Story: Logophilia (chapter 4)

Authors: angelronin

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Chapter 4

Title: Persistence

Chie is looking up on the internet for a detective agency to order learning about Aoi more. “Ms. Senoh seems was very popular author once before,” After read a few articles about her, Chie decided to hire a private detective to gather some information as what her favorite food, movie, music; etc. Aoi Senoh was the first woman outright rejecting her that lid a fire under Chie and added benefits from her friends knowing the writer’s past works Chie was thinking this chase starting getter better.

Nina and Erstin were studying their college course classes Erstin had a hard time concentrated her work. “Geez Nina wondered why I decided to take Cal 205 this seminar.” Erstin groaned in frustration

Nina was amuse seeing that her girlfriend needs her help. “Erstin these problems are quite simple that the equation 2x-15x+8xy=10xy then 8x+6xy-3xy=9xy.”

While Nina explaining the math problem Erstin sighed and scratching her head. “You sure this one is easy!” Erstin is comically crying.

“Erstin I understand how you feel about the difficulty of the math problem but you need to pass this class to order moving into our junior year and no model work until at least earn an A from the class,” Nina calmly explaining the reason why Erstin need to pass this course.

“Nina that so unreasonable and you want me to stop modeling. But again I need tried harder and study more.” Erstin tried to kiss Nina but she stopping her with her forefinger perverting Erstin’s lips touching hers.

“Sorry no reward until you completed the assignment,” Nina reprimanded her girlfriend for trying pulling that stunt. “Oh darn I hope I bribe her with a kiss to let me go from this tortuous homework,” Erstin thought as she resigned her fate.

Arika and Mashiro were currently in the park walking while they don’t have evening classes at the moment.

“Oh Mashiro look there are couples hanging around here. I bet they’re on dates making out that no one would watching them.” Arika making kissing sounds.

“That so immature even for you, Arika and please stop acting childish.” Mashiro was secretly hoping Arika would notice her.

“Mashiro I’m not prim and proper as you. You’re like my best friend in spite coming from different social backgrounds beside…” Arika was trailing off.

Mashiro studied her features while Arika isn’t paying attention. Arika is taller than herself plus her chest fill out nicely (Mashiro swear she’s not that kind perv.) Arika looked at Mashiro as she caught her staring her face. “Mashiro why is you’re blushing? Arika briefly watched Mashiro’s face before turned away.

“W…Well there something on your face that a bug on your left cheek.” Mashiro tried to divert attention away from her.

“Mashiro where is it!? I really hate bugs!” Arika was frantically searching for the invisible bug on her cheek. “Thank god she didn’t ask any questions,” Mashiro thought.

Nao was thinking in her bed while Shiho sound asleep next to her. How her relationship with Shiho is very complicated. “Shiho why we ending up together with the constant break-ups and the stalking,” This arouse her from her sleep.

“I don’t know maybe because we have some attraction toward each other and probably I haven’t given up on you. You were there for me while back we still attending college the party girl hooking with the geek.” Shiho rose from the bed and move closer to Nao. “You said you won’t date girls whom either LUG or BUG back then.” Shiho trailing her finger onto Nao’s right arm. “I’m neither of them.” Shiho shift herself on top of Nao.

“Huit I have going to work in the morning I don’t want wake up late,” Nao not interest having sex at this moment.

“A quickie won’t hunt you, Nao.” Her smile was leer. “You’re too insatiable for your own good,” Nao gave a sigh as much needed rest denied by Shiho’s libido.

Yukino returned back to house she shared with her wife, Haruka. “The first draft is due next week and Ms.Senoh have severe writer’s block our company has investment with her,” Yukino recalling the past phone conversations she with Aoi. She opened the door and found the place dark without the lights. She wondered where Haruka at since she getting home late at around midnight and they haven’t seen each other because of their work. When she reached the room where Haruka studied her work case she heard someone snoozing in there. Yukino silently entered the room and found Haruka lay on the desk. “Aw that is so cute she must be tired,” Yukino admire her wife cutely. “Haruka dear wake up I’m home.” Yukino was trying to coax Haruka from slumber.

“U…Uh Yukino giving me about five minutes I too exhausted from last night.” This offended Yukino. “Haruka Armitage wake up please or I banish you to the couch,” She screamed into her ear.

Haruka fell off the chair and landed on her butt on the floor. “Seesh Yukino you could wake me up without screaming.” Yukino can’t stay mad at Haruka.

“Haruka dear I found you sleeping on the desk with papers from your case you are working hard,” Yukino compliment Haruka. “We haven’t spent much time together due our schedule and my client amidst of major writer’s block she had trouble to create anything. You always late and being in bed without you kind lonely for me,”

“Yukino I don’t like it without you either aren’t easy for me since Viola and me working the civil case involving people lost their livelihood because someone got greedy and embezzle the company’s money. Also I fight hard to regain the people’s self-respect back and don’t want tell their families that they can’t provide anything anymore.” Haruka spoke with passion.

“Haruka dear sometime we need to clear our schedules spend some quality time together,” Yukino stand on her toes kiss Haruka. “Let’s go to bed and getting much sleep as possible.”

Aoi went to an internet café incognito not be recognized by anybody including her fans tried to writing out of a prolonged slump. She sat quietly, pull out her laptop on the table and order some coca coffee. Aoi loaded up the last page she was on and staring the blank screen once again taunting her lack of inspiration. “Ooh is frustrated that I can’t write any thing and the publisher waiting for my manuscript.” Aoi is at her ends wits with the mental block she’s suffering and her muse abandoned her a long time ago. “Seriously I was one number author in few short years from being the publisher darling’s to barely type any stupid thoughts!” Aoi was raging on mentally.

Sara, Elliot, and Maya setting the café for the evening rush. “Okay I order some extra coffee for tonight because this almost everyone arriving here from their classes and oh Elliot don’t flirt with any female around even I don’t care you’re a lesbian but please respect everybody’s personal space.” Maya warned Elliot.

“Maya I’m not some horny lesbian trying get in any woman pants plus I excised some self-control on my part please don’t stereotype me.”

“I am not meant it Elliot I just want you stop fawning every woman enter my establishment I asked as a friend.” Elliot was relieved to hear some assurance from Maya.

“Maya I glad you respected me as a person.” Elliot replied back.

Lena was in the café with Sifer, Sakura, Kyoko and Shiro. “The professor had giving me a week worth of class work to finish. He’s old and stuffy at point I bet he lived around the Stone Age,” Sakura was complaining about her professor.

“Sakura you shouldn’t say anything bad about him even he is an ass but he could tell future employers of your attitude and deny a job after graduate from college,” Kyoko warns Sakura.

“Being a little humble comes a long way for you, Sakura.” Sifer gave Sakura some advice. “Also he holds the key of any recommendations to the companies going to hire you,”

“Ms. Sakura you try be nice to him or kiss goodbye of your future,” Shiro chimed in his opinion. “Sometime be quiet and listening to him,”

“Those advices sound I have brown-nosing him to not mess up my grades,” Sakura was disgusted. “You guys of full of it, seriously I won’t scoot that low.”

Elliot spotted Lena among the crowd talking to her classmates and looking at her with intense longing. “Why I’m curse with falling in love with straight girls?” Elliot was wondering if the gods playing a cruel practical joke on her.

Chie found the detective agency on the web after going through about several pages. “I hope this is the right address,” Chie entered the building and the found the secretary sitting at desk filing up the papers. “Excuse me I’m seeing Ms. Naoto Shirogane I have an appointment with her.” Chie was asking.

The male secretary was sternly and warily staring at Chie. “Ms. Shirogane is very busy at this moment so please sit down and wait for your turn.”

“Whoa he’s tough and unyielding.” Chie realize that he was very serious. “I’m not causing any trouble I just wanting to see her.” Chie decide to give up and sitting down. About a half-hour later she called in the office.

Chie walked in the office find it very spacious with books surrounding in shelves with Naoto sitting at very center. “I like you to digging on the dirt on this woman.” Naoto studied Aoi’s picture after Chie handed to her.

“Ms. Hallard usually I investigate murder cases not following ex-celebrities around but I make an exception since my wife Rise like Ms. Senoh novels and they’re my guilty pleasures,” Naoto said the last part in low voice while blushing.

“Um what you say? I thought I heard something from you,” Chie was eyeing on her.

“Anyway Ms. Hallard I have to gathering some clues what she like, her favorite place to write, her social habits.” Say Naoto while regain her composure.

“Okay thank you, Ms. Shirogane I hope learning more about her.” Chie was starting to get excited.

Tomoe was in her bed looking the pictures she took with Chie when they were together and tracing her finger on Chie. “I never will give up on you, Chie. I swear we’ll back together.” Her phone rang and she answered it. “Hello John? You want me to replace April for the weekend forecast since she’ll be on a maternity leaving okay.” Tomoe was using the cheerful persona she constructed over the years. “Darling I’m please for accepting it, bye.” Tomoe shut off the phone. “I should visit Chie later this evening,”

Mai currently washing the dishes while Mikoto taking a nap in their bedroom. “Okay I need wash the other half of the plates Mikoto like having a bottomless stomach or something,” Mai chuckle recalling the famous saying to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach or in case her stomach, Mikoto. Mai happily in bliss cleaning up after dinner the phone rang from the dinning room and she was answering it. “Oh hi Takumi I haven’t heard you for a good while.” She talked to her younger brother.

“Sis I like asking you some advice so hear me,” Takumi sound nervous over the phone. Mai pick up his nervous vibe.

“Takumi isn’t like you please tell me what wrong.” Mai was asking motherly. “We’re close as siblings and ask me everything and I’ll answer.” Takumi took a deep breath over the phone.

“Mai I want to ask Akira hand in marriage but I feel she going reject me and she thinks isn’t the best time for her to get marry.” Takumi is airing his anxieties. “We have been together since junior high school and I feel it time for me tying the knot with her.”

Mai was listening to her brother patiently and gave her answer. “Talk to her over dinner and discuss your future together and if she isn’t ready don’t force the issue,”

“Thank you, sis but I still worry Akira will avoiding this and she evaded at any attempt talk about marriage,” Takumi weighting on his thoughts. “I call tomorrow how anything went, bye.” He hung up.

“Mai who was on the phone you talked to?” Mikoto woke up after her nap. Mai decided to tease her lover a bit.

“Marriage talks with Takumi he’s afraid that Akira would reject him due she not ready to get marry. Said Mikoto when you’ll proposal to me? I’m not getting younger,” Mikoto’s eyes bulging out and starting to panic.

“Y-You want get marry now! I have my band and my dojo to run plus the expensive of hosting a wedding is economical.” Mikoto is sheepishly scratching her head.

“Mikoto I just kidding! I’m not rushing us to get marry right way and Mrs. Mai Minagi have nice ring to it,”

“I hope you’re joking, Mai? You will get me a heart attack.” Mikoto is truly wishing that Mai is kidding.

Natsuki was in office looking at some papers while wanting to forget her argument with Shizuru about Anh. “I may apologizing to her later tonight I was acting like an ass back there on the other night and my jealously got the best of me.”

“Ms. Kruger there a Mr. Kanzaki on the line you can speak to him?” Her secretary asked. Natsuki realize she nearly forgotten something important.

“Shion put him the speaker please,” Natsuki regained her composure. “Mr. Kanzaki I look over your proposal and wanting merge our companies together?”

“Ms. Kruger we put in the final bid on your company and seem I estimate around $2.5 billion dollars for the sale.” Natsuki weigh on the merger and deciding to play hardball on him.

“Mr. Kanzaki your company Obsidian Corp. like a good fit for my company with subdivisions involving entrainment, music, movies and has part ownership with Wind City Tigers. I’m impressed that of your record, Mr. Kanzaki but I make seem sure you’re not involving anything shady with the underworld that I won’t let my company stain with dirt attaching to you.”

“Ms. Kruger I also impress of you checking out my records and I run a clean corporation with transparency throughout my company. I don’t want anyone tainted it with any ties to the criminal world and efficient background check on future employees so stop potential scandals in it tracks.” Natsuki was smiling at her desk but mask her emotions.

“Mr. Kanzaki that understandable you want the best company free of employees taking advantage of their bosses’ kindness. (Natsuki didn’t mention him the civil suit Shizuru took with Haruka.) “I need to think about it I don’t want jumping into a sham and being hoodwinked by anyone.”

“Ms. Kruger you respectfully paranoid wary about pyramid schemes that going on today,” Mr. Kanzaki did his homework.

“There are others whom rob honest hard-working people of their money through money-making schemes. They shouldn’t steal someone else future for their own ends they’re truly selfish and greedy should be throw in jail for that.”

“You sound passion for the working class and you have some empathy in you I’m right?” He chuckle on the other line.

“That I felt about things especially that involve the people I care for. Everyone have chance to make something out of themselves even they’ve claw and scrap way to the top.”

“That why I chosen you to merge with my company we came from similar backgrounds I’m very passionate person even I look well-composure. I donate to charities there someone need aid them to escape from poverty and give back to the community. Let’s get more acquaint so next week further discuss with business and pleasure bring your spouse that Jipangese restaurant.” Mr. Kanzaki finishes their conversation.

“He’s a smooth talker but something tells me he isn’t a fraud and being genuine,” Natsuki have good opinion on Mr. Kanzaki.

Yukariko was in the dressing room getting ready for the evening portion of the news. “Ms. Steinberg I presume you’re ready for tonight,” Wataru startled Yukariko.

“Mr. Isigamin you scare me. I’m focus on the task but I felt some nervousness even I’ve been in the business over past ten years or so.” Yukariko tried to calm herself down.

“Well you aren’t a greenhorn anymore and your journalism is excellent I might say. I have been partnered you for last couple of years and quite frankly I’m very fond of you. Don’t misinterpret as a come on I respectful of you, Ms. Steinberg.”

“Mr. Isigamin please be professional I’m not interested playing games at this moment.” Yukariko is sternly rebuttal.

“Ms. Steinberg I do understand I won’t try to push your boundaries I want have a friendly chat as colleagues of course.”

“I may got our wire crossed, Mr. Isigamin I thought you trying hit me up on sex but I misread you I very sorry,” Yukariko blushed on very thought of intimate relationship.

“Apology accepted, Ms. Steinberg besides I’m a gentleman and I don’t want anything scandalous around here causing the higher-ups to save face.” Wataru smiled warmly.

“Please be sitting at your chairs next to the desk we will be on live air approximately about fourteen minutes.” The assist director told everyone.

“This is our cue Ms. Steinberg.” Wataru and Yukariko went their respect sits at the desk.

Chie was in the shower washing off her body while has thoughts on Aoi. “Geez I didn’t realize I hired a famous detective to following around her. I hope the money worth it find any information about her and starting my wooing at Aoi Senoh.” Chie was giddy of thoughts romancing Aoi. “I may act subtle with my attempts to win her heart without looking I wanted to bed her.” Chie devise a plan to slowly lowering Aoi’s defenses down until she’s willingly opening her heart to Chie.

Chie about go to bed early, she sensing someone already there. “I should ask the landlord to change the locks for me, Tomoe.” Chie futilely realize Tomoe still have the key to her apartment. “You’re starting being a thorn on my side, Tomoe. Why you just giving up and accept our relationship beyond repair,”

“You have forgotten about me but I haven’t forgotten you, my darling. Beside you’re too cute to leave alone now I having you in my grasp.” Tomoe walked into the room where Chie is and wearing nothing but smile on her face. “This the black silk shirt I had brought you for Christmas couple years ago that very thoughtful you wear it,” Tomoe is starting unbutton her pajama shirt.

Chie thought one of the reasons Tomoe won’t let her go due she came her apartment anytime for sex and Chie can’t say no to Tomoe. It took all of her willpower not giving in and pushing Tomoe away.

“Tomoe please leave my apartment or I’ll call the security guard personally escort you out of here,” Chie was angry at Tomoe.

“Fine suit yourself Chie but one day you will be mines again.” Tomoe went back and gathering up her clothes.

“I have one crazy ex I can’t shake her out of my life,” Chie have to figure a way to rid of Tomoe.

Author’s Notes: Here we’re in the fourth chapter of the story. Chie is about attempted to win Aoi’s heart and fending out one crazy ex. Also other couples going be focus throughout the story so see you next chapter.

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