Story: Ranma-chan the Bondage Pet (all chapters)

Authors: MsYuriRope

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Chapter 1

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WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

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Chapter 1
Ranma stepped out of her tent and caught the rays of the morning sunlight.  It was a nice day.  Despite her current crisis, nothing could ruin it this moment.  She stretched, signifying the end of a good nights sleep.

It was great to be back in Japan, especially after swimming so far and for so long, all the way from China.  She didn't have much money to buy food, but that was alright, traveling from town to town and taking up a few odd jobs would help her get by.  She didn't have the cute face she had now for long, but it didn't take her long to master it and squeeze free food out of sucker shop keepers and vendors.
Just when her mood seemed unshakable, Ranma looked down at her breasts.  The rude reminder of what she had now become.  Ranma wasn't always a "she", not until two weeks ago.
China, in the Mount Quajing region.  Two men dressed in martial arts gis, an bald man with glasses and a teenage boy with a pig-tail, arrived at the world "...famous training ground of cursed springs, Jusenkyo."  The tour guide of the place was a midsized chubby man, and wore a brown uniform.

"Are you prepared Ranma?"  Asked the bald man, who happened to be Ranma's father.

"Ah, man this place ain't near as bad as I thought it would be." The boy, Ranma, replied.  Believe it or not, Ranma Saotome, was born male.  When he was five years old, his father took him on a long training trip, training him in the Anything Goes style of Martial Arts.  Ranma's father promised his mother that he would turn Ranma into a man among men.  With the way the boy was growing up, it looked like it would turn out that way.

The two were preparing themselves to leap on top of the bamboo that was growing out of each spring, the guide tried to discourage them from doing so, "Sirs, you are very strange ones, no?  This place is very dangerous, nobody use it now because there more than 100 spring here, and each one have own tragedy happen there."
Without warning the older man jumped on the the bamboo tops, "Ranma!  Follow me!"

"Right behind you!" Then the younger man jumped.

"Hey sirs!  What are you doing!" The guide called after them, "I have no finish my tragic story!  You can't go there!"

But the two continued to ignore the guide's warnings.  Before long, they were sparring, jumping from branch to branch, until finally, the boy knocked his father into a spring.  "Hey pop, what's up?  You done already?" Ranma called in a mocking manner to his father.

But it was not a man that reemerged from the water, but a giant panda!  Confused, the boy looked to the guide for an answer, "What the hell is that!"

"That one, Shanmaonichuan, spring of drowned panda, very tragic story of panda who drowned in spring 2,000 year ago.  The legend say, anybody who fall in spring take body of panda!"

"Hey buddy, you didn't say anything about that to us!"  Ranma was too busy yelling at the guide, that he didn't notice his father charge at him.  It was too late for him to react, he was knocked of the branch he was standing on, and fell into the spring behind him.

Ranma opened his eyes, he was under water.  Oh no, he'd just fallen into one of those weird springs!  He had to reach the surface and fast, no telling what he was going to turn into.  He swam and swam, unaware that the curse had already transformed him as soon as he hit the water.  He finally reached the surface.  I'm still human, he thought with a sigh of relief, but then he opened his eyes again after rubbing the water out of them.  Wait a minute, he thought, I've got breasts?  Panicking, he cupped his new chest enhancements.

"Oh, too bad," Ranma directed his attention to the guide, "You fall in Nanichuan, spring of drowned girl.  There very tragic legend of girl who drown in spring 1,500 year ago.  Now whoever fall in spring, take a body of a young girl."

Ranma didn't want to believe it, it could be a figment of his imagination.  But once SHE opened HER gi, there was no denying it.
The worst part about it was, there was no cure.  Not even a reversal effect.  She tried everything from punching herself to splashing herself hot water, but nothing worked.  She was stuck this way.  As for her father, the lazy bum just settled down in a petting zoo, good riddance to bad rubbish, is what Ranma thought.

She was not ready to give up on manhood just yet, but certain circumstances and events at the moment drove her away from China, so she had to lay low for a while before going back.

She started to do stretches, and thus started her workout.  She may not like the idea of being a girl, but there's really nothing she could do about at the moment.  After I'm done training for the morning, she thought, maybe I'll put on a cute face for the chef at the sushi place.
Not too far away at the same time, a young girl named Sayuri sat bound and gagged in the girls' locker room.  She was tied to a metal folding chair, her hands behind her and her ankles tied to the opposite legs.  There was also some rope securing her knees, keeping her legs apart.  Her knee high socks were removed in order to gag her, one sock was stuffed in her mouth, while the other one was tied around her head over her mouth to secure it.

She had her school uniform on, but her panties were quite absent from under her skirt.  The reason for this was, the person in the shadows had them.  She stuffed them in a bag along with all the gym shorts from various lockers.  Sayuri tried call somebody to take care of this perverted girl earlier, which was last night.

Sayuri had forgotten her a certain book that she left in the locker room and went back to retrieve it.  What she found was this girl, a bit shorter than she was, with long black hair, brown eyes stealing all the girls' gym shorts.  It wasn't long before Sayuri ended up the way she was now.  She use to know this girl very well when she was little, her name was Akane Tendou.  They use to play together as kids, but after the death of her parents, Akane grew more distant, and eventually she became quite the juvenile delinquent.  Since then, Sayuri hadn't really thought much about Akane since she rarely came to school, but from this moment onward, she'd think about Akane Tendou a lot.

After Sayuri was subdued the previous night, the young Tendou started touching her in places that were off limits.  However, after a little rubbing, and persuasion, Sayuri was talked into letting Akane do some rather naughty things.  It would have been rape if Sayuri didn't enjoy it, and boy did she enjoy it.  To say she enjoyed it would be more than an understatement, it was pretty much the best experience of her life, and it lasted pretty much, the entire night.  And as you could imagine, Sayuri was exhausted.  Akane however was full of energy as she was breaking lockers open and stuffing gym shorts in bags.

Akane broke open the last locker and stuffed the shorts in a bag, if anymore were contained within the would burst.  After she finished her dirty deed, she playfully walked over to the bound Sayuri, "Did we have fun last night?" Akane asked.

Sayuri simply nodded, as the gag in her mouth wouldn't let her speak.  Akane sat in Sayuri's lap lightly kissed her all over her face, "I hope to do it again sometime.  Wish I could do it now, but it's dawn and I've got to get these home before I'm caught." Akane said, gesturing to the bags full of gym shorts, "But you've been such a good girl, I'm going to let you keep these."

Akane took one of the bags, and fished out Sayuri's white cotton panties.  She made Sayuri wear them on her head, "Somebody will just have to find you like this, if anyone asks, I wasn't here."  And with that, Akane Tendou took the bags, jumped out the window and leapt away into the trees.  Sayuri just sat, and waited for somebody to find her, not like she could do anything else.

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

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Chapter 2

After leaving the sushi restaurant, Ranma stopped by an ice cream vendor, and got a free cone out of acting cute. It was a skill that few girls had, and Ranma was quite impressed with herself, being a non girl and all. The other upside to being a girl was she could eat stuff like this and not look stupid. Guys looked really dumb with any kind of ice cream in their hands, especially when they ordered toppings. Such an act made Ranma question their masculinity. One could accuse Ranma of being the pot that calls the kettle black, but at least she was a girl. Besides, once she found a cure and became a guy again, she would be done with this stuff.

She leapt onto a fence nearby, and walked on top of. She needed to pack up camp and find a new place to train, being in the same spot for too long without a partner made you rusty. As she walked, she notice a blur pass by her, a girl carrying a bunch of stuffed bags. Ranma stopped dead in her tracks, "Wow, she's fast." She thought out loud, "I wonder if she's a martial artist too?"


Akane leapt from house to house, until she reached the roof of her house where she sat down, "Heheh! What a haul, what a haul!"

Just before she opened the bags she thought about the girl she passed by who was walking on the fence, "Boy she was so cute, I wish I got a better look at her." Akane began to think dirty thoughts, "I hope I get to see her again."

"Akane!" Akane jumped at the sound of her name being spoken so sternly, she turned to be face to face with her oldest sister, Kasumi, "Where were you last night? You know your curfew is at 2:00 am, it is 7:30 am!"

Akane blushed, scratching the back of her head, "Well, I was at Furinkan High School, and there was this girl-"

"Again Akane? Really now, you've got to stop doing this so often." Kasumi sat down next to her sister, "I enjoy it as much as you, and while you have the best persuasive skills out of us all, the law can still get you. Do this too often, and they'll begin to put two and two together."

Akane simply let herself slowly slip toward the edge of the roof, "But unlike you, sis, I can't legally get into strip clubs yet."

Kasumi jumped off the roof ahead of her, "Just get ready for breakfast, you can enjoy your collection of gym shorts later." she called from the ground before heading into the house.

The Tendou sisters, three infamous and extremely skilled martial artists. Feared across the neighborhood. The police know they're responsible for many accounts of theft, mainly of women's underwear sometimes cash, other accounts include indecent exposure, selling pornography to children, groping random women at festivals, and many different accounts of assault.


Many years ago, the Tendou daughters were the sweetest girls in the world. That all changed when their mother died. The Tendou father was so heart broken at the loss, he passed away shortly there after. The eldest sister, Kasumi, was left to take care of her siblings, Nabiki and Akane.

She needed to prove to the authorities that they were fit to live on their own, but how could a nine year old prove such a thing when she didn't know the first thing about survival of the fittest? The biggest thing Kasumi worried about was being separated from her sisters, she didn't think she could bear that. It was rare that adopted siblings remained together, and she needed her sisters now more than ever. Not only did she need them, they needed her. What was to do?

The only thing she could think to do, was to cry. Just three days after her father's funeral, was the day that social services would be taking her sisters to live with a foster family. As for Kasumi, well they didn't know where to place her yet, the politics and stupidity of the adult world were confusing and sometimes heartbreaking, especially to a nine-year-old.

Kasumi just cried her eyes out in her room that night, until she heard a noise downstairs. A burglar? A frightened Kasumi got off her bed, and took a flashlight from her nightstand. She slowly crept to her bedroom door, and opened it. Once outside, she was joined by the her sisters, who've apparently also heard the noise, the six-year-old Akane was on the verge of crying. Once Nabiki had her calm though, the three huddled together and snuck downstairs. Everything in the house was pitch black, with the flashlight being the only way to see anything. Kasumi didn't know what she was thinking going downstairs, the safest place was in her room. Still they continued down the stairs and made their way to the kitchen, which seemed to be where the source of the noises were coming from.

The noises were quieter than before, Kasumi couldn't figure out what the loud ones that drew the girls downstairs in the first place, but now the sound she heard she could easily recognize as chop sticks scraping against a bowl, somebody was eating their food! She then heard a voice, "Ah, there's nothing like a nice meal during a raid. Now, let's see what kind of treasures the ladies of the house have."

The girls turned the corner to see a small old man, laying next to an cleaned out refrigerator. The strange little man, stared into the flashlight like a deer caught in headlights when he noticed the girls. Both parties panicked and screamed.

Eventually, the Tendou girls and the old man got over their fright of each other. Kasumi made some tea for the old man and explained the whole situation to him. "Hmm, that is quite the dilemma, you need a parent or guardian, correct."

"That's right," Kasumi explained, "But my sisters and I have no living relatives, so..." her voice trailed off.

The man took pity on the girls, "What did you say your names were again?"

"My name is Kasumi Tendou sir."

"I'm Nabiki Tendou," the middle sister chimed in.

"And this is Akane," Kasumi said referring to the little one clinging to her nightgown.

"Tendou," The old man thought for a moment, "Your father wouldn't have happened to be Soun Tendou, would he?"

"W-why yes, how did you know?"

"My girl, your father was once a pupil of mine. He was a fine student, a bit disobedient at times, but a fine student none the less." The old man was once referring to a time when the Tendou father along with his friend buried their master in a hill side and left him for dead. Though he held a grudge against Soun, he wouldn't take it out on his daughters, especially ones that he knew were going to grow up to be such visions of beauty. "I'm called Master Happosai, the founder of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts."

Over the course of the following months, Happosai was able to convince authorities that he was the girls' grandfather. This was reinforced by the girls frequently calling him "Grandfather Happosai". In time, he became the legal guardian to the girls. On the day it became official, it rained. Some may guess it was Soun Tendou crying from heaven.

Happosai would raise the girls, and teach everything he knew to them. At first Kasumi didn't have much interest in being a martial artist, but in time she got enthused. Nabiki was kind of the same way, but once she found out she could use martial arts as a way of achieving her dirty goals, she learned willfully. The one that was most enthusiastic from the beginning was Akane, the youngest found the art to be very interesting and became the strongest of them all. However, being the strongest doesn't mean being the most skilled, that title went to Kasumi. Unlike Nabiki and Akane, Kasumi was able to keep a cool head even in the toughest of fights, and was therefore, the only one to come close to Master Happosai's skill.

As the girls got older, and hormones started to kick in, Happosai would teach them things other than martial arts. Ever since Happosai arrived in town, there was a sudden rise in lingerie theft. Once Kasumi was fifteen, Nabiki was 13, and Akane was 12, the rise in underwear theft rose by 85%. It was the perverted ninja Happosai's favorite hobby. The girls enjoyed it as well, at first it was just the rush of doing something bad and not getting caught, but as time past, the girls each found out their lusts for women out ruled that over their lusts for men, and therefore gained the same underwear fetish their mentor had.


A year ago though, Happosai left. It was a saddening departure, but he felt it was time the girls were on their own. They've grown to be such strong women, that they didn't need his help anymore (at least that's what he said). The girls since then, have continued their master/grandfather's legacy.

The girls would usually go on panty raids every other night. Unlike their master, they've learned to control themselves, they never hit the same houses twice a month, and every now and then they'd hit something like a bath house, swimming pool, or like Akane just did, a school girls' locker room. Hitting such places would throw off the cops and the sisters would avoid suspicion.

Often times, they'd take it a step further. Taking female hostages was ALWAYS fun. The girls have been responsible for making numerous women in Tokyo lose their virginity. It was always the same, but they never tired of it. It usually started with the girl resisting, followed by touches in a punch of key pleasure points. Eventually, the girl would be so euphoric and horny, that she'd let the sisters do just about anything to them. The girls were very proud that you could never call what they did rape, every girl broke under them, and said "yes".

None the less, Kasumi, who was the leader, put Two simple ground rules on her sisters. One: Be home by curfew. Kasumi, not being a hypocrite, always came home before curfew. Weather she was out on a raid or at a strip club, she was always home by a set curfew, and she expected the same out of her sisters. Two: No seducing girls for more than four nights a week. Such an action would most likely lead the law to say a serial rapist was on the loose, since most Tendou victims were high school girls.

Akane had broken both rules, not only had she been out WAY past curfew, Sayuri was her 6th victim this week.

What was the punishment for breaking the rules? That's what all three girls were assembled in the dojo for. All three girls were dressed in karate gis, Nabiki was actually there practicing kata, Kasumi and Akane, were there for another reason.

Akane was tied down, bent over on a kneeler, next to a small table. Her arms were stretched out, tied in front of her, the remaining slack on the rope was tied to the leg on the other side of the table. Her knees were tied to the kneeler, and if that weren't humiliating enough, her gi pants were brought down, exposing her nice round butt.

Akane's butt was red, the reason was because of the cane that was in Kasumi's hand, who was towering over Akane. "You only counted to five, we'll start again."

Akane, who had tears running down her cheeks from the pain she was feeling, decided to respond, "You hit me harder on that one than most of the others, how am I suppose to contin-" THWACK! "AAH!"

The cane was brought down on Akane's behind with a blunting force. "Less talk more counting." Kasumi said, as she continued to spank her sister with the cane.

Thwack, "1," Akane counted. Thwack, "2," Thwack, "3," Thwack, "4," Thwack, "5," Thwack, "6," Thwack, "7," THWACK "AAH! 9!!"

"You skipped a number, start over!" Kasumi wailed on Akane for that entire sentence.


Eventually, Akane was able to count to ten. It was a few good hours before she could finally sit down again. As further punishment, Akane was forbidden to ravage a female for two weeks. "Well, doing guys every now and then is okay."

"You're quite the nympho sis," Nabiki chuckled as she leapt through the trees, with Akane by her side.

"Why are you dragging me along here?" Akane asked.

Nabiki stopped and pulled her camera out of her backpack, "I'm looking to enlist a new model, I've got pictures I can redevelop, but customers don't want two of the same thing, and I'm out of new pictures."

"And you expect to find one in the middle of nowhere?"

"I've seen this girl yesterday while walking through town. She was so gorgeous, that I just had to follow her home. Turns out she's camping in this very area."

"Gorgeous, huh? What does she look like."

"Oh," Nabiki thought for a moment, smiling as she did, "Big breasts, Chinese style men's clothing that's slightly too big for her, red hair."

"Wait a minute," Akane interrupted, "I saw a read headed girl while heading home from my raid this morning! She was walking tight rope on the fence by the river."

"On the fence?" Nabiki pondered, "You don't think she could be a martial artist do you?"

"She could be a boxer for all I care, all I know is, I'm totally in on this now, and I want to do her."

"Two weeks!" Nabiki reminded, making Akane pout, "But you can at least tie her up while I get the cameras set up." Nabiki said, gesturing to the other contents within the backpack.

Akane jumped for joy at the sound of those words, and then they were off.


Ranma just finished heating her ramen noodles. They were the cheap convenience store noodles, but that was all she could afford. As she was about to feast, Ranma felt a strange presence. she put the cup down and stood up.


"She's wearing a tank top, no bra. Those baggy Chinese pants, and the nicest pair of feet I've EVER seen." Nabiki said looking through binoculars, from a tree that was a good few yards away.

Akane shook her head. Each sister had a distinct fetish, for Kasumi it was a pajama fetish. Akane had a fetish for school uniforms. As for Nabiki, she was all about feet. That was one thing Akane never understood, of all the things you could be into, why feet? Sure, a girl being barefoot while tied up and gagged added to the image of helplessness, but Nabiki would lick a girl's foot all over until in was all pruny. It was quite disgusting really. Only Nabiki would study a girl's feet so intently. But never mind that, the business at hand.

"Wait, she's stood up," Nabiki said.

"Do you think she senses us?" Akane asked, maybe she is a martial artist, she thought.

Nabiki just handed Akane some rope, "Either way, I'm going in for the kill."

"Martial artist or not, nobody's a match for the Tendou sisters."


Ranma stayed alert, she heard rustling in the near by trees. Where are you, she thought. She closed her eyes so she could get a good listen. They're moving so fast that I can't even pinpoint their location by listening, these guys are good.

Ranma stayed 100% until she sensed one of them attack. She came in kicking at Ranma, a kick which Ranma blocked with little effort, she then grabbed hold of her attacker's leg and threw her to the other side. Attacker number two, grabbed Ranma from behind, which Ranma broke out of by flipping her over using her entire body.

Eventually, the three were at a stand off, "She's fast," said the tall one with short brown hair.

"Too fast." added the shorter one with long black hair.

These girls knew they had a fight on their hands. Ranma knew she had this in the bag. She knew these girls were superior in size and strength, but they were nowhere near as fast as she was, and that was all she needed.

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

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Chapter 3

Kasumi set her tea down on the table. She looked at her sisters, who were covered in bandages. As soon as they've gotten home, Nabiki was limping, and Akane had a big bruise on her head. Those were the more serious injuries, Kasumi was amazed at all the places they were minorly injured. She tended to her sisters' wounds and sat them down at the dining room table.

"You say you were who?"

Nabiki was a little more embarrassed than Akane, so she let her explain everything.


The stand off was long, both parties waiting for the other to make a move. Ranma tried to get the Tendous to make to first move, she took quick steps forward and proceeded to do nothing, which almost worked. The sisters started forward, but stopped once they saw it was a trap.

Each spent the next few minutes circling each other. Finally, Akane got impatient and charged forward. Akane thought if her attack didn't connect, she could at least use this as an opportunity to get her between herself and Nabiki. They'd get her easier if they'd surrounded her.

The red head saw through the tomboy's plan and backed up as quickly as the girl charged at her. It looked like she was trapped when they noticed a tree in their path, but the cunning Ranma smirked and ran up the tree. No way! Nabiki thought looking at the scene. Ranma barely missed being punched, as the girl with the long black hair threw her fist forward. Akane connected with the tree, and caused it to crack and fall over. As quick as a flash, Ranma jumped off the falling tree, did a flip and brought her leg down on her unsuspecting opponent's head.

Nabiki watched in horror as her sister fell unconscious, "You BITCH!" Nabiki grabbed rope from the back pack and ran toward the red head. Ranma ran Nabiki, and when she was close enough, she did a baseball slide. Nabiki hardly saw it coming, as the shorter girl slid right in front of her and brought her leg up. Ranma's foot made hard contact with Nabiki's knee, causing the Tendou to flip over and fall flat on her back. The wind was knocked right out of Nabiki, and she started breathing heavily to get it back.

Akane in the meanwhile came back to consciousness just in time to hear the girl taunt, "You guys got skill, but you weren't event what I'd call a work out." Nothing but anger and frustration built up in the sisters upon hearing those words, "My name is Ranma Saotome, you should remember it."

The sisters stumbled to their feet, Akane could barely stand as she was still suffering from that kick, Nabiki on the other hand had a sprained knee, so there was not way she could stand.

"What?" Ranma smirked, "You want some more?"


"And I suppose that the rest of those blows she dealt came from you trying to get her back in a blind rage?" Kasumi speculated.

Nabiki and Akane hung their heads. Kasumi sighed, "You both have a way of letting what others say get to you, and your opponent used that against you. Of course, with the way you two were you're lucky she didn't kill you."

Akane wanted to say something further, but didn't. Kasumi then got up, "Where exactly did you say she was?"


Ranma had already packed up and moved camp. She wouldn't hit girls usually, actually being a guy and all, but those girls just asked for it. Still, she held back a lot of her actual skill. As for the extra pounding they received, they'd just be sore for a few days. Ranma just packed and left them there after she was done.

She carried everything in her on her back, it was part of training. She was much weaker as a girl, so she had to keep up her strength, a carrying all that camping equipment was the way to do it. When she found the perfect spot, she set up camp and had dinner, more Ramen noodles. She'd buy dinner, but she was saving what little money she had for new shoes. She still wore the ones she had from when she was still a guy, back when her feet were two sizes bigger. Now, whenever she put on those shoes, they'd often fall off. She'd keep them around for when she found a cure for her curse, but until then, she'd wear something more her size when she could afford it. For right now, since there were no cement sidewalks in sight and she'd go to bed soon anyway, so her shoes would just lay sit outside the tent until morning.


Kasumi spent the rest of the day taking care of her poor sisters before heading to where Nabiki and Akane said she was. With her, she was carrying a bag full of ropes and cloth. She found the former camp site to be abandoned. Luckily, there were the little clues left behind. Subtle footprints left in the ground, crumbs from a small snack she was having, and various other clues.

It was dusk, but Kasumi trekked onward, until she saw the very girl her sisters described to her from about 50 yards away. She inched closer, to avoid being seen, and hoped to be undetected. She more the gorgeous as Nabiki described, if there was a word to describe the kind of beauty she emitted from that body of hers, it was certainly none that she's heard of. Kasumi's controlled the tempting fantasies that she wanted to imagine, the things she could do to her. If she let those fantasies take control of her mind, she'd have no chance of winning. She inched closer, hiding behind trees, boulders, bushes, and did her best to not get noticed, but somehow she did not succeed.

"Who's there? If you want to fight I'm ready!" The small girl stood and took a defensive stance. She is good, Kasumi thought, this'll be a challenge.

"Are you Ranma Saotome?"

Ranma upped her guard after she heard her own name being mentioned, "Yeah that's me, you mind coming out so I can see who I'm fighting?"

Kasumi stepped out of the shadows, and into Ranma's sight. Kasumi she sat down the bag she was carrying, and looked Ranma up and down, "Mind I ask why you're wearing Chinese clothing designed for men? Those cloths are much too big for you, you're practically swimming in them."

Ranma laughed, "Lady, wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Kasumi was amused by the answer, "How about if I beat you, you have to tell me."

"I sure, I accept your challenge, but what is it about me that makes you want to fight me?"

"Earlier today, you had a little run in you with my sisters."

"One of them had long black hair, and the other one had short brown hair right?" Ranma asked. Kasumi nodded, "So this is revenge?"

"Partly, we are very infamous for having never lost a fight. I do have a reputation to keep, but it's mostly because I want to fight a strong opponent. If my sisters can fall so easily to you, then I want to see your skill by fighting you myself."

Ranma smiled, with eyebrows in a downward position, "Before we start, let's introduce ourselves formally, I'm Ranma Saotome of the Anything Goes school of martial arts."

"A fellow practitioner of Anything Goes? Interesting! I'm Kasumi Tendou of the Tendou dojo, it's nice to make your acquaintance," And with that both women charged at each other."

The two were exceptionally skilled fighters. Both threw blows that were blocked by the other. The first blow was dealt when Kasumi threw a high kick, which Ranma dodged and did a leg sweep that tripped Kasumi, who fell flat on her back. Kasumi, jumped right back up attempting another kick, again Ranma dodged and this time flipped on her hand then back to her feet to gain a little distance from Kasumi, "I must say," Kasumi said, "I wasn't ready for that."

Kasumi took her stance, and invited Ranma to take the first swing for round 2. Ranma accepted, and once again they were back to dealing and blocking blows. Both fighters looked for an opening, neither could seem to find one. Kasumi charged at Ranma, Ranma jumped over Kasumi and landed on the other side, which exactly what Kasumi was waiting for. She gave Ranma a kick that sent her flying. Ranma landed on her feet.

This time I'll end it, both women told each other. Again, the two exchanged blows that were blocked, but this time Ranma delivered a series of punches to Kasumi's face, and a kick to the midsection. Kasumi knew she to do something fast, and she had to do it while Ranma was attacking. Ranma threw another punch, Kasumi blocked it and pushed it away. Ranma this opportunity to do a spin kick. Despite how fast it was, Kasumi could see the opportunity as if everything had slowed down. Kasumi was an expert in pressure points, and had a full book case dedicated to pressure points, so as Ranma was spinning around, Kasumi used her index finger and hit a pressure point on Ranma's back.

Ranma, in mid spin, suddenly felt her entire body go limp. What the? What happened? She almost had this fight won! She hit the ground, and as Ranma tried to get up, she realized she couldn't move, "Why can't I move?!"

Kasumi, catching her breath, stood up, "I hit a pressure point on your back that causes a temporary paralysis. If you hadn't tried for that spin kick, you might have won the fight."

Ranma swore under her breath. Kasumi popped a few joints and in no time flat felt 100% again, she walked over to the bag of rope. Ranma kept trying to move, but she couldn't do anything but she couldn't do anything as simple as moving a finger or even a toe. Kasumi sat down next to Ranma, and she sat Ranma up. She was like a rag doll in her hands, Kasumi also noticed that she was extremely light, which would make me easy to carry around.

Kasumi started to unbutton Ranma's shirt, immediately red lights went off in Ranma's brain, "What the? What are you doing?"

Kasumi relieved Ranma of her Chinese shirt, discarded her tank top, just as quickly. "Stop it! Or else once I get all my strength back I'm gonna, AGH!

Kasumi touched another pressure point on Ranma's chest, "Gaining your strength back would be a problem. You are indeed much too strong to just leave lying around, so if we want to make you behave, we'll have to take that strength away, that's why I've applied the moxibustion point. It does just that,"

Ranma couldn't believe what she was hearing, just like that? All of the sudden she's a weakling? Ranma refused to believe it! "Bullcrap! Once I'll-Oooooh,"

The next thing Ranma knew, Kasumi's hand was in her pants, "You'll what? Honey I want you, my sisters want you. I can see it in their eyes. A girl like you who's camping like this is one of two things, a runaway or a homeless girl with no place to go and nobody to turn to. Believe me, I know what the second one is like. I've got my hand next to a certain spot that can give you great pleasure, but you have to say 'yes' first. Perverted I may be, but I never rape."

Ranma simply shook her head, no. "Okay, I'll stop for right now," Kasumi interrupted herself to plant a huge kiss on Ranma's mouth. A kiss which Ranma tried to fight, "But I'll have all the time in the world to convince you to say 'yes.'"

With that, Kasumi took Ranma's pants off, she found it amusing that she wore boxers. She discarded those as well, and lay Ranma, who was still paralyzed on her stomach. "I swear, I don't care if you're a girl, I'm gonna-MMMMPH!"

Before Ranma could finish, a cloth went into her mouth. The two ends of the cloth were tied behind her head, and were tied so tightly that any other protest come from Ranma verbally were silenced. Kasumi then took some rope and tied Ranma's ankles together. This was quickly followed by Ranma's wrists being tied together. From there Kasumi decided to have fun, and tied extra rope around Ranma's breasts, and connected her arms and body to each other in a shibari style. More rope was tied below and above Ranma's knees.

Kasumi then took slack from Ranma's hand restraints, and connected it to the restraints on her ankles. She tied it until the feet and hands almost touched. And to finish it off Kasumi tied Ranma's big toes together with, "Nabiki will love that," she said patting Ranma's feet.

It was about this time that the paralysis wore off, and Ranma started struggling, but she could to nothing to get out of it. "It's like I said," Kasumi spoke, "you have no strength, and only I know how to give it back to you. But I'm not giving it back anytime soon, so you might as well stop and make yourself comfortable. Or keep struggling, it turns me on."

Refusing to believe her Ranma continued. She was so humiliated. Naked, bound, gagged, at the mercy of someone else. She swore vengeance, she would pay this Kasumi Tendou person back tree times over for humiliating her like this. Kasumi let Ranma struggle while took down Ranma's camp and packed things she thought Ranma might still need. The tent she didn't need anymore, and if Nabiki had any say in the matter, she wouldn't need her shoes, so she tossed those in the river with the tent. However, she did keep the cloths, Ranma looked pretty danged good in them, she'd want her to wear them again sometime. As for Ranma's sleeping bag, it would make good wrapping paper for the present that she was about to giver her sisters.

Ranma struggled to the point of exhaustion, she finally gave up as the emasculate ran down her cheeks.

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Chapter 4

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 4

The kidnapped Ranma-chan was completely helpless, it was no use screaming for help because the gag muffled any cries she let out. Also the sleeping bag she was in had completely covered her, as Kasumi placed the hogtied girl in and tied the top shut. For the first time in her life, Ranma really felt fear. Here she was, tied up, gagged, naked, and being carried on the shoulder of some stranger unsure of the destination. She tried to struggle earlier, hoping someone would be suspicious of a thrashing bag. But Kasumi had reapplied the paralysis point. She just lay slunk over Kasumi's shoulder, awaiting her fate, which she dreaded.

Ranma just felt Kasumi jumping and dashing around, until finally she heard the her say, "Welcome to your new home, Ranma-chan."

Ranma heard the sound of a door sliding open. She was then set down on the floor, then she heard some voices that sounded rather familiar. "Hey, Kasumi!" One voice said.

"In the sleeping bag, is it what I think it is?" Said another.

Ranma felt herself being set down on the floor, "Why don't you see for yourself?" She heard Kasumi say as the sleeping bag was opened.

A Ranma squinted, adjusting her eyes to the light, as it was pitch black in the sleeping bag. When she opened her eyes, she saw the slightly battered faces of her attackers from earlier. Kasumi, sat Ranma on her knees, which made it hard for her to sit considering how strictly she was hogtied, "Ranma, I'm know you've met my sisters; Nabiki, my younger sister, and Akane, my youngest sister."

Akane sat down, and checked Ranma over, "Oh, nice bod. I can't wait-"

"Two weeks!" Kasumi Reminded her.

"B-but, you she'd-"

"She will belong to all of us, once your punishment is over. Until then she only belongs to me and Nabiki."

Belongs? Ranma thought to herself, what do they mean? Who do these girls think they are? Kasumi could see the confusion on Ranma's face, "Oh, silly me. You see, we've taken so many girls hostage in the past, but none that we can really turn into our own personal pet."


"All the girls we've come across have homes, families, roommates, co-workers, you know, people who'd actually miss them." Nabiki chimed in.

"From what I gather, a girl like you with the kind of camping gear that you had, and all that luggage. I put two and two together, and concluded that you were on your own somehow."

"Either your parents kicked you out, or they died, or you ran away. One of those three is a major possibility."

Ranma wanted to make some smart aleck comment on how this kind of logic was beyond crazy. However she was still gagged. What was odd was that these girls were right, they couldn't just know by just observing her camping gear and worldly possessions! "Of course, we're not 100% sure." Kasumi said, untying Ranma's hogtie, "Akane, you can at least carry her upstairs and strap her in the interrogation chair."

Akane giggled like a little girl, and picked up Ranma, "My you are so light," commented, taking the girl upstairs.
Ranma struggled, as she was strapped into a chair, it wasn't much of a struggle, as the effects of the moxibustion point that Kasumi applied earlier was still in effect. This was more than frustrating for Ranma, because couldn't even put up the slightest fight. Tying her up was like repositioning an action figure.

The chair Ranma was in resembled an electric chair without the head piece above it. Like an electric chair though, it had leather straps on the armrests as well as the front legs. I had one extra strap that went around Ranma's midsection, keeping her from leaning forward. The seat was cold, because on top of it was a thin sheet of metal. Just sitting on it made Ranma a little more nervous than she already was. She knew it was futile, but she continued to struggle. Kasumi and Nabiki walked into the door as Akane finished strapping Ranma in the chair.

"It still hasn't sunk in yet has it?" Kasumi commented on Ranma's continued struggling against the restraints, "I'm not surprised, you were such a strong fighter. You beat my sisters, who are no push overs themselves. Me, I have to admit, my victory over you was nothing but luck. You would have beaten me, had I not used that pressure point of paralysis on you. I'll admit that's unfair, but from now on it's something you'll have to live with."

Kasumi paused cleared her throat. She walked over to Ranma and let her hands drag across the girl's body as she walked around her, "As we explained before Ranma, we want you as our personal pet. And from what we speculate, you are a perfect candidate for that job. You're beautiful and you most like don't have anybody that's going to notice if you're off the street."

Ranma began to get what Kasumi was getting at, in other words no loved ones, perfect use for a prisoner for the perverse desires.

"But like I said," Kasumi continued, "we need to know if that's really the truth, because if it isn't we'll simply let you go. If it is however, we'll make sure your time spent here is long and enjoyable." Ranma was good at lying, she didn't do it very often, but she could put on a very good facade if she had to. Ranma quickly cooked up a story in her head about how she had a worried mother at home, dying to see her daughter once more. It was so perfect it just had to work.

(Author's note: Ranma at this point knows little to nothing about his/her mother, Nodoka)

Kasumi signaled for Akane to remove Ranma's gag. The cloth gag had been in her mouth for so long that Ranma's saliva pretty much soak the darn thing. As soon as the thing left her mouth, Ranma felt a dryness on her tongue like no other, she was pretty much parched.

Ranma's intent as soon as she opened her mouth was to tell the lie she cooked up, but before could Kasumi inserted her finger into Ranma's mouth and pressed hard on the roof. It seemed like ages for Ranma before Kasumi finally removed her finger, "Naturally any girl in your situation would want to lie in order to get out this, but we are the Tendou sisters, we don't let anyone out of it that easily," Kasumi said, "You may have noticed the sheet of metal on the interrogation chair's seat, sometimes we interrogate people via electric shocks, however sometimes it's used more to stimulate any woman in your position into giving themselves to us. That seems a little harsh for your first time, so instead, I've just pushed on a pressure point in your mouth. For the next ten questions that I ask you, you'll be unable to lie to us, you'll tell us the truth and nothing BUT the truth."

Ranma, who still felt a sharp pain in the roof of her mouth, couldn't believe these preposterous words, then Kasumi asked her, "So Ranma, is there anyone? Anyone that will notice your absence from the outside world? Anyone that will cry their eyes out if they don't see you again?"

Ranma began to speak, but then she realized what she was about to say. She couldn't say that, she couldn't tell the truth, lying was her only ticket out of here! What could she do? "I must remind you, the seat of the chair is electric. If you refuse to answer I will go back on my word and ask Nabiki to turn on the chair and send an electric current through your body."

Ranma was conflicted at those words, her mind was going to make her tell the truth, but her pride kept her fighting, itching to say no. Kasumi signaled Nabiki. Nabiki turned of a switch that was on a night stand only an inch away from the chair. As Nabiki flipped the switch, in made the small wires connected to it make a high pitched humming noise, almost like a bee buzzing. Nabiki then pushed a red button next to the switch, immediately Ranma an electric wave run through her body from her seat. This caused Ranma to sit straight up, her head which was bowed before was now looking right up at the ceiling. She howled at the sheer torture that was coursing through her.

After about 15 seconds, Nabiki turned it off. Ranma's body went limp, she was shaking a little bit from having the electricity go through her body, "I'll ask you again Ranma, do you know of anyone that would be troubled by your disappearance?"

Still, Ranma didn't answer. Nabiki flipped the switch again, and again Ranma felt the current flow through her body, except this time, Nabiki took her sweet time before finally turning it off. this time it was 30 seconds. As soon as the electricity was off, Kasumi explained, "Every time you fail to answer me, we'll shock you again, and each time Nabiki will increase the length of time by fifteen seconds more. I will ask you this again Ranma-chan, and this time you'd better answer me." There was no sternness in Kasumi's voice, just calm and collected voice, as if a mother was lecturing her daughter, "Is there any loved ones that would fret over your disappearing?"

Ranma tried not to let it, out. She tried to say that there was, "N-n-no."

Akane pet Ranma on the head, as let herself sink into the seat as much as her restraints would let her. Once again, the dreaded tears that Ranma fought for so long were too much and Ranma let them flow, "Aw, poor sweet Ranma-chan," Akane taunted, half sympathetically.

Nabiki smiled, "I think we broke her."

"These are merely tears of realization," Kasumi corrected her sister, "If these were tears of brokenness, she'd be whimpering and whining. It will take a lot more than that to truly make her submit to us." Kasumi reached out, took Ranma-chan by the chin, and made her look her directly into her eyes, "But I will enjoy every minute of it. If you were to break right now, I'd be terribly disappointed."

The tears disappeared as Ranma heard those words. That's right, she lost the battle, but not the war! The war had just begun.

"However, a proper pet must be broken," Akane said, turning Ranma's face to look at her, "I can't wait until my two weeks are up, then I can really try my hand at it."

"I don't know Akane, maybe if you're good, then you'll be allowed to have her a lot sooner." Akane jumped for joy at Kasumi's words, "But ONLY her."

"I understand Kasumi!"

Kasumi laughed, "Good," then she turned to Ranma, "That was only one question, there are still nine to go, shall we continue?"

Ranma simply groaned, then she felt a quick jolt of electricity. "Heheh, that was just for fun, I'm going to turn down the voltage, so that it's more stimulating than painful," Nabiki said laughing.

Kasumi meanwhile pulled up a seat nearby, and sat cross legged, "So, tell me a little about yourself Ranma. What do you think about sleeping with other women?"
Ranma was exhausted, when she didn't know how to answer certain questions, she was left silent and thus shocked. As Nabiki said, it wasn't as painful and Ranma did feel a small tingling down below. Her body wanted something, she didn't quite know what. She was breathing heavily, and her shaking was a little more violent than before. Thankfully, it was almost over, Ranma new that this was the last question. It seemed like the last question seven questions ago, but here came the last one.

Kasumi left her seat, and came closer to Ranma. She knelt, and placed both hands on each of Ranma's thighs, which her spread apart by the leg restraints on the chair, "I already know that as painful as this is, you feel quite the stimulation from this. You want something Ranma-chan, and you know what it is, you don't have to ask me, I'll ask you. Do you want me to make you feel good, to make you feel like a new woman."

Ranma had conflicted feelings. She didn't know much about sex, but she's been around the world enough to know about certain things. She certainly knew what Kasumi was getting at. On one hand, Ranma's body screamed yes, she was into girls, it was every guys dream to become a girl and experience how it was with another girl. On the other hand, she was a guy for crying out loud, and she didn't want to take it like a girl.

It was taking so long with Ranma debating with herself, that Nabiki was about to flip the switch again, "NO!" Nabiki stopped, completely taken by surprise by the answer, as were Kasumi and Akane, who was enjoying the show. No girl had EVER resisted! But they knew she was telling the truth, because Ranma couldn't lie until ten questions were answered.

Ranma continued to shake and breath heavily. She was beginning to gain her breath back, and she began to smile from satisfaction. She had won this battle. The score was 1 to 1. Ranma realized in order to win, she didn't have to throw a punch.

Kasumi recovered from surprise and said, "Very well then. I will leave you alone in this area...for now."

Ranma was released from chair. She tried to stand, but as soon as she did she collapsed. Kasumi caught the falling girl, and embraced her. Before falling asleep there, Ranma heard Kasumi say this, "You poor girl. We three big bad girl bullies have been picking on you all day. You rest, " Ranma closed her eyes as Kasumi stroked her head, "We won't just use you as a pet, we will also take very good care of you. You will be our little pet, whom we love, Ranma-chan."

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Chapter 5

[Author's notes: Standard Disclaimer: This is a fan work made for no profit. Ranma 1/2 and it's characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Kitty Animation, TV Tokyo, and Viz Media, please support any official releases you can afford.

WARNING: This fic contains a lime flavor, with girl on girl action, bondage, BDSM and other fetish related material. If such subjects make you feel uncomfortable, please click the back button on your browser now.

If you're not bothered and choose to read on, enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 5

Ranma had a really bad dream that night. She dreamed that she was walking through the Jusenkyo terrain. She was a boy in her dream. He just walked into the area of the cursed springs, the place was desolate and deserted. There was a big fog coming up and Ranma could hardly see a thing. "Hello?" he called out, "Is there anybody around?"

Suddenly, he tripped and fell. The fog made it hard to see anything, so he couldn't see where he was going. Where he landed was a pool of water. Once he resurfaced, he shook the water out of his hair, "Oh too bad," a woman's voice said. Ranma looked up to see Kasumi dressed as the Jusenkyo guide, "You fall in Nannichuan, spring of drowned girl. Legend say whoever fall into spring, take body of a young girl."

Ranma looked down at himself, she cupped her breasts at the horror of seeing he was now a she. Another girl's voice said, "She looks so cute, we make her our pet." She looked to the source of the voice which was Akane. Nabiki was right next to her, with a strand of rope. Ranma sprung to her feet and ran.

As Ranma darted away in a random direction, she exited the land of cursed springs. What she came upon next was a dart alley in China, she stopped a moment to catch her breath. She looked around, the Tendou sisters were nowhere in site. She sighed out of relief. She walked away from the alley, the worse things always happened in places like that. So she crossed the street, as soon as she went under a streetlight, she noticed her attire changed. She looked in a window to get a good look at herself. She was no longer wearing her usual male Chinese cloths, she was now wearing a catgirl suit, with a one piece singlet pantyhose, high heels, and a pair of ears. Ranma cringed, she hated cats so much. She tried to take the ears of, but they were stuck.

Suddenly she heard Nabiki's voice, "There she is!"

Ranma rushed into the nearest building. She shut the door behind her, and found a lock mechanism. She locked the door and sank to the floor, she was safe now. "Oh my, what are you doing out of your cage?"

Ranma turned around, and the first thing she noticed was that she was in a pet store, with various pets from dogs to birds, all of which had her hair style on their heads. Then she looked up, seeing Kasumi with evil grin on her face. Kasumi was wearing dress shirt with kacky pants, a smock, and a name tag that said 'Welcome to Petco, I'm Kasumi'.

Ranma tried to crawl away but she felt something grab her ankle, "Why is this cat wearing shoes? Pets don't wear shoes!" Ranma snapped her head to see Nabiki, dressed similarly to Kasumi, who wrapped her arm around both of Ranma's legs and removed the high heels from her feet.

"Why is she wearing cloths for that matter?" She turned around to see Akane, with same uniform as her sisters and pair of shears in her hand.

Kasumi pounce on Ranma, and tied her hands behind her back, "Get off me!!" She yelled, which was answered with a gag in her mouth.

"Pets don't talk either, this gag should help you make a good 'meow' sound."

No! Ranma thought as the three turned Ranma on her back and began to cut the singlet off. NOOOOOOO!
Ranma woke up in a cold sweat, her eyes shot open. Was it all a dream? She got a good look at where she was. She was in a family sized bed, the mattress was soft and comfortable, but other than the bed, the room wasn't really that decorated. Two arms were embracing her tightly, she knew who's it was. After all the hands' owner has been a huge throne in her side since yesterday, how could she not recognize them.

Ranma turned her head the best she could, seeing Kasumi sleeping piecefully. Ranma tried to say something out loud, but all the that came was a "hmm" sound. Ranma then realized her mouth was taped shut. Not only that, her arms and legs were tied with rope. At least this time though, her arm were tied in front of her instead of behind her. I wonder if I'll go more than five seconds without being tied up in this place, she thought.

She then took a look at her attire, they were a pair of pajamas with little frills on the sleeves, they had a cat pattern on them, Explains the catgirl suit in my dream, she concluded. Sadly, this, Kasumi, the gag, her bonds, and these pajamas; these were not a dream.
Later that morning, Ranma found herself laying on the floor, bound and gagged, this time with her hands behind her back, while the her captors ate breakfast. Her stomach was growling painfully, Kasumi just got done making an American Style breakfast, with bacon and eggs, cinnamon rolls, and biscuits and gravy. She'd only been to the United States once in her life while on the training trip with her father, but there was one thing she remembered; best breakfast EVER. Ranma wanted nothing more than to sink her teeth into those doughy biscuits. Her tape gag was still on, so when she wined, only 'tape gag talk' came through.

Kasumi patted Ranma's head, "Don't worry, I'll feed you soon."

Nabiki, who was sitting on the other side of Ranma, lightly scraped a finger nail across the sole of Ranma's left foot. Ranma, uncontrollably giggled, and pulled her feet away. In Ranma's old body as a male, he wouldn't have been bothered at all by somebody tickling his feet. The male Ranma was hardly ticklish, the female Ranma however was quite the opposite. The female body was still fairly new, so despite the intense training Ranma put herself through her body skin was still very soft. It was baby soft as a matter of fact, it was one of the qualities the the Tendous found attractive about her. The softer skin in this case, was not good for Ranma as it made her more vulnerable.

"That's just a little preview," Nabiki said in flirtatious manner to the bound girl.

Ranma made sure her feet were nowhere near Nabiki, and especially kept the soles on the ground where they were unlikely to be touched. After the Tendous ate, they cleaned the table, Ranma's stomach growled. She didn't really ask for much, just a little something. She made noises into the gag, but her captors pretty much ignored her until they were done cleaning the dishes.

Finally, they came back to the dining room. Akane picked Ranma up off the ground and sat her up on her knees. She untied Ranma's hands, but left the ankles tied. Akane then took off Ranma's tape gag. It was only medical tape, so Ranma's lips didn't feel any soreness after it was taken off. After she was sitting at the table properly, Kasumi brought in the food. Ranma's eyes widened when the food was placed in front of her, it wasn't just the American style breakfast that Kasumi cooked earlier, it was that and then some. There were extra portions of scrambled eggs, with her pancakes was a nice golden hash brown that looked crisp you'd mistaken it for fried chicken at first glance. The biscuits had steam still coming off of them, there were about seven of them in the basket. The gravy looked so smooth, even with the sausage chunks laying in it. "Go ahead and eat Ranma-chan, whatever you don't finish we can save for later." Said Kasumi.
Even as a girl, Ranma was a big eater, she ate all that was provided for her. The Tendou girls sat and watched her, but Ranma didn't mind, she was so hungry she could eat a horse. "Was that enjoyable?" Kasumi asked. Ranma nodded.

"You should thank Kasumi, she made it." Akane chimed.

"Thank you," Ranma said with a sincere grateful tone.

"You're quite welcome." Kasumi said with glee.

"Of course," Nabiki smirked, "Had it been Akane's cooking, I don't think our pet here would have been alive long enough for us to enjoy her fully."

Akane steamed at her sister, the other two sisters laughed. Ranma in the meanwhile felt lost on an inside joke. When things between the them calmed down they all focused their attention on Ranma, "We also have a gift for you Ranma-chan." Kasumi said. The still unsubmissive Ranma was a little worried as she said that.

Akane handed Ranma a rectangular box. It was decorated like a birthday or Christmas gift. Ranma, nervously, opened up the box. She dropped it once she saw what it was; a leather necklace with pendant in the middle, that simply said "Pet". "Of course, we'll get it personalized soon, and have it say 'Ranma'." Ranma shot Nabiki a dirty look for saying that.

"It's our little gift to you Ranma, you can call it a welcome home present." Ranma then shot the look to Kasumi, who continued speaking, "We hope you like it."

"You might as well just given me a cat turd!" Ranma shouted, and within an instant, she jumped on her bound feet and lunged forward over the table. The look in Ranma's eyes screamed bloody murder, she was not about to be humiliated once again by the girls, this is what she thought as she thrusted her fist at Kasumi's face, which would have connected, hadn't the other two tackled her.

They landed on the table, which broke. The weak Ranma-chan was still reminded of Kasumi's strength stealing trick that got her into this mess. Still Ranma fought and struggled against the two girls, but it wasn't long before she was subdued once again. Her hands were tied behind her back, and a napkin was stuffed into Ranma's mouth and secured by more medical tape. They also applied a hogtie onto Ranma, so that she'd even have a hard time inchworming away.

Ranma still looked at Kasumi dead in the eye, it would be a while before the wild horse was finally broken. "Nabiki," Kasumi spoke to her sister, "You decide the perfect punishment for Ranma." Nabiki gleefully nodded. "I was hoping I could win you over with a good meal, but I guess that was naive of me," She said to Ranma, "We are not dominatrices. You are not our slave, you are our pet, which means you get choices from time to time. You are not required to call your mistresses, which would be us, by some any formality, you can just call us by name. However, because you are a pet, you are expected to treat us with some respect, which means obeying and not attacking us. Nabiki will handle you while Akane and I are gone tonight."

Kasumi began to walk away, then she stopped, "By the way, I forgot to ask why you wear mens' cloths last night. You didn't even last the night, not that I blame you. But one day, you will agree to be our pet and you will tell me why you made such a choice in fashion." With that, Kasumi walked away.
In the Dojo, Nabiki lay Ranma on her back under the chin up bar. Nabiki lowered the bar to her own level, then picked up Ranma's feet and used rope to tie them to the chin up bar. Ranma was still laying on her back, however her butt was elevated about a foot off the ground. So for Ranma, she might as well have been hanging upside down. This is not what Ranma was expecting, this was uncomfortable but she failed to see how this was a punishment.

What's she gonna do, tickle me some more? Ranma thought, which really was no punishment at all. Nabiki walked over to the wall where various blunt objects on display, including kendo sticks, bokkens, nunchucks, all the traditional martial arts weapons. However, also on the wall included stuff regular clubs, rods, wooden sticks, canes and a cattle prod. Nabiki just grabbed a wooded stick.

"You might be wondering what kind of punishment I have in mind for you Ranma." Ranma listened intently. Despite Kasumi's form of cruelty, she was strangely kind, and always spoke with the softest tone. Nabiki on the other hand spoke with an icy tone in her voice, which creeped Ranma out a little bit, "This punishment is referred to variously as falaka, falanga, or bastinado," Nabiki walked back to Ranma and rested the wooden stick on the soles of Ranma's feet, "It is a form of torture commonly used in the middle east as well as some of China. Rumor has it, it was also used by the Ottoman Empire. What this will consist of, is me whipping the soles of your feet multiple times until they are as red as a beet. I'd say about 77 times is enough, but I warn you, I may loose count."

With that, Nabiki swung the stick and hit Ranma's feet with full force. The blow was so painful, that upon impact, Ranma and she felt the blow right down to her knees. Ranma had beatings before, but none like this. Her feet felt like hundreds of needles were sticking in them all at once. Nabiki dealt another blow to Ranma's soles, this one made them feel even worse, I Ranma moaned into her gag out of agony.

"What I love about this punishment," Nabiki stated, swinging the stick again, "Is that it's the most painful form of whipping, and yet no marks are made on the feet aside from the change in color, they stay as smooth as ever."
After 77 whips on the soles of her feet, probably more, Ranma was forced to walk on her bare feet. Which was extremely hard, she barely stand on them they hurt so bad. Nabiki guided her to make sure she stayed standing. They walked all the way to the bathroom, where she was finally allowed to sit down.

Nabiki took Ranma's tape off, and the napkin out of her mouth. She also untied Ranma completely, "Now give me those pajamas." Ranma looked at Nabiki strangely, "Take them off! Or do you want another round of what you just had?" Quickly Ranma took the PJs off, "I'll be back later tonight, we'll make a proper kennel for you when we get the chance, but for right now this bathroom will have to do. Feel free to take a shower or bath or whatever." Nabiki shut the door.

Ranma grabbed the handle, trying to reopen the door, "Locked from the outside." She thought out loud.
Ranma did in fact take a bath. Why not? She hadn't had a good bath in days, always on the road she had to bath in nearby river or lake. Ever since she turned into a girl, she had had occasional trouble with peeping toms. And since she still had that 'I'm a guy' mentality, it didn't really feel right to go to the womens' public bath house. So it was nice, to finally get a chance to bath in private. The bath also really helped her feet, and eventually she was able to walk on them without them hurting.

It was such a good bath. Ranma cleaned herself up and let herself soak in the warm water. If only warm water could change her back into a guy, that would be great, she wouldn't have to deal with this.

Later after taking a bath and drying up, Ranma decided to wrap a towel around her. She didn't have a problem with being topless before because, again, she was a guy. Guys didn't worry about not being topless. But now that she a prisoner of three perverted women, who oogled at her breasts every time they were out, being topless, or naked period, left her with a feeling of vulnerability. She considered escaping, but the windows had locks on the outside. She threw a bar of soap at the window, hoping to break it. Bulletproof. The soap hit the window and shattered on the floor, "I wonder how obsessed you gotta be in order to think about keeping a "pet" to go to these lengths?"

Hours past, still nobody returned home, Ranma kept herself from getting bored by practicing kata. She knew there would be a day that she'd get her strength back, and she wanted to be in shape and ready. She would find a way to cure this moxibustion point thing for, and through chivalry out the window and kick the crap out of these girls.

It was getting into the early after noon, and Ranma was hungry. That breakfast she had was big, but Ranma was had fast working digestion and metabolism. She was already starving. She was thinking about lunch, when suddenly heard the sound of people entering the house. Ranma became extremely alert. She heard footsteps coming closer to the bathroom. The door was unlocked, Ranma stood up to bravely face whoever was coming in. Nabiki opened the door with Chinese take outs in hand, "Hungry?"

Ranma tried to take the Chinese food, but Nabiki pulled it away, "Ah, ah, ah," Nabiki taunted waving a finger, "First I need you to promise to be good girl until Kasumi gets home. You'll get to eat lunch, but you'll miss dinner should you go back on your word." Ranma's face showed her frustration with Nabiki. Of all the Tendou sisters, she was sure she hated Nabiki most of all. For giving her those electric shocks last night, and all those whippings with a stick on her feet. It kind of made it hard to like anyone like that, "Of course you can refuse and eat nothing for the rest of the day, your call." Nabiki concluded.

Ranma was going to refuse, "I'd rather-" her stomach clearly disagreed with her, and let of a loud growl, Ranma sighed, "I promise to be a good girl."

"I knew you'd see it my way." Nabiki took Ranma by the hand and led her to her room. Once there, Ranma began to enjoy a Chinese feast, with fried rice, noodles, and sweet and sour chicken, but Nabiki ate the fortune cookie. Nabiki just couldn't help but look at Ranma, sit on her bedroom floor, eating, dressed in nothing but a towel. Ranma sat Indian style, which gave Nabiki a semi good look at her feet. Nabiki was impressed with how fast the redness on soles faded, especially since they had at least 77 lashes (probably more). The girl had fast recovery, that's for sure.

Ranma finished her food and let off a healthy belch, if it were a guy, Nabiki would've found it repulsive, but in this case she found it incredibly, cute. Nabiki went to her night stand, opened the drawer and pulled out some ropes and gags, "Aw, come on!" Ranma complained standing up. And was ready to dart out the door.

"You promised to be a good girl!" Nabiki reminded her in a sing-song tone.

"Kasumi said I'd get choices."

"'From time to time', this is one of those choices where you don't have a say in the matter. Not only will you not eat dinner, when Kasumi comes home, she'll punish you herself, and she is worse when it comes to punishment. So if I were you, I'd sit back down and put your hands behind your back young lady." Ranma, reluctantly sat down and did as Nabiki asked, "Tell you what, just to prove I'm not Satan, I'll let you keep the towel on."

Ranma was relieved to hear those words. Although, as much as she hated the cat pattern on the PJs, she'd prefer that over this towel. Nabiki tied Ranma's hands behind her, and true to her word, she made sure the towel stayed on by tying extra rope around her body in a spider web-shibari style. What Ranma didn't see coming was the finishing tough, which Nabiki brought a rope between her legs, looped through the shibari on her back, and connected it to her hands. It was tied tightly and Ranma felt it, "Ugh!"

"I thought you'd like it." Nabiki said, "Just try not to move too much, I don't want you to make a mess on my floor." Nabiki had Ranma lay down and continued the spider web-shibari down her legs, finishing off and the ankles. Ranma lay very still, so the crotchrope would irritate anything downstairs, but it was hard. Finally, Nabiki pulled out a gag, it looked much different from all the others. It had to leather straps, connected to a rubber ball. She pushed the ball into Ranma's mouth, and buckled the straps behind her head. Ranma's jaw was open way too wide for her, her girl mouth was so small that the ball barely fit.

"Now comes my favorite part." Nabiki took a packet of soy sauce, opened and let the contents pour over Ranma's feet. The gagged girl, looked back as she felt the soy sauce drip down. Nabiki picked up Ranma's feet, and licked the soy sauce right off. Ranma felt Nabiki' tongue all over both of her feet. With her really ticklish body, Ranma just fell to pieces with laughter, except for Ranma it wasn't even funny. Nabiki finished licking the soles, and started sucking soy sauce off of each toe one by one.

During all this between Ranma's gagged laughter and Nabiki's licking, Ranma tried her very hardest not to wiggle, as there was a certain Rope tied at a certain spot. Said certain spot was most certainly sensitive. Nabiki finished licking Ranma's feet, she dried them off with a towel, which she proceeded to use as a napkin. Ranma laughed so hard she was out of breath, at least this wasn't like last night with the electric shocks, she thought to herself. Even so, this feet licking thing is just plain gross, she later concluded.

However, Ranma knew the torture was far from over, as Nabiki picked her up and tossed her on the bed. She tied Ranma's ankles to the bed post, and brought out some extra rope, which she tied around the actual feet, continuing the spider web like shibari pattern. It was finished off as she tied Ranma's big toes together.

Ranma was now almost completely immobile, if she was hogtied she would be. As far as movement went She could only bend her legs, hip, and head. As far as extending any sort of appendage, that was out of the question. Ranma watched as Nabiki opened a drawer on her dresser, where she took out a case. Nabiki set the case down on the floor and opened it. Inside was an assortment feathers, feather dusters, and paint brushes. Nabiki just looked at the contents and did nothing for a few minutes, while Ranma looked at her in horror, wondering what she was going to do.

Nabiki took out a random feather and turned to Ranma, "I wonder how ticklish you are in places other than your feet?"

A ballgag was designed not to keep some one quiet, but rather as a tool of humiliation that halted the prisoner's last form of communication, which would be speech. It did it's intended job, and it was because it did not keep a prisoner completely silent, that Ranma's gagged laughter echoed through out the house.
Ranma was untied after Nabiki was done. The towel still remained attached to her body. It was nightfall, and once again, she was exhausted. Once she regained her breath and strength (well the strength to walk and move anyway) Kasumi and Akane returned home. Ranma forced herself off the ground. She over heard the girls talking, something about turning the extra guest room into a 'kennel'. Ranma didn't have to think to figure out what that meant.
Later on, late that night the still exhausted Ranma sat in Kasumi's room. All three sisters were present, in their sleeping attire. Ranma was wearing another outfit that catered to Kasumi's Pajama fetish. It was a red button-up nightgown, really elegant looking and made out of silk it seemed.

"Well, did you have a nice time with Nabiki?" Kasumi asked. Ranma didn't reply. "Akane and I went out and got your collar personalized." She showed Ranma the hated collar again, it said 'Ranma' where pet had previously been, "Your defiance is most admirable, but you'll break. They all do, not one girl has ever resisted us to the end." Ranma remained silent, "I know we are forcing you into this Ranma, but I want you to know, if you would accept becoming our pet, then we'd show you the utmost affection that you would have never experienced." Ranma remained silent, but the blood was boiling. Kasumi got up from sitting on her bed and walked over to Ranma. Ranma once again, submitted reluctantly. Her tears flowed once again as Kasumi put the collar on around Ranma's neck and locked it.

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Ranma looked in the bathroom mirror. The collar she wore was a sign that she was owned. She couldn't take it off, because there was a key that you had to use to unlock it. She spent all night last night trying to get it off. Last night she didn't sleep in anybody's room, "I we only do that on special occasions." Akane told her. Ranma instead slept on a futon mattress in what the Tendou sisters were intending to be her room. What kept her from escaping was the fact that Akane had tied her hands and legs like last night. They tied Ranma's hands in front of her so that she'd have an easier time sleeping. She was also gagged with a cleave gag.

They woke her up for breakfast this morning, and aside from the attempted attack on Kasumi, it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday with the girls eating first, and her eating later. Ranma then took a bath with all three of them. The sisters just talked about their usual perverted antics, even tried to seduce Ranma a few times, which of course she refused.

Ranma just sat in front of the mirror, looking at herself and the collar. Kasumi said she'd get choices from time to time, but thus far it has been a lie. They've been trying to control her for the past fourty-eight hours, and she didn't get any sort of respect even for a real pet. Kasumi walked up behind Ranma-chan and gave her a big hug from behind. It is worthy to note that both girls were naked after being in the tub. As if she'd been reading Ranma's mind she said, "You will get more choices if you'd just submit to us." Ranma chose not to answer, as if any answer would be any good when talking to these three. Kasumi leaned into Ranma's ear, "Who knows, if you come to like this, you may become more than a bet, but a sister."

Ranma did a double take on Kasumi, "Think about it, instead of you submitting to us, together we can get other girls to submit to you." Kasumi mused.

Ranma quietly sneared, "I will not play your perverted games."

Kasumi chuckled, "Suit yourself, but the more you resist, the more restrictions we put on you. By the way, go up to Akane's room after she's done with her bath. She's going to be taking you out shopping for cloths."
Ranma was glad to be back in her own cloths, the baggy Chinese cloths meant for guys. This was the last among shreds she had of freedom. Her martial arts skill was another thing. While waiting for Akane in her room, she practiced kata. Akane walked in on her while doing so, she commented on how cute it was that Ranma still practiced. Ranma, even in her current state, ate, breathed, and dreamed almost nothing but martial arts. It was her passion from when she was a small boy. Though she had lost respect for her father over the years, she had to give him this; he did plant the seed of passion for the art, and it grew.

The only thing Ranma didn't get back were her shoes, because Kasumi pitched those. Instead, she got a pair of sandals. This was not just because of Nabiki's persistant foot fetish, but rather Kasumi's definition of dominance, which was those with footwear rule over those without. Ranma wondered if Kasumi also had a foot fetish like Nabiki to a lesser extent.

Akane was somebody that Ranma didn't get to know, because she was being punished for something. Right now was the first time that Ranma had really been alone with Akane, with was both comforting and discouraging. Comforting because neither Kasumi or Nabiki were with her. Discouraging because Ranma never got to know Akane, no telling what she was into. Ranma had the feeling she was about to find out.

Ranma walked down the shopping district of Nerima with Akane, and happened along a small lingerie shop. Ranma walked in and out of the changing room in various types of underwear. Right now she was wearing black and pink lace bra and panties. Akane just smiled with a rather childish look on her face, "Is this how you get off?" Ranma asked her.

"Yes, but this what all three of us are into. For Kasumi it's sleeping attire, for Nabiki it's," Akane shuttered at the thought of her middle sister's fetish, "Feet. As for me, you'll find out after we're done here."
At another particular store Ranma stepped out of the changing room, wearing a schoolgirl's sailor suit, "Really, why don't you just go to school if your thing is school girl outfits?"

"I graduated early, my grandfather was a genius and helped me with my homework. He also taught me everything I know." Akane said, spacing out in the fond memories of Grandfather Happosai. Just one more person to beat the crap out of, Ranma thought.

Ranma tried on a few more outfits including a number from Furinkan High School, which turned out to be Akane's favorite. Ranma couldn't admit that shopping for cloths has been completely boring, besides she was getting out finally and this was the most excitement that she'd had ever since she was kidnapped. Akane purchased everything that Ranma wore, "This is going to be your new daytime wardrobe, you'll wear that on special occasions," Akane explained, gesturing to the cloths Ranma was wearing, "Now, how about we go out for ice cream?"

Many things Ranma could refuse from the Tendous. Ice cream wasn't one of them
Ranma finished the most delicious fruit parfait she had ever eaten, she ate it amazingly fast, which made Akane just look at her 'pet' wondering how she wasn't getting brain freeze. "That's good stuff," commented Ranma, "Now I want to try this one." Ranma pointed to a banana split sundea.

"That was your third ice cream, and you want more? You act like you've never had ice cream before." Akane said.

"Never had it until resently."

"Seriously? Why not!"

Ranma wasn't sure if she sould explain. After all she was saving this shock story for Kasumi, who for whatever reason hasn't asked for the answer as to why she wore mens' clothing. Ranma didn't bother, because really, who was going to believe her, she could just imagine it, "I actually use to be a guy, I had a penis, testicles and everything." Yeah right.

Instead, Ranma explained, "My pop never let me have it, he said it would interfere with my martial arts training."

Akane laughed, "That's a little crazy." Not as crazy as the real story, Ranma thought. "But you don't have to worry about your dad or martial arts anymore, so have all the ice cream you want."

Ranma took major offense to those words. She was about to comment that she just lost her appetite when suddenly, there was an explosion at the wall across the room from where she and Akane were sitting. When the smoke cleared, everyone in the restaurant, was a girl, with purple hair, which she had each side tied in a bun. She was wearing pink Chinese clothing, her eyes were a darker shade of purper than her hair, and they had a glare of death within them. She carried a chui in each hand, as they were her weapon of choice. Her glare shifted toward Ranma, and she pointed her weapons at her, "Sh-sha...Shampoo!" Ranma said, in quiet terror.

"Ranma, you know this girl?" Akane asked, "You've got to introduce me, she's almost as cute as you."

"Ranma, die!" the girl called Shampoo said.

Ranma may not have had her strength, but she still had her speed and that was enough to dodge Shampoo's attack. Shampoo lunged forward with her chui, and when she missed Ranma, she instead busted a new whole in the wall, "Hey Shampoo! C'mon! Why don't you just get over it and leave me alone already!" Ranma said continuing to dodge.

Ranma pulled a nearby curtain off the wall and threw it Shampoo. The purple haired girl broke it in half, but when she turned to face Ranma again, she was gone. She looked everywhere, then saw the girl Ranma was with. She was about to threaten the girl when she pointed back at the hole in the wall, "She went that way."

"Running again?" Shampoo shouted in frustration as she ran back out the wall.

Akane let off a sigh of relief, "Okay Ranma you can stop hiding, she's gone now." The only reply she got was from all the fellow shocked customers in the store, "Ranma, come on out, it's time to go home." Akane still recieved no answer, she knocked on the door of a broken cabnet where she thought Ranma was hiding, as she did she door fell open, the cabnet was empty. Shocked, Akane looked toward the hole in the wall, "She couldn't have."

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"You let her escape!?" Nabiki and Kasumi said in unison.

"There was smoke everywhere, she was dodging a girl who was literally trying to kill her, I even had to dodge her myself." Akane explained.

Nabiki sneered, "That's no excuse, she may not have her strength, but she still has that speed of her's, you should have been more responsible!"

Kasumi, despite how shocked he was, remained calm and collected, and sipped her tea, "Now Nabiki, Akane could not have seen this coming. From what I hear, she's not to blame."

Akane was relieved, she really didn't want to get spanked again by Kasumi. Ranma and that Shampoo girl, once she caught them both, they were both going to pay by her hand. "In any case," Kasumi continued, "We'd better look for them, I'm a little concerned about Ranma being out there with no strength whatsoever. By the way Akane, this Sampoo. Is she cute?"
Ranma leaped from roof to roof, she had fled the ice cream shop and she was free! Free! After two days, she was finally able to find a way to escape thanks to Shampoo. As excited as she was though, she knew she wasn't out of the woods yet. For one thing, Ranma still needed to get out of town, find a way to regain her strength, exact her revenge against the Tendous, find a way to get Shampoo off her back and then finally, go back to China to find a cure for her curse and change back into a guy.

It was all easier said than done. She stopped by a near by window, and noticed her attire through her reflection. She was still wearing the sailor style schoolgirl outfit that Akane bought for her. She'd get new cloths, but right now, these were the only ones she had. She also needed to get some new shoes, somewhere along the way, she lost the sandals that the Tendous had her wear.

Ranma continued leaping through town, until she found her usual route out of there. She ran, balancing herself on the fence that she'd always walk on. She knew she was home free. Suddenly, and without warning, a red ribbon was thrown at her from out of nowhere, and wrapped itself around her body. No, Ranma thought, I was so close. Not having any strength to fight her attacker, she was easily pulled down from the fence. Ranma landed hard on the ground, unable to land on her feet.

Ranma shook the cobwebs out of her eyes, and looked up to see Shampoo, with four other girls laying around her, knocked out cold. All but one girl were covered in bandages. The one that wasn't was dressed in a gymnist leotard, and had the most hideous looking pony tail Ranma had ever seen. Looking at the sight, Ranma assumed that they were all knocked out by Shampoo, who stole this ribbon from her. "Now Ranma, you die."

Ranma's attention snapped back to Shampoo, who had a sword in her hands. She backed herself up and was cornered on the fence, "Please Shampoo, I'm sorry! I don't want to die!"

Ranma shut her eyes as Shampoo swung the sword at her, but it never hit her. Ranma opened one eye, and saw Akane standing in front of her with her hands clapped on Shampoo's sword, stopping it from going any further. Ranma didn't know weather to be relieved or be filled with dread. Shampoo's sword was stopped, but Ranma was also greatly concerned about the girl defending her. She quickly rose to her feet, and started to run, but something grabbed ahold of the ribbon that tied her and was pulled backward. Falling on her back she saw Nabiki holding onto the ribbon, "Going Somewhere?"

Ranma Struggled, but she was once again hogtied in Nabiki's signiture hogtie, crotchrope and all. Kasumi arrived shortly thereafter, "You take Ranma," She said sticking a gag in Ranma's mouth, "Akane and I will take care of her."

"No! She mine! I Kill!" The Chinese girl said in her broken language, as she kicked Nabiki, put an elbow to Akane's gut and brought the butt of the sword down on the head of Kasumi. Ranma, still struggling against the ribbon, was then picked up by Shampoo who leapt off with her over her shoulder.

"Dammit!" Nabiki cursed, "What's with all these bitches that can beat us up coming into town?"

Akane caught her breath, "This is far from over," she said punching the nearby fence.

Kasumi wasn't knocked out but she was dazed. However, her silence was a sign of her anger.
Shampoo took Ranma to a place that was not to far from the areas where Ranma use to camp not more than a few days later. The ribbon was untied, but new rope that Shampoo had with her was used to hoist Ranma off the ground and hang on the branch of a tree upside down. Ranma was hanging by her ankles, with her hands tied behind her back. She was stripped naked and the gag that Kasumi stuffed in her mouth earlier, was tightened. Ranma hung nervously, not knowing weather or not she was dead. But all the while she was still struggling, hoping she could loosen the ropes. The rope work was good however, and nothing that Ranma could just get out of.

Shampoo meanwhile, was sharpening her sword on a rock. She explained to Ranma what she was about to do, "First Ranma fight and defeat Shampoo, then Ranma run like coward. Is greatest insult to amazons. Ranma only deserve to die in worse way, by execution amazon tribe use to only kill worst of criminals. What Shampoo do, is tie Ranma up, hang her upside down, then when all blood has rushed to head, Shampoo will behead Ranma. Then Shampoo have her revenge and her honor back."

The sound of it all made Ranma's struggle become more violent. It seemed it was all over. Ranma never thought she'd think this, but she needed the help of the Tendou sisters, right now.
Kasumi still had a good enough sense to track where Shampoo had been. Her sisters followed her close behind, it was not a good idea to take the lead when Kasumi was mad, for she was known to deliver blows that would be fatal. One time, the family doctor was trying to come onto her. His advances were so aggresive, that Kasumi assaulted him until he needed plastic surgery to have a recognizable face again. If an angry bull fought an angry Kasumi, Kasumi would win hands down. It was rare for Kasumi to be angry, and that was a good thing.

"I think Kasumi is mad enough she might actually kill, Shampoo." Akane whispered to Nabiki.

"Heavens no, she's still going make Shampoo our pet, but she's going to make her suffer all night until she breaks." Nabiki responded, "Think about it. Shampoo defeated us, that was one thing. But then she stole what is rightfully ours, and intends to kill her. And finally, Shampoo just ignored a fight that was clearly coming, not even bothering to allow us to issue the challenge. Kasumi considers this a great insult, you know."

Akane gulped, "I don't think I want to help her break Shampoo after this tonight."
Ranma's struggling stopped a few minutes ago. She was feeling extremely dizzy. She had been hanging upside down for well around three hours, she hadn't conditioned herself for that long. Shampoo was meditating next to the tree Ranma was hanging from. It was almost dusk, a customary time for this kind of amazon execution to take place.

"It time," Shampoo stated opening her eyes, and picking up her sword. Ranma shook her head, this can't be happening she thought. The sword was brought up to Ranma's neck, Ranma looked in the eye of her exicutioner, "Die Ranma!"

Shampoo brought up her sword and was ready to swing. All of the sudden, Ranma was cut down from the tree. Shampoo looked at the tree to see two shuriken stuck in the tree. The shuriken were clearly what cut down her prisoner, "Who there?"

Kasumi walked out in the open, "I wanted to challenge you back there, but you didn't have any courtesy to allow us to issue one to you."

Shampoo laughed, "What make you think you can defeat Shampoo, a highly trained amazon warrior?"

Akane and Nabiki arrived, and found Ranma out cold on the ground. They guessed she landed on her head, from the way she was stewn out on the ground. They needed to get her away from Shampoo, but how? Akane had some kind of idea, but she didn't know if it would work. Still, she whispered her idea to Nabiki, who nodded in agreement. Akane picked a pair of nunchucks out of her belt, and charged at swinging them wildly. Shampoo noticing her attacker wielded the sword at her. Akane stopped it with the nunchuck chain and wrapped it around. This kept Shampoo from being able to use the sword, "Let go!" Shampoo sneared with anger, Nabiki meanwhile grabbed the unconcious Ranma and took off, "NO!" Shampoo called after her.

Akane broke off the nunchucks grip on the sword and backed up, still swing her weapon around ready to attack again. Shampoo, was now blind with rage, she would kill these girls with no mercy. She raised her sword and started forward. But she didn't get more than three steps when the swift and stealthy Kasumi hit the pressure point of paralisys on Shampoo's back.

It happened so suddenly, Shampoo was shocked and astonished as she fell to the ground. She tried to move her limbs, "Why can I no move!"

Kasumi didn't answer, as she turned the Chinese girl on her back with her foot, knelt down and hit the moxibution point under Shampoo's chest. She hit with force that Shampoo lost the breath in her lungs, "Those who don't listen to my challenges and threaten to kill that which we own, don't even deserve a fair fight."

Kasumi tossed some rope to her sister, "Tie her up. I've got a bag with a blanket in it, wrap her in that, then when you get home, put her in the interrogation chair."

That was all Kasumi said before leaping off in the direction Nabiki went. Akane was left alone with Shampoo. To Akane, this one was not as cute as Ranma, but she was sure hot. She sat on top of the girl, "You're going to be a great addition to our new collection." She said, and she gave Shampoo a long and hard kiss on the lips, slipping in her tongue. Shampoo was unable to do anything about it, when the kiss was broken, she did all she could do, which was lash out, "HOW DA-MMMPH!!"

Shampoo was silenced by a cloth that Akane put in her mouth which was tied around her head. Next, Shampoo was stripped naked and tied with rope. There was rope that secured Shampoo's ankles, knees, thighs, wrists and elbows. Akane finished tying extra rope above and under Shampoo's breast and without a word, wrapped her in the blanket like Kasumi asked. Shampoo gave out protests, which the gag muffled. Akane ignored them of course. She almost felt sorry for Shampoo, for she got on Kasumi's bad side. And that was never a good thing to do.

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Ranma woke up, the first thing she did was search her mouth for a gag, there was none. Once she was able to feel her limbs she checked if she was tied up, she could move. She sat up, shaking the cobwebs from her vision and looked around the room. The first thing that came to mind was, "What the hell?"

It was clearly one of the Tendou's rooms, but it was made to look like a school infirmary. She looked at the clothing she was wearing, she was wearing a school girl uniform from Furinkan high. Her confusion of everything was broken when she saw Akane walk through the door, dressed as a school nurse and carrying a clipboard, "Oh, good. You're awake. You've had quite the bump on the head." Akane said, "You should thank all your little friends, they brought you up here."

Anger built up in Ranma, but she was still too dazed to express it, it still showed in her voice however, "Why can't you all just leave me alone?" She tossed off the covers and stood up, but she stood up too fast, "Oooh, my head." She put a hand where it was aching the most.

Akane sat Ranma back down on the bed, "This is more than just a fetish of mine," Akane said, "I can actually help you with that head of yours."

Ranma reluctantly allowed Akane to look at her head, "You guys aren't going to 'punish' me for escaping?"

"Don't tell Kasumi that, I told them that you were just getting away from that Shampoo girl. You'll find I'm the cool one, I let girls get away with the most. Just be glad you're not a guy, I don't let them get away with anything."

Ranma, tried her hardest to keep from laughing.
Shampoo, who was still conscious to begin with, did not have as warm a welcome when she opened her eyes. She felt herself being unrolled from the blanket, which kept her in darkness the entire trip. When she finally saw light, she saw the two older sisters towering over her, "Lock her in the interrogation chair." was all Kasumi said before walking upstairs ahead of her sister.

With that, a silent Nabiki hoisted Shampoo over her shoulder. The paralysis had worn off, so Shampoo found herself able to struggle again. The more she struggled the more desperate her struggles became, Why can I no break rope, she thought frustrated. Here she was thrashing around like a madwoman, but there was no budge not even on the grip of the person holding her. Nabiki eventually made it upstairs and to the extra room where the dreaded interrogation chair sat. She was strapped in easily. Angry and confused, Shampoo kept struggling. Nabiki walked out of the room, but not before turning on the switch that powered up the chair. The high pitched electric humming sound made Shampoo uneasy, especially since she was sitting on a cold metal surface.
"Is this really necessary? I really don't need to be to be tied up." Ranma complained as Akane tied her arms to the bedposts at the head of the bed.

"Any patients that show resistance to treatment must be restrained. School rules." replied Akane in total role play mode, "Besides, you're just too cute to not tie up."

Ranma rolled her eyes, "Really, what is you're girls obsession with tying me up? Why do I have to be your 'pet'? HEY!!"

Ranma felt Akane go under her skirt and retrieve her panties, which were then stuffed into Ranma's mouth, "That was already explained to you. And if that Shampoo is under the same circumstances as you are, then she'll be your playmate." Before Ranma could even make a muffle, a cloth was tied to secure the panties in Ranma's mouth. To add extra insult to injury, medical tape was put over Ranma's mouth.
Shampoo waited a long time before she was joined by Kasumi, who came in with a black leather bag. She dumped the contents out, it included restraints and gags, as well as some toys that were meant to go into certain places. Shampoo, however, did not show her captor a weak face. She was going to give this woman the kiss of death first thing she got out. The gag was removed from Shampoo's mouth, immediately she outburst in fury, "Where is place you take Shampoo?! Why you strap her in chair?! Where's Ranma?! First Shampoo kill her, then she kill you!!"

The response to which was Kasumi flipping the switch, sending electric waves through Shampoo's body. It was much longer than the first time they shocked Ranma, where as Ranma had a one second jolt her first time. Kasumi flipped the switch off. Shampoo's body shook, but she still had her attention fixed on Kasumi, "First of all," Kasumi started, "There will be no killing whatsoever. Not Ranma, and most certainly not me. Secondly, you're in no position to be asking questions, that is what I will be doing."

Kasumi walked around her prisoner, studying her body intently, "Let me explain to you your predicament. Ranma is our pet, and you tried to kill her. I would like to know why. I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and every time you don't answer quick enough, I'm going to shock you again. Also, you won't be able to escape, you are clearly a skilled martial artist, so in order to keep you from escaping, I hit a pressure point on your chest that takes away your strength."

Shampoo looked at the older girl in disbelief, there was no way her strength was gone, "You lie!" Kasumi flipped the switch again and another shock was sent through Shampoo's body.
Ranma was still wearing her school uniform, but the shirt was lifted over her breasts. Akane had a little too much fun with 'breast inspection', she was now going through a bunch of doctor's equipment that she had stuffed in her night stand, it was a mess in there. Organize much? Thought Ranma. Akane finally brought out a stethoscope, "Alright, now we're going to check your heartbeat."

Akane put the stethoscope on, and placed the diaphragm on Ranma's bare stomach. It was stone cold, Ranma flinched as it touched her body. "Now take a deep breath," Akane instructed. Now Ranma knew she was way too into this school nurse thing. When Ranma didn't respond Akane pulled on the red head's earlobe, "I may be the cool one, but I also have the least patients when it comes to pets not doing as their told. Take a deep breath before I get violent."

Not in the mood for pain, Ranma inhaled through her nose, "Very good," Akane said, moving the stethoscope to a higher position on her stomach. Again, Ranma felt the unbearably cold diaphragm on her stomach, she let out a light moan upon its landing, "Again," Ranma inhaled, and put it right under her chest this time, "Again."
Shampoo wailed in agony from the electric shocks of the chair. Kasumi had applied the pressure point to keep her from lying, which was located on the roof of her mouth. It was not like Shampoo at any reason not to tell the truth, but her lack of responsiveness kind of required it, for the nerve would tense up after an electric jolt, thus with enough torture, the prisoner would eventually succumb. Although, Kasumi was a little disappointing. She was so sure this girl would be much stronger than Ranma in terms of endurance, but once she applied pressure point of truth, she'd only had to shock her twice. No matter, this meant she was going to break a lot faster.

"Question number nine Shampoo, why do you want to kill Ranma?"
Back in China, many months earlier, in the village of Josetsuzoku, the locals had their annual martial arts tournament. Nobody seemed to notice the red haired Japanese girl and the fat guide from Jusenkyou enter the village. Why would they, all eyes were on the finalists, one of which was Shampoo. Shampoo could taste that prize feast now, it was one that she'd have with many friends. All she had to do was keep her balance on a hanging log, and knock her opponent off of it.

For Shampoo, this was merely child's play. She took her opponent down within a matter of minutes, the entire village cheered, Shampoo raised her arms in victory. This was about more than just a prize feast, this meant she'd be recognized as the strongest in the village! The feast was just a bonus, but not taking it would be a major shame. She walked over to where all the food was, only to a little pipsqueak of a girl wearing an oversized martial arts gi eating her prize meal. The nerve, "Why are you eating my prize?" she said in Chinese.

The girl, who spoke Japanese, clearly didn't understand her so the guide translated. Upon hearing the translation, the girl seemed to gesture apologies. "She says she is very sorry," the guide said, "she had no idea it was yours."

"I doesn't matter, for eating what is mine without MY permission, I'm challenging her to a duel."

With that, both girls were standing on the hanging log. Shampoo charged at the girl, who just stood there, Easy victory, thought Shampoo. Then all of a sudden, the brought her foot up and kicked Shampoo in the chin. Shampoo went flying off the log, she just simply couldn't believe it! She had just won the tournament, and now she was defeated by this...this...outsider. There was just no way.

All was confirmed when Shampoo hit the ground, and looked up to see the outsider girl's hand get raised by the official. Angry, humiliated, Shampoo stood up and walked over to the girl. She took her gently by the face, and gave her a long kiss on the cheek. The kiss of death, this would mark this girl until she was hunted down to the ends of the earth, and killed. She'd since chased the girl all around China and had eventually tracked her down in Japan.
Kasumi let off one last electric jolt as Shampoo finished her story, "It truth," Shampoo pleaded, "Shampoo swear!"

It all made sense to Kasumi now. Her anger had subsided, that last jolt was all she needed for her to let it go. She walked in front of Shampoo, and started to rub the girls thigh, "I already know that as painful as those electric shocks were, you feel quite the stimulation from this. You want something Shampoo, and you know what it is, you don't have to ask me, I'll ask you. Do you want me to make you feel good, to make you feel like a new woman."

Shampoo couldn't deny it. There was a certain feeling down below, and she felt like she needed a release more than anything.
Akane was now positioning herself between Ranma's legs. She'd done all she could to get Ranma euphoric, and she'd succeeded, "Ranma-chan," she said, "I'm so glad I get to be your nurse today. I hope finish this off. Kasumi and Nabiki got you to feel the same way you do now. You're feeling hot, you feel like everything in your lower region is just screaming for something to go inside. I would really like to have the honor of being the first one down there, I can tell you're a virgin and you know want to know how it feels. However, I share Kasumi and Nabiki's no rape policy, but all you have to do is not."

Before she could completely finish, Ranma was already shaking her head no. Akane was astonished, this girl was still under the delusion that she was going to get free someday. Not only that, she was still refusing after FOUR DAYS in captivity. The longest any girl lasted one three hours. The anger built up in Akane, but she took deep breaths until it went away. She brought a box of rubber gloves, "A cavity search it is then."
Nabiki sat in the dining room, watching TV. The house echoed with a pair of screams, one of tortured pleasure, the other pure pleasure. She sat down the remote, "Screw this, I'm going to a strip club." She grabbed wallet, put on her shoes and left.

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