Story: The Melancholy of Midori Sugiura (chapter 4)

Authors: Little_Demon_Inside

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Chapter 4

Title: Aliens and Such (Part I)

[Author's notes:

So, I got a lot of people asking me if Shizuru is really albino. My answer?


In this fanfic she is. I alsogot some people asking me to change that. My answer?


It actually proves some purpose in this fanfic. Also, I reaserched and yes it is possible for an albino to dye their hair.


So here we are. At our new club room, apparently. The room is small, but I guess it had a quaint, welcoming feel. Well, minus the upper classman staring at us with wide, frightened eyes behind her glasses. And who wouldn’t with the grin Midori-san was giving her general direction.

It was just four days ago that Midori-san decided to make a club. The day after that, she dragged me around to get papers signed. Only one teacher was willing to ‘sponsor’ us, and I think Sanada-sensei only did that either because she’s our homeroom teacher or because she’s just that nice a person. Either way, Midori-san got what she wanted, and we moved onto the next thing.

The funding was taken care of because, technically Midori-san is ‘joining’ a club. The scholarship activates once this new club is up and running. (Oh, and I haven’t found any decent part-time jobs yet, if any of you are wondering.) These past two days I’ve been stuck filling out descriptions, contact information and such about this new club that I’m supposedly the ‘vice president’ of. Midori-san gave me information about what she wanted this club to be about, but I had to tweak it a little bit so it didn’t look like a plotline taken out of a bad supernatural-genre manga.

Honestly. ‘When things like demons, or beast or things like they appear, we come in and stop them in the name of justice! Then we befriend them and recruit them! We’ll also do small, minor stuff on the side…’ was turned into ‘Have any problems? We’re here to help. We’ll assist, no matter how big or small the issue.’

I had to turn it into a social services club with vague standards. She might get mad at me, but I honestly don’t care at this point…

… Damned Midori! She still hasn’t given me a name for this stupid club!


“This room’s perfect!” Midori went on rambling happily. Youko might have started to think Midori was insane if not for Shizuru-san telling her that this was an everyday sight. Maybe I’m the one insane for excepting that as a rational excuse…

“Um, w-who are you?” The spectacled girl had a mousey voice befitting her image. She seemed easily frightened and Sagisawa didn’t blame her; if an overly noisy redhead barged into the room she was quietly reading in, randomly shouting about ‘obtaining a room!’, she’d be just as scared.

“Hm?” Midori looked straight to the upperclassmen and asked the same question back (albeit not as shakily.)

The blue-eyed first year frowned. Did Midori-san honestly just now notice her?

“Me?” The mousey girl’s voice still had a slight quiver to it. “I’m Kikukawa Yukino, a third year.” She looked about the group, her green eyes widening slightly when she saw Fujino. “Shizuru-chan!”

Youko raised an eyebrow for a second, but quickly put it back down. That seems to be happening often. It’s only been a week, and everyone already knows Shizuru-san?

“Kikukawa-sempai,” Shizuru smiled her usual smile. “It’s been a while.”

Kikukawa seemed to calm down slightly after seeing someone familiar, “Yes, it has. How have you been?”

“Well, thank you for asking.” Shizuru looked about the room, “There seems to be a lack of a loud-mouthed, blonde-haired friend of yours, though…” This was spoken quietly.

“Haruka-chan?” Yukino asked, smiling. “She had to take care of some disciplinary actions. She’ll be back soon.”

Who else but Midori would cut into a perfectly pleasant conversation? “This is the room we’ll be using! Now, what do we have to do to finish this club registration stuff, Youko?” Midori turned to Youko, giving her a bright smile.

“Well, I suppose that’s my cue to leave,” Shizuru smiled, walking toward the door.

“Where’re you going, Shi-chan?” Midori asked.

Shizuru smiled knowingly, “I have some business to take care of at the moment. Can’t keep her waiting, now can I?” She walked out the door, closing it behind her.

Shizuru-san always has something to do half-way through lunch. Kinda makes you wonder what it is… Youko turned away from the door, waving it over her shoulder.

Midori shrugged it off and turned back, “So, all we need now is a name!”

“Excuse me…” It seemed Yukino went back to being introverted once Shizuru left.

“Yeah, sempai?” The redhead asked.

“Don’t you need at least four people to make a club?”

“But we already have three!” Midori beamed.

“I only see two…” Yukino said quietly, with uncertainty, as she adjusted her glasses.

“One,” Midori pointed to herself. “Two,” She pointed to Youko. “And three!” She pointed to Yukino.

“W-what?!” The poor third-year exclaimed, confused.

Youko frowned, try to keep her eyebrow from twitching, So this is what Shizuru-san was escaping… She knew this would happen ahead of time!

Midori smiled brightly as she almost literally pounced onto the unexpecting third year. She took a strong hold on Kikukawa’s shoulders, “Do you know anyone we that can join?” She said, ignoring the frightened look on Yukino’s face.

A loud slam, and then: “GET YOUR HANDS OFF YUKINO!

Youko quickly spun around to see who yelled in such a thundering voice, God?! (Her first guess.) Who else would have such a loud voice?...

… Except for a loud-mouthed blonde? Youko raised eye eyebrow as she finished her thought.

The busty blonde bolted past Youko, completely ignoring her existence, and shoved Midori off of Yukino. She turned to glare to the still-smiling redhead, “Are you okay, Yukino?” She asked the person sitting behind her, her glare focused on the first year.

Was this who Shizuru-san was escaping? Youko asked, putting two and two together once more.

“Y-yes, thank you, Haruka-chan,” The mousey brunette replied.

Midori stood up and started to brush herself off. She still had her ever-lasting smile on her face, so she didn’t seem to take the shove to heart. “So, you’re going to be our forth member?”

Youko sighed, shaking her head slightly as she watched the scene. She’s never one to skip a beat, is she?

“W-what?” ‘Haruka-chan’ blinked, her purple eyes looking confused. Apparently, she was caught off guard.

“Haruka-chan, she wants us to join her club,” Yukino explained helpfully from behind the blonde.

Haruka frowned when she heard this, “I cannot. I’m already part of the Student Council Disciplinary Team, the Director of it, so I can’t take part in anything else.”

“That’s okay,” Midori brushed it off casually. “You can just be an in-active member. Oh! Even better, you can send people here to become members! This club is here to help others!”

Haruka’s eyes widened, “So this club is here ‘to help others’?” Her expression turned into a smile. “I like that! Sure, you have yourself a deal! We’ll send over some the delinquents to get help… (And I know just the person to start with.)” She held out her hand.

“Thanks!” Midori said, shaking Haruka’s hand. “That’s more people for us!”

Youko watched the scene from the side-lines. Their trains of thought are running parallel, but aren’t exactly crossing…

“By the way,” Haruka started after she finished shaking Sugiura’s hand. She shifted into a comfortable stance, crossing her arms under her chest. “What’s the name of this club?”

“We don’t have one yet.”

“WHAT?!” The blonde roared. “You expect me to join a blub when you haven’t even giving it a name yet?!”

“’Club’, Haruka-chan,” Yukino voiced in quietly.

“Yep!” Midori gave a thumbs up. “By the way, what’s your name?” Sugiura asked, cutting off any yelling Haruka might have continued.

“Hm?” The blonde quickly humbled herself to answer the question. She cleared her throat, “I am Suzushiro Haruka, a third year and Director of the Disciplinary Team on the Student Council!”

Youko raised an eyebrow at the familiar name. I’ve heard of her from other people in school. I’ve been told to try and steer clear or feel the fiery wrath of her temper. I’ve also been told that she gains small speech impediment when she gets angry. Youko chuckled slightly a the example she got earlier, ‘Blub’…

Suzushiro gave Youko a sideways glance, “You think my name and title are funny?” She asked in a threatening tone, taking Youko’s chuckle the wrong way.

“Hm? N-no,” Youko said, slightly intimidated by the harsh glance Haruka was giving her.

The blonde turned her body fully to face Sagisawa, giving her a suspicious look, “What’s you name?”

“Mine’s Sugiura Midori,” Midori said, walking back into the disciplinarian’s view. “And my partner over here is Sagisawa Youko!”

Youko started incredulously at the back of Midori’s head, ‘Partner’? Since when am I your ‘partner’?

Two eyebrows on Haruka’s face lifted up at the second name, “Sagisawa? As in, ‘Cafeteria Queen’ Sagisawa?”

Youko sighed, hearing her newly established title once more, “Yeah. That’s me.” Unfortunately.

Apparently, Youko’s little speech on the first day of school, during lunch, had given her a lot of respect amongst the cafeteria regulars, thus dubbing her a new title that’ll probably stay with her or be passed down well after her graduation.

When I go to eat, at least I don’t have to worry about finding a seat anymore…

Haruka’s grin turned into a full-blown smile, “Fancy meeting you here! You know, doing something like that takes a lot of guts! You’re on my okay list!” She turned back to the redhead, “Well, if you someone like Sagisawa-kun in your club, it must not be that bad! Alright, we’ll join! Right, Yukino?”

A small smile was on the other third-year’s face as she nodded once in response.

Who knew this title would actually bring me luck? Or rather, bring Midori-san luck.

“Great!” Midori said as she started to walk to the door, “I’ll go to the office and get stuff we need to make it official.” She paused right as she opened the door. She turned back and looked at her classmate, “Club meeting tomorrow at lunch! Our first order of business: find out what Shi-chan does at lunch!”

Youko frowned, realizing the true weight of this newly formed club. Did I just help make a club that justifies Midori-san doing what she wants to? Great, it’s like giving her permission to snoop into other people’s lives and privacy!

Midori frowned pointedly at the wavy-haired brunette, “Don’t tell Shi-chan!” The door was closed.

Youko rolled her blue eyes. Yeah, like I’d really want to spoil the ‘secrete club meeting’. She started to follow the redhead out the door, but was stopped by a commanding voice.

“Sagisawa-kun, wait for a moment. Yukino and I would like to talk to you about something.”

“Yes?” Youko turned around to find Haruka and Yukino sitting on one side of the table in the small room.

“Sit.” It was a command.

Youko complied.

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