Story: chained... (chapter 1)

Authors: RavenDarkmoon

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Chapter 1


Restrained as I was, movement was limited. My hands were cuffed together behind my back, my ankles were chained to the floor, and to top it all off, I was blindfolded.  

My other senses were stronger and weaker yet. I couldn't see her, I was effectively blind. I could hear her moving around, though only when she wanted me to. I couldn't scent her out, the air shifted too often and everything was her, the only thing I could smell was her scent over my own. I could taste her excitement and the faint tang of her arousal in the air.  

I felt her presence before she touches me. Her fingers softly brush across my cheek, just below my eyes. I sigh and lean into her gentle touches. I blink when she pulls away and disappears into my vision of darkness again.

I hear her step around to my back before I catch the scent of cold steel. "I should have unclothed you before, but this way will be more fun," her voice deeply sensual and seductive.  I tense, unsure what she has in mind for that blade. I shiver when she brushes the tip of the blade across my neck.

"Hold still baby, we wouldn't want to shed any blood now, would we?"

I bite my lip as she barely runs the blade across my clothes that parted without any resistance what so ever. She moved to my front again, I lean forward desperately seeking some sort of contact with her body.

"No babe, not yet... You wouldn't want to be punished for disobeying me, now would you?" I moan at the erotic thoughts her question creates in my mind.

Her hands brushed across my belly before they rose upwards and grasped my bra. She slid her blade between my breasts, I gasped as the blade caressed my skin, leaving a tiny trail of blood behind. She severed the straps of my bra, sighing in a satisfied way as my bra dropped to the floor, leaving me fully exposed to the chill air.

There's a second of rustling before her hands are on me. She must have put the blade away, for now, since both her hands are on my waist. I shiver at the feel of her warm breath on my chest; my nipples tighten reflexively at the contrasting warm and cold air on my bare skin. I can only moan when her hands slip up to my breast, kneading them as her tongue slid across the light cut on my chest.

I almost scream when she pinches my nipples, God I'm burning up, my muscles are shaking, and I want her hands much lower on my body, where its aching for her touch. I bite my lip trying to hard not to let the words that are echoing around in my head slip out.

Her soft lips brush across mine, she "tsk"s at me when I press forward trying so hard to make the kiss last longer. Her hands slide down my body, as she settles lower to the ground. There's another rustle before I feel the familiar brush of cold steel against my stomach. The blade slides down the front of my pants - just off center enough to avoid the zipper. The blade slides from stomach to ankle before sliding over to the other leg. What's left of my pants drops to the floor leaving me in just my underwear.

My face burns red at just how damp my underwear is, there was no way she could not notice. When I hear her breathe in deeply my face only flames redder. I heard her move again, and I felt that familiar pulsing heat on my neck again. Her left hand was on my hip, her other hand was toying with the hem of my underwear. "Is this what you want?" Her voice was teasing, she already knew how much I wanted her, how much I needed her.

I gasp when her hand slides into my underwear with one smooth motion, her fingers are slipping though the burning wetness of my core. Her fingers are teasing me, slowly pressing into me before pulling back again just to repeat the process again. I bite my lip, I can't hold back anymore, "Please.... just fuck me, don't tease, I need you in me right now!" My voice is hoarse showing her just how desperate I am.  

Her hand pulls away from my crotch, and instead draws teasing patterns with my own wetness across my stomach. "You're a slow learner aren't you? Well, now you must be punished... you're such a bad girl."

Her hand tightens around the hem of my underwear before she pulls sharply; the sound of the fabric tearing is so loud it feels as if I should be able to see it. I shiver at the loss of contact when she pulls away again, leaving me in silence and absolute darkness.

I feel like panicking. I can't hear her or see her, I can't even be sure if she's even still here anymore. I bite my lip to keep from crying out. I needed to know she was still there and not punishing me by leaving me here - alone.  

She must have sensed my paranoia, since she was making the slightest amount of sound. I heard a rustle of clothes and something metallic hitting the floor, I heard it skid a ways before coming to a stop. I let out a tense breath of air, as her finger tips graze across my back before pulling away again.

I'm relaxed at her touch, it didn't matter that she was teasing me still or that she wasn't actually touching me, just burning me away little by little. My breathing turns to out right panting when she rakes her nails down my back, causing red welts to rise. "Are you going to be a good girl now, or shall I continue punishing you?"

I know better than to talk now, she hasn't given me permission to. I nod fervently, as her lips brush across the raised welts on my back. Any conscious thought I might have built up disappeared with the way her body pressed into me, I felt her nipples scraping across my skin as she moved. Her hands slide from my waist to my front, her hands slipped down to my burning core. I lean back into her as her hands part my center and brush across my clit.

My knees want to give out on me, when she bites my neck harshly and slips two fingers into me, the heel of her hands pressed hard against my clit. I bite my lip as her teeth sink into me, and her fingers are pressing deeply into me. I lean into her body as her fingers are rapidly pound in and out of my body, my muscles are slowly loosing strength. All I can feel is her. All I can think is the way she's taking me, the way her fingers feel inside my body, and the way I'm getting wetter just thinking about it. "You are mine!"

I shudder at the smoky possessive tinge to her words. She was right, I was her's, to do with as she pleased.


[End notes: ummm... yeah, i might write some more if I got enough reviews saying so... *hint hint nudge nudge*]

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