turned the Chinese girl on her back with her foot, knelt down and hit the moxibution point under Shampoo's chest. She hit with force that Shampoo lost the breath in her lungs, "Those who don't listen to my challenges and threaten to kill that which we own, don't even deserve a fair fight."

Kasumi tossed some rope to her sister, "Tie her up. I've got a bag with a blanket in it, wrap her in that, then when you get home, put her in the interrogation chair."

That was all Kasumi said before leaping off in the direction Nabiki went. Akane was left alone with Shampoo. To Akane, this one was not as cute as Ranma, but she was sure hot. She sat on top of the girl, "You're going to be a great addition to our new collection." She said, and she gave Shampoo a long and hard kiss on the lips, slipping in her tongue. Shampoo was unable to do anything about it, when the kiss was broken, she did all she could do, which was lash out, "HOW DA-MMMPH!!"

Shampoo was silenced by a cloth that Akane put in her mouth which was tied around her head. Next, Shampoo was stripped naked and tied with rope. There was rope that secured Shampoo's ankles, knees, thighs, wrists and elbows. Akane finished tying extra rope above and under Shampoo's breast and without a word, wrapped her in the blanket like Kasumi asked. Shampoo gave out protests, which the gag muffled. Akane ignored them of course. She almost felt sorry for Shampoo, for she got on Kasumi's bad side. And that was never a good thing to do.

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