Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (chapter 5)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 5

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 5

Ranma had a really bad dream that night. She dreamed that she was walking through the Jusenkyo terrain. She was a boy in her dream. He just walked into the area of the cursed springs, the place was desolate and deserted. There was a big fog coming up and Ranma could hardly see a thing. "Hello?" he called out, "Is there anybody around?"

Suddenly, he tripped and fell. The fog made it hard to see anything, so he couldn't see where he was going. Where he landed was a pool of water. Once he resurfaced, he shook the water out of his hair, "Oh too bad," a woman's voice said. Ranma looked up to see Kasumi dressed as the Jusenkyo guide, "You fall in Nannichuan, spring of drowned girl. Legend say whoever fall into spring, take body of a young girl."

Ranma looked down at himself, she cupped her breasts at the horror of seeing he was now a she. Another girl's voice said, "She looks so cute, we make her our pet." She looked to the source of the voice which was Akane. Nabiki was right next to her, with a strand of rope. Ranma sprung to her feet and ran.

As Ranma darted away in a random direction, she exited the land of cursed springs. What she came upon next was a dart alley in China, she stopped a moment to catch her breath. She looked around, the Tendou sisters were nowhere in site. She sighed out of relief. She walked away from the alley, the worse things always happened in places like that. So she crossed the street, as soon as she went under a streetlight, she noticed her attire changed. She looked in a window to get a good look at herself. She was no longer wearing her usual male Chinese cloths, she was now wearing a catgirl suit, with a one piece singlet pantyhose, high heels, and a pair of ears. Ranma cringed, she hated cats so much. She tried to take the ears of, but they were stuck.

Suddenly she heard Nabiki's voice, "There she is!"

Ranma rushed into the nearest building. She shut the door behind her, and found a lock mechanism. She locked the door and sank to the floor, she was safe now. "Oh my, what are you doing out of your cage?"

Ranma turned around, and the first thing she noticed was that she was in a pet store, with various pets from dogs to birds, all of which had her hair style on their heads. Then she looked up, seeing Kasumi with evil grin on her face. Kasumi was wearing dress shirt with kacky pants, a smock, and a name tag that said 'Welcome to Petco, I'm Kasumi'.

Ranma tried to crawl away but she felt something grab her ankle, "Why is this cat wearing shoes? Pets don't wear shoes!" Ranma snapped her head to see Nabiki, dressed similarly to Kasumi, who wrapped her arm around both of Ranma's legs and removed the high heels from her feet.

"Why is she wearing cloths for that matter?" She turned around to see Akane, with same uniform as her sisters and pair of shears in her hand.

Kasumi pounce on Ranma, and tied her hands behind her back, "Get off me!!" She yelled, which was answered with a gag in her mouth.

"Pets don't talk either, this gag should help you make a good 'meow' sound."

No! Ranma thought as the three turned Ranma on her back and began to cut the singlet off. NOOOOOOO!
Ranma woke up in a cold sweat, her eyes shot open. Was it all a dream? She got a good look at where she was. She was in a family sized bed, the mattress was soft and comfortable, but other than the bed, the room wasn't really that decorated. Two arms were embracing her tightly, she knew who's it was. After all the hands' owner has been a huge throne in her side since yesterday, how could she not recognize them.

Ranma turned her head the best she could, seeing Kasumi sleeping piecefully. Ranma tried to say something out loud, but all the that came was a "hmm" sound. Ranma then realized her mouth was taped shut. Not only that, her arms and legs were tied with rope. At least this time though, her arm were tied in front of her instead of behind her. I wonder if I'll go more than five seconds without being tied up in this place, she thought.

She then took a look at her attire, they were a pair of pajamas with little frills on the sleeves, they had a cat pattern on them, Explains the catgirl suit in my dream, she concluded. Sadly, this, Kasumi, the gag, her bonds, and these pajamas; these were not a dream.
Later that morning, Ranma found herself laying on the floor, bound and gagged, this time with her hands behind her back, while the her captors ate breakfast. Her stomach was growling painfully, Kasumi just got done making an American Style breakfast, with bacon and eggs, cinnamon rolls, and biscuits and gravy. She'd only been to the United States once in her life while on the training trip with her father, but there was one thing she remembered; best breakfast EVER. Ranma wanted nothing more than to sink her teeth into those doughy biscuits. Her tape gag was still on, so when she wined, only 'tape gag talk' came through.

Kasumi patted Ranma's head, "Don't worry, I'll feed you soon."

Nabiki, who was sitting on the other side of Ranma, lightly scraped a finger nail across the sole of Ranma's left foot. Ranma, uncontrollably giggled, and pulled her feet away. In Ranma's old body as a male, he wouldn't have been bothered at all by somebody tickling his feet. The male Ranma was hardly ticklish, the female Ranma however was quite the opposite. The female body was still fairly new, so despite the intense training Ranma put herself through her body skin was still very soft. It was baby soft as a matter of fact, it was one of the qualities the the Tendous found attractive about her. The softer skin in this case, was not good for Ranma as it made her more vulnerable.

"That's just a little preview," Nabiki said in flirtatious manner to the bound girl.

Ranma made sure her feet were nowhere near Nabiki, and especially kept the soles on the ground where they were unlikely to be touched. After the Tendous ate, they cleaned the table, Ranma's stomach growled. She didn't really ask for much, just a little something. She made noises into the gag, but her captors pretty much ignored her until they were done cleaning the dishes.

Finally, they came back to the dining room. Akane picked Ranma up off the ground and sat her up on her knees. She untied Ranma's hands, but left the ankles tied. Akane then took off Ranma's tape gag. It was only medical tape, so Ranma's lips didn't feel any soreness after it was taken off. After she was sitting at the table properly, Kasumi brought in the food. Ranma's eyes widened when the food was placed in front of her, it wasn't just the American style breakfast that Kasumi cooked earlier, it was that and then some. There were extra portions of scrambled eggs, with her pancakes was a nice golden hash brown that looked crisp you'd mistaken it for fried chicken at first glance. The biscuits had steam still coming off of them, there were about seven of them in the basket. The gravy looked so smooth, even with the sausage chunks laying in it. "Go ahead and eat Ranma-chan, whatever you don't finish we can save for later." Said Kasumi.
Even as a girl, Ranma was a big eater, she ate all that was provided for her. The Tendou girls sat and watched her, but Ranma didn't mind, she was so hungry she could eat a horse. "Was that enjoyable?" Kasumi asked. Ranma nodded.

"You should thank Kasumi, she made it." Akane chimed.

"Thank you," Ranma said with a sincere grateful tone.

"You're quite welcome." Kasumi said with glee.

"Of course," Nabiki smirked, "Had it been Akane's cooking, I don't think our pet here would have been alive long enough for us to enjoy her fully."

Akane steamed at her sister, the other two sisters laughed. Ranma in the meanwhile felt lost on an inside joke. When things between the them calmed down they all focused their attention on Ranma, "We also have a gift for you Ranma-chan." Kasumi said. The still unsubmissive Ranma was a little worried as she said that.

Akane handed Ranma a rectangular box. It was decorated like a birthday or Christmas gift. Ranma, nervously, opened up the box. She dropped it once she saw what it was; a leather necklace with pendant in the middle, that simply said "Pet". "Of course, we'll get it personalized soon, and have it say 'Ranma'." Ranma shot Nabiki a dirty look for saying that.

"It's our little gift to you Ranma, you can call it a welcome home present." Ranma then shot the look to Kasumi, who continued speaking, "We hope you like it."

"You might as well just given me a cat turd!" Ranma shouted, and within an instant, she jumped on her bound feet and lunged forward over the table. The look in Ranma's eyes screamed bloody murder, she was not about to be humiliated once again by the girls, this is what she thought as she thrusted her fist at Kasumi's face, which would have connected, hadn't the other two tackled her.

They landed on the table, which broke. The weak Ranma-chan was still reminded of Kasumi's strength stealing trick that got her into this mess. Still Ranma fought and struggled against the two girls, but it wasn't long before she was subdued once again. Her hands were tied behind her back, and a napkin was stuffed into Ranma's mouth and secured by more medical tape. They also applied a hogtie onto Ranma, so that she'd even have a hard time inchworming away.

Ranma still looked at Kasumi dead in the eye, it would be a while before the wild horse was finally broken. "Nabiki," Kasumi spoke to her sister, "You decide the perfect punishment for Ranma." Nabiki gleefully nodded. "I was hoping I could win you over with a good meal, but I guess that was naive of me," She said to Ranma, "We are not dominatrices. You are not our slave, you are our pet, which means you get choices from time to time. You are not required to call your mistresses, which would be us, by some any formality, you can just call us by name. However, because you are a pet, you are expected to treat us with some respect, which means obeying and not attacking us. Nabiki will handle you while Akane and I are gone tonight."

Kasumi began to walk away, then she stopped, "By the way, I forgot to ask why you wear mens' cloths last night. You didn't even last the night, not that I blame you. But one day, you will agree to be our pet and you will tell me why you made such a choice in fashion." With that, Kasumi walked away.
In the Dojo, Nabiki lay Ranma on her back under the chin up bar. Nabiki lowered the bar to her own level, then picked up Ranma's feet and used rope to tie them to the chin up bar. Ranma was still laying on her back, however her butt was elevated about a foot off the ground. So for Ranma, she might as well have been hanging upside down. This is not what Ranma was expecting, this was uncomfortable but she failed to see how this was a punishment.

What's she gonna do, tickle me some more? Ranma thought, which really was no punishment at all. Nabiki walked over to the wall where various blunt objects on display, including kendo sticks, bokkens, nunchucks, all the traditional martial arts weapons. However, also on the wall included stuff regular clubs, rods, wooden sticks, canes and a cattle prod. Nabiki just grabbed a wooded stick.

"You might be wondering what kind of punishment I have in mind for you Ranma." Ranma listened intently. Despite Kasumi's form of cruelty, she was strangely kind, and always spoke with the softest tone. Nabiki on the other hand spoke with an icy tone in her voice, which creeped Ranma out a little bit, "This punishment is referred to variously as falaka, falanga, or bastinado," Nabiki walked back to Ranma and rested the wooden stick on the soles of Ranma's feet, "It is a form of torture commonly used in the middle east as well as some of China. Rumor has it, it was also used by the Ottoman Empire. What this will consist of, is me whipping the soles of your feet multiple times until they are as red as a beet. I'd say about 77 times is enough, but I warn you, I may loose count."

With that, Nabiki swung the stick and hit Ranma's feet with full force. The blow was so painful, that upon impact, Ranma and she felt the blow right down to her knees. Ranma had beatings before, but none like this. Her feet felt like hundreds of needles were sticking in them all at once. Nabiki dealt another blow to Ranma's soles, this one made them feel even worse, I Ranma moaned into her gag out of agony.

"What I love about this punishment," Nabiki stated, swinging the stick again, "Is that it's the most painful form of whipping, and yet no marks are made on the feet aside from the change in color, they stay as smooth as ever."
After 77 whips on the soles of her feet, probably more, Ranma was forced to walk on her bare feet. Which was extremely hard, she barely stand on them they hurt so bad. Nabiki guided her to make sure she stayed standing. They walked all the way to the bathroom, where she was finally allowed to sit down.

Nabiki took Ranma's tape off, and the napkin out of her mouth. She also untied Ranma completely, "Now give me those pajamas." Ranma looked at Nabiki strangely, "Take them off! Or do you want another round of what you just had?" Quickly Ranma took the PJs off, "I'll be back later tonight, we'll make a proper kennel for you when we get the chance, but for right now this bathroom will have to do. Feel free to take a shower or bath or whatever." Nabiki shut the door.

Ranma grabbed the handle, trying to reopen the door, "Locked from the outside." She thought out loud.
Ranma did in fact take a bath. Why not? She hadn't had a good bath in days, always on the road she had to bath in nearby river or lake. Ever since she turned into a girl, she had had occasional trouble with peeping toms. And since she still had that 'I'm a guy' mentality, it didn't really feel right to go to the womens' public bath house. So it was nice, to finally get a chance to bath in private. The bath also really helped her feet, and eventually she was able to walk on them without them hurting.

It was such a good bath. Ranma cleaned herself up and let herself soak in the warm water. If only warm water could change her back into a guy, that would be great, she wouldn't have to deal with this.

Later after taking a bath and drying up, Ranma decided to wrap a towel around her. She didn't have a problem with being topless before because, again, she was a guy. Guys didn't worry about not being topless. But now that she a prisoner of three perverted women, who oogled at her breasts every time they were out, being topless, or naked period, left her with a feeling of vulnerability. She considered escaping, but the windows had locks on the outside. She threw a bar of soap at the window, hoping to break it. Bulletproof. The soap hit the window and shattered on the floor, "I wonder how obsessed you gotta be in order to think about keeping a "pet" to go to these lengths?"

Hours past, still nobody returned home, Ranma kept herself from getting bored by practicing kata. She knew there would be a day that she'd get her strength back, and she wanted to be in shape and ready. She would find a way to cure this moxibustion point thing for, and through chivalry out the window and kick the crap out of these girls.

It was getting into the early after noon, and Ranma was hungry. That breakfast she had was big, but Ranma was had fast working digestion and metabolism. She was already starving. She was thinking about lunch, when suddenly heard the sound of people entering the house. Ranma became extremely alert. She heard footsteps coming closer to the bathroom. The door was unlocked, Ranma stood up to bravely face whoever was coming in. Nabiki opened the door with Chinese take outs in hand, "Hungry?"

Ranma tried to take the Chinese food, but Nabiki pulled it away, "Ah, ah, ah," Nabiki taunted waving a finger, "First I need you to promise to be good girl until Kasumi gets home. You'll get to eat lunch, but you'll miss dinner should you go back on your word." Ranma's face showed her frustration with Nabiki. Of all the Tendou sisters, she was sure she hated Nabiki most of all. For giving her those electric shocks last night, and all those whippings with a stick on her feet. It kind of made it hard to like anyone like that, "Of course you can refuse and eat nothing for the rest of the day, your call." Nabiki concluded.

Ranma was going to refuse, "I'd rather-" her stomach clearly disagreed with her, and let of a loud growl, Ranma sighed, "I promise to be a good girl."

"I knew you'd see it my way." Nabiki took Ranma by the hand and led her to her room. Once there, Ranma began to enjoy a Chinese feast, with fried rice, noodles, and sweet and sour chicken, but Nabiki ate the fortune cookie. Nabiki just couldn't help but look at Ranma, sit on her bedroom floor, eating, dressed in nothing but a towel. Ranma sat Indian style, which gave Nabiki a semi good look at her feet. Nabiki was impressed with how fast the redness on soles faded, especially since they had at least 77 lashes (probably more). The girl had fast recovery, that's for sure.

Ranma finished her food and let off a healthy belch, if it were a guy, Nabiki would've found it repulsive, but in this case she found it incredibly, cute. Nabiki went to her night stand, opened the drawer and pulled out some ropes and gags, "Aw, come on!" Ranma complained standing up. And was ready to dart out the door.

"You promised to be a good girl!" Nabiki reminded her in a sing-song tone.

"Kasumi said I'd get choices."

"'From time to time', this is one of those choices where you don't have a say in the matter. Not only will you not eat dinner, when Kasumi comes home, she'll punish you herself, and she is worse when it comes to punishment. So if I were you, I'd sit back down and put your hands behind your back young lady." Ranma, reluctantly sat down and did as Nabiki asked, "Tell you what, just to prove I'm not Satan, I'll let you keep the towel on."

Ranma was relieved to hear those words. Although, as much as she hated the cat pattern on the PJs, she'd prefer that over this towel. Nabiki tied Ranma's hands behind her, and true to her word, she made sure the towel stayed on by tying extra rope around her body in a spider web-shibari style. What Ranma didn't see coming was the finishing tough, which Nabiki brought a rope between her legs, looped through the shibari on her back, and connected it to her hands. It was tied tightly and Ranma felt it, "Ugh!"

"I thought you'd like it." Nabiki said, "Just try not to move too much, I don't want you to make a mess on my floor." Nabiki had Ranma lay down and continued the spider web-shibari down her legs, finishing off and the ankles. Ranma lay very still, so the crotchrope would irritate anything downstairs, but it was hard. Finally, Nabiki pulled out a gag, it looked much different from all the others. It had to leather straps, connected to a rubber ball. She pushed the ball into Ranma's mouth, and buckled the straps behind her head. Ranma's jaw was open way too wide for her, her girl mouth was so small that the ball barely fit.

"Now comes my favorite part." Nabiki took a packet of soy sauce, opened and let the contents pour over Ranma's feet. The gagged girl, looked back as she felt the soy sauce drip down. Nabiki picked up Ranma's feet, and licked the soy sauce right off. Ranma felt Nabiki' tongue all over both of her feet. With her really ticklish body, Ranma just fell to pieces with laughter, except for Ranma it wasn't even funny. Nabiki finished licking the soles, and started sucking soy sauce off of each toe one by one.

During all this between Ranma's gagged laughter and Nabiki's licking, Ranma tried her very hardest not to wiggle, as there was a certain Rope tied at a certain spot. Said certain spot was most certainly sensitive. Nabiki finished licking Ranma's feet, she dried them off with a towel, which she proceeded to use as a napkin. Ranma laughed so hard she was out of breath, at least this wasn't like last night with the electric shocks, she thought to herself. Even so, this feet licking thing is just plain gross, she later concluded.

However, Ranma knew the torture was far from over, as Nabiki picked her up and tossed her on the bed. She tied Ranma's ankles to the bed post, and brought out some extra rope, which she tied around the actual feet, continuing the spider web like shibari pattern. It was finished off as she tied Ranma's big toes together.

Ranma was now almost completely immobile, if she was hogtied she would be. As far as movement went She could only bend her legs, hip, and head. As far as extending any sort of appendage, that was out of the question. Ranma watched as Nabiki opened a drawer on her dresser, where she took out a case. Nabiki set the case down on the floor and opened it. Inside was an assortment feathers, feather dusters, and paint brushes. Nabiki just looked at the contents and did nothing for a few minutes, while Ranma looked at her in horror, wondering what she was going to do.

Nabiki took out a random feather and turned to Ranma, "I wonder how ticklish you are in places other than your feet?"

A ballgag was designed not to keep some one quiet, but rather as a tool of humiliation that halted the prisoner's last form of communication, which would be speech. It did it's intended job, and it was because it did not keep a prisoner completely silent, that Ranma's gagged laughter echoed through out the house.
Ranma was untied after Nabiki was done. The towel still remained attached to her body. It was nightfall, and once again, she was exhausted. Once she regained her breath and strength (well the strength to walk and move anyway) Kasumi and Akane returned home. Ranma forced herself off the ground. She over heard the girls talking, something about turning the extra guest room into a 'kennel'. Ranma didn't have to think to figure out what that meant.
Later on, late that night the still exhausted Ranma sat in Kasumi's room. All three sisters were present, in their sleeping attire. Ranma was wearing another outfit that catered to Kasumi's Pajama fetish. It was a red button-up nightgown, really elegant looking and made out of silk it seemed.

"Well, did you have a nice time with Nabiki?" Kasumi asked. Ranma didn't reply. "Akane and I went out and got your collar personalized." She showed Ranma the hated collar again, it said 'Ranma' where pet had previously been, "Your defiance is most admirable, but you'll break. They all do, not one girl has ever resisted us to the end." Ranma remained silent, "I know we are forcing you into this Ranma, but I want you to know, if you would accept becoming our pet, then we'd show you the utmost affection that you would have never experienced." Ranma remained silent, but the blood was boiling. Kasumi got up from sitting on her bed and walked over to Ranma. Ranma once again, submitted reluctantly. Her tears flowed once again as Kasumi put the collar on around Ranma's neck and locked it.

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