Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 9)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 8- Nikki Returns

[Author's notes: YURI, WATERSPORTS, LOLI]

You can't be serious. Your really going to tell my dad?" asked Kim shocked.

"Oh yes, Kimmie... I'm gonna tell him... I'm gonna have him talk to you too... You'll be laying there trying to hold it and he'll be talking to you..." She giggles lightly and continues searching for her device.

"But you can't do that! That’s too embarrassing!"

"Gimme ONE good reason why I shouldn't." Suki laughs as she spies the little rectangular device.

"It's embarrassing!"

"Not good enough, Kimmie....  Not good enough..."

"Well what would be good enough?" asks Kim before groaning once more and placing her right hand to her crotch.

"I wanna see you blush! I wanna see you humiliated... If you don't want me to tell your Dad, you gotta do something for me... something that will make you embarrassed! Kimmie... Don't you understand, that the best part of seeing you squirm, is knowing that you are mine?!" Suki turns back to Kim, her violet eyes shining with sudden tears.

Kim thinks for a moment before 'aha'ing', "I got it, it's still really embarrassing, but I'd rather this than the other..."

"So you know what I want you to do, then, Kimmie? Tell me...  I want to hear it from your lips..." Suki presses a button on the PDA, dialing up her sister's number.

"Well, what if I transform into my super state and pee then?" asks Kim.

"You wouldn't be embarrassed like that... No, Kimmie.. I think you know what I want you to do... You can transform, of course... but..."

"B-but what?"

"But it's not ENOUGH!" Suki stamps her foot in frustration as she dials the next number on the PDA.

"Not enough!? Me peeing while I’m transformed would be almost more embarrassing than peeing in public."

"But no one else would witness it, Kimmie! Don't you understand?! Can't you understand?! I want people to know!" Suki nearly cries out in frustration.

"But why?"

Suki shouts, "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, DAMNIT! I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU AND I WANT THE WHOLE DAMN PLACE TO KNOW IT!" Her short hair flies around her, making her look totally deranged and out of control.

"Ok, ok, I get it, but not everyone is into peeing in public." Kim then groans again.

"You don't have to be... That's the whole point! That's what's supposed to make you hold on... struggle and squirm.. do everything in your power to prevent it! That's the WHOLE IDEA!"

"That right there is my point, I don't want to struggle and squirm in public."

"Fine then... I'll just get your Dad over here...." Suki turns away from Kim and dials the next number on the PDA.

Kim quickly stands and groans from her increased urge to pee, "W-Wait! Can't I don't something else other than with my dad?"

"You know of something else that might make you humiliated, Kimmie?" Suki keeps her back to the HUnewearl.

"I told you! Peeing while I'm transformed! It's just not good enough for you!"

"How exactly would that humiliate you?! It wouldn't change anything! It'd just be you and me in private like always!"

"Y-You've never seen me fully transformed, my clothes and everything change, isn't the fact that a super strong person is about to wet themselves good enough?"

"So you won't remove your clothes? And you'll still try to hold it beyond your endurance?!"

"Yeah, of course."

"You'd better... because if I hit this last number, I'll be able to get my sister here... and, as you know, she's a full telepath... she can arrange a connection between you, me, and.. your father..." She turns back to Kim and a naughty smirk plays around her lips.

"Ok, ok..." as Kim continues to hold herself, she groans particular hard as her body begins to glow a bright white. "T-This'll take a moment..." comments Kim.

"Hurry it up... I want time to enjoy your desperation..." Suki folds her arms across her chest.

After a few moments, the glow around Kim glows so bright that id blinds Suki, forcing her to cover her eyes.

"Argh! That light is so bright!" Suki's eyes tear up as she covers them and turns away.

just seconds later, Suki can hear Kim gasp out and the glow quickly fades, When Suki returns her gaze to Kim, she sees her on the floor on her knees, Kim's blue spectral wings visible and her hair glowing a bright white, also a white glow surrounds Kim’s body as Suki sees something similar to a white one-piece bathing suit covering Kim's body.

Suki groans, "Ow... you almost blinded me! Why didn't you warn me?!" She rubs her eyes again, trying to get them used the site of Kim in her transformed state.

"S-Sorry, I'm used to it so I forgot to warn you." replies Kim looking up at Suki. "I can only stay like this for ten minutes."

"Only ten minutes?! I won't be able to enjoy the desperation! Gah, this is just like Nan'chi... She'd ALWAYS go so fast...  Before I could even really get into it, she'd pee herself.... Maaaaannnn...."

"Well I'm sorry, transforming using my mana, that's why I rarely fully transform. It drains me really fast."

"I can't believe this... why, why, why, WHY does everyone move so FAST?!" She turns away from Kim and sniffles once or twice, hiccupping.

"Hey, come on, your wasting time, after ten minutes, I won't have the energy to hold myself."

"OH FINE... whatever... as long I can see you pee yourself, right?! Hmph!" Suki suddenly turns and puts her hands on Kim's chest, forcefully and angrily pushing her back toward the bed.

"Why are you so angry?"

Her eyes shining with tears, Suki grunts, "If you can't tell by now... I even told you what was wrong...!"

"Geez, is me peeing in public really that important to you?"

"That's part of it... but there's also the fact that you're always rushing this! This is SUPPOSED to be enjoyable, not sped up like a.. like a.. like a GUY!" she splutters.

"H-how would you like it if I forced you to do s-something you don't want?"

Suki blushes, "You do that all the time... and I... I... well.. .it would be fun!"

"I don't make you piss yourself in public."

"The fighting.. you always make me train with you... even though I can't fight at all..."

"You wanted to be stronger, you said you wanted to be able to protect your village." replies Kim before groaning hard.

"When did I say that?! With Hon'tyl dead, there's no threat to my village!" Suki roughly grabs Kim's left arm and chants the spell to make it heavy again.

"I don't remember exactly when but you did say that."

"Maybe I meant I wanted to be strong enough to force you to do what I wanted in bed? I don't really care about anything we do outside... You're strong enough for both of us... But I want to be in control... HERE..." She pulls Kim's right hand away and does the same spell there.

Kim then notices what Suki is trying to do and stats, "That won't work when I'm transformed."

"What? What do you mean?" Suki backs off, looking puzzled.

"Nngh, T-That binding thing you can do won't work on me like this."

"What? Why not?"

"I'm immune to a bunch of stuff when I'm transformed." Kim then groans out loudly as she places both her hands to be crotch now.

"Oh maaaaaaaannnn.... Now what do I do... Um... how strong are you, physically? I mean.. if I use something to hold your arms back like a rope or something, you'll just break it, won't you?"

"Y-Yeah..." groans Kim.

"Ok ok ok... maybe this..." She places a hand on Kim's side and runs it around to her back, poking into her spine.

"Uh, w-what's that supposed to do?"

"I'm looking for your mental center... Every person has one... We learned in class that if proper pressure is applied in just the right way, partial paralysis can be caused... I'm sure, though, that it won't work... Not even Becky's special paralysis item would work, I think..." She jabs a forefinger HARD into the very center of Kim's spine.

"Well I can still- AH!" gasps Kim as she finds keeping her legs closed and her hands where they are very hard to do. "I-I think, y-you found m-mine..."

"Really?! It worked?! Do you feel like your arms are growing numb? Or your legs? Or both?"

"B-Both, it's t-taking every t-thing I h-have to keep them w-where they a-are...." struggles Kim.

"OK... that's not quite it... I don't want your legs paralyzed... just your arms... Let's see... how's.. THIS?" She gives a certain ridge a hard poke with her slightly long index fingernail, pushing it barely inside of Kim's body and making a small bloodless hole.

"Ohh, t-that's better, but my a-arms are still hard to use.

"Your arms haven't fallen completely numb, yet, Kimmie? Hmm... maybe this..." She slides her hand up a few centimeters, poking her fingernail through another small bloodless hole.

With anoughter gasp from Kim, she's now trembling vigorously, trying to retain some control of her arms, her body is also glowing a bit bright from the extra energy she using to help.

"Kimmie... if the numbness gets to be much worse, you won't be able to fight it and you might make it worse... I've almost found the mental center... I think it's here..." She closes her eyes and concentrates, her low level telepathic powers surging through her fingertips and into Kim's body, causing the numbness to spread up her arms.

"no, I need my hands, stop."

"Kimmie... face it... your hands are almost gone..." Suki mumbles distractedly as her body's energies send the numbness down to her fingers, gently prying them upon them, making them fall open and out of control of the beautiful HUnewearl.

"Well I'll fight till I can't anymore!"

Suki groans heavily, exerting the full, though admittedly weak, brunt of her low level telepathic powers and suddenly, a slicing pain starts forming in Kim's shoulders, overtaking her ability to control her arms.

Kim then gasps out in desperation as she hand finally fall from her control, her reinforced hold on her bladder now gone.

Suki pants heavily, breathing, "I.. I think.. that... that did it... Did it, Kimmie?" She looks down at the older girl.

"Y-Yeah, it d-did." groans Kim.

"Good... 'cause I really hate doing that... I HATE causing pain... It should go away though without much lasting damage..."

"Pain? W-What pain?"

"Didn't you feel some pain when I pushed my telepathic essence inside of you? Most people do..." She reaches down to Kim's hands and gently pulls them away, laying her arms up besides either side.

"W-Well I didn't."

"Huh... you must really be strong, Kimmie... No wonder you were able to beat Hon'tyl... wow..." She places a hand on Kim's stomach, sliding her left up toward her breasts. "Is there anyway to get this off so I can see your transformed breasts, Kimmie?"

"W-WEll, I never tried taking it off, I don't know."

"Lemme try..." She grabs hold of the left hand side and finds, "Aw, geez... it's like... attached to you..."


"How weird...  I've never seen anything like this... I... I'm not gonna be able to remove it..."

"Well, t-that explains w-why it always felt l-like a second skin on me."

"Aw, that's no fun... oh well..." Suki sighs and her left hand suddenly wraps around Kim's left breast, squeezing it hard. "You should still be able to hold it, right, Kimmie? Your thighs are still pressed together, right?"

"Yeah, at least for a few more minutes, my mana is nearly gone."

"I wonder if a mana transfer is possible..." Suki thinks aloud absently as she lowers her right hand down to Kim's stomach, searching for the indentation of her navel.

"you mean give me some of your mana?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... I've got a good amount stored up because I haven't flown in a while... Think that might help you, Kimmie?" She pushes her index finger inside Kim's navel as her other hand pinches her nipple through her outfit.

"Well, It couldn't hurt."

"Ok.... we can try..." Suki reaches up to Kim's temples with both her hands and starts running them in circles over her skin as she closes her eyes.

"A-any time your ready..." states Kim

"Ok... here goes... you might feel a slight stinging, but then you should feel revitalized... Here goes everything..." She grunts lowly and a purplish aura glows all around her skin, flowing gently into Kim's body, surrounding her with a lovely violet emanation.

"Ohh..." smiles Kim. "Tingly! hehe."

"How's that, K-Kimmie?" asks Suki, her voice trembling with a sudden loss of energy from her body, her hands opening and her legs wobbling under her.

"Wow, if feels great, I feel like I can even hold it longer now."

Suki starts panting heavily and suddenly topples over Kim's prone body, moaning weakly.

"What's wrong?"

"It... it's okay, K-Kimmie... I.. I just transferred too much... I'll be okay.. j-just gimmie a minute..."

"Oh, ok, sorry."

Suki pants softly for a few moment, then sits up and smiles goofily at Kim. "You feel stronger, K-Kimmie?"

"Yeah, I feel allot better." smiles Kim.

"So you.. you think you can hold it awhile then? Hehee... that makes me happy..."

"yea, ten minutes more at least."

"Good... n-now... where were we?" She slowly reaches up to Kim's left breast and squeezes it again as her right hand moves back down to Kim's navel, dipping her finger inside, pushing the material into the opening.

this action quickly causes Kim to start squirming and tensing.

"Kimmie?" asks Suki, a smile starting to creep across her lips as she lowers her lips to Kim's covered nipple, kissing it gently as her right hand tickles her navel.

"Y-Yeah?" replies Kim.

"You're having trouble holding it, aren't you, lover?" She whispers, her face slightly reddening as she licks at Kim's nipple, wanting so badly to get through the material.

"Hehe, well I've 'been' having trouble."

"But.. I mean... I haven't seen you squirm like that in a while... It's.. really sweet... I love your squirms..." She suddenly scoots up to Kim's head and locks her lips on Kim's, her left hand running down along Kim's side, apparently making for her crotch.

When Suki's hand reaches the 'Y' of Kim's crotch, she finds that because of Kim's legs being tightly squeezed together, moving her hand down in-between her legs is a bit difficult.

Suki moans softly into the kiss, boldly darting her tongue further into Kim's mouth as her right hand slides up and starts caresses her tender breast. Her left hand somehow finds the strength to push in-between Kim's thighs, and scoots down along her skin-tight outfit, rubbing the fabric up against her mound.

Upon Suki wedging her hand in-between Kim's legs, the older her tenses suddenly and groans loudly into the kiss as Suki's action obviously threatened Kim's weakening hold.

Suki breaks the kiss to smile down at the other girl. She whispers in Kim's ear, "You like that, don't you, Kimmie? It's making you have to go worse, isn't it?" She leans close to Kim's cheek and licks in a teasing motion towards her very sensitive ears, her right hand squeezing the dark skinned girl's breast and her left hand gently beginning a slight rubbing motion on the fabric over her labia.

Kim pants once, but smiling also, as she begins to fidget/squirm a bit, more so with her legs.

"Mmmm... Kimmie... you look so delicious... I... I just wanna keep you here like this all the time..." Suki whines softly, her tongue moving ever closer to her pointed ear, as her left hand starts stroking Kim's labia a little harder, her right hand slowly sliding down from her breast.

"Nnngh... I'm not going to be able, to hold it much longer, if you keep doing that..." groans Kim.

"Tell me, Kimmie... does it spasm? Is it stinging, Kimmie?" Suki's tongue finally reaches Kim's ear and starts licking up along the pointed tip, her right hand lightly probing the distension of her bladder as her left hand pats her labia through her skin-tight outfit.

"I-It's defiantly stinging... unless you want me to pee r-really soon, stop for a sec..."

"Ohhhhh... ok..." Suki giggles and pulls her left hand back away from Kim's labia. "Is that better, Kimmie?" She giggles again and suddenly leans her weight into her right palm, pressing down hard on her quivering abdomen.

"Ah! no it's not!" groans Kim as she tenses even more.

"Aw, come on, Kimmie... surely you're not about to lose control from just that little bit of touching, are you? Come on... keep trying to hold it..."

"I-I am trying... It's just so hard to..." groans Kim.

"Do you need a break, Kimmie? If you want me to stop. you know what you gotta do..." Suki's eyes glint with mischievousness. "All you gotta do is beg..." She giggles and pulls her hand back slightly, choosing instead to rub Kim's abdomen without putting too much pressure on the bulge.

"Suki, can you give me back control of my hands? I don't t-think my legs are doing the j-job anymore."

"Hands? Nope... uh-uh... If I do that, you'll just try to escape... Nothin' doing..." She giggles again, continuing to rub Kim's abdomen unmercifully, driving Kim's urge up higher without making her lose it outright. "Now come on... beg... beg just you used to when we first knew each other... Come on..."

"Nngh.. come Suki, I need my hands! I'm about to lose it!" states Kim really wanting to hold herself.

"What did I just say? What's a matter? Can't hold it anymore? What are you, a little girl?! Come on... show some grit, Kimmie... Fight harder!" Suki laughs and brings her left hand down to Kim's thighs again, sliding her whole body down the bed and putting her own covered crotch over Kim's as she uses her right hand to relax Kim's hold by rubbing her bursting bladder with teasingly gentle movements. "Come on, Kimmie... I wanna see some more squirms and back arching..."

"Ohh... I wish you could-" states Kim before she suddenly smiles, but quickly begins groaning a second later as she begins squirming a lot more.

"Come on, Kimmie! Just hold it a little longer... Come on, I know you can do it!" Suki encourages as she moves a little further down Kim's body, sitting on the bed between the older girl's thighs, which she uses her left hand to spread as her right hand slides between the bulge of her bladder and her girlhood, rubbing down along the skin to coax some fluid out.

Just seconds after Suki' spread Kim's legs apart, the older girl gasps out loud as she remaining hold is stripped from her and she begins peeing hard into her skin-tight white leotard, quickly saturating the crotch in a deep yellow color as surprisingly, there was now leakage, like before, Kim's urine rose up into her leotard, almost reaching her breasts.

Suki giggles, "Wow... you really had to go... That's a lot of fluid there... and... wow.. it's not coming out of your outfit... amazing..." She places a hand on the drenched crotch and presses in a little.

Upon pressing her finger to Kim's crotch, Suki feels Kim's urine under the material.  

"Wow... this is weird... How does this stuff work, anyway, Kimmie?" She presses in a little harder.

"I don't know, but know I have a different problem, if a de-transform, the pee is going to drench the bed."

Suki giggles, "Is that really such a bad thing, Kimmie? I mean.. didn't Becky make you pee the bed before?"

"Yeah, but I didn't really have a choice." replies Kim sweatdropping.

"So? If it's not really a problem, then just de-transform...  I don't mind sharing a bed with a pee-drenched lover..." She giggles and sits back on Kim's crotch, feeling the warmness and hearing the slight squish.

"Hmm, why don't you lay on the bed and I stand over you, 'then' de-transform?" suggests Kim smiling.

Suki giggles, "So you can pee all over me? Is that what you're planning, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, how about it?"

"Sure.. I don't mind..." She rolls off Kim and leans back on the bed, looking over at Kim with a smile on her face.

Kim also smiles as she gets to her feet over Suki. "ready?"

"Uh-huh..." breathes the smaller girl, looking up at Kim with love in her violet eyes.

"Ok, here ya go..." states Kim as she de-transforms, her wings and leotard simply shimmering away and the urine splashing down to Suki, Leaving Kim standing nude above Suki.

"Ahhh.. Mmm.... oh, that feels good..." moans Suki as she squirms around underneath Kim as the fluid flows over her clothes.

A few seconds later, a knock comes at Kim's door. "Who is it?" asks Kim.  "Uh, Alice." comes Alice’s voice. "Come in." replies Kim before her door opens, and in walks Alice smiling, just coving in her blue symbiotic clothing.

Suki lifts her head up and waves shyly, "Um.. h-hi, Alice..."

Alice then began giggling for no apparent reason before obviously stopping herself. "U-Um, Mommy- no wait, mom, yeah, what do you think of the way I look?" asks Alice repressing another giggling event.

"Um, well, your thirteen, I like everything about you." replies Kim.

Suki sits up, "Umm.. I think I'll leave you two alone... I.. I need to go change anyway...." she mumbles.

"No you don't Suki." states Alice Smiling. "I wanna show you what Alice's body can do." (TBC)

"huh? What do you mean Alice’s body?" asks Kim before a moment later 'ah-ha'ing'. and Alice quickly replying, "Oops! da*nite I knew I'd mess up!"

"Huh? I.. I'm confused..." Suki frowns, trying to figure out what's going on.

Kim then gets off her bed and walks behind Alice, wrapping her left hand around her waist and lowering her right hand to Alice crotch, rubbing, causing the young girl to moan out. "Hehe, Suki, what's wrong with this picture."

"Um... I... I don't know... "

"Really? take a little closer observation." states Kim as Alice seems to want what Kim is doing to her, evident by her moving her hips in time to Kim's rubbing her pussy.

Suki gasps, "That... can't be right...! Something's wrong... Alice would never let you do that to her! She must be an imposter!"

"Heh, your kinda right. " smiles Kim. "this is Alice, but it's not at the same time."

"Wha? How could it be Alice and yet, not Alice?" asks Suki, scratching at her short black hair.

"It's really Becky in Alice's Body." Kim then let's go of Alice's body. "Alice would have been protesting what I was doing to her the entire time."

"Yeah... you're right! But.. Becky?! How did you know?" asks Suki.

"When she said she wanted to show you what Alices body could do is what reveal her." replies Kim. "You almost had us Becky."

"Yeah, I almost did it..." groaned Becky/Alice.

"But.. she still looks like Alice... How did she do that?"

"Well, awhile ago I bought a device that allow a person to switch bodies with anouther person, I didn't really find much use for it, so I nearly forgot about it." answers Kim.

"Oh... w-well... I guess.. that makes sense..."

Becky/Alice then adds, "But it makes for very interesting sex, and you can learn more about the person too."

"Um.. i-if you say so..." states Suki dubiously.

Kim then smiles, "Hey Suki, what about you and I give it a go?"

"Um... I.. I don't know... I.. I'm kinda used to my own body..."

"Oh come on, it's only temperary."

"W-Well... I.. I guess we could... as long as we switch back soon..."

Becky/Alice then comments, "It's really fun Suki! I'm having a great time in Alice's Body, hehe, finding all her little spots. Like this stuff that covers her, it feels like I'm completly naked in a pool of water..."

Suki gives Becky this look: O.o, before she giggles into her hand, trying to suppress her humor.

"What's funny?" asks Becky/Alice smiling.

"N-Nothing! S-Seriously!"

"Aw come on, tell me, please?"

"I.. I was... just... um... imagining you in Alice's body... and using that material she wears... It... it just struck me funny, that's all..."

"Oh, Yeah, Alice had to tell me how to use it, it's easier said than done though. but she used to it so it's second nature to her, plus there's the voices in her head." smiles Becky/Alice. Meanwhile Kim leaves the room to go get the device.

"Voices? Like what kind of voices, um... Becky?"

"The stuff is symbionic, so its a living thing, and I can hear it talking to me sometimes."

"Oh yeah? What does it say?"

"It's like a casual conversation, like: how are you, and stuff. I can't get it to tell me private stuff about Alice, that would be nice, hehe."

Suki giggles, "I'm sure... Just imagine the kinda things it would tell you about her..."

"yeah, I guess I'd just have to get Alice herself to tell me."

"Too bad you don't have telepathy like Sashi and Nanyo do... you could just read her thoughts.. hehe..."

Kim then comes back with the device, which looks rather simple, a 'Y' shaped cord with suction-cup like attachment on two ends with a remote on the other cord. "I got it." Kim then adds. "Ether it's been a really long time since I have used this on becky or her body is a magnet for pleasure. Alice was masturbating like crazy with your body."

"Hehe, I know." smiles Becky/Alice.

Suki sits up on the bed, gasping in wonderment, "Um... where does it go?"

"It goes on the forehead." states Becky/Alice.

"Um.. w-will it hurt?" Suki questions fearfully.

"Nope, it's like waking up though." replies Becky/Alice.

"W-Waking up?"

"Yeah, you pass out momentarily while you switch bodies, so you basically wake up, just in anoughter body." answers Becky/Alice.

"Oh... that doesn't sound so bad..."

Kim then sits on her bed. "Ready Suki?" smiles Kim.

"U-Um... o-ok..." Suki gulps.

Once Suki is facing Kim, Kim places one end of the device to Suki's forehead and the other her her own. "Here we go, see you on the other side." smiles Kim.

"Um... O-ok..." blushes Suki as she leans in for a quick kiss.

Kim Presses the button on the remote and a moment later, both girl's momentaryly pass out, then coming to about ten seconds later, Kim opening her eyes to see her body in front of her. "It worked." annoounced Kim, but surprised when she heard herself in Suki's voice.

"Uhhh... K-Kimmie... a-are you there?" comes Kim's voice from nearby.

"Yeah, I'm here. open your eyes." states Kim/Suki

"O-Ok... I... I'm kinda afraid too, though..." The older/younger girl opens her eyes and looks down over Kim's naked body. "Ahhh! K-Kimmie?!" she cries out, suddenly wrapping herself in the sheets.

"Why are you covering yourself?" asks Kim/Suki.

"I... I... um... I... I'm sorry..." She lets the sheet drop, a cute blush showing on Kim's dark skin.

"Hehe, i'm blushing." giggles Kim/Suki.

"I... I can't help it, Kimmie... I... I'm not used to this... Being naked and all..."

"Really?" smirks Kim/Suki before she stands and begings striping out of her clothes.

"Aaahhh! Wh-what are you doing, Kimmie?! D-Don't do that!" Suki/Kim crosses the room and draps a sheet across the smaller body of her lover, still blushing heavily.

"Hehe, come on Suki, you shouldn't be embarrassed, you got a great body!" laughes Kim/Suki as she quickly removes the sheet from her body and quickly moving about the room, evaiding any further attempts by Suki/Kim to cover her.

"Ahhhh! K-Kimmie! Don't! Please! Don't show.. um... me.... off to everyone! Please! Show some decorum!" She gets to her feet and takes one step before clutching her head and falling back. "Ick... I'm dizzy... dangit, you're too tall, Kimmie!" She sits back on the bed until the dizziness passes.

"Hehe, I haven't been this small in so long! It's so great!" giggles Kim/Suki as Becky/Alice laughes at the scene before her.

Suki/Kim runs a hand down across her chest and blushes, "Wow... I.. I didn't realize you were so big, Kimmie... Heh, I can make them bounce... not like mine..." She moves up and down, giggling, as Kim's breasts move with her.

Kim/Suki then stops suddenly and plops onto the bed. "Ohhh, I'm so tired all of a sudden."

Suki/Kim states, "Yeah... I used up most of my mana on you... It'll take a while before I'm... um.. you're... recharged..."

"Man this sucks. I'm too tired to do anything. No wonder you rarely hop around energeticly like becky does."

"Hehe... now you know what I have to deal with... But it's okay, Kimmie... It'll get better..."

Kim/Suki then smiles and lowers her right hand to her labia, rubbing. "Mmm, I'm not too tired to do this."

"Kimmie! Um... d-do you... know what you'll wind up doing if you d-do that?"

"Huh? What?"

"You're gonna make me.. I mean... you... come..."

"Heh, that's the point."

"Kimmie... *sigh*... this is just... plain weird... and I..." She starts forward, before tripping on the bed and landing on her face. "Owieee... Man... I can't control these mechanical legs of yours, Kimmie... "

"Mmm, oh yeah, it's does to a little getting used to."

Suki/Kim tries to sit up, but falls backward, her arms flailing wildly, "Heeeeyyyy! Now the arms are messing up!" She falls off the bed onto the floor below and hits her head. "Owwww!" she moans.

"Hey carefull, you gonna injure my body." states Kim/Suki.

"Owww... I can't help it... These fake arms and legs are hard to control!" she whines as she sits up on the edge of the bed.

"Hehe, but your pussy is easy to control." giggles Kim/Suki before moaning.

"K-Kimmie! Whoah! G-Gimmie a hand here!" She slips off the bed again, falling to the floor, but this time, she doesn't hit her head or anything.

"ohh, ok." replies Kim/Suki getting off the bed and helping Suki/Kim up onto the bed. but the moment Kim/Suki was bent over with her rear facing Becky/Alice, the said girl quickly walked behind her and began fingerig her pussy with her right hand.

"Wow, Suki's pussy is alot tighter than Kimmie's." comment's Becky/Alice along with a surprised gasp from Kim/Suki.

Suki/Kim gasps, "Wh-whoah! Becky! Wh-what are you doing?! Get your fingers out of there! That.. that's my.. .um... p-pussy!" She lunges across the bed at Becky/Alice.

Becky/Alice quickly hopes back, also removing her fingers, with a groanfrom her, dripping with Kim/Suki's wettness from her pussy. "What's the problem? giggles Becky/Alice.

The other girl protests, "I.. I didn't give you permission to do that, Becky! I mean... under the circumstances... I.. I mean really..."

Kim/Suki then stands up stating, "but Suki, this isn't your body at the moment though is it?" smiling.

"But... but... Kimmie... i-it still l-looks like me!"

"And you me." replies Kim/Suki.

"Yeah!" adds Becky/Alice walking behind Suki's body and reaching around with her right hand to finger her pussy again. "I can do this and you can do anything about it. isn't it fun seeing your body being fingered?"

Suki/Kim whines, "Yeah.. but I wanna be in there! That's not fair!" She starts stamping her feet, having a little temper tatrum.

*"Well, why don't you get her breasts then?" suggests Becky/Alice.

"Um... don't you mean MY breasts?" Suki screws up Kim's face in concentration, trying to understand all that is happening now.

"I mean, why don't you get 'her' breasts?" repeats Becky/Alice smiling.

"Oh whatever... sure... I'll get 'em..." She lunges out toward Kim/Suki and uses Kim's longer arms to pull the smaller girl into a big hug, turning her around so that Kim/Suki is facing away from her. "Gotcha!" She smiles.

"Hey, you can't just spin her around like that, I was fingering her!" whines Becky/Alice.

"It's okay, Becky... um.. Alice... um... aw, what should I call you anyway?!"

"Well i'm in Alice's body, so, Alice." replies Becky/Alice before lowering herself to her knees and licking at Suki's pussy, causing Kim/Suki to moan out and rest her hands on Becky/Alice's head.

"Um... Ok.... Alice.... Um... Kimmie... um... th-there's something I forgot to tell you before we switched bodies..." Suki/Kim blushes as she holds the smaller girl in her arms.

"Mmm, what is it?" asks Kim/Suki.

The taller Suki leans in close to the smaller Kim's ear and whispers, "I.. um... I... er... I was about... to... go.. um... t-to... the restroom after I made you pee yourself..." She blushes harder as she looks down at Kim.

"Oh, well I'm sure Becky won't mind a little surprise." smiles Kim/Suki.

"Are you even going to try to hold it?" asks the suddenly much bigger girl as she reaches her right hand around Kim/Suki's waist to hold her still while she slides her left hand out to grip the small breasts that she used to have.

"Mmm, I don't know."

"Kimmie... how do you... feel about.. being... i-inside my body? I mean... you can now sense the emotions of all three of us, can't you?"

"um, no, should I?"

"Well, you ARE in my body... But you really can't sense anything? Hmm.. maybe I still have that power..."

"Well maybe you do something to sense emotions, sense your so used to it, it would be second nature to you... mmm..."

"Hmmm... I wonder..." mumbles Suki/Kim as she pinches what used to be her own nipple with her fingertips, using her other hand to rub across the smaller girl's stomach, wondering if Kim will feel the effects of her weak spot and start getting drowsy.

Kim/Suki suddenly opens her mouth in a yawn. "Oh, I'm getting sleepy for some reason."

Suki/Kim giggles, "Hehe... I seem to have passed on that weakness to you... I'd better be careful..." She pulls her hand away from the other girl's stomach, giving her right nipple a light tug.

"Oh yeah, the spot that make you go to sleep..." comment's Kim/Suki moaning a little more from Becky/Alice's talented tongue.

Suki/Kim sighs, "You know all about it now... don't you? It's really kinda embarrassing to just fall asleep every time my stomach is rubbed..."

"I can imagine..." states Kim/Suki closeing her eyes from pleasure.

"And Nan'chi... she used to do that to me ALL the time... she'd get me nice and desperate, then, when I didn't think I could hold on any longer, she'd start rubbing my stomach and put me to sleep so that I'd wind up peeing myself... Ha, I got her back though... I learned a nifty Sleep spell... sure showed her!" She giggles as she continues to fondle Kim/Suki's smallish breast.

"Kim/Suki chooses not to respond to that and just moans in pleasure.

Suki/Kim sighs, "I haven't really had much use for it lately, though... I don't know of anyone who would want to be put to sleep..." She lowers her head over the smaller girl and licks at her cheek.

"Mmm, Ohh, Becky is so good with her tongue! Moans Kim/Suki. "I've been missing out!"

Becky/Alice stops licking at Suki's pussy for a moment to comment, "And Alice's much better than me, pretty strange for someone who wasn't into girls until she met me."

"Heh... maybe one day I should try using my tongue... but... I dunno... it just sounds weird to use a tongue in that manner..." She licks up Kim/Suki's cheek toward her ear.

"Hehe, it's great, you should try it." moans Kim/Suki.

"Kimmie... my ears aren't as sensitive as yours... but maybe you'll like this...." Suki/Kim giggles slightly as she trails Kim's tongue along the smaller girl's ear, licking along the lobe.

"Mmm, that is nice..." comments Kim/Suki as she feels Becky/Alice starting to lick at her clit.

"Kimmie... tell me... how does it feel? You like this, I'm sure..." Suki/Kim's left hand comes down and gives the small girl's left breast a tender squeeze.

Kim/Suki then gasps out in delight as a chil of pleasure flows through her. "Ohh, yeah, you breasts are much more sensitive than mine."

"Are you gonna make... um... me... squirt, Be- I mean.. Alice?" Suki/Kim asks, giving Kim/Suki's breast another teasing pinch.

Becky/Alice removes her lips from Suki's clit with a sucking sound, similar to the sound a sucker makes when pulled from the mouth, and replies, "If I can, then yeah." before reapplying her lips to Suki's clit.

"I remember when Kimmie did it to me... I couldn't move for hours afterward... Kimmie... my body... will lose mana rapidly and under the current circumstance... you'll have a hard time maintaining control..." She licks Kim/Suki's ear again, fondling her breast with tender strokes.

"R-Really? You lose mana during this?" asks Kim/Suki moaning.

"Not really losing it... more like it's used up...  My body is powered by mana... All my functions are regulated by mana..."

"W-Wow, well I have noticed a v-very gradually decrease in my strength." states Kim/Suki.

"I think mana is equal to your culture's... um... Life Force? Is that right?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"You're not gonna be able to hold it if you keep getting aroused, Kimmie..." Suki/Kim states bluntly and softly into the smaller girl's ear, as she licks the lobe again, her right hand rubbing Kim/Suki's side, well away from her stomach, knowing how much pleasure that gives her.

"Y-Yeah, I've noticed that... the better it feels.... the harder to is to prevent peeing." Shortly after Kim/Suki states this, she gasps in surprise as Becky/Alice intensifies her licking of Suki's clit and inner labia.

"Be careful, Kimmie... if she spreads you open much further, it's gonna be really hard... though, I don't think you'll have much of a problem holding it... Your bladder is far weaker than mine..." Suki/Kim giggles as she strengthens the rubbing of the smaller girl's side, producing a sudden increase in the pleasure Kim/Suki feels as her left hand finally touches the nipple.

"Heh, that's obvious... i just wish you had to pee in my body... so you'd know how... hard it is." comments Kim/Suki.

"If we stayed like this, I probably would... But you were empty when we switched...."

Suddenly, the group hears Tisha's loud scream outside. "Noo, not now!" groans Kim/Suki in frustration.

Suki/Kim lets go of Kim/Suki in shock and gasps, "What the... what happened?!"

"I don't know, It's proboly nothing though." states Kim/Suki

Tisha's voice suddenly breaks through the wall and the others can hear her words, "What the garforking shnit are you doing, you... you stupid... you ANIMAL! LEGGO OF ME!"

Kim/Suki then looks puzzled as she pushes Becky/Alice's lips from her. "Animal? ... It couldn't be.."

There is one more piercing scream from Tisha, then all falls silent and Suki/Kim trembles, "Who could it be, Kimmie?!"

Kim/Suki suddenly runs out of the room.

"Kimmie! Wh... what's going on?!" Suki/Kim follows, forgetting about the fact that she's stark naked and that Kim/Suki is also naked.

Becky/Alice also follows the two out, and once out of the room the group sees that nikki has returned, dressed in her black pants and black trench coat. Tisha's limp body drapped over her right shoulder. Nikki sees the three and smiles. "Oh, looks like I interuppted something."

"What the fu*k are you doing here?!" screams Kim/Suki. "Let Tisha go!"

"Yeah! let her go!" adds Becky/Alice.

Suki/Kim's eyes tear up, "Ni-chan... why? Why are you doing this?!"

Kim, forgetting that she's in Suki's body, lunges at Nikki, who snickers at the attempt backhands her with her left hand, but hard enough to propel Suki's body into the nearby wall, causing a deep indentation before Suki's body fell to the floor in pain. "Geez, Kimberly your wife is getting awfully daring. maybe that Bit*hes death did something to her." states Nikki to Suki/Kim, thinking that is in fact Kim.

Suki/Kim gasps, "Someone's dead?! Who?! Answer me, Ni-chan! Who did you kill?!"

"Have you forgotten already kimberly? Maybe i should have made Nanyo suffer before her death then." smirks Nikki.
"Nanyo?! You... killed... Nan'chi?! You... you.... BITCH!" screams Suki/Kim in rage and she lunges toward Nikki, shouting all sorts of incoherent things.

Nikki smiles and dodges a punch by Suki/Kim ad waves a finger. "Ah, Ah, Ahhh, come any closer and I'll kill this young girl." warns Nikki.

"Ow..." moans Suki/Kim as she misses Nikki by a mile. She turns around and demands, "Ni-chan... Why...? Why are you doing this?! Didn't you have fun with us?! Didn't we treat you good enough?! Why?!"

Nikki notices the nickname and 'Kim's' personally and comments, "Wait a minute, you've never called me Ni-chan, only Suki has... and your acting alot like her..."

"Ni-chan... please... answer me...  Why are you doing this?!"

"Hmm..." thinks Nikki looking down to Kim/Suki and picking her up by her neck. "Kimberly?"

Kim/Suki was obviously still in pain, but still tried to pry Nikki's hand from her neck. But Nikki then smiled wide. "It IS you! Ohh, this great!" Nikki then threw Suki's body into the wall again, knocking her out cold this time then picking her back up and over her other shoulder. "Two for the price of one... and I assume your Suki in Kimberly's body?" asks Nikki.

"Ni-chan...! Stop! Don't hurt Kimmie! Please!"

"Heh, if you want to save Kimberly and Tisha, meet me on the planet, on the western outskirts of he city where Kimberly's apartment is. You shouldn't have much of a problem finding us. Oh, one more thing, don't be surprised if these two are in the most, best, of conditions if and when you come, hehehe...." states Nikki before teleporting away.

"Ni-CHANNNNNNNNNNNNN!" screams Suki/Kim, falling to her knees and crying.


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