Story: A Day of Sarah (chapter 1)

Authors: Beccy Harris

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Chapter 1


 A face peeked out from beneath the cellar doors, peering out into the storm that obscured the world beyond the farms flood lights.

"Do you see anyone?"

 "No, I don't." Technically, she was safer here than by her father who was near the bottom of the stairs leading back to the house, but she felt uneasy being away from him.

"Good, I want you to wrap up extra tight and run as fast as you can."

She turned tearful eyes to him. "Daddy-"

 "Do as I say, Sarah."

 Lightning flashed and illuminated his condition, tied up on the floor to an old tractor engine.

 Sarah was skinnier than normal and the rope was big, she had been able to wriggle free.

"Go get help."

This would be the last time she saw him, she knew it. But she couldn't rush back to hug him- those people could be back any moment.

"I love you." The loud whisper carried across the room. She pushed open the cellar doors and was gone.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

It was the curse of her nature, she was too different. She had brought this on their heads.

[End notes:

I think that many of us reach a point in our lives when everything we do seems random and disconnected. I guess this story is just an ode to my own discombobulation.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary or Mistress Mary is a nursery rhyme based on Mary, Queen of Scotts.


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