Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 4)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4- Suki's kidnaped

[Author's notes: LOLI]

Suki turns toward Kim's room. She quietly tiptoes her way in, not wanting to disturb Becky and Alice. She whispers into the doorway, saying, "Kimmie.. they're done..."

Kim, on her bed, dressed in her normal white top and shorts, gets off of it and walks to Suki. Although it's obvious Kim has been under some kind of stress, evident by the sweat on her forehead. "That's great Suki, let's start."

"Um... how do you think we should get her to sign the contract? Should we try to tease her by pleasing her until she's at the edge of orgasm and then not let her come? Or should we try the bladder torture I was going to use on you?"

"I like the first one better."

huehue65: She smiles, "Good... 'cause I wanted to save the bladder torture for her public wetting..." She giggles and says, " we need Sara to distract Alice... Where is she?"

Sara then appeares next to the two, but instead of cheerful as she always is, she has a serious look on her face as she looks to Kim.

Suki, looking nervous, questions, "Um... Sara... is something wrong?"

Kim shakes her head at Sara, at which she replies to Suki, "No, nothing's wrong."

Suki notices the movement, but chooses not to press further. Instead, she asks, "Are you ready, Sara?"

"Yeah, how long am I going to have to babysit though?"

Suki turns to Kim, "How long do you think it'll take for us to get Becky to sign the contract?"

"Hmm, I don't think i's going to take too long."

"Um... ok... then... say what, mebbe an hour, then?"

"Yeah, maybe a bit longer."

"An hour and a half, then?"


"Ok... keep her busy for that long, Sara... ok?"

"Ok." replies Sara walking away from the two to the living room area where Becky and Alic are.

Suki sighs, "So how exactly are we gonna torture her? I mean.. I'm still new to the idea of orgasms..."

"Well first, we need to get her tied up."

"Ok... I can use that technique I used on you... remember?"

"OK." The two then hear Alice from the other room. "Hey! Let me go!" shortly afterwards, Becky runs up to Kim and Suki. "Hey, Sara just took off with Alice!"

"Oh did she now?" grins Suki, slowly stepping around Becky. She waves to Kim and mouths, "Get her attention!"

"Well maybe she just wanted to talk to her for a minute or two." replies Kim. "Well she could've stayed here then!"

Suki closes her eyes and begins to chant softly. Suddenly, a prickly feeling runs up Becky's left arm seconds before it falls numb.

"What the..." gasps Becky shaking her left arm to try a get the feeling back.

Suki continues chanting as Becky's other arm falls into the same state as her left. She giggles to herself.

"What's going on? Why is my arms suddenly getting numb?" asks Becky.

Suki then traces a finger around Becky's left wrist, drawing some sort of golden line in her wake. She traces her finger all around Becky's wrist, suddenly causing her arm to grow heavy, so heavy that it's like trying to lift a two ton trout.

"Ah! Suki!?" replies Becky turning around.

Suki giggles and does the same to Becky's right wrist. "Gotcha, now, Becky!" She laughs, totally excitable.

"What are you two doing!? *gasp* That's why Sara took Alice, you two wanted to get me alone. But why?"

"You're really gonna suffer now, Becky..." She traces another finger around Becky's neck, creating a thin gold collar that she continues into a wide gold thread which she grips, pulling Becky's neck in any direction she wants.

Kim then trials her right hand down Becky's back to her pantied rear and rubs the area. "Your going to like what we have planned for you Becky."

"Oh yeah...  you are sooooo gonna like it... Now come on, Becky..." She tugged on the collar, pulling Becky with her.

"Where are we going?" asks Becky. Kim also follows

"We're going in there..." She points to Kim's room.

"What are you gonna do to me?"

"Kimmie? You wanna field that one?" She giggles as she tugs Becky over to the bed.

"We may give you an orgasm, depending on your attitude." smiles Kim. "Huh?"

"Oh yes... a wonderful orgasm... you'll really like it, Becky..." Suki crawls up onto the bed and pulls Becky up to the head so that she's lying on her back on the bed. She takes the golden thread and wraps it around the headboard, effectively binding Becky to the bed.

"I have a bad feeling about this." states Becky. "Theres something you two arn't telling me."

Suki giggles, "Aw, com'on Becky... there's nothing to be afraid of..." She reaches down to Becky's arms and pulls them up to the headboard, fastening them there with the same golden thread.

Kim then pulls up Becy's shirt, revealing her small breasts. "Hmm, if I didn't know better, I'd say your growing here a bit since the last time I've seen them." states Kim as she cups both of her hands over Becky's breast. Causing Becky to silently gasp. "Oh, and you've gotten sensitive here too." smiles Kim.

Suki giggles, "Can I have some fun, too, Kimmie?"

"Sure, I'm sure she won't mind, afterall, Alice can't keep Becky all to herself." replies Kim removing her hands from Becky.

Suki giggles again and reaches out her hands to Becky's smallish breasts. She cups them and moves them up and down slightly, feeling the skin and fat move with her movements.

Becky now groans as she tugs on the binds to her arms as she squirms a little, showing that her breasts have indeed grown sensitive to attention.

Suki laughs, "Wow... you're right, Kimmie.. she's really sensitive..."

"I bet she can come just by having her breasts massaged." comments Kim.

"Hehe... shall we try, Kimmie? You on one, and me on the other?"

"But what about, yanno..." replies Kim.

"We'll stop before she comes... promise!"

"Oh, that's a great idea."

"Yay! Let's do it, Kimmie!" Suki cheers.

Once Suki moves her right hand from Becky's breast, Kim places her right hand back to the soft mound and begins a circular rubbing motion, releasing a gasp from Becky.

Suki grins and does a similar motion to Becky's other breast, sliding it up and down, bouncing it slightly.

Becky, from the different actions to her breasts Squirms much more as moans out.

"Hehe... lookit her squirm, Kimmie... oh, that is soooo good... I just wanna make her squirm some more!" She leans over Becky's breast and sticks her tongue out, licking the upper side.

"Ah! C-Cut it out!" moans Becky. Kim then comments, "Hey Suki check out Becky's panties! There soaking wet!"

"Wha... already? We just started! Dang, she's really sensitive..."

"I think she will come if we keep doing this."

"Oh.. ok..." She pulls back, giving Becky's breast one last teasing lick.

Kim then removes her hand from Becky again.

Suki grins down at the captive girl. "Didja like that, Becky?"

Becky is now breath quite quickly, having been just moments from an orgasm and trembles lightly.

Suki looks down at Becky and asks again, "I said, did you like that, Becky?"

"Y-Yeah..." replies Becky.

"Do you want more?"


"Ok then... I'm willing to give you more... but first.. you gotta do something for me..."


"Um... you gotta agree to do this for me... and I'll give you your orgasm."


"Are you sure, Becky?

"yeah, i'm sure, just make me come."

"Ok... first things first..." She takes Becky's left hand in her own and chants another spell. Suddenly, a cut appears on the side of her palm, drawing blood which Suki catches in a little vial that she withdraws from her skirt pocket.

"Ow!" What was that for!?"

"We need your blood, Becky... blood for ink..." She reaches into her top's top right pocket and pulls out an ancient parchment, which she smooths out and lays on the bed, "Here... sign your full name at the bottom."

"What is that? It looks familar..."

"Sign." Suki states, looking nervous and glancing back at Kim.

"Wait a minute..." states Becky. "That looks like Sashi's slave contract. You trying to make me your slave!?" states Becky shocked.

"Aw, crap... she figured it out! Now what, Kimmie?" whines Suki.

"Well, she's still tied up, we can have some fun with her."
states Kim smiling.

"But... I wanted to have her... you know..." She pouts.

"I'm not being anybodies slave!" exclaims Becky. "Don't you remimber what happened to Sashi!?"

Suki replies, "Trust me, Becky... what happened to Sashi isn't going to happen to you..."

"No! I'm not going to be anyone's slave! that's final!"

"Aw, come on, Becky... I'm gonna give you the best orgasm of your life!"

"No! No! NO! Why would you want to do such a thing to me!?"

Suki sighs, tossing the parchment over her shoulder, "This is hopeless..." She starts to walk away, looking depressed.

"Hey Suki." states Kim. "your not going to give Becky an orgasm anyway?"

"No... you can do it.. I don't feel in the mood anymore..."

"Oh well." states Kim. "I still want to see you come from being felt up." states kim to Becky as the bindings on her dissapear with Suki's absance. Kim then carefully gets on top of Becky and lightly sits on her stomach as she preceeds to massage Becky's breasts again. Causing her to squirm under Kim. "Hehe, you look so cute squirming like that." "Ah! Kimmie!" moans Becky. It didnt take long before Becky did come just from Kim massaging her breasts, nearly lifting Kim up as Becky's Body tried to arch up as Becky came, drenching her panties in her cum as it squirted from her body to her panties.

Suki sighs as she slides down the outside of Kim's door. Tears come to her eyes as she sniffs, "I don't think I'll ever get to see someone pee themselves in public... or bladder torture anyone..."

A moment later, Kim's doorbell rings.

Suki sniffs and gets to her feet. "I guess I'd better answer it... Kimmie's probably still busy with Becky..." Tears still running down her cheeks, she walks to the door and asks, "Who's there?"

A females voice answers, "This is Kimberly Starr's place right?"

"Um, yes... who are you?"

"My Name is Shino, can I come in?"

"Um... o-ok..." She slowly opens the door, wiping furiously at her tears.

Suki sees a girl with blue jean's and a yellow shirt. "Hello, and who might you be?" greets the new girl happily.

"Um... I'm Suki... Suki Nihon..."

"I'm Kimberly's friend." states Shino.

"Oh... ok.. I'll go and get her... um... you can wait here if you like..." She returns to Kim's room and knocks on the door, "Um.. Kimmie... Shino is here..."

After a few moment's, Kim Replies, "Who?"

"Um... a girl named Shino.. she says she's your friend..."

"Shino... hmm... Oh! I remimber her now!" Kim quickly opens the door and goes to the living room area, and looks quite puzzled at the girl in front of her. "Hello Kimberly, nice to see you again." states Shino. "Shino?" questions Kim.

Suki sighs, "So you DO know her... that's good.. I was afraid I had let someone in without you knowing her..."

Shino smiles, "I am indeed the Shino Kimberly knows, she may not recognise me becouse I got an external upgrade, so, how do I look?" states Shino spinning aroung once. "Well, you look quite nice." comments Kim.

"Uh huh... well, if you don't need me, I'll just go out for a walk..." She sniffs again.

A young girl enters the room, wiping her eyes, "Sheeze... it's impossible to get any sleep in here..."

Kim looks at Tisha , "You were sleeping? it's the afternoon?"

She rubs at her eyes again, "Can't sleep at night.. can't sleep during the day.. when the Flip Wilson CAN I sleep?!"

"Maybe you need a sleep spell." giggles Kim.

"Sleep spell? What the freak is that?!"

"It pulls someone to sleep."

"Whoa... yeah, I sure could use that..."

"Unfortunatly, I don't know any sleep spells." states Kim.

"I don't ether." comments Shino. "Androids arn't capiable of learning magic or techs."

Tisha gasps, "What the... you're an Android?! Ya sure don't look like any android I've ever seen... Where's your "Off" switch?!"

Shino giggles a little repling, "Thank-you for the compliment! And for you information, the location of my 'off-switch' is none of your buisness.";)

Tisha forces a giggle of her own, "Oh yeah... That's what the android on TV said too... Can you figure out this riddle? "I lie all the time.. In fact, I'm lying right now!"

Shino thinks for a moment before answering, "I can't figure that out, I'm sorry."

Tisha laughs, "Haha! They still haven't figured that out, eh?! Guess that means androids still suck! HAHAHA"

Shino then smiles. "I'm afraid you are mistaken little girl. Androids arn't required to suck, we don't need oxygen to fuction. Just an occasinal charge and-" Kim then cuts in commenting, "Shino, that was an insult." "Huh? Oh! I see now, becouse I could not solve the young ones riddle. So the generazation of, and might I add, racist comment that androids still suck from her is made from the fact that I, a single android of many, could not figure out a riddle." smiles Shino. "Uh, yeah..." replies Kim.

"Um... what did she say?" questions Tisha, looking dreadfully confused.

"Shino basically said, by your comment, that your racist against androids." states Kim.

"I... WHAT?! N-No, I'm not! I.. I just never met one before!" the little girl splutters.

"But you said andriods still suck. comments Shino. "That suggest that you have met an android before."

"I was talking about the ones on TV! Not you! Ergh! Now you're twisting my words around... typical android.." she groans softly, sitting down on the floor.

"Oh, I am not a typical Android though, I am one of the eairly models, I recently paid for an external upgrade to look like the newer models. So any comparasens you make from me will not be correct." replies Shino.

"Upgrades? What kinda upgrades?" the smaller girl asks, getting back up to her feet.

My appearnce, before the upgrade, instead of the artifical flesh you see on me now, it was just metal basically."

"Oh.. so like, now you look human?"


"Wow... so like, that's really very... um... technologically advanced... " she states slowly, her face furrowed in concentration as she tries to remember what Sashi might say.

"I would have done a complete upgrade, But I don't have the credits to do so." replies Shino. "Why not ask me?" questions Kim. "Oh, I couldn't do that." replies Shino. "Sure you could I have more than enough." states Kim. "Sorry Kimberly, I'd rather earn the credits myself." replies Shino. "Oh, ok then."

Tisha sighs, "Wow.. so yer really rich, then, Kim? Dag, it must be nice..."

"Well, I don't like to brag about it, but yeah, I'm loaded." smiles Kim.

"O RLY?" Tisha gasps, ".. then can you buy me some stuff? I don't have any money..."

"Stuff like what?"

"Oh.. I ono..." she giggles, rubbing her hands together.

"Hmm, I wonder where Suki went." states Kim.

Just then, a small envelope appears under the doorway. It is colored pink and has a very peculiar smell about it.

"What the..." comments Kim as she sees the envelope and picks it up and opens it.

Inside the envelope is a small piece of parchment. Not the kind of paper seen around Pioneer II, but an old forgotten type. There are words on it, written in what appears to be red ink, no.. not ink... blood.

The message on the parchment states quite clearly, "To Kim Starr: I have kidnapped Suki Nihon and intend to make her my slave. If you wish to debate this course of action, come down to the planet and visit Suki's house. Bring NO ONE with you - Come alone! If you do NOT come, you will lose your wife forever!"

"Fu*k..." groans Kim. "What is it Kimberly?" asks Shino. "It's personal, I'll be back shortly." replies Kim going to her room to get dressed, where she finds Becky has gone to sleep on her bed. About 15 minutes later, Kim arrives at Suki's door of her home and rings the doobell.

There is no response. However, the door slides open with a loud creaking sound.

Kim frowns and takes out one of her dual sabers in her right hand and walks in.

"You can put that away, Miss Starr... You won't be needing it." comes a spooky voice from upstairs.

"I'll put it away when I see I don't need it." replies Kim as she makes her way up the stairs.

"Haha... Trust me... You won't be needing it... In fact, I suggest you put it away, unless you want to see Suki's liver up close and personal."

Kim groans once before compling, putting away her weapon

"That's good.. now come on up... We don't want to keep our beautiful little slave waiting, now do we? Hehe..."

Kim then makes her way to the top of the stairs.
At the top of the stairs, there is a hallway, leading down to the right side. The voice seems to be coming from the last room on the left side of that hallway.

Kim quickly makes her way to the room the sound is coming from.

There is a bright light shining from a source of light in the room. However, most of the room is still in darkness. The only thing that anyone could see is a young girl, with short black hair, hanging from the ceiling by the ropes bound around her wrists. There is also a very familiar smell circling the room, a smell that Kim ought to be able to detect. It is the smell of someone who has peed themselves and the girl appears to be wearing jean shorts with a huge wet spot on them.

"Suki!" states Kim running to Suki.

"Uh, uh, uh! Don't touch her! If you do, you will recieve a nasty shock." The voice continues as the younger girl dangles, completely oblivious to the world at large.

Kim quickly stops a few feet from Suki. "What do you want?"

"What do I want? Simple, my little friend... I want you to turn around and sit on the bed behind you."

"Fine." states Kim as she goes to the bed and sits on it.

"Good...  Nash? Turn off the light..." Suddenly, the light source goes out, revealing the sun shining in the window behind Suki's captive form. A young man is standing there behind the captive girl. He has short black hair and seems vaguely familiar.

Kim quickly stands, "Who are you!?"

The man opens his mouth and replies, with a cheerful smile, "My name.. .is Nash Nihon..."

"Nihon?" question Kim shocked. "But Suki's last name is Nihon... she has a... brother?"

Nash nods, "Yeah.. though I'm 10 years her senior... She didn't really know me all that well... I lived on the other side of the village, you see and we... well... we never really got along... Something to do with Father, I believe..."

"Oh, but why am I here then?"

"She wanted you to come... she says she has information about one of your friends... and.. well.. *ahem*.. I couldn't resist the tempation of playing around with my sister.. haha..." he laughs nervously.

"She? you mean Suki?"

Nash shakes his hand, "No... HER." He points behind Kim.

Kim then turns around to see...

A familiar shock of red hair before something collides heavily with her body. There is a loud squeal of happiness, then suddenly someone's lips press against Kim's as a hand cups her breasts.

"Ah! get off me!" gasps Kim pushing the girl off her. "huh? Nanyo!?"

Nanyo grins, "Miss me, Kim? I sure missed ya!" She presses forward and locks her lips to Kim's again, at the same time as she fondles Kim's breasts again, looking very horny as usual.

"Hehe, give me a chance to reply." states kim smiling.

Nanyo  laughs, "Oh yeah..." and backs off ever so slightly, keeping one hand clutched around Kim's left breast.

"It's nice to see you again Nanyo, Suki's gotten stronger since you've been gone."

"Oh yeah? Heh, she still wasn't a match for me, though... I kidnapped her with the greatest of ease... See what I've done with her? Haha..."

"heh, yeah, I think that's the first time I've seen Suki with pants on, but what's this about info on one of our freinds?"

"Geez, ya just got here... and already you want to go into that? Damn, Kim... I thought you'd like to see your wife hanging up there like that..."

"I do like it."

"You know.. there are many things we could do to her, together... haha.. and she wouldn't even know..." She smirks at Kim, but there is something dark behind those ruby tinted eyes. Nash clears his throat, "Um, ladies? Is this some kinda lesbian thing? I kinda feel left out here..."

"I'm sure we can make an exception for relatives." replies Kim.

"Exception? What are you two on? I'm not understanding here..." He looks confused and stunned. Nanyo laughs, "Geez, old timer... You really need to get a clue..."

"OK, you wanna help us fool around with your sisters body?"

"Wha.. seriously?!" He grins, almost drooling as he glances over at Suki's seemingly lifeless body.

"Heh, I'm suddenly reminded of Me and Becky looking at you two." states Kim.

"Becky? Who's that?" Nash asks.

"My younger sister."

"Ah.. I see... well... yeah.. heh, I guess it would..."
"So what do you want to do to her?"

"Um... I heard about the wedding... so um... is she... um... you know... still...?"

"Still what?"

"Ergh.. I hate saying this... heh... is she like, still pure?" He laughs nervously again.

"You mean is she still a virgin?"

"Yeah.. sorry... I'm still a bit nervous about doing all this stuff to her... I mean, I don't wanna hurt her or anything... not like Nanyo over here..." He rolls his eyes at the redhead who shrugs and states, "Hey, I can't help it if I get a little rough during sex!"

"How old are you?" questions Kim.

"Huh? Me? I'd say about 29/30... give or take a few months..."

"Your 30 and you can't say if your sisters and virgin or not? What are you, a virgin or something?"

"Heeeeey!" he exlcaims, looking a little put out. "It's not exactly as though there's a lot of choice here! Most of the girls are lesbians... like Suki.. and Sashi, wherever the hell she's at..."

"Oh so you ARE a virgin." states Kim smiling. "A guy virgin as old as you is such a rare thing where I'm from." Kim then walks over to Nsh smiling.

"Oh yeah? Where do you come from? That nasty city over on the east side of Goblin Valley?"

"No, I'm from space." replies Kim as she glides her right hand on Nash's right shoulder as she walks behind him.

"Space? What are you... some kinda alien?" He turns to look at her hand as Nanyo sits down on the bed and watches, hungrily.

"Well, technically speaking, yeah I am." replies Kim as she trails her left hand down to Nah's crotch.

"H-Hey! Watch that hand! Wh-What the sam hill're you doing?!" He gasps, backing up against the wall.

"Aw what's wrong?" teases Kim. "You wanna be a virgin the rest of your life?"

"Well no.. but.. I.. well I... I've never been touched there before by a girl..." He stammers.

"Well, a young 20 year old girl wants your virginity, will you give it up?" asks Kim smiling as she walks to Nash again.

"Well... um...hehe... Are you sure? I mean... most girls would be shy or at least want to know more about the guy they sleep with..."

"Hehe, the question is are you sure?" asks Kim as she places her right hand to Nash's crotch.

The man smiles, "Oh HELL yes..." He smiles at Kim and grabs her neck, gently pulling her close and locking his lips against hers.


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