Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 6)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6- Aftermath

[Author's notes: RAPE]

A moment later, Becky comes out of her room to the group, "What's all the commotion about?" Upon Seeing Nanyo's dead body, gasps, "What the fu*k happened out here!"

Tisha gasps, "Geesh... This really sucks..." Even she seems in total shock about what has happened here.

Kim then punches the floor hard in anger, making a small dent in the floor. "That Bit*h! I'll make her pay for this!"

"Who are you talking about?" asks Becky. "Who did this!?"

Tisha gets to her feet, gasping, "Gross... There's blood everywhere!"

Sara then states to Becky, "Nikki did this, she's a servant of Dark Faultz."

"What!? Nikki did this!?"

"Yes Becky, she was sent here by Faultz to spy on Kim."

Tisha then blurts out, "Who the Flip Wilson's son IS this Dark Faultz, anywho? And why did she kill... um... that red haired old hooker?"

Sara answers, "Faultz is a super powerful being and his sole mission is to rule the universe. He's a fu*king cliche if you ask me." Kim then stands and adds, "That doesn't change the fact that he's extremely powerful. As much as I want to, I can't just go there angry as hell and expect to win."

"Geesh... and he's, like, out to get you, is that what you're saying? Jeez... somehow, I think I'd be better off getting the frick outta here..."

"What are we going to do about Nikki?" asks Becky.

"I'm going to kill her!" replies Kim.

"Sister, about Nikki, as you saw, She's quite strong, but she does have one weekness." states Sara.

"What is it?"

Tisha cocks her head, asking, "Yeah, I wanna know too!"

"Nikki is very weak physically, one good punch will be lights out for here." replies Sara.

"Great, I can torture her for her lies." states Kim.

"Hold on Sister, that will not be an easy thing to do, Nikki is extremely fast. She's the 'can't hit what you can't catch' type." replies Sara.  

"Still, all I need is one punch."

"Wow... that's really weak..." laughs Tisha.

"Well..." begins Becky. "There has to be balances. If your strong physical, your going to be weak to magical attacks. It's takes alot of work to have little to no weakness’."

"Or be lucky enough for it to be natural, like me and Sister." smiles Sara.

"You do have a weakness, I do too." states Kim.

"I have no weakness!" yells Sara.

"Uh-Oh... That sounds like sibling rivalry..."

"Yes you do, You can't kill someone who doesn't fight back, and Me, I suck with magic."

"Wow... so like, if I was to hit you with a magic spell, you wouldn't be able to take it?" asks Tisha as Suki moans softly, apparently coming to.

"Well, no, my resistance is pretty high, I mean that, I have very little mana, and because of that I can't use much magic, and I can only transform for about 10 minutes." answers Kim.

"Oh... well... that.. that sucks..." groans Tisha as Suki starts moving.

Kim then helps Suki get to her feet, "Are you ok?"

"Unnnghhh..." she moans, stumbling back against Kim. She brings her left hand up to her forehead and rubs gently as she tries to focus in on her surroundings.

"Suki, you should change into some clean clothes." states Kim.

Suki groans softly and glances down at her best friend, lying dead on the floor. Her mouth falls open in shock and she really clams up. She notices that her clothes are covered in Nanyo's blood, but she can't seem to bring herself to move. She has an expression of pure shock on her face and she just stands there.

"Suki, I can only imagine what you must be feeling, but you have to change out of those clothes, come on." states Kim before pulling Suki away to their room.

Suki helplessly follows Kim, being really tugged pretty much against her will.

Kim leads Suki into there room.

Suki follows, being pulled along by Kim, her violet tinted eyes wide open with shock, Nanyo's blood still all down her front.

Kim sees that Suki is in shock and sighs, "Wait here..." Kim then gets some of Suki's clothes from a nearby drawer, taking out a blouse and skirt. Kim then walks infront of Suki and begins to remove her bloody shirt.

Suki's mouth hangs open, but other than that, she doesn't move an inch. It seems Kim is right in thinking that she's in shock.

Kim strips Suki down to her bra and panties and offers the clean clothes to her, saying, "You think you can dress yourself now?"

"Kim-mie..." is all the small girl can manage to choke out. She is still so deep in shock at her lover's death that she doesn't even seem capable of speech.

"Ok Suki." comments Kim before starting to dress Suki.

"Kim-mie..." she says again, her voice hoarse and deeply vulnerable.

Upon finishing dressing Suki, Kim hugs her. "Suki, I'm sorry for what happened, I promise you that Nikki will pay for this."

"Kim-mie..." starts the young girl again, finally starting to regain some semblance of normalcy as she looks up at the taller girl with her eyes shining with tears.

Kim simply holds Suki for the moment, giving her the chance to cry all she wants if she wants to.

This, indeed, is what the small girl starts to do, crying unrestrainedly into Kim's shoulder, her tiny body shaking as she sobs, "Kimmie... Kimmie... Kimmie..."

As Kim allows Suki to cry, Kim hear's Sara's voice in her head, "That's pathetic, crying because someone died. Your wife is weak Sister." Kim choses not to reply though and continues to hold Suki.

As Suki continues to cry, Tisha's voice is heard from the living area, "Eww... gross.... I ain't cleaning THAT up..."

Out in the living room, Becky returns to her room,
while Sara walks to Nikki's dead body and teleports it and her away.

*Nanyo's dead body

Tisha groans, "Eww... there's blood everywhere...  

Out in the living room, Becky returns to her room, while Sara walks to Nanyo's dead body and teleports it and her away.

Tisha groans, "Eww... there's blood everywhere...  disgusting..."

back in Kim's room, Kim slightly releases Suki, "Are you ok now?"

"K-Kimmie.... sh-she's gone... t-totally gone... I.. .I can't sense her presence a-anymore!"

Kim doesn't reply, not knowing what to say.

"Kimmie... i-it hurts... really bad...." the smaller girl blubbers.

"Suki, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

"I... I dunno... I... I've never felt anything like this before..."

"Well, this isn't the most appropriate time, but I can think of a quick, temporary fix." replies Kim blushing a little with a bit of shame on her face for the idea.

Suki looks up at Kim with a questioning look on her face. "Kimmie?"

Kim slowly lowers her right hand to Suki's crotch through her skirt.

Suki gasps in surprise and tries to back away, "K-Kimmie?! Wh-What are you doing?!" A faint blush begins to creep up her cheeks as well.

"I-I'm sorry, but this is the only thing I can think of to help for the moment." replies Kim stepping up to Suki i and placing her hand back on Suki's crotch.

"B-But Kimmie...." she tries protesting, but her voice is weak as she backs away further, bringing her hands down to pull Kim's hand away from her girlhood.

"Suki please, let me help you.." comments Kim eventually pushing Suki's back against the door and forcing her hand to Suki's crotch, rubbing.

"K-Kimmie! D-Don't! Mmm...!" she moans as her small hands cover Kim's and try to pull it away again.

Since Kim is obviously much stronger than Suki, she easily overpowers her and moves her to the bed, on her back. Kim then moves her right hand under Suki's panties and begins to finger her, and forcing a kiss to muffle Suki's cries of resistance.

"Mmmrf! Mmerf!" moans Suki as she starts squirming on the bed, trying to force Kim off of her. She brings her legs up, trying to kick Kim as she pushes up with her hands. Despite her protests, though, her insides begin to moisten, though she tries to resist the power of her arousal.

Kim continues to finger Suki's girlhood, but stops kissing her in favour of wrapping her left hand around Suki's neck in a kinda've hug, keeping her from escaping. Kim then begins to lick and suck on Suki’s neck.

"Mmm! K-Kimmie! Please! Let me go! Please...!" The young girl begs as she continues to squirm and flail out with her legs and arms, trying to hit Kim and get free.

Kim ignores Suki plea and moves her fingers deeper into Suki, locating her G-spot and stimulating it immediately.

"Aaahhh!" moans Suki, instantly quivering as her vagina begins to fill up with fluid from it's walls, dripping down onto her thighs which are pressed together in an attempt to get Kim away from her.

Kim then adds using her thumb to stimulate Suki's clit.

"Mmmph! Rgggphffmmm!" groans Suki, her eyes squeezing shut off and on as her pleasure grows, though she struggles to prevent it.

As Kim continues with her fingers, she comments, "I'm sorry Suki."

Tears appear in Suki's eyes as she cries out, "If you were really sorRY!... y-you wouldn't do th-THIS!" She starts to arch her back in pleasure.

"...Your right..." Kim then stops the actions to Suki's clit in favour of slower finger thrusts, but harder, deep thrusts.

"K-KimMIE!" she whines, her arousal continuing to grow as her
vagina's fluid continues to run down onto the bed.
Kim then figures Suki's close to coming and hugs her tightly as she continues her hard finger thrusts.

"S-Stop it, KimMIE!" she whines louder, squirming and moaning as her back again begins to arch up, much like her sister Sashi as her fluid continues to flow onto the bed.

"I can't do that."

"Wh-Why not, KimMIE?!" She nearly screams as her orgasm begins to near and she arches her back up again.

I'm wanna make you feel better, forget what happened for now."

"B-But.. th-This isn't the right TIME!" She whines loudly again.

Kim doesnt reply, just continues to urge on Suki's climax

"MMmm! Mmmmph! URRRGGGHHH!" cries out Suki as her back reaches its furthest angle and her insides start to clench as she reaches that point of inevitability where orgasm can no longer be stopped.

At the point where Suki climaxes, Kim stops her fingers and holds Suki during her orgasm

Suki screams out loudly, to the point where Tisha moans, "Owww! What the frick?!" A few seconds later, the small summoner/red mage is overcome by spasms and her urethra fills with her unique cum which is then spurted out in three long squirts before she falls back on the bed, breathing hard.

Upon feeling Suki limp in her hold, Kim asks, "Are you feeling better now?"

"K-Kimmie..." whimpers the little girl, though a faint smile crosses her lips as she adds, "I so gotta torture you n-next time..."

Kim then smiles. "It's good you feel better."

"K-Kimmie... I.. I want... " she blushes as she yawns from overexertness and adds, "w-well... y-you know..."


"I.. I mean, next time... I... I want... you know..."

"No, I don't.

Suki then reaches out with her left hand and brushes across Kim's abdomen, blushing heavily as she points there.

"Oh, I see now."

"You will let me do it, won't you, Kimmie?" she raises her gaze up to the other girl's, her eyebrows arched up, showing her
nervousness at thinking that Kim will say no.

"Sure, as long as it's not in public."

"Mmm... yeah... that would be really embarrassing..."

"Well, you want another orgasm?"

Suki lifts her head, "What? K-Kimmie... I just had one... Don't tell me you're still... um... what's that word..."

"Well, I just wanna try something else."

"Like what, Kimmie?" the small girl asks.

"Since you where a virgin..." comments Kim releasing Suki and opening a drawer near the bed and removing a strap-on. "i wanna see how you handle this."

"Wh... what is that, Kimmie?!" gasps Suki in surprise, sitting up on the bed.

"It's a strap-on, it's for girls who want to pretend they have a penis."

"Oh... is that thing... a penis?" Suki asks, getting up to her knees to get a better look.

"It's a fake one."

"A fake... penis? Wow... I didn't know that was possible..."

Kim smirks before removing her shorts and panties, then putting on the strap-on, the fake penis pointed directly at Suki. "See?"

"Wow... so does it like, get hard like a regular penis?"

"It's already hard." Kim then teases Suki by poking Suki in the mouth and cheeks with the dildo, giggling. "I think it likes you, hehe."

"Ack!" gasps Suki, falling backwards onto the bed again.

Kim smiles as she quickly moves over Suki's body, neary sitting on her chest. "Suck it."

"Um... wh-what?!" exclaims the younger girl, looking up at Kim in confusion.

"Suck my cock." smiles Kim.

"You mean... that penis?"

"Yes, cause it's going to go in you."

"You're gonna... put... THAT... in me?"

Yep, so start sucking."

"Um... o-okay..." She reaches out with her hand and gently glides the hard thing into her mouth, sucking gently.

"Hehe, you dirty girl."

"Mmm?" she raises her eyebrows at Kim upon hearing those words as she sucks the fake penis again.

"Nothing, just seeing a cute, loli-looking girl sucking a cock is such a turn-on." smiles Kim.

Suki instantly blushes again as she rolls her tongue along the edges of the fake cock in her mouth.

Kim then gets an idea and places her hands on both sides of Suki's head, and smiles down at her.

"Mmm?!" she looks up at Kim again.

Kim then begins to move Suki's head forward taking 3/4ths of the dildo into her mouth, repeatedly.

"Merfph!" Suki's eyes begin to bug out wildly as the dildo goes deeply into her mouth.

Kim does this for a few moments before pulling the dildo out of Suki's mouth, covered in Suki's saliva. "I think that's enough."

Suki coughs for a brief second, commenting, "Th-that was almost too far, Kimmie... I almost lost my breath..."

Just remember to breathe through your nose..." replies Kim moving down Suki's body and removing her skirt and panties.

"O-Okay..." Suki sighs, regaining control of her breathing and blushing as her girlhood is again exposed to her lover.

"Since you only had finger in you before, be sure to tell me if this hurts, ok?"

"S-Sure..." she breathes softly, beginning to prepare for the entry of the fake penis.

"Ok." Kim then lifts Suki's pelvis a little and begins to insert the dildo into Suki, spreading her lower lips.

"Mmmm...." moans Suki softly as the head starts to enter her formally virgin hole. She asks Kim, "Do you do this to Becky, too, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, since she's so tight, I can usually make her cry from it feeling so good." replies Kim smiling.

"Do you... think I'm that tight, Kimmie?" the younger girl asks, looking up into her lover's eyes.

"AS tight as Becky? I dunno, you should know if you tight once I stuck this in you."

"O-OK... I... I'm ready..."

"Like a band aid or slow?"

"Um, slow... I never really liked Band-Aids..."

"Hehe, ok." Kim then pushes the dildo further into Suki.

"Mmmm!" moans Suki as it's revealed that she's VERY tight and it begins to moisten slightly just from the slightest touch.

"Does it hurt?"

"Not yet... but it's really stretching me..." she states weakly.

"Ok." Kim then gradually begins to insert more and more of the dildo.

"Mmmmph! Hmmmph!" she begins to breathe harder as her innards are stretched further than with just Kim's fingers.

"hmm, seems like your tight like Becky. Here comes the rest of it..." Kim then does a quick thrust, pushing all the dildo in Suki.

"Aaahhh! St-stop, Kimmie! Th-That hurts!" whines the little girl, tears starting to form in her eyes again.

"It's all in, it's ok."

"Owww... it's bigger than it looks, Kimmie..."

"At least now your really not a virgin."

Suki blushes, "Y-Yeah... n-no more a virgin..."

"Now, let's see if I can make you cry like Becky does." comments Kim as she begins to pull out a little

"Ohmmm.... mmmm.... It feels like I'm losing something, K-Kimmie..."

"What do you mean?" asks Kim as she stops at the peak of the withdrawal.

"I mean... I can still feel it in me, but most of it is kinda gone..."

"Ah, I see, ok, here we go..." states Kim slowly re-inserting the dildo, watching Suki’s reacting

"Mmmm.. mmm..." strains Suki, her forehead beginning to bead with sweat as the penis enters her depths again.

"Mmmm..." the young girl moans softly as her innards are touched by the fake penis.

You want me to go faster?" asks Kim as she begins a slow thrusting.

"Mmmm... y-yeah... i-it's starting to feel good now, K-Kimmie..." she moans again, her pleasure level rising within her little body.

"OK..." replies Kim as she begins to increase her pace.

"Mmmm... o-oh y-yeah...." she groans softly as she begins to thrust her own hips in rhythm with Kim's, her vagina quickly moistening again as her arousal becomes apparent.

With Suki's vagina now lubed with her own fluids, Kim begins to increase her speed even more with harder thrusts.

"Mmmph...! Mmmph...! Mmmmph...!" groans Suki as her hole is pumped with Kim's speed, going faster and faster.

A few moments into this, Kim gets an idea, she lifts Suki onto her lap, in a cowgirl-like position to see if Suki would 'ride' the fake cock.

"H-Huh?! Wh-what are you d-doing, K-Kimmie?!" gasps the smaller girl in confusion.

Kim just giggles at Suki's puzzuledness and lays her back down on the bed and restarting to thrust the strap-on into Suki. "I haven't did this long enough yet..."

"Wha?" is all that Suki can manage to gasp out in more confusion before she starts breathing hard and panting with her arousal.

"Nothing.." smiles Kim as while she thrusts into Suki, leans over her and rubbing her breasts with her hands.

"K-Kimmie...." the younger girl pants heavily, her chest rising and falling with her deep breathes and her breasts swell slightly again, her nipples poking up and out as she moves her hips in concert with Kim's.

"Heh, yes?" replies Kim.

"Th-this feels.. so.. so... sooo good..." she whines softly, showing off her blushed face as she starts to arch her back slightly, her fluids running down from her girlhood.

"But not enough to make you cry though..."

"C-Cry?! Y-You wanna make me cry?" the small girl whines lowly.

"I'm pleasure, yeah."

"O-Oh... w-well... i-if you keep it up.. I.. I just might..."

"I'm sure you would, especially if I got really fast.." replies Kim as she promptly does so, making hard, quick thrusts into Suki's tightness.

"Ahhh... hahhh!" she immediately starts to shake slightly, squirming her hips around as she whines loudly, her violet depths beginning to tear up as she tries to fight from crying.

"H-Hehe, don't fight is Suki." comments Kim as she starts to pant from her action.

"K-Kimmie...! I.. I don't wanna cry!" she whines loudly, squirming and shaking as the pleasure begins to reach its zenith. It is obvious that she can't restrain from crying much longer.

"But I want you to." smiles Kim.

"K-Kimmie... st-stop..! Pl-please!" Her tears begin to run down her flushed cheeks as she lets out a loud cry that even people in other rooms can hear as she arches her back once again, bridging up like her younger sister, Sashi, as she begins to reach her inevitability point.

"Hehe, there ya go..." states Kim smiling. Kim then thinks, 'About now is a good time...' Kim then repeats lifting Suki up to see if she'd start riding the fake cock now out of reflex or instinct.

Suki does indeed start to ride the penis, but her body is so squirmy that she almost slides off the cock several times as she starts to spasm from the intense pleasure. She cries out again, her eyes squeezed shut and tears running down her red cheeks.

Kim smiles in amusement at Suki's action and lightly wraps her arms around Suki as she climaxes.

Suki pants heavily for a few moments as her orgasm ripples throughout her body and when it ends, she falls back against Kim, almost lifeless in the older girl's arms.

"Hehe, look like you really enjoyed that orgasm." states Kim as Suki is still on the fake cock.

Suki whines weakly, but doesn't lift her head or her body; she just sits down on the penis unaware of anything, it seems.

"Hmm..." think Kim for a moment before lowering her hands to Suki's rear and lifting her a bit off the dildo and lowering her back down, restarting the pleasure to Suki's tired body.

"Mmmph! K-Kimmie... wh-what are you d-doing?! I.. I'm so tired now..." she whines softly.

Which is exactly why I'm doing this, Your tired, so I'll do the work." replies Kim smiling.

"K-Kimmie... please... please stop... I... I won't be able... t-to take another orgasm..."

Kim continues her action. "Hmm, how would you know? have you had two before?"

"N-No.. I.. I told you before that I had never h-had an orgasm before I met you..."

"So how do you know you can only take two?" as Kim talks she increases her pace in thrusting Suki onto the cock. "You may not have the energy to give yourself a second one, but someone else..."

"Aaaah! K-Kimmie.. st-stop! Stop it, please!" she whines loudly as her vagina continues to drip fluid out at an amazing rate, her body quickly rising to a high arousal level again.

"Oh I think you like it!" giggles Kim.

"K-Kimmie.. I.. I really can't... t-take it... m-much longer..." Her head drops to her chest and her hips begin to thrust again as her eyes close from exhaustion, yet she still continues to react below, her vagina reaching new levels of wetness as it begins to contract tightly on the penis.

Upon seeing Suki start to thrust herself on the dildo, Kim smiles and releases her hold on Suki rear, and just watches Suki lead herself to another climax.

"Kimmie..." the small girl whispers weakly before she starts thrusting almost mechanically on the fake cock, her arms falling to her sides as another orgasm seems imminent.

"Come, come, come, come..." chants Kim almost teasingly.

Just then, the young girl almost passes into unconsciousness as her body begins to spasm again. She doesn't even arch her back; just comes right where she is, impaled on the dildo.

Kim then begins hugging Suki once again during her climax, smiling.

Suki's body trembles once or twice more after her orgasm, then she falls onto Kim's body, her head lolling around as though she's a rag doll.

"How was that one? asks Kim.

There is no response from the smaller girl; only breathing.

"Hey Suki?" questions Kim lifting her right hand to the back of Suki head and lightly tapping on her head.

Suki's head falls forward again as the girl starts to pitch forward from the slight touch.

Kim then lifts Suki's body off her slightly and feels Suki's body completely limp. "Hehe, da*n, she actually passed out."

There is no response from the smaller girl; outside the room, Tisha's voice is heard, "Yeowza... someone must be really messin' around in there... Jeez!"

Kim then moves Suki off the dildo and lays her on the bed and removes the strap-on, then goes to her door and opens it, looking for where Tisha is.

Tisha gulps and looks up at the older girl from her position on the floor in front of Kim's door. "Um... heh... "

"Were you listening in on us?" asks Kim smiling down at the girl.

"Um.... like.... you see... what had happened... um... no?" she cocks her head to the side, trying to sound off-handedly.

"Hmm, are you bored?"

"Bored? Um... like.. I dunno..."

"Well, if your horny, why not see what Becky and Alice are doing?"

"Horny? No... I'm not horny... honest...." she states almost too emphatically.

"Well what's with the volume?"

"N-Nothing..." she states with a high-pitched voice and starts to blush.

"Hmm, your face is getting red." grins Kim.

"It's, like, nothing!" she turns her gaze away from Kim and mutters, "I should've known better than to get hooked with this hag... that, and that weird pee fetish she's got..."

"Huh? what was that?" asks Kim smiling at what she thought she heard.

"What?!" she stiffens up, muttering, "I never said I had to pee... OH HOLY CRAP!"

"Well do you?" teases Kim.

"Um... you see... well... um... what had happened... I.. I mean... oh screw it to hell... Yes, dangit.. I NEED TO PEE!" She starts scrambling toward the couch.

"Hehe, hey where you going?" laughs Kim as she follows Tisha.

"Oh no you don't! I'm not gonna let you or anyone do that to me again!" She tries to dart toward the door.

Kim then teleports infront of the door, "Hold on, I'm not going to do anything."

"Hey! No fair! I can't teleport!" she whines.

Kim smiles and grabs Tisha by the hand and leads her to Becky's door. "Hey Becky, open the door for a sec."

"Hey! Lemme go, you old witch! Lemme go!" She squirms and starts struggling, attempting to yank her hand away from Kim's.


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