Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 8)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 8- Suppressing the death of a loved one

[Author's notes: YURI]

"Sashi?" asks Becky somewhat surprised. "how are you doing?" smiles Becky.

Sashi lifts her right eyebrow but only repeats, "Where's Kim?"

It doesn't take long for Becky to feel the detachedness in her voice, before replying sadly and breaking eye contact, "She's in her room with Suki i think."

"Where is her room?"

"Across the hall to the left."

"Thank you." She brushes past Becky, lightly pushing her aside and walking up to the door to Kim's room, knocking on it.

Kim's door opens reveling said person completely clothed, "Oh, Sashi, how are you." greets Kim smiling.

Sashi makes no movement to suggest that she acknowledges Kim's presence. She just asks, "Where's my sister?"

"Uh, she's still sleeping, why?"

"I have felt Nan'chi's passing... I wish to comfort her..."

"Oh... yeah... about that, I'm sorry, I couldn't do anything."

"So you were here when it happened, then?"

"Yes, me and Sara were paralyzed, we all had to watch as the bit*h killed her!" states Kim starting to get worked up all over again.

"I see... So she is that powerful?" Sashi starts glancing around the room, looking for her sister.

"As much as I hate to say it, yes, she is."

Sashi sighs, "I wish I could help... but from the sound of things, she is much too powerful for even I to help...  This does not bode well..."

"She has a weakness, one hit is all that it takes to bring her down, but she's fast. Even faster than you."

"And added to that, the fact that I do not train anymore... Yes... your fight will be most difficult... The only thing I could do is try to probe into her mind... but I doubt it would make much difference..."

"Well, Suki's on my bed." states Kim

"I see... May I talk to her?"

"OK." Kim then steps aside to allow Sashi in.

Sashi steps forward, then turns around and takes Kim's left hand in hers, "I think I will need your help, Kim..."


"Can you sit on the bed with her and wake her up? She is deeply troubled right now... I would not be surprised if her slumber is very fitful..."

"Ok." Kim then walks to and sits on the bed beside Suki and places a hand to her shoulder. "Suki? Wake up."

"Mmmm....? K-Kimmie...?" stirs the small girl, yawning softly as she curls up into a fetal position, slowly coming to.

"Sashi's here."

"Hunnnh? Wh-Who? S-Sash? Sashi... sh-she's here?!" Suki sits up suddenly, looking up into the face of her younger, taller sister. "Sashi! Wh-what are you doing here?!"

"She felt Nanyo's passing and came to comfort you."

"Nan'chi's... passing... ?" She seems confused and looks disheveled, her normally neat hair drooping into her eyes. Sashi sighs, "Yes, Nisu... Your lover.. Nan'chi... is dead..."

"Suki you don't remimber?"

"Nan'chi... dead...? Oh... Oh no..." Tears start to come to her violet-tinted gaze again as she states sadly, "I.. I had almost forgotten... I... I was almost over it... Kimmie... why?!" She suddenly launches herself at Kim and starts pounding her chest, screaming, "Kimmie! Wh-Why did you bring it back up?!?!?"

"Suki I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your again." replies Kim wrapping her arms around Suki lightly.

"Kimmie... Kimmie....  why?! D-Damn it... I... I was so close..." Suki cries, still hitting Kim's chest weakly as Sashi sighs and states, "I told you so..."

"Suki, you should never forget the ones you love, if you do, they'll cease to exist, Nanyo will live on in memory."

"Kimmie.. I.. I loved her... I.. I FREAKING LOVED HER! Y-You can't understand! You could NEVER understand!" Tears splash down Suki's front as Sashi moves behind her sister. She gives Kim a meaningful glance and states, telepathically, "It is time, Kim... hold her tightly... This is really going to hurt her... but it must be done..."

Kim looks puzzled but does so, hugging Suki tightly.

As Suki shakes in sadness and terrible grief, Sashi places a hand on the smaller girl's back, sliding it up to her neck. She sighs and says, "I really thought I would never have to do this to my own sister... I wish it could be otherwise..."

Kim is still puzzled but continues to hold Suki.

Suki doesn't even seem to notice her sister's hand sliding up to her neck to the base of her head, but, as Sashi lightly pinches the nerves back there, Suki's eyes roll back in her head and she pitches forward, totally unconscious.

"What did you do to her?"

"I am not finished yet... That was just to soothe her consciousness... The real pain is yet to start..." states Sashi sadly.

"Pain? Why are you going to hurt her?"

"It is an ancient Mem'lo technique... It dulls the memory so that one cannot remember it except by unusual circumstances...  My father... the bastard... used this on her before to make her forget about me... I never thought I would have to use it on her again... The poor girl...."

Kim suddenly pulls Suki away from her. "No! you will do no such thing!"

"Kim... if you do not allow me to perform the technique, Nisu will suffer all the days of her life... Would you prefer her to suffer one minute of pain or a lifetime? She will continue to blame herself for Nan'chi's death... even though there was nothing she could do to prevent it..."

"is she really that weak that she'll suffer the rest of her life?"

"Kim... you have not noticed? Her mental powers are surprisingly undeveloped for an Ap-Dat... a side-effect of the virus that afflicted her when she was just a baby... She is overly emotional, yes... and very weak against external penetration... Would you rather your foes strip her of her mind just because you cannot stand one minute of pain to befall her?"

Kim is silent for a moment before looking at Suki's unconcious face, after a long moment, Kim replies, "Ok then, do what you need to."

"Lean her back this way, then...  I must locate her main neural nerve... And Kim? I am so sorry... As I have stated... I never wanted this to happen to her again..."

"Ok..." Kim then positions suki back to where she was.

"Now, do hold her tightly... She is bound to squirm..." Sashi puts her left hand back on the back of Suki's neck and runs a finger up to the back of her head.

"I am, she won't be getting away."

Sashi sighs heavily, then closes her eyes and begins to concentrate. A light purple aura begins to surround her and almost immediately, Suki's body twitches.

Kim immediatly closes her eyes as she eyes begin to water.

A few strange words spill from Sashi's lips as her fingers press delicately on a certain nerve in Suki's head and again, Suki's body twitches and spasms.

"How long is this going to take?"

Sashi shakes her head, clearly hinting that she cannot talk at this moment in time. More strange words leave her lips and Suki's shaking increases in tempo, moving all over the bed, tears beginning to spill from her closed eyes.

Kim continues to endur feeling Suki's Body twitch in pain.

Sashi's voice rises in pitch and volumn as she continues doing what it is she's doing to her own sister. A few tears fill her own eyes as she pinches the nerve again and a sudden yelp comes from the unconscious Suki.

Kim then begins to whisper, "It's ok." repeatedly into Suki's ear.

"K-Kimmie!" cries the young girl, writhing and squirming in pain on the bed as Sashi's voice reaches a crescendo, then begins to fall back down.

"I'm sorry Suki."

"Kimmie... kimmie... kimmie... " whines Suki's voice, growing softer and fainter as she passes back into full unconsciousness. Sashi breathes hard for a moment or two and moves her hand away from her sister's head. "It is done..." she states, wiping some sweat off her forehead.

"Thank goodness."

Sashi allows a grim smile to cross her lips, "She will not remember a thing about the event... For all she knows, Nan'chi is still alive somewhere... And she will not miss her because she will not remember her..."

"It's like when my memory was wiped of Alice's existance..."

"You may want to wake her up...  undoubtably, she will want you to hold her... It is a side effect of the... the process...  When her memory was last... um... modified... I heard tell she was very clingy...  the absence of her memory of her lost loved one will create a void in her emotions... a void I am sure you will want to fill as you are her married spouse..."

"I see..." Kim then gently shakes Suki. "Hey Suki, wake up."

"Mmmm...? K-Kimmie...? What.... what happened...? Why... do I feel so out of it...?" the small girl murmurs, opening her violet eyes again, looking even more disheveled and disoriented than last time.

"Well, I made you come twice, and you passed out."

"Come? Oh... did I.. was I... um... was I... good?" She blushes and slowly lifts her head from the bed.

"Hehe, yeah, you were really good."

"Mmm... I.. I'm glad...  but... I'm really sorry, Kimmie... I think that second orgasm was too much for me... I... I know you wanted more... I.. I'm just too weak..."

"Well, we'll just have to work on that."

"Work... on that? You mean... you're gonna build up my en-endurance?" She tries and fails to repress a smile. Sashi gets to her feet, "Well... My business here is concluded.... I think it is time I left..."

"Ok, don't be a stranger." smiles Kim.

Sashi nods at her sister who blinks up at her as if seeing her for the first time, and the taller girl walks back out into the living area, stopping by the door to Becky's room, apparently trying to decide whether or not she should enter.

back in Kim room, Kim asks, "So, you hungry?"

Suki smiles, "I think so... but.. what was Sashi doing here? She didn't even say hi..."

"Um, Sashi just came to give me a message from the Principal, it was nothing."

"Oh... the Principal...  Is that your boss, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, you met him before, remimber?"

"I can't quite remember... was he the guy that gave me that... that machine-thing?"


"Oh... what did he say?"

"It was nothing, really, you don't need to worry."

"If you say so... Kimmie... I know I shouldn't ask... but... when... I mean.. ick... I'm still so shy of asking this... but... h-have you had... an-anything.. t-to drink lately?" She blushes and suddenly becomes interested in her hands which are in her lap.

"Um, actually I have."

"Really? What was it? I'd like to know.. because.. I.. I'm kinda thirsty... I.. I think that last orgasm... re-really dehydrated me..."

"Well, it was some soda."

"Really? What kind? Was it... um... 'beer of the root?"

"huh? N-No, it was vanilla flavor."

"Vanilla flavor? That sounds yummy... May I try some?"

"sure, wait here." replies Kim before leaving out the room.

"Ok.. Kimmie..." replies the small girl.

Outside, Sashi is still standing next to Becky's door, apparently thinking to herself.

Kim then meets Sashi outside the door. "Hey, wait are you waiting for?"

"I am thinking I should apologize to Becky... I was most curt when speaking to her earlier... I think I might have offended her..."

"Oh, well it's better do what your gut tells you to do." replies Kim before walking off

Sashi sighs heavily, "Perhaps you are right, Kim..." She lifts her right hand and knocks carefully on Becky's door.

Becky door opens revealing Becky once again. "Sashi? Your still here?" questions Becky puzzled.

"Yes... I am... Becky... I would like to formally apologize about our earlier meeting... I was most concerned for my sister's wellbeing that I am afraid I was rude with you..."

"Oh, well I accept your apolige." replies Becky smiling.

Sashi smiles slightly and says, "It has been a while...  How have things been on your end?"

"It's been great, me and Alice are doing really good."

Sashi tenses, "Alice and you... I see...  I assume you have made love many times, then?"

Becky looks down slightly and blushes, "Yes, we have."

"And you have forced her to wet herself, also, Becky?"

"Um, a few times, but I'm the one that seems to be on the submissive side most of the time, she's surprisingly dommy.

"I see...  so she is the dominant... does she ever make you do humiliating things like wear a diaper?"

"Um, not yet... heh." replies Becky appearing nervous.

"I am sorry... I hope Alice did not hear that..." smiles Sashi.

"Well, she's sleeping right now, she falls asleep almost after every orgasm."

"Does she squirt?"

"Nope, she doesn't."

"I see...  well... I suppose I should get moving... I just came to support my sister... Now that her memory of Nanyo's death is behind her, she can live a normal life..."

"Wait a minute, you wiped her memory of that?"

"Not exactly... more like suppressed... It is still there, but she cannot remember it.”

"oh, i see, well, don't be a stranger ok?" replies Becky smiling at the end of her statment.

“Your sister said the same thing...”

"Hehe, did she?" giggles Becky.

“Indeed... Now.. I must get back to my job... being a secretary... I will see you later...” She turns and starts to leave.

"Ok, see you later." states Becky before closing her door.

Sashi passes the front door and turns back for a brief second, a tear in her eye, before she turns away and walks off.

just moments later, Kim returns to her room with a large cup of vanilla soda. "Here ya go Suki."

“Wow... that’s a big cup...” Suki giggles, reaching out her small hands to grasp the cup. She lifts it to her lips and takes a few hesitant swallows. “Mmm... delicious...”

"It's my faverite flavor."

“I can see why, Kimmie... But here... Don’t you want some too?” She passes the cup back to Kim.

Kim smiles at Suki knowingly but still takes the cup and drinks the soda, pausing halfway through before finishing it off. "Ahh! that's good."

Suki smiles up at her lover, “Kimmie.. you really drained that cup... You must’ve been really thirsty...”

"Well it is my fav, but did you know soda makes you have to pee quicker?"

“It does? Is it a lot like Altaiarean Beverage, Kimmie?”

"Well it doesn't work THAT fast but it's pretty similar if you drink lots of it."

“And.. have you had a lot of soda, Kimmie?”

"Well, this would make my thrid cup in the past hour."

“Is that a lot considering that it’s not as powerful as Altaiarean Beverage?”

"For me yeah, I'm going to be paying for it in about thirty minutes." replies Kim sweatdropping.

“Oh really?” giggles Suki. “Shall we get you dressed, then, Kimmie?”

"i am dressed, uless you had something else in mind."

“Oh... um... what about me? Should I get dressed too?” Suki leans close and examines Kim’s clothing...

"well, it's up to you, you might get wet."

“Hmmm.. I dunno... Without the shame of wetting anything, where’s the fun?” she giggles and leans close to Kim, suddenly wanting to hold the older girl.

"Hehe, you'd like my pee on you?" smiles Kim.

"Hmm.. I dunno... Would that make you embarrassed, Kimmie? I mean... seriously... part of the fun of seeing you wet is knowing how embarrassed you are... I'd like to see you hold it for a long time... really struggling to hold it, knowing that if you lost it, it would be humiliating..." Suki giggles and leans close to the older girl.

"Well, it wouldn't embarrass me you didn't mind me peeing on you, but it would most likly be a turn on."

"Awww... that's no fun...  Where's the excitement? I mean... if you just let go and peed on me, that wouldn't be nearly as fun as watching you struggle... and... squirm..."

"Well, the only other thing I could think of that would embarrass me from peeing on is..." Kim then quickly gasps, "Wait, I'm not going to just blurt that out!" adds Kim blushing.

"Aww... come on... tell me...  I swear I won't tell anyone else! I promise!" Suki's eyes widen as she takes Kim's left hand in hers, stroking it gently.

"Well... ok... It would be really embarrassing if I was to wear a diaper and peed in it."

"A diaper, eh?" smiles Suki, looking interested. "And do you have one around here?"

"Actually... I do, but only Becky can fit it."

"So... you don't have one that fits you? I gotta ask... have you ever tried 'age play'?" She blushes and explains, "... 'cause Nan'chi did that to me several times..."

"Yeah, a few times with Becky a little."

"D-Do you think you.. you could try it with me?" She blushes harder.

"Try what?"

"A-Age play..." she whispers, still as red as ever.

"With Becky?"

"N-No.. I.. I mean... j-just y-you a-and me.."

"Oh, um, I'm not sure..." replies Kim blushing.

"Aww... come on... please?  Just for me?" Suki begs.

"Even if I do, one of us will have to go buy a diaper that'll fit me."

"Do they sell those at that market we went to, Kimmie?"

"Well, it would be better to go to an adult retailer."

"Oh... are those easy to find?"

"yeah, real easy."

"Well... I don't think you'll be able to hold it... not with your weak bladder at all..."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Kimmie... if we try to leave here with your bladder so full, you might wind up peeing yourself in public... Do you really want to risk that? I would love to see that... but you won't..."

"Hmm, well if we're quick I won't have to worry about that."

A smirk curls her lips as she whispers, "And what if I won't hurry?"

"Well I'll leave you, you know the way back."

Suki groans, "Aww... well... how about we wait until next time for that? I really... I mean, REALLY, wanna see you squirm... It's been so long... I don't think I can wait for you to go get a diaper..." She lunges forward and pushes Kim down onto her back, locking her lips to the older girl's.

Kim smiles at Suki's eagerness but momentarily removes Suki's lips from her own. "Yanno, theres still a bit of time before I have to pee."

"Good... maybe I'll have time to explore... You don't mind, do you?" She giggles and drops one hand down Kim's neck, moving toward her chest.

"Heh, of course not, explore all you want."

"Kimmie... have you ever heard of a Desperation Point?" Suki murmurs, pressing her lips against Kim's chin, and licking down her neck.

"Yeah, a long time ago you told me about it."

"Did we ever discover where it was? I don't wanna touch it and make you pee early.. I want time to explore your body..." She reaches up with her left hand and pries apart Kim's lips, running a finger down to her tongue as she uses her right hand to stroke the top of Kim's chest, above her breasts.

"i don't think so, my pleasure point is my ears though."

"Hehe.. Yeah.. I remember... but I don't wanna touch those either.. at least.. not until you wet yourself... After you're nice and wet, then I'll do it..." Suki lifts her head and parts her lips, sticking her tongue out and licking Kim's tongue.

Kim giggles at Suki action and replies, "What are you doing?"

"Exploring..." the small girl giggles. "I've never done this before with anyone... well, Nan'chi kissed me several times, but never like this.

"YOur licking more than kissing." smiles Kim.

"I know.. but.. I always wanted to do this... It reminds me of all the suckers Daddy gave to me with I was little...And your tongue.. is so wet... and tender..." She sucks in a deep breath and lightly tugs the end of Kim's tongue into her own mouth.

"Hehe, tha-sh weird." replies Kim.

Suki giggles again and lets go of Kim's tongue, raising her head slightly and using her hand to gentle pinch Kim's nose shut. She whispers, "Your nose is cute, too, Kimmie..."

"My nose?" questions Kim. "How?"

Suki giggles, "Yeah, Kimmie... it's so cute and round... " She lets go of Kim's nose and presses her palm against Kim's upper cheek, near her eyes and comments, "I like your skin, too, Kimmie... It's so dark and mysterious..."

"Hehe, now your starting to sound like Allie." smiles Kim.

"Really? She said that too, Kimmie?" Suki frowns slightly, then uses her left hand to pry open Kim's eyelid, staring deeply into Kim's eye. "What a lovely color..." she murmurs.

"Yeah, she'd always say how pretty my skin looked, it was a little embarrassing."

Suki lets go of Kim's eyelid and slides her hand back across the older girl's cheek, pressing in slightly on her bones.

"What are you doing now?"

"Exploring, Kimmie.. Didn't I tell you?" Suki sighs and lets her fingers cross over to the other girl's lips, parting them again and leaning her head over to lick the insides of her lips.

"Your certainly taking your sweet time."

"I'm supposed to, remember, Kimmie? You told me it would be some time before you have to pee...  I'm just trying to make this as enjoyable as possible." She lowers her right hand down Kim's chin and starts stroking her neck.

"Well I'm getting a bit impatient."

"Impatient? Why, Kimmie? Is something wrong?" Suki looks up at her, a worried expression crossing her facial features.

"No, nothings wrong."

"You don't like this, then, Kimmie? Is that it?" Suki looks crestfallen.

"No, no, I like it, but, couldn't you kinda, go quicker?"

"Why, Kimmie? Is there.. something bothering you? You say you like it, but you want me to go quicker... I.. I don't understand..."

"Well, I'm getting horny, that's why." replies Kim smiling.

"Oh... you're getting horny? But.. isn't it... I mean.. aren't orgasms better if you delay them?" Suki asks, pushing Kim back harder on the bed as she starts to crawl on top of her.

"Yeah, of course, especially when someone is delayed one on purpose by someone."

"You mean... like how I'm doing with you?" A grin flits across Suki's face as she settles in over Kim's prone body.

"Da*nmit..." groans Kim as she realizes she's given Suki a great idea.

"What was that, Kimmie?" Suki giggles as she slides down so that she's sitting on Kim's stomach.

"Come on Suki, I wanna come before I have to pee."

Suki shakes her head, "Nah-uh... I wanna see you pee before I make you come... I mean, really... I wanna see your panties and short get wet from your pee before you come..."

Kim then winces slightly and by reflex, presses her legs together.

This doesn't go unnoticed by Suki who whispers softly, "Did you get the first urge, Kimmie?" She leans close to the older girl and blows gently onto her lips.

"Yeah, but that was quicker than I thought.

"So I won't have as much time to play... that stinks..." Suki complains as she gets up off Kim only to sit on her left side. "I think I'll give you a chance to get up and leave..."

"Leave? For what?" questions Kim sitting up.

"So you can avoid wetting yourself..." Suki grins.

"Wait a minute, aren't you supposed to making me wet myself?"

"I am... and I still will... I just thought I should give you one chance to get away..." Suki giggles.

"Well that defeats the purpose of me trying to leave then."

"But where's the fun if you don't at least TRY to stop it?" Suki frowns. "Maybe I should call in Becky... I'm sure she could help..."

"No!" quickly replies Kim standing up. "I'll try to leave."

Suki grins, "I don't know... I think it'd be fun to see Becky have some fun with you..." She takes a deep breath.

Kim quickly moves to cover Suki’s mouth. "Wait, I said I'd go."

Suki's eyes twinkle and she squirms slightly, using her mental connection to Kim to think, "Just gimme a minute and I could get her in here... hehe..."

"Come on Suki, she's probably busy with Alice. You wouldn't want to interrupt them would you?"
"Do you promise to do EXACTLY what I say, Kimmie?" she thinks to the older girl.


Suki grins and thinks, "Then let my mouth go."

Kim then removes her hand from Suki's mouth, feeling another relatively small, but noticeable urge to pee.

"Good... now I want you to really struggle to hold it... Don't let it go no matter what happens... and get embarrassed when it DOES happen... Got it, Kimmie?" Suki puts her hands on her hips in an authoritative stance.

"OK, ok."

"Lovely..." smiles Suki as she takes Kim's left arm and gently bends it behind her back. "Now come with me, Kimmie..."

"Where are we going?

"We're going back to the bed... and if you know what's good for you, you'll do what I said... Now tell me.. Do you have any silk panties or just cotton ones?" She moves Kim back over to the bed.

"Yeah, I'm wearing cottons ones now."

"I see... Where do you keep the silk ones?"

"In my underwear drawer with the others."

"OK then... I want you to lay on the bed, on your back and put your hands up by your head. Don't move them an inch."


"Do it, then... and remember... I'll be watching you from over here..." She giggles and lets go of Kim's arm, stalking over to the drawers.

Kim does so and lays on her bed on her back and raises her hands above her head.

Suki asks, "Which drawer is it in, Kimmie?"

"The top drawer."

"Ok then..." She opens the drawer and sees...

that the drawer is full of a rainbow of colored cotton and silk panties.

"Hmmm... Let's see... I need a pair of white panties... " She sifts through the underwear drawer, looking for such a pair.

Suki quickly finds a pair of panties shes looking for.

"Ahhh... here we go..." Suki grins and crosses the room to where Kim is laying on the bed. "Still holding it, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, but it's growing?"

"It's still there, huh...? It's going to get worse before it gets better, Kimmie..."

"I know."

"Now... give me your left hand, Kimmie..." orders Suki as she leans over the prone girl.

Kim does so and moves her left hand to Suki.

Suki smiles gently and bends Kim's fingers into a fist, sliding her thumb in between and closing her eyes. Suddenly, Kim's hand feels really heavy.

"What are you doing?

Suki lets go of Kim's hand. "You don't remember this, do you, Kimmie?"

"Um, no, should I?"

"You don't remember me making your arms heavy before when you had to pee?"

"Ummm... Oh, yeah, I do."

"Now... I wanna test it.. Try lifting it up, Kimmie..."


Suki watches with interest.

Kim does succeed in lifting her hand but just a little and obviously straining to do so.

"It's really heavy, isn't it, Kimmie?" Suki giggles and takes hold of Kim's hand, somehow lifting it up and putting it up by her head.

"Yeah, how do you do that?"

"It's an ancient Ap-Dat spell... it's actually pretty basic... it helps out when fighting monsters..."

"I see."

"Now Kimmie... I want you to close your eyes..."

"Ok.." Kim does so.

"Now, Kimmie... can you feel your bladder? Tell me... how it feels..." A sudden thought comes to Suki's mind and she whispers, "Do you remember the... the um... the "Rick" incident?"

"Rick? My brother? What about him?"

"You remember when Hon'tyl possessed me and made you see Rick?"

"umm, kinda, yeah, why?"

"Do you remember the.. the um... exercises he tried to make you do?" Suki looks uncomfortable bringing this up again.

"i don't remember what he did."

"Oh... ok.... I.. I"m sorry to bring it up..."

"It's no-" Kim is interrupted as she tenses and groans a little.

Suki shakes her head, "Anyway... Where were we..." She slides around to Kim's other side and takes hold of her other hand.

"Wait, your going to paralize both of my hands?"

"Um... maybe... why... do you want to hold yourself?"

"Well, if I need to it would be helpful."

Suki's eyes suddenly twinkle, "I got a great idea..." She bends Kim's free hand behind her head and suddenly screams out, "BECKY!"

"Hey! What are you doing!?" gasps Kim.

Suki doesn't say anything to Kim, but screams louder, "BECKY! COME HERE, BECKY!"

Soon, Becky walks into the room in just her bra and panties. "What is it?"

Suki smirks down at Kim and says, "Hey, Becky.. gimmie a hand... Your sister needs to pee.. and I wanna make her suffer... I need some help... You wanna help?"

"Well, since Alice is still alseep, I guess I'll help."

"Aw, come on... Can't you show more enthusiasm? This IS your sister, we're talking about... Don't you really love her? Isn't she the reason you gave up Sash?"

"Do you really have to bring that up?" frowns Becky.

Suki looks sad, "I.. I'm sorry... I.. I just thought... I mean... I ... I just thought you'd like to play around with Kimmie..."

"But if Alice wakes up and I'm not there, she'll freak out. She's like my shadow, hehe."

"I.. well.. I COULD use a sleep spell on her..."

"You really want me to help huh?" asks Becky as Kim squirms a bit

"Yeah... I mean... Kimmie always dreams about you... and.. I.. well, I felt I should help you two..." She blushes and looks sad.

"Oh really? Kimmie Dreams about me?" asks Becky walking into the room.

Suki nods, giving Kim's shoulder a light punch, "Yeah.. tell her all about it, Kimmie..."

"I-I don't dream about her anymore." states Kim continuing to squirm.

Suki grins and lies smoothly as though she's been dying to say this for ages, "Oh, come on, Kimmie... I heard you last night... You said something along the lines of 'Ooh, Becky..."

Kim then blushes deeply, "N-No I didn't."

"Yeah and then she said, um.. 'f*ck me harder, Becky... I want you in me..." Suki giggles, looking up at Becky.

Becky quickly grins in happiness, blushing also. "Really!? Kimmie you still think of me like that?"

"Yeah... she was really into it... she almost came three times..."

"Oh Kimmie, I'm getting all wet now! Suki was there anything else?"

"Yeah... she was all.. 'make me pee', Becky.. Right, Kimmie?" She looks back at Kim, grinning.

"...O-Ok, fine, it's true." admits Kim. "I have lots of dreams about Becky." Kim then begins groaning.

"So, Becky... You wanna help me now? I wanna really make her suffer... I wanna make her hold it longer than she's ever held it before..."

"OK, it probably won't be too long anyway, since it's Kimmie, hehe."

"Aw, don't say that, Becky... Let's just try to make the best of it..."

Kim then replies to Becky's comment with, "Tht's big talk for someone who can't bring down a Dark Bringer without being KO'ed." Becky then frowns, "What was that!?"

"Huh?" states Suki, looking confused.

Kim groans once before replying, "Becky always gets taken out by a certain monster in the Ruins."

"Why did you have to tell Suki that!?" states Becky. "Now I'm really going to make you suffer."

"Huh?" She's really confused now.

Before Kim can reply, Becky quickly walks to the bed and presses her hand into Kim's abdomen. "Ah! stop that!" gasps Kim squirming more.

"Hey, wait, Becky... we want to make her suffer.. not just wet herself, right?" Suki shuffles her feet nervously, feeling that she's lost control of the situation.

Becky quickly removes her hand, "Oh, sorry about that."

"Now... Let's let her catch herself... Let her hold herself for a moment... Do you have any more vanilla drink, Becky?" She smirks at Kim.

"Vanilla drink? you mean pop?" asks Becky."

"Um.. I think so.. it's what Kim likes to drink..."

"Yeah, it's her favorite."

"Can you get some for her? I don't think she's quite full enough yet..."

"ok.." replies Becky leaving.

Suki grins down at Kim. "Liking this, Kimmie?"

"A little..." replies Kim.

"It's gonna be a lot better... You're gonna be a lot fuller before it's all over with... Do you like being helpless like this, Kimmie?"

"... Yeah..." replies Kim lowly.

Suki smiles, "I'm glad... I've always wanted to do this to you..." She reaches down and brushes some of Kim's hair aside.

Becky returns moments later with a rather large cup of pop. "Here, I got plenty."

Suki smirks, "Good... Now, Kimmie... drink up..." She takes the cup from Becky's hands and puts it at Kim's lips.

Kim willingly do so, drinking all of the pop.

Suki smiles at Becky, "Now... how to best do this... I know! Becky... do you want Kim's breasts or... the other area...?"

"I want Kimmie's breasts, it's payback time for what she did earlier."

"Hehe.. ok... just don't be rough with her... Just gently ease up her urge..." Suki giggles, moving down to Kim's feet.

Becky then straddles Kim's stomach and undoes her vest, revealing Kim's bra, before that was removed, revealing Kim's nice C cup breasts.

Suki watches interestedly for a moment before running a finger along Kim's foot.

Kim tenses from the ticklish sensation at her feet as Becky cups her hand over Kim's breasts.

Suki giggles, "Is that ticklish, Kimmie?"

"Y-Yeah." replies Kim as she tries to fight off the pleasure from Becky rubbing her breasts.

"Ok... I certainly won't do that again..." she laughs, cupping her hands around the whole of Kim's foot and gently bending and straightening her toes.

"Kimmie I wish your breasts were as sensitive as mine, I'd be able to make you come. Like you did to me." state Becky.

"Yeah... wouldn't that be nice, Kimmie..." Suki continues to smile sweetly as she sticks her tongue out and licks Kim's toes.

"Ah! Suki stop that." gasps Kim before she tenses from another urge to pee.

"Why? Don't you like this?"

"It's making it harder to hold myself, I really have to go now."

"I see.. but Kimmie... when you're not needing to pee, would you like me to do this again?" She runs a hand up between Kim's thighs.

"Honestly no, but that's not going to matter to you."

"Noted for future reference..." Suki nods, running her palms across Kim's knees.

Wow Kimmie, It's been awhile since I felt your breasts like this before, there allot firmer than mine." state Becky.

"Kimmie... you like this, don't you? Your sister on your breasts.. and me... on your thighs... I want to see you tremble..." She squeezes Kim's left leg.

"Well in a little while I am, the urge is getting even stronger." groans Kim.

"Now Kimmie.. remember... you better try to hold it... don't let it go or else I'll be REALLY angry with you..."

"Well I am trying to hold it."

"No... I want you to REALLY hold it... like this.... like if you wet yourself, you'll get your master mad at you... even though you're not a slave... Oh, I know.. how about.. if you wet yourself, your DAD will spank you! How's that, Kimmie?!"

"What!?" gasps Kim. Becky then comments, "That would be funny to see."

Suki grins, "Yeah... that'll work... if you wet yourself, Kimmie... I.. I'll tell your Dad what you do!"

"T-that's not fair! I'm going to loss it eventually!" replies Kim.

Suki smirks, "You'd better hope you can hold it, 'cause if you don't, I'm gonna tell him..." She winks at Becky

"Yeah, Maybe I'll tell mom too." giggles Becky.

"Yeah... so you'd better hold it, Kimmie..." Suki giggles, rubbing Kim's knees again.

Suddenly, Alice's voice is heard, "Anna! Where are you!?"  Becky then looks nervous, "Uh-oh... she woke up."

"Do you want me to put her out, Becky?" asks Suki, worriedly.

"No, I'd rather not..." replies Becky. Alice then finds Becky in Kim's room, she's just in her blue symbiotic clothing. "Anna! there you are!"

"Hehe, have a nice nap?" asks Becky smiling. Alice quickly walks up to Becky and grabs her by her left her and pulling her off Kim. "O-Ow! Hey, wait a minute!" whines Becky as Alice pulls her out of the room.

"Um... uh-oh..." mumbles Suki, her eyes darting back to Kim.

Even Kim looks puzzled at the brief scene before them. "Wow, did Alice just pull Becky out by her ear?"

"Um... it looked like that..."

"But, Alice is only like, 13, Becky's 18, Shouldn't that've been the other way around?"

Suki bites her bottom lip, "Maybe I should go and see what's going on..." She starts to leave.

"Wait, Becky is submissive, maybe Alice is the dominent one."

"Becky? Submissive? I... I guess so.. I mean.. she's the one who liked being raped and all..."

"Hehe, actually, thats pretty cute, the youngest one doms the older one." replies Kim repressing a giggle.

"But.. I... I wanted Becky to help... I.. I don't think I can do what I wanted to do without her..." Suki whines, plopping down on the side of Kim's bed, looking tearful.

"Well I doubt Alice will be letting Becky go anytime soon now." replies Kim before groaning.

"Aw, man...  wait... where's Sara? Do you think she'd help me?"

"I don't know, I don't think she's into watersports."

"Awww...  darnit..." Suki gets to her feet and disappointedly kicks at the ground, stubbing her toe and falling back on the bed, whining and clutching it.

"WEll I still need to pee yanno."

"But.. I can't embarrass you like this...  I can't make you fight to hold it in without it..."

"Well what do I do about my bladder then?"

"Will you do it, Kimmie? Will you fight to hold it and act embarrassed when you lose it? Or... should I go through with my threat and tell your Dad?"

"You wouldn't really tell my dad would you?

A faint smile curls Suki's lips, "If it would embarrass you..."

"Of course it would!"

"So you would try to hold it longer if I really went through with it?"

"Of course I would."

"Good!" Suki smirks, ".. So that is what I'm gonna do...." She moves to her side of the bed and begins fumbling for her PDA-like device.


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