Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (chapter 3)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 3

Kasumi set her tea down on the table. She looked at her sisters, who were covered in bandages. As soon as they've gotten home, Nabiki was limping, and Akane had a big bruise on her head. Those were the more serious injuries, Kasumi was amazed at all the places they were minorly injured. She tended to her sisters' wounds and sat them down at the dining room table.

"You say you were who?"

Nabiki was a little more embarrassed than Akane, so she let her explain everything.


The stand off was long, both parties waiting for the other to make a move. Ranma tried to get the Tendous to make to first move, she took quick steps forward and proceeded to do nothing, which almost worked. The sisters started forward, but stopped once they saw it was a trap.

Each spent the next few minutes circling each other. Finally, Akane got impatient and charged forward. Akane thought if her attack didn't connect, she could at least use this as an opportunity to get her between herself and Nabiki. They'd get her easier if they'd surrounded her.

The red head saw through the tomboy's plan and backed up as quickly as the girl charged at her. It looked like she was trapped when they noticed a tree in their path, but the cunning Ranma smirked and ran up the tree. No way! Nabiki thought looking at the scene. Ranma barely missed being punched, as the girl with the long black hair threw her fist forward. Akane connected with the tree, and caused it to crack and fall over. As quick as a flash, Ranma jumped off the falling tree, did a flip and brought her leg down on her unsuspecting opponent's head.

Nabiki watched in horror as her sister fell unconscious, "You BITCH!" Nabiki grabbed rope from the back pack and ran toward the red head. Ranma ran Nabiki, and when she was close enough, she did a baseball slide. Nabiki hardly saw it coming, as the shorter girl slid right in front of her and brought her leg up. Ranma's foot made hard contact with Nabiki's knee, causing the Tendou to flip over and fall flat on her back. The wind was knocked right out of Nabiki, and she started breathing heavily to get it back.

Akane in the meanwhile came back to consciousness just in time to hear the girl taunt, "You guys got skill, but you weren't event what I'd call a work out." Nothing but anger and frustration built up in the sisters upon hearing those words, "My name is Ranma Saotome, you should remember it."

The sisters stumbled to their feet, Akane could barely stand as she was still suffering from that kick, Nabiki on the other hand had a sprained knee, so there was not way she could stand.

"What?" Ranma smirked, "You want some more?"


"And I suppose that the rest of those blows she dealt came from you trying to get her back in a blind rage?" Kasumi speculated.

Nabiki and Akane hung their heads. Kasumi sighed, "You both have a way of letting what others say get to you, and your opponent used that against you. Of course, with the way you two were you're lucky she didn't kill you."

Akane wanted to say something further, but didn't. Kasumi then got up, "Where exactly did you say she was?"


Ranma had already packed up and moved camp. She wouldn't hit girls usually, actually being a guy and all, but those girls just asked for it. Still, she held back a lot of her actual skill. As for the extra pounding they received, they'd just be sore for a few days. Ranma just packed and left them there after she was done.

She carried everything in her on her back, it was part of training. She was much weaker as a girl, so she had to keep up her strength, a carrying all that camping equipment was the way to do it. When she found the perfect spot, she set up camp and had dinner, more Ramen noodles. She'd buy dinner, but she was saving what little money she had for new shoes. She still wore the ones she had from when she was still a guy, back when her feet were two sizes bigger. Now, whenever she put on those shoes, they'd often fall off. She'd keep them around for when she found a cure for her curse, but until then, she'd wear something more her size when she could afford it. For right now, since there were no cement sidewalks in sight and she'd go to bed soon anyway, so her shoes would just lay sit outside the tent until morning.


Kasumi spent the rest of the day taking care of her poor sisters before heading to where Nabiki and Akane said she was. With her, she was carrying a bag full of ropes and cloth. She found the former camp site to be abandoned. Luckily, there were the little clues left behind. Subtle footprints left in the ground, crumbs from a small snack she was having, and various other clues.

It was dusk, but Kasumi trekked onward, until she saw the very girl her sisters described to her from about 50 yards away. She inched closer, to avoid being seen, and hoped to be undetected. She more the gorgeous as Nabiki described, if there was a word to describe the kind of beauty she emitted from that body of hers, it was certainly none that she's heard of. Kasumi's controlled the tempting fantasies that she wanted to imagine, the things she could do to her. If she let those fantasies take control of her mind, she'd have no chance of winning. She inched closer, hiding behind trees, boulders, bushes, and did her best to not get noticed, but somehow she did not succeed.

"Who's there? If you want to fight I'm ready!" The small girl stood and took a defensive stance. She is good, Kasumi thought, this'll be a challenge.

"Are you Ranma Saotome?"

Ranma upped her guard after she heard her own name being mentioned, "Yeah that's me, you mind coming out so I can see who I'm fighting?"

Kasumi stepped out of the shadows, and into Ranma's sight. Kasumi she sat down the bag she was carrying, and looked Ranma up and down, "Mind I ask why you're wearing Chinese clothing designed for men? Those cloths are much too big for you, you're practically swimming in them."

Ranma laughed, "Lady, wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Kasumi was amused by the answer, "How about if I beat you, you have to tell me."

"I sure, I accept your challenge, but what is it about me that makes you want to fight me?"

"Earlier today, you had a little run in you with my sisters."

"One of them had long black hair, and the other one had short brown hair right?" Ranma asked. Kasumi nodded, "So this is revenge?"

"Partly, we are very infamous for having never lost a fight. I do have a reputation to keep, but it's mostly because I want to fight a strong opponent. If my sisters can fall so easily to you, then I want to see your skill by fighting you myself."

Ranma smiled, with eyebrows in a downward position, "Before we start, let's introduce ourselves formally, I'm Ranma Saotome of the Anything Goes school of martial arts."

"A fellow practitioner of Anything Goes? Interesting! I'm Kasumi Tendou of the Tendou dojo, it's nice to make your acquaintance," And with that both women charged at each other."

The two were exceptionally skilled fighters. Both threw blows that were blocked by the other. The first blow was dealt when Kasumi threw a high kick, which Ranma dodged and did a leg sweep that tripped Kasumi, who fell flat on her back. Kasumi, jumped right back up attempting another kick, again Ranma dodged and this time flipped on her hand then back to her feet to gain a little distance from Kasumi, "I must say," Kasumi said, "I wasn't ready for that."

Kasumi took her stance, and invited Ranma to take the first swing for round 2. Ranma accepted, and once again they were back to dealing and blocking blows. Both fighters looked for an opening, neither could seem to find one. Kasumi charged at Ranma, Ranma jumped over Kasumi and landed on the other side, which exactly what Kasumi was waiting for. She gave Ranma a kick that sent her flying. Ranma landed on her feet.

This time I'll end it, both women told each other. Again, the two exchanged blows that were blocked, but this time Ranma delivered a series of punches to Kasumi's face, and a kick to the midsection. Kasumi knew she to do something fast, and she had to do it while Ranma was attacking. Ranma threw another punch, Kasumi blocked it and pushed it away. Ranma this opportunity to do a spin kick. Despite how fast it was, Kasumi could see the opportunity as if everything had slowed down. Kasumi was an expert in pressure points, and had a full book case dedicated to pressure points, so as Ranma was spinning around, Kasumi used her index finger and hit a pressure point on Ranma's back.

Ranma, in mid spin, suddenly felt her entire body go limp. What the? What happened? She almost had this fight won! She hit the ground, and as Ranma tried to get up, she realized she couldn't move, "Why can't I move?!"

Kasumi, catching her breath, stood up, "I hit a pressure point on your back that causes a temporary paralysis. If you hadn't tried for that spin kick, you might have won the fight."

Ranma swore under her breath. Kasumi popped a few joints and in no time flat felt 100% again, she walked over to the bag of rope. Ranma kept trying to move, but she couldn't do anything but she couldn't do anything as simple as moving a finger or even a toe. Kasumi sat down next to Ranma, and she sat Ranma up. She was like a rag doll in her hands, Kasumi also noticed that she was extremely light, which would make me easy to carry around.

Kasumi started to unbutton Ranma's shirt, immediately red lights went off in Ranma's brain, "What the? What are you doing?"

Kasumi relieved Ranma of her Chinese shirt, discarded her tank top, just as quickly. "Stop it! Or else once I get all my strength back I'm gonna, AGH!

Kasumi touched another pressure point on Ranma's chest, "Gaining your strength back would be a problem. You are indeed much too strong to just leave lying around, so if we want to make you behave, we'll have to take that strength away, that's why I've applied the moxibustion point. It does just that,"

Ranma couldn't believe what she was hearing, just like that? All of the sudden she's a weakling? Ranma refused to believe it! "Bullcrap! Once I'll-Oooooh,"

The next thing Ranma knew, Kasumi's hand was in her pants, "You'll what? Honey I want you, my sisters want you. I can see it in their eyes. A girl like you who's camping like this is one of two things, a runaway or a homeless girl with no place to go and nobody to turn to. Believe me, I know what the second one is like. I've got my hand next to a certain spot that can give you great pleasure, but you have to say 'yes' first. Perverted I may be, but I never rape."

Ranma simply shook her head, no. "Okay, I'll stop for right now," Kasumi interrupted herself to plant a huge kiss on Ranma's mouth. A kiss which Ranma tried to fight, "But I'll have all the time in the world to convince you to say 'yes.'"

With that, Kasumi took Ranma's pants off, she found it amusing that she wore boxers. She discarded those as well, and lay Ranma, who was still paralyzed on her stomach. "I swear, I don't care if you're a girl, I'm gonna-MMMMPH!"

Before Ranma could finish, a cloth went into her mouth. The two ends of the cloth were tied behind her head, and were tied so tightly that any other protest come from Ranma verbally were silenced. Kasumi then took some rope and tied Ranma's ankles together. This was quickly followed by Ranma's wrists being tied together. From there Kasumi decided to have fun, and tied extra rope around Ranma's breasts, and connected her arms and body to each other in a shibari style. More rope was tied below and above Ranma's knees.

Kasumi then took slack from Ranma's hand restraints, and connected it to the restraints on her ankles. She tied it until the feet and hands almost touched. And to finish it off Kasumi tied Ranma's big toes together with, "Nabiki will love that," she said patting Ranma's feet.

It was about this time that the paralysis wore off, and Ranma started struggling, but she could to nothing to get out of it. "It's like I said," Kasumi spoke, "you have no strength, and only I know how to give it back to you. But I'm not giving it back anytime soon, so you might as well stop and make yourself comfortable. Or keep struggling, it turns me on."

Refusing to believe her Ranma continued. She was so humiliated. Naked, bound, gagged, at the mercy of someone else. She swore vengeance, she would pay this Kasumi Tendou person back tree times over for humiliating her like this. Kasumi let Ranma struggle while took down Ranma's camp and packed things she thought Ranma might still need. The tent she didn't need anymore, and if Nabiki had any say in the matter, she wouldn't need her shoes, so she tossed those in the river with the tent. However, she did keep the cloths, Ranma looked pretty danged good in them, she'd want her to wear them again sometime. As for Ranma's sleeping bag, it would make good wrapping paper for the present that she was about to giver her sisters.

Ranma struggled to the point of exhaustion, she finally gave up as the emasculate ran down her cheeks.

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