Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 2)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2- Ecchi Kim

[Author's notes: WATERSPORTS]

"Kimmie... are you... you know... yet?" She blushes slightly.

Kim then appears to think for a moment before repling, "Yeah."

"Then shall we?" She points to Kim's bedroom, still blushing.

"Well, I do have to clean this up."

"Can you last that long?" asks the smaller girl.

"Yeah, I can."

"Ok... I'll just get a glass of water then..." She reaches out to a counter and takes the glass of water that she had just put there and drinks it slowly.

Becky finishes releving herself about 5 minutes later, at which time, she leaves to the bathroom, Alice quickly following her. Kim then begins cleaning up ther mess, taking about 10 minutes to get the area as clean as it was before the accident.

Suki sighs as she glances at Tisha who blushes and immediately leaves the room.

"Hmm, Tisha didn't seem to be grossed out, maybe she liked that." smiles Kim as she throws away the last of the paper towel she used.

Suki winces, "Aw, Kimmie... don't tell me you're gonna do that to her too!"

"Heh, why not?"

"How do you know she really likes it?" counters the young girl.

"Well she didn't 'eww' at the sight."

"That's... um... true...." replies Suki.

"Heh, and you did."

"Yeah... I'm sorry... I'm just not used to it..."

"that's ok, alot of people arn't."

"Um.. ok... are you about done there?"

"Yeah, I kinda need to go pretty bad now."

"Ok... Let's go back to your room... " She smiles.


Suki smiles and makes for Kim's bedroom.

Kim follows Suki into her room.

Suki asks, "Would you mind putting on some clothes for this? It's not any fun unless something gets wet... hehe..." She blushes softly.

"Ok, what should I wear?"

"You wouldn't happen to have a bathing suit, would you?" she tries.

"It just so happens, i do!" smiles Kim.

"Cool!" cheers Suki, smiling widely.

"Which should I wear, a one-piece or two?"

"You decide..." she grins.

"Hmmm... I'll go with a one-piece."

"Ok then...."

Kim then heads towards her closet and opens it. After sifting through her clothes, she suddenly gasps, "Oh! Suki! Would you do me a favor!? Please?" suddenly begs Kim happily, turning around.

"Ho-eh? What do you want me to do, Kimmie?" asks Suki, shyly running her left foot across the ground and standing with her arms clasped behind her back.

Kim then begins to sweatdrop as she replies smiling and blushing, "I have an, um, special swimsuit I'd like you to wear."

"A special... swim... suit?" she replies slowly, ingesting each and every word.

"I had Becky wear it a few times, I hope you don't mind that."

"Um... I don't think that'll be a problem... but what's so special about it?" she asks sweetly smiling at her love.

Here, Kim blushes even more, "Um, it's... special becouse, it's, for a young girl."

"Um... how young, Kimmie? Are you sure it will fit me?"

"Your not too much bigger than Becky, I'm sure you can fit into it." Kim then turns around and pulls out of the closet, a pulls out a genuine, blue one-piece school swimsuit for girls. "Here it is."

"Um... ok... but what's so special about it?" asks Suki, reaching out for the swimsuit.

"Well, it's special becouse it's for young girl's, I've never seen a grown woman wear this type of swimsuit."

"Oh... so you're saying I'm not grown, then, Kimmie?" Suki sticks her tongue out at the older darker skinned girl.

"Hehe, well, you got small breasts and no pubes, so yeah!"

"Aw, Kimmie, stop it! I'm 18, already!" She slides her clothes off and looks into a full length mirror for a second as she contemplates putting on the swimsuit.

Kim then walks behind Suki and places the swimsuit in front of her body, giving somewhat of a preview of what it would look like on Suki. Proving Suki was a bit big for the suit but not much. "Well let's pretend your 17 then."

"But that would make me underage, Kimmie..." She turns and looks up at the other girl.

"Hehe, that the whole point." smiles Kim.

"So you like underage girls, Kimmie?" asks the smaller girl as she starts to slip into the swimsuit.

"Heh, I think you know the answer to that question."

Suki smiles, "I know... I know... but I can't help but think that there might be something wrong with that... I mean... Oh forget it..." She finishes putting on the new swimsuit.

Kim simply smiles at Suki's reply and looks at her in the mirror. "Wow, you look perfect..."

Suki immediately blushes as she looks down at her feet, her hands reclasped behind her back and her left foot running along the ground.

Kim moves her left hand over her crotch as she tells Suki, "Now, lift up your arms, I wanna see it tighten on you."

Suki nods slowly and blushes again as she lifts up her arms, the material starting to tighten across her small chest.

"Ohh, that's perfect!" states Kim as she quickly places her right hand directly over Suki's right breast.

Suki blushes harder as her nipple instantly tightens under her clothing and she glances aside.

Kim then 'Ohh's' once more as she trails her hand down Suki's belly then from her body, "I kinda forgot I had to go, I guess I better put on my swimsuit."

Suki nods, "Yes... I've got a special surprise for you too, when you put on your... swim... suit... I gotta learn how to say it that way, " she mutters the last part to herself.

"I had a special order swimsuit that looks just like the one your wearing, except I can fit it." replies Kim heading to her closet once more.

Suki smiles, "You ordered it especially for you, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, they don't normally make adult sizes, but you can get them specially made for you if your not small enough." Replies Kim pulling out a larger copy of what Suki wears.

"Wow... I can't wait to see you in it, Kimmie..." She smiles again at the older girl.

"Heh, I just hope I can hold myself long enough to put it on."

"Do you want me to help you, Kimmie?" asks the smaller girl.

"Yeah, take my panties off for me." smiles Kim.

Suki giggles, "Ok..." and reaches out to Kim's waistband. She slips her thumbs inside and starts tugging the soft fabric down the older girl's hips.

As Suki pulls down Kim's panties, revealing her peachfuzzed labia, Kim hangs on as she steps out of her underwear and manages to successfull put on the suit with no leaks.

Suki giggles, "Are you gonna be okay, Kimmie? You're not gonna lose it that soon, are you?"

"Well, I can't promise anything, but I'll try and hold on as long as I can."

"Ok... now... are you ready, Kimmie? If so, would you please lay back down on the bed? I've got a plan in mind... hehe..." she giggles nervously.

Kim nods and states, "You look so hot in that swimsuit." as she gets to and lays down on the bed.

Suki giggles again and blushes harder as she crawls onto the bed, sitting next to Kim and she asks, "Kimmie... do you know how much magic I really know?"

"No, I 'm sure it's more than I know."

Suki nods, "Yeah... I thought so... but I know a few spells that I don't really use much... one of them is this..." She places her left hand inside the left leg hole of Kim's swimsuit and chants a few words. (TBC)

Suddenly, the material makes a loud hissing noise and it doubles in width. Suki grins, "There... I made it super absorbant now..."

"really? so i can piss and it won't drip as much?"

Suki shakes her head, "It won't drip at all unless you've got a REALLY big bladder... hehe... the last time I tried it, was on Nan'chi... and she didn't even leak out of her bathing suit..."

"wow, I wanna try it out, can I let go now?"

Suki giggles, and waggles her finger, "Not yet... we gotta make sure it's as full as can be... I wanna see if you wet your breasts like Nan'chi did..." She reaches over to the night table and pulls out a small bottle of Altaiarean Beverage. She smirks at Kim, "Remember this?"

"I sure do, but when you say wet my breast's, the pee can reach that far up now that the fabric is super absorbent?"

Suki nods, grinning, "Yepper-depper! That's why I mastered that branch of magic... I always used to love doing this to Nan'chi... and she loved it too..."

"Oh I really wanna do it now, I hope it reaches up so far that it spills over the arm holes! Gimme that bottle!"

Suki laughs cutely and hands over the bottle, saying, "Now don't drink it all... otherwise you'll hafta to go again in less than 2 hours..." She leans over Kim's right side and gently runs a hand along the older girl's side.

"Ok, I'll try..." Kim places her left hand to her crotch as she takes the bottle and begins to drink it.

Suki giggles to herself and slips her right hand inside Kim's swimsuit near her arm hole. She runs it up to her breast and gives the nipple a little erotic pinch.

Kim smiles as she drinks the water, but a moment later, finds the bottle empty. "Oops. I drunk the hole thing."

Suki hits her forehead with her left palm, "Kimmie... I TOLD you not to drink the whole thing... you'll be peeing yourself in less than two hours after this pee... I don't think you'll be able to hold it much longer than that."

"Well sorry, I guess I was pretty thirsty."

"I hope you'll stay in an area where there is a bathroom, because with your bladder, it won't take long..."

Kim then quickly crings and squeezes her legs closed around her left hand. "Ah... I REALLY have to go now."

Suki nods, "I know... I know..." She slides her hand down to Kim's smoothness and gives the slight mound a gentle pinch. "This shouldn't take long... too bad... I like it drawn out..."

"H-Hey, do me, a favor, k?"

"What, Kimmie?"

Kim quickly removes her hand from her crotch and spreads her legs a bit. "Rub me."

Suki smiles, "Of course, Kimmie... always...." She lowers her hand down across Kim's feminine area and starts to press her palm down as she pushes and pulls her hand back, rubbing tenderly at the older's girl's sex.

Kim moans happily as Suki rubs her, Kim body clearly shaking. "Rub harder."

"Gotcha!" replies the smaller girl as she presses down a little, moving her hand back and forth faster. She leans over Kim's abdomen and presses her lips against the fabric of her swimsuit, squeezing gently with her lips.

Just moments later, Kim cries out as she begins to pee, flooding the matiral.

Suki smiles as the fluid begins to pool up around Kim's waist, then it rises up the super absorbent material and starts to soak her breasts in it's warm embrace.

"Ohhh... It feels weird feeling my pee raising up."

Suki whispers, "It's covering your breasts now... it'll start pouring out over the top soon if you've still got plenty inside... Doesn't it feel nice and warm, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, like I'm in a pool." Kim's urine easily spills from the arms holes down to the bed. "I did it!"

Suki giggles, "Wow... you really were full, weren't you, Kimmie? Look... it's splashing down to the floor now... How much more have you got in you?"


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