Story: Logophilia (chapter 3)

Authors: angelronin

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Chapter 3

Title: Exes&Ohs

Youko was enjoying her sleep before got interrupted by someone banging on the door. “Alright cut down that racket I’m coming,” When Youko doesn’t have her sleep she’ll be a bitchy Youko at work.

After she got up from the bed and putting on her bathrobe order seeing the offensive person waking Youko up middle of the night. Once she arrived at the door to open and find a red-haired woman standing there.

“Oh that you Midori why the hell you just show up after ten years I never forget you left me at the alter,” Youko sounded angry.

“Well Youko I want to apologize for that and also I want to see you. You’ll let me in?” Midori was expecting some hospitality.

Youko was reluctantly letting Midori inside and slammed the door behind her. She then headed toward the kitchen while Midori following her. Youko went to the fridge and taking out a bottle of beer while Midori sat down.

“No thanks I’ve been sober for ten years now. I understand you are royal piss at me suddenly showing up after leaving you for ten years I admit I was a coward and deserve any scorn from you but understand my point of view that I felt I wasn’t ready for settling down yet still have my dreams and you have yours,” Midori was trying sound mature.

“You think I am going buy that bullcrap for an excuse you are wrong you should told me you have cold feet and I could delayed the wedding for a bit but no you have took the coward way off and I have tell everybody that we invited the wedding is off,” Youko unleashed her anger toward Midori.

“I going tell you I took a teaching job at the local university as archaeologist professor since you won’t forgive me easily I tried to win you back,” Midori is laughing sheepishly.

“Midori I don’t believe you pull that stunt off and simply think I would accept your shallow apology think again you should earn your forgiveness. You ruined my beauty sleep,”

“Youko I see that I need earn back your trust, I always love you.” Midori walk off and Youko followed behind her to shut the door after she left.

Shizuru went to the local restaurant next to their law office and ordering some lunch. “Shizuru I don’t believe that you! I haven’t seen you in a long time you remember me?” The mystery woman asked

“Anh oh I didn’t recognize you at all. Please have a seat.” Anh sat down next to Shizuru.

“Well it kind awkward sitting down and having lunch with your ex.” Anh was humoring on the situation. “I heard you became a lawyer and working that case involving the Oxford Corp. Everything is a mess over there.”

“We are working hard on the case close this civil lawsuit and my partner Armitage helping the victims regain what they lost,”

“That so noble Shizuru that I used to like about you,” Anh saw a ring on Shizuru’s ring finger. “Who’s the lucky woman you’re married to?” Anh was prying.

“My wife name is Natsuki and we have been married over seven years now. She worked as a CEO for Major Corporation in Windbloom.” Shizuru is smiling. The waiter has arrived to take their orders and afterwards they continue to talk until they exchange phone numbers.

Maria was drinking her morning coffee at nearby café waiting for Aoi’s transcript from her novel to drop off the publishing office then a blonde woman appeared in front of Maria. “That’s you Maria Graceburt? I haven’t seen you over the past thirty years. Maria decided to paid attention to the stranger.

“Why you have to appear Una now after ending our relationship and I still mad at you not telling me that you’re going marry to a man,” Maria was angry. “You should told me you were in another relationship before ending ours then I would back off,” Maria was briefly look she aged over a decade. “What you suddenly arrived back into my life after these years?”

“Maria I’m divorced from my husband about eleven years now and I regret for breaking up. I was young and confuse I thought we could stay together but I met my former husband in my third year of college and we dated for couple of years before he proposal to me one day and I freak out because I’m still dating you and never told him about you,” Una was pleading for forgiveness silently. “After thought through this I decided to break up our relationship due at the time I was still in love with him and I don’t want to hurt you at the time,” Una felt her heart was torn into two.

“Una Shamrock you need regained my trust until you truly forgiven.” Maria walked from her.

Mai was currently buying a few ingredients for dinner before bumping someone. “Oh I’m sorry-“Mai stopped herself and looking at the stranger with blond hair with sense of familiarly. “I didn't expect you, Yuuichi" I haven’t seen you since we graduated from college.”

Tate was scratched back of his head thinking of something. “Nice meeting you around here I not expecting bumping into each other,” He gave a weak smile. “You are still with Hallard? Since we used to date even we had good memories back in the past.” Tate smiles bitterly.

“I’m not with Chie anymore and yes we used have a thing but you’re a different person and I’m different person now back then we’ve confused with our emotions and I struggled to define myself in term of labels impose by society.”

“Well who’s the lucky guy or girl you’re currently with,” Tate tried to humor the situation. “I not trying to offend you or anything,” He sheepishly smiled.

“Her name is Mikoto Minagi and she is very wonderful person and she teaches kendo her spare time you could winding up getting along with her since you practiced kendo,” Mai briefly have gleam in her eye while describing Mikoto.

“I hope she makes you happy, Mai since you’re very great person.” Tate have far-off look. “Even our time was short I still cherished our memories together.” Tate simply left Mai stunned.

“Tate I’m sorry that our relationship didn’t work off at the end,” Mai thought the painful memories of their break-up.

Nao was heading toward the bus station after her shift was over at the hospital she spotted Shiho lurking around. “Geez Huit I should place a restraining order on you for stalking me,” Nao again felt a headache coming. “Look I keep telling you that we constantly breaking up and you’re too unstable at times. Also you too clingy and wanting attention for yourself,” Nao is pointing out the reasons why they not together anymore.

“I want to change for you; I am trying to stop being the same crazy chick you tried to avoid for past couple of years.” Shiho was pleading to her ex-girlfriend.

“I like to work our relationship in the past but you blew it by bothering me so much. Throughout college I tolerated you because you were lonely geeky girl can’t even stand crowds due being a social wallflower and afraid to friend anyone,” Nao vents angrily.

“Oh you are not totally blameless victim in this. I recalled that you fawning over your ex during college and crying to me after you and her having the greatest meltdowns in history that everybody talked about it for weeks.” Shiho snapped at Nao.

“Don’t put up the past, Huit I have a hard time forgetting about Natsuki for half school year. You have opened up some old wounds you damn bitch!” Nao is starting to cry.

Shiho realized she hurt Nao. “Sorry I didn’t mean to resurrect the past. I forgotten sometimes that you very sensitive person you hidden behind your sarcasm I the only one knowing the real Juliet Nao Zhang,” Shiho comfort Nao.

“Shiho Huit you silly caring psycho stalker girl I that used love about you,” Nao smiled through her tears. “I still won’t forgiven you yet until you earn my trust back,” Nao gently kissing Shiho.

“I’ll work hard regaining your trust.” Shiho return the kiss. The kiss deepened into something else more as they starting to explore their mouths with passion. The intensely of the kiss getting more heated at each passing moment with the years of pent-up sexual frustration mixing with long time longing before the sudden downpour of rain dumping on them.

“The rain has ruined our reunion but still I liked the kiss and the passion was into it,” Shiho is excited.

“Shiho we continued back at my apartment for intense make-up sex and for your information I haven’t been laid for few years now. Nao winked at Shiho as they ran through the rain.

Chie came back to her apartment checking up on her phone. She received about twenty phone messages from Tomoe. “This woman never give up even our relationship is over,” Chie can’t figure her ex Tomoe won’t getting the hint that she don’t want getting back with her. She deleted all the messages and unhooked her phone so Tomoe stop harassing her over the phone.

She fired her notebook PC on the internet searching through Aoi’s bibliography seeing what type writer she is. Chie find her first novel named The Midnight Lover that came out about six years ago about a woman having a fling with century’s old vampire while battling his vampire master and the person who sire him. “This sound unbelievable cheesy if anyone eating this ridiculous premise,” Chie reading her bio on Wiki that she came from Aries and attended Wind City community college for two years before transferring to another college in Jipang.

“I never knew she was living here briefly while attending one of our community colleges,” Chie thought. She continued read more information about her and the awards she has won in literature. Chie clink on the picture on the website to see Aoi’s face even they met once at the grocery store and flat out rejected by her Chie was excited for the first time that a woman have resisted her charms making the hunt more enthralling.

When dinnertime rolled around Natsuki and Shizuru are eating dinner with Alyssa. “Guess what Natsuki? I met my ex Anh earlier today that wonderful,” Natsuki flinched by hearing Anh’s name. “We have lunch and talked a bit until we parted ways I told her about you,” Shizuru was recalling her day.

“Oh that is so wonderful for you seeing your ex while being buddy-buddy with her,” Said Natsuki with hint of jealousy in her voice. “Oh she so good in everything else including sex I felt so insufficient of her awesomeness I tried to not be compared to that woman,” Natsuki was extremely angry. “I never talked about Nao being better than you when we still were dating or she was a better love than yourself,” Alyssa was sensing the marital discord between the two.

“Natsuki that was uncalled for Anh was my first love and I admitted I compared both of you in earlier our relationship you are Natsuki and she is Anh but the past is the past you’re my wife now stopped acting childish,” Said Shizuru with an edge.

“Please guys just calm down and stop arguing,” Alyssa trying to act like a peacemaker. “Shut up Alyssa!” Both of them yelled at her. “Have it your way but don’t call me when you getting a divorce and begging me for advice,” Alyssa left from the table.

Both Mai and Mikoto were in bed cuddling (Mikoto was in her favorite position with her favorite pillows.) “Mikoto have I told you I met one of my exes this morning?” Mai was questioning her.

“Hallard is the one with reputation being a player?” Mikoto asked. “She also a heartbreaker and a flirt who dropped women when she’s bored,” She sound a little mad.

“No, Mikoto she wasn’t like that when we were at college at the time or we dated about a year in school,” Mai was peeved. “My ex-boyfriend Yuuichi during my junior year before we broke-up I want you to meet him sometime to know one and other since you two liked kendo.

“I know you liked both men and women you told me three years ago while we are dating. The gay community looking down on bisexual people quote-unquote won’t conform to the perceived notion of homosexuality just in closet needing to get out,” Mikoto shifted herself up from Mai’s breasts. “I don’t care whom you was dating with you’re a wonderful woman needed to be spoil, shower with gifts, singing your praises, wishing have children with and grow old and dying together.” Mikoto maturely reassured Mai.

“Mikoto seriously stop making me cry I won’t forget this special moment for both of us,” Mai kiss Mikoto.

The sun rays seep through the blinds waking Nao up. Last night memories imprint in her mind remembering every sensation from kisses to touches. The morning scents of breakfast draw to attention as Nao leave from the bed putting on a T-shirt and low-cut panties. When she emerged from her room walking into the kitchen where Shiho was cooking. “I still remember you are wild in the bedroom at this day I don’t know how you gained any sexual experience before met me,” Nao smiled mischievously.

“I could say I gain some carnal knowledge reading lesbian erotica literature in my spare time back at college,” Shiho flashed a smile. Nao raise her eyebrow this new revelation.

“Anyway we need to talk why we kept constantly and hooking up back together,” Shiho spoke seriously. “I lost count number of times ending our relationship at point isn’t funny. Things weren’t this bad when we were dating and knowing each other I don’t know the reason the first time why we broke up maybe I was new at being social.” Shiho was briefly reminiscing of the past.

“Shiho stopped over thinking things we can’t help it that we fought like cats and dogs all the time or your craziness making everything else worse.” Nao slowly drawing her words to make a point. “Overanalyzing past relationships won’t undo our idiotic mistakes or our immaturity costing us some needed trust back then.”

“Nao I hope you’re being serious I’m honestly wanting to change for my sake and putting the past person behind to repair our broken relationship.” Shiho stared into Nao’s eyes. “This is hard for me to admitting that we acting like couple of immature brats groping through love. It takes awhile for us recovered the lost love we used to share,”

Nao smelled something burning. “Oh shit Shiho the bacon are on fire,” Nao is pointing at the frying pan. “Oh no I have forgotten about breakfast.” Nao is pouring water over the burnt food. “Uh we could get some doughnuts at the store.” Shiho was sheepishly speaking.

Both Mashiro and Erstin were studying their homework at the library. “Erstin you could giving me some advice on romantic relationship,” She was blushing.

Erstin laid down her pencil on the table to face Mashiro. “Why this so sudden Mashiro I’m not the type dishing some advices to anyone.” Erstin sighs. “Okay telling me whom you like and I’ll get you the best advice I can.

“Well I like this person since we entered college before that we have been friends since kindergarten. She acts like a knucklehead and annoying to boot but also she’s very kindhearted and optimist to see the good in others. Sometimes I keep checking her face the glow on her looking shining brightly as she kind of angel.” Mashiro was momentary beaming “I don’t know why I’m starting thinking about her in that kind way. She’s mature more greatly more than one ways I like to-“Mashiro stopped in mid-sentence with her face redden due realizing the conversation headed for. “Please discard that last part I’m hopelessly in love?”

Erstin listen to what Mashiro have to say. “You told her about you wanting your friendship into some else more? You’re giving hints that she’ll catching on? What if she rejected you and you’ve thought about it? This is the best I could help you with your romantic troubles you are the only one decide to pursuing her or standing in the sidelines?” Erstin is testing Mashiro’s resolve.

“Part of me afraid she looked at me with disgust and don’t be around with me anymore it pains me ending our friendship like that,” Mashiro shaking with fear. “It new territory for me being interest in any type of romance even not interest in boys while I attended high school. That means I’m gay?” Mashiro was asking Erstin.

“Human sexuality quite bit more complex than you think but you may only attract to her maybe sexual or attracted to her positive qualities you’ll figure this out sooner or later.” After they finish their class work Erstin reach for her smart phone in her pocket to call Nina.

In her dorm room Nina was doing today’s work before her phone rang once and checking out the number and smiled. “Hello Erstin I was wondering when you will call,” Nina was glad to hear her girlfriend.

“Nina you remembered the time how we started our relationship? I figure out that Mashiro likes Arika but she is afraid to crossing over the line so I told she’ll figure it out during the future.” Erstin explained Mashiro’s predicament. “Beside she needing a little push to pursue Arika unlike certain someone took our final year of high school to fess up she loves me,” Erstin teasing Nina.

“Come on Erstin! I have the usual teenage angst going through the stages of self-denial and convincing myself I liked boys,” Nina offered the Freudian excuse.

“How I was perfectly accepting myself that I liked girls since I was twelve and waiting patiently for you leaving from the closet please Nina Wang don’t giving me that crap,” Erstin was hurt.

Nina felt the string through the phone. “Erstin I sorry it wasn’t that easy for me that I struggled to accept my sexuality plus my parents weren’t exactly thrill I having a model career while I still pursuing my education.”

“Nina I accepted your apology but next time don’t bring it up ever again.” Erstin was somewhat not angry anymore. “Anyway I want your honest opinion on Arika.” Erstin asked Nina

“She tend be clumsy, a little annoying, acting childish not her actual age, have bad habit of eating sweets, hugging me at most inopportune times but yet she can be sweet and thoughtful,”

“She also have a great rack but not big as mine,” Erstin hold her own twin peaks over the phone.

“Erstin you're trying making me jealous over Arika? I'm not interested in her Nina is faking being hurt.

“I can admire another woman’s body but I like Nina as the way she is no wonder that Mashiro is attracting to her,” Erstin reassure Nina. “When you are finish with your work you’d meet me at the new restaurant by the school,”

“Mai so you want me to meet your friends? You should this is a good idea because Hallard at the place,” Mikoto was wary of Chie.

“Mikoto I keep telling you our history together won’t affecting me stop being jealous or no more cuddling time for a month,” Mai once again using sex as a bargaining chip.

“Damn it Mai you want to kill our sex life,” Mikoto realize don’t be on Mai’s bad side. As they enter the club weaving through a typical Friday night crowd Mai spotted Natsuki, Nao, and Chie sitting at their usual spot. She wave over there to draw their attention and seeing an unusual sight.

“Mai I swear I entered some bizzaro world where Nao is happy and Natsuki is ranting while drunk.” Chie is perplexed. “I have taken the keys away from Natsuki so she won’t drive drunk.”

“Hello guys you seem join the party don’t mind Kruger eventually her marriage will be better than ever after giving some advice,” Nao having a pleasant smile.

“Mai your friend she’s doped on some medication?” Mikoto asked while being frighten of a smiling and easygoing version of Nao.

“Fuck you Anh Lu for overshadowing me even I have to sleep on the couch for couple of nights because of you,” Natsuki drunkly went to sleep on the table.

“I have call a cab to pick Natsuki up and she have get her minivan tomorrow when she sobering up,” Chie started using her cell phone.

“I have the most wonderful sex with Shiho she is a great lover in bed even flexible enough to pull out some difficult sexual positions and having the endurance of a lioness,” Nao was babbling in euphoria high.

“Mai Tokiha you have the most insane friends I ever know met,” Mikoto seeing the insanity between Natsuki and Nao. “Ouch! Mai what you elbowed my in the ribs,”

Mai was smiling hoping Chie could talk to them. “I’m going to the washroom so please talk to Mikoto,” Mai left both Chie and Mikoto alone together. The awkward silence developed between the two.

“You’re Mikoto Mai keep talked about,” Usually Chie could charm off the panties at any woman but researching on Aoi and avoiding Tomoe have taxed her over past few days period. “My name is Chie Hallard I used to date her several years ago but we’re friends now,” Chie was looking away from Mikoto. “I heard you run a dojo that pretty good accomplishment for one such at your age,” Chie have hard time to form a conversation with Mikoto.

“I have a rock band on the side playing musical gigs at live houses and Mai attended few of our concerts. I don’t look like it but I played the bass and our band name is the Nekomini.” Mikoto cracked a smile.

“The serious dojo mistress has a playful side,” Chie thought. “Tell you more about yourself, Mikoto.

“My grandfather taught me the way of the sword since I was little after my folk divorced to install some discipline into me because I was a wild child. Originally from Jipang moving to Windbloom barely graduated from high school at age of eighteen going on nineteen, my parent disowned me after coming out to them. Living some friends’ places due having little money on me after they disinherited me. I attended at a local junior college taking some classes in case the rock gig didn’t pan out and scouting for potential band members. I met this drummer during at the time I was putting up flyers in the hallway and we clicked out right away and later on we found our guitar player and the singer double as another guitar player.

I and she started as friends until a few years ago we started a physical relationship and nothing more else she carried a torch for her childhood friend as they went separate colleges. About two years ago she bumped into her and find out they needed a drummer after they signed up a record deal so she reunion with her old band in high school. Now they’re world famous rock band and she’s currently dating bass player/singer of the group.” Mikoto finish a summary of her life.

“Wait a minute Mikoto know that group that my little nephews are listening to,” Chie was astonished.

“I got tickets one of their concerts I take Mai next Thursday,” Mikoto gladded to be happy. “I told you my life story I want yours, Hallard.” Mikoto was serious again.

“Hey I like hearing my ex’s currently girlfriend’s story so don’t pressuring me anyway. I born here almost thirty-four years ago having an older sibling can be pain-in-the-ass sometimes but we are close with mom and dad. I’m a freelance photographer about six years now and currently single,” Mikoto wanting wipe that smirk from Chie. “Don’t have your panties in bunch you did lighten up a bit I don’t want sidetracked from my story. At the time I was dating Mai but we decided remain friends after things didn’t work out between us. She isn’t my first love at one time I wasn’t the womanizer flirt could easier getting any women she wanted but a simple girl who have guarded her heart from being hurt and build this persona over the years hide her true self from world,” Chie let her hair down.

“Also having a crazy ex can’t take no from the answer in hopeless attempted to rekindle a relationship dead from start. Sometime I feel I’m cursed to have a shallow life and unable to love again,”

“Hallard you are kidding me? You’re for real?” Mikoto was shocked by Chie admittance.

“Tell Mai to my regard that I am leaving and she has someone care of her,” Chie simply left from the table. When Mai came back she found Mikoto by herself. “Where Chie went?” Mai asked a stun Mikoto.

Chie drove toward to her place thinking about Aoi. “She is the key of my hope to feel something once again,”

Author’s Note: Here the story third chapter of Logophilia I’m sorry I didn’t update sooner because I started this chapter February of last year and finish it this week. This is a little more serious than the first two chapters and having multiple couples to deal with. Mikoto’s life story was one of my old fan fiction ideas at the time. I want to thank Shadow Cub for reviewing last chapter. I’m looking for a beta, proofreader, and an editor for my stories to look over. See you next chapter guys.

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