Story: Logophilia (chapter 2)

Authors: angelronin

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Chapter 2

Title: Hugs and Kisses

After a hard day of work for everyone Natsuki, Mai, Chie and Nao are relaxing with their favorite drinks in hand and talking about the women in their lives.

“I found somebody very interesting to me on the other day at the supermarket and she rejected me. That the first time a woman was resisting my charms. Chie spoke happily.

“You got overexcited being turned down by someone. She either a prude or a saint so what is her name? So I want to congratulate the person,” Nao was asking Chie.

“Well her name is Aoi Senoh and she’s somewhat a particular person,” She shrugged.

The three have various reactions; Nao was coughing off from the tequila that she is drinking; Natsuki’s mouth was hanging open, Mai’s eyes are bugged out.

“You must be shitting me, Hallard you don’t know who she is? You have ever hearing about her and you know you are talking about? The nurses at the hospital I’m work at absolutely love her stories,” Said Nao fondly.

“Shizuru is a big fan of hers and her writing plus also good read once awhile when there down time at work,” Natsuki is having a euphoric expression.

“I have one of the copies of her last book that I’ve been treasure it since then and it a fun read. She knows her audience well,” Mai added.

Chie briefly was clueless before start laughing. “You guys must be kidding right? She’s famous author I never heard before,” She was starting to get an intriguing idea about knowing more about Aoi.

Aoi was at the café drinking a cup of latte as she continued staring at her laptop screen hoping an inspiration getting to her. She can’t get Chie out of her own mind as past few days her thoughts was consume of one Chie Hallard. Aoi is thinking that Chie was nothing but a flirtatious fool what this emotion she can’t shake this from.

“Elliot please tells me you didn’t harassing one of our customers. It is making us and the business look bad. Also refrain yourself from asking their telephone numbers,” Said Maya sternly.

“Well I can’t help it beside she’s a major cutie,” Elliot was rubbing back of her head sheepishly after talking with Maya.

“Maya don’t stress yourself beside Elliot is one of our best employee in this place,” Sara was reassuring Maya. “Next time don’t do it again,”

After they talked a customer walk in the establishment and caught Elliot’s eyes as she was enamored by the person’s beauty. The way her body moves, the way the person walks and the way the person talks. In her mind, Elliot envisioned a goddess descending from the heavens talking to a mere mortal liking her.

“Um Elliot you’re drooling and we have a customer to serve. It doesn’t reflecting on you goodly,” Sara was commenting while tried to repress her laughter.

Elliot felt embarrass and wiping the drool from her mouth. “Hello my name is Elliot and I may take your order please,”

“I want a cappuccino with Danish and couple packs of sugar please,” Said the woman. Elliot was too busy staring at her personal goddess to get her order. “She never learning from everything,” Maya was sighing.

Arika was asleep at her class. Mashiro was sneaking upon to her with a paper bag in hand after blowing it up. She burst the bag and causing Arika to wake up. “Professor Carlson I wasn’t asleep I just resting my head on this comfortable desk,” Mashiro was laughing at Arika’s expense.

“That was mean joke you pull on me that wasn’t funny,” She was grumbling.

“The class have been over ten minutes ago and Nina called me telling us to meet them at the mall later today,”

Arika was literally having her mind blank for past few minutes before recovering. “Oh I almost forgot Erstin told me that they need go shopping buying some things and some clothes,”

“I don’t believe! How she’s ever graduated from Garderobe Academy with us and winding up attending the same college with us?” Mashiro can’t wrap around her mind that unanswerable question.

On the way to the mall both Nina and Erstin have a conversation. “You haven’t still told your parents about us yet,” Erstin is feeling disappoint.

“I’m trying my best to pleasing my parents and they’re expecting me to follow their footsteps, marrying some guy and having kids but I want to spend rest of my life with you,” Nina sound frustrate.

“Nina I love you but you can’t pretend being someone you isn’t and I’m very comfortable and very accepting of myself. I open my heart and my soul to you please try to accept yourself and stop living a lie,” Nina was feeling badly now that Erstin talk about Nina’s inability to accept herself.

Mashiro was looking at the sleeping Arika next to her in the car. Since they were children they have been inseparable friends even they argue a lot but lately Mashiro start having less than platonic feelings for Arika that frighten her and she never admit but Mashiro seeing Arika as a potential lover.

Later that night Mai was starting cooking dinner before someone wrapping their arm on her waist and interrupting her. “We should skip dinner and going straight to dessert,” Said Mikoto huskily.

“Mikoto please stop fooling around I am cooking now,” Mai was scorning at her.

“Sorry I was playing around besides having you as my lovely girlfriend making everything else sweeter,” All the anger Mai felt toward Mikoto evaporate. “I can’t stay mad at you any longer Mikoto,” They kiss briefly before separate

“What you’re cooking for tonight?” She asks Mai. “It a surprise that I can’t tell you or you’ll ruin for yourself,”

“Oh Mai I feel so offend and being hurt you won’t trust your girlfriend not eating her delicious cooking,” Mikoto gave a fake pout.

Mai is smiling at Mikoto’s antics before the telephone was ringing. “Excuse me Mikoto I have answering the phone,”

“Hello who I’m speaking to?” Hi Takumi how is work?”

“I am doing well and now I’m grading papers from today class. Some students will get you some craziest answers from the material,” He starts to chuckle. “Akira may coming later on she’s currently teaching a self-defense class so I want to speak to you and I say hi to Mikoto,”

“Takumi I always will love you as your big sister. Tell Akira I also hi,” She hung up on him.

“He said hi to you Mikoto,” Mai spoke to her. “I’m preparing dinner for the four of us so you must be your best behavior tonight or you won’t get your dessert later,” Mai was threatening Mikoto.

“You just a killjoy Mai and don’t use sex as a bargaining chip making me to behave,”

“I love you but sometime you’re too insatiable for your own good.” Mai was sighing and thinking about her relationship with Mikoto.

“I love you Mai and you’re kind, a great cook and you got the two greatest pillows a woman wants,”

“Mikoto you crazy fool you fall for me and not my chest,” Mai playfully held her ample breasts. “Also I like that part of you with your innocence and your honestly,” They kiss.

Both Natsuki and Shizuru are getting ready for their respected mornings. Natsuki is eating her breakfast consist of eggs, bacons and strawberry pancake. Alyssa was in the kitchen with Shizuru and made a face.

“Natsuki why you are eating something came from a pig. You should know how they killing these pigs and mistreating, abusing and putting them in small cages,” Alyssa sound passionate.

“Alyssa I understand you a vegetarian and how you feel about animals being mistreated for food consumption but as long I watching what I eat I’ll be okay,” Alyssa is smiling and hand Natsuki a brochure that promote healthy eating and vegetarian dieting.

“Oh I see my Natsuki’s little sister is looking out for her health beside you gain a little weigh lately and not good for the bedroom,” Natsuki’s cheeks becoming red.

“Shizuru! You’re getting up with age too,” Natsuki was piss and embarrass at the same time.

“I’m heading to work, Natsuki so I call you later,” Alyssa left with cup of coffee.

“Ugh that woman sometime is getting my last nerves. First those damn practical joke last week and now she forcing her beliefs onto me,” Natsuki was start messaging her head.

“Alyssa is your sister and she is worry about the great big health of yours. Your father died from a heart attack about ten years ago and you were at the funeral crying I remembered on that day,” Natsuki felt some shame.

“I’m sorry for the way I act but I am the CEO of the company I am working and add the stress finding a business partner and you working long hours of your case involving losing their 401k,”

“After the case we will spend more time together and take a vacation I promise,” Shizuru is gently holding to Natsuki’s hands.

Natsuki is checking on the clock in the kitchen and realize that she’s late for work. “Oh shit! It almost time for me to leave,” Natsuki kiss Shizuru and harried off for work. Shizuru touch her lips and smile. “That wonderful morning kiss you gave me,” She chuckle and got her briefcase from the table before leaving the house.

Natsuki was cursing her luck when she drove into morning rush hour and road construction causing traffic to backing up miles away. “Damn these dumbasses can’t drive worth a damn!” Natsuki mentally air her frustration. After driving bumper-to-bumper traffic almost an hour, Natsuki was barely making in her office in time.

“Mrs. Kruger you have a 10 o’clock meeting this morning with Mr. Kanzaki with proposal deal for merger,” Natsuki was grumbling. “The day just keeping getting better,”

Nao was in the hospital with her patient. “Jin I want to check on you before the surgery for tomorrow,” She take off the stethoscope from her neck and putting on his chest order to listen his heart. “Jin please breath softly for me,” He did as he told.

Youko came in with Raquel to check on Jin. “Dr. Zhang I see you’re visiting the patient before open-heart surgery. I may check up on him?” Nao was moving to her left. “As his pediatric cardiologist I don’t mind you are the chief surgeon on the staff, Dr. Helene,” Youko start to examine the little boy and using her right hand checking for a pulse.

“Jin you a wonderful and incredible brave little boy go to have a life-saving surgery due born with a hole in your heart. I want to see you live to your next birthday,” Youko spoken.

“Excuse us for a moment, Nurse Raquel I need to talk with Dr. Zhang,” While both Youko and Nao were talking, Raquel with two hand puppets playing with Jin.

“Jin I want to introduce to my two special friends, Mr. Froggy and Mr. Bear. Hi little Jin how are you feeling kiddo? I heard you going having heart surgery tomorrow to fix your heart. The doctors help make you all better and able playing with kids of your own age.”

“I remember I was scare once when I need my heart repair but also I was happy because the doctors fix me up and sent me back home. They going to treat you so you able go home and be with your parents,”

Jin was laughing and smiling because Raquel helping him to ease his anxiety before the surgery. “Nice knowing you kiddo,” Raquel wave bye-bye with the hand puppets.

“Jin as your pediatric cardiologist you are in capable hands and don’t worry I’m ensure that you’ll go home within a few days after your surgery,” Nao was reassuring her patient. “Here a lollipop for you,” She handed Jin the lollipop from her coat packet.

“Thank you Dr. Zhang for the lollipop,” Jin was happy. “You’re welcome.” Nao was responding back.

Chie is back to her apartment after a grueling day taking photos. “I’ll never take a wedding picture ever in my life again. That bride was bridezilla from hell,” Chie wanted to unwind for the day until her phone was ringing. “Oh great just want I need a freaking phone call,”

“Hello who I’m speaking to?” She asks who the caller on the other line was.

“Jeez Chie you shouldn’t sound so snappish on the phone because you give people a wrong impression,”

Chie was cringing and thinking an apology for her older brother. “What up Shinichi? Why you are calling here?”

“I want to say hi to my favorite little sister since you is very busy with your job photographing and stuff. Beside the point dad needs to know you can call him later on because something very important he have tell to you,” Chie was digesting the information.

“Also mom wanting say hello and talk to her when you have a chance, Chie. Well I just checking on you bye,” Her brother hang up from the phone.

“Jeez what on the earth dad need telling me something over phone he could just talk me in person,” Chie was musing on her thoughts.

Then her cell phone rang from her table and look at the caller ID. “Great God must hate me so much,” Chie was bitterly humor her situation.

“Tomoe I told you stop calling after me when we broke up you still never over it. Chie is trying to rein in her temper. “You should know how much the player I was and your jealousy was complicate things in our relationship,”

Tomoe was on the other side of the phone line hearing to Chie dissecting the reasons why they have broke up. “Hon thanks to recalling the past but at the end we’ll reconcile and I still love you even you despise me,” Tomoe cut off the phone while the make-up artist applying the finish touches on her face. Tomoe slips back into her famous meteorologist persona throughout the Windbloom area.

The news crew were setting up the cameras around the studio where focus on two people sitting at a desk in silhouette slowly fade away when the lights was turn on.

“Hello this is your newscasters Wataru Ishigamin and Yukariko Steinberg and we’re live WKIU tonight a major story developing at this hour.” The main camera took pan shot around them seeing a blue screen in the background where the reporter braving the elements report a major crime scene are taking place. As they reporting the story Tomoe was waiting for getting to her for weather report. “Now here your weather update taking away Tomoe,” Said Yukariko.

“Thanks Yukariko this evening calls for rain showers in Windbloom area last through to early tomorrow morning.” Tomoe sound both cheerful and professional.

“Tomoe is very elegance on television and easygoing that why she’s our number one TV personal.” The producer spoke very enthusiastically.

Aoi was once again staring at her laptop’s screen to stir some inspiration within her. Her writer’s block starting to get to her and she have turn in the manuscript due about couple of weeks to the publisher. Aoi stuck on a dry steak for a long while and before give up and calling a day. She decided to call her mother and start dialing the number on the cordless phone.

Aoi went straight to the answering machine. “Mom giving me a call when you have a chance, bye.” Aoi hung the phone. “Why I can’t think anything creative? It hard to think the first few lines of the story I’m writing on,” Aoi was musing her writer’s block then she have a mental vision of Chie. “Geez that woman worn into my psyche and now I can’t stop thinking about her.

Shizuru was in the office building waiting for Haruka to arrive involving the case they’re working on. Then she heard her colleague loudly talking someone in the lobby.

“Viola please tell the security guard we’re seeing Mr. Tai about the case.” Haruka speak impatiently.

“Armitage you should understand art of being patient and besides we are early for our appointment,” Shizuru calmly spoke back.

“Geez Viola how you able disregard the important of justice since people have lost their jobs due one of employees embezzle money from the company.” Haruka was talking at Shizuru.

“I understand you very passionate about the case seeing justice for workers don’t have their 401k anymore but we’re representing the company and also you and I are corporate attorneys in civil case fighting for restore people’s dignities and self-respect and faith within the company,” Shizuru is reinforcing her point.

“Viola you’re the better arguer than me but I’m more passionate than you and I like to punish evildoers who steal people’s livelihood for their selfish purpose,”

“Armitage I believe that the main reason you’re my law partner in our firm,” Both of them are headed to the elevator. After the elevator ride, they got off and head to a spacious office where a middle-age blond man sitting at a grey and large desk seemingly age about a few years as someone will indicate.

“Hello Ms. Viola and Ms. Armitage please have a sit.” Sergey motion them to two chairs. “I have deal the media over this scandal everyday constantly and the reporters are harassing me and my family I can’t even have a day to relax because of them. The PR firm that we hire is working on damage control and the CEO is vehement denying any wrongdoing. The reason why we hiring you two due your excellent record and we believe in you to regain our reputation in this mess,” Sergey was looking at both Shizuru and Haruka for some reassure.

“Mr. Tai that why your company hired us to stop the lawsuits against you and prove they not responsible for the embezzlement it done by one individual and white-collar crimes are a serious matter that affect about everyone including the people are saving their retirement funds and benefits,” Shizuru spoken through intelligently.

“I back my partner up by having the person held to the responsibility of making the employees suffer to their greed. Don’t worry Mr. Tai we have this case tidy up before end of the year,” Haruka was speaking confidently.

“Thanks I need some way not making this escalate even further down the line,” He shake both of their hands and then they left.

“We should do some research on the case before present it to the court Armitage,” Shizuru was talking to Haruka. Haruka didn’t response to her friend.

“Oh I sorry I was thinking what Yukino should cook for dinner. I felt we probably going be separate since I don’t know how long this case going to last I’ll very focus. How your wife is doing Shizuru?”

“She was cute couple of days ago after she gave me a good-bye kiss before hurried up to her job,” Shizuru was fondly thinking about Natsuki.

“Sometime next week we could have dinner together and talk everything isn’t work relate Shizuru,”

“Haruka I believe that good idea since we haven’t any get together in while and this case will consume our time so in best interest enjoy the moment before spend countless hours finding the facts,”

After saying their goodbyes to each other they head to their respect homes.

Author’s Notes: It took a long time for me to finish the chapter but worth it. Also I apologize for long update but I struggled to complete the chapter since I started writing this chapter in May of 2009 and put it on the backburner for my other stories. I not making any promises that the next chapter going up since I don’t know when I going to write chapter three in the near future. Thanks for being patient readers for waiting second chapter.

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