Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 3)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3- Training

[Author's notes: WATERSPORTS]

Suki giggles, "So... what do you think of my magic, Kimmie? Do you like it?"

"Yeah, I love it. Can you teach it to me? I'd like to try it out of a few people."

Suki giggles, "I guess I could... but it'd take a long time... You do have Spirit Energy, don't you?"

"Um, I think, that would be magic power right?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... I mean, really, it's just mana... all things have mana... but certain people have excesses... those people can use magic..."

"Well..." Kim then sweatdrops. "I can use magic but I'm not very good with it, that's why I use techs."

"Maybe all you need is a little training, Kimmie... and you'd probably need to learn ancient Ap Dat..."

"Sounds hard..."

Suki waves her hands, "It's not really... Look at me, Kimmie... I actually learned pretty easily... I'm sure you can do it if you really want to!" She smiles at the older girl.

"What would I have to do?"

"Well first, you'd probably have to learn Ap Dat... That's pretty easy..."

"Geez, I have to learn the whole language?"

Suki giggles, "Some of it.. We Ap Dat call upon our mana by using specific words and intonations... It helps us concentrate..."

"Well, it makes sence."

Suki nods, "Yeah... but it shouldn't take a novice long to learn... It's really easy, Kimmie..."

"Heh, maybe in return I could show you how to use the Techniques we use here. There's advantages to magics and techs too though."

Suki looks excited, "Yeah! That would be great, Kimmie!"

I'm sure it would, it'd save you energy." replies Kim smiling.

Suki asks, interested, "It would save me energy? I don't understand..."

Yeah, Techs don't use the bodies energy like Magic, but there not as powerful and you can use techs a lot more than magic."

"Wow... that's incredible..."

"So, that's why I use techs, I don't have much mana to begin with." states Kim sweatdropping.

Suki sighs, "There must be a way to increase your mana... I'm sure there is... We just don't know it, yet..."

"Well, I'm not a spell caster like you, so it's only natural I'd have less mana."

Suki nods, "Yeah... you're probably right..."

"Besides, unless i'm mistaken, more techs can be created. There's some pretty cool and useful ones too."

"Wow... Can you teach me to fight like you did against Hon'tyl?"

"Um... huh?"

"You know... you really dusted her off... I... I could never
fight like that..." she looks sad.

"Well, it's not that simply, I'm special, I have attacks that only I have."

"Oh... that... well... that isn't fair..." she whines softly.

"Why do you want to fight like me anyway?"

Suki looks away, "Because if another being like Hon'tyl arises, I want to be able to protect my village..."

"Well, you could always train up your magic."

"Yeah, but even so... someone like Hon'tyl could easily wipe me out... like she did last time..."

"So, you want to get tougher?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... For my sister... and for my town..."

"Well, maybe we could spar."

"Spar? What's that, Kimmie?"

"we practice fighting with each other."

"Practice fighting? How is that done?"

"We fight like we were in a real fight."

"But... won't that hurt?" She looks fearful.

"Of course, how do you think your going to get toughter?" laughs Kim. "Me and Becky spar regulerly."

"But... I don't like being hurt..."

"Then you'll never get tougher then."

"S-So you're saying.. I have to be hurt to get tougher?"

"pretty much, hey, lets have a sparring match."

"Right now?!" she gasps in shock.

"Yeah, we just go to a training level."

Suki trembles a little shyly and replies, "Um... Ok... I.. I guess... but Kimmie... please take it easy on me... I.. I'm new at this..."

"Heh, do you think you can attack me?"

Suki shakes her head, "No... I'm not that strong..."

"But I'm going to attack you, are you going to defend yourself?

"I... I'll try..."

"ok, I need to change, the pee is getting cold." states Kim standing

Suki giggles, "Try this, Kimmie..." She places a hand to Kim's abdomen and squeezes gently, coaxing more pee to trickle out over the top of her swimsuit.

"Hehe, cut it out, We have to hurry before I have to go again."

Suki giggles, "Oh yeah...! I forgot.. you only have two hours, Kimmie..."

A moment later, Becky and Alice walk into the room, Kim now in her underwear. "Hey, you two going somewhere?" asks Becky.

Suki asks, "Kimmie, are you going to leave your apartment in just your underwear?"

"No, I'm getting dressed." states Kim going to the closet."

Suki nods, "Ok... I'm all set..." She straightens her skirt and thinks aloud, "I need to wash my clothes soon..."

"hey, where are you two going?" repeats Becky.

Suki replies, energetically, "Kimmie's going to train me..."

"Oh! Can we come!?" asks Becky. "Sure you can come." states Kim putting on her white shorts and vest.

Suki then straightens her top and states, "I hope I do well, Kimmie..."

Becky then asks Suki, "You think you can hit Kimmie?"

Suki looks away, "N-No... that's why I need to train... I can't hit a single thing..."

"I hope you can dodge good, couse Kimmie has a hard time going easy." TBC

"Becky..." groans Kim.

Suki trembles slightly and shifts her left foot, "Oh, really?"

Alice then states, "Don't worry though, since your going to the training area, you can be healed up quick."

"Cut it out you two, you scaring her." states Kim.

Suki looks down sadly and nervously pats her feet on the floor.

"Don't worry, Suki, your going to be fine, I'm sure." states Kim.

Suki shifts her balance, bouncing slightly on her feet, "Um... I-If you say so, Kimmie..."

"WE're going to get dressed." states Becky as her and Alice leave.

Suki looks up at Kim and asks, "So... should we get going? Are you ready, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, let's go." states Kim as the two are dressed and wait for Becky and Alice, then leave to the training area. Kim and Suki in a wide empty room and Becky and Alices's voices could be heard over an intercome. "Well, we're here."

Suki looks around and asks, "Is this it? It looks empty..."

"Yeah, this is the basic room, we can change the area if you want. A forest, grassland, stuff like that."

"How's that possible, Kimmie?"

"It's complicated, wanna start?"

Suki gulps and nods, "O-Ok... I.. I'll try my best..."

"Ok." Kim then speaks out. "Hey Becky, start the novice setting."

"Sure thing." comes Becky's voice. A moment later, a pole appears in front of Kim and Suki, Kim grabs her's."

Suki looks dubiously at the pole and delicately wraps her small hands around it. She nearly drops it in surprise at its weight. "Aaah!" she gasps.

"Oh come on Suki, you should be able to lift that."

Suki gasps again, "S-Sorry.. I.. I was just surprised by its weight.. I.. I got it now..." She spins it slightly and whacks herself in the face. "Oww!"

"Ohh, i don't think you should spin it."

Suki's lips curl in a sarcastic smirk and retorts, "Yeah.. I think I got that..." She rubs her nose softly then places both hands on the pole and stares at Kim, her body still trembling slightly.

"Ok then, get ready!" states Kim before charging at Suki, lifting the pole for a downward strike.

Suki screams, "Aaaah!" and ducks under her pole.

"Come on Suki, fight back..." states Kim following her strike with one to Suki side.

Suki tries to spin her pole up to block and just barely manages to block Kim's strike at the last possible moment.

"Good..." Kim spins the pole to have the over end try to hit Suki in the back.

The pole hits Suki in the back and she cries out in pain as she topples over. "Owwww... that hurt!" Tears come to her eyes as she tries to bring her pole up to defend herself.

"In a real battle there no time to cry..." states Kim as she attempts to strike Suki's side again.

Suki sniffles once or twice and cries out again as Kim successfully pushes Suki's pole aside and hits her.

"Suki, come on, defend yourself better." states Kim as she kneals a little to jab Suki in the stomach with the pole.

Suki pants heavily and suddenly squeezes her eyes shut, spinning her pole around rapidly and easily blocking Kim's strike.

"Good, good..." states Kim before teleporting about two yards away. "Now come at me."

Suki lets out a loud scream and charges wildly at Kim, swinging her pole energetically from side to side.

Kim begins easily hoping back to avoid the swings smiling. "Nice, but..." Kim quickly ducks and hit's Suki's lower legs with the pole.

Suki cries out in pain and falls down on her back, slightly hitting her head on the floor. Her eyes close and her arms fall to her sides, the pole slipping free and rolling across the floor.

"Uh oh..." Kim then kneals to Suki's right side. "Suki? Hey Suki."

Suki whines softly, but no further sound or movement is made by the smaller girl.

"Suki, you with me?"

Again, a soft moan leaves her lips, but nothing else is discernable.

"...da*nmit..." Becky's voice is then heard. "Wow, she knocks out pretty easily."

"i guess we're done here." states Kim picking Suki up and out of the room, laying her on a nearby bench in the outer room.

The smaller girl's breathing starts to become ragged and a few coughs splurt from her lungs as she lays unconscious on the bench.

"Kimmie, I think she hurt hurt her head, I think she has a head injury." states Kim TBC

"you think so?"

Suki lays there, still unconscious, but her left hand starts to move slightly, curling her fingers.

"Oh! wait." states Becky. "I think there's medicine for what Suki has around her, try to ake her up while I look for it." states Becky leaving to one of the cabnets of the room. Kim then begns to shake Suki by her shoulder calling her name.

"Uhhhhhhhh....." moans the smaller girl as a look of pain crosses her formerly blank expression.

"Hey, Suki, your back with us?" asks Kim happily.

The smaller girl's head starts to move, shaking slightly from side to side as she whines softly, almost inaubibly, "Owwwiee....."

Becky then comes back with two pills in her right hand. "Here Suki these with help."

Suki's teary eyes open slowly, allowing her tears to slide down her cheeks from her violet depths. She whines softly, "K-Kimmie? A-Are you there? Ow... My head hurts.."

"Yeah, you must've hit your head, take the pills Becky has, the'll help your headache."

"O-ok.. I.. I.. I can't see... my vision... It's all blurry..." She lifts her left hand out, missing Becky's hand by at least 3 feet.

Becky then places the pills in Suki's mouth for her. "there."

Suki coughs slightly and asks, "I... I need some water..."

"We don't have any here, unless you don't mind pee." replies Kim.

Suki blushes, "Um... th-that's okay..." She swallows the pills and coughs again.

Meanwhile Alice taps Becky on her shoulder. "Anna, how about we spar?" "Ok, let's go. Kimmie, me and Alice will be right back." states Becky as she and Alice walk into the training area.

Suki whines, "Owwiee... K-Kimmie... what happened to me? I.. I feel terrible..."

"You hit your head when I tripped you."

"I did? Ow... no wonder it hurts..."

"You did pretty good." comments Kim smiling.

"I did?" the small girl repeats, smiling slightly then groaning in slight pain.

"Yeah, your a spell caster, so your close-quaters combat is nice, it needs a bit of work though."

"You really think so, Kimmie?" She giggles slightly.

"Yeah, wanna do it again?"

Suki winces, "Um.. I... I don't think so... I..I think I've had enough pain for one day... *nervous laugh*"

"Hehe, ok, Becky and Alice are sparring right now."

"Ooh! Can we watch?"

"Sure, we just have to go to the desk, come on."

Suki nods, "O-Ok.." She stretches out her arms, then starts moving her legs, sitting up on the bench.

Kim and Suki go to the control desk of the training area. "Here, the monitor..." states Kim refurring to the rather large in the desk.

Suki asks, "Is it like a T.V.?" She looks at the monitor.

Yeah, we can watch them on it, just have to turn it on..." Kim then presses a button on the desk and the monitor quickly turns on, showing Alice and Becky in the middle of a swordlock, they both weild the same length normal sword.

Suki gasps, "Wow... they have swords?!"

"Yeah, I didn't want us to sereously hurt each other so that was the novice setting is for."

"But Becky.. and Alice... what setting are they on?"

"Hmm, the sword setting is level one, looks like they just want some exercise..." On the monitor, Becky wins the lock, pushing Alice away and they began a series of swings at each other, which each
blocks the others strike, almost looking like a dance.

Suki gasps and puts her hand over her mouth, "Oh gosh... they... they're really good..."

"Yeah, Becky isn't too great with swords though..."

"Really? She seems really good..."

"Hmm..." the two continue to watch the two younger girl's sparring, and shortly afterwards, they see, Alice knock the sword from Becky's hand and quickly slash her across her chest, who of course bring a hand up to her chest, covering the cut.

Suki gasps, "Ooh, gosh! That looked like it hurt!"

"I'm sure it did, but don't count Becky out just yet, she may not be great with a sword, but unarmed..." smiles Kim. On the screen, Becky charges at Alice, ducking a strike and punching Alice in the stomach, causing her to gasp in pain and fall to her knees.

Suki covers her eyes, "Ooh, I can't watch anymore! It's too painful!"

"Wait a minute... Becky's cheating, again!" comments Kim.

"Cheating? How?" gasps Suki again.

"Unless you chose the free setting, you can't use you own weapons, but glove weapons can get past the sensor, and Becky's using a glove weapon. Hold on..." Kim then presses a button and speaks. "Becky!" the said girl then gasps and looks up.

"Kimmie? your watching?"

"Yeah I'm watching! Your cheating! Take off those gloves!"

Alice then looks up at Becky. "Anna, you cheated?"

"W-Well, I uhhh..."

"How could you?"

"Sorry, I forgot I had then on."

Kim then presses another button, "Hey Alice, i just set it to free." Alice then stands and summons her huge sword. "Heh, those gloves are useless if you can't reach me. states Alice smiling.

"Aw come on..." replies Becky backing away. "i forgot I had them on, it was a mistake."

Suki giggles, "You're in for it now, Becky..."

"Alice, wait, come on, I'll take the gloves off, see?" tries Becky quickly removing the gloves and dropping them to the floor.

"Well let me hit you once then, then we'll be even." states Alice.

"Ohhhh... fine..." groans Becky. Alice then smiles as she brings her sword back in a baseball type swing, using the flat side. Kim then cringes, "That's going to hurt..."

Suki winces, "Yeah..."

"Here it comes Anna!" warns Alice before swinging the large piece of metal. but just before it hits Becky, she ducks in fear, "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!" making it fly right over her, but the winds from it, knock her to the floor.

Suki gives Kim this look: O_o and sweatdrops, "Wow..."

Kim then speaks, "Becky don't be a chicken! take the hit."

"A-Are you crazy!? Look at that thing! there's no way I'm letting it hit me!"

Suki puts her hand over her mouth again, but this time, she's trying to suppress her giggling.

Alice then replies, "Well your not leaving here without being punished."

Suki gasps, "Wow... be careful, Alice!"

Alice then walks to Becky on the floor and whispers to her. Which Becky looks confused and replies, "Really?"

"Really." smiles Alice.

"Ok then, sure!" answers Becky happily.

"I think they made some kind of deal, Kimmie..." states Suki, obviously.

"Yeah, I wonder what kind though."

"I don't know..."

The two then see Becky and Alice stand, Alice visibly swats Becky on her butt though, surprising her as they walk back to the door.

Suki gives Kim another surprised look, "What the..."

"I think Alice made some kind of sexual deal with her."

Suki gulps, "Um... ok... That was weird..."

"Uh-oh, I gotta go..."

"Go? Go where, Kimmie?"

"No, I gotta, 'go'." states Kim dropping her left hand to her crotch.

Suki glances down at Kim's crotch, then grins, "Oh that... I told you, didn't I, Kimmie?"

"i know, but I can't lose it here, there's no bathroom."

Suki's lips curve in a wider smile, "Oh, really?" She moves closer to the older girl.

"What are you doing? you have to help me."

"Oh, I'll help you... I promise..." She giggles lightly.

"Well any idea you have would be helpful." states Kim anxously.

Suki giggles, "I have plenty of ideas... But first... let's just do this..." She closes her eyes and starts chanting, "Ol'y juln keepatu!"

"W-What's that for?"

Suki says nothing that Kim can understand, but suddenly, Kim's left arm begins to feel really heavy, like it weighs ten tons.

"AH! What did you do!? My arm feels too heavy to lift up!" Kim then places her right hand over her crotch.

Suki giggles, then chants again, making Kim's right arm feel the same way as her left.

Kim now drops to her knees with her arms hanging limply at her sides. "Suki! Your supposed to be helping me!"

"I am, Kimmie... I am helping you... hehe..." She crosses the room to where Kim kneels and places her hands on Kim's neck, tilting her head up and pressing her lips against Kim's.

"your not helping, you going to makke me wet myself!"

"And that's not helping? Kimmie... you need to pee... you have to let go soon or you'll hurt... I'm just making sure my girl feels good..."

"But i CAN'T wet myself here! We need to go back to my place!"

Suki shakes her head, "Nah-uh... I want to see you wet yourself in a public place... There's nothing quite so good as a public wetting..." She mmm's to herself and brings one hand up to her chin in thought.

"Suki please! Don't do this here!"

Suki merely giggles, then raises her hands and chants some more, forming some sort of mana binds. She attaches these binds to Kim's wrists and one to her neck, kinda like a slave collar.

"Please Suki! I'll do anything you want if you don't do this."

"Annnnnnything, Kimmie?" She grins evilly.

"Yes anything! Just don't make me wet myself in public!"

Suki puts her hand to her chin in thought, "Ok... I got an idea... I need to go see Mr. Smith... or Rick, mebbe, if he's still around..."

Suki puts her hand to her chin in thought, "Ok.. I got an idea... I need to go see Mr. Smith..."

"Ok whatever, just help me get back to my place."

Suki shakes her head, "No... We're going to see your brother right now... Or else..." She smirks and lifts her hand over Kim's body.

"Aw come on! don't do this, I can't hold it much longer!"

Suki nods, "Yes, you can... I know you can... Now, come along, slave..." She pulls on the energy binders and pulls Kim up to her feet.

"I can't belive this!"

Suki tugs on the collar, choking Kim slightly, "I freed your right hand so you can hold yourself, but don't try to get away or I'll really be mad, Kimmie..."

Kim quickly grabs herself with her right hand as tears trail her eyes.

Suki states, gruffly, "Let's go, slave... and you can lead the way."

Kim reluctantly leads the way, uneventfully going to the hall Smith's place resides, But upon teleporting, ran into a blonde haired HUnewearl. "Oh, Kimberly, how are you-"

"Not now Kena!" states Kim quickly walking past the girl.

Suki giggles, "Is that Smith's girlfriend?"

"N-No, one of my friends..." groans Kim.

"One of your friends, eh? What's her name again?"


"Kena, huh? Oi, Kena!" she calls out.

"What are you doing!?" gasps Kim.

"Yeah?" asks Kena walking to the two.

Suki asks, "My name is Suki Nihon... I'm Kim's wife... How long have you known her?"

"Wife? you got married Kimberly?" asks Kena.

"Y-Yeah..." replies Kim.

Kena sees Kim holding herself squirming, "Gotta go huh?"

Suki grins and leans in close to Kena, "I've got her right where I want her now..."

"huh? What are you talking about?" asks Kena

Suki giggles, "Oh, nothing... Come on, slave..." She tugs at Kim's collar.

"I-I can't belive you just did that!" groans Kim.

"Did what?" she asks Kim.

"that whole thing with Kena."

"What'd I do?" she acts innocent.

"Ohhh, forget it!" Kim then leads Suki to Smith's door. "Here."

"Here? Is this where Smith lives again? It's been so long... Um..." here she blushes and calls out timidly, "Um... Mr. Smith? Are you here?"

"Yeah, waddaya want?" comes Smith's voice.

"Mr Smith.. It's me... Suki... Suki Nihon..."

"What do you want?" asks Smith. "Just open up!" nearly yells Kim. "I gotta piss!"

Suki adds, "I would like to talk to you, Mr. Smith... Can we come in?"

"Fine..." the door then slids up and Kim tries to immediatly run in.

Suki grips the energy band attaching her hand to Kim's collar a little harder, pulling the older girl back, "Uh uh uh... slave... Don't try to run away now..."

"S-Suki please!" begs Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "Nuh-uh... You're not going anywhere until I have my talk with your brother..."

Kim then drops to her knees as Smith walks to the doorm shirtless. "Wht's going on?"

"Ah... Mr. Smith.. I.. I have a question for you..." Suki immediately blushes and looks toward her feet.


"U-Um..." she blushes harder and leans close to him, whispering softly.

"Hurry up Suki!" begs Kim.

"Hmm, Why would i have a problem with that?" answers Smith.

Suki blushes and adds, "W-Well, I remember... Kimmie and Becky... back when Hon'tyl took over my body... she was going to make Becky her slave... but Kim said that you might have a problem with that..."

"WEll that hon'tyl person was evil, so of course I'd have a problem with it."

"But you don't have a problem if I.. um... do it?" She smiles hopefully.

"Why would I?"

Suki blushes, and replies, "Thank you, Mr. Smith... Ok, Kim..." Here, she tugs on Kim's collar again, "We're going home... Oh.. and Mr. Smith.. I'd be most honored if you'd come to my house for dinner sometime..."

"Um, thanks." replies Kim before closing the door. Kim remains on the floor though. "I can't, I can't move, I'll wet myself."

"Yes, you can... You just need a little help..." She reaches down to Kim's left breast and gives it a gentle prod, causing it to swell slightly to a D cup.

"I need something to go in, I'm not going to make it to my place."

Suki nods, "You'll make it... That spell I just cast? It's a muscle strengthener. You'll last until you make it back to the apartment."

Kim then slowly gets to her feet.

"Now then... Let's go... Oh, and don't forget to say good bye to your friend if we meet her..."

"Why are you doing this?"

Suki smirks, "You said you'd do anything if I didn't make you wet yourself in public... Well, have I?"


"Have I?!"


"Then tell me... What does anything mean?"


"Good... and do you know what I want from you?"


Suki smiles, "Isn't it obvious, yet, Kimmie?"

"To be your slave?"

Suki grins, "And does that fall under the category of anything, Kimmie?"


"Then tell me..." here she stops while walking down the hallway, forcing Kim to stop. "Do you agree to the deal?"

"If it means I can pe then yes!"

"Ok then... When we get back to your place, I'll have you sign a contract... just like my sister's... only I won't be as mean as Hon'tyl..."

"... Just let me pee before I lose it! Please!"

"Ok then... Let's go, slave..." She pulls Kim back up to her feet and continues walking down the hallway.

Kim walks trembling a holding herself harder.

Suki hums a small tune to herself. It is the Hymn of the Ap Dat and she seems really happy as the two return to Kim's place.

"Kim then attempts anouther dash for the restroom.

Suki tugs on Kim's collar again, "Uh uh uh... This way..." She points to Kim's bedroom.

"Please Suki! I need to pee!"

Suki nods, "I know you do... Come along..." She leads the way to Kim's bedroom.

"I can't hold it any longer!"

"I know... come on..." She tugs harder on Kim's collar, pulling her into the bedroom.

"Can I please pee now?!"

"Just a minute... We gotta get you prepped... Come here..."
She pulls Kim over to the bed.

"this is taking too long!"

"Well, then, hurry up..."

Kim then finally makes her way onto the bed, on her
knees and plants her face into the cover, groaning. "I can't hold it anymore!"

Suki then grabs Kim's shoulders and turns her around so that she's lying on her back and states, "Ok... you can let it go..."

Kim gladly laxes and releases her urine in a loud audible hiss as she quickly flood her ENTIRE shorts in a matter of seconds, moan loudly in relief.

Suki giggles, "Wow... you really had to go... I told you not to drink all the Altaiarean Beverage..."

Amasingly, just a minute into Kim's wetting, a stream begins to emerge through Kim shorts and pees as thought they weren't there.

Suki giggles again, "Wow... You're really getting wet now..."

"Ohhh, and there's still a ton in me..."

"I have no doubt.. It'll prolly take a while... In the meantime... Let's discuss your slavery, Kimmie..."


"Did you forget, Kimmie?"

"I'm not becoming a slave!"

"Oh yes you are... You promised me!" Tears start to fill Suki's eyes.

"I didn't promise that!"

"Oh yes you did.. You said anything! And this qualifies as anything!"

"I didn't promise though! Were already married, now you want me as a slave?"

Suki nods, "You did promise! You said anything as long as I didn't make you pee in public!"

"But why do I have to be a slave?"

"Aw, come on, Kimmie.. It's not like I'm gonna hurt you! I just want you to do what I say in bed!" She starts sniffling.


"So are you going to be my slave or not?! Because if you don't agree, I'll take you back out there and give you more Altaiarean Beverage... or have you forgot that I still have you pinned here?" She indicates the bindings.

"da*mit, fine, this is blackmail yanno."

Suki giggles, "I know... but it's the only way I could do it... You wouldn't let me otherwise..." She fishes in her skirt pocket and pulls out a small piece of parchment.

"Why do I have to sign a contract?"

"How else would I get you to go along with it? After all, once I set your bindings free, you could do anything else you wanted and leave me high and dry..."

"can't we just have a verbal agreement?"

"No... because you won't stick to it... Here... give me your hand..."

"How do you know I won't stick to it? if the contract is destroyed for some reason, then it would be void."

"But I won't let it be destroyed... These contracts are, as you saw with Sashi, nearly indestructible..."

"Well, what if it's lost?"

"It won't be... I'll hang on to it... Trust me, Kimmie... I would never do anything to jeopardize this parchment... Now give me your hand..."

Kim simply groans in defeat as she still urinates.

"Give me your hand, Kimmie... Please?"


"Let me see... this should work..." She chants a spell again, then suddenly, a sharp cut forms on Kim's hand.

"Ow!" gasps Kim withdawing her hand.

"Wait.. I still need it, Kimmie!"

"What the hell was that!?

"Just a minor spell... I needed the blood..."

"You couldv'e warned me, geez..."

"Sorry... Here.. lemme see it..."


"Ok..." She takes her finger and draws up a few drops of Kim's blood and smears it on the parchment. "Now... sign your name, Kimmie..."

"I'm still peeing, can you get a pen?"

Suki shakes her head, "No... Just use your finger... on the blood..."

"fine..." Kim does so.

Suki grins, "Yay!" and thrusts her hand into the air as she uses her left hand to tap the parchment, which shrinks and slips inside her outfit up near her breasts.

Kim then sighs and lays on her back

Suki sighs and leans back next to Kim, thinking aloud, "I have my own slave... Mom.. I finally did it..."


Suki shakes her head, "Just remembering about my Mom..."



"Nothing, i'm nearly empty..."

"Oh yeah... Are you ok? That was a long pee..."

"I'm sore now from holding it so long."

"I'm sorry, Kimmie.. I really didn't mean for you to drink it all..."

"You certainly meant for me to hold it though

"Well, yeah.. I like to see you desperate... you know that..." She leans over the taller older girl and gives her lips a gentle brush
with her own.

"i think you need to clean me."

Suki giggles, "Yeah.. but mebbe later... I want to see you lay there a little while..."

"I mean my pussy i want you to lick it clean."

Suki giggles, "Ah, but it's not about what you want anymore, Kimmie... Remember, you signed the contract.."


"Now then, Kimmie... what I want from you today is this... I want you to just lie there in your wet clothes until you have to go again... Do you think you can do that, slave?"

"as long as I'm not in this room, you can't tell me what to do."

"Ah, but I won't let you leave... I still have these, remember?" She points to the collar.


Suki leans over Kim's lips again and whispers, "Don't worry.. This collar can only be seen by me and you... and no one else need know that you are a slave..."


"So trust me, Kimmie... You do as I say in the bedroom and we'll get along just fine..."

Kim just pouts.

"Aw, don't be mad, Kimmie.. We'll have lots of fun here... you, me, and mebbe Becky too... She's submissive, too, isn't she?"

"Very, You shouldv'e made her your slave."

"Mebbe I will... Do you know if she's ever peed herself in public? You don't seem to like this so maybe I'll try her..."

"I don't know."

"Hehe.. do you want to help me, ensnare her? There are a few things I'd love to try with her..."

"like what?"

"Oh.. a few things I remember from Hon'tyl..."


"You remember the truth serum Hon'tyl used?"


"Well, if my memory serves, I think I can make some of that stuff again... Is there anything you always wanted to know about her?"


"Aw.. ok... well, that's one thing I was thinking of... Maybe I could try some other things too..."

"Can I know?"

"Um... maybe... I could do to her what I wanted to do to you... make her wet herself in public... I've... I've always wanted to try that..." She blushes.

"well be my guess."

"Do you want to help me get her?"

"Sure, but what about Alice, she follows Becky everywhere."

"Maybe we could get someone to run interference... You think Sara would want to?"

"I dunno."

"Do you think you could ask her?"

"Why me?"

"Because I don't think she likes me all that much..."

"Why is that?"

"I don't know.. I just get that feeling from her..."

"I guess I can ask her."

"Yay!" cheers Suki as she grips the collar again, pulling Kim close to her and giving her a big kiss.

"When are we going to do it?"

"When do you think she'll need to pee again and be free from that sexual deal she made with Alice?"

"I honestly don't know."

"Let's go find out..." She slides to the edge of the bed and makes as if to get up.

"Wait, I have to change."

"Ok.. hurry up...!"

Kim gets up and replaves her shorts with a clean pair, but neglects to put on underwear underneath.

Suki taps her foot impatiently, "Come on, Kimmie..."

I'm coming." replies Kim as she finishes zipping up her shorts



"Ok... let's go... I guess we should start by searching Becky's room, right?"


Suki walks out of Kim's bedroom and moves to Becky's bedroom. She raises her hand as if to knock on the door.

after Suki knocks, Alice's voice replies, "Go away, were buzy."

Suki whispers to Kim, "Looks like Alice is there... now what?"

"WE wait till there done."

"Ok... should we talk to Sara now and see if she'll run interference?"


"Where's Sara's room?"

I don't know."

"Oh great.." She calls out, "Sara! Where are you?!"

Sara then appears in front of them, "you rang?"

"Sara... we need you to um... talk to Alice..."


"Why? Um.. Kimmie.. you wanna tell her?" She looks at Kim.

"fine... Suki wants to make Becky her slave and since Alice follows her everywhere we need you to seperate Alice from her." explains Kim. "Ah, I see, sure, i'll help."

"You will? Wow... that was easy..."

"When do you want this done?"

"Um.. after Alice gets done with her... Can you do that?"


"Good! We're counting on you!" Suki smiles at Kim and leans over to her, whispering, "Wow.. I guess she doesn't hate me after all..."

"How could I hate you? all you've done is manage to sneak into my room and make me piss myself!" yells Sara angerly.

Suki gulps, "Ulp!"

"I found out Kya told you how, and she was punished for that."

Suki trembles, "I... I didn't mean too!"

"Oh course you did!? You even gave Kya a golden shower as thanks!"

Suki blushes.

"So, call me back when you need me." states Sara before dissapearing.

"Ok then... So what do you want to do in the meantime, Kimmie?"

"I don't know."

"Oh.. If I'm going to enslave Becky, I should probably get Mr. Smith's approval..."

"You don't need his approval."

"But.. won't he come looking for her if she doesn't show up or something?"

"what are you planning to do with her?"

"The same things I was planning to do with you.. You know I wouldn't hurt her... Not like Hon'tyl.."

"Well you don't need his approval then

"So it's all okay, then?" She asks nervously.

"Of course."

"And you won't have a problem with me either?"


Suki smiles, "Great!" She accidentally grips the collar a little more forcefully and Kim's neck is bent slightly toward her lips.


Suki gasps, "Oh! I.. I'm sorry, Kimmie! I forgot I was holding this thing!"


"Oh yeah... I'll probably have to get Becky's signature on the contract..."

"your lucky Becky likes pain."

"Hehe.. yeah..."

"I guess we'll just wait till there done."

"Yeah... oh.. by the way, Kimmie... I should probably throw
out our contract... That is, unless, you wanna still be my love slave?"

"please throw it out."

"Ok.. Well, I can't throw it out... but I can null and void it..."

"Do want ever you need to."

"Only an Ap Dat can void such a contract, so don't worry... I'm half Ap Dat so it'll be okies..."


"I love you, Kimmie..." She leans in close to the older girl and gives her a gentle kiss.

"Ok, just null the contract."

"I will..." She reaches into her top and her bra and pulls out the parchment. "I just need a little of your blood, Kimmie..."


"Yeah.. It's the only way to void the contract..."

"Ok, here's my hand..."

"Ok... here goes..." She chants the spell again and again, Kim's hand is cut and a spurt of blood runs down to the parchment. Suki smiles and uses her left hand's index finger to wipe out Kim's signature.


"And the best part is... THIS!" She waves the parchment in the air and it falls completely blank.

"AS long as it's null."

"It is... see, I wiped off your blood... It's no longer there..."


"Now all I have to do is get Becky's signature... hehe..."

"We just have to wait."

"Yeah..." She stares at her watch.


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