Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 7)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7- Alice’s unusual ability


Becky's door opens to reveal Alice, covered only in her thin blue symbiotic clothing. "What do you want?" she asks.

Tisha squirms against Kim's grip and squeals, "Lemme go, you old hag!"

Kim ignores Tisha as she replies to Alice, "She[Tishi] has to 'go', I was wondering if you and Becky'd like to play with her?" TBC

"Um, ok."

"Great!" replies Kim as she pushes Tishi into the room before the door closes behind her, where she sees Becky on the bed in her panties but tied to the bed.

The young 14 year old gasps, "Like, what the Erick Sanders is going ON here?!" She stumbles forward a few steps and gawks at Becky's half naked body.

"Well, I was about to have some fun with Anna before you came, but I don't mind postponing it." answers Alice. Becky then replies as Alice unties her. "I overheard Kimmie say you had to pee too!" smiling.

Tisha sweatdops, "Uh... n-no.. I.. I don't... r-really..." Her eyes dart from side to side in fear and she starts slowly backing away to the door.

"Hey come on." states Alice walking to Tisha. "We're not going to hurt you."

Tisha gulps, "Th-That's a matter of opinion..." She continues backing away toward the door, pulling her right hand behind her, fumbling for the doorknob.

Tisha quickly finds that theres no doorknob.

"crap..." she mumbles under her breath, knowing she was in for it now.

"Come on back to the bed." states Alice extending her hand out to her smiling.

Tisha shakes her head rapidly and stares defiantly at the other two girls, "No way! I ain't joinin' you two sluts! I don't swing that way!" A lightly colored blush starts creeping up her cheeks, though, as she states this, obviously saying the total opposite.

Alice quickly looks upset at the insult, but disides to let it go, trying again, "We're not like that, we just want to make you feel good."

The purple haired teen folds her arms across her chest, "I HIGHLY doubt that... Yer just as bad as that other old cow...  All you're interested in is makin' people suffer..."

"No we're not."

"Oh yeah? Then why don't you let me out? I don't wanna piss myself!"

"Well... it would feel good though."

"Ha! You expect me to believe THAT?!"

"But it will feel good!"

"Hmph!" She grunts, turning her head aside, looking away, though the blush continues to rise up toward her eyes.

Alice then turns to Becky, how is sitting up watching, "Anna, what do I do now?" TBC

"Heh, bring her over here by force then." answers Becky.

Tisha turns back to Becky, her eyes flashing with anger, "You wouldn't dare..."

"... I'm sorry..." states Alice to Tisha before she takes Tisha's hand and proceeds to pull her to the bed.

"H-Hey! Leggo! What are you doin'?!" Immediately, the young girl starts trying to pull back.

Tisha quickly finds that Alice is stronger than she looks and easily pulls her to the bed, where becky makes her sit down.

"Get off me! I mean it! If you don't let me go..." she starts to threaten before she feels a slight spasm of her small bladder and quickly brings her thighs together.

"See?' states Alice. "You have to go, let us help you."

"No! I don't wanna go here! Let me go!" She squirms and struggles against the other girl.

"We don't wanna be ruff with you, but we will if you force us to, so please relax." suggests Alice.

"NO! Lemme go! Help! Heeeellllllppp!" she starts screaming, hoping that someone will hear her.

Becky quickly shoves a piece of small clothing into Tisha's mouth nd states, "You forced us too." The two girls then lay Tisha on her back on the bed, tieing her left leg and right wrist to the bed, leaving her right leg and left arm free.

"Mmmph! Merf!" whines the short purple-haired girl as her dark eyes widen in shock and she starts to squirm on her bed, her right arm coming up and trying to hit the other two girls, doing anything she can to get them off her.

Becky holds Tisha's free arm as Alice presses on Tisha's abdomen."We just want to help you." states Alice.

"MERF!" she groans, squeezing her eyes shut as a stronger spasm overcomes her control and she presses her thighs together harder, quivering from her rising need to pee.

"Let us help, just give up." states Alice.

The smaller girl shakes her head vigorously, tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes as she squirms harder, pressing her thighs harder and harder together.

"Ok then..."sighs Alice before tieing Tisha's free leg also. "How does that feel?"

"Meerf! Mmmph!" groans the younger girl, almost instantly making a small wet spot form on her clothes as a few small spurts suddenly break free without her being able to control herself. She seems to be on the verge edge.

"Anna look, she can bearly hold it, her panties are alrready wet." states Alice. TBC

"really?" askes Becky releasing Tisha's left hand to look at her panties. "Hehe, your right, she already had a few leaks. How long have you needed to go?

Tisha blushes harder and continues squirming, quickly dropping her left hand down to clutch protectively at her sex, moaning and whining muffledly.

Becky teasingly lifts Tisha's hands from her labia and walks back to Tisha's side.

"Mmmmphf! Mmm-mmm-mmm!" she whines again, struggling to yank her hand away from Becky's grip as a sudden spasm forces one more little squirt to escape her labia, dampening her clothing again.

Becky then smiles as she states, "Hey Tisha, wanna know what I shoved in your mouth?" Meanwhile, Alice runs a finger up and down Tisha's labia smiling also.

Tisha continues to moan and whine through her gag as she looks, whimperingly up at Becky, her dark eyes shining with tears of intense pressure that she was feeling on her bladder. She quivers harder and harder and yet another small spurt jumps from her girlhood, hitting Alice's finger.

"Heh, those are Alice's panties in your mouth." giggles Becky. Alice smiles wider at Tisha's small loss and attempts to locate Tisha's clit with the tip of her fingernail slowly.

"Mmmph?!" gasps the young girl, her eyes again showing off tremendous shock and she continues to squirm, her bladder aching from the pressure and the small escapes making her urethra sting with the effort of holding on.

Becky smiles at Tisha reaction and says to Alice, while continuing to look at Tisha, " Hey Alice, "Do that thing you found out you can do."

"Mmmuh?!" gasps the really desperate girl through her gag, clearly not understanding what was next to befall her. Her bladder continues to swell with her precious golden fluid and her urethra was slowly falling numb. It would not be much longer before she lost complete control, she reflects sadly. "Oh, I'm gonna KILL them if I ever get free!" she thinks, screwing up her small face in dual concentration and rising anger.

"Ok..." replies Alice. A moment later, Tisha feels something pretty da*n unnatural rubbing her labia.

"Mph?!" groans the young girl, trying to lift her head to see what is down there touching her, (violating her - she thinks), and she sees...

A tentical-like 'thing' coming from Alices blue clothing from the top of her right hand. "Heh, how does that feel?" asks Alie smiling.

"!!!!!!!!!!!!" is all Tisha can manage to convey, through her muffled voice and her facial expression. She seems throughly shocked beyond even normal standards and as she falls still for a moment, another small spurt leaves her tender folds before she catches herself. The wet spot now reaches up to her waistband and down slightly her left leg.

Becky then removes the panties from Tisha's mouth, eager to hear her response.

The small girl coughs slightly from the bad(?) taste of another girl's underwear and she exclaims, "What in the seven hells of Michael Jackson's perversity?!"

Alice lifts her hand and makes the tentical touch Tisha's nose. "Hehe, pretty nice huh?"

"What the... what is..  that's... what...." she splutters, clearly at a loss for words.

"This stiff is becoming more and more apart of me, I can do more than just protect me with it now." smiles Alice before loweing her hand, and the tentical down to Tisha's labia.

"Noooo! What are you doing?! G-Get that... that... that THING... away from me!" she starts screaming again, still trying to yank her left hand away from Becky's grip while still feeling incredibly full in her bladder which had now swollen greatly, making her abdomen bulge up through her outfit.

Becky replies, "Wow, calm down, Alice can do amasing things in terms of pleasure now, you should want this."

"P-Pleasure?! I.. I don't see no frickin' PLEASURE in this! All I see is two old freaks tryin' to make me wet myself! NOW... LET... ME... GOOOOOOO!"

"Not gonna happen, you'l thank us when this is over, trust me." replies Becky using her left hand to rubb Tisha's abdomen.

"STOP IT! I.. I MEAN IT..! ST-STOPPPP ITTTTTT! OHHHH.. I.... I CAN'T ... CAN'T... HOLD ITTTTT! NOOOOOOOO!" she whines loudly, a quick few squirts leaving her urethra onto her clothing and she starts to stiffen up, obviously reaching the point of no return in which she would be unable to hold back the rest of her fluid. Tears pour down her cheeks as her clothes start to get wet and she writhes powerfully on the bed.

"Yeah, that's it, just let it go now." urges Becky

"Ohhhhh.. ! I.. I'm gonna kill you old people!" she gets out before screaming loudly and clenching up, going rigid on the bed before powerful rivers of urine pour down between her legs, her control shattered by Becky's rubbing of her swollen abdomen. She cries out, "Nooooo! I.. I lost it!"

"Yeah! You lost it!" giggles Becky.

"You old fogies! I'm gonna kill you! I'm really gonna kill you!" she cries, whining loudly, squealing as more and more fluid flow from her weakened muscles all down the legs of her clothing. She stops squirming, but now starts struggling violently to get free of Becky's hand, trying to use her fingernails to scratch the older girl's fingers to make her let go. She seems pissed in more ways than one and really vigorously fights to get free.

Becky quickly firms her grip on Tisha's arm. "Geez, what's with you? We just helped you!"

"KILL you... Kill you... Kill you!" is all that is intelligable from the, now, wet girl as she squirms, trying to rip her way free from the ropes, her urethra still pouring her urine down all over her lower clothing and onto the bed.

"Hmm, hey Alice, make her shut-up." requests Becky. "Umm, ok..." states Alice lifting her panties off her labia and inserts the tentical into her pussy quiet hard.

"Aaahhhh! St-stop it! St-stop it! NOooooooo!" cries the younger girl, tears beginning to flood down her cheeks as the last streams of her urine finally fall out to the bed below.

"There, that's much better than 'kill you'." smiles Becky as she moves her left hand to Tisha's left nipple, pinching it

Tisha starts panting slightly, the blush re-creeping up her cheeks as she squirms again under Becky's touch, her nipple instantly hardening and poking up through her outfit. "Wh-what... are you doin' to me?!" she questions, slowly calming down and looking curious rather than angry.

"We're going to make you feel really good."

"H-How are you gonna do that?" questions Tisha, in a shockingly different tone of voice than earlier. "Wh-Why are you touchin' my personal areas?!"

"I told you, we're going to make you feel good." states Becky. Alice then removes the tentical and makes it go away before lowering her lips and licking at a Tisha's labia.

"Aaahhhh.... " gasps Tisha in shock as her folds immediately start to glisten with slight moisture from her insides and she squirms slightly in pleasure as she adds, "Y-You're gonna d-do wh-what that other girl did, a-aren't you?" She blushes harder and continues trying to get her hand away from Becky's, suddenly wanting to touch herself.

"Your not going to hit me if I let go of your hand are you?"

Tisha gulps, "Uhh.. n-no... I.. I just... I.. I mean.... geesh, I.. I just wanna touch myself... I-Is that sooo wrong?!" The blush glows a slightly redder color as she looks down at the bed, away from Becky's face.

"That's good..." replies Becky releasing Tsha's arm. "Would you be willing to return the favor?"

"R-Return the favor? What do you mean? What... you want me to touch you?"

Becky smiles as she removes her panties and gets on the bed and literally sits her labia on Tisha's lips.

"Wha... ARE... you doing?!" gasps the smaller girl, looking confused. "I thought you wanted me to touch you... not smell you!"

"Hehehe! I want you to lick me." smiles Becky

"Lick?! What.. you mean like this?" she sticks her tongue out and runs it up to the top of Becky's lower lips.

"Oh! Yeah, just like that!" moans Becky. "Btw, how do I smell?"

"Uhhh... it's not like I really have a lot of 'sperience, ya know..." giggles the smaller girl, licking again.

"You can get more easily. You didn't answers the other question though, how do I smell down there?"

"Uhhh..." she sweatdrops, "Umm... I... I can't say... I mean... it's not unpleasant... but.. I can't seem to place the smell..."

"Good enough, get back to the licking, hehe."

"Ok, then...  grouch..." She giggles again and runs her tongue up and down Becky's labia, starting to part them and searching for her clitoris, hoping she DOES have one, because, until Kim had had her way with her, she hadn't known about it.

Meanwhile, Alice begins to insert her tougue into Tisha's pussy as Becy moans.

"Mmm... mmm... mmm..." breathes the other girl, pausing in her licking to clench slightly as fluid starts to puddle around her labia again, though this time, not caused by her urination which has since stopped.

"Mmm, you know your much better moaning that screaming in anger." replies Becky.

"I... yeah... but.. I mean.... geez... you people practically kidnapped me, ya know...."

"Not really, mmm, we just didn't let you leave, hehe."

"And you made me piss myself... Why did you do that if all you wanted was a good f*cking?"

"To help you, remimber?"

"Why do you think peeing myself helps me?! I still don't get it..."

"It felt good didn't it?"

Tisha blushes again, "Th-That's be-beside the point!" She tenses up again at Alice's licks and a deep earthy groan spills from her lips as she starts moving her hips up and down automatically.

"That's exactly the point. It felt good."

"But you made me! It wasn't right! I didn't ASK you to do that!"

"But it felt good."

"But.. but.. you forced me! That didn't feel good!" She blushes again and lets out a soft squeal as her arousal continues to grow and her unique scent starts to flow around her.

Alice then pauses in her licking of Tisha's pussy to comment, "Hey Anna, she smells really good from down here." before restarting her action.

"H-Hey... Wh-what do you mean by that?!" gasps Tisha, tensing briefly as her arousal continues to rise and she looks up at Becky with a questioning glance in her eyes.

Becky smiles, "Heh, she means your scent. When your aroused, like you are, you start to emit a smell from your pussy and in the heat of the moment, the scent alone is sometimes a great arousal booster."

"Wha... I smell? Ew... that's gotta be gross.... Look, I'm all sweaty and.. hot.. down there...  GROSS..."

"No No, it's not gross!" quickly replies Becky. "It's great really."

"How can it be?!" the smaller girl questions, tenses her thighs again momentarily, before relaxing them again.

"Well, you yourself said my smell wasn't bad, your smelling my scent." replies Becky.

"Wha... is that the smell you're talkin' bout?"

"Yep, everyone has there own uniqe scent...." Becky then sniffs once and smiles, "Oh, I think I can smell it, your scent."

"Really? I can't smell anything... What's it like?" the purple haired teen asks, sniffing rapidly.

"Hehe, you can smell yours becouse mine is right in your face. Anyway, yours smell really nice." Meanwhile Alice below, gently spreads Tisha's labia and licks at the pink inner flesh.

"Nnnnggggh...." grunts Tisha, closing her eyes and squeezing them shut as she suddenly tries to close her thighs, feeling a sharper burst of pleasure shoot throughout her young body.

"Hehe, Alice really knows how to use her tongue huh." smiles Becky.

"Y-Yeah... I... I can f-feel it all wet... a-all over me..." she breathes rapidly, her thin stomach clenching as her chest rises and falls with her panting, her girlhood leaking out fluid now.

"Would you mind doing the same to me?"

"What... lick you?" Tisha whispers softly, her own arousal still growing.

"Yeah, you did it a few minutes ago, keep doing it, how would you feel it Alice suddenly stops?"

"Well, yeah... b-but.. I.. I can't concentrate..." whines the little girl, quivering slightly from her pleasure.

"That's ok, just do what you can."

"O-Ok... I'll try..." She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out, licking up along Becky's nether lips, giggling softly to herself and squirming from her own arousal.

"Mmm, good..." moans Becky lifting her hands to her own nipples, pinching and pulling at them, causing her to moan out even more.

Tisha giggles harder and states, "Geez, why didn't nobody never tell me this was so much fun? All they ever said was 'don't do it'...  Freaks..."

"Hehe, i-it sure is." states Becky. "Mmm, thats why me and Kimmie used to do it all the time before I met Sashi."

"Sashi....  oh yeah... that b*tch...  I always hated her..." Tisha licks again and again as her own arousal rises higher and higher, beginning barely to reach new plateaus.

Alice slowly begins to lick at Tisha's exposed clit as she moves her left hand under ger and begins to rubb herself between the legs, moaning too.

"Nnnggghhhhh... nnngggghhhh.... I.. I can't take... m-much more...." Tisha whines loudly, trying her hardest to lick at Becky's girlhood.

"Ahh, keep going just a little more." requests Becky moaning more.

"N-No.. I.. I'm serious... like, really serious..." exclaims Tisha, her hair starting to change color as she comes closer and closer to losing control, her tongue flailing over Becky's labia.

"Me too! I'm almost there, don't stop!" states Becky beginning slowly move her pelvus back a forth, trying to get the most out of Tisha's licks.

"Nnngggh... NNNNGGGHHH..." groans Tisha, starting to clamp down and stiffen up. Her eyes remain closed and her hair changes to a light greenish color as her vagina begins to shrink, meaning that her orgasm is only a moment or two away.

As Tisha nears her orgasm, Becky's following right behind her as she begins to tense up and become ridged, pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers harder and more frequently.

Tisha, then stiffens up completely, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body begins to spasm and shake heavily.

Alice then places her lips completely over Tisha's clit and alternate between two actions, a small sucking and a rapid licking as she herself begins to moan.

The younger girl's hips lift and fall rapidly as her clitoris throbs and she whines, "S-Stop it... I... I'm... oh, what's the freakin' word.... "

As Alice continues, Becky suddenly moans out, "I'm comming!" before and thin, but forceful stream ejects from Becky's pussy, directly onto Tisha as Becky moans out in pleasure, trembling greatly.

Tisha's mouth hangs open as she instinctively swallows the cum that lands on her face and she quivers and trembles harder, her orgasm continuing into the second minute.

As the last of Becky's cum leaves her, and anticipating her momentary weakening, Becky quickly moves from over Tisha's face and sits directly to the right of Tisha as she trembles from the last of her climax as a small amount of remaning cum trickles out of Becky.

Tisha gasps and pants softly, still quivering slightly. She opens her bleary green-tinted eyes and whispers, "G-Geesh... th-that... was... freakin' great..."

Upon the end of Tisha's climax, Alice removes her mouth from Tisha, her eyes squeezed closed as she nears her own orgasm. "H-Hehe, Alice's gonna come too." comments Becky giving a weak smile.

Tisha glances down, "Oh HOLY... She's gonna blow!"

As Alice's moment draws nearer, she begins to emit a kind-of (and not to mention, cute) sort of whimpering as she begins to tremble.

Tisha watches nervously, yet a cute smile curls her lips.

Just a few moments later, Alice releases a moderate volumed, but long moan as she climaxes, going ridged for just about ten seconds before slumping against the bed, panting heavily. Becky then comments, smiling, "Hehe, she may not be loud, but she's da*n cute when she comes huh?"

"Yeah... I'm sure some girls are like that..." Tisha states, running a hand up through her now green hair. "Oh shi-" she gasps, only now realizing that her hair is green.

"Huh? What the heck, wasnt your hair a different color?' asks Becky.

Tisha nods, "Yeah... it was purple... It took me forever to get it that color... and now it's all undone.... crap..."

"you can change the color of your hair or something?"

"Well duh... You couldn't figure that out? Geez, what are you... an idiot or somethin'?!"

"Well I didn't know, da*n, what's the prob with changing it back?

"It takes forever to change it...  I have to concentrate hard on it... and it leaves me weak for two days... frick..."

"Hehe, well, theres an easier way to change the color of your hair here, I'm surprised you haven't found it out yet. wait a sec..." states Becky getting off the bed and walking to her dresser and taking a see-through glass object from it and placing it in from of Tisha's face, showing her relecftion.

"So? It's a mirror, ain't it?"

"Yeah, but watch..." state Becky, after a moment, theres a beep and a color pallete apears at the bottom of the glass, Becky then selects the purple one and in the reflection, Tisha's hair changes to purple. "you want your hair to be purple again right?"

"Whoah... what the heck kinda mirror is that?!"

"It's a hair changer, it changes the color of your hair, until you want to change it again."

"Wow... nice... can ya make it blue like that girl in the anime... umm... Ami?"

"Sure..." Becky then selects the blue color, changing the reflections hair to blue. "Ok?"

"Nicey... I look good..." she grins.

"OK, now stay still for a moment..." states Becky before pressing a circle in the lower right corner of the device, after a moment, "There, your hair is blue now."

Tisha reaches up with her left hand and tugs down a few strands of her, now, blue hair so she can see it, "Yay!"

"My original hair color is black, but I think brunette looks better on me." smiles Becky.

"Meh... I dunno about that... " Tisha sits up, looking around smiling for no apparent reason.

Just then, there is a knock at Kim's front door.

At the sound of the knock, Becky looks to Alice and sees that she's asleep in the position she was after her orgasm. "I guess I'll get it." Becky then opens the door and sees...

A very familar, very thin girl with clipped, short black hair is standing there, looking around the room and seeing Becky. She is attired in what appears to be a Japanese Schoolgirl gym outfit with a white top and black shorts. She looks down at Becky and frowns as she states, almost emotionlessly, "Where's Kim?"


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