Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 11)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 10- Confronting Nikki

[Author's notes: VIOLENCE, GURO, DEATH]

"Da*nmit!" screams Becky/Alice. "She's taken both Tisha and Kimmie! Suki we had to rescue them!"

Suki/Kim shudders on the ground, crying, "N-Ni-chan... what... what has happened to you...? I.. I don't understand...."

"Suki, get up! We don't have time to waste, we have to hurry!"

Suki/Kim looks up at Becky/Alice with tears in her eyes. She hiccups once or twice more, then nods.

"I have to get back to my own body." comments Becky/Alice returning to Kim's room to retreave the device.

Suki/Kim runs a hand through her hair and she calls after Becky/Alice, "Um... Becky... what am I supposed to do like this?"

Becky/Alice comes back and fails to repress a smiles dispite the situation before commenting, "Well, we have to rescue Kimmie to get your body back. I suggest you try to get used to her body for the time being."

"But... I.. I don't know how to control this body!" She whines tearfully. "I can barely stand up with these... these.... machanical monstrousities!" she indicates her arms and legs.

"I don't think Kim would like you calling her arms and legs that." states Becky/Alice.

"I... I'm sorry.. but.. I don't know what else to call them!"

"Well, hurry and get dressed, we're wasting time. Since Nikki teleported, she's already at Cyclias, we have to take a ship." comments Becky/Alice quickly leaving into her and Alice's room.

"Um... Becky... where does... um... Kimmie keep her clothes?" calls Suki after the departing girl.

"In the closet and her drawer." replies Becky through her door.

"Thanks, Becky..." calls Suki/Kim as she whirls around and begins digging through Kim's closet, looking for a conservative skirt and top to cover a pair of white cotton panties and a larger bra than she's used to.

Suki sees as she looks through the dresser that Kim has a wide selection of clothing other than her usual vest and short-shorts, stuff like a few knee-length skirts a verity of jeans and pants along with shirts. Suki/Kim also notices that a select few of the jeans have a somewhat think inner lineing...

Suki mumbles to herself, smiling shyly down at the pants, "Hmm... I wonder if these are because she wets herself..." She grabs one of the knee-length skirts and a top and quickly puts them on, making sure to squash Kim's breasts into a tight bra.

Shortly after, Alice comes to the door. "Suki-san, Are you ready?"

Suki replies, "Um, I.. I think so... Alice? Is that you and not... Becky?" She moves to the door and opens it.

Suki/Kim sees Alice covered in her blue cloak looking up at her. "Yeah, it's me." a moment later, the pre-teen smiles at Suki/Kim.

Suki states, sadly, "I'm sorry about your mom... but I promise... I'll do whatever I can to get her back..." Then she notices that Alice is smiling at her, which causes her to involuntarily smile. "Um, what?"

"Nothing..." comments Alice continuing to smile. "It's just, your in my mom's body but I can still tell that your not her."

"How? You can sense emotions?" Suki asks.

"No, I can just tell, the way your standing for example, it's different than how my mom stands."

"Oh... so you can tell from just my posture? Hmm... how.. does Kimmie stand?" She frowns slightly.

"Well... the way she stands and walks, she gives the impression of confedence, like she'll do her best no matter what."

"Ohhh... I... I can't be confident like that... I-It's just... not in my nature..." She frowns wider and brings her hands in front of her, tangling them in her skirt in her abject shyness.

Alice then giggles cutely, "It looks so weird when you do that in mom's body."

"I... I"m sorry..." She blushes and turns her head to the side, casting around for something else to say. "Um... where's Becky?"

here, Alice blushes  and looks towards the floor, "She's really tired at the moment, hehe." ^_^;

"What?! She's asleep?! But... but.. what about Kimmie?! A-And Tisha..?! Aren't we supposed to go rescue them?!" Suki makes Kim's mouth drop in shock.

"She's not asleep, she's just really tired. Anna should be fine by the time we get to Cyclias."

"Oh... w-well... should we go then, Ali-chan?"

Alice smiles once more before agreeing and calling Becky out, whom walks out fully dressed in cameo pants and black T-shirt and looking pretty tired but not overly so, her walking seems to be a labored. "I'm ready."

Suki reaches out to Becky, pulling her aside and whispering, "Becky... Are you still as um... horny... as Kimmie always said you are? Is that why you're so tired? Because of Ali-chan?"

"Well Alice was masturbating the entire time she was in my body." answers Becky. "She wore me out. I'll be fine before we reach the planet... to answer your question though, yeah, I'm horny right now."

Suki puts her head in her hands and sighs, "Oh, Ali-chan..."

Alice then comments, blushing, "I couldn't help it! I had no idea how sensitive Anna's body was."

"And.. Becky... how could you POSSIBLY still be.. um... horny... after all Ali-chan did to you?"

"Well I have a high sex drive... enough talking we have to hurry." states Becky going for the door.

Suki sighs, "I have a bad feeling about this...." She then shakes her head and follows Becky out the door, asking, "Um, Becky.. should we ask Sash to come with us? She might be of use to us.."

"Ok, we'll see if she wants to come."

"Where do you have her stationed, Becky?" pants Suki, running to catch up with the younger girl.

"I think she's with the Principal, we'll check his office."

"The Principal? Isn't he like the leader?"

"I guess, come on." states Becky leaving, followed by Alice.

Suki chases after Becky, growing more and more exhausted by the minute.

The threequickly reachthe Principal office, the three stand a short distance from the Principal's desk and the two desks beside them, the right one which sits Sashi. Becky and Alice promtly salutes the man.

Suki looks at Becky and Alice, then blushes and tries to copy their salute, still new to the idea of doing so. Sashi leans back in her chair, balancing a pen on her nose, looking bored.

Becky then announces, "Sir, I am sorry for the unannounced visit, but we require Sashi for a moment." (TBC)

"Hmm, very well, Miss Nihon..." states the Principal looking towards the said girl.

Sashi looks back at him, curiously as she states, "Mm?"

"Your freinds require your attention, don't you want to see what they want?" asks the man.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I already know.. That is my sister over there."

"So you know what they want?" asks the Principal?

Sashi nods, "Yes... I am telepathic and can easily read the mind of my sister... she is really easy to read..."

Becky then asks, "So are you coming with us or not?"

Sashi nods, "It beats hanging around here doing nothing..." She stands up, then glances back to the Principal, before returning her gaze to Becky's face, sending a telepathic thought to her - *I can sense you are horny, Becky... you... and Suki...*

Becky looks with mild  surprise and returns the thought, "Suki is too?"

Suki, who can sense her sister's thoughts, blushes hard and hisses in thought *Sash, SSSHHHH! Don't tell people that!*

"Becky then thinks, "Never mind about that, are you comeing? we have to hurry!"

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "If I want to give my sister a good orgasm, I have no choice..." She winks at Becky, cutting Suki's limited telepathic powers off so that she can't hear that.

"Well, is that a yes or no?" Alice meanwhile looks to be getting bored.

Sashi stares intensely at Becky, a hint of the emotion shining through her 'mask', hoping that the younger girl will take the hint and speak the answer.

after a moment, Becky states, "Sir, we need to take Sashi with us, is that alright?"

"...You may, Miss Nihon, your dismissed until further notice."

"As you wish, sir..." Sashi then imitates the salute perfectly and gets to her feet.

The group then quickly heads out and to Kim's ship, Becky heading to the cockpit.

Sashi grabs Becky's arm and whispers, pushing Suki hard down the ladder/stairs so that she can't hear, "Becky... I am the last person who would ever swear, but damnit... Can you really say that you miss me? Honestly and truthfully?"

"Huh?" questions becky at the unexpeced question.

Sashi seems to get angered at the response and she grabs Becky and forces her hard up against the wall. "Becky... damnit... you little b*tch... I asked you a question... and I demand an answer... Do you, or do you not, miss me?!"

Suddenly, Sashi is tackle to the floor by Alice. "What are you doing to Anna!?" nearly screams the young girl angryly.

"This is none of your concern, Alice... This is a personal matter between me and Becky..." She easily pushes the younger girl off of her and grabs Becky's arm, tightly, using her mental powers to tell Becky *We need to be alone for a few minutes to talk... Can you get rid of Alice that length of time?*

Before Alice attempts to repeat her action, Becky quickly states, "Alice stop... can you leave for a sec?"

"There's no way I'm leaving you with her Anna!" replies Alice.

Sashi thinks to Becky *I can suppress her physical ability and I WILL if I cannot get a few moments with you alone*

Becky then tries again, "Alice please, just for a few minutes."

After a few minutes of Becky looking at the pouting pre-teen, she gives in, "F-Fine... Don't you even think of hurting Anna, Sashi." replies Alice slowly leaving the area into the next room.

"My intentions to Becky do not include hurting her, unless, of course, it is the pain she seeks..." Sashi turns back to Becky and forces her up against the wall again, not really hurting her, but making sure that Becky can't get away. "Now, Becky... you WILL answer me.."

"Ok, I will, but why the sudden aggression?"

"You angered me, Becky..." Sashi states simply.


"You dumped me."

"I thought you got over that."

A tear appears in the corner of Sashi's normally cold expression-less eyes, "Damnit, Becky... You, of all people, should know that it is impossible to get over your first love... Remember your love for Kim?"

"Yeah, I still do love Kimmie."

"Then you should know that I still love you... In much the same way... and I will never get over that... and I will do whatever I can to be there  for you..."

"Oh, I see... I'm sorry tht I hurt you so much."

"Yes.... Now you understand... and..." Sashi suddenly lowers her head to Becky's head and locks her lips onto the younger girl's lips, sending a sudden surge of passion shooting throughout her body, before she backs off, knowing that the younger girl is now breathless. ".. I do not care who you sleep with... I do not care if you do not love me... I still and forever more want to be by your side... You can sleep with whoever you want, but you will never get rid of me..." Her right hand slides down across Becky's stomach, gently.

Becky closed her eyes in the middle of the kiss from Sashi's passion and was indeed breatheless as a high sensation of pleasure flooded her senses in chill-like shivers, and her legs nearly gave out from under her, and to top it off, Becky's entire face had noticably reddened.

Sashi backs off slightly and grabs hold of Becky, supporting her full weight as she forces her back up against the wall. "Becky, do you understand now? I do not care what you do... I WILL be here... and I WILL do to you many things... including making you wet yourself, which... I notice, you already are..."

Becky then places her left hand to her crotch, confirming her wettness, Sashi's kiss had so much of an imapt that her pussy nearly instantly flooded itself in her fluids. "W-We... have to......" Becky tries but is unable to finish her statement from the extreame degree of arousal/horniness flowing through her. At a level atained only a few times in her eighteen years of life.

Sashi lets her lips curl in a smirk, "Have you forgotten the intensity of what I can do to your mind and body, Becky?" She closes her eyes and a memory of Becky being pleasured by three guys suddenly enters the young girl's mind, plastering itself over her vision so that that is all she can think of.

After a moment, Sashi feels Becky fall limp in her hold, seeming to be in sort of a pleasure trance.

"You like that, do you not, Becky?" smiles Sashi, holding the younger girl in her arms.

Becky seems unable to reply, but a few seconds later, Becky's hips twitch hinting at a possible orgasm.

Sashi then removes the image from Becky's mind, instead pushing her thoughts into Becky's mind, demanding, "Well, Becky...? What is your decision? Do you want me back? Or should I just leave...?" She lets the telepathic statement hang, watching the young girl decide whether or not to think or orgasm.

A few moments after Sashi removes the imege, Becky's body quickly stiffens and an almost silent gasp  before Sashi feel Becky's body nearly vibrating in her hold.

Sashi grins and just holds Becky in her arms, trying to commit this to her memory in case Becky decides to do something, anything, to pull away from her, both emotionally and physically.

About two seconds later, Sashi can hear the faint sound of Becky's cum meeting the floor, shortly after that, Becky looks to begin crying, but the not tears of pain, but overwelming pleasure.

Sashi looks down at Becky's face and moves closer to her, licking her tears as she whispers, "You loved that, Becky... Admit it..."

"...Y-Yws...." manages Becky still appearing to be under the pleasure of her orgasm.

Sashi then stands Becky up, straightening her back and lifting her head so that the younger girl can look into her eyes. "Becky... Do you deny me?" she whispers, softly, seductively.

"S-Sashi..." tiredly breathes Becky.

"I WILL not let you go until you make a decision. Even if that means you pee yourself because I will not let you go to the bathroom. I will NOT let you go until you say yes."

"T-This...Is... Is...isn't...." tries Becky as her lengthy orgasm begins to near it's end.

"Becky... I guess you would call this an ultimatum... I assure you... if you do not say yes, I will NOT let you go...  even if I have to put Alice out..."

"B-But, Kimmie...." suggests Becky.

"Kimmie what? I told you... I do not care who you love... all I am asking for is for you to allow me to stay by you..."

"... Ok... No, p-prolem..."

"You agree, then, Becky? You will allow me to stay with you?" Sashi smiles in a sweet way, her right hand rubbing Becky's stomach gently.

"Yes, I will..."

"Good... Now tell me, Becky... Do you still like to be raped?" She grins and lets go of Becky's body, backing away and allowing the younger girl to control herself.

Becky promptly falls to her butt with a small squish sound once Sashi let go of her, the crotch of her pants dreanched in her warm cum along with a little of the front of Becky's pant's. "Yeah..." replies Becky still recovering her breathe from her orgasm.

"Excellent..." Sashi states. "There are a few things I have planned for you now that you have said yes... But.. in the meantime, your sister and that brat, Tisha, are in danger... We should go..." She turns and starts to leave the cockpit, hesitating only to see if Becky has any more to say.

Becky doesn't say anything else.

"Hmmph..." Sashi nods once and leaves the room, looking for Alice and her sister.

Sashi quickly finds Alice, being in front of the door Sashi opened, the young girl is staring at her frowning. In a way, it's pretty cute.

"I am sorry for offending you... I just needed a moment with Becky... She is yours now..."

"Your da*n right she's mine! You better stay away from her!" demands Alice.

"Unfortunately, that is no longer your decision... That is solely up to Becky..."

"Why would Anna ever go back to you?"

"There are... certain things that I can do for her... I could even do them for you if you were not so closed-minded... Things I am certain you would like as much as she does..."

"I doubt it!"

"If the law was not written as to prevent me from using my telepathic powers, I could show you..." She steps close to Alice and runs a hand down Alice's back.

Alice quickly does a 180 and brandishes two daggers, looking ready to strike. "What are you touching me for!?"

"Hmmm... I thought so... " Sashi pulls her hand back. "You are jealous... but you have nothing to fear...  Just ask... 'Anna'... about what I can do... Talk to her... You will see..."

"Jealous!? I'm not jealous!" replies Alice agrivated at the comment.

"Then I do not understand your reluctance to experience an orgasm..."

"An orgasm, you attacked Anna!"

"Ahh... I see your point... You think that because I pushed Becky up against the wall hard that I do not love her...  For that, I apologize... You may not be aware of it, but she enjoys being treated roughly... However, that was not my intent... I was... angered... because of past events... We have since worked out our problems, though... That will not happen again unless she wants it..."

"Really? Well it's good you worked out ya'll problems, and I am aware of Anna liking pain." replies Alice slowly lowering her offensive state.

"Trust me, Alice... I have no intention of hurting you or Becky... and if you would allow me, I could show you pleasure beyond pleasure..." Sashi drops her emotional control and smiles gently at Alice.

a quick moment later, they can hear and feel to ship start and begin to move. "Looks like Anna is ok after all..."

"I told you she would be... I promise you, Alice, I will never hurt her... and... I also promise to give you any physical pleasure you desire..."

Alice returns her hands under her cloak and looks slightly away from Sashi as a slight blush raises on her cheeks. "You'd really do that? Even after the way I acted to you?"

"I see no reason I should not...  After all, Becky loves you as much as she loves Kim... It is the right thing to do... So, any time you want to experience pure physical pleasure, let me know... you will have to agree to let me into your mind, but I assure you, I will not do anything to hurt you..."

"Well, Anna trusts you, I guess I will too... I'm sorry."

"It is okay... Like I said, if ever you want it, I will give it to you... Now.. where is Suki?"

"I think she's in the bedroom at the back of the ship on this floor."

"Is she in peak physical condition? Meaning, did I hurt her when I pushed her down here?"

"She's fine, she was just confused why you suddenly pushed her."

"I see... then I must apologize to her..." Sashi gives a quick nod at Alice and moves off toward the bedroom.

Alice then leaves to the cockpit.

Sashi enters the bedroom and converses with Suki in private.

When the ship returns to Cyclias...  

and reaches the area near Kim's apartment, Becky and Alice sees a plume of smoke out in the western outskirts of town. "That must be it." states Becky.

Sashi, who has by now returned to the cockpit, states, "There is something burning there... People are suffering..."

Becky quickly takes the ship down, near the source of the smoke, it's just a bon-fire, a signal. Near it is a large tree with two small bodies visible from the cockpit window hanging by there tied hands. "That's them!" states Becky.

"Tisha, I do not care about... but Kim should not have to suffer that way... It makes my sister... and you... hurt too much..." Sashi states as a disheveled, tired-looking Suki/Kim enters the cockpit.

"Come on, we have to get them down." states Becky as she quickly leaves the cockpit

"Yes." states Sashi as Suki mumbles, "Are we there yet?"

Alice then replies, "Yeah, there hanging on a tree." before she leaves too

Sashi looks at Suki and states, "You need a powerup after your orgasm... Here..." She touches Suki/Kim's forehead and dispels some of her own energy into Suki/Kim's body. Suki/Kim's eyes open wide and she quickly gains control of her bodily functions.

Upon Suki/Kim and Sashi meeting up with Becky and Alice, who look to be in shock at the sight before them. "Kimmie..." gasps Becky. "Mom..." comments Alice too.

Suki/Kim gasps, "Oh no...! KIMMIE!"  as Sashi glances around, trying to feel for Nikki's presence.

The group sees both Kim/Suki and Tisha are a bloody mess as they hang there, Kim/Suki looks to be in far, far worst shape, her entire body sees to be painted red in her blood as even open scars are visable, fortunatly, she's uncounsious. (TBC)

"Nikki you bit*h!" screams Becky. Alice walks closer to the two, looking at the rops that hold them.

Suki/Kim lets out a strangled cry, "Nooo.... Ni-chan... This... This is too terrible!" Then she sees what Alice is doing and she warns, "Ali-chan! Don't... Don't touch Kimmie! Please...! For you're own good, don't touch the blood!"

Nikki's voice is then heard, "Yes, don't touch her, unless you want to cause her more pain."

Suki gasps, "Ni-chan?! Wh-Where are you?!" Sashi then closes her eyes and begins to probe around, searching for Nikki's thoughts.

Nikki then steps out from behind the tree. "So, what to do you think, Suki?" states Nikki smiling at Suki in Kim's body. "Want this body back now?"

Suki's lip quivers as she tries to remain defiant, "Ni-chan... Why? Why are you out to kill us all? What did we do to you? Is it.... is it because of the wetting thing?"

"The only person I'm interested in is Kimberly, you all are just bonus's."

"Why? Why are you trying to kill Kimmie?! What did she ever do to you?! I thought you two were best friends?!"

Nikki smiles, "Nikki and Kim were friends, but that's a different story."

"What? I.. I don't understand, Ni-chan... What do you mean?! Aren't you Nikki?! Was... was it all an act?!"

"Like I said, different story." states Nikki. "You'll pay for this!" yells Alice as she runs to Nikki with a dagger. "Alice no!" replies Becky running after her.  

Nikki smirks and before Becky can catch her, Nikki throws something from her left hand, promptly knocking her to her back. "Alice!" gasps Becky dropping to her knees next to the young girl. "Hmph, too bad, she was so young too." replies Nikki catching a 1 foot diameter chakram.

Suki gasps, "Noooo! Stop it, Ni-chan! STOP IT!"

Sashi grunts, "Impressive..." She closes her eyes and begins to project her thoughts into Nikki's mind.

Becky quickly begins shaking Alice, who, to her relief, wakes up. "Oh, your alive!" states Becky quickly hugging Alice. Nikki then looks surprised, "She's alive? How? I aimed at her neck, she shouldn't even have a head right now."  "You monster!" snaps Becky. "You would've killed her without a second thought!"

Suki crosses over to Becky and asks, "Will she live? I.. I can't use any healing magic in this form... ohhh, but if I could..."  

Suddenly, the images of Nikki being forced to pee herself at Suki's hands flashes through Nikki's mind briefly as Sashi continues her assault on the catgirl's mind.

Alice states, "I'm fine, it felt like my head was nearly knocked off."

"It's becouse of the armor stuff your wearing, it's covering your neck too, it saved your life." replies Becky.

Nikki then states, "I see, symbionic clothing... well, I'll... huh?" replies Nikki before lowering her left hand to her abdomen, then looking at Sashi, "You..."

Sashi states telepathically, "Remember something, Nikki?" Again, the images of Nikki peeing herself flash through her mind.

nikki then smiles, "actually, I do.", Nikki then pulls out a glove and puts it on her right hand. Then placing her hand on Suki's body, covering the glove in the girl's blood. "Lord Faultz, warned me of Suki's blood, you could say she has 'special' blood."

Sashi stops, "My sister... her blood... what do you plan to do?"

"Would her blood work on another Ap-dat?"

Becky then asks Sashi, "What is she talking about?"

Sashi states, "The blood of my sister... and all of summoners like her... has special... properties... that allow them to summon..."

Then, at a speed that even Sashi can't detect, Nikki appears next to Becky and picks her up by her neck with her right , gloved, bloody hand and once Becky is to her feet lets her go.

"What the hell are you doing!?" demands wiping at Suki's blood on her neck.

Sashi's face shows great anger as she witnesses Nikki's speed and torture of her love. "Nikki... Do not... and I mean this... Do NOT anger me... You were not here when we went to the Ap Dat Villages... You do not yet comprehend my anger... This is your last warning."

"Heh, try me, all I need is to touch your skin." smirks Nikki.

"Unfortunately, Nikki... The blood of my sister will not drain me of my power... Because I am part Ap Dat too... Our bodies are designed to absorb the energy we use..." Sashi closes her eyes and suddenly, a crippling cramp suddenly attacks Nikki's bladder, which is generated solely by Sashi's manipulation of Nikki's brainwaves.

Nikki winces at the pain and places her left hand to her crotch. "Da*n, such a simple tactic. How often does it work?"

"You would have to talk to Kim for that... Kim and Sara... But that is not my only method of attack..." Sashi states before a second cramp overtakes Nikki's bladder, weakening her hold without letting her release it. At the same time, one of the nerves in Nikki's brain suddenly becomes inflamed, causing an immense amount of pain to shoot through her skull.

Nikki groans in and a moment later, Becky remimbers something, "Oh yeah! your weakness, one punch."

"Da*n you." groan Nikki

"Nikki... you cannot win... let Kim and the brat go and join our side and we will protect you from Dark Faultz... Trust me..." Sashi lets up, causing the pain in Nikki's brain to subside slightly, though she keeps the pressure on Nikki's bladder high.

"you fools, I have no intentention of joining you, Nikki can't be saved." states Nikki. Becky suddenly drops to her knees, "Ohh, I feel weird."

Alice then sits up, holding becky from falling. "Anna, what's wrong?"

Sashi states, "She is weakening... The blood of my sister is wearing her down..." She turns back to Nikki and probes deeper into her mind, searching for Nikki's secrets, bringing the pain in her brain back up almost to the point of causing her to collapse from said agony.

"Nnngh... I can't believe I'm losing. I won't allow myself to taken prisoner, n-next time I won't be so leniant." states Nikki before vanishing.

Sashi swears, "God-fucking-damnit! I was so close to learning more about her... and Dark Faultz, too..."

"We have to save Anna!" states Alice as Becky falls limp in Alices hold, not yet passed out though. "She's getting worse!"

At that moment, Suki/Kim comes out of her shock and leans down over Becky. She whispers, slowly, "We need to get the blood off.. That's the only thing that'll work... Um... Ali-chan? Did you bring the device? I need to switch back into my old form... That way I'll be able to control my blood... and my powers of healing..."

"But look at the shape your body is in, you won't be able to do a thing in that shape, we need to heal your body first, I just hope Mom and Anna can hold on until then."

"Once Kim is back in her own body, I'll feel better... I.. I can't stand to see her hurt like this..." She suddenly grabs Alice's shoulders and begs, "Please, Ali-chan... I... I need to be back there... for.. for Kimmie's sake... Please!"

"Wait, You can use mom's body to heal her and Tisha, you have to transform."

"How?" gasps Suki/Kim.

"Ok, first you have to clear your mind, close your eyes."

She gulps, "Um... o-okay..." and closes her eyes, trying to remove all images from her mind.

If youv'e cleared your mind, you should feel like your body is holding something, then let it go. You should a great sense of relief and even a small bit of pleasure around your body as you do this."

"Um... o-ok.." mumbles Suki as she lets out a soft pant, then relaxes, hoping that something is happening...  

At the same time, Sashi crosses over to Becky's fallen form and takes hold of one of her hands, pushing her mind into the younger girl's. *MP (Mind Projection) Becky... hold on... I know it is not easy... I know how weak you feel... Try this.... Maybe this will give you strength*  Suddenly, an image of Kim smiling at Becky as the younger girl forces Kim to pee flashes through Becky's weakened mind.*

A faint smile slowly appears on Becky's face while a moment later, Kim's body begins to glow white. "Your doing it Suki, keep your mind clear, or it'll stop." announces Alice.

"I... I'm trying... I-It's not easy..."

"Just take your time."

"O-Ok... U-Ugh...!" she suddenly grunts, relaxing greatly and almost falling forward. (TBC)

At the same time, Sashi squeezes Becky's hand and shows her more images of herself making Kim pee herself and all the times she licked Kim's labia and vagina, making her cum in her sleep. *Becky... Please.. hang on... I... I... Your sister loves you too much... A-and... well.... um... so does Alice... a-and..."

Becky then thinks, "I don't know how much longer I can hold on, My legs and arms are getting cold."

Sashi thinks, "Suki is trying to draw out the powers of your sister so that she can switch bodies with her and regain control over her blood and her powers so she can heal you... Please, Becky... Please... use these images to stimulate your fighting instinct..."

"Ok, I'll try..." thinks Becky. Alice then places a hand to the middle of Becky's chests and gasps, "Anna's heart beating so slow, Anna come on! Don't give up!"

Sashi asks, "Alice... what is taking Suki so long to gain the power of Kim?" She glances back at her sister as a glowing aura starts forming around her.

"It looks like she having hard time clearing her mind, she's too distracted. This isn't good, Anna's going to die if we can't think of something!"

"It is Nikki... her mind is clouded with thoughts of, as she calls her, Ni-chan..." muses Sashi.

Alice then turns to Suki, "Suki, you have to forget about  Nikki. Oh! I nearly forgot, you can think of something cheerful too! Come on."

Suki whines, "I.. I can't! Ni-chan... I.. I loved her... as much as anyone... She.. she was so cute!"

Sashi sighs, "I am going to have to enter her mind again..."

"Well think about the good things your remimber about Nikki, you can do this Suki." encourages Alice

Suki whines, "Um um... I.. I remember making her pee herself... That.. that was fun..."

"Ok, think about that." A moment later, Alice hears Becky's nearly silent voice. "Anna, don't worry, your gonna be fine."

Suki groans, a smile coming to her lips, "Ni-chan... she was so sweet... I liked playing with her tail... and her ears were so soft and furry..." The aura around her starts to glow a slightly brighter color and Sashi unconsciously squeezes Becky's hand really hard as images of Becky being f*cked by three guy's huge penises suddenly shoots through Becky's mind.

Kim's body then suddenly brightens to a near blinding degree. "Suki your doing it!" cheers Alice. Suki can feel a pleasent sensation eminating throughout her body as she feels Kim's blue spectral wings come from her back, before the glow fades, leaving Suki with a smile on her face and th white leotard covering her body. "Suki, there's no time to heal mom, you have to save Anna first, she doesn't have much left to fight with."

"I.. I don't know if I can... My blood... the only known antidote is me... me controlling my blood..." She bites her lower lip and suddenly starts trying to cover up, blushing.

"There's no time, it's all or nothing take a few fethers from your wings and close your hands around them."

"O-Okay... I.. I'll try..." She moves her hands away from her body, still blushes at the limited clothing she's wearing and takes a few feathers from her left wing. "Do I... pull them out?"

"Yeah, it won't hurt."

"Ok." She tugs lightly and pulls out three feathers, holding them in her hands, tightly gripping them.

after a few moments, "Ok, uncover your hands over Becky's neck... I hope this works."

"Ok.." Suki lets the statement hang as she uncovers her hands over Becky's neck, praying that Becky will survive the encounter with her blood.

Kim's wing feathers in her hands have turned to a ooze-like materal, more than enough. "Now cover her hands." states Alice as she covers her own hands in her blue symbionic clothing and holds Becky's hands up.

"Ok." Suki does what Alice suggests and covers Becky's hands with the ooze as Sashi moves her hand to Becky's left breast, rubbing gently over the mound and down to her sternum where her heart is, trying to coax it to keep beating.

Once Alice allows the fluid to do it's thing for a moment, Alice tries talking to Becky, "Anna? Anna, are you feeling better?" there's no reply from the limp girl and Alice quickly places an ear to Becky's chest. "Her Heart is beating so slow. you may have just slowed the process, we need to help Mom and Tisha."

Suki nods, "I.. I need to switch back to my own body...  only then can I control my blood..." She tries to get to her feet, but with the wings, she overbalances and lands back on her butt.

"you need to heal those two first."

"Owieee... stupid wings have messed up my balance..." she whines as she gets back up to her feet and moves over to Tisha's body.

"Ok, to heal her will be easy, just consentrate on the target and think of something soothing with one or both of your hands towards her."

She gulps again, "Ok... h-here goes..."

Just a moment later, a white glow surrounds Tisha's body. "Good, your doing it, Tisha's not as bad as mom."

Tisha moans weakly, "... argh.... ow... wha... what hit me....?" as she starts to come to slight consciousness.

"Don't worry, your going to be fine." States Alice.

"Ow... jeez...." she moans softly, her eyes never opening.  

Suki asks, "Is she good enough to go? Becky's not gonna last much longer even with the healing..."

"Yeah, Mom's going to take the most to heal, I'll go get the thing to change you back." states Alice leaving.

Tisha suddenly opens her eyes and calls Suki's attention by whining to her. "S-Suki?! I-Is that you?! I.. I wanted to t-tell you... K-Kim... she... she took the worst of that b*tch's beating... She did... it.. to save me..."

Suki takes Tisha's left hand in hers, pulling it free from her bindings and smiles, "It's okay, Tisha... We're here now... We're gonna take care of both you and Kimmie..."

Alice then comes back with the device.

Suki then extricates herself from Tisha's weak grasp and says, "I have to go now, Tisha... I have to help Kimmie..."

Alice then return to her position at Becky's side and checking her heart beat again and gasps in shock, "Her hearts stopped! Suki hurry!" states Alice beginning to cry.

Suki gasps, "I'm on my way!" She moves over to Kim/Suki's side and begins to do the same process to her. Sashi, meanwhile, strokes Becky's chest, trying to get her heart beating again.

While Alice waits, she runs her fingers through Becky's hair.

Suki whines, "It's not working! Kimmie won't wake up! Kimmie, please... wake up.... Please, wake up, Kimmie!"

"Mom, would be longer to heal, is she's not dead she will comearound." states Alice

"Kimmie... Kimmie... " Suki starts crying as she does the process again, trying to heal her lover, her soul mate.

Slow, Kim start to come too, evident from a groan.

"Kimmie?! Kimmie.. are you there?! Kimmie!"

"S-Suki..." groans Kim from pain.

"Kimmie?!" Suki throws her arms around Kim and hugs her, crying softly. She starts blubbering, "Kimmie, I.. I really.. was worried about you.. and Becky.. Becky's almost dead... My blood... got all over her... and.. uhoh..." She looks down in horror realizing that she's covered in her own blood.

"Oh no Suki, you have to hurry before it starts." states Alice

"I.. I know... Ali-chan.. hurry.. gi-give me the device... "

"Ok... Here." states Alice getting up and giving the device to Suki."

"How... do.. I use... this.. device again?" mumbles Suki, her eyes strangely going in and out of focus.

"Put one end to each of your foreheads and press the button

"O.. Okay..." She lifts the device, her fingers trembling and pushes the end to Kim/Suki's forehead, leaning close to do the same with her own forehead.

Alice then holds Kim up for the moment the two pass out. Kim then wakes up back in her own body and falling to her knees from weakness.

Suki whines softly back in her own body, the blood content of her vessels low from all the injuries.

Kim then looks up at Suki. "Suki, you shouldn've, your body is so injured."

"I-It's okay, Kimmie... I... I'll be alright.. I.. .I just..." her eyes close suddenly and she moans softly.

"Suki, what's wrong?" asks Kim.

"I've lost.. a lot of blood..." she mumbles faintly, weakly as she lifts her left hand up and takes hold of her chest, running a finger through her blood. "Now... all I've gotta do is..." she mutters almost sleepily, her head falling to her side.

"I've lost... a lot of blood..." she mumbles faintly, weakly as she tries to move her hands, but finds she can't. "Kimmie... C-Can you... r-release me...?" Her head drops to her side as she looks to be totally out, but her breathing says otherwise.

"I'll do it." states Alice, before taking a dager from her cloak and cutting Suki free.

Suki's arms fall to her sides, but then she weakly lifts up her trembling left hand and dips it into a small blood pool on her chest. She mumbles, her eyes remaining closed, "There.. now all I gotta do is..." She trails off and pitches forward toward Kim's body, the older girl suddenly feeling stronger.

"Suki! What's wrong?!" asks Kim.

It is not Suki who answers, but Sashi. "She has exhausted her power... She needs time to recharge. Becky, however, should return to normal soon... Suki did her job... She controled the energy draining properties of her blood and made it inert."

"Anna's not ok, she's dead, her hearts stopped! Mom, you have to save her, please!" asks Alice. (TBC)

Kim gasps and quickly goes to Becky's side and places a hand to Becky's chest and apples energy pulse to Becky's heart, trying to restart it. A few tense moments and a few pulses later, Becky suddenly gasps a breathe of life seeing the angelic-like appearance of Kim above her instantly brings a smile to Becky's face and she quickly hugs her. "Kimmie!"

Sashi wraps an arm around Becky's waist, holding her, while still allowing Becky to hug Kim. She leans close to the back of Becky's head and whispers softly, "I still love you, Becky..."

"Anna!" exclaimes Alice squeezing in for a hug herself.
Sashi then backs away sadly, not really wanting to let her go, but knowing Becky has other lovers.

"Don't you die on me again, you hear me?" demands Alice. Becky releases Kim and smiles at Alice before hugging and kissing her. "I'll try my best."

Sashi turns back to her sister's form and crosses Tisha's path, stepping on her legs, causing the younger girl to cry out, "Heyyy! Watch it, you spaz!"

Kim then states, "I guess we can go back to P2 to rest and clean up."

Sashi picks up her smaller sister's body and says, "Kim, do you want to carry Suki or should I?"

"Her blood is safe to touch now?"

Sashi nods, "Yeah, she has neutralized the effects of her blood... until the next time, at least..."

"OK, give her to me, she still needs healing." states Kim standing.

"As you wish..." Sashi steps on Tisha's legs again as she moves back over to Kim's side to hand her smaller sister off to the other girl. "Take care of her."

Tisha suddenly lets out, "Hey, um, guys... Can we, like... find a bathroom around here somewhere?! I like, really need to go..."

Kim then comments to  Tisha, where going back to the ship, can you stand?

"Oww... well, if I don't wanna wet myself, I'd better, hadn't I?! Geez!"

Becky then comments, "Kimmie, can we stop at your apartment before we go back to P2?" "Ok, Why not."

Sashi sighs, "As you wish..." She looks away and suddenly, Becky can sense a slight twinge of arousal coming from the silent girl.

Becky smiles at Sashi before taking Alice's hand and leading her to the ship, followed by Kim holding Suki.

Tisha follows, hobbling along on her scratched legs. "Geez... This sucks..."


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