Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (chapter 1)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 1
Ranma stepped out of her tent and caught the rays of the morning sunlight.  It was a nice day.  Despite her current crisis, nothing could ruin it this moment.  She stretched, signifying the end of a good nights sleep.

It was great to be back in Japan, especially after swimming so far and for so long, all the way from China.  She didn't have much money to buy food, but that was alright, traveling from town to town and taking up a few odd jobs would help her get by.  She didn't have the cute face she had now for long, but it didn't take her long to master it and squeeze free food out of sucker shop keepers and vendors.
Just when her mood seemed unshakable, Ranma looked down at her breasts.  The rude reminder of what she had now become.  Ranma wasn't always a "she", not until two weeks ago.
China, in the Mount Quajing region.  Two men dressed in martial arts gis, an bald man with glasses and a teenage boy with a pig-tail, arrived at the world "...famous training ground of cursed springs, Jusenkyo."  The tour guide of the place was a midsized chubby man, and wore a brown uniform.

"Are you prepared Ranma?"  Asked the bald man, who happened to be Ranma's father.

"Ah, man this place ain't near as bad as I thought it would be." The boy, Ranma, replied.  Believe it or not, Ranma Saotome, was born male.  When he was five years old, his father took him on a long training trip, training him in the Anything Goes style of Martial Arts.  Ranma's father promised his mother that he would turn Ranma into a man among men.  With the way the boy was growing up, it looked like it would turn out that way.

The two were preparing themselves to leap on top of the bamboo that was growing out of each spring, the guide tried to discourage them from doing so, "Sirs, you are very strange ones, no?  This place is very dangerous, nobody use it now because there more than 100 spring here, and each one have own tragedy happen there."
Without warning the older man jumped on the the bamboo tops, "Ranma!  Follow me!"

"Right behind you!" Then the younger man jumped.

"Hey sirs!  What are you doing!" The guide called after them, "I have no finish my tragic story!  You can't go there!"

But the two continued to ignore the guide's warnings.  Before long, they were sparring, jumping from branch to branch, until finally, the boy knocked his father into a spring.  "Hey pop, what's up?  You done already?" Ranma called in a mocking manner to his father.

But it was not a man that reemerged from the water, but a giant panda!  Confused, the boy looked to the guide for an answer, "What the hell is that!"

"That one, Shanmaonichuan, spring of drowned panda, very tragic story of panda who drowned in spring 2,000 year ago.  The legend say, anybody who fall in spring take body of panda!"

"Hey buddy, you didn't say anything about that to us!"  Ranma was too busy yelling at the guide, that he didn't notice his father charge at him.  It was too late for him to react, he was knocked of the branch he was standing on, and fell into the spring behind him.

Ranma opened his eyes, he was under water.  Oh no, he'd just fallen into one of those weird springs!  He had to reach the surface and fast, no telling what he was going to turn into.  He swam and swam, unaware that the curse had already transformed him as soon as he hit the water.  He finally reached the surface.  I'm still human, he thought with a sigh of relief, but then he opened his eyes again after rubbing the water out of them.  Wait a minute, he thought, I've got breasts?  Panicking, he cupped his new chest enhancements.

"Oh, too bad," Ranma directed his attention to the guide, "You fall in Nanichuan, spring of drowned girl.  There very tragic legend of girl who drown in spring 1,500 year ago.  Now whoever fall in spring, take a body of a young girl."

Ranma didn't want to believe it, it could be a figment of his imagination.  But once SHE opened HER gi, there was no denying it.
The worst part about it was, there was no cure.  Not even a reversal effect.  She tried everything from punching herself to splashing herself hot water, but nothing worked.  She was stuck this way.  As for her father, the lazy bum just settled down in a petting zoo, good riddance to bad rubbish, is what Ranma thought.

She was not ready to give up on manhood just yet, but certain circumstances and events at the moment drove her away from China, so she had to lay low for a while before going back.

She started to do stretches, and thus started her workout.  She may not like the idea of being a girl, but there's really nothing she could do about at the moment.  After I'm done training for the morning, she thought, maybe I'll put on a cute face for the chef at the sushi place.
Not too far away at the same time, a young girl named Sayuri sat bound and gagged in the girls' locker room.  She was tied to a metal folding chair, her hands behind her and her ankles tied to the opposite legs.  There was also some rope securing her knees, keeping her legs apart.  Her knee high socks were removed in order to gag her, one sock was stuffed in her mouth, while the other one was tied around her head over her mouth to secure it.

She had her school uniform on, but her panties were quite absent from under her skirt.  The reason for this was, the person in the shadows had them.  She stuffed them in a bag along with all the gym shorts from various lockers.  Sayuri tried call somebody to take care of this perverted girl earlier, which was last night.

Sayuri had forgotten her a certain book that she left in the locker room and went back to retrieve it.  What she found was this girl, a bit shorter than she was, with long black hair, brown eyes stealing all the girls' gym shorts.  It wasn't long before Sayuri ended up the way she was now.  She use to know this girl very well when she was little, her name was Akane Tendou.  They use to play together as kids, but after the death of her parents, Akane grew more distant, and eventually she became quite the juvenile delinquent.  Since then, Sayuri hadn't really thought much about Akane since she rarely came to school, but from this moment onward, she'd think about Akane Tendou a lot.

After Sayuri was subdued the previous night, the young Tendou started touching her in places that were off limits.  However, after a little rubbing, and persuasion, Sayuri was talked into letting Akane do some rather naughty things.  It would have been rape if Sayuri didn't enjoy it, and boy did she enjoy it.  To say she enjoyed it would be more than an understatement, it was pretty much the best experience of her life, and it lasted pretty much, the entire night.  And as you could imagine, Sayuri was exhausted.  Akane however was full of energy as she was breaking lockers open and stuffing gym shorts in bags.

Akane broke open the last locker and stuffed the shorts in a bag, if anymore were contained within the would burst.  After she finished her dirty deed, she playfully walked over to the bound Sayuri, "Did we have fun last night?" Akane asked.

Sayuri simply nodded, as the gag in her mouth wouldn't let her speak.  Akane sat in Sayuri's lap lightly kissed her all over her face, "I hope to do it again sometime.  Wish I could do it now, but it's dawn and I've got to get these home before I'm caught." Akane said, gesturing to the bags full of gym shorts, "But you've been such a good girl, I'm going to let you keep these."

Akane took one of the bags, and fished out Sayuri's white cotton panties.  She made Sayuri wear them on her head, "Somebody will just have to find you like this, if anyone asks, I wasn't here."  And with that, Akane Tendou took the bags, jumped out the window and leapt away into the trees.  Sayuri just sat, and waited for somebody to find her, not like she could do anything else.

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