Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 10)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 10

Title: SIDE FIC 1: The Torture of Tisha and Kimberly


“AHHHHHHH!” screamed a young girl’s voice in pain.

This was the sound that greeted Kim as she woke up, still in the body of another young girl, her wife Suki. Her body at first glance would seem underdeveloped for someone of eighteen years, but being Ap-dat, it was a common thing among the people. The most noticeable feature, or lack there of compared to a human or other person is the lack of pubic hair, the Ap-dat, or more likely, none at all.


“AHHHHH! Stop it” begged the pained girl’s voice.

Kim could feel her body hanging in the air by her wrists, and slowly lifted her head and looked to the right, seeing, in her blurred vision, another young nude girl hanging in the same manner, but Kim noticed another figure behind the young girl, whipping her back into a bloody mess.



Before Kim knew it, the words left her mouth.

“Stop it! Don’t hit her again!”

The figure doing the whipping paused and looked at Kim.

“So, you’ve waken up…” stated the girl’s voice.

Kim’s vision started to become clearer and she could now recognize the two girl’s, Tisha, the fourteen year old being whipped and Nikki, a 20+ year old Neko who was once Kim’s childhood friend, but recently revealed she was a spy all along, who serves a powerful being known as Dark Faultz.

“Why are you torturing Tisha? It’s me Faultz wants, right?” asks Kim.

“True, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little extra fun on the side...” smiled Nikki before lifting the multi-lesh whip in her right hand.





Tisha’s last scream pained Kim’s ear’s to hear and begin crying for Tisha.

“Stop it please! She doesn’t deserve that!”

“Probably not, but still...”



Tisha now began a fresh round of crying after the last punishing whip of her completely blood covered back, frequently dripping to the grass below.

“Well, time to move to the front and finish there...” comments Nikki.

Kim looked at Tisha’s front and was shocked to see that area had already received some of Nikki’s whip. It wasn’t nearly as bloody as her back, but there were long cuts into the flesh of her chest and stomach.

“Yanno…” began Nikki placing the small whip into her black coat. “This primitive means of torture is so much funnier than the stuff we have now.” Adds Nikki removing a two yard long whip.

“Please don’t hit her.” Begged Kim.

“Heh, you know what I like most about this kind of whip?” asks Nikki lifting the long one.

Nikki quickly readies the whip and strikes Tisha right between her breasts crating a long, somewhat thin cut, also drawing a scream of pain from Tisha.

“Stop it!” yells Kim crying.

“Why should I? Let me remind you...” states Nikki striking Tisha again. “I am not your friend, I serve Lord Faultz, you have nothing to offer me. If you were smart, you would submit to Lord Faultz. Think about it Kimberly, if you and my Lord combine powers, you be unstoppable, the universe can be yours.”

A smile began to appear on Kim’s face, which prompted a smile on Nikki’s, before Kim replied with, “So Faultz must be weaker than I thought if her wants me to join him.”

This remark clearly upset Nikki and quickly walked to her and slapped her hard enough to spin her once on the rope.

“Don’t you ever speak that way about Lord Faultz!”

Nikki was about to strike Kim but stopped.

“Wait, I know...”

Nikki walked back in front of Tisha and struck her.


“No! Stop it!”

“You caused this.” Replied Nikki before striking her again, this time over her left breast, cutting it to the left of her nipple.


“Please! Stop!” begged Kim.

Nikki was about to strike Tisha again, aiming for her face, Kim saw this and screamed.

“I’ll take her pain!”

Nikki paused at this and asked, “What do you mean?”

“A-Anything you planned to do to her, do to me instead.”

“Hmm, you do know your in Suki’s body right?” asks Nikki smiling.


“And I’m sure your thinking “I hope Suki forgives me” huh? Well, when she sees the condition her body is in, we’ll both see how much she loves her. Hehe, you hear that Tisha, Kimberly here is sacrificing herself for your sake.”

“K-Kim…” manages Tisha with her body screaming with pain.

“Tisha, it’s ok, I can take it.” Replied Kim.

“Heh, maybe you can, but can Suki’s body?” asked Nikki.

Kim then gasped quickly.

“Suki’s no fighter, hell, if she throws a punch she’d probably hurt herself... Now, let’s begin.”

Nikki quickly squeezes the handle of the whip and quickly strikes Kim across her bear chest between her breasts, and not only did Kim scream in pain, but the whip stuck to where it struck.

“Oh, I forgot to mention, this whip has small retractable needles. If they don’t take skin, they get stuck. Now, I could ether retract the needles rather painlessly, but you know that’s not what I’m going to do huh?” smiles Nikki.

Of course, Nikki pulls on the whip hard, snatching it free from Kim’s body, who screamed in pain as a long thin strip of her skin was ripped from her body.


“Ow?” question Nikki. “That’s not going to cut it, I must not hurt that much.”

Nikki’s right hand, and soon the whip, gains and electric charge.

“Let’s see how an electric shock does...” replies Nikki as she readies the whip for a strike.

“No, stop!” begged Kim quickly.



Kim screamed as a loud as her lungs allowed as the painful strike across her chest brought the electric charge through her body, causing it to immediately stiffen as the current past through her frame. To add insult to injury, the whip had once again gotten stuck into her skin, continuing to feed the electric current.

“Ha ha, you glow like a light!” teases Nikki.


Nikki continues to electrocute Kim for about thirty seconds, at which time, she rips free the whip along with more of Skin’s skin.

Kim now hangs limply, her body now twitching from the lingering currents.

“Hehe, it looks like you even had a little accident.” Comment’s Nikki at Kim’s inner thighs, which where lightly coated in urine.

After a moment of no reply from Kim, Nikki quickly walks to her and slaps her.

“Hey, wake up! Don’t you die on me, I’m not done yet.”

This action earns Nikki a pained groan from Kim.

“Good, you not dead, look like Suki’s body isn’t as fragile as I thought. Well, here’s another dose...”

Before Nikki can strike, she hears Tisha yell, “Stop it you monster!”

“Keep you mouth shut!” replies Nikki quickly striking her.

Whom screams in pain as she’s electrocuted for just over three seconds since the whip didn’t stick.

“S-Stop...” groans Kim. “G-Give me her, pain...”

“Hmph, you can’t stand it can you? Seeing a girl like her in pain.”

“S-Stop hurting her, please.”

Nikki ignores Kim and quickly strikes Tisha again, the whip clinging to her skin this time, continuously giving her body an electric current as she screamed in agony.

“You think she can take it as long as you Kimberly?” asks Nikki as Tisha continues to be electrocuted.

“S-Stop it please!” begs Kim starting to cry.

Nikki continued to electrocute Tisha for about twenty seconds, till a white foam-like drool started to come from her mouth.

“Hehe, she’s foaming at the mouth, I don’t think she’ll take much more. What do you think?”

“Stop it! Your killing her!” cries Kim.

“Hehe, do you know what happens if someone is electrocuted long enough?”

“Please stop it! She can’t take any more!”

“That person’s body catches fire, would you like to see that?”

“No! Please Stop!”

“Hmm, ok, she’s young...” comments Nikki before ripping free the whip.

Tisha almost immediately passes out.

“Heh, oops, ya think she’s still alive?”

“Tisha…” lowly states Kim worriedly.

“You should worry about yourself...” comments Nikki quickly striking Kim with the electrified whip.


Liquid and electricity don’t get along too well and Kim feels the urine on her crotch intensify the pain in that area.

“You shouldn’t concern yourself with other people’s pain...”



“AS long as your alive, why care about someone else in pain?”



“Yanno, you can stop this pain...”



“All you have to do is submit to Lord Faultz, and your pain will end. This is your last chance, join my Lord.”

“N-N...ever...” gasps Kim with Suki’s tortured body in agonizing pain.

“Heh, I must say, I admire you determination. Even in the body of someone you love, your still defiant, heh... so be it then... let’s see how you like a helping of a stronger charge...”

The lighting around the whip gains a purple hue.

“Heh, purple lightning, the second strongest electric charge...”

Nikki struck Kim once again, but no longer did a crack sound emit...



This pain was like nothing Kim had ever experienced before, she immediately felt like she was going to pass out, but another agonizing strike followed.




Before Nikki struck again, Kim painedly shouted, Stop!” crying hard.

“What is it now?”

Kim then thought, “Suki, I’m sorry...”

“I-I... give up...” replied Kim crying in shame.

“So, I finally broke ya huh? Well, you’re a little too late...”



This was simply too much for Kim to take anymore in Suki’s body, she was afraid of it giving out and her dying. She’d rather give up and keep Suki’s body alive than it dying, along with her.

This torture continued for ten more minutes, each zap of the whip threatening Suki’s body and Kim’s life.

Nikki was about to hit Kim again but paused, taking a moment to look at her body twitching severely from the currents still in her body.

Nikki reached into her left pocket and pulled out a rectangle device with a scream and held it in front of Kim.

“Hmm, your... or should I say, Suki’s energy level is at thirty-one, one more hit would kill you...”

Nikki then aimed it at Tisha.

“Tisha’s still in a safe level, one thousand-forty-two and raising.”

Nikki appeared to think for a moment before, “My Lord has told me not to kill you, your Lucky... hmm, but it seems my Lord wants to give me a present for you, I wonder what it could be...”

Nikki de-lightened the whip and replaced it to her hip before holding out her right hand. Soon, a hypodermic needle appeared in her hand.

“My Lord... Ah, I see, thank you. Kimberly, this will be the last thing I’m allowed to do to you, or Suki’s body...”

Nikki then inserted the Needle into her abdomen, her bladder and injects a fluid. After Nikki pulls the Needle out, Kim almost immediately gasps weakly and writhes in pain.

“From now on, anytime you beloved wife pees, it’ll feel like she’s peeing fire it’ll burn so bad.”

Kim screams once more before passing out again. Nikki examines her with the device again...

“Hmm, energy level one...”


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