Story: Logophilia (chapter 1)

Authors: angelronin

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Chapter 1

Title: Muses

Author’s Notes: The story I have written for within couple of days have been sat in my hard drive over seven months now. The story is Chie and Aoi and their growing relationship but I will focus on other pairings and characters throughout the fic.

Disclaimer: The characters of Mai-Otome I do not claim ownership over them, they belong to Bandai.

She was staring at the blank screen of her laptop unable coming some words to write for her novel. Aoi is suffering from writer’s block that last past few weeks now. Her personal muse has left her and she couldn’t get the ideas sprung from depths of her mind.

Aoi was shutting down the laptop and took her glasses off wondering she lost the magic in her writing. Since she was young, Aoi was absorbed so much into reading and the stories capture her imagination that she want be a writer. When she enters Windbloom University, Aoi enroll into a writing course where she felt comfortable there.

After couple of months spending in the class, the professor encouraging Aoi to enter a writing contest from magazine for amateur writers where the prize is being feature as an up and coming writer. She won the contest and now is a novelist writing paranormal romance for women between 18 and 34 demographic.

She walks toward her book self and the found the book she was looking for. Aoi turn on the CD player and start reading. Aoi was absorbed into the book when the phone is ringing.

“Hello who am I speaking to? Oh Hi Yukino, Ms. Graceburt want know I have wrote the rough draft of my novel? I have a hard time because I have a killer writer’s block and I couldn’t think anything to create,” Aoi is sighing softly.

“As your agent I want to know I’m 100% behind you that you’d turning in the manuscript in time before the deadline,” Yukino is reassuring Aoi. “Ms. Senoh don’t worry Ms. Graceburt won’t pressure you turning in half-finish story. Call me later, bye.” Yukino hung up on Aoi. She was massaging her head in frustration.

Chie start to get ready to hang her three other friends at the Princess Club on their usual Friday night. First she put some contact lens in her eyes and combing her hair. Her cell phone rings and Chie answer it. “Hello? Who is calling?” Chie smiles when she heard who on the other line. “Hello my sexy orange-haired friend how is with the restaurant?” She tries using her sexiest voice.

“You try to flirt with me, Chie?” Mai asks her with hint of playfulness. “Sometime I swear you’re a walking, talking chick magnet somewhat getting women falling all over you,” Mai comment.

“Thanks for the compliment Mai and you seem pretty happy yourself. How life doing for you? Chie was asking Mai. “Umm I’m very happy with my life in general plus Takumi currently working as a teacher at Garderobe Academy,” Mai replied back to Chie over the phone.

“Well good for him having doing something he’s very passionate about and overcome having a heart condition,”

“Yeah I was worry about him even making past his sixteenth birthday but after received a heart transplant and dating Akira in high school I stop worried about my little brother and start enjoying my life,” Chie have been friends with Mai since they were attending high school together and briefly dated in college before realizing there no spark between them and remain as friends at this day.

“So you are heading the same place at our usual spot tonight? I bet both Natsuki and Nao will be there also,”

“Chie I’ll see later bye,” Chie push the end button of her cell phone.

Natsuki was preparing to leave her office then she hear her secretary buzzing in. “Mrs. Kruger your wife on the second line want talk to you at this moment,”

“Thanks Shion, hello Shizuru I miss you today.” Natsuki was talking to her on the speakerphone.

“I miss my Natsuki today hearing your voice help making my day,” She spoke Natsuki through her phone.

“The last meeting went too long for my taste and they haven’t fix the air conditioner in the office yet but everything is very peachy,”

“Now me and Armitage are working on the case now and I may not able be back until later tonight so I left dinner in the microwave for you, Natsuki.”

“I’m going hang with Mai, Nao and Chie tonight at the Princess Club I may see later tonight so be careful coming back home my Zuru,”

“Thanks for be very concern of my well-being and you enjoy yourself my Suki,”

Natsuki press the end button of the speakerphone. Natsuki, Nao, Chie and Mai arrive at the same time at the bar. They have a few drinks before talking about their favorite subject: What woman Chie have dump this time.

“Who do you broken up with this time Chie? I really want to know,” Natsuki was laughing.

“Oh what you are implying, Natuski? Why you suddenly very interest of my love life?” Chie have a wolfish grin.

“Jeez Hallard I’m not a playgirl like you beside I already have a crazy ex stalking me,” Comment Nao. “I don’t know whatever reason I am seeing something in that crazy bitch,”

“Oh how many times you have broken with Shiho? Three or four time I’m lost track of the count,” Natsuki taunted at her.

“Kruger you’re so whipped you have begging your wife to order hanging with us. I bet you she having you wrapping around in her finger I think you’re the bitch in the marriage,” Nao countered.

“Leave Shizuru out of this Nao and she isn’t your concern because I’m a grow woman dammit!”

Mai was quiet seeing her two friends arguing as usual. “I don’t why the both of them can get along with each other,” Mai was sighing. “They used have history together,”

“Well they were dating at college before the nasty break up. In personality wise they’re similar to each other with two stubborn women won’t back down. They said about Love and War,” Chie was humoring on her opinion.

“Mai you have found someone special in your life?” Chie change the subject. Mai is grinning ear to ear.

“Her name is Mikoto and she owns a dojo. She’s cute, considerate about others’ feelings, sexy, wild, and she’s very imaginative in bedroom the way she using her tongue-“She stop at mid-sentence as Chie, Natsuki, and Nao (After the two stop arguing.) listening to her. “Hi guys that very private information I shouldn’t revel,”

“Oh what very active sex life that we having Ms. Tokiha,” Chie was grinning like an idiot.

“Well she is wild in the sack?” I really want to know,” Nao was smiling leery.

“I can help you with your sex life with your girlfriend by getting the address of the website that can help with your sex life include explaining the different types sexual positions, what lubricants you can use during sex and novelty items. It helps us in our marriage,” Natsuki is offering help to Mai.

Mai was mortified and embarrass at least and wanting a hole swallowing her up.

After hanging with her friends, Chie went back to her apartment, took a shower and went to bed. Later at night a figure snuck in the room where she slept at and got in the bed.

“You could call before sneaking in my apartment and it 1:30 in the morning,” Chie talk to the mystery person after she looked at her clock.

“You can think you could shut me off from your life but we use have a thing together and you can’t just throw away.” Say the mystery person to her.

“Tomoe the main reason why we broke up because you got too possessive and jealous at other women enter at vicinity of my sights. You should know I’m a big flirt,”

“I don’t like the way the women was looking at you and you belong to me,” She held Chie tight. “I never losing you again,” Tomoe start unbuttoning her nightshirt and kissing her ample breasts. “You know you want making love to me, Chie there no denying by way your eyes looking at me,” Tomoe is right, Chie was addict to her.

On way to the hospital, Nao felt somebody is watching her. “Shiho you’re so damn predictable come out and talk to me,” Nao felt a headache is coming. “I don’t hear any bullshit from your mouth, I am running late.” She is motioning her to nearby park bench.

“I’m sorry for shooting the tires of your car, smashing your windows of your house, destroying your favorite pink shirt-“Nao is stopping her. “You don’t have confessing to everything, Jeez Huit. I try figure out why the hell you want us back together after what we has been through,” Nao is wondering. “Give me five reasons why we needing go back together,”

“Juliet I’m apologizing being the fool in our relationship and I’m afraid you would leave me,” Shiho is laid out her fears. “We keep breaking up and reuniting that I needing you now,” Her hand is reaching and Nao slap it away.

“I am tired of your excuses, I don’t want ever to hear you again,” Nao left Shiho.

Chie woken by the sunlight in the bedroom and found Tomoe have left the apartment. She checks the alarm clock next to her bed and it read 8:45 in the morning. Chie start to panic she have a ten o’clock shoot get to. She took a quick shower and finding her clothes on floor before leaving. Chie drive fast on road (Lucky today is Saturday shouldn’t that much traffic.) reach her destination under five minutes before the photo shoot.

Nina Wang, Erstin Ho, and Arika Yumemiya they are teenage models getting ready for their shoot. “Hey Nina you’re feeling nervous? I having butterflies running through my stomach because I feel I’m going to mess up,” Arika was sound worryingly. “How are you able being calm at this time what if I mess up the shoot or the photographer being mad at me,” Arika talking in nervous pace.

Nina was amused at her friend’s antics. “Don’t worry Arika I sure it will going well at the end,” Nina gives a gentle squeeze to Arika’s hand. “Beside we just modeling at the side paying our college tuition cost so you shouldn’t be worry,”

“Arika I am nervous too, I still have got to use of being a model and I’m shy around people,” Erstin reassures to her. “As long I’m with Nina and she putting me at ease with her present making everything better for me,” She smiles.

“Ms. Ho on still I need put on the make-up on you,” Say Akane. “You have looked good for the camera or it looks bad on the pictures,” A delivery man arriving with flowers.

“There a Miss Akane Soir in here? I have a delivery from Mr. Kazuya Kurauchi,” The delivery man handed her the bouquet of flowers.

“Oh Kazu-kun must has brought them for me,” Say Akane excitedly. “He’s a businessman from Cardair I met him last month,” She is starting talking about her boyfriend.

“Hallard you almost were late please explain to me why you just arriving?” Ask the woman. “I don’t want to fire you but your habitant tardiness is problematic in spite you are a freelance photographer you under contact for Otome Magazine for five shoots,”

“Marie babe I overslept last night after hanging with my best buds,” Say Chie with her award-winning smile. “After make-up sex with my possessive ex whom won’t letting go the past,” Chie mentally adding it.

“Don’t do it again or I can your ass for real,” Marie threatens Chie. The shot last for few hours with change of clothes, it was a success.

“Finally it over I don’t know long I can keep standing up in different poses,” Say Arika tiredly. “It hard work I’m telling you, Nina how you did it?” She was pleading to her. “I want know your secret so I won’t ending up falling asleep in class,” Nina smiled at her and begin to talk.

“At first having good posture, second lay off the sweets it unhealthy for you, and finally get some rest.” Nina is poking at her stomach.

“Hey Nina! Because I’m starting gain weight, you shouldn’t poke at my stomach,” Arika is angry. Erstin starting to be amuse at the two and having a genuine smile. “You guys are funny and I can’t help being happy be your friends,”

Almost everyone left from the site, Nina and Erstin walk to secluded area where Nina looking around before kissing her. “Oh I missing the feeling of your lips,” Say Erstin lovely. “It hard keeping a façade being friends especially around Arika, she doesn’t know about us. You have told your parents about us?” Nina is avoiding her. “You’re ashamed about our relationship?”

“No Erstin I am not ashamed just I’m living a lie to the world and to my parents but still struggling to accept myself who I am,” Nina was holding on to her hand. “They are very traditional and they wanting me to get marry after I graduate from college,”

Erstin is looking the depth of her lover’s eyes and seeing sadness within her.

Aoi was visiting her favorite café place order ridding her writer’s block with her laptop and cup of coffee. Once again she facing a blank screen sans words and her frustration continue to grow. Aoi can’t grasp the reason she having problems to create her story and she sigh in defeat.

“Why I can’t think anything write. I must have some mental block causing me unable to concentrate,” Aoi is in deep thought and checking out the atmosphere in the café. She found a book self next to the reading area and find a book to read. She was reading a historical novel full of clichés. “My life isn’t a romance novel where the dashing hero and his love interest are hooking up together at the end. Real life isn’t a fairy tale,” Aoi have nonexistence love life and haven’t dated since college that going for few years now.

Natsuki is taking an afternoon nap and dreaming of Shizuru in gift wrappings. Natsuki in her dream unwrapping her wife slowly and delicately enjoy every moment until a very loud noise woke her from her dream. Whoever woke her they facing a very piss out Natsuki.

Sound of laughter hearing outside and Natsuki went to investigate the source. “Natsuki you can take a joke once in your life and stop being a tight-ass,” Say Alyssa while laughing. “That was best practical joke I ever pull. Me and Irina build a giant sound system using an air horn,”

“Mental note kill the blonde genius,” Natstuki thought as she thinking a million ways to killing her little sister.

“Sorry Mrs. Kruger they rope me into making the giant sound system for them,” Miyu is apologizing to Natsuki. “You know how she is when settling up a practical joke,”

Natsuki is looking at both Alyssa and Irina and shaking her head. “Why me? I have some bad karma from past life?” Natsuki was asking no one in particular.

“How you do like it? It our best work,” Saying Irina beaming with pride from their handiwork. “It took us about five hours to create from spare parts we salvage from junkyard with aforementioned air horn,” She is smiling while holding the air horn.

“Please explain to me how the hell you rigged up a sound system at that size,” Natsuki is pointed at the thing. “And how you able drive to here?” She starts to feel the effect of incoming migraine.

“My van, Natsuki and plus some wires from leftover parts.” Alyssa grins at her older sister. “You should lighten up if you want live longer,” Natsuki was staring at her and walk back to their house looking for some headache medicine for the killer headache she’s receiving.

Chie return to apartment after a long day. She took about twenty-five different pictures for the magazine and she has developed the film before she left from the site. She opening her fridge and find only some leftover take out. Chie gave a tired sigh and went to her answering machine to check some messages.

She have about six messages, two from Mai about asking where nearness store so she can buy some needle tread for fixing her torn blouse after she and Mikoto having sex on the kitchen floor, one from Nao about Shiho stalking her again and poor attempt to fix their already broken relationship, Natsuki called and asking her she could use her car to hide the body in the woods soon to be dead little sister (Chie have to chuckle of that one.) the last two from Tomoe. Her joyful mood darkens when she listening to her on the machine wanting second chance to get back together and promise never will be jealous in the future. To Chie she had given Tomoe too many chances and think she never changing her ways. She is erasing both messages.

Aoi is taking a bath surround by candles hoping this will relax her mind and much needed inspiration to do her novel. She tried think about her first novel back couple years ago when then she was unknown in paranormal romance genre. Then she became a best selling author and talk of the town now those days are over and becoming a struggling writer whom can’t find her voice in the stories she had written. Aoi decide calling a night and hopes a better tomorrow.

A few days later, Chie receives her paycheck from Marie and went to the bank to cashing it and using it for grocery shopping (Beside the only things left in the fridge are some molded cheese and two weeks old spoiled milk.) she is searching some edible and healthy food to eat in coming weeks.

Aoi went to store buying some fruits and vegetable for herself to cook, after what looking she headed for frozen food section. Chie grabs couple of microwavable pizzas, and ice cream. Aoi got some frozen carrots before she walk back toward the check-out line she bump into her.

“Excuse me I didn’t see you I was in a rush,” Aoi apologizing to her. “No, you haven’t apologize to me I didn’t mean to knock you down,” She offers her hand to Aoi. She picks her up and helping getting her groceries. “I want know your name, miss?” Chie is turning up the charm. “My name is Aoi Senoh and I want yours?” She is asking back to Chie. “You ask shall you receive. Chie Hallard,” Say her in best charming voice.

Aoi thinks Chie is a fool. “I’m flatter but I don’t have time to play games,” This is the first time Chie been out right rejected. “You’re the first woman to resisting my charm now I very interest in you,”

Aoi is rolling her eyes. “Please Romeo giving up, your game just foolish and for your information I’m not those women fall for some cheesy pick-up written by third rate hack,” She turn around and walk toward the exit line. “Well Ms. Senoh they said about the about chase? It most interest when the person playing hard to get than they an easy catch,” Say Chie with her easy-going smile.

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