Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (chapter 4)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 4

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 4

The kidnapped Ranma-chan was completely helpless, it was no use screaming for help because the gag muffled any cries she let out. Also the sleeping bag she was in had completely covered her, as Kasumi placed the hogtied girl in and tied the top shut. For the first time in her life, Ranma really felt fear. Here she was, tied up, gagged, naked, and being carried on the shoulder of some stranger unsure of the destination. She tried to struggle earlier, hoping someone would be suspicious of a thrashing bag. But Kasumi had reapplied the paralysis point. She just lay slunk over Kasumi's shoulder, awaiting her fate, which she dreaded.

Ranma just felt Kasumi jumping and dashing around, until finally she heard the her say, "Welcome to your new home, Ranma-chan."

Ranma heard the sound of a door sliding open. She was then set down on the floor, then she heard some voices that sounded rather familiar. "Hey, Kasumi!" One voice said.

"In the sleeping bag, is it what I think it is?" Said another.

Ranma felt herself being set down on the floor, "Why don't you see for yourself?" She heard Kasumi say as the sleeping bag was opened.

A Ranma squinted, adjusting her eyes to the light, as it was pitch black in the sleeping bag. When she opened her eyes, she saw the slightly battered faces of her attackers from earlier. Kasumi, sat Ranma on her knees, which made it hard for her to sit considering how strictly she was hogtied, "Ranma, I'm know you've met my sisters; Nabiki, my younger sister, and Akane, my youngest sister."

Akane sat down, and checked Ranma over, "Oh, nice bod. I can't wait-"

"Two weeks!" Kasumi Reminded her.

"B-but, you she'd-"

"She will belong to all of us, once your punishment is over. Until then she only belongs to me and Nabiki."

Belongs? Ranma thought to herself, what do they mean? Who do these girls think they are? Kasumi could see the confusion on Ranma's face, "Oh, silly me. You see, we've taken so many girls hostage in the past, but none that we can really turn into our own personal pet."


"All the girls we've come across have homes, families, roommates, co-workers, you know, people who'd actually miss them." Nabiki chimed in.

"From what I gather, a girl like you with the kind of camping gear that you had, and all that luggage. I put two and two together, and concluded that you were on your own somehow."

"Either your parents kicked you out, or they died, or you ran away. One of those three is a major possibility."

Ranma wanted to make some smart aleck comment on how this kind of logic was beyond crazy. However she was still gagged. What was odd was that these girls were right, they couldn't just know by just observing her camping gear and worldly possessions! "Of course, we're not 100% sure." Kasumi said, untying Ranma's hogtie, "Akane, you can at least carry her upstairs and strap her in the interrogation chair."

Akane giggled like a little girl, and picked up Ranma, "My you are so light," commented, taking the girl upstairs.
Ranma struggled, as she was strapped into a chair, it wasn't much of a struggle, as the effects of the moxibustion point that Kasumi applied earlier was still in effect. This was more than frustrating for Ranma, because couldn't even put up the slightest fight. Tying her up was like repositioning an action figure.

The chair Ranma was in resembled an electric chair without the head piece above it. Like an electric chair though, it had leather straps on the armrests as well as the front legs. I had one extra strap that went around Ranma's midsection, keeping her from leaning forward. The seat was cold, because on top of it was a thin sheet of metal. Just sitting on it made Ranma a little more nervous than she already was. She knew it was futile, but she continued to struggle. Kasumi and Nabiki walked into the door as Akane finished strapping Ranma in the chair.

"It still hasn't sunk in yet has it?" Kasumi commented on Ranma's continued struggling against the restraints, "I'm not surprised, you were such a strong fighter. You beat my sisters, who are no push overs themselves. Me, I have to admit, my victory over you was nothing but luck. You would have beaten me, had I not used that pressure point of paralysis on you. I'll admit that's unfair, but from now on it's something you'll have to live with."

Kasumi paused cleared her throat. She walked over to Ranma and let her hands drag across the girl's body as she walked around her, "As we explained before Ranma, we want you as our personal pet. And from what we speculate, you are a perfect candidate for that job. You're beautiful and you most like don't have anybody that's going to notice if you're off the street."

Ranma began to get what Kasumi was getting at, in other words no loved ones, perfect use for a prisoner for the perverse desires.

"But like I said," Kasumi continued, "we need to know if that's really the truth, because if it isn't we'll simply let you go. If it is however, we'll make sure your time spent here is long and enjoyable." Ranma was good at lying, she didn't do it very often, but she could put on a very good facade if she had to. Ranma quickly cooked up a story in her head about how she had a worried mother at home, dying to see her daughter once more. It was so perfect it just had to work.

(Author's note: Ranma at this point knows little to nothing about his/her mother, Nodoka)

Kasumi signaled for Akane to remove Ranma's gag. The cloth gag had been in her mouth for so long that Ranma's saliva pretty much soak the darn thing. As soon as the thing left her mouth, Ranma felt a dryness on her tongue like no other, she was pretty much parched.

Ranma's intent as soon as she opened her mouth was to tell the lie she cooked up, but before could Kasumi inserted her finger into Ranma's mouth and pressed hard on the roof. It seemed like ages for Ranma before Kasumi finally removed her finger, "Naturally any girl in your situation would want to lie in order to get out this, but we are the Tendou sisters, we don't let anyone out of it that easily," Kasumi said, "You may have noticed the sheet of metal on the interrogation chair's seat, sometimes we interrogate people via electric shocks, however sometimes it's used more to stimulate any woman in your position into giving themselves to us. That seems a little harsh for your first time, so instead, I've just pushed on a pressure point in your mouth. For the next ten questions that I ask you, you'll be unable to lie to us, you'll tell us the truth and nothing BUT the truth."

Ranma, who still felt a sharp pain in the roof of her mouth, couldn't believe these preposterous words, then Kasumi asked her, "So Ranma, is there anyone? Anyone that will notice your absence from the outside world? Anyone that will cry their eyes out if they don't see you again?"

Ranma began to speak, but then she realized what she was about to say. She couldn't say that, she couldn't tell the truth, lying was her only ticket out of here! What could she do? "I must remind you, the seat of the chair is electric. If you refuse to answer I will go back on my word and ask Nabiki to turn on the chair and send an electric current through your body."

Ranma was conflicted at those words, her mind was going to make her tell the truth, but her pride kept her fighting, itching to say no. Kasumi signaled Nabiki. Nabiki turned of a switch that was on a night stand only an inch away from the chair. As Nabiki flipped the switch, in made the small wires connected to it make a high pitched humming noise, almost like a bee buzzing. Nabiki then pushed a red button next to the switch, immediately Ranma an electric wave run through her body from her seat. This caused Ranma to sit straight up, her head which was bowed before was now looking right up at the ceiling. She howled at the sheer torture that was coursing through her.

After about 15 seconds, Nabiki turned it off. Ranma's body went limp, she was shaking a little bit from having the electricity go through her body, "I'll ask you again Ranma, do you know of anyone that would be troubled by your disappearance?"

Still, Ranma didn't answer. Nabiki flipped the switch again, and again Ranma felt the current flow through her body, except this time, Nabiki took her sweet time before finally turning it off. this time it was 30 seconds. As soon as the electricity was off, Kasumi explained, "Every time you fail to answer me, we'll shock you again, and each time Nabiki will increase the length of time by fifteen seconds more. I will ask you this again Ranma-chan, and this time you'd better answer me." There was no sternness in Kasumi's voice, just calm and collected voice, as if a mother was lecturing her daughter, "Is there any loved ones that would fret over your disappearing?"

Ranma tried not to let it, out. She tried to say that there was, "N-n-no."

Akane pet Ranma on the head, as let herself sink into the seat as much as her restraints would let her. Once again, the dreaded tears that Ranma fought for so long were too much and Ranma let them flow, "Aw, poor sweet Ranma-chan," Akane taunted, half sympathetically.

Nabiki smiled, "I think we broke her."

"These are merely tears of realization," Kasumi corrected her sister, "If these were tears of brokenness, she'd be whimpering and whining. It will take a lot more than that to truly make her submit to us." Kasumi reached out, took Ranma-chan by the chin, and made her look her directly into her eyes, "But I will enjoy every minute of it. If you were to break right now, I'd be terribly disappointed."

The tears disappeared as Ranma heard those words. That's right, she lost the battle, but not the war! The war had just begun.

"However, a proper pet must be broken," Akane said, turning Ranma's face to look at her, "I can't wait until my two weeks are up, then I can really try my hand at it."

"I don't know Akane, maybe if you're good, then you'll be allowed to have her a lot sooner." Akane jumped for joy at Kasumi's words, "But ONLY her."

"I understand Kasumi!"

Kasumi laughed, "Good," then she turned to Ranma, "That was only one question, there are still nine to go, shall we continue?"

Ranma simply groaned, then she felt a quick jolt of electricity. "Heheh, that was just for fun, I'm going to turn down the voltage, so that it's more stimulating than painful," Nabiki said laughing.

Kasumi meanwhile pulled up a seat nearby, and sat cross legged, "So, tell me a little about yourself Ranma. What do you think about sleeping with other women?"
Ranma was exhausted, when she didn't know how to answer certain questions, she was left silent and thus shocked. As Nabiki said, it wasn't as painful and Ranma did feel a small tingling down below. Her body wanted something, she didn't quite know what. She was breathing heavily, and her shaking was a little more violent than before. Thankfully, it was almost over, Ranma new that this was the last question. It seemed like the last question seven questions ago, but here came the last one.

Kasumi left her seat, and came closer to Ranma. She knelt, and placed both hands on each of Ranma's thighs, which her spread apart by the leg restraints on the chair, "I already know that as painful as this is, you feel quite the stimulation from this. You want something Ranma-chan, and you know what it is, you don't have to ask me, I'll ask you. Do you want me to make you feel good, to make you feel like a new woman."

Ranma had conflicted feelings. She didn't know much about sex, but she's been around the world enough to know about certain things. She certainly knew what Kasumi was getting at. On one hand, Ranma's body screamed yes, she was into girls, it was every guys dream to become a girl and experience how it was with another girl. On the other hand, she was a guy for crying out loud, and she didn't want to take it like a girl.

It was taking so long with Ranma debating with herself, that Nabiki was about to flip the switch again, "NO!" Nabiki stopped, completely taken by surprise by the answer, as were Kasumi and Akane, who was enjoying the show. No girl had EVER resisted! But they knew she was telling the truth, because Ranma couldn't lie until ten questions were answered.

Ranma continued to shake and breath heavily. She was beginning to gain her breath back, and she began to smile from satisfaction. She had won this battle. The score was 1 to 1. Ranma realized in order to win, she didn't have to throw a punch.

Kasumi recovered from surprise and said, "Very well then. I will leave you alone in this area...for now."

Ranma was released from chair. She tried to stand, but as soon as she did she collapsed. Kasumi caught the falling girl, and embraced her. Before falling asleep there, Ranma heard Kasumi say this, "You poor girl. We three big bad girl bullies have been picking on you all day. You rest, " Ranma closed her eyes as Kasumi stroked her head, "We won't just use you as a pet, we will also take very good care of you. You will be our little pet, whom we love, Ranma-chan."

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