Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (chapter 2)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 2

After leaving the sushi restaurant, Ranma stopped by an ice cream vendor, and got a free cone out of acting cute. It was a skill that few girls had, and Ranma was quite impressed with herself, being a non girl and all. The other upside to being a girl was she could eat stuff like this and not look stupid. Guys looked really dumb with any kind of ice cream in their hands, especially when they ordered toppings. Such an act made Ranma question their masculinity. One could accuse Ranma of being the pot that calls the kettle black, but at least she was a girl. Besides, once she found a cure and became a guy again, she would be done with this stuff.

She leapt onto a fence nearby, and walked on top of. She needed to pack up camp and find a new place to train, being in the same spot for too long without a partner made you rusty. As she walked, she notice a blur pass by her, a girl carrying a bunch of stuffed bags. Ranma stopped dead in her tracks, "Wow, she's fast." She thought out loud, "I wonder if she's a martial artist too?"


Akane leapt from house to house, until she reached the roof of her house where she sat down, "Heheh! What a haul, what a haul!"

Just before she opened the bags she thought about the girl she passed by who was walking on the fence, "Boy she was so cute, I wish I got a better look at her." Akane began to think dirty thoughts, "I hope I get to see her again."

"Akane!" Akane jumped at the sound of her name being spoken so sternly, she turned to be face to face with her oldest sister, Kasumi, "Where were you last night? You know your curfew is at 2:00 am, it is 7:30 am!"

Akane blushed, scratching the back of her head, "Well, I was at Furinkan High School, and there was this girl-"

"Again Akane? Really now, you've got to stop doing this so often." Kasumi sat down next to her sister, "I enjoy it as much as you, and while you have the best persuasive skills out of us all, the law can still get you. Do this too often, and they'll begin to put two and two together."

Akane simply let herself slowly slip toward the edge of the roof, "But unlike you, sis, I can't legally get into strip clubs yet."

Kasumi jumped off the roof ahead of her, "Just get ready for breakfast, you can enjoy your collection of gym shorts later." she called from the ground before heading into the house.

The Tendou sisters, three infamous and extremely skilled martial artists. Feared across the neighborhood. The police know they're responsible for many accounts of theft, mainly of women's underwear sometimes cash, other accounts include indecent exposure, selling pornography to children, groping random women at festivals, and many different accounts of assault.


Many years ago, the Tendou daughters were the sweetest girls in the world. That all changed when their mother died. The Tendou father was so heart broken at the loss, he passed away shortly there after. The eldest sister, Kasumi, was left to take care of her siblings, Nabiki and Akane.

She needed to prove to the authorities that they were fit to live on their own, but how could a nine year old prove such a thing when she didn't know the first thing about survival of the fittest? The biggest thing Kasumi worried about was being separated from her sisters, she didn't think she could bear that. It was rare that adopted siblings remained together, and she needed her sisters now more than ever. Not only did she need them, they needed her. What was to do?

The only thing she could think to do, was to cry. Just three days after her father's funeral, was the day that social services would be taking her sisters to live with a foster family. As for Kasumi, well they didn't know where to place her yet, the politics and stupidity of the adult world were confusing and sometimes heartbreaking, especially to a nine-year-old.

Kasumi just cried her eyes out in her room that night, until she heard a noise downstairs. A burglar? A frightened Kasumi got off her bed, and took a flashlight from her nightstand. She slowly crept to her bedroom door, and opened it. Once outside, she was joined by the her sisters, who've apparently also heard the noise, the six-year-old Akane was on the verge of crying. Once Nabiki had her calm though, the three huddled together and snuck downstairs. Everything in the house was pitch black, with the flashlight being the only way to see anything. Kasumi didn't know what she was thinking going downstairs, the safest place was in her room. Still they continued down the stairs and made their way to the kitchen, which seemed to be where the source of the noises were coming from.

The noises were quieter than before, Kasumi couldn't figure out what the loud ones that drew the girls downstairs in the first place, but now the sound she heard she could easily recognize as chop sticks scraping against a bowl, somebody was eating their food! She then heard a voice, "Ah, there's nothing like a nice meal during a raid. Now, let's see what kind of treasures the ladies of the house have."

The girls turned the corner to see a small old man, laying next to an cleaned out refrigerator. The strange little man, stared into the flashlight like a deer caught in headlights when he noticed the girls. Both parties panicked and screamed.

Eventually, the Tendou girls and the old man got over their fright of each other. Kasumi made some tea for the old man and explained the whole situation to him. "Hmm, that is quite the dilemma, you need a parent or guardian, correct."

"That's right," Kasumi explained, "But my sisters and I have no living relatives, so..." her voice trailed off.

The man took pity on the girls, "What did you say your names were again?"

"My name is Kasumi Tendou sir."

"I'm Nabiki Tendou," the middle sister chimed in.

"And this is Akane," Kasumi said referring to the little one clinging to her nightgown.

"Tendou," The old man thought for a moment, "Your father wouldn't have happened to be Soun Tendou, would he?"

"W-why yes, how did you know?"

"My girl, your father was once a pupil of mine. He was a fine student, a bit disobedient at times, but a fine student none the less." The old man was once referring to a time when the Tendou father along with his friend buried their master in a hill side and left him for dead. Though he held a grudge against Soun, he wouldn't take it out on his daughters, especially ones that he knew were going to grow up to be such visions of beauty. "I'm called Master Happosai, the founder of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts."

Over the course of the following months, Happosai was able to convince authorities that he was the girls' grandfather. This was reinforced by the girls frequently calling him "Grandfather Happosai". In time, he became the legal guardian to the girls. On the day it became official, it rained. Some may guess it was Soun Tendou crying from heaven.

Happosai would raise the girls, and teach everything he knew to them. At first Kasumi didn't have much interest in being a martial artist, but in time she got enthused. Nabiki was kind of the same way, but once she found out she could use martial arts as a way of achieving her dirty goals, she learned willfully. The one that was most enthusiastic from the beginning was Akane, the youngest found the art to be very interesting and became the strongest of them all. However, being the strongest doesn't mean being the most skilled, that title went to Kasumi. Unlike Nabiki and Akane, Kasumi was able to keep a cool head even in the toughest of fights, and was therefore, the only one to come close to Master Happosai's skill.

As the girls got older, and hormones started to kick in, Happosai would teach them things other than martial arts. Ever since Happosai arrived in town, there was a sudden rise in lingerie theft. Once Kasumi was fifteen, Nabiki was 13, and Akane was 12, the rise in underwear theft rose by 85%. It was the perverted ninja Happosai's favorite hobby. The girls enjoyed it as well, at first it was just the rush of doing something bad and not getting caught, but as time past, the girls each found out their lusts for women out ruled that over their lusts for men, and therefore gained the same underwear fetish their mentor had.


A year ago though, Happosai left. It was a saddening departure, but he felt it was time the girls were on their own. They've grown to be such strong women, that they didn't need his help anymore (at least that's what he said). The girls since then, have continued their master/grandfather's legacy.

The girls would usually go on panty raids every other night. Unlike their master, they've learned to control themselves, they never hit the same houses twice a month, and every now and then they'd hit something like a bath house, swimming pool, or like Akane just did, a school girls' locker room. Hitting such places would throw off the cops and the sisters would avoid suspicion.

Often times, they'd take it a step further. Taking female hostages was ALWAYS fun. The girls have been responsible for making numerous women in Tokyo lose their virginity. It was always the same, but they never tired of it. It usually started with the girl resisting, followed by touches in a punch of key pleasure points. Eventually, the girl would be so euphoric and horny, that she'd let the sisters do just about anything to them. The girls were very proud that you could never call what they did rape, every girl broke under them, and said "yes".

None the less, Kasumi, who was the leader, put Two simple ground rules on her sisters. One: Be home by curfew. Kasumi, not being a hypocrite, always came home before curfew. Weather she was out on a raid or at a strip club, she was always home by a set curfew, and she expected the same out of her sisters. Two: No seducing girls for more than four nights a week. Such an action would most likely lead the law to say a serial rapist was on the loose, since most Tendou victims were high school girls.

Akane had broken both rules, not only had she been out WAY past curfew, Sayuri was her 6th victim this week.

What was the punishment for breaking the rules? That's what all three girls were assembled in the dojo for. All three girls were dressed in karate gis, Nabiki was actually there practicing kata, Kasumi and Akane, were there for another reason.

Akane was tied down, bent over on a kneeler, next to a small table. Her arms were stretched out, tied in front of her, the remaining slack on the rope was tied to the leg on the other side of the table. Her knees were tied to the kneeler, and if that weren't humiliating enough, her gi pants were brought down, exposing her nice round butt.

Akane's butt was red, the reason was because of the cane that was in Kasumi's hand, who was towering over Akane. "You only counted to five, we'll start again."

Akane, who had tears running down her cheeks from the pain she was feeling, decided to respond, "You hit me harder on that one than most of the others, how am I suppose to contin-" THWACK! "AAH!"

The cane was brought down on Akane's behind with a blunting force. "Less talk more counting." Kasumi said, as she continued to spank her sister with the cane.

Thwack, "1," Akane counted. Thwack, "2," Thwack, "3," Thwack, "4," Thwack, "5," Thwack, "6," Thwack, "7," THWACK "AAH! 9!!"

"You skipped a number, start over!" Kasumi wailed on Akane for that entire sentence.


Eventually, Akane was able to count to ten. It was a few good hours before she could finally sit down again. As further punishment, Akane was forbidden to ravage a female for two weeks. "Well, doing guys every now and then is okay."

"You're quite the nympho sis," Nabiki chuckled as she leapt through the trees, with Akane by her side.

"Why are you dragging me along here?" Akane asked.

Nabiki stopped and pulled her camera out of her backpack, "I'm looking to enlist a new model, I've got pictures I can redevelop, but customers don't want two of the same thing, and I'm out of new pictures."

"And you expect to find one in the middle of nowhere?"

"I've seen this girl yesterday while walking through town. She was so gorgeous, that I just had to follow her home. Turns out she's camping in this very area."

"Gorgeous, huh? What does she look like."

"Oh," Nabiki thought for a moment, smiling as she did, "Big breasts, Chinese style men's clothing that's slightly too big for her, red hair."

"Wait a minute," Akane interrupted, "I saw a read headed girl while heading home from my raid this morning! She was walking tight rope on the fence by the river."

"On the fence?" Nabiki pondered, "You don't think she could be a martial artist do you?"

"She could be a boxer for all I care, all I know is, I'm totally in on this now, and I want to do her."

"Two weeks!" Nabiki reminded, making Akane pout, "But you can at least tie her up while I get the cameras set up." Nabiki said, gesturing to the other contents within the backpack.

Akane jumped for joy at the sound of those words, and then they were off.


Ranma just finished heating her ramen noodles. They were the cheap convenience store noodles, but that was all she could afford. As she was about to feast, Ranma felt a strange presence. she put the cup down and stood up.


"She's wearing a tank top, no bra. Those baggy Chinese pants, and the nicest pair of feet I've EVER seen." Nabiki said looking through binoculars, from a tree that was a good few yards away.

Akane shook her head. Each sister had a distinct fetish, for Kasumi it was a pajama fetish. Akane had a fetish for school uniforms. As for Nabiki, she was all about feet. That was one thing Akane never understood, of all the things you could be into, why feet? Sure, a girl being barefoot while tied up and gagged added to the image of helplessness, but Nabiki would lick a girl's foot all over until in was all pruny. It was quite disgusting really. Only Nabiki would study a girl's feet so intently. But never mind that, the business at hand.

"Wait, she's stood up," Nabiki said.

"Do you think she senses us?" Akane asked, maybe she is a martial artist, she thought.

Nabiki just handed Akane some rope, "Either way, I'm going in for the kill."

"Martial artist or not, nobody's a match for the Tendou sisters."


Ranma stayed alert, she heard rustling in the near by trees. Where are you, she thought. She closed her eyes so she could get a good listen. They're moving so fast that I can't even pinpoint their location by listening, these guys are good.

Ranma stayed 100% until she sensed one of them attack. She came in kicking at Ranma, a kick which Ranma blocked with little effort, she then grabbed hold of her attacker's leg and threw her to the other side. Attacker number two, grabbed Ranma from behind, which Ranma broke out of by flipping her over using her entire body.

Eventually, the three were at a stand off, "She's fast," said the tall one with short brown hair.

"Too fast." added the shorter one with long black hair.

These girls knew they had a fight on their hands. Ranma knew she had this in the bag. She knew these girls were superior in size and strength, but they were nowhere near as fast as she was, and that was all she needed.

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