Story: The Melancholy of Midori Sugiura (chapter 5)

Authors: Little_Demon_Inside

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Chapter 5

Title: Aliens and Such (Part II)

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own Mai Hime or The TMoSH.]

“Er, I… I don’t know how to start without sounding slightly unbalanced in the head, some please forgive me ahead of time,” Yukino said with a nervous smile. She watch fidgeting with a small ball of paper in her hand.

Haruka huffed next to her, “Tell it like it is then!”

Youko blinked. I can tell this is going to take a while.

“Um, Sagisawa-san,” The spiky-haired brunette started uncertainly, “Do you believe in, say, aliens?”

“Pfft…” Youko started to laugh. Aliens? Not since, like, fourth grade, no.

A deep growl came from Suzushiro’s direction, “That’s right. Laugh it up.” She seemed offended. Youko’s laughter died down after she heard this.


“I take that as a ‘no’ then,” Yukino sighed, adjusting her glasses. “Oh dear. How should I explain this then?”

“Argh! Fine! I’ll say it!” Haruka said, growing impatient. She stood up and slammed her hands onto the table, making the other two occupants in the room jump. “Yukino’s an alien and I’m a cyborg! Got that?!”

… What?

The green-eyed third year sighed, “You might not believe it Sagisawa-san, but it’s true.” She said, seeing the blank expression on Youko’s face.

“I… I’m sorry, but you’re right: I don’t believe you,” Youko said with a serious tone when she realized Yukino and Haruka weren’t joking. (At least with their tone. They were probably laughing loudly on the inside, Youko figured.) “Is that all you wanted to talk about? I’m sure Midori-san would like to know where I am.” Youko started to get up.

Suzushiro’s frown got deeper, “Where do you think you’re going, Sagisawa-kun?”

Youko frowned back, her stubbornness getting the better of her, “To the office, Suzushiro-sempai.” There was a slight attitude in her voice.

“That can wait.” Suzushiro challenged back.

“Would you like proof then?” Yukino said in a surprisingly loud voice. She probably sensed the tension and tried to quickly dissolve it before it formed into anything.

It worked.

Youko frowned curiously. Looking between the door and the two other occupants in the room. She then sighed and sat down. She couldn’t fool herself; she was interested.

Haruka snorted, amused. She had a knowing smirk on her face, “How about me first?”

Youko, who was starting to get bugged by the smirk on the blonde’s face, nodded her head, “Be my guest.” She bit down the rest of her words.

“Aright then!” Haruka smiled as she backed up, walking away from the table. “Watch and witness the power of guts, Sagisawa-kun!” Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light that slowly died down until just her right arm was glowing a white-yellow color. Then, her arm started to morph into a…

CANNON?! Youko’s now wide, blue eyes blinked rapidly as she looked down the barrel of a large, metallic cannon that use to be Haruka’s arm.

Excuse me, MegaMan? Yeah, I think I just found your long-lost sister.

Youko quickly turned her head to Yukino for an explanation. The expression on her face was a hilarious mixture of awe-struck/dumbfound/and just plain confusion.

Yukino coughed, trying not to laugh at the normally level-headed girl’s facial features. It was to be expected, after all. “The whole right side of Haruka’s body is made out a living metal not found on this planet. We found her on the verge of dying and applied the metal into her and it shifted into the right side you see now. It can shift and adapt into any form, texture and color she wishes it to be. But, should it be damaged too much, it can be broken like any other metal; it reverts back into the type of metal and wires you’re use to seeing, Sagisawa-san, until it is repaired.”

Her whole right side? Youko turned back to Haruka. Really? Still she looks human… aside from that cannon still aimed at my head. She stared pointedly at the cannon before turning back to the self-proclaimed alien, “What about you?”

Haruka frowned, making the arm change back into, well… an arm, “What more proof do you need?!”

Youko regarded the blonde, even though she continued to face Yukino, “Well, the ‘alien’ image I’m use to is a creature that’s small, green with an antenna coming out from the head.”

Yukino cringed slightly at the description, “I’m not technically an ‘alien’ like you’re thinking, but it’s the closest description humans have to what I truly am, so I use that term. If I were to actually describe what I am, I’m afraid we’d be here for fifty-seven years just to get down the basics.” Yukino gave a soft smile.

“Er…” How do you reply to something like that?

“Now, onto the proof, yes?” Yukino asked, seemingly giddy about the chance to show off something ‘out there’. (Pun intended.)

She closed her green eyes for a moment, then opened them, muttering something in a language Youko had never heard before. Youko also noticed that within the green of the ‘alien’s’ eyes, there seemed to be several streams of numbers, letters, and symbols Youko had never seen before falling downward. Like the Matrix movie, The future doctor noted off-handedly.

Yukino abruptly stopped everything she was doing and smiled at the high school freshmen, the numbers, letters, symbols and language now gone, “You claim to have never been kissed before, Sagisawa-san, but there’s a story behind that.”

Youko’s breath hitched in her throat, H-how does she know that?! I’ve never told that to anyone before!

“There was a boy in the sixth grade you particularly didn’t like because he constantly asked you out,” Yukino started the story, much to Youko’s inner panic. “It’s not that he wasn’t cute, you just weren’t that interested in him.

He was persistent to the point where he forced his lips onto yours, giving you a wet, inexperienced kiss.” Yukino giggled slightly as she recalled the rest of the information, “It says that he didn’t wake for four days after you were done ‘punishing’ him for his deed.”

Youko’s eyes shifted away, recalling memories she didn’t particularly like. So I got a little violent. Everyone has their breaking points and he went well beyond mine.

Yukino smiled, “Is that enough proof?”

Too much! Youko nodded once. She then frowned deeply, But why are they telling me this? Surely this is the kind of information you can’t just give out to anyone…

“Please don’t tell anyone,” Yukino asked with an almost pleading look in her green eyes.

“If you do…” Haruka’s voice trailed off dangerously.

Youko frowned, “Then why tell me if you don’t want anyone to know?”

“Er, we need to tell you because you’rer12;“ Yukino was cut off by the lunch bell. The bell signaled it was time to go back to class.

“We’ll tell you later.” Haruka signaled with her head for Yukino to follow her out the room and the mousey third year did, leaving a stunned, speechless first year sitting there at the empty table.

… Stupid bell!


It was at the end of the school day; the chime signaling that classes have ended rang twenty minutes ago. Youko was currently standing outside the teacher’s lounge with a paper in her hand and a ticked off expression on her face.

No. Freaking. Way…

Blue eyes glanced down at the offending paper again with a glare almost strong enough to burn holes in the said parchment.

Kuga Death Glare had nothing on the Sagisawa Disciplinary Scowl.

Yes ‘freaking way’. It was still written there. She wasn’t dreaming it.

She knocked on the door and walked in when she got an answer. She immediately made her way over the Sanada-sensei and handed the teacher the stack of papers in her hand.

“Oh, Youko-chan,” Yukariko smiled, taking the pile of papers. “What’s all this?” She asked, briefly glancing down at them.

“Midori-san has filled out all the papers needed to register a new club,” Sagisawa was trying her hardest to keep the growl out of her voice. She kept the anger at bay by gnashing her teeth behind closed lips; she managed to keep the twitch in her eyebrow to an inconspicuous minimum.

“Oh really?” The smile on the homeroom teacher’s face brightened a little more. “I’ll take this down to the Director’s office then.” She scanned through the papers, as if looking for something. “Let’s see now, ‘The Jur12;‘… Oh my.” A contemplative frown appeared on the teacher’s face.

Don’t comment on the title! Youko rumbled inwardly.

“Is this really ther12;“ Yukariko cut herself off when she saw the peeved expression on the first year’s face. “I suppose it is with an expression like that.” A sighed, “I’ll bring this down to the Director, then.” There was more reluctance in her voice this time around as she repeated herself.

“Thank you.” Forced.

Youko had to keep herself from storming out of the teacher’s lounge. After, all, it wasn’t any of their faults why she was so ticked off.

Damn you, Midori! You’re the only one stupid enough to come up with a club name like, ‘The Justice Sentai’!!

[End notes: I'm running out of witty ways to ask for comments...]

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