Story: For the Love of a Soul Reaper {Bleached} (all chapters)

Authors: Suicide7Days

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 Coming Out of the Closet

I’m not your average soul reaper. While all the rest of the girls had boyfriends I wanted a girlfriend. Hi I’m Rangiku Matsumoto and I’m going out with a wonderful girl named Angel and here is our story.

“Hey Rangiku!” Rukia said while running towards me and giving me a big bear hug.
“Oh hey Rukia where’s Ichigo?” I said with a sigh.
“He’s coming he’s just grabbing some stuff” she said
“So when are you going to find yourself a boyfriend like Ichigo?” she said with a worried face.
“Oh I don’t want one.” I said while looking around to see if anybody is around.
“Hey Rukia can you keep a secret?” I said whispering into her ear.
“Yes I can girly what is it?” She said.
“I’m a lesbian” I whispered.
“YOU’RE A LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!” She yelled.
“SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I told you it was a secret.” I said while holding my hand to her mouth.
“MMMMMMMM” she mumbled.
Then she took my hand off of her mouth.
“Ok ok damn you don’t have to cover my mouth you don’t know what could be on your nasty hands.” Rukia said.
“OK well yeah I am one and I’m falling for the new soul reaper Angel she is so fine and I want her to be my girlfriend” I said with excitement.
“Well I wish you luck in that department” Rukia said smiling
Then Ichigo came by with the food for the picnic.

As the days go by I kept on looking at Angel falling for her even more. Some days I am so infatuated by her beauty I feel like I’m going to explode in tears. But I know that I’ll never get to be with her.
I sat on a bench looking at her talking to Ichigo and Rukia they seem to be laughing; I envy them because I can’t get the courage to talk to her. She was so beautiful.
“Hey I’m Angel” she said.
“Ummm ummm hi I’m I’m Rangiku” I said with a nervous tone.
“Nice to meet you” she said with a smile
“Nice to meet you too. You said your name is Rangiku that’s a pretty name.” she said smiling again.
“Why thank you my mother named me best.” I said laughing.
Angel giggled.
“Hey you want to go to the store with me because I’m so tired of Rukia she constantly annoys me. She wants to be with me twenty-four seven. I don’t know how you would control this situation but yeah” she said laughing.
“Sure I will go I need some more stuff for dinner I’m really alone for dinner and I was wondering if you might wanna join me for dinner.” I said eagerly.
“OK I will I get kinda lonely too at my house. The only thing I have been eating is ramen and it gets kinda old after a while.” She said with a sigh.

Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 “I love you Angel”

We went to the market to buy some food I’m buying things for sushi tonight. I bought the ingredients and I was through. Angel bought some hair products for herself.
“OK I’m done are you Rangiku?” Angel said.
“Yeah. Just wait on me ok.” I said.
Then we went to my house and I started to cook the sushi. Then I laid the sushi onto the table.
“Yummy that smells so good” Angel said while she sniffed the food.
“Thanks I learned how to make sushi from my mother. She does it better than me though.” I said.
“Oh I bet she was wonderful. Do you ever miss her?” Angel said.
“Yes but let’s not talk about it ok Angel.” I said with a tear coming down. “AWWWW don’t cry I’m here with you Rangiku” she said while giving me a hug.
“Thanks. You didn’t need to give me that I’m ok now” I said almost crying.
“OH OK. Well what are friends for?” She said
“Well Angel I kinda want to be more than that. I want you to be my girlfriend because I kinda have a little crush on you. And I don’t know if you are bisexual or a lesbian but will you be my girlfriend?” I said to her with a half smile
“Well I’m bisexual but I don’t know Rangiku. I know you’re like really hot and I just don’t know. I gotta think about it.” She said.
“Well I hope you say yes.” I said
Then we kept on chatting through out the night. We talked about friends and hollows and how we love to kick their asses.
“Hey I thought about your question you asked and I think I will be your girlfriend I mean I had a little crush on you too since I saw you for the first time.” She said with laughter.
“OH MY GOD!!! YOU WILL!!!!!!!” I said with glee.
Then I gave her this biggest hug I have ever given some one.
“UGH your tits are squishing me!!!!!” She said panting
“OH I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you are you ok?” I said.
“Yes I’m ok it’s just your tits are so fucking huge” She said
“OH have you ever had sex with a girl before Angel” I questioned to her.
“No I haven’t why?” she asked.
“Well you’re about to.” I reached over and gave her a big kiss.
Then I took her to the bedroom where in there is a bunch of candles and rose petals.
“It seems like you planned this Rangiku. Where you babe? Wow that sounds so weird calling you babe.” She giggled after saying babe.
“Why do you suspect that baby? Wow that does sound weird” I said with a giggle. Then I took her to the bed and we started to make out. I took my hand on her inner thigh and started to rub.
“I love you Angel’ I whispered below my breath.
Then she laid down on to the bed and waited for my next move. I took off my kimono and then she took off hers. I laid down next to her making out then we used tongue.
“MMMMMMMM Rangiku baby what’s your next move my lover” she said moaning.
“You’ll see baby” I said. Then I took my hand down to her panties and started to rub outside of her panties.
Then I took her panties off and started to go down on her. I took my hands and spread her legs so I can get in.
“OH Rangiku baby.” Angel moaned.
Then I took out my tongue out of my mouth and then I started to lick her entrance. While I lick her she held down my head and started to pull my hair.
“RANGIKU!!!!!” she yelled in excitement.
I continue to lick her until she came. I started to tap my thumb on her clit as she wriggled out of the jam.
Just a second later she came onto my tongue.
“OH Angel that is so yummy I didn’t know you would taste so good.” I said
“OH I yeah I am tasty” she said with a giggle.
Then I laid down on the bed waiting for her to give me pleasure. She then came down on me and took off my panties with her teeth which amazed me I didn’t know she could do that.
“Ready baby” she said seductively.
Then she spit into my pussy and started to lick the spit out with her flaming hot tongue.
“ANGEL BABY YES FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!!” I said screaming at the top of my lungs.
Then she started to pick up the pace and started to lick harder than ever.
Then just as I said that I felt like I was peeing but it wasn’t I was cumming I didn’t know how that felt but now I do.
“YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!!!” She said wiping the cum the corners of her mouth.
Then she laid next to me. She stroked my nipples one by one in small little circles.
“Rangiku I think I love you.” She said with a smile
“I know I do baby.” I said while kissing her on the forehead.
“Wait till the other soul reapers get a load of this” She said.

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 The Love Between Us

We got dressed the next morning and went out to meet up with Rukia and Ichigo. We were holding hands in a laced position.
“Oh my god look at the new couple” Ichigo said.
“Hey guys” Angel said with a smile.
“So when did you two hook up and Rangiku I didn’t know you like girls I thought you and Gin were together” Ichigo said
“NO! We’re just friends he protects me but Angel she’s the best thing ever” I said
“Yeah Rangiku and I started dating last night and we had fun too. Eating sushi that she made and-“
“SHHHHHH!! I don’t want them knowing about the other thing” I said stopping her.
“Well I hope you two stay together forever” Rukia said smiling.
“Us too!” Angel and I said together.

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