Story: The Melancholy of Midori Sugiura (chapter 1)

Authors: Little_Demon_Inside

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Chapter 1

Title: Prologue

[Author's notes: Okay, this is just an introduction chapter.]

The brunette in front of Youko Sagisawa introduced herself: “Ara, I’m Fujino Shizuru and I came to Fuuka Academy to fulfill a promise to one of my dearest friends. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” And with that, she sat down.

Youko blinked, her blue eyes glancing about the now muttering room. Everyone was looking at the person in front of her and whispering excitedly, both boys and girls. She inwardly sighed, not sharing their excitement, I can already see that this is going to be a hectic years. She remarked sarcastically in her thoughts. Well, more hectic than it already is…

Youko had always been like that, keeping to herself and commenting inside her head. She wasn’t cynical and didn’t ‘hate the world’, she just didn’t speak up as much as she would like to. She was the quiet type with a good, level head on her shoulders. Adults always told her that she was much more mature than other teenagers and they’d love to adopt her if they could.

Truth be told, Youko would love to be a bit more loose and be able to live out the younger years of her life blissfully. However, reality caught up with her a little faster than her peers and she learned to accept it.

Suddenly, she noticed all eyes were on her and she remembered what she had to do when it was her turn. She stood up, slightly flustered. How much of an idiot must I have looked like sitting there in a daze? She berated herself.

Their homeroom teacher for their first year in high school, Yukariko Sanada, after introducing herself and telling her new students about the upcoming year, told each student where they sat for the school year to come. She then told her class that they’d each introduce themselves in order by chair and then they’d each have to tell the class something about themselves.

The short haired brunette smiled pleasantly as she looked about the class, “My name is Sagisawa Youko and my dream career is to become a doctor.” She sat back down and looked ahead, waiting for the next person to introduce themselves. ‘A doctor’ huh? She sighed in melancholy as she remembered the days when she wanted to be things out of fantasy books she always use to read.

She then smiled at the nativity of her younger self. Things like demon hunters, beast tamers, aliens and angels don’t really exist. Some day you just have to grow up and except the fact that life isn’t getting any more interesting than it already is. It’s good to set a normal life plan. She nodded her head slightly to her own words of wisdom. I’ll go to college, become a doctor, get a husband, settle down… Youko’s gaze turned slightly to the window she sat next to, her thoughts drifting off.

“Hehe!” The person behind Youko stood up from her chair in haste, making the four legs scratch slightly on the classroom’s wooden floor. “My turn already? Great! My name’s Sugiura Midori and for the piece of information about myself, I’m going to share my knowledge with all of you!” ‘Sugiura’ cleared her throat, possibly trying to create a climactic atmosphere in the class.

“Demon hunters, beast tamers, aliens, angels and the like do exist! And when I meet them, I’m going to make each and every one of them my friend!”

Youko’s normal thought-filled mind went blank at that point as she turned around to see who said those childishly outrageous words. The girl’s green eyes shown brightly and shimmered with life; her wild, red hair looked as if it was on fire. And that grin… That had to be one of the biggest, most self-assured, real grins Youko had ever seen.

“Fufu, Sugiura’s at it again, nah?” Youko blinked, hearing a murmur from the person in front of her.

She turned back front and looked to see who said the words, and her breath caught in her throat for a second or two as her blue gaze locked with red. She slowly let out her breath after the shock of seeing deep red eyes passed over her and forced herself to calm down. The logical, level part of her brain (which was most of it) told her the person in front of her was probably an albino that dyed their hair. No wonder people were muttering after her introduction. Having an albino in class isn’t an every-day norm…

She then remembering why she turned back around in the first place. She looked at ‘Fujino’ with a questioning gaze and thumbed over her shoulder discreetly, mouthing ‘What was that about?’

Obviously, if she says something like ‘Sugura’s at it again’, she knows what that announcement was all about, Youko reasoned.

The red-eyed beauty in front of her raised an eyebrow slightly, comprehending what was mouthed to her before mouthing a response of her own with a knowing smile, ‘I’ll tell you later.’

Youko frowned slightly as Fujino turned back around in her seat to face the front. Oh… kay…

[End notes: Any comments so far?]

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