Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (chapter 1)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1- Becky's Unfortunate Loss

[Author's notes: LOLI, WATERSPORTS, SCAT]

It's currently been Two months since the defeat of Hon'tyl, Kim and the group relax on Pioneer 2 in relative peace, during this time, Kim has her 20th birthday, Nanyo goes MIA, Sashi is fixed, healed and resting in a hospital-like room. Suki has also become more familiar with the layout of Pioneer 2. But just a day after Sashi is healed, Becky reveals unfortunate news to her.


Becky walks into the room were Sashi rests in a bed.

"Hey Sashi." greets Becky as she smiles, although it's obvious something is bothering her.

Sashi looks up from a magazine she is reading, "Mistress? What brings you here?"

"Don't call me that, I'm not your mistress anymore." requests Becky.

"I am sorry... I forget a lot these days... must be because of the... 'Incident'..."


"So, what does bring you here? Has something happened to Kim or my sister?"

"No, their fine... I came, to tell you something."

"Hrm? What might that be, Miss Becky?"

"Sashi, I'm sorry, the past few weeks has caused me to realize, I'm not ready for a one on one relationship."

Sashi tenses, "What?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't be with you anymore, I'm not fit to be your girlfriend."

"Oh... I see... I should have known... I should have known..." she mutters to herself, looking away from Becky.

"I really am sorry Sashi." states Becky as her eyes start to water.

"If you no longer love me... then I guess I do not belong on board this ship..."

"I didn't say I don't love you, I still do, but I can't be your girlfriend."

"I do not understand... why?" she turns back to face Becky, her own ears brimming with tears.

"I'm weak, I'm too easily drawn to sex." admits Becky.

"So you are saying you cannot be faithful to me?"

"Yes..." replies Becky as tears now trails her cheeks.

"That... really... hurts...." she states softly, a trail of tears
running down her cheek.

"I'm sorry."

"...." states Sashi with great emotion, turning away from Becky, adding, "I do not think I want to see your face anymore..."

Becky quickly squeezes her eyes closed but the tears still come, she turns around a moment later and leaves without another word.

"...." is all Sashi can say, though she too is spilling tears down her cheeks.

Present time- 2 months later...

Becky has recovered from her break-up with Sashi, who dicided to stay on Pioneer 2 after all, working as an assistant for Kim's boss. The two former lovers continue to speak to each other though.

Suki is happy that her sister survived the attack on Hon'tyl. But has become more interested in her love, Kim.

Who has actually dicided to change her hair color to a shiny platinum. Sara's still the same, but Alice continues to pine for Becky's attention despite of her being told Becky doesn't want a one-on-one relationship. Never-the-less though, Alice finally wins Becky over.

And Tisha has started to grow up a bit physically.

Begin season two! RP to Fic: Second Cumming.

Kim's room- Kim and Suki currently lay in 'their' bed, Kim's asleep under the cover but unconsciously cuddles with Suki.

Suki moans softly and lifts up her left arm to allow Kim to roll closer to her. She smiles drowsily and yawns softly, sweetly.

Kim then starts to smile in her sleep as she mumbles, "Cute loli..." while she hugs Suki tighter, but gently.

Suki blushes and giggles slightly as she says, "Aw, Kimmie... you're cute too..." She leans over to her side and wraps her
free arm around Kim.

Kim simply smiles in her sleep and giggles lightly as she fees Suki arms around her.

Suki leans close to Kim and opens her mouth, breathing gently on the older girl as she whispers, "Kimmie... I love you so much..."

In a rare event for Kim, She slowly opens her eyes to the sight of Suki looking at her. Kim then blushes immediately before smiling. "U-Uh, good-morning."

Suki giggles as she leans back, saying, "Good morning, Kimmie... You feel ok?"

"Yeah, I feel fine."

"Really? You don't... feel... full... or anything?" she giggles, blushing herself now.

"Not at the moment."

"Oh.. ok... Then I guess I should get up and get breakfast ready... What would you like, Kimmie?" She gets up to her knees and yawns.

"Y-yeah, I'd like that." answers Kim, although her blush fails to go away.

"Ok... I'll go and get something going..." She scoots over to her side of the bed and gets to her feet, stretching out her small arms and thin legs.

With Suki not looking, Kim lowers her left hand down to the crotch of her panties to find the area soaking wet. "Some dream..." mumbles Kim.

Suki reaches out for her clothes and quickly dresses before leaving the room, making for the kitchen.

Now that Suki's left the room, Kim removes the cover from her body, revealing she's just wearing her panties, witch arn't the only things soaking wet, her dream effecting her so much that she became wet enough to create a rather large wet spot under her on the bed, having about a 3 inch diameter. "Wow, if Suki saw this, she'd think I wet the bed..."

Meanwhile, on her way to the kitchen, Suki stops by the restroom and uses the facilities before returning to her path. She passes Becky's room and sees Tisha lying on a couch in the living quarters. She smiles to herself and makes for the nearby kitchen.

Suddenly, Kim gets a idea, spotting Suki's sprit crystal on the nearby drawer, Kim take it in her right hand and slowly rubs it against her pussy through her wet, and warm, panties.

The crystal hums softly and glows a warm purplish color as it is pressed up against Kim's nether regions and underwear.

Kim finds that although the crystal is hard, it does a decent job as a masturbatory object and starts to rub it over her stiffening clit and moans a bit.

The crystal shines brightly and in the kitchen, Suki suddenly bends over the sink, gasping, "Ah...!"

Automatically, she senses her body reacting in pleasure as she lets out a soft moan of ecstasy.

Seeing the familiar glow, Kim grins happily and pulls at the crotch of her panties with her left hand, revealing her wet, shaven pussy and begins to insert and withdraw the crystal from her hole slowly, moaning with pleasure.

The crystal continues to glow softly and warmly as Suki crumples down to the floor, gasping, "Oh! Ohhhhh!"

"Hehe, I wonder how Suki's doing right now." giggles Kim as she continues to pleasure herself with, basically, Suki's soul.

Suki moans softly as her right hand comes up under her top and slides into her bra, cupping her breast as she thinks, "Oh... what.. what is going on...? I'm... so.... hot...!"

Kim then loops the string attached to the crystal around her wrist, allowing a firm grasp to the now wet jewel as she lays on her back, thrusting the crystal into her now faster and using her left hand to rub her left breast.

Suki lets out a hard gasp as she squeezes her breast, beginning to masturbate for the first time in her life. Her soft panting is music to anyone's ears.

Kim now begins to moan louder as she now rapidly thrusts the crystal into herself, her climax moments away as she pinches her left nipple hard.

"Hah... Huuuuh.... hah..." pants Suki, squeezing her breast again, lightly pinching her nipple as she closes her eyes, enjoying the pleasure.

Just seconds before her orgasm, Kim pauses a moment before quickly shoving the crystal into her, causing her climax to break through with loud moan from her as she ejects a hard stream of her cum into her right hand.

Suki moans loudly as she presses her breast in hard against her skin and she quivers slightly as she senses an enormous amount of pleasure escape her pores.

As Kim quivers in her afterglow, she continues, although slowly, to thrust the crystal into herself, smiling.

Suki pants heavily, wondering aloud, "Wha'... What's going on?! I.. I can't control myself...!"

"Hehehe, I wonder is Suki's come yet... maybe doing this has a really strong effect, she's proboly come multiple times, hehe."

Suki unconsciously lets out a loud whine, "Awwwwww....! awwwww...! I.. I can't...! I c-can't control myself!" Her body begins to react and a slight amount of fluid starts to form in her girlhood.

Kim, thinking she's making Suki climax over and over, continues her action. Meanwhile, The room Becky occupies opens, which Suki can hear.

Suki immediately blushes and tries to cover up, gasping, "Oh no...!"

Out steps Alice, yawning louder than necessary, dressed in a white t-shirt and small matching panties.

Suki quickly gets to her feet, still blushing heavily as she leans over the skin, turning on the faucet.

Alice walks to the bathroom, walking in for about a two minute while Kim continues her action, feeling the pleasure raising again.

Suki gasps, "Ahhh! Ahhh! N-no! Not now!" She crumples again, the water splashing down her collar as a sexual flush covers her cheeks.

Alice exits the bathroom with a smile and hears Suki's gasp in the kitchen. "Suki-san?" questions the girl as she begins to walk to the kitchen.

Suki whimpers softly to herself, "No... don't come...! Don't!" as the pleasure flows throughout her body. She brings her thighs together, sensing the pleasure surge from her young girlhood.

Alice walks to the kitchen, seeing Suki under some kind of stress. "What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing!" she tries to lie, yet a moan still escapes her lips as she quivers.

"Huh? Why are you moaning then?" question Alice confused.

"I-It's okay... r-really..." she blushes heavily as she continues to shiver a little.

"Well, ok..." Alice then walks to Suki's left, reaching into the cabnet. "I'm getting Anna some juice." replies Alice removing a large cup.

Suki lifts her left hand up to her mouth to stiffle her moans as she closes her eyes again.

Alice then begins to hum to herself as she hads to, and opens the frig, taking a bottle of juice from it.

Suki fights her way to her feet and removes her hand from her mouth, saying, "I think I'll go see what Kimmie is up to.."

"Ok, see you later."

Suki nods, "Y-Yeah..." She leaves the kitchen and staggers her way back to the bedroom.

Back in kim's room, she giggles at the thought that Suki must be absolutly writhing in pleasure.

Just then, Suki crashes through the door, groaning and moaning in pleasure as she gasps, "K-Kimmie! Wh-What are you doing to me?!"

Kim then snickers and replies, "Ya like it? how many times you come?"

Suki immediately blushes, "Um... I... I dunno... I.. I'm not using to 'coming'.." She looks down at her feet shyly.

Kim smiles and thrusts the rystal into herself again.

Suki stiffens, bending her head back and letting out a pleasure filled moan, "U... uh! K-Kimmie!"

"you want me to stop?"

She blushes, "Um..." and gives this expression, ^_^; to the other girl.

"Ohh, looks like Suki likes the sudden pleasure." smiles Kim.

"B-But Kimmie... N-Not in public again, ok? I-It's so embarrassing..." She blushes again as she sits down on the edge of the bed.

"We're not in public though."

"But I was! I was in the kitchen and Alice came in!"

"Oh, really? Hehehe..."

"Kimmie!" She puts her hands on her hips, feigning anger.

"Did she figure out what was happening to you?"

"I really hope not! How embarrassing that would be!" She closes her eyes and squeezes them shut tightly.

"Well, did you come?"

"Um... n-no... I don't think so..." she tries.

"I'm going to have to fix that then..." kim then rapidly re-starts thrusting her crystal into herself, watching Suki.

Suki crashes to the bed, lying on her stomach as she quickly thrusts a hand between her thighs, rubbing gently. She lets out a loud pleasure whine, "Kimmie!"

"Hehehe, such control over your body makes me really horny, I'll have to do this more often."

Suki whines, "Kimmie...! The Spirit Crystal... Don't use it frivolously!" She shakes her head back and forth, a little sweat starting to form on her forehead.

"Mmm, why not? It's not hurting you."

"N-No... but it's not meant for that..."

"But it can be used for that ^_^"

"But.. But..." she falters, unable to think clearly through the haze of pleasure she now feels.

"Don't fight it Suki-chan, Hehe."

Suki whines, "I... I can't..." She quivers in pleasure, still clutching at her tender sex through her panties, which are just beginning to grow damp with her arousal fluid.

"Yes, you can, just give up."

"I can't fight it... It's too much..." She shudders as a strong wave of pleasure crashes over her, causing a shuddering moan to escape her lips.

"That's it, give up... Mmm..."

"Huuuuuh.... huuuh..." the smaller girl pants as she starts to arch her back, much like her sister.

'Such a awesome sight...' thinks Kim looking at Suki's pleasured body.

The younger girl continues to breathe hard as she clutches at her sex harder and harder, her panties now showing signs of her arousal.

"Suki, I'm about to come, what about you?"

"Mmmm.. I.. I think... " She seizures suddenly, stiffening up, arching her back as she adds, "Ooh...!"

"Hehe- Ah!" gasps Kim as she starts to shudders, her second climax seconds away.

Suki moans and whines, "K-Kimmie! I... I can't take it anymore! Ahhhh! AHHHHHH!" She arches her back as high as she can like her sister would do, then she begins to quake with spasms running down her body.

Kim then stiffens and comes, squirting her cum into hand again.

Suki pants heavily, her breathing sounding like pleasant music to those who love her as she rubs furiously at her crotch, trying to soothe her sex as she finishes cumming.

having had enough with her own body, Kim finally stops, moaning in the waves of her afterglow.

Suki pants as she quivers slightly in the aftershocks of her orgasm and she gasps, "K-Kimmie... that... wasn't... too bad..."

"Hehe, I know."

"S-So... are you full now?" Suki looks at the other girl, grinning.

"Full? What do you mean?"

"I guess not... Oh well... maybe next time..." She sighs looking disappointed.

"Well, what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know... what is there to do up here on Pioneer II?" the smaller girl asks.

"There's plenty, shopping, arcades, movies, and other stuff too."

"Movies? You have movies up here?" asks Suki, looking interested.


"Ooh.. what kind?" She lays back on her stomach, propping her head up on her hands and looking up at Kimmie.

"All kinds, romance, action, horror, comedies..."

"Ooh! Can you show me?" she asks, reaching out to Kim's arm and interlocking her fingers with Kim's.

"which ones?"

"Um... A-Anything to start with.. I haven't watched a movie since I was 15 years old back in Lo'lop.. and even then it was only in black and white..." She slides her other hand down to Kim's left thigh and rubs gently.

"Well, I don't really like romance movies, and you proboly don't want to see and action or horror ones, what about comedy?"

"Hehe.. sounds good..." She holds Kim's fingers more tightly in hers and uses her left hand to slide up toward Kim's wet crotch.

"Hmm, is it just me, or are you a little horny?" asks Kim smiling.

Suki giggles, "What was your first clue, Kimmie? And I bet you know what I like... At least, you should, by now..."

"Heh, I hope I do."

"Hey.. I got an idea... How about we watch a movie while we hold it...?" She giggles as she reaches up to pull away Kim's drenched underwear.

"What? Are you crazy?"

"What's a matter, Kimmie? You don't like?"

"I can't be caught pissing myself in public."

"It didn't seem to be a problem when we fought Hon'tyl..." replies the younger girl, stung by Kim's words.

"But here, there are other people that know me. It would bring up old memories about when I had trouble holding it when I was younger."

"Oh... are those memories painful, Kimmie? I.. I'm sorry..." The younger girl looks hurt and sympathetic.

"There not painful, just really embarrassing."

"Oh.. I see... well... how would you prefer to do it? I don't know much about this... um... ship..." She scratches at her short black hair.

"But you've been here for two months, you should know somthing."

"Two months is nothing compared to the amount of time you've spent here... Is there anyplace private where we could do it and still maintain the sense of embarrassment?"

You WANT to be embarrassed?

Suki blushes and replies, looking down at her feet, "A little... but if you don't want to, I.. I understand..."

"Well I don't, sorry."

Suki snaps her fingers, "I got it! Let's do it in front of your sister! Surely you can't argue against that!" She grins.

"Which one, Becky or Sara?"

"I... I um... I don't like Sara all that much..." Suki admits, looking a little sour.

"Oh, then how would we do it in front of Becky?"

"We invite her in the room... and start? I'm sorry.. I'm not good at coming up with plans... Just people..."

"Well, I'm sure she'd be happy to watch."

Suki giggles, "From what she's told me, I'd expect she'd want to join in... hehe..." She reaches out to Kim's panties and starts trying to tug them town away from her crotch.

"Heh, true, but when are we going to do it? I don't have to go yet?"

"Let's have breakfast, then... and maybe... maybe we can catch Becky off guard... hehe... and have some.. 'fun'.. with her... too... " She giggles lightly.

"Heh, sounds good."

"I know it does... I can't wait... " She glances down at Kim's shaven lips and licks her own as she adds, "Wow... it's so pretty..."

"Heh, yep, shaved looks much better to me."

"Shaved, huh? So you did have hair down there then? It's not like that for Ap Dat girls... we don't have that..."

"Yeah, I had hair."

"Hmmm.... I guess we're different physically then..."

"Heh, obviously."

"Oh yeah... I forgot to ask... What do you want for breakfast?" She turns away from Kim and starts fumbling around for clean clothes.

"Hmm, surprise me."

"Ok.. I will..." She smiles as she changes her wet panties for a pair of dry ones. Her skirt and top are still clean so she doesn't bother changing them. She turns back to Kim and says, "Hurry up, Kimmie!"

"Ok, ok." replies Kim, getting off the bed and stretching out a bit before walking to Suki as is."

"Aren't you going to change?" the smaller girl asks, looking at Kim with an incredous look on her face.

"Why? It's my place, I can walk around naked if I wanted."

"Would you really? Even in the kitchen and stuff?" asks the young girl.

"Of course, my place, my rules."

Suki giggles, "Ok then... I'll go ahead and get things cooking..." She turns to Kim and gives her a quick peck on the cheek, then leaves the room.

Kim then follows Suki out.

Suki passes Becky's room with a furtive glance and returns to the kitchen where the faucet is still pouring water out.

Just moments after Kim passes the door, both Becky and Alice walk out, Becky dressed in just her white bra and panties. "Kimmie? You're up already?" asked Becky surprised.

"Heh, good morning to you too." replies Kim turning around.

Suki calls out from the kitchen, "Good morning, Becky and Alice!"

Alice then gasps, "Mom! put some clothes on! "Heh, I think not." replies Kim heading into the kitchen.

Suki sighs, "Here we go..." then she turns the water off after catching some in a pan and puts the pan on the stove.

Alice blushes in reply but Becky looks at her young girlfriend and smiles, before quickly pulling down her panties. "AH! Anna! What are you doing!?" gasps Alice covering herself with her hands.

"Aww come on Alice, your a little overdressed don't you think?" replies Becky taking the young girls underwear and pulling down hers too, now both girl's lower bodies are exposed, but Becky doesn't bother to cover up.

Just then, someone moans, "Aw, come on, you people... can't a girl even get her beauty rest?" It's Tisha and she's standing in the hallway, looking disheveled.

Becky then takes Alice's hands and lifts them above the girl's head, exposing her pre-teen, hairless labia. "Expose yourself to the world!" giggles Becky. "Eeeekkk!" squels Alice cutely in embarrasment.

Tisha scowls, "Oh come on! Enough with the squealing!" She rubs her ears as Suki blushes from the kitchen.

"Anna stop playing around! Let me go!" states Alice. "Ok, ok..." replies Becky letting her hands go, allowing Alice to pull the bottom of her shirt down enough to cover herself.

"But your not getting these back." teases Becky waving Alice's cotton panties in the air. "Aw, come on!"

Suki asks, "Becky.. what do you want for breakfast?"

"I'll have what ever Kimmie's having, but i have to go to the bathroom real quick..."

Suki glances to Kim, whispering, "Should we stop her?"

"I guess now is a good a time as any." whispers back Kim.

Suki nods, "Ok.. you stop her..."

"Becky wait." states Kim quickly walking to the younger girl. "Just hold on a minute, I'll be right back." replies Becky.

Suki watches from the kitchen, a small smile starting to cross her lips.

"Just come back here for a sec..." continues Kim grabbing Becky by her right arm and pulling her to the kitchen. "Hey, let me go, I don't have time for this."

Suki giggles to herself, watching Kim tug on Becky's arm.

"You got plenty of time." replies Kim with Becky now in the kitchen. "No I don't! Let me go!" Alice meanwhile, simply watches the event.

Suki turns to Becky, holding a glass of water. "Thirsty, Becky?" she asks.

"No, I gotta piss!" replies Becky now squirming to free her arm, but Kim quickly grabs Becky's other arm. "Oh come on, you like pissing yourself, what's the big deal now?"

"Yeah...! What's the big problem, Becky?" Suki giggles.

This question now brings a blush to Becky's cheeks as she states, "Let me go!"

"Aw, come on, Becky... it'll be fun!"

"NO! Let me go, I have to get to the bathroom! Please!" begs Becky. "Ohh, it's been awhile since I heard you beg." smiles Kim.

"Hehe... it sounds pleasing to the ear..." Suki giggles.

Meanwhile, Alice notices that Becky's nude rear is rather tense in addition to her closed legs. "Ohhh..."

Suki reaches out to the younger girl and runs a hand across her stomach, giggling, "Ooh.. can I feel it?"

Alice then leaves back into her and Becky's room for a moment while then raises Becky's hands in the air. "I gotta go! Please let me go!" whines Becky.

"Hehe... I like that whine..." grins Suki.

Alice soon comes back with a small, but long vibrator in her right hand while her left continues to pull her shirt over her uncovered crotch, leaving her rear completely exposed in return though. "Can I help?" asks the small girl.

"Oh, sure Alice..." states Kim, "Join the fun!"

"Alice, no! Don't!" pleads Becky now trembling.

"Yeah! Help us out, Alice!" laughs Suki as she pats Becky's stomach gently.

Alice then walks behind Becky and gets to her knees and quickly prods the vibrator into Becky's hole between her rear cheeks. "Alice no! Don't do that!" pleads Becky now squirming harder.

Suki giggles, "Feels amazing, doesn't it, Becky?"

Meanwhile, the young Tisha stares on hungrily, her hands rubbing her sides, wishing she had Kim's curves.

Alice then turns on the vibration and quickly, but easily inserts the entire object into Becky's rectum, who tenses hin shock. "AAHHH! Take it out! Take it out!" yells Becky squirming frantically.

"Ohh, nice Alice." states Kim smiling at her daughter, who also smiles and stands, walking away, near Tisha.

Tisha moans to herself, "Wow... so that's what it's like, is it? I... I can't believe it looks that hot..."

Suki giggles, "Didn't you do this once to her before, Kimmie?"

"Huh? Like what?" asks Kim.

"AHHH! Take it out!!!!" yells Becky as tears start to form in her tightly closed eyes.

"Nanyo told me... she sensed, I guess with her telepathy, that you had done this to her before... Am I wrong?"

"Oh, Yeah, I did." smiles Kim. But Becky suddenly pitches forward, pushing her head against Kim's chest as she groans loudly. "Ohh, I think it's about to happen." states Kim.

"She can't hold it any longer? Boy, that was fast..." sighs Suki.

"AHHHHHH!" yells Becky as urine slowly trails downward between her legs, but she continues to temble as though she's holding something else...

"Oh yes! That was wonderful!" sighs Suki, as she pulls back to cup her left breast in her small palm.

Becky groans for a long moment before her small body finnally gives up on her ad the vibrator in her a** shoots out to the floor nearly covered in crap as sh*t ejects from her rear violently in decent sized logs.

"Ohh, so that's what you were talking about." smiles Kim. "You had to crap."

Suki covers her eyes, moaning, "Ewww... I didn't know... Becky, I'm so sorry! Gross!"

Becky also begins to pee freely as she slumps against Kim, letting her body do what's natural. "That's it, just let it all out..." states Kim as she rubs Becky's back with her right hand.

"Wow... she had a lot in her..." observes Suki as Tisha moans softly, running her left hand along her left thigh.

"Yeah..." adds Alice. "No wonder Anna begged to go so badly."

Suki nods, "Yeah..."

Kim then releases Becky's hands, allowing her to drop to her knees, done peeing but continuing to defecate on the floor, continuing to produce rather large logs from her body, but pushing them out.

Suki sighs, "I guess someone's gonna hafta clean that up..." She looks at Kim.

Kim sweatdrops ^_^; "Uh, oh yeah..."


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