Story: Never Too Late (all chapters)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Never Too Late

She could see the anger in Fujin's face, hear the harsh words she spat and still, Quistis knew it was all a farce. A lie brought out of desperation, fear, and pain so deep that the blonde was surprised Fujin hadn't been placed in a drug-induced coma yet. A flash of steel was knocked away by the snap of leather as the other woman sought to take out her anger on Quistis. No desire to neither fight nor harm the other woman in battle could be found in Quistis' heart. In fact, she wanted to help ease her pain - fix her even, if it were still possible. As the chakram struck the ground with a sharp clang and Fujin briefly paused to decide which spell she should cast, Quistis snapped her whip again. The strong leather, capable of cutting monsters in half with ease, wrapped bitingly around Fujin's right wrist. A sharp tug forced the tanned woman to stumble forward, landing painfully on her knees.

"UNFAIR!" Was the angry protest followed by a curse as Fujin clawed at the whip still wrapped around her wrist.

"Nothing is ever fair, but you know that already, don't you?" A pause in the clawing and she knew she had struck a nerve. "Where did it all go wrong for you?" Silence as Fujin merely stared at her captured wrist. A tug at the bound wrist and pain shot through Fujin as the whip tighten. "Was it when you killed your first monster? When you killed your first human? Was it when you lost your eye? Or was it when the nightmares became so unbearable, that you sought any means of distraction from the recurring abuse and pain that replayed in your dreams?"

"WHY?" Fujin asked, feeling rattled and angrier by the second.

Stooping down so they were looking each other in the eye, the blonde smile slow and sadly.

"To free the hollow heart from pain." Quistis answered.

Looking away, surprised and confused, Fujin tried to clear her mind of the green eyes that had seemed to somehow peer down into her very core. Warm fingers, slightly calloused but still blissfully soft, touched Fujin's face. They trailed one cheek, slid calmly beneath a slightly trembling chin, and finally settled on the opposite cheek, prodding her to look back at the blonde.

"Will you let me free you?" Sad, pink lips asked, sending a chill through Fujin, easing her anger, but not dissipating it.

"NOT SURE." The voice was soft despite the rough edge to it.

Knowing it was as a close a confirmation she would get at the moment, she grasped Fujin's chin tightly and kissed her roughly. Quistis knew that the woman was still angry, felt it in the way she responded to the kiss with teeth and biting. The anger and pain was ingrained deeply into everything she did and said. Occupying Fujin's mouth with her tongue, the blonde took the chance to wrap the slack of her whip around Fujin's other wrist. Bound, the tanned woman would have some trouble fighting back if she suddenly changed her mind.

"BITCH!" Fujin said, breaking the kiss and tugging her wrists in a vain attempt to free herself.

"Relax, it's just a precautionary. I don't think you're really ready to let go yet. The pain has become a big part of you and in a sense, this will be a form of suicide." Leaning into the still struggling Fujin, the blonde spotted a fading scar running along the flesh of her tanned neck. She traced it softly with her fingers tips, seeing how it made the woman flinch and stop moving. "But you know all about suicide, don't you? When it all became too much, you tried to end it, but you failed. Failed miserably too. All you managed to do was damage your vocal cords."

Fujin shrank away from the touch, turning away from the blond and tried to get up. Fingers grabbed her elbow, yanking her back down and into the softness of the blonde's body. Kneeling, Quistis hugged the reluctant woman around the waist with one arm. Her free arm slid under the hem of Fujin's shirt, touching heated skin with her warm touch. Tracing a path along a smooth stomach, heaving ribs, and falling to rest on the cotton bra that held palm-sized breasts. Pausing in her struggling, Fujin arched involuntarily into the touch.

"Do you really want this, Fujin? Are you ready to finally kill yourself?" The words tickled her ear and neck, chilling her body to the bone. Fujin couldn't speak, her throat suddenly too tight with feelings she didn't understand. Reluctantly, she nodded, even as her mind screamed protests. Pale fingers slipped under her bra, cupping and pinching the sensitive flesh beneath. Fujin made a gasping sound in her throat as the blonde pinched and pulled at her nipple. The arm around her waist made its way up, pulling the shirt up with it, before joining its partner under Fujin's bra. Nails scraped sharply and painfully at her nipples, making her squirm as liquid heat pooled within her pants. Her head fell back against the blonde as she hissed and groaned in mixed pleasure and desire. For several minutes, Quistis continued her torture until she saw the tanned woman unconsciously begin rubbing her thighs together, seeking release.

"Not yet.." The blonde whispered, biting Fujin's earlobe.

Before the silver-haired woman could think of an argument, Quistis was moving from behind her, pushing her down as she moved out of the way. The blonde loomed overhead, smiling sadly still as she stooped and undid the belt and buttons that held up Fujin's pants. Pulling them down to her ankles, where she paused to undo obstructive boots, removing them and the pants. Fujin, though aroused, blushed in embarrassment at being exposed and vulnerable to the former instructor.

"Roll over onto your stomach." Quistis ordered.

Finally deciding to rebel, Fujin merely laid there, scowling at the blonde. Placing her hands on the inside of each naked thigh, Quistis dug her nails down the flesh to the tanned woman's knees. Gasping out loud and cursing, Fujin buckled as pain ripped up her thighs and body and stimulating her already throbbing core. Her body shuddered violently as Quistis set her nails again into her naked inner thighs. Before she could protest, Fujin screamed out hoarsely as the nails bit down her thighs again. Her whole body tensed as a mild orgasm spasmed through her body.

"Roll over onto your stomach." Quistis ordered again.

With some hesitance and difficulty, the tanned woman rolled over, her bound hands over her head to make it easier.

"Get on your hands and knees."

When she didn't move, the blonde grasped a hold of the handle of the whip and pulled it back, raising Fujin's bound wrists up and back, bending her backwards painfully. The tension in her shoulders, brought a strangled half sob from her as she tried not to succumb to the pain. Quistis let her go, letting her fall back to the floor roughly. Without being prompted again, Fujin scrambled to her elbows and knees, her ass in the air. The blonde slipped the wet panties down Fujin's thighs, breathing teasingly along her exposed slit as she slid the panties past Fujin's knees and off one foot. Nudging her legs further apart, Quistis burrowed her tongue into a longing slit, probing about eagerly with her tongue. Fujin tried to fight the undeniable pleasure that was bubbling up within her, not wanting to give the blonde the satisfaction of hearing her beg for more.

Knowing she would have to work to make Fujin scream for her, Quistis dug her nails again into tanned flesh, only briefly musing over Fujin's bikini line and how small her bikini must be. She clawed first at round ass cheeks and down along buckling hips and trembling thighs. The other woman bit into her arm, trying to drown the cry that swept up in her, but Quistis wasn't fooled. More come slid down tanned thighs, stinging the scratches from Quistis' punishment and elicting a pained cry from the rough throat. Suddenly, the blonde was gone from behind her and grabbing her hip before unceremoniously flipping her over to her back. Fujin's head hit the floor hard enough to make her see spots through her one good eye. When they cleared, she saw Quistis leaning over her heaving body.

"I don't think you're ready yet to be free..." Quistis said quietly, trailing off to wipe her glistening chin and lips on the back of her hand.

It felt surreal, the moment, as Quistis leaned over her and kissed softly on the lips. Fujin's body throbbed for release, but in the same instant, she felt something deeper stir within her. A GF? No, she hadn't used a Guardian in years. Tears filled her eye as the blonde reached up to her wrists and began to unfasten the painful hold the whip had. Once freed, Fujin grabbed Quistis by the biceps and flipped them both over so she was above the blonde. Green eyes looked at her in surprise and curiosity - but no fear. There wasn't an ounce of fear or anger or even pain in those beautiful eyes and it broke the one-eyed woman. She pressed her face into Quistis' shoulder, sobbing loudly, ignoring the pain in her wrists and the throbbing of her longing body.

"PLEASE." She managed through her tears, tightening her grip on the blonde's arms. "FREE ME."

The blonde gave a genuine happy smile as she heard the plea. "You'll have to let me go then."

A tear stained face looked up at her, releasing her arms and allowing her to pull the tanned woman into a hug. After a moment, Quistis moved to sit up, whispering for Fujin to turn around and sit in her lap. Confused, but doing as instructed, Fujin was surprised by a hand slipping in-between her legs and rubbing at her clit. Fujin bit her lip as the blonde kissed along her neck and shoulder, rubbing her until Fujin gave in to her body and cried out as she neared her peak. A shouting of Quistis' name and Fujin was spasming as an orgasm like she'd never known rippled through her body. Finally falling limp in the blonde's arms, Fujin smiled for the first time in so long that she'd thought she'd forgotten how to. Quistis smiled as she brought a finger to her mouth, licking at come as Fujin's eye fluttered close. Fujin felt different somehow, then she realized - the anger had subsided. She reached out for it, but she found nothing and Fujin cried at her lost.

"What is it?"


The blonde hugged her. "Then welcome to your new life."


[End notes: *_* I just thought - Wouldn't this make a perfect doujinshi? <3 That would be so awesome.]

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