Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 5)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5- The Servant of Dark Faultz

[Author's notes: VIOLENCE, DEATH]

"Hehe, 30 years of sexual frustration, I can't wait to feel you in me.' states Kim smiling.

"Heh... you're really into this, aren't you, um.. Kim?" He laughs softly before parting her lips with his own, searching for her tongue.

Kim teasingly pulls back, "Just hold on a few more minutes." states Kim before lowering herself to her knees in front of Nash.

"What are you doing?" He asks, somewhat confused at her actions. Nanyo grins and gets to her feet, slowly tiptoeing around Kim to see what she's going to do.

"Hehe, you really are a virgin..." comments Kim as she undoes his jeans and pulls down his pants and underwear.

"Whoah...!" is all he can gasp as his member starts to grow hard, pointing up toward Kim. Nanyo laughs, "Oh this'll end well... haha..."

"Oh, I think it likes me!" giggles Kim.

"Um... haha... well you ARE a girl... and a very hot one at that... If you got naked, it'd like that much more... haha..."

"Well, ok." smiles Kim as she stands and begins to remove her top.

"Hey... um... can I help?" he asks, grinning at her as Nanyo suddenly drops one of her hands down her own crotch, rubbing gently through her jeans.

"Sure." states Kim as she stops taking her top off

"Let's see here... this is a vest, right? I think I've seen one before..." He starts undoing Kim's top, teasingly keeping one hand on her left breast as he does so.

"Heh, is this the first time you touched a girl's breasts?"

"Well.. no... I touched Nanyo's many times... and I even groped Suki once... heh, but she doesn't know I did.. Suki, I mean..."

"Wanna touch my pussy?"

"What's that? Don't believe I've heard that word before..." He states, looking confused. Nanyo groans, "Arrgh! I forgot... This village doesn't really use that word, Kim..."

"Oh, then my labia, wanna feel it?"

"Labia, huh? You seem like a really horny little girl... haha..." He chuckles as he reaches one hand down to cup Kim's girlhood. Nanyo laughs, "Wet already, Kim?"

"Yep, I'm wet, he probably can't feel it through my shorts though."

"Wet, huh? You're right, though... all I can feel is her warmth... Mmm..." He starts moving his palm back and forth over her girlhood through her shorts. At the same time, he finishes undoing her vest and starts trying to pull it off her arms.

"Mmm, seems like you've done this before..."

"What.. undressed a girl? Hehe... I used to dress Suki all the time when she was little... But.. if it's about the rubbing, yeah... once or twice on Suki when she would sleep at night... It really helped her to sleep..."

"Just like I thought, your a perv." giggles Kim.

"Haha.. a perv, eh? Well I've been called worse..." He reaches up to Kim's bra and asks, "How do you.. undo this?"

"Haha... a perv, eh? Well, I've been called worse.. but what about you? You're half naked, trying to convince a total stranger to f*ck you... haha..."

"Well, I know I'm a perv." smiles Kim.

"So I see... you have nice breasts, by the way... Anybody ever tell you that?" He reaches out with his left hand and squeezes one of them while using his right hand to press on her labia.

"Heh, all to often." comments kim.
"Oh yeah... I forgot... Suki... has my sister told you that a lot, then?"

"yeah, and Nanyo too."

"Oh yeah?" He glances over at Nanyo who puts a finger up to her lips and grins at him. He turns back to Kim and asks, "So, do you want me to take your shorts off, Kim?" Nanyo, in the meantime, sneaks up behind the other girl, moving slowly so that Kim won't hear her approach.

"That's a good I idea."

"Ok... I'll do it then... haha..." He reaches down with both his hands, placing the left one on the button and undoing it; the right hand, he places on the zipper and slides it down. Nanyo, meanwhile, reaches Kim's back and grabs her arms, pulling them behind the other girl and holding her still.

"Ah! Nanyo what are you doing?" asks Kim surprised.

Nanyo laughs, "I want in on this... I wanna have some fun too..." There is a faint clicking sound and suddenly, Kim's wrists pull together where she can't separate her arms. At the same time, Nash slides Kim's shorts down to her ankles and sees...

Kim's shaven labia visibly wet, "Nanyo what are you doing?"

Nanyo laughs, "I told ya, Kim... I'm having some fun... What does it look like?" She grabs Kim around the waist and tugs her back over to a big bed that lies in the corner of the bedroom. Nash follows the two, admiring Kim's girlhood. "You don't have pubic hair, Kim?" he asks.

"No, I shave."

"Shave, eh? That's interesting... and I guess you know by now.. .Ap Dat don't have pubic hair..." He reaches out to Kim's folds and slides one finger across them as Nanyo forces Kim to lie down on her back on the bed.

"even the guys?"

"Well, take a look..." He climbs onto the bed and straddles Kim's body as Nanyo sits down on the edge of the bed and leans over Kim's breasts, blowing gently on them.

"Hehe, not a hair in sight." smiles Kim.

"Yep... It's something weird among Ap Dat... None of the girls OR boys have it..." he states as Nanyo blows again on Kim's left breast, blowing coolly directly on her nipple.

"Oh, well Nanyo, while doing that feels nice, It's not doing much. Can you try something else?" asks Kim smiling.

"Hehe... what didja have in mind, Kim?" the redhead laughs as Nash scoots down Kim's body to her labia and places his left hand along the length of her slit.

"Maybe a little licking." suggests Kim.

"Ohhh, you mean like this?" She smirks and sticks her tongue out, giving Kim's left nipple a teasing lick before pulling back. At the same time, Nash brings his other hand down and pushes apart Kim's labia, staring intently at what lies beyond.

Kim "Ooh's once as Nash sees the bright pink inner flesh that lay behind Kim's labia.

Nash grins, "Wow... seems much more matured than Suki's... Heh, this is exciting..." He slides one finger down across the top of the labia as Nanyo licks Kim's nipple again, before backing off again.

"Where? I don't see a place to go in you... oh wait... you mean... in your vagina?" Nash giggles nervously.

"yeah, where do you think I was talking about?"

"Uh... I ono..." he laughs again.

"Well what are you waiting for then? put it in."

"Ok... You're... not a virgin, are you?" Nash asks as Nanyo licks Kim's nipple hungrily.

"Heh, from the way I've been acting you still have to ask that? I must not be doing a good job."

"Um... well are you?" He asks as Nanyo giggles, "Queen of Dick..."

"Geez, your as dense as your sister, of course not!"

"Sister? You mean, Suki? Yeah, she is dense... haha..."

"Well unless she has more siblings I don't know about, yeah."

"Well... there is Sashi, yanno..." He laughs and spreads Kim's labia again as Nanyo starts sucking on Kim's left nipple.

"Mmm, I don't think she's as dense as you two."

"Yeah... Sash catches on quick sometimes.." He locates her urethra and grins as his fingers slide down, looking for her vagina.

"Hurry up, I want your virginity." urges Kim.

"Ok ok.. just gimmie a minute... Ah, there it is.." He slides a finger inside the other girl, testing it's elasticity, making sure that it can accept his penis. Nanyo groans and drums her fingers on Kim's neck as she grumbles, "You idiot..."

"Yeah..." agrees Kim lowly.

"Hey, cut me some slack... I'm new at this!" complains Nash as he pulls his finger out and repositions himself over Kim.

"Ok, just hurry, to be a 30 year virgin, you don't seem to be too eager about penitration."

Nash groans, "And this is why I'm a virgin... damn girls always complaining..." He pushes his hips forward and presses his penis up against the opening to her vagina.

"Well get over it and fu*k me."

"Heh, talk dirty to me and see what happens..." He laughs again and jams his penis deep into her vagina as Nanyo reaches to her side, popping the top off a small vial. She puts this vial up to Kim's lips and says, "Here... this'll help..."

Kim gasps once and replies to Nanyo, "What is it?"

"An aphrodiastic..." She winks at Kim, obviously lying but Nash pushes his penis in deeper inside Kim's womanhood.

"Hehe, I don't need something like that."

Nanyo nods, "Trust me... you do... this'll increase your pleasure 10 fold.... Trust me... You'll get a better orgasm with this..."

"Fine, you not going to leave me alone about."

Nanyo's eyebrows raise as she tilts the vial up to Kim's lips. Nash groans, "Oh hell yeah..." as he begins to pump Kim's vagina with his penis.

"Ohh, you feel how good that is?" moans Kim

Nash nods, "Oh yeah... Geez... this's better than masturbating..." He closes his eyes and groans again as Nanyo prods Kim in the shoulder, "Drink it..."

"Oh yeah." states Kim as she drinks the fluid."

Nanyo grins, "Good girl! Now doesn't that feel better?" Suddenly, there is a sharp upsurge in the amount of pleasure Kim feels, but at the same time, her abdomen SLOWLY starts to swell as well. Nash groans, "Aw, fu*ck yeah!" as he starts thrusting his hips harder.

Kim gasps hard in surprise as she grips the bed with her left hand.

"Haha... liked that, didja, Kim?" asks Nanyo, grinning broadly as Nash continues thrusting.

"Ah... yeah, I like it."

"Just wait... You're gonna like more soon... It takes a minute or two to fully kick in..." Nanyo laughs as Nash moans loudly, his penis going deeper and deeper within her.

Kim then smiles from Nashes Moaning. "Heh, gonna come already?"

"Ohhh, shiiitt...." he moans as Nanyo sighs, commenting, "Well, what did you expect from a virgin?" A second or two later, an even higher upsurge of pleasure shoots through Kim's body as her abdomen swells further.

"Kim gasps once again from the surprise increase of pleasure. "Ah! holy sh*t Nanyo, what the hell was that you gave me!?"

Nanyo laughs, "I told you, Kim... It's an aphrodisatic.... Bet ya love that, eh?"

"Y-Yeah, I love it." pants Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "I knew you'd like it, Kim..." She places her mouth on Kim's breast again and sucks gently as Nash groans loudly, "Damnit... I.. I can't stop!"

"Heh, thanks." smiles Kim from Nash's comment.

Nash suddenly tenses up and thrusts his penis so far deep into Kim's vagina that he grazes the top wall, just as he comes, shooting his sperm into her cervix.

Kim simply moans from the feeling of Nash's cum entering into her. "Mmm, great..."

Nanyo then lifts up her arm, "Mmm... just about time...." Just then, Kim's abdomen reaches its  peak of swelling and, at first, a slight urge to pee overcomes the other girl.

"Ah, just great, I gotta pee." groans Kim. "Hey, Nash, can we break for a sec?"

Nash lifts his eyebrows, "Um.. sure... I... I think I'm done now... hehe..."

Once Nash pulls out, Kim looks to Nanyo, "can you get off me?"

Nanyo smirks at Kim, "Why should I? I like it like this..."

"Come on Nanyo, not now."

Nanyo laughs, "Do you see Nisu up there? Do you notice how her shorts are?"

"Really Nanyo, I don't have time for this, I need to get back to poineer 2."

"You still haven't heard what I wanted to tell you about your friend... so I think you'll stay here long enough.... hehe..." She cups Kim's breasts in her hands as a sharp urge to pee, caused by the drink, attacks Kim's body.

"Ah! Well tell after I got piss, now get off me." states Kim as she tries to get up."

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Now, now, Kim... surely you know me better than that..." She lowers her hands down toward Kim's stomach.

"Nanyo I'm serious, I don't feel like doing this now."

Nanyo grins, "Nuh-uh... I needs my fill and Nisu wasn't enough... haha..." She lowers her palm to Kim's abdomen, grinning.

"I'm not playing around, cut it out!"

Nanyo says nothing, but merely presses down on Kim's abdomen as Nash sits in the corner, looking dazed.

Kim grabs Nanyo's hand and lifts it from her abdomen and squeezes it painfully. "Don't make me have to hurt you Nanyo."

"Ow ow ow... damnit.. FINE... but you SO owe me!"

"Good." Kim then releases Nanyo's hand and gets to her feet. "Where's the bathroom?"

Nanyo groans, "Uh... downstairs, I think... This is Nisu's house, so I don't know for sure..." She rubs her hand.

"Ok, I should be able to hold it till I find it." Kim then leaves the room.

"Damnit... That girl really needs to lighten up..."

After 7 minutes later, Kim comes back. "Well I feel better now." smiles Kim.

Nanyo sits in another corner of the room, cursing silently as Nash gets up, "Well... um... I think I'll leave... I don't see what more I can do here..."

"Ok, see ya, Hey Nanyo what was the thing you had to tell me?"

Nanyo gets to her feet, "Fine... you know that friend of yours, Kim? Nikki?"

"Yeah, what about her?"

Nanyo crosses the room to Kim and whispers in her ear everything she heard Nikki tell her.

"Heh, your lying, Nikki's not an enemy, I've known her for as long as I can remimber. and she can't fight very well ether." smiles Kim.

"It's not that... She's not the one out to kill us all.... I think she said something about a master..."

"Heh, and who would this 'master' be?"

Nanyo states dramatically, "Someone she called 'Lord Faultz'..."

Kim's smiling quickly turn grim at the name. "Faultz? Your lying, you have to be."

Nanyo sighs, "You and I.. we still have our connection, Starki...  If you doubt my words, then.. here... touch my arm... You'll be able to connect to my mind and see through my memory..."

"OK, I just hope this is just some sick joke..." states Kim before reaching out and touching Nanyo's arm.

Almost instantly, Nanyo closes her eyes and everything Nikki said to her comes blaring through her mind and into Kim's mind.

As the images scroll through Kim's mind, at the memory of Nikki saying, "I'm the enemy." to Nanyo, Kim immediatly releases her hand and backs away in shock.

Nanyo sighs, "Terrible, isn't it?"
"Nanyo, is it possible for you to fake a memory?"

The red head shakes her head, "Only Sash could do that... Not me... I'm only a medium level telepath... "

"But, I've known Nikki since I was a kid, how can she be the enemy?"

Nanyo shrugs, "I don't know anything more or less than what she told me... I can assure you, that is what she said to me..."

"And she killed those two men..."

"What I know, you know, now... Kim..."

"I need to speak to Nikki."

"I'm sure you do... You need to protect Nisu... and your other friends... They are depending on you... I just thought you should know the truth about your friend..."

"Nearly everywhere we went, Nikki was there, she always insisted that she came along...I just don't want to belive it, she's a spy?" questions Kim looking as though she could cry. no tears yet though.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders and puts her hand on Kim's shoulder, "I dunno what to say, Kim..."

"Wait a minute!" gasps Kim. Sara was once a servent of Faultz, did she know about Nikki this whole time?"

"Kim, you know as much as I do... I showed you the memory... that's all I know..."

"I have to get back to P2, are you coming?"

"I don't know if I should... I mean... my telepathic abilities are shunned there..."

"Well I'm going, can you untie Suki?"
"Oh yeah... haha... I had forgotten about her... Sure..." She moves over to Suki's left side and jumps up slightly, using a small dagger to cut Suki down and into her waiting arms.

"So you coming or not?

"Gee.. I dunno... Do you  want me to come?"

"I honestly don't care."

Nanyo's shoulders slump, "Gee... you didn't miss me at all? That really hurts, yanno... Here.. take Nisu..." She thrusts Suki into Kim's arms and starts walking off.

"Well I'm more worried about Nikki at the moment yanno." states Kim as she walks out.

"Fine, then! Nyahh! See if I care!" she sticks her tongue out at Kim and leaves.

Kim then leaves the house and boards her ship with Suki and returns to Pioneer 2 to her place in the ship, where Sara now sits on the couch watching TV with Shino.

Tisha is sitting on the floor, playing absently with a cork. She looks really bored.

"Sara!" states Kim.

"Geez! Keep it down Sister, I'm right here." replies Sara.

"What do you know about Nikki?" asks Kim as she walks to the couch with Suki still in her arms.  Sara then looks at Kim seriously,

"... How'd you find out?"

"You knew about her!?" gasps Kim shocked as she drops Suki to the floor by accident.

Tisha's eyes grow wide, "Geesh... and I thought you loved her, Kim!"

"Ah!" gasps Kim as she quickly drops to her knees and picks up Suki. Sara then appears next to Kim and states, "Nikki was your friend, so I figured rather than destroy a good friendship early, I'd let you enjoy it as long as possible."

"But she was never my friend, I was just the object of her objective, right!?"

"...Sister, I'm sorry."

"Be careful with her, ya spaz!" calls out Tisha. "Ya might break her neck if ya keep that up!"

Kim then stands and places Suki in a nearby chair near the couches. A moment later, Nikki comes from down the hallway, dress her usually long white shirt covering her blue short-shorts. "Heya Ki Ki!" smiles the neko.

Tisha turns around on the floor and stares at Nikki, wondering what is going to happen.

Nikki is surprised as Kim quickly rushes to her and grabs at her neck angrily. "Ah! Ki Ki! What are you doing!?"

"Are you a spy for Dark Faultz?" asks Kim

"What are you talking about?" squirms Nikki.

"I'm only going to ask you once more, are you a spy!?" asks Kim.

"Why are you doing this!?" Kim then throws Nikki to the floor roughly.

Tisha gets to her feet, "Yiaash! Talk about rough foreplay!"

Sara then calmly states, "Nikki, drop the act, she knows." A moment later, Nikki flips up onto her feet.

"Well, after 12 years the act is over." smiles Nikki.

"Nikki, when did it happen? when did you turn aganst us?" asks Kim.

"Heh, When? from the start." answers Nikki.


"I was spying on you since the day we met."

Tisha's mouth hangs open. She's totally stunned.

"So all that we did togeather..." states Kim agrily.

"Was all an act to get friendly with you, I even went so far as to let the little brat beat me up to further enforce the lie that I can't fight too."


"And don't bother with trying that 'save her from the evil' crap, I chose this on my one. The day is nearing when Lord Faultz will kill you, and your traitor sister." states Nikki.

"You Bit*h!"  exclaims Kim as she rushes to Nikki, who quickly dissapears from veiw and Kim suddenly stops as though she was being held and somthing pressed against the front of her neck.

"Ah, Ah, Ahhh, Now isn't the time Ki Ki, your death will come soon enough." Nikki's body then reappears behind Kim holding a knife at her throat. A moment later, Nikki releases Kim and calmly walks back to the front of her

Tisha gasps, "GEEZ!"

"Now..." begins Nikki. "The tattle-tail needs to be punished..." Nikki closes her eyes for a moment then Nanyo appears in the room between them, confused obviously.

"WTF?!" she curses luridly, turning around on the spot, trying to see what the hell has happened. At this moment, Suki's eyes open widely and she gasps, "No....!"

"Hiya Nanyo." greets Nikki smiling. Meanwhile, Both Kim and Sara gasp out from sudden pain, dropping then to there knees to prevent the upcoming event.

Nanyo growls, "You bit*h... What the hell did you do to bring me here?!" Her hand moves toward her belt.

"You will be made an example of..." Nikki then cloaks her body once again and just seconds later, Nanyo's head is sliced right off her body, causing blood to fountain out of the severed areas for a few moments before Nikki reappears in the same spot she was standing. "NOOO!! You Bit*h!" screams Kim. I'll kill you!"

Suki sits up solemnly. Her violet eyes burn with passionate fire, though she has grown cold. "You piece of work..." is all she says, before the floor begins to shake under her and Kim.

"Aww, Ki Ki's wife is mad now, I'm in so much trouble!" mocks Nikki smiling.

"Try me... I don't think you'll find me easy..." She steps forward, her magical power flowing around her, pushing Kim back just by the energy.

"Heh, why I'd just love to, I can't, I must be going, I'm pretty sure I've worn out my welcome, hehe. Till next time, see ya soon!" states Nikki as she calmly walks out laughing.

"You...." Suki's eyes narrow and for the first time in Kim's memory, the little girl curses, "damn... motherfucker..."

The pain that took hold oh the twins now disappear, allowing then to stand. "Fu*k! I can't believe this!" exclaims Kim.

Suki's eyes then roll back in her head and she collapses onto Nanyo's dead body.


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