Story: RP 2 Fic: Second Cumming (all chapters)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1- Becky's Unfortunate Loss

[Author's notes: LOLI, WATERSPORTS, SCAT]

It's currently been Two months since the defeat of Hon'tyl, Kim and the group relax on Pioneer 2 in relative peace, during this time, Kim has her 20th birthday, Nanyo goes MIA, Sashi is fixed, healed and resting in a hospital-like room. Suki has also become more familiar with the layout of Pioneer 2. But just a day after Sashi is healed, Becky reveals unfortunate news to her.


Becky walks into the room were Sashi rests in a bed.

"Hey Sashi." greets Becky as she smiles, although it's obvious something is bothering her.

Sashi looks up from a magazine she is reading, "Mistress? What brings you here?"

"Don't call me that, I'm not your mistress anymore." requests Becky.

"I am sorry... I forget a lot these days... must be because of the... 'Incident'..."


"So, what does bring you here? Has something happened to Kim or my sister?"

"No, their fine... I came, to tell you something."

"Hrm? What might that be, Miss Becky?"

"Sashi, I'm sorry, the past few weeks has caused me to realize, I'm not ready for a one on one relationship."

Sashi tenses, "What?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't be with you anymore, I'm not fit to be your girlfriend."

"Oh... I see... I should have known... I should have known..." she mutters to herself, looking away from Becky.

"I really am sorry Sashi." states Becky as her eyes start to water.

"If you no longer love me... then I guess I do not belong on board this ship..."

"I didn't say I don't love you, I still do, but I can't be your girlfriend."

"I do not understand... why?" she turns back to face Becky, her own ears brimming with tears.

"I'm weak, I'm too easily drawn to sex." admits Becky.

"So you are saying you cannot be faithful to me?"

"Yes..." replies Becky as tears now trails her cheeks.

"That... really... hurts...." she states softly, a trail of tears
running down her cheek.

"I'm sorry."

"...." states Sashi with great emotion, turning away from Becky, adding, "I do not think I want to see your face anymore..."

Becky quickly squeezes her eyes closed but the tears still come, she turns around a moment later and leaves without another word.

"...." is all Sashi can say, though she too is spilling tears down her cheeks.

Present time- 2 months later...

Becky has recovered from her break-up with Sashi, who dicided to stay on Pioneer 2 after all, working as an assistant for Kim's boss. The two former lovers continue to speak to each other though.

Suki is happy that her sister survived the attack on Hon'tyl. But has become more interested in her love, Kim.

Who has actually dicided to change her hair color to a shiny platinum. Sara's still the same, but Alice continues to pine for Becky's attention despite of her being told Becky doesn't want a one-on-one relationship. Never-the-less though, Alice finally wins Becky over.

And Tisha has started to grow up a bit physically.

Begin season two! RP to Fic: Second Cumming.

Kim's room- Kim and Suki currently lay in 'their' bed, Kim's asleep under the cover but unconsciously cuddles with Suki.

Suki moans softly and lifts up her left arm to allow Kim to roll closer to her. She smiles drowsily and yawns softly, sweetly.

Kim then starts to smile in her sleep as she mumbles, "Cute loli..." while she hugs Suki tighter, but gently.

Suki blushes and giggles slightly as she says, "Aw, Kimmie... you're cute too..." She leans over to her side and wraps her
free arm around Kim.

Kim simply smiles in her sleep and giggles lightly as she fees Suki arms around her.

Suki leans close to Kim and opens her mouth, breathing gently on the older girl as she whispers, "Kimmie... I love you so much..."

In a rare event for Kim, She slowly opens her eyes to the sight of Suki looking at her. Kim then blushes immediately before smiling. "U-Uh, good-morning."

Suki giggles as she leans back, saying, "Good morning, Kimmie... You feel ok?"

"Yeah, I feel fine."

"Really? You don't... feel... full... or anything?" she giggles, blushing herself now.

"Not at the moment."

"Oh.. ok... Then I guess I should get up and get breakfast ready... What would you like, Kimmie?" She gets up to her knees and yawns.

"Y-yeah, I'd like that." answers Kim, although her blush fails to go away.

"Ok... I'll go and get something going..." She scoots over to her side of the bed and gets to her feet, stretching out her small arms and thin legs.

With Suki not looking, Kim lowers her left hand down to the crotch of her panties to find the area soaking wet. "Some dream..." mumbles Kim.

Suki reaches out for her clothes and quickly dresses before leaving the room, making for the kitchen.

Now that Suki's left the room, Kim removes the cover from her body, revealing she's just wearing her panties, witch arn't the only things soaking wet, her dream effecting her so much that she became wet enough to create a rather large wet spot under her on the bed, having about a 3 inch diameter. "Wow, if Suki saw this, she'd think I wet the bed..."

Meanwhile, on her way to the kitchen, Suki stops by the restroom and uses the facilities before returning to her path. She passes Becky's room and sees Tisha lying on a couch in the living quarters. She smiles to herself and makes for the nearby kitchen.

Suddenly, Kim gets a idea, spotting Suki's sprit crystal on the nearby drawer, Kim take it in her right hand and slowly rubs it against her pussy through her wet, and warm, panties.

The crystal hums softly and glows a warm purplish color as it is pressed up against Kim's nether regions and underwear.

Kim finds that although the crystal is hard, it does a decent job as a masturbatory object and starts to rub it over her stiffening clit and moans a bit.

The crystal shines brightly and in the kitchen, Suki suddenly bends over the sink, gasping, "Ah...!"

Automatically, she senses her body reacting in pleasure as she lets out a soft moan of ecstasy.

Seeing the familiar glow, Kim grins happily and pulls at the crotch of her panties with her left hand, revealing her wet, shaven pussy and begins to insert and withdraw the crystal from her hole slowly, moaning with pleasure.

The crystal continues to glow softly and warmly as Suki crumples down to the floor, gasping, "Oh! Ohhhhh!"

"Hehe, I wonder how Suki's doing right now." giggles Kim as she continues to pleasure herself with, basically, Suki's soul.

Suki moans softly as her right hand comes up under her top and slides into her bra, cupping her breast as she thinks, "Oh... what.. what is going on...? I'm... so.... hot...!"

Kim then loops the string attached to the crystal around her wrist, allowing a firm grasp to the now wet jewel as she lays on her back, thrusting the crystal into her now faster and using her left hand to rub her left breast.

Suki lets out a hard gasp as she squeezes her breast, beginning to masturbate for the first time in her life. Her soft panting is music to anyone's ears.

Kim now begins to moan louder as she now rapidly thrusts the crystal into herself, her climax moments away as she pinches her left nipple hard.

"Hah... Huuuuh.... hah..." pants Suki, squeezing her breast again, lightly pinching her nipple as she closes her eyes, enjoying the pleasure.

Just seconds before her orgasm, Kim pauses a moment before quickly shoving the crystal into her, causing her climax to break through with loud moan from her as she ejects a hard stream of her cum into her right hand.

Suki moans loudly as she presses her breast in hard against her skin and she quivers slightly as she senses an enormous amount of pleasure escape her pores.

As Kim quivers in her afterglow, she continues, although slowly, to thrust the crystal into herself, smiling.

Suki pants heavily, wondering aloud, "Wha'... What's going on?! I.. I can't control myself...!"

"Hehehe, I wonder is Suki's come yet... maybe doing this has a really strong effect, she's proboly come multiple times, hehe."

Suki unconsciously lets out a loud whine, "Awwwwww....! awwwww...! I.. I can't...! I c-can't control myself!" Her body begins to react and a slight amount of fluid starts to form in her girlhood.

Kim, thinking she's making Suki climax over and over, continues her action. Meanwhile, The room Becky occupies opens, which Suki can hear.

Suki immediately blushes and tries to cover up, gasping, "Oh no...!"

Out steps Alice, yawning louder than necessary, dressed in a white t-shirt and small matching panties.

Suki quickly gets to her feet, still blushing heavily as she leans over the skin, turning on the faucet.

Alice walks to the bathroom, walking in for about a two minute while Kim continues her action, feeling the pleasure raising again.

Suki gasps, "Ahhh! Ahhh! N-no! Not now!" She crumples again, the water splashing down her collar as a sexual flush covers her cheeks.

Alice exits the bathroom with a smile and hears Suki's gasp in the kitchen. "Suki-san?" questions the girl as she begins to walk to the kitchen.

Suki whimpers softly to herself, "No... don't come...! Don't!" as the pleasure flows throughout her body. She brings her thighs together, sensing the pleasure surge from her young girlhood.

Alice walks to the kitchen, seeing Suki under some kind of stress. "What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing!" she tries to lie, yet a moan still escapes her lips as she quivers.

"Huh? Why are you moaning then?" question Alice confused.

"I-It's okay... r-really..." she blushes heavily as she continues to shiver a little.

"Well, ok..." Alice then walks to Suki's left, reaching into the cabnet. "I'm getting Anna some juice." replies Alice removing a large cup.

Suki lifts her left hand up to her mouth to stiffle her moans as she closes her eyes again.

Alice then begins to hum to herself as she hads to, and opens the frig, taking a bottle of juice from it.

Suki fights her way to her feet and removes her hand from her mouth, saying, "I think I'll go see what Kimmie is up to.."

"Ok, see you later."

Suki nods, "Y-Yeah..." She leaves the kitchen and staggers her way back to the bedroom.

Back in kim's room, she giggles at the thought that Suki must be absolutly writhing in pleasure.

Just then, Suki crashes through the door, groaning and moaning in pleasure as she gasps, "K-Kimmie! Wh-What are you doing to me?!"

Kim then snickers and replies, "Ya like it? how many times you come?"

Suki immediately blushes, "Um... I... I dunno... I.. I'm not using to 'coming'.." She looks down at her feet shyly.

Kim smiles and thrusts the rystal into herself again.

Suki stiffens, bending her head back and letting out a pleasure filled moan, "U... uh! K-Kimmie!"

"you want me to stop?"

She blushes, "Um..." and gives this expression, ^_^; to the other girl.

"Ohh, looks like Suki likes the sudden pleasure." smiles Kim.

"B-But Kimmie... N-Not in public again, ok? I-It's so embarrassing..." She blushes again as she sits down on the edge of the bed.

"We're not in public though."

"But I was! I was in the kitchen and Alice came in!"

"Oh, really? Hehehe..."

"Kimmie!" She puts her hands on her hips, feigning anger.

"Did she figure out what was happening to you?"

"I really hope not! How embarrassing that would be!" She closes her eyes and squeezes them shut tightly.

"Well, did you come?"

"Um... n-no... I don't think so..." she tries.

"I'm going to have to fix that then..." kim then rapidly re-starts thrusting her crystal into herself, watching Suki.

Suki crashes to the bed, lying on her stomach as she quickly thrusts a hand between her thighs, rubbing gently. She lets out a loud pleasure whine, "Kimmie!"

"Hehehe, such control over your body makes me really horny, I'll have to do this more often."

Suki whines, "Kimmie...! The Spirit Crystal... Don't use it frivolously!" She shakes her head back and forth, a little sweat starting to form on her forehead.

"Mmm, why not? It's not hurting you."

"N-No... but it's not meant for that..."

"But it can be used for that ^_^"

"But.. But..." she falters, unable to think clearly through the haze of pleasure she now feels.

"Don't fight it Suki-chan, Hehe."

Suki whines, "I... I can't..." She quivers in pleasure, still clutching at her tender sex through her panties, which are just beginning to grow damp with her arousal fluid.

"Yes, you can, just give up."

"I can't fight it... It's too much..." She shudders as a strong wave of pleasure crashes over her, causing a shuddering moan to escape her lips.

"That's it, give up... Mmm..."

"Huuuuuh.... huuuh..." the smaller girl pants as she starts to arch her back, much like her sister.

'Such a awesome sight...' thinks Kim looking at Suki's pleasured body.

The younger girl continues to breathe hard as she clutches at her sex harder and harder, her panties now showing signs of her arousal.

"Suki, I'm about to come, what about you?"

"Mmmm.. I.. I think... " She seizures suddenly, stiffening up, arching her back as she adds, "Ooh...!"

"Hehe- Ah!" gasps Kim as she starts to shudders, her second climax seconds away.

Suki moans and whines, "K-Kimmie! I... I can't take it anymore! Ahhhh! AHHHHHH!" She arches her back as high as she can like her sister would do, then she begins to quake with spasms running down her body.

Kim then stiffens and comes, squirting her cum into hand again.

Suki pants heavily, her breathing sounding like pleasant music to those who love her as she rubs furiously at her crotch, trying to soothe her sex as she finishes cumming.

having had enough with her own body, Kim finally stops, moaning in the waves of her afterglow.

Suki pants as she quivers slightly in the aftershocks of her orgasm and she gasps, "K-Kimmie... that... wasn't... too bad..."

"Hehe, I know."

"S-So... are you full now?" Suki looks at the other girl, grinning.

"Full? What do you mean?"

"I guess not... Oh well... maybe next time..." She sighs looking disappointed.

"Well, what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know... what is there to do up here on Pioneer II?" the smaller girl asks.

"There's plenty, shopping, arcades, movies, and other stuff too."

"Movies? You have movies up here?" asks Suki, looking interested.


"Ooh.. what kind?" She lays back on her stomach, propping her head up on her hands and looking up at Kimmie.

"All kinds, romance, action, horror, comedies..."

"Ooh! Can you show me?" she asks, reaching out to Kim's arm and interlocking her fingers with Kim's.

"which ones?"

"Um... A-Anything to start with.. I haven't watched a movie since I was 15 years old back in Lo'lop.. and even then it was only in black and white..." She slides her other hand down to Kim's left thigh and rubs gently.

"Well, I don't really like romance movies, and you proboly don't want to see and action or horror ones, what about comedy?"

"Hehe.. sounds good..." She holds Kim's fingers more tightly in hers and uses her left hand to slide up toward Kim's wet crotch.

"Hmm, is it just me, or are you a little horny?" asks Kim smiling.

Suki giggles, "What was your first clue, Kimmie? And I bet you know what I like... At least, you should, by now..."

"Heh, I hope I do."

"Hey.. I got an idea... How about we watch a movie while we hold it...?" She giggles as she reaches up to pull away Kim's drenched underwear.

"What? Are you crazy?"

"What's a matter, Kimmie? You don't like?"

"I can't be caught pissing myself in public."

"It didn't seem to be a problem when we fought Hon'tyl..." replies the younger girl, stung by Kim's words.

"But here, there are other people that know me. It would bring up old memories about when I had trouble holding it when I was younger."

"Oh... are those memories painful, Kimmie? I.. I'm sorry..." The younger girl looks hurt and sympathetic.

"There not painful, just really embarrassing."

"Oh.. I see... well... how would you prefer to do it? I don't know much about this... um... ship..." She scratches at her short black hair.

"But you've been here for two months, you should know somthing."

"Two months is nothing compared to the amount of time you've spent here... Is there anyplace private where we could do it and still maintain the sense of embarrassment?"

You WANT to be embarrassed?

Suki blushes and replies, looking down at her feet, "A little... but if you don't want to, I.. I understand..."

"Well I don't, sorry."

Suki snaps her fingers, "I got it! Let's do it in front of your sister! Surely you can't argue against that!" She grins.

"Which one, Becky or Sara?"

"I... I um... I don't like Sara all that much..." Suki admits, looking a little sour.

"Oh, then how would we do it in front of Becky?"

"We invite her in the room... and start? I'm sorry.. I'm not good at coming up with plans... Just people..."

"Well, I'm sure she'd be happy to watch."

Suki giggles, "From what she's told me, I'd expect she'd want to join in... hehe..." She reaches out to Kim's panties and starts trying to tug them town away from her crotch.

"Heh, true, but when are we going to do it? I don't have to go yet?"

"Let's have breakfast, then... and maybe... maybe we can catch Becky off guard... hehe... and have some.. 'fun'.. with her... too... " She giggles lightly.

"Heh, sounds good."

"I know it does... I can't wait... " She glances down at Kim's shaven lips and licks her own as she adds, "Wow... it's so pretty..."

"Heh, yep, shaved looks much better to me."

"Shaved, huh? So you did have hair down there then? It's not like that for Ap Dat girls... we don't have that..."

"Yeah, I had hair."

"Hmmm.... I guess we're different physically then..."

"Heh, obviously."

"Oh yeah... I forgot to ask... What do you want for breakfast?" She turns away from Kim and starts fumbling around for clean clothes.

"Hmm, surprise me."

"Ok.. I will..." She smiles as she changes her wet panties for a pair of dry ones. Her skirt and top are still clean so she doesn't bother changing them. She turns back to Kim and says, "Hurry up, Kimmie!"

"Ok, ok." replies Kim, getting off the bed and stretching out a bit before walking to Suki as is."

"Aren't you going to change?" the smaller girl asks, looking at Kim with an incredous look on her face.

"Why? It's my place, I can walk around naked if I wanted."

"Would you really? Even in the kitchen and stuff?" asks the young girl.

"Of course, my place, my rules."

Suki giggles, "Ok then... I'll go ahead and get things cooking..." She turns to Kim and gives her a quick peck on the cheek, then leaves the room.

Kim then follows Suki out.

Suki passes Becky's room with a furtive glance and returns to the kitchen where the faucet is still pouring water out.

Just moments after Kim passes the door, both Becky and Alice walk out, Becky dressed in just her white bra and panties. "Kimmie? You're up already?" asked Becky surprised.

"Heh, good morning to you too." replies Kim turning around.

Suki calls out from the kitchen, "Good morning, Becky and Alice!"

Alice then gasps, "Mom! put some clothes on! "Heh, I think not." replies Kim heading into the kitchen.

Suki sighs, "Here we go..." then she turns the water off after catching some in a pan and puts the pan on the stove.

Alice blushes in reply but Becky looks at her young girlfriend and smiles, before quickly pulling down her panties. "AH! Anna! What are you doing!?" gasps Alice covering herself with her hands.

"Aww come on Alice, your a little overdressed don't you think?" replies Becky taking the young girls underwear and pulling down hers too, now both girl's lower bodies are exposed, but Becky doesn't bother to cover up.

Just then, someone moans, "Aw, come on, you people... can't a girl even get her beauty rest?" It's Tisha and she's standing in the hallway, looking disheveled.

Becky then takes Alice's hands and lifts them above the girl's head, exposing her pre-teen, hairless labia. "Expose yourself to the world!" giggles Becky. "Eeeekkk!" squels Alice cutely in embarrasment.

Tisha scowls, "Oh come on! Enough with the squealing!" She rubs her ears as Suki blushes from the kitchen.

"Anna stop playing around! Let me go!" states Alice. "Ok, ok..." replies Becky letting her hands go, allowing Alice to pull the bottom of her shirt down enough to cover herself.

"But your not getting these back." teases Becky waving Alice's cotton panties in the air. "Aw, come on!"

Suki asks, "Becky.. what do you want for breakfast?"

"I'll have what ever Kimmie's having, but i have to go to the bathroom real quick..."

Suki glances to Kim, whispering, "Should we stop her?"

"I guess now is a good a time as any." whispers back Kim.

Suki nods, "Ok.. you stop her..."

"Becky wait." states Kim quickly walking to the younger girl. "Just hold on a minute, I'll be right back." replies Becky.

Suki watches from the kitchen, a small smile starting to cross her lips.

"Just come back here for a sec..." continues Kim grabbing Becky by her right arm and pulling her to the kitchen. "Hey, let me go, I don't have time for this."

Suki giggles to herself, watching Kim tug on Becky's arm.

"You got plenty of time." replies Kim with Becky now in the kitchen. "No I don't! Let me go!" Alice meanwhile, simply watches the event.

Suki turns to Becky, holding a glass of water. "Thirsty, Becky?" she asks.

"No, I gotta piss!" replies Becky now squirming to free her arm, but Kim quickly grabs Becky's other arm. "Oh come on, you like pissing yourself, what's the big deal now?"

"Yeah...! What's the big problem, Becky?" Suki giggles.

This question now brings a blush to Becky's cheeks as she states, "Let me go!"

"Aw, come on, Becky... it'll be fun!"

"NO! Let me go, I have to get to the bathroom! Please!" begs Becky. "Ohh, it's been awhile since I heard you beg." smiles Kim.

"Hehe... it sounds pleasing to the ear..." Suki giggles.

Meanwhile, Alice notices that Becky's nude rear is rather tense in addition to her closed legs. "Ohhh..."

Suki reaches out to the younger girl and runs a hand across her stomach, giggling, "Ooh.. can I feel it?"

Alice then leaves back into her and Becky's room for a moment while then raises Becky's hands in the air. "I gotta go! Please let me go!" whines Becky.

"Hehe... I like that whine..." grins Suki.

Alice soon comes back with a small, but long vibrator in her right hand while her left continues to pull her shirt over her uncovered crotch, leaving her rear completely exposed in return though. "Can I help?" asks the small girl.

"Oh, sure Alice..." states Kim, "Join the fun!"

"Alice, no! Don't!" pleads Becky now trembling.

"Yeah! Help us out, Alice!" laughs Suki as she pats Becky's stomach gently.

Alice then walks behind Becky and gets to her knees and quickly prods the vibrator into Becky's hole between her rear cheeks. "Alice no! Don't do that!" pleads Becky now squirming harder.

Suki giggles, "Feels amazing, doesn't it, Becky?"

Meanwhile, the young Tisha stares on hungrily, her hands rubbing her sides, wishing she had Kim's curves.

Alice then turns on the vibration and quickly, but easily inserts the entire object into Becky's rectum, who tenses hin shock. "AAHHH! Take it out! Take it out!" yells Becky squirming frantically.

"Ohh, nice Alice." states Kim smiling at her daughter, who also smiles and stands, walking away, near Tisha.

Tisha moans to herself, "Wow... so that's what it's like, is it? I... I can't believe it looks that hot..."

Suki giggles, "Didn't you do this once to her before, Kimmie?"

"Huh? Like what?" asks Kim.

"AHHH! Take it out!!!!" yells Becky as tears start to form in her tightly closed eyes.

"Nanyo told me... she sensed, I guess with her telepathy, that you had done this to her before... Am I wrong?"

"Oh, Yeah, I did." smiles Kim. But Becky suddenly pitches forward, pushing her head against Kim's chest as she groans loudly. "Ohh, I think it's about to happen." states Kim.

"She can't hold it any longer? Boy, that was fast..." sighs Suki.

"AHHHHHH!" yells Becky as urine slowly trails downward between her legs, but she continues to temble as though she's holding something else...

"Oh yes! That was wonderful!" sighs Suki, as she pulls back to cup her left breast in her small palm.

Becky groans for a long moment before her small body finnally gives up on her ad the vibrator in her a** shoots out to the floor nearly covered in crap as sh*t ejects from her rear violently in decent sized logs.

"Ohh, so that's what you were talking about." smiles Kim. "You had to crap."

Suki covers her eyes, moaning, "Ewww... I didn't know... Becky, I'm so sorry! Gross!"

Becky also begins to pee freely as she slumps against Kim, letting her body do what's natural. "That's it, just let it all out..." states Kim as she rubs Becky's back with her right hand.

"Wow... she had a lot in her..." observes Suki as Tisha moans softly, running her left hand along her left thigh.

"Yeah..." adds Alice. "No wonder Anna begged to go so badly."

Suki nods, "Yeah..."

Kim then releases Becky's hands, allowing her to drop to her knees, done peeing but continuing to defecate on the floor, continuing to produce rather large logs from her body, but pushing them out.

Suki sighs, "I guess someone's gonna hafta clean that up..." She looks at Kim.

Kim sweatdrops ^_^; "Uh, oh yeah..."


Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2- Ecchi Kim

[Author's notes: WATERSPORTS]

"Kimmie... are you... you know... yet?" She blushes slightly.

Kim then appears to think for a moment before repling, "Yeah."

"Then shall we?" She points to Kim's bedroom, still blushing.

"Well, I do have to clean this up."

"Can you last that long?" asks the smaller girl.

"Yeah, I can."

"Ok... I'll just get a glass of water then..." She reaches out to a counter and takes the glass of water that she had just put there and drinks it slowly.

Becky finishes releving herself about 5 minutes later, at which time, she leaves to the bathroom, Alice quickly following her. Kim then begins cleaning up ther mess, taking about 10 minutes to get the area as clean as it was before the accident.

Suki sighs as she glances at Tisha who blushes and immediately leaves the room.

"Hmm, Tisha didn't seem to be grossed out, maybe she liked that." smiles Kim as she throws away the last of the paper towel she used.

Suki winces, "Aw, Kimmie... don't tell me you're gonna do that to her too!"

"Heh, why not?"

"How do you know she really likes it?" counters the young girl.

"Well she didn't 'eww' at the sight."

"That's... um... true...." replies Suki.

"Heh, and you did."

"Yeah... I'm sorry... I'm just not used to it..."

"that's ok, alot of people arn't."

"Um.. ok... are you about done there?"

"Yeah, I kinda need to go pretty bad now."

"Ok... Let's go back to your room... " She smiles.


Suki smiles and makes for Kim's bedroom.

Kim follows Suki into her room.

Suki asks, "Would you mind putting on some clothes for this? It's not any fun unless something gets wet... hehe..." She blushes softly.

"Ok, what should I wear?"

"You wouldn't happen to have a bathing suit, would you?" she tries.

"It just so happens, i do!" smiles Kim.

"Cool!" cheers Suki, smiling widely.

"Which should I wear, a one-piece or two?"

"You decide..." she grins.

"Hmmm... I'll go with a one-piece."

"Ok then...."

Kim then heads towards her closet and opens it. After sifting through her clothes, she suddenly gasps, "Oh! Suki! Would you do me a favor!? Please?" suddenly begs Kim happily, turning around.

"Ho-eh? What do you want me to do, Kimmie?" asks Suki, shyly running her left foot across the ground and standing with her arms clasped behind her back.

Kim then begins to sweatdrop as she replies smiling and blushing, "I have an, um, special swimsuit I'd like you to wear."

"A special... swim... suit?" she replies slowly, ingesting each and every word.

"I had Becky wear it a few times, I hope you don't mind that."

"Um... I don't think that'll be a problem... but what's so special about it?" she asks sweetly smiling at her love.

Here, Kim blushes even more, "Um, it's... special becouse, it's, for a young girl."

"Um... how young, Kimmie? Are you sure it will fit me?"

"Your not too much bigger than Becky, I'm sure you can fit into it." Kim then turns around and pulls out of the closet, a pulls out a genuine, blue one-piece school swimsuit for girls. "Here it is."

"Um... ok... but what's so special about it?" asks Suki, reaching out for the swimsuit.

"Well, it's special becouse it's for young girl's, I've never seen a grown woman wear this type of swimsuit."

"Oh... so you're saying I'm not grown, then, Kimmie?" Suki sticks her tongue out at the older darker skinned girl.

"Hehe, well, you got small breasts and no pubes, so yeah!"

"Aw, Kimmie, stop it! I'm 18, already!" She slides her clothes off and looks into a full length mirror for a second as she contemplates putting on the swimsuit.

Kim then walks behind Suki and places the swimsuit in front of her body, giving somewhat of a preview of what it would look like on Suki. Proving Suki was a bit big for the suit but not much. "Well let's pretend your 17 then."

"But that would make me underage, Kimmie..." She turns and looks up at the other girl.

"Hehe, that the whole point." smiles Kim.

"So you like underage girls, Kimmie?" asks the smaller girl as she starts to slip into the swimsuit.

"Heh, I think you know the answer to that question."

Suki smiles, "I know... I know... but I can't help but think that there might be something wrong with that... I mean... Oh forget it..." She finishes putting on the new swimsuit.

Kim simply smiles at Suki's reply and looks at her in the mirror. "Wow, you look perfect..."

Suki immediately blushes as she looks down at her feet, her hands reclasped behind her back and her left foot running along the ground.

Kim moves her left hand over her crotch as she tells Suki, "Now, lift up your arms, I wanna see it tighten on you."

Suki nods slowly and blushes again as she lifts up her arms, the material starting to tighten across her small chest.

"Ohh, that's perfect!" states Kim as she quickly places her right hand directly over Suki's right breast.

Suki blushes harder as her nipple instantly tightens under her clothing and she glances aside.

Kim then 'Ohh's' once more as she trails her hand down Suki's belly then from her body, "I kinda forgot I had to go, I guess I better put on my swimsuit."

Suki nods, "Yes... I've got a special surprise for you too, when you put on your... swim... suit... I gotta learn how to say it that way, " she mutters the last part to herself.

"I had a special order swimsuit that looks just like the one your wearing, except I can fit it." replies Kim heading to her closet once more.

Suki smiles, "You ordered it especially for you, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, they don't normally make adult sizes, but you can get them specially made for you if your not small enough." Replies Kim pulling out a larger copy of what Suki wears.

"Wow... I can't wait to see you in it, Kimmie..." She smiles again at the older girl.

"Heh, I just hope I can hold myself long enough to put it on."

"Do you want me to help you, Kimmie?" asks the smaller girl.

"Yeah, take my panties off for me." smiles Kim.

Suki giggles, "Ok..." and reaches out to Kim's waistband. She slips her thumbs inside and starts tugging the soft fabric down the older girl's hips.

As Suki pulls down Kim's panties, revealing her peachfuzzed labia, Kim hangs on as she steps out of her underwear and manages to successfull put on the suit with no leaks.

Suki giggles, "Are you gonna be okay, Kimmie? You're not gonna lose it that soon, are you?"

"Well, I can't promise anything, but I'll try and hold on as long as I can."

"Ok... now... are you ready, Kimmie? If so, would you please lay back down on the bed? I've got a plan in mind... hehe..." she giggles nervously.

Kim nods and states, "You look so hot in that swimsuit." as she gets to and lays down on the bed.

Suki giggles again and blushes harder as she crawls onto the bed, sitting next to Kim and she asks, "Kimmie... do you know how much magic I really know?"

"No, I 'm sure it's more than I know."

Suki nods, "Yeah... I thought so... but I know a few spells that I don't really use much... one of them is this..." She places her left hand inside the left leg hole of Kim's swimsuit and chants a few words. (TBC)

Suddenly, the material makes a loud hissing noise and it doubles in width. Suki grins, "There... I made it super absorbant now..."

"really? so i can piss and it won't drip as much?"

Suki shakes her head, "It won't drip at all unless you've got a REALLY big bladder... hehe... the last time I tried it, was on Nan'chi... and she didn't even leak out of her bathing suit..."

"wow, I wanna try it out, can I let go now?"

Suki giggles, and waggles her finger, "Not yet... we gotta make sure it's as full as can be... I wanna see if you wet your breasts like Nan'chi did..." She reaches over to the night table and pulls out a small bottle of Altaiarean Beverage. She smirks at Kim, "Remember this?"

"I sure do, but when you say wet my breast's, the pee can reach that far up now that the fabric is super absorbent?"

Suki nods, grinning, "Yepper-depper! That's why I mastered that branch of magic... I always used to love doing this to Nan'chi... and she loved it too..."

"Oh I really wanna do it now, I hope it reaches up so far that it spills over the arm holes! Gimme that bottle!"

Suki laughs cutely and hands over the bottle, saying, "Now don't drink it all... otherwise you'll hafta to go again in less than 2 hours..." She leans over Kim's right side and gently runs a hand along the older girl's side.

"Ok, I'll try..." Kim places her left hand to her crotch as she takes the bottle and begins to drink it.

Suki giggles to herself and slips her right hand inside Kim's swimsuit near her arm hole. She runs it up to her breast and gives the nipple a little erotic pinch.

Kim smiles as she drinks the water, but a moment later, finds the bottle empty. "Oops. I drunk the hole thing."

Suki hits her forehead with her left palm, "Kimmie... I TOLD you not to drink the whole thing... you'll be peeing yourself in less than two hours after this pee... I don't think you'll be able to hold it much longer than that."

"Well sorry, I guess I was pretty thirsty."

"I hope you'll stay in an area where there is a bathroom, because with your bladder, it won't take long..."

Kim then quickly crings and squeezes her legs closed around her left hand. "Ah... I REALLY have to go now."

Suki nods, "I know... I know..." She slides her hand down to Kim's smoothness and gives the slight mound a gentle pinch. "This shouldn't take long... too bad... I like it drawn out..."

"H-Hey, do me, a favor, k?"

"What, Kimmie?"

Kim quickly removes her hand from her crotch and spreads her legs a bit. "Rub me."

Suki smiles, "Of course, Kimmie... always...." She lowers her hand down across Kim's feminine area and starts to press her palm down as she pushes and pulls her hand back, rubbing tenderly at the older's girl's sex.

Kim moans happily as Suki rubs her, Kim body clearly shaking. "Rub harder."

"Gotcha!" replies the smaller girl as she presses down a little, moving her hand back and forth faster. She leans over Kim's abdomen and presses her lips against the fabric of her swimsuit, squeezing gently with her lips.

Just moments later, Kim cries out as she begins to pee, flooding the matiral.

Suki smiles as the fluid begins to pool up around Kim's waist, then it rises up the super absorbent material and starts to soak her breasts in it's warm embrace.

"Ohhh... It feels weird feeling my pee raising up."

Suki whispers, "It's covering your breasts now... it'll start pouring out over the top soon if you've still got plenty inside... Doesn't it feel nice and warm, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, like I'm in a pool." Kim's urine easily spills from the arms holes down to the bed. "I did it!"

Suki giggles, "Wow... you really were full, weren't you, Kimmie? Look... it's splashing down to the floor now... How much more have you got in you?"


Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3- Training

[Author's notes: WATERSPORTS]

Suki giggles, "So... what do you think of my magic, Kimmie? Do you like it?"

"Yeah, I love it. Can you teach it to me? I'd like to try it out of a few people."

Suki giggles, "I guess I could... but it'd take a long time... You do have Spirit Energy, don't you?"

"Um, I think, that would be magic power right?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... I mean, really, it's just mana... all things have mana... but certain people have excesses... those people can use magic..."

"Well..." Kim then sweatdrops. "I can use magic but I'm not very good with it, that's why I use techs."

"Maybe all you need is a little training, Kimmie... and you'd probably need to learn ancient Ap Dat..."

"Sounds hard..."

Suki waves her hands, "It's not really... Look at me, Kimmie... I actually learned pretty easily... I'm sure you can do it if you really want to!" She smiles at the older girl.

"What would I have to do?"

"Well first, you'd probably have to learn Ap Dat... That's pretty easy..."

"Geez, I have to learn the whole language?"

Suki giggles, "Some of it.. We Ap Dat call upon our mana by using specific words and intonations... It helps us concentrate..."

"Well, it makes sence."

Suki nods, "Yeah... but it shouldn't take a novice long to learn... It's really easy, Kimmie..."

"Heh, maybe in return I could show you how to use the Techniques we use here. There's advantages to magics and techs too though."

Suki looks excited, "Yeah! That would be great, Kimmie!"

I'm sure it would, it'd save you energy." replies Kim smiling.

Suki asks, interested, "It would save me energy? I don't understand..."

Yeah, Techs don't use the bodies energy like Magic, but there not as powerful and you can use techs a lot more than magic."

"Wow... that's incredible..."

"So, that's why I use techs, I don't have much mana to begin with." states Kim sweatdropping.

Suki sighs, "There must be a way to increase your mana... I'm sure there is... We just don't know it, yet..."

"Well, I'm not a spell caster like you, so it's only natural I'd have less mana."

Suki nods, "Yeah... you're probably right..."

"Besides, unless i'm mistaken, more techs can be created. There's some pretty cool and useful ones too."

"Wow... Can you teach me to fight like you did against Hon'tyl?"

"Um... huh?"

"You know... you really dusted her off... I... I could never
fight like that..." she looks sad.

"Well, it's not that simply, I'm special, I have attacks that only I have."

"Oh... that... well... that isn't fair..." she whines softly.

"Why do you want to fight like me anyway?"

Suki looks away, "Because if another being like Hon'tyl arises, I want to be able to protect my village..."

"Well, you could always train up your magic."

"Yeah, but even so... someone like Hon'tyl could easily wipe me out... like she did last time..."

"So, you want to get tougher?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... For my sister... and for my town..."

"Well, maybe we could spar."

"Spar? What's that, Kimmie?"

"we practice fighting with each other."

"Practice fighting? How is that done?"

"We fight like we were in a real fight."

"But... won't that hurt?" She looks fearful.

"Of course, how do you think your going to get toughter?" laughs Kim. "Me and Becky spar regulerly."

"But... I don't like being hurt..."

"Then you'll never get tougher then."

"S-So you're saying.. I have to be hurt to get tougher?"

"pretty much, hey, lets have a sparring match."

"Right now?!" she gasps in shock.

"Yeah, we just go to a training level."

Suki trembles a little shyly and replies, "Um... Ok... I.. I guess... but Kimmie... please take it easy on me... I.. I'm new at this..."

"Heh, do you think you can attack me?"

Suki shakes her head, "No... I'm not that strong..."

"But I'm going to attack you, are you going to defend yourself?

"I... I'll try..."

"ok, I need to change, the pee is getting cold." states Kim standing

Suki giggles, "Try this, Kimmie..." She places a hand to Kim's abdomen and squeezes gently, coaxing more pee to trickle out over the top of her swimsuit.

"Hehe, cut it out, We have to hurry before I have to go again."

Suki giggles, "Oh yeah...! I forgot.. you only have two hours, Kimmie..."

A moment later, Becky and Alice walk into the room, Kim now in her underwear. "Hey, you two going somewhere?" asks Becky.

Suki asks, "Kimmie, are you going to leave your apartment in just your underwear?"

"No, I'm getting dressed." states Kim going to the closet."

Suki nods, "Ok... I'm all set..." She straightens her skirt and thinks aloud, "I need to wash my clothes soon..."

"hey, where are you two going?" repeats Becky.

Suki replies, energetically, "Kimmie's going to train me..."

"Oh! Can we come!?" asks Becky. "Sure you can come." states Kim putting on her white shorts and vest.

Suki then straightens her top and states, "I hope I do well, Kimmie..."

Becky then asks Suki, "You think you can hit Kimmie?"

Suki looks away, "N-No... that's why I need to train... I can't hit a single thing..."

"I hope you can dodge good, couse Kimmie has a hard time going easy." TBC

"Becky..." groans Kim.

Suki trembles slightly and shifts her left foot, "Oh, really?"

Alice then states, "Don't worry though, since your going to the training area, you can be healed up quick."

"Cut it out you two, you scaring her." states Kim.

Suki looks down sadly and nervously pats her feet on the floor.

"Don't worry, Suki, your going to be fine, I'm sure." states Kim.

Suki shifts her balance, bouncing slightly on her feet, "Um... I-If you say so, Kimmie..."

"WE're going to get dressed." states Becky as her and Alice leave.

Suki looks up at Kim and asks, "So... should we get going? Are you ready, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, let's go." states Kim as the two are dressed and wait for Becky and Alice, then leave to the training area. Kim and Suki in a wide empty room and Becky and Alices's voices could be heard over an intercome. "Well, we're here."

Suki looks around and asks, "Is this it? It looks empty..."

"Yeah, this is the basic room, we can change the area if you want. A forest, grassland, stuff like that."

"How's that possible, Kimmie?"

"It's complicated, wanna start?"

Suki gulps and nods, "O-Ok... I.. I'll try my best..."

"Ok." Kim then speaks out. "Hey Becky, start the novice setting."

"Sure thing." comes Becky's voice. A moment later, a pole appears in front of Kim and Suki, Kim grabs her's."

Suki looks dubiously at the pole and delicately wraps her small hands around it. She nearly drops it in surprise at its weight. "Aaah!" she gasps.

"Oh come on Suki, you should be able to lift that."

Suki gasps again, "S-Sorry.. I.. I was just surprised by its weight.. I.. I got it now..." She spins it slightly and whacks herself in the face. "Oww!"

"Ohh, i don't think you should spin it."

Suki's lips curl in a sarcastic smirk and retorts, "Yeah.. I think I got that..." She rubs her nose softly then places both hands on the pole and stares at Kim, her body still trembling slightly.

"Ok then, get ready!" states Kim before charging at Suki, lifting the pole for a downward strike.

Suki screams, "Aaaah!" and ducks under her pole.

"Come on Suki, fight back..." states Kim following her strike with one to Suki side.

Suki tries to spin her pole up to block and just barely manages to block Kim's strike at the last possible moment.

"Good..." Kim spins the pole to have the over end try to hit Suki in the back.

The pole hits Suki in the back and she cries out in pain as she topples over. "Owwww... that hurt!" Tears come to her eyes as she tries to bring her pole up to defend herself.

"In a real battle there no time to cry..." states Kim as she attempts to strike Suki's side again.

Suki sniffles once or twice and cries out again as Kim successfully pushes Suki's pole aside and hits her.

"Suki, come on, defend yourself better." states Kim as she kneals a little to jab Suki in the stomach with the pole.

Suki pants heavily and suddenly squeezes her eyes shut, spinning her pole around rapidly and easily blocking Kim's strike.

"Good, good..." states Kim before teleporting about two yards away. "Now come at me."

Suki lets out a loud scream and charges wildly at Kim, swinging her pole energetically from side to side.

Kim begins easily hoping back to avoid the swings smiling. "Nice, but..." Kim quickly ducks and hit's Suki's lower legs with the pole.

Suki cries out in pain and falls down on her back, slightly hitting her head on the floor. Her eyes close and her arms fall to her sides, the pole slipping free and rolling across the floor.

"Uh oh..." Kim then kneals to Suki's right side. "Suki? Hey Suki."

Suki whines softly, but no further sound or movement is made by the smaller girl.

"Suki, you with me?"

Again, a soft moan leaves her lips, but nothing else is discernable.

"...da*nmit..." Becky's voice is then heard. "Wow, she knocks out pretty easily."

"i guess we're done here." states Kim picking Suki up and out of the room, laying her on a nearby bench in the outer room.

The smaller girl's breathing starts to become ragged and a few coughs splurt from her lungs as she lays unconscious on the bench.

"Kimmie, I think she hurt hurt her head, I think she has a head injury." states Kim TBC

"you think so?"

Suki lays there, still unconscious, but her left hand starts to move slightly, curling her fingers.

"Oh! wait." states Becky. "I think there's medicine for what Suki has around her, try to ake her up while I look for it." states Becky leaving to one of the cabnets of the room. Kim then begns to shake Suki by her shoulder calling her name.

"Uhhhhhhhh....." moans the smaller girl as a look of pain crosses her formerly blank expression.

"Hey, Suki, your back with us?" asks Kim happily.

The smaller girl's head starts to move, shaking slightly from side to side as she whines softly, almost inaubibly, "Owwwiee....."

Becky then comes back with two pills in her right hand. "Here Suki these with help."

Suki's teary eyes open slowly, allowing her tears to slide down her cheeks from her violet depths. She whines softly, "K-Kimmie? A-Are you there? Ow... My head hurts.."

"Yeah, you must've hit your head, take the pills Becky has, the'll help your headache."

"O-ok.. I.. I.. I can't see... my vision... It's all blurry..." She lifts her left hand out, missing Becky's hand by at least 3 feet.

Becky then places the pills in Suki's mouth for her. "there."

Suki coughs slightly and asks, "I... I need some water..."

"We don't have any here, unless you don't mind pee." replies Kim.

Suki blushes, "Um... th-that's okay..." She swallows the pills and coughs again.

Meanwhile Alice taps Becky on her shoulder. "Anna, how about we spar?" "Ok, let's go. Kimmie, me and Alice will be right back." states Becky as she and Alice walk into the training area.

Suki whines, "Owwiee... K-Kimmie... what happened to me? I.. I feel terrible..."

"You hit your head when I tripped you."

"I did? Ow... no wonder it hurts..."

"You did pretty good." comments Kim smiling.

"I did?" the small girl repeats, smiling slightly then groaning in slight pain.

"Yeah, your a spell caster, so your close-quaters combat is nice, it needs a bit of work though."

"You really think so, Kimmie?" She giggles slightly.

"Yeah, wanna do it again?"

Suki winces, "Um.. I... I don't think so... I..I think I've had enough pain for one day... *nervous laugh*"

"Hehe, ok, Becky and Alice are sparring right now."

"Ooh! Can we watch?"

"Sure, we just have to go to the desk, come on."

Suki nods, "O-Ok.." She stretches out her arms, then starts moving her legs, sitting up on the bench.

Kim and Suki go to the control desk of the training area. "Here, the monitor..." states Kim refurring to the rather large in the desk.

Suki asks, "Is it like a T.V.?" She looks at the monitor.

Yeah, we can watch them on it, just have to turn it on..." Kim then presses a button on the desk and the monitor quickly turns on, showing Alice and Becky in the middle of a swordlock, they both weild the same length normal sword.

Suki gasps, "Wow... they have swords?!"

"Yeah, I didn't want us to sereously hurt each other so that was the novice setting is for."

"But Becky.. and Alice... what setting are they on?"

"Hmm, the sword setting is level one, looks like they just want some exercise..." On the monitor, Becky wins the lock, pushing Alice away and they began a series of swings at each other, which each
blocks the others strike, almost looking like a dance.

Suki gasps and puts her hand over her mouth, "Oh gosh... they... they're really good..."

"Yeah, Becky isn't too great with swords though..."

"Really? She seems really good..."

"Hmm..." the two continue to watch the two younger girl's sparring, and shortly afterwards, they see, Alice knock the sword from Becky's hand and quickly slash her across her chest, who of course bring a hand up to her chest, covering the cut.

Suki gasps, "Ooh, gosh! That looked like it hurt!"

"I'm sure it did, but don't count Becky out just yet, she may not be great with a sword, but unarmed..." smiles Kim. On the screen, Becky charges at Alice, ducking a strike and punching Alice in the stomach, causing her to gasp in pain and fall to her knees.

Suki covers her eyes, "Ooh, I can't watch anymore! It's too painful!"

"Wait a minute... Becky's cheating, again!" comments Kim.

"Cheating? How?" gasps Suki again.

"Unless you chose the free setting, you can't use you own weapons, but glove weapons can get past the sensor, and Becky's using a glove weapon. Hold on..." Kim then presses a button and speaks. "Becky!" the said girl then gasps and looks up.

"Kimmie? your watching?"

"Yeah I'm watching! Your cheating! Take off those gloves!"

Alice then looks up at Becky. "Anna, you cheated?"

"W-Well, I uhhh..."

"How could you?"

"Sorry, I forgot I had then on."

Kim then presses another button, "Hey Alice, i just set it to free." Alice then stands and summons her huge sword. "Heh, those gloves are useless if you can't reach me. states Alice smiling.

"Aw come on..." replies Becky backing away. "i forgot I had them on, it was a mistake."

Suki giggles, "You're in for it now, Becky..."

"Alice, wait, come on, I'll take the gloves off, see?" tries Becky quickly removing the gloves and dropping them to the floor.

"Well let me hit you once then, then we'll be even." states Alice.

"Ohhhh... fine..." groans Becky. Alice then smiles as she brings her sword back in a baseball type swing, using the flat side. Kim then cringes, "That's going to hurt..."

Suki winces, "Yeah..."

"Here it comes Anna!" warns Alice before swinging the large piece of metal. but just before it hits Becky, she ducks in fear, "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!" making it fly right over her, but the winds from it, knock her to the floor.

Suki gives Kim this look: O_o and sweatdrops, "Wow..."

Kim then speaks, "Becky don't be a chicken! take the hit."

"A-Are you crazy!? Look at that thing! there's no way I'm letting it hit me!"

Suki puts her hand over her mouth again, but this time, she's trying to suppress her giggling.

Alice then replies, "Well your not leaving here without being punished."

Suki gasps, "Wow... be careful, Alice!"

Alice then walks to Becky on the floor and whispers to her. Which Becky looks confused and replies, "Really?"

"Really." smiles Alice.

"Ok then, sure!" answers Becky happily.

"I think they made some kind of deal, Kimmie..." states Suki, obviously.

"Yeah, I wonder what kind though."

"I don't know..."

The two then see Becky and Alice stand, Alice visibly swats Becky on her butt though, surprising her as they walk back to the door.

Suki gives Kim another surprised look, "What the..."

"I think Alice made some kind of sexual deal with her."

Suki gulps, "Um... ok... That was weird..."

"Uh-oh, I gotta go..."

"Go? Go where, Kimmie?"

"No, I gotta, 'go'." states Kim dropping her left hand to her crotch.

Suki glances down at Kim's crotch, then grins, "Oh that... I told you, didn't I, Kimmie?"

"i know, but I can't lose it here, there's no bathroom."

Suki's lips curve in a wider smile, "Oh, really?" She moves closer to the older girl.

"What are you doing? you have to help me."

"Oh, I'll help you... I promise..." She giggles lightly.

"Well any idea you have would be helpful." states Kim anxously.

Suki giggles, "I have plenty of ideas... But first... let's just do this..." She closes her eyes and starts chanting, "Ol'y juln keepatu!"

"W-What's that for?"

Suki says nothing that Kim can understand, but suddenly, Kim's left arm begins to feel really heavy, like it weighs ten tons.

"AH! What did you do!? My arm feels too heavy to lift up!" Kim then places her right hand over her crotch.

Suki giggles, then chants again, making Kim's right arm feel the same way as her left.

Kim now drops to her knees with her arms hanging limply at her sides. "Suki! Your supposed to be helping me!"

"I am, Kimmie... I am helping you... hehe..." She crosses the room to where Kim kneels and places her hands on Kim's neck, tilting her head up and pressing her lips against Kim's.

"your not helping, you going to makke me wet myself!"

"And that's not helping? Kimmie... you need to pee... you have to let go soon or you'll hurt... I'm just making sure my girl feels good..."

"But i CAN'T wet myself here! We need to go back to my place!"

Suki shakes her head, "Nah-uh... I want to see you wet yourself in a public place... There's nothing quite so good as a public wetting..." She mmm's to herself and brings one hand up to her chin in thought.

"Suki please! Don't do this here!"

Suki merely giggles, then raises her hands and chants some more, forming some sort of mana binds. She attaches these binds to Kim's wrists and one to her neck, kinda like a slave collar.

"Please Suki! I'll do anything you want if you don't do this."

"Annnnnnything, Kimmie?" She grins evilly.

"Yes anything! Just don't make me wet myself in public!"

Suki puts her hand to her chin in thought, "Ok... I got an idea... I need to go see Mr. Smith... or Rick, mebbe, if he's still around..."

Suki puts her hand to her chin in thought, "Ok.. I got an idea... I need to go see Mr. Smith..."

"Ok whatever, just help me get back to my place."

Suki shakes her head, "No... We're going to see your brother right now... Or else..." She smirks and lifts her hand over Kim's body.

"Aw come on! don't do this, I can't hold it much longer!"

Suki nods, "Yes, you can... I know you can... Now, come along, slave..." She pulls on the energy binders and pulls Kim up to her feet.

"I can't belive this!"

Suki tugs on the collar, choking Kim slightly, "I freed your right hand so you can hold yourself, but don't try to get away or I'll really be mad, Kimmie..."

Kim quickly grabs herself with her right hand as tears trail her eyes.

Suki states, gruffly, "Let's go, slave... and you can lead the way."

Kim reluctantly leads the way, uneventfully going to the hall Smith's place resides, But upon teleporting, ran into a blonde haired HUnewearl. "Oh, Kimberly, how are you-"

"Not now Kena!" states Kim quickly walking past the girl.

Suki giggles, "Is that Smith's girlfriend?"

"N-No, one of my friends..." groans Kim.

"One of your friends, eh? What's her name again?"


"Kena, huh? Oi, Kena!" she calls out.

"What are you doing!?" gasps Kim.

"Yeah?" asks Kena walking to the two.

Suki asks, "My name is Suki Nihon... I'm Kim's wife... How long have you known her?"

"Wife? you got married Kimberly?" asks Kena.

"Y-Yeah..." replies Kim.

Kena sees Kim holding herself squirming, "Gotta go huh?"

Suki grins and leans in close to Kena, "I've got her right where I want her now..."

"huh? What are you talking about?" asks Kena

Suki giggles, "Oh, nothing... Come on, slave..." She tugs at Kim's collar.

"I-I can't belive you just did that!" groans Kim.

"Did what?" she asks Kim.

"that whole thing with Kena."

"What'd I do?" she acts innocent.

"Ohhh, forget it!" Kim then leads Suki to Smith's door. "Here."

"Here? Is this where Smith lives again? It's been so long... Um..." here she blushes and calls out timidly, "Um... Mr. Smith? Are you here?"

"Yeah, waddaya want?" comes Smith's voice.

"Mr Smith.. It's me... Suki... Suki Nihon..."

"What do you want?" asks Smith. "Just open up!" nearly yells Kim. "I gotta piss!"

Suki adds, "I would like to talk to you, Mr. Smith... Can we come in?"

"Fine..." the door then slids up and Kim tries to immediatly run in.

Suki grips the energy band attaching her hand to Kim's collar a little harder, pulling the older girl back, "Uh uh uh... slave... Don't try to run away now..."

"S-Suki please!" begs Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "Nuh-uh... You're not going anywhere until I have my talk with your brother..."

Kim then drops to her knees as Smith walks to the doorm shirtless. "Wht's going on?"

"Ah... Mr. Smith.. I.. I have a question for you..." Suki immediately blushes and looks toward her feet.


"U-Um..." she blushes harder and leans close to him, whispering softly.

"Hurry up Suki!" begs Kim.

"Hmm, Why would i have a problem with that?" answers Smith.

Suki blushes and adds, "W-Well, I remember... Kimmie and Becky... back when Hon'tyl took over my body... she was going to make Becky her slave... but Kim said that you might have a problem with that..."

"WEll that hon'tyl person was evil, so of course I'd have a problem with it."

"But you don't have a problem if I.. um... do it?" She smiles hopefully.

"Why would I?"

Suki blushes, and replies, "Thank you, Mr. Smith... Ok, Kim..." Here, she tugs on Kim's collar again, "We're going home... Oh.. and Mr. Smith.. I'd be most honored if you'd come to my house for dinner sometime..."

"Um, thanks." replies Kim before closing the door. Kim remains on the floor though. "I can't, I can't move, I'll wet myself."

"Yes, you can... You just need a little help..." She reaches down to Kim's left breast and gives it a gentle prod, causing it to swell slightly to a D cup.

"I need something to go in, I'm not going to make it to my place."

Suki nods, "You'll make it... That spell I just cast? It's a muscle strengthener. You'll last until you make it back to the apartment."

Kim then slowly gets to her feet.

"Now then... Let's go... Oh, and don't forget to say good bye to your friend if we meet her..."

"Why are you doing this?"

Suki smirks, "You said you'd do anything if I didn't make you wet yourself in public... Well, have I?"


"Have I?!"


"Then tell me... What does anything mean?"


"Good... and do you know what I want from you?"


Suki smiles, "Isn't it obvious, yet, Kimmie?"

"To be your slave?"

Suki grins, "And does that fall under the category of anything, Kimmie?"


"Then tell me..." here she stops while walking down the hallway, forcing Kim to stop. "Do you agree to the deal?"

"If it means I can pe then yes!"

"Ok then... When we get back to your place, I'll have you sign a contract... just like my sister's... only I won't be as mean as Hon'tyl..."

"... Just let me pee before I lose it! Please!"

"Ok then... Let's go, slave..." She pulls Kim back up to her feet and continues walking down the hallway.

Kim walks trembling a holding herself harder.

Suki hums a small tune to herself. It is the Hymn of the Ap Dat and she seems really happy as the two return to Kim's place.

"Kim then attempts anouther dash for the restroom.

Suki tugs on Kim's collar again, "Uh uh uh... This way..." She points to Kim's bedroom.

"Please Suki! I need to pee!"

Suki nods, "I know you do... Come along..." She leads the way to Kim's bedroom.

"I can't hold it any longer!"

"I know... come on..." She tugs harder on Kim's collar, pulling her into the bedroom.

"Can I please pee now?!"

"Just a minute... We gotta get you prepped... Come here..."
She pulls Kim over to the bed.

"this is taking too long!"

"Well, then, hurry up..."

Kim then finally makes her way onto the bed, on her
knees and plants her face into the cover, groaning. "I can't hold it anymore!"

Suki then grabs Kim's shoulders and turns her around so that she's lying on her back and states, "Ok... you can let it go..."

Kim gladly laxes and releases her urine in a loud audible hiss as she quickly flood her ENTIRE shorts in a matter of seconds, moan loudly in relief.

Suki giggles, "Wow... you really had to go... I told you not to drink all the Altaiarean Beverage..."

Amasingly, just a minute into Kim's wetting, a stream begins to emerge through Kim shorts and pees as thought they weren't there.

Suki giggles again, "Wow... You're really getting wet now..."

"Ohhh, and there's still a ton in me..."

"I have no doubt.. It'll prolly take a while... In the meantime... Let's discuss your slavery, Kimmie..."


"Did you forget, Kimmie?"

"I'm not becoming a slave!"

"Oh yes you are... You promised me!" Tears start to fill Suki's eyes.

"I didn't promise that!"

"Oh yes you did.. You said anything! And this qualifies as anything!"

"I didn't promise though! Were already married, now you want me as a slave?"

Suki nods, "You did promise! You said anything as long as I didn't make you pee in public!"

"But why do I have to be a slave?"

"Aw, come on, Kimmie.. It's not like I'm gonna hurt you! I just want you to do what I say in bed!" She starts sniffling.


"So are you going to be my slave or not?! Because if you don't agree, I'll take you back out there and give you more Altaiarean Beverage... or have you forgot that I still have you pinned here?" She indicates the bindings.

"da*mit, fine, this is blackmail yanno."

Suki giggles, "I know... but it's the only way I could do it... You wouldn't let me otherwise..." She fishes in her skirt pocket and pulls out a small piece of parchment.

"Why do I have to sign a contract?"

"How else would I get you to go along with it? After all, once I set your bindings free, you could do anything else you wanted and leave me high and dry..."

"can't we just have a verbal agreement?"

"No... because you won't stick to it... Here... give me your hand..."

"How do you know I won't stick to it? if the contract is destroyed for some reason, then it would be void."

"But I won't let it be destroyed... These contracts are, as you saw with Sashi, nearly indestructible..."

"Well, what if it's lost?"

"It won't be... I'll hang on to it... Trust me, Kimmie... I would never do anything to jeopardize this parchment... Now give me your hand..."

Kim simply groans in defeat as she still urinates.

"Give me your hand, Kimmie... Please?"


"Let me see... this should work..." She chants a spell again, then suddenly, a sharp cut forms on Kim's hand.

"Ow!" gasps Kim withdawing her hand.

"Wait.. I still need it, Kimmie!"

"What the hell was that!?

"Just a minor spell... I needed the blood..."

"You couldv'e warned me, geez..."

"Sorry... Here.. lemme see it..."


"Ok..." She takes her finger and draws up a few drops of Kim's blood and smears it on the parchment. "Now... sign your name, Kimmie..."

"I'm still peeing, can you get a pen?"

Suki shakes her head, "No... Just use your finger... on the blood..."

"fine..." Kim does so.

Suki grins, "Yay!" and thrusts her hand into the air as she uses her left hand to tap the parchment, which shrinks and slips inside her outfit up near her breasts.

Kim then sighs and lays on her back

Suki sighs and leans back next to Kim, thinking aloud, "I have my own slave... Mom.. I finally did it..."


Suki shakes her head, "Just remembering about my Mom..."



"Nothing, i'm nearly empty..."

"Oh yeah... Are you ok? That was a long pee..."

"I'm sore now from holding it so long."

"I'm sorry, Kimmie.. I really didn't mean for you to drink it all..."

"You certainly meant for me to hold it though

"Well, yeah.. I like to see you desperate... you know that..." She leans over the taller older girl and gives her lips a gentle brush
with her own.

"i think you need to clean me."

Suki giggles, "Yeah.. but mebbe later... I want to see you lay there a little while..."

"I mean my pussy i want you to lick it clean."

Suki giggles, "Ah, but it's not about what you want anymore, Kimmie... Remember, you signed the contract.."


"Now then, Kimmie... what I want from you today is this... I want you to just lie there in your wet clothes until you have to go again... Do you think you can do that, slave?"

"as long as I'm not in this room, you can't tell me what to do."

"Ah, but I won't let you leave... I still have these, remember?" She points to the collar.


Suki leans over Kim's lips again and whispers, "Don't worry.. This collar can only be seen by me and you... and no one else need know that you are a slave..."


"So trust me, Kimmie... You do as I say in the bedroom and we'll get along just fine..."

Kim just pouts.

"Aw, don't be mad, Kimmie.. We'll have lots of fun here... you, me, and mebbe Becky too... She's submissive, too, isn't she?"

"Very, You shouldv'e made her your slave."

"Mebbe I will... Do you know if she's ever peed herself in public? You don't seem to like this so maybe I'll try her..."

"I don't know."

"Hehe.. do you want to help me, ensnare her? There are a few things I'd love to try with her..."

"like what?"

"Oh.. a few things I remember from Hon'tyl..."


"You remember the truth serum Hon'tyl used?"


"Well, if my memory serves, I think I can make some of that stuff again... Is there anything you always wanted to know about her?"


"Aw.. ok... well, that's one thing I was thinking of... Maybe I could try some other things too..."

"Can I know?"

"Um... maybe... I could do to her what I wanted to do to you... make her wet herself in public... I've... I've always wanted to try that..." She blushes.

"well be my guess."

"Do you want to help me get her?"

"Sure, but what about Alice, she follows Becky everywhere."

"Maybe we could get someone to run interference... You think Sara would want to?"

"I dunno."

"Do you think you could ask her?"

"Why me?"

"Because I don't think she likes me all that much..."

"Why is that?"

"I don't know.. I just get that feeling from her..."

"I guess I can ask her."

"Yay!" cheers Suki as she grips the collar again, pulling Kim close to her and giving her a big kiss.

"When are we going to do it?"

"When do you think she'll need to pee again and be free from that sexual deal she made with Alice?"

"I honestly don't know."

"Let's go find out..." She slides to the edge of the bed and makes as if to get up.

"Wait, I have to change."

"Ok.. hurry up...!"

Kim gets up and replaves her shorts with a clean pair, but neglects to put on underwear underneath.

Suki taps her foot impatiently, "Come on, Kimmie..."

I'm coming." replies Kim as she finishes zipping up her shorts



"Ok... let's go... I guess we should start by searching Becky's room, right?"


Suki walks out of Kim's bedroom and moves to Becky's bedroom. She raises her hand as if to knock on the door.

after Suki knocks, Alice's voice replies, "Go away, were buzy."

Suki whispers to Kim, "Looks like Alice is there... now what?"

"WE wait till there done."

"Ok... should we talk to Sara now and see if she'll run interference?"


"Where's Sara's room?"

I don't know."

"Oh great.." She calls out, "Sara! Where are you?!"

Sara then appears in front of them, "you rang?"

"Sara... we need you to um... talk to Alice..."


"Why? Um.. Kimmie.. you wanna tell her?" She looks at Kim.

"fine... Suki wants to make Becky her slave and since Alice follows her everywhere we need you to seperate Alice from her." explains Kim. "Ah, I see, sure, i'll help."

"You will? Wow... that was easy..."

"When do you want this done?"

"Um.. after Alice gets done with her... Can you do that?"


"Good! We're counting on you!" Suki smiles at Kim and leans over to her, whispering, "Wow.. I guess she doesn't hate me after all..."

"How could I hate you? all you've done is manage to sneak into my room and make me piss myself!" yells Sara angerly.

Suki gulps, "Ulp!"

"I found out Kya told you how, and she was punished for that."

Suki trembles, "I... I didn't mean too!"

"Oh course you did!? You even gave Kya a golden shower as thanks!"

Suki blushes.

"So, call me back when you need me." states Sara before dissapearing.

"Ok then... So what do you want to do in the meantime, Kimmie?"

"I don't know."

"Oh.. If I'm going to enslave Becky, I should probably get Mr. Smith's approval..."

"You don't need his approval."

"But.. won't he come looking for her if she doesn't show up or something?"

"what are you planning to do with her?"

"The same things I was planning to do with you.. You know I wouldn't hurt her... Not like Hon'tyl.."

"Well you don't need his approval then

"So it's all okay, then?" She asks nervously.

"Of course."

"And you won't have a problem with me either?"


Suki smiles, "Great!" She accidentally grips the collar a little more forcefully and Kim's neck is bent slightly toward her lips.


Suki gasps, "Oh! I.. I'm sorry, Kimmie! I forgot I was holding this thing!"


"Oh yeah... I'll probably have to get Becky's signature on the contract..."

"your lucky Becky likes pain."

"Hehe.. yeah..."

"I guess we'll just wait till there done."

"Yeah... oh.. by the way, Kimmie... I should probably throw
out our contract... That is, unless, you wanna still be my love slave?"

"please throw it out."

"Ok.. Well, I can't throw it out... but I can null and void it..."

"Do want ever you need to."

"Only an Ap Dat can void such a contract, so don't worry... I'm half Ap Dat so it'll be okies..."


"I love you, Kimmie..." She leans in close to the older girl and gives her a gentle kiss.

"Ok, just null the contract."

"I will..." She reaches into her top and her bra and pulls out the parchment. "I just need a little of your blood, Kimmie..."


"Yeah.. It's the only way to void the contract..."

"Ok, here's my hand..."

"Ok... here goes..." She chants the spell again and again, Kim's hand is cut and a spurt of blood runs down to the parchment. Suki smiles and uses her left hand's index finger to wipe out Kim's signature.


"And the best part is... THIS!" She waves the parchment in the air and it falls completely blank.

"AS long as it's null."

"It is... see, I wiped off your blood... It's no longer there..."


"Now all I have to do is get Becky's signature... hehe..."

"We just have to wait."

"Yeah..." She stares at her watch.


Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4- Suki's kidnaped

[Author's notes: LOLI]

Suki turns toward Kim's room. She quietly tiptoes her way in, not wanting to disturb Becky and Alice. She whispers into the doorway, saying, "Kimmie.. they're done..."

Kim, on her bed, dressed in her normal white top and shorts, gets off of it and walks to Suki. Although it's obvious Kim has been under some kind of stress, evident by the sweat on her forehead. "That's great Suki, let's start."

"Um... how do you think we should get her to sign the contract? Should we try to tease her by pleasing her until she's at the edge of orgasm and then not let her come? Or should we try the bladder torture I was going to use on you?"

"I like the first one better."

huehue65: She smiles, "Good... 'cause I wanted to save the bladder torture for her public wetting..." She giggles and says, " we need Sara to distract Alice... Where is she?"

Sara then appeares next to the two, but instead of cheerful as she always is, she has a serious look on her face as she looks to Kim.

Suki, looking nervous, questions, "Um... Sara... is something wrong?"

Kim shakes her head at Sara, at which she replies to Suki, "No, nothing's wrong."

Suki notices the movement, but chooses not to press further. Instead, she asks, "Are you ready, Sara?"

"Yeah, how long am I going to have to babysit though?"

Suki turns to Kim, "How long do you think it'll take for us to get Becky to sign the contract?"

"Hmm, I don't think i's going to take too long."

"Um... ok... then... say what, mebbe an hour, then?"

"Yeah, maybe a bit longer."

"An hour and a half, then?"


"Ok... keep her busy for that long, Sara... ok?"

"Ok." replies Sara walking away from the two to the living room area where Becky and Alic are.

Suki sighs, "So how exactly are we gonna torture her? I mean.. I'm still new to the idea of orgasms..."

"Well first, we need to get her tied up."

"Ok... I can use that technique I used on you... remember?"

"OK." The two then hear Alice from the other room. "Hey! Let me go!" shortly afterwards, Becky runs up to Kim and Suki. "Hey, Sara just took off with Alice!"

"Oh did she now?" grins Suki, slowly stepping around Becky. She waves to Kim and mouths, "Get her attention!"

"Well maybe she just wanted to talk to her for a minute or two." replies Kim. "Well she could've stayed here then!"

Suki closes her eyes and begins to chant softly. Suddenly, a prickly feeling runs up Becky's left arm seconds before it falls numb.

"What the..." gasps Becky shaking her left arm to try a get the feeling back.

Suki continues chanting as Becky's other arm falls into the same state as her left. She giggles to herself.

"What's going on? Why is my arms suddenly getting numb?" asks Becky.

Suki then traces a finger around Becky's left wrist, drawing some sort of golden line in her wake. She traces her finger all around Becky's wrist, suddenly causing her arm to grow heavy, so heavy that it's like trying to lift a two ton trout.

"Ah! Suki!?" replies Becky turning around.

Suki giggles and does the same to Becky's right wrist. "Gotcha, now, Becky!" She laughs, totally excitable.

"What are you two doing!? *gasp* That's why Sara took Alice, you two wanted to get me alone. But why?"

"You're really gonna suffer now, Becky..." She traces another finger around Becky's neck, creating a thin gold collar that she continues into a wide gold thread which she grips, pulling Becky's neck in any direction she wants.

Kim then trials her right hand down Becky's back to her pantied rear and rubs the area. "Your going to like what we have planned for you Becky."

"Oh yeah...  you are sooooo gonna like it... Now come on, Becky..." She tugged on the collar, pulling Becky with her.

"Where are we going?" asks Becky. Kim also follows

"We're going in there..." She points to Kim's room.

"What are you gonna do to me?"

"Kimmie? You wanna field that one?" She giggles as she tugs Becky over to the bed.

"We may give you an orgasm, depending on your attitude." smiles Kim. "Huh?"

"Oh yes... a wonderful orgasm... you'll really like it, Becky..." Suki crawls up onto the bed and pulls Becky up to the head so that she's lying on her back on the bed. She takes the golden thread and wraps it around the headboard, effectively binding Becky to the bed.

"I have a bad feeling about this." states Becky. "Theres something you two arn't telling me."

Suki giggles, "Aw, com'on Becky... there's nothing to be afraid of..." She reaches down to Becky's arms and pulls them up to the headboard, fastening them there with the same golden thread.

Kim then pulls up Becy's shirt, revealing her small breasts. "Hmm, if I didn't know better, I'd say your growing here a bit since the last time I've seen them." states Kim as she cups both of her hands over Becky's breast. Causing Becky to silently gasp. "Oh, and you've gotten sensitive here too." smiles Kim.

Suki giggles, "Can I have some fun, too, Kimmie?"

"Sure, I'm sure she won't mind, afterall, Alice can't keep Becky all to herself." replies Kim removing her hands from Becky.

Suki giggles again and reaches out her hands to Becky's smallish breasts. She cups them and moves them up and down slightly, feeling the skin and fat move with her movements.

Becky now groans as she tugs on the binds to her arms as she squirms a little, showing that her breasts have indeed grown sensitive to attention.

Suki laughs, "Wow... you're right, Kimmie.. she's really sensitive..."

"I bet she can come just by having her breasts massaged." comments Kim.

"Hehe... shall we try, Kimmie? You on one, and me on the other?"

"But what about, yanno..." replies Kim.

"We'll stop before she comes... promise!"

"Oh, that's a great idea."

"Yay! Let's do it, Kimmie!" Suki cheers.

Once Suki moves her right hand from Becky's breast, Kim places her right hand back to the soft mound and begins a circular rubbing motion, releasing a gasp from Becky.

Suki grins and does a similar motion to Becky's other breast, sliding it up and down, bouncing it slightly.

Becky, from the different actions to her breasts Squirms much more as moans out.

"Hehe... lookit her squirm, Kimmie... oh, that is soooo good... I just wanna make her squirm some more!" She leans over Becky's breast and sticks her tongue out, licking the upper side.

"Ah! C-Cut it out!" moans Becky. Kim then comments, "Hey Suki check out Becky's panties! There soaking wet!"

"Wha... already? We just started! Dang, she's really sensitive..."

"I think she will come if we keep doing this."

"Oh.. ok..." She pulls back, giving Becky's breast one last teasing lick.

Kim then removes her hand from Becky again.

Suki grins down at the captive girl. "Didja like that, Becky?"

Becky is now breath quite quickly, having been just moments from an orgasm and trembles lightly.

Suki looks down at Becky and asks again, "I said, did you like that, Becky?"

"Y-Yeah..." replies Becky.

"Do you want more?"


"Ok then... I'm willing to give you more... but first.. you gotta do something for me..."


"Um... you gotta agree to do this for me... and I'll give you your orgasm."


"Are you sure, Becky?

"yeah, i'm sure, just make me come."

"Ok... first things first..." She takes Becky's left hand in her own and chants another spell. Suddenly, a cut appears on the side of her palm, drawing blood which Suki catches in a little vial that she withdraws from her skirt pocket.

"Ow!" What was that for!?"

"We need your blood, Becky... blood for ink..." She reaches into her top's top right pocket and pulls out an ancient parchment, which she smooths out and lays on the bed, "Here... sign your full name at the bottom."

"What is that? It looks familar..."

"Sign." Suki states, looking nervous and glancing back at Kim.

"Wait a minute..." states Becky. "That looks like Sashi's slave contract. You trying to make me your slave!?" states Becky shocked.

"Aw, crap... she figured it out! Now what, Kimmie?" whines Suki.

"Well, she's still tied up, we can have some fun with her."
states Kim smiling.

"But... I wanted to have her... you know..." She pouts.

"I'm not being anybodies slave!" exclaims Becky. "Don't you remimber what happened to Sashi!?"

Suki replies, "Trust me, Becky... what happened to Sashi isn't going to happen to you..."

"No! I'm not going to be anyone's slave! that's final!"

"Aw, come on, Becky... I'm gonna give you the best orgasm of your life!"

"No! No! NO! Why would you want to do such a thing to me!?"

Suki sighs, tossing the parchment over her shoulder, "This is hopeless..." She starts to walk away, looking depressed.

"Hey Suki." states Kim. "your not going to give Becky an orgasm anyway?"

"No... you can do it.. I don't feel in the mood anymore..."

"Oh well." states Kim. "I still want to see you come from being felt up." states kim to Becky as the bindings on her dissapear with Suki's absance. Kim then carefully gets on top of Becky and lightly sits on her stomach as she preceeds to massage Becky's breasts again. Causing her to squirm under Kim. "Hehe, you look so cute squirming like that." "Ah! Kimmie!" moans Becky. It didnt take long before Becky did come just from Kim massaging her breasts, nearly lifting Kim up as Becky's Body tried to arch up as Becky came, drenching her panties in her cum as it squirted from her body to her panties.

Suki sighs as she slides down the outside of Kim's door. Tears come to her eyes as she sniffs, "I don't think I'll ever get to see someone pee themselves in public... or bladder torture anyone..."

A moment later, Kim's doorbell rings.

Suki sniffs and gets to her feet. "I guess I'd better answer it... Kimmie's probably still busy with Becky..." Tears still running down her cheeks, she walks to the door and asks, "Who's there?"

A females voice answers, "This is Kimberly Starr's place right?"

"Um, yes... who are you?"

"My Name is Shino, can I come in?"

"Um... o-ok..." She slowly opens the door, wiping furiously at her tears.

Suki sees a girl with blue jean's and a yellow shirt. "Hello, and who might you be?" greets the new girl happily.

"Um... I'm Suki... Suki Nihon..."

"I'm Kimberly's friend." states Shino.

"Oh... ok.. I'll go and get her... um... you can wait here if you like..." She returns to Kim's room and knocks on the door, "Um.. Kimmie... Shino is here..."

After a few moment's, Kim Replies, "Who?"

"Um... a girl named Shino.. she says she's your friend..."

"Shino... hmm... Oh! I remimber her now!" Kim quickly opens the door and goes to the living room area, and looks quite puzzled at the girl in front of her. "Hello Kimberly, nice to see you again." states Shino. "Shino?" questions Kim.

Suki sighs, "So you DO know her... that's good.. I was afraid I had let someone in without you knowing her..."

Shino smiles, "I am indeed the Shino Kimberly knows, she may not recognise me becouse I got an external upgrade, so, how do I look?" states Shino spinning aroung once. "Well, you look quite nice." comments Kim.

"Uh huh... well, if you don't need me, I'll just go out for a walk..." She sniffs again.

A young girl enters the room, wiping her eyes, "Sheeze... it's impossible to get any sleep in here..."

Kim looks at Tisha , "You were sleeping? it's the afternoon?"

She rubs at her eyes again, "Can't sleep at night.. can't sleep during the day.. when the Flip Wilson CAN I sleep?!"

"Maybe you need a sleep spell." giggles Kim.

"Sleep spell? What the freak is that?!"

"It pulls someone to sleep."

"Whoa... yeah, I sure could use that..."

"Unfortunatly, I don't know any sleep spells." states Kim.

"I don't ether." comments Shino. "Androids arn't capiable of learning magic or techs."

Tisha gasps, "What the... you're an Android?! Ya sure don't look like any android I've ever seen... Where's your "Off" switch?!"

Shino giggles a little repling, "Thank-you for the compliment! And for you information, the location of my 'off-switch' is none of your buisness.";)

Tisha forces a giggle of her own, "Oh yeah... That's what the android on TV said too... Can you figure out this riddle? "I lie all the time.. In fact, I'm lying right now!"

Shino thinks for a moment before answering, "I can't figure that out, I'm sorry."

Tisha laughs, "Haha! They still haven't figured that out, eh?! Guess that means androids still suck! HAHAHA"

Shino then smiles. "I'm afraid you are mistaken little girl. Androids arn't required to suck, we don't need oxygen to fuction. Just an occasinal charge and-" Kim then cuts in commenting, "Shino, that was an insult." "Huh? Oh! I see now, becouse I could not solve the young ones riddle. So the generazation of, and might I add, racist comment that androids still suck from her is made from the fact that I, a single android of many, could not figure out a riddle." smiles Shino. "Uh, yeah..." replies Kim.

"Um... what did she say?" questions Tisha, looking dreadfully confused.

"Shino basically said, by your comment, that your racist against androids." states Kim.

"I... WHAT?! N-No, I'm not! I.. I just never met one before!" the little girl splutters.

"But you said andriods still suck. comments Shino. "That suggest that you have met an android before."

"I was talking about the ones on TV! Not you! Ergh! Now you're twisting my words around... typical android.." she groans softly, sitting down on the floor.

"Oh, I am not a typical Android though, I am one of the eairly models, I recently paid for an external upgrade to look like the newer models. So any comparasens you make from me will not be correct." replies Shino.

"Upgrades? What kinda upgrades?" the smaller girl asks, getting back up to her feet.

My appearnce, before the upgrade, instead of the artifical flesh you see on me now, it was just metal basically."

"Oh.. so like, now you look human?"


"Wow... so like, that's really very... um... technologically advanced... " she states slowly, her face furrowed in concentration as she tries to remember what Sashi might say.

"I would have done a complete upgrade, But I don't have the credits to do so." replies Shino. "Why not ask me?" questions Kim. "Oh, I couldn't do that." replies Shino. "Sure you could I have more than enough." states Kim. "Sorry Kimberly, I'd rather earn the credits myself." replies Shino. "Oh, ok then."

Tisha sighs, "Wow.. so yer really rich, then, Kim? Dag, it must be nice..."

"Well, I don't like to brag about it, but yeah, I'm loaded." smiles Kim.

"O RLY?" Tisha gasps, ".. then can you buy me some stuff? I don't have any money..."

"Stuff like what?"

"Oh.. I ono..." she giggles, rubbing her hands together.

"Hmm, I wonder where Suki went." states Kim.

Just then, a small envelope appears under the doorway. It is colored pink and has a very peculiar smell about it.

"What the..." comments Kim as she sees the envelope and picks it up and opens it.

Inside the envelope is a small piece of parchment. Not the kind of paper seen around Pioneer II, but an old forgotten type. There are words on it, written in what appears to be red ink, no.. not ink... blood.

The message on the parchment states quite clearly, "To Kim Starr: I have kidnapped Suki Nihon and intend to make her my slave. If you wish to debate this course of action, come down to the planet and visit Suki's house. Bring NO ONE with you - Come alone! If you do NOT come, you will lose your wife forever!"

"Fu*k..." groans Kim. "What is it Kimberly?" asks Shino. "It's personal, I'll be back shortly." replies Kim going to her room to get dressed, where she finds Becky has gone to sleep on her bed. About 15 minutes later, Kim arrives at Suki's door of her home and rings the doobell.

There is no response. However, the door slides open with a loud creaking sound.

Kim frowns and takes out one of her dual sabers in her right hand and walks in.

"You can put that away, Miss Starr... You won't be needing it." comes a spooky voice from upstairs.

"I'll put it away when I see I don't need it." replies Kim as she makes her way up the stairs.

"Haha... Trust me... You won't be needing it... In fact, I suggest you put it away, unless you want to see Suki's liver up close and personal."

Kim groans once before compling, putting away her weapon

"That's good.. now come on up... We don't want to keep our beautiful little slave waiting, now do we? Hehe..."

Kim then makes her way to the top of the stairs.
At the top of the stairs, there is a hallway, leading down to the right side. The voice seems to be coming from the last room on the left side of that hallway.

Kim quickly makes her way to the room the sound is coming from.

There is a bright light shining from a source of light in the room. However, most of the room is still in darkness. The only thing that anyone could see is a young girl, with short black hair, hanging from the ceiling by the ropes bound around her wrists. There is also a very familiar smell circling the room, a smell that Kim ought to be able to detect. It is the smell of someone who has peed themselves and the girl appears to be wearing jean shorts with a huge wet spot on them.

"Suki!" states Kim running to Suki.

"Uh, uh, uh! Don't touch her! If you do, you will recieve a nasty shock." The voice continues as the younger girl dangles, completely oblivious to the world at large.

Kim quickly stops a few feet from Suki. "What do you want?"

"What do I want? Simple, my little friend... I want you to turn around and sit on the bed behind you."

"Fine." states Kim as she goes to the bed and sits on it.

"Good...  Nash? Turn off the light..." Suddenly, the light source goes out, revealing the sun shining in the window behind Suki's captive form. A young man is standing there behind the captive girl. He has short black hair and seems vaguely familiar.

Kim quickly stands, "Who are you!?"

The man opens his mouth and replies, with a cheerful smile, "My name.. .is Nash Nihon..."

"Nihon?" question Kim shocked. "But Suki's last name is Nihon... she has a... brother?"

Nash nods, "Yeah.. though I'm 10 years her senior... She didn't really know me all that well... I lived on the other side of the village, you see and we... well... we never really got along... Something to do with Father, I believe..."

"Oh, but why am I here then?"

"She wanted you to come... she says she has information about one of your friends... and.. well.. *ahem*.. I couldn't resist the tempation of playing around with my sister.. haha..." he laughs nervously.

"She? you mean Suki?"

Nash shakes his hand, "No... HER." He points behind Kim.

Kim then turns around to see...

A familiar shock of red hair before something collides heavily with her body. There is a loud squeal of happiness, then suddenly someone's lips press against Kim's as a hand cups her breasts.

"Ah! get off me!" gasps Kim pushing the girl off her. "huh? Nanyo!?"

Nanyo grins, "Miss me, Kim? I sure missed ya!" She presses forward and locks her lips to Kim's again, at the same time as she fondles Kim's breasts again, looking very horny as usual.

"Hehe, give me a chance to reply." states kim smiling.

Nanyo  laughs, "Oh yeah..." and backs off ever so slightly, keeping one hand clutched around Kim's left breast.

"It's nice to see you again Nanyo, Suki's gotten stronger since you've been gone."

"Oh yeah? Heh, she still wasn't a match for me, though... I kidnapped her with the greatest of ease... See what I've done with her? Haha..."

"heh, yeah, I think that's the first time I've seen Suki with pants on, but what's this about info on one of our freinds?"

"Geez, ya just got here... and already you want to go into that? Damn, Kim... I thought you'd like to see your wife hanging up there like that..."

"I do like it."

"You know.. there are many things we could do to her, together... haha.. and she wouldn't even know..." She smirks at Kim, but there is something dark behind those ruby tinted eyes. Nash clears his throat, "Um, ladies? Is this some kinda lesbian thing? I kinda feel left out here..."

"I'm sure we can make an exception for relatives." replies Kim.

"Exception? What are you two on? I'm not understanding here..." He looks confused and stunned. Nanyo laughs, "Geez, old timer... You really need to get a clue..."

"OK, you wanna help us fool around with your sisters body?"

"Wha.. seriously?!" He grins, almost drooling as he glances over at Suki's seemingly lifeless body.

"Heh, I'm suddenly reminded of Me and Becky looking at you two." states Kim.

"Becky? Who's that?" Nash asks.

"My younger sister."

"Ah.. I see... well... yeah.. heh, I guess it would..."
"So what do you want to do to her?"

"Um... I heard about the wedding... so um... is she... um... you know... still...?"

"Still what?"

"Ergh.. I hate saying this... heh... is she like, still pure?" He laughs nervously again.

"You mean is she still a virgin?"

"Yeah.. sorry... I'm still a bit nervous about doing all this stuff to her... I mean, I don't wanna hurt her or anything... not like Nanyo over here..." He rolls his eyes at the redhead who shrugs and states, "Hey, I can't help it if I get a little rough during sex!"

"How old are you?" questions Kim.

"Huh? Me? I'd say about 29/30... give or take a few months..."

"Your 30 and you can't say if your sisters and virgin or not? What are you, a virgin or something?"

"Heeeeey!" he exlcaims, looking a little put out. "It's not exactly as though there's a lot of choice here! Most of the girls are lesbians... like Suki.. and Sashi, wherever the hell she's at..."

"Oh so you ARE a virgin." states Kim smiling. "A guy virgin as old as you is such a rare thing where I'm from." Kim then walks over to Nsh smiling.

"Oh yeah? Where do you come from? That nasty city over on the east side of Goblin Valley?"

"No, I'm from space." replies Kim as she glides her right hand on Nash's right shoulder as she walks behind him.

"Space? What are you... some kinda alien?" He turns to look at her hand as Nanyo sits down on the bed and watches, hungrily.

"Well, technically speaking, yeah I am." replies Kim as she trails her left hand down to Nah's crotch.

"H-Hey! Watch that hand! Wh-What the sam hill're you doing?!" He gasps, backing up against the wall.

"Aw what's wrong?" teases Kim. "You wanna be a virgin the rest of your life?"

"Well no.. but.. I.. well I... I've never been touched there before by a girl..." He stammers.

"Well, a young 20 year old girl wants your virginity, will you give it up?" asks Kim smiling as she walks to Nash again.

"Well... um...hehe... Are you sure? I mean... most girls would be shy or at least want to know more about the guy they sleep with..."

"Hehe, the question is are you sure?" asks Kim as she places her right hand to Nash's crotch.

The man smiles, "Oh HELL yes..." He smiles at Kim and grabs her neck, gently pulling her close and locking his lips against hers.


Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5- The Servant of Dark Faultz

[Author's notes: VIOLENCE, DEATH]

"Hehe, 30 years of sexual frustration, I can't wait to feel you in me.' states Kim smiling.

"Heh... you're really into this, aren't you, um.. Kim?" He laughs softly before parting her lips with his own, searching for her tongue.

Kim teasingly pulls back, "Just hold on a few more minutes." states Kim before lowering herself to her knees in front of Nash.

"What are you doing?" He asks, somewhat confused at her actions. Nanyo grins and gets to her feet, slowly tiptoeing around Kim to see what she's going to do.

"Hehe, you really are a virgin..." comments Kim as she undoes his jeans and pulls down his pants and underwear.

"Whoah...!" is all he can gasp as his member starts to grow hard, pointing up toward Kim. Nanyo laughs, "Oh this'll end well... haha..."

"Oh, I think it likes me!" giggles Kim.

"Um... haha... well you ARE a girl... and a very hot one at that... If you got naked, it'd like that much more... haha..."

"Well, ok." smiles Kim as she stands and begins to remove her top.

"Hey... um... can I help?" he asks, grinning at her as Nanyo suddenly drops one of her hands down her own crotch, rubbing gently through her jeans.

"Sure." states Kim as she stops taking her top off

"Let's see here... this is a vest, right? I think I've seen one before..." He starts undoing Kim's top, teasingly keeping one hand on her left breast as he does so.

"Heh, is this the first time you touched a girl's breasts?"

"Well.. no... I touched Nanyo's many times... and I even groped Suki once... heh, but she doesn't know I did.. Suki, I mean..."

"Wanna touch my pussy?"

"What's that? Don't believe I've heard that word before..." He states, looking confused. Nanyo groans, "Arrgh! I forgot... This village doesn't really use that word, Kim..."

"Oh, then my labia, wanna feel it?"

"Labia, huh? You seem like a really horny little girl... haha..." He chuckles as he reaches one hand down to cup Kim's girlhood. Nanyo laughs, "Wet already, Kim?"

"Yep, I'm wet, he probably can't feel it through my shorts though."

"Wet, huh? You're right, though... all I can feel is her warmth... Mmm..." He starts moving his palm back and forth over her girlhood through her shorts. At the same time, he finishes undoing her vest and starts trying to pull it off her arms.

"Mmm, seems like you've done this before..."

"What.. undressed a girl? Hehe... I used to dress Suki all the time when she was little... But.. if it's about the rubbing, yeah... once or twice on Suki when she would sleep at night... It really helped her to sleep..."

"Just like I thought, your a perv." giggles Kim.

"Haha.. a perv, eh? Well I've been called worse..." He reaches up to Kim's bra and asks, "How do you.. undo this?"

"Haha... a perv, eh? Well, I've been called worse.. but what about you? You're half naked, trying to convince a total stranger to f*ck you... haha..."

"Well, I know I'm a perv." smiles Kim.

"So I see... you have nice breasts, by the way... Anybody ever tell you that?" He reaches out with his left hand and squeezes one of them while using his right hand to press on her labia.

"Heh, all to often." comments kim.
"Oh yeah... I forgot... Suki... has my sister told you that a lot, then?"

"yeah, and Nanyo too."

"Oh yeah?" He glances over at Nanyo who puts a finger up to her lips and grins at him. He turns back to Kim and asks, "So, do you want me to take your shorts off, Kim?" Nanyo, in the meantime, sneaks up behind the other girl, moving slowly so that Kim won't hear her approach.

"That's a good I idea."

"Ok... I'll do it then... haha..." He reaches down with both his hands, placing the left one on the button and undoing it; the right hand, he places on the zipper and slides it down. Nanyo, meanwhile, reaches Kim's back and grabs her arms, pulling them behind the other girl and holding her still.

"Ah! Nanyo what are you doing?" asks Kim surprised.

Nanyo laughs, "I want in on this... I wanna have some fun too..." There is a faint clicking sound and suddenly, Kim's wrists pull together where she can't separate her arms. At the same time, Nash slides Kim's shorts down to her ankles and sees...

Kim's shaven labia visibly wet, "Nanyo what are you doing?"

Nanyo laughs, "I told ya, Kim... I'm having some fun... What does it look like?" She grabs Kim around the waist and tugs her back over to a big bed that lies in the corner of the bedroom. Nash follows the two, admiring Kim's girlhood. "You don't have pubic hair, Kim?" he asks.

"No, I shave."

"Shave, eh? That's interesting... and I guess you know by now.. .Ap Dat don't have pubic hair..." He reaches out to Kim's folds and slides one finger across them as Nanyo forces Kim to lie down on her back on the bed.

"even the guys?"

"Well, take a look..." He climbs onto the bed and straddles Kim's body as Nanyo sits down on the edge of the bed and leans over Kim's breasts, blowing gently on them.

"Hehe, not a hair in sight." smiles Kim.

"Yep... It's something weird among Ap Dat... None of the girls OR boys have it..." he states as Nanyo blows again on Kim's left breast, blowing coolly directly on her nipple.

"Oh, well Nanyo, while doing that feels nice, It's not doing much. Can you try something else?" asks Kim smiling.

"Hehe... what didja have in mind, Kim?" the redhead laughs as Nash scoots down Kim's body to her labia and places his left hand along the length of her slit.

"Maybe a little licking." suggests Kim.

"Ohhh, you mean like this?" She smirks and sticks her tongue out, giving Kim's left nipple a teasing lick before pulling back. At the same time, Nash brings his other hand down and pushes apart Kim's labia, staring intently at what lies beyond.

Kim "Ooh's once as Nash sees the bright pink inner flesh that lay behind Kim's labia.

Nash grins, "Wow... seems much more matured than Suki's... Heh, this is exciting..." He slides one finger down across the top of the labia as Nanyo licks Kim's nipple again, before backing off again.

"Where? I don't see a place to go in you... oh wait... you mean... in your vagina?" Nash giggles nervously.

"yeah, where do you think I was talking about?"

"Uh... I ono..." he laughs again.

"Well what are you waiting for then? put it in."

"Ok... You're... not a virgin, are you?" Nash asks as Nanyo licks Kim's nipple hungrily.

"Heh, from the way I've been acting you still have to ask that? I must not be doing a good job."

"Um... well are you?" He asks as Nanyo giggles, "Queen of Dick..."

"Geez, your as dense as your sister, of course not!"

"Sister? You mean, Suki? Yeah, she is dense... haha..."

"Well unless she has more siblings I don't know about, yeah."

"Well... there is Sashi, yanno..." He laughs and spreads Kim's labia again as Nanyo starts sucking on Kim's left nipple.

"Mmm, I don't think she's as dense as you two."

"Yeah... Sash catches on quick sometimes.." He locates her urethra and grins as his fingers slide down, looking for her vagina.

"Hurry up, I want your virginity." urges Kim.

"Ok ok.. just gimmie a minute... Ah, there it is.." He slides a finger inside the other girl, testing it's elasticity, making sure that it can accept his penis. Nanyo groans and drums her fingers on Kim's neck as she grumbles, "You idiot..."

"Yeah..." agrees Kim lowly.

"Hey, cut me some slack... I'm new at this!" complains Nash as he pulls his finger out and repositions himself over Kim.

"Ok, just hurry, to be a 30 year virgin, you don't seem to be too eager about penitration."

Nash groans, "And this is why I'm a virgin... damn girls always complaining..." He pushes his hips forward and presses his penis up against the opening to her vagina.

"Well get over it and fu*k me."

"Heh, talk dirty to me and see what happens..." He laughs again and jams his penis deep into her vagina as Nanyo reaches to her side, popping the top off a small vial. She puts this vial up to Kim's lips and says, "Here... this'll help..."

Kim gasps once and replies to Nanyo, "What is it?"

"An aphrodiastic..." She winks at Kim, obviously lying but Nash pushes his penis in deeper inside Kim's womanhood.

"Hehe, I don't need something like that."

Nanyo nods, "Trust me... you do... this'll increase your pleasure 10 fold.... Trust me... You'll get a better orgasm with this..."

"Fine, you not going to leave me alone about."

Nanyo's eyebrows raise as she tilts the vial up to Kim's lips. Nash groans, "Oh hell yeah..." as he begins to pump Kim's vagina with his penis.

"Ohh, you feel how good that is?" moans Kim

Nash nods, "Oh yeah... Geez... this's better than masturbating..." He closes his eyes and groans again as Nanyo prods Kim in the shoulder, "Drink it..."

"Oh yeah." states Kim as she drinks the fluid."

Nanyo grins, "Good girl! Now doesn't that feel better?" Suddenly, there is a sharp upsurge in the amount of pleasure Kim feels, but at the same time, her abdomen SLOWLY starts to swell as well. Nash groans, "Aw, fu*ck yeah!" as he starts thrusting his hips harder.

Kim gasps hard in surprise as she grips the bed with her left hand.

"Haha... liked that, didja, Kim?" asks Nanyo, grinning broadly as Nash continues thrusting.

"Ah... yeah, I like it."

"Just wait... You're gonna like more soon... It takes a minute or two to fully kick in..." Nanyo laughs as Nash moans loudly, his penis going deeper and deeper within her.

Kim then smiles from Nashes Moaning. "Heh, gonna come already?"

"Ohhh, shiiitt...." he moans as Nanyo sighs, commenting, "Well, what did you expect from a virgin?" A second or two later, an even higher upsurge of pleasure shoots through Kim's body as her abdomen swells further.

"Kim gasps once again from the surprise increase of pleasure. "Ah! holy sh*t Nanyo, what the hell was that you gave me!?"

Nanyo laughs, "I told you, Kim... It's an aphrodisatic.... Bet ya love that, eh?"

"Y-Yeah, I love it." pants Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "I knew you'd like it, Kim..." She places her mouth on Kim's breast again and sucks gently as Nash groans loudly, "Damnit... I.. I can't stop!"

"Heh, thanks." smiles Kim from Nash's comment.

Nash suddenly tenses up and thrusts his penis so far deep into Kim's vagina that he grazes the top wall, just as he comes, shooting his sperm into her cervix.

Kim simply moans from the feeling of Nash's cum entering into her. "Mmm, great..."

Nanyo then lifts up her arm, "Mmm... just about time...." Just then, Kim's abdomen reaches its  peak of swelling and, at first, a slight urge to pee overcomes the other girl.

"Ah, just great, I gotta pee." groans Kim. "Hey, Nash, can we break for a sec?"

Nash lifts his eyebrows, "Um.. sure... I... I think I'm done now... hehe..."

Once Nash pulls out, Kim looks to Nanyo, "can you get off me?"

Nanyo smirks at Kim, "Why should I? I like it like this..."

"Come on Nanyo, not now."

Nanyo laughs, "Do you see Nisu up there? Do you notice how her shorts are?"

"Really Nanyo, I don't have time for this, I need to get back to poineer 2."

"You still haven't heard what I wanted to tell you about your friend... so I think you'll stay here long enough.... hehe..." She cups Kim's breasts in her hands as a sharp urge to pee, caused by the drink, attacks Kim's body.

"Ah! Well tell after I got piss, now get off me." states Kim as she tries to get up."

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Now, now, Kim... surely you know me better than that..." She lowers her hands down toward Kim's stomach.

"Nanyo I'm serious, I don't feel like doing this now."

Nanyo grins, "Nuh-uh... I needs my fill and Nisu wasn't enough... haha..." She lowers her palm to Kim's abdomen, grinning.

"I'm not playing around, cut it out!"

Nanyo says nothing, but merely presses down on Kim's abdomen as Nash sits in the corner, looking dazed.

Kim grabs Nanyo's hand and lifts it from her abdomen and squeezes it painfully. "Don't make me have to hurt you Nanyo."

"Ow ow ow... damnit.. FINE... but you SO owe me!"

"Good." Kim then releases Nanyo's hand and gets to her feet. "Where's the bathroom?"

Nanyo groans, "Uh... downstairs, I think... This is Nisu's house, so I don't know for sure..." She rubs her hand.

"Ok, I should be able to hold it till I find it." Kim then leaves the room.

"Damnit... That girl really needs to lighten up..."

After 7 minutes later, Kim comes back. "Well I feel better now." smiles Kim.

Nanyo sits in another corner of the room, cursing silently as Nash gets up, "Well... um... I think I'll leave... I don't see what more I can do here..."

"Ok, see ya, Hey Nanyo what was the thing you had to tell me?"

Nanyo gets to her feet, "Fine... you know that friend of yours, Kim? Nikki?"

"Yeah, what about her?"

Nanyo crosses the room to Kim and whispers in her ear everything she heard Nikki tell her.

"Heh, your lying, Nikki's not an enemy, I've known her for as long as I can remimber. and she can't fight very well ether." smiles Kim.

"It's not that... She's not the one out to kill us all.... I think she said something about a master..."

"Heh, and who would this 'master' be?"

Nanyo states dramatically, "Someone she called 'Lord Faultz'..."

Kim's smiling quickly turn grim at the name. "Faultz? Your lying, you have to be."

Nanyo sighs, "You and I.. we still have our connection, Starki...  If you doubt my words, then.. here... touch my arm... You'll be able to connect to my mind and see through my memory..."

"OK, I just hope this is just some sick joke..." states Kim before reaching out and touching Nanyo's arm.

Almost instantly, Nanyo closes her eyes and everything Nikki said to her comes blaring through her mind and into Kim's mind.

As the images scroll through Kim's mind, at the memory of Nikki saying, "I'm the enemy." to Nanyo, Kim immediatly releases her hand and backs away in shock.

Nanyo sighs, "Terrible, isn't it?"
"Nanyo, is it possible for you to fake a memory?"

The red head shakes her head, "Only Sash could do that... Not me... I'm only a medium level telepath... "

"But, I've known Nikki since I was a kid, how can she be the enemy?"

Nanyo shrugs, "I don't know anything more or less than what she told me... I can assure you, that is what she said to me..."

"And she killed those two men..."

"What I know, you know, now... Kim..."

"I need to speak to Nikki."

"I'm sure you do... You need to protect Nisu... and your other friends... They are depending on you... I just thought you should know the truth about your friend..."

"Nearly everywhere we went, Nikki was there, she always insisted that she came along...I just don't want to belive it, she's a spy?" questions Kim looking as though she could cry. no tears yet though.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders and puts her hand on Kim's shoulder, "I dunno what to say, Kim..."

"Wait a minute!" gasps Kim. Sara was once a servent of Faultz, did she know about Nikki this whole time?"

"Kim, you know as much as I do... I showed you the memory... that's all I know..."

"I have to get back to P2, are you coming?"

"I don't know if I should... I mean... my telepathic abilities are shunned there..."

"Well I'm going, can you untie Suki?"
"Oh yeah... haha... I had forgotten about her... Sure..." She moves over to Suki's left side and jumps up slightly, using a small dagger to cut Suki down and into her waiting arms.

"So you coming or not?

"Gee.. I dunno... Do you  want me to come?"

"I honestly don't care."

Nanyo's shoulders slump, "Gee... you didn't miss me at all? That really hurts, yanno... Here.. take Nisu..." She thrusts Suki into Kim's arms and starts walking off.

"Well I'm more worried about Nikki at the moment yanno." states Kim as she walks out.

"Fine, then! Nyahh! See if I care!" she sticks her tongue out at Kim and leaves.

Kim then leaves the house and boards her ship with Suki and returns to Pioneer 2 to her place in the ship, where Sara now sits on the couch watching TV with Shino.

Tisha is sitting on the floor, playing absently with a cork. She looks really bored.

"Sara!" states Kim.

"Geez! Keep it down Sister, I'm right here." replies Sara.

"What do you know about Nikki?" asks Kim as she walks to the couch with Suki still in her arms.  Sara then looks at Kim seriously,

"... How'd you find out?"

"You knew about her!?" gasps Kim shocked as she drops Suki to the floor by accident.

Tisha's eyes grow wide, "Geesh... and I thought you loved her, Kim!"

"Ah!" gasps Kim as she quickly drops to her knees and picks up Suki. Sara then appears next to Kim and states, "Nikki was your friend, so I figured rather than destroy a good friendship early, I'd let you enjoy it as long as possible."

"But she was never my friend, I was just the object of her objective, right!?"

"...Sister, I'm sorry."

"Be careful with her, ya spaz!" calls out Tisha. "Ya might break her neck if ya keep that up!"

Kim then stands and places Suki in a nearby chair near the couches. A moment later, Nikki comes from down the hallway, dress her usually long white shirt covering her blue short-shorts. "Heya Ki Ki!" smiles the neko.

Tisha turns around on the floor and stares at Nikki, wondering what is going to happen.

Nikki is surprised as Kim quickly rushes to her and grabs at her neck angrily. "Ah! Ki Ki! What are you doing!?"

"Are you a spy for Dark Faultz?" asks Kim

"What are you talking about?" squirms Nikki.

"I'm only going to ask you once more, are you a spy!?" asks Kim.

"Why are you doing this!?" Kim then throws Nikki to the floor roughly.

Tisha gets to her feet, "Yiaash! Talk about rough foreplay!"

Sara then calmly states, "Nikki, drop the act, she knows." A moment later, Nikki flips up onto her feet.

"Well, after 12 years the act is over." smiles Nikki.

"Nikki, when did it happen? when did you turn aganst us?" asks Kim.

"Heh, When? from the start." answers Nikki.


"I was spying on you since the day we met."

Tisha's mouth hangs open. She's totally stunned.

"So all that we did togeather..." states Kim agrily.

"Was all an act to get friendly with you, I even went so far as to let the little brat beat me up to further enforce the lie that I can't fight too."


"And don't bother with trying that 'save her from the evil' crap, I chose this on my one. The day is nearing when Lord Faultz will kill you, and your traitor sister." states Nikki.

"You Bit*h!"  exclaims Kim as she rushes to Nikki, who quickly dissapears from veiw and Kim suddenly stops as though she was being held and somthing pressed against the front of her neck.

"Ah, Ah, Ahhh, Now isn't the time Ki Ki, your death will come soon enough." Nikki's body then reappears behind Kim holding a knife at her throat. A moment later, Nikki releases Kim and calmly walks back to the front of her

Tisha gasps, "GEEZ!"

"Now..." begins Nikki. "The tattle-tail needs to be punished..." Nikki closes her eyes for a moment then Nanyo appears in the room between them, confused obviously.

"WTF?!" she curses luridly, turning around on the spot, trying to see what the hell has happened. At this moment, Suki's eyes open widely and she gasps, "No....!"

"Hiya Nanyo." greets Nikki smiling. Meanwhile, Both Kim and Sara gasp out from sudden pain, dropping then to there knees to prevent the upcoming event.

Nanyo growls, "You bit*h... What the hell did you do to bring me here?!" Her hand moves toward her belt.

"You will be made an example of..." Nikki then cloaks her body once again and just seconds later, Nanyo's head is sliced right off her body, causing blood to fountain out of the severed areas for a few moments before Nikki reappears in the same spot she was standing. "NOOO!! You Bit*h!" screams Kim. I'll kill you!"

Suki sits up solemnly. Her violet eyes burn with passionate fire, though she has grown cold. "You piece of work..." is all she says, before the floor begins to shake under her and Kim.

"Aww, Ki Ki's wife is mad now, I'm in so much trouble!" mocks Nikki smiling.

"Try me... I don't think you'll find me easy..." She steps forward, her magical power flowing around her, pushing Kim back just by the energy.

"Heh, why I'd just love to, I can't, I must be going, I'm pretty sure I've worn out my welcome, hehe. Till next time, see ya soon!" states Nikki as she calmly walks out laughing.

"You...." Suki's eyes narrow and for the first time in Kim's memory, the little girl curses, "damn... motherfucker..."

The pain that took hold oh the twins now disappear, allowing then to stand. "Fu*k! I can't believe this!" exclaims Kim.

Suki's eyes then roll back in her head and she collapses onto Nanyo's dead body.


Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6- Aftermath

[Author's notes: RAPE]

A moment later, Becky comes out of her room to the group, "What's all the commotion about?" Upon Seeing Nanyo's dead body, gasps, "What the fu*k happened out here!"

Tisha gasps, "Geesh... This really sucks..." Even she seems in total shock about what has happened here.

Kim then punches the floor hard in anger, making a small dent in the floor. "That Bit*h! I'll make her pay for this!"

"Who are you talking about?" asks Becky. "Who did this!?"

Tisha gets to her feet, gasping, "Gross... There's blood everywhere!"

Sara then states to Becky, "Nikki did this, she's a servant of Dark Faultz."

"What!? Nikki did this!?"

"Yes Becky, she was sent here by Faultz to spy on Kim."

Tisha then blurts out, "Who the Flip Wilson's son IS this Dark Faultz, anywho? And why did she kill... um... that red haired old hooker?"

Sara answers, "Faultz is a super powerful being and his sole mission is to rule the universe. He's a fu*king cliche if you ask me." Kim then stands and adds, "That doesn't change the fact that he's extremely powerful. As much as I want to, I can't just go there angry as hell and expect to win."

"Geesh... and he's, like, out to get you, is that what you're saying? Jeez... somehow, I think I'd be better off getting the frick outta here..."

"What are we going to do about Nikki?" asks Becky.

"I'm going to kill her!" replies Kim.

"Sister, about Nikki, as you saw, She's quite strong, but she does have one weekness." states Sara.

"What is it?"

Tisha cocks her head, asking, "Yeah, I wanna know too!"

"Nikki is very weak physically, one good punch will be lights out for here." replies Sara.

"Great, I can torture her for her lies." states Kim.

"Hold on Sister, that will not be an easy thing to do, Nikki is extremely fast. She's the 'can't hit what you can't catch' type." replies Sara.  

"Still, all I need is one punch."

"Wow... that's really weak..." laughs Tisha.

"Well..." begins Becky. "There has to be balances. If your strong physical, your going to be weak to magical attacks. It's takes alot of work to have little to no weakness’."

"Or be lucky enough for it to be natural, like me and Sister." smiles Sara.

"You do have a weakness, I do too." states Kim.

"I have no weakness!" yells Sara.

"Uh-Oh... That sounds like sibling rivalry..."

"Yes you do, You can't kill someone who doesn't fight back, and Me, I suck with magic."

"Wow... so like, if I was to hit you with a magic spell, you wouldn't be able to take it?" asks Tisha as Suki moans softly, apparently coming to.

"Well, no, my resistance is pretty high, I mean that, I have very little mana, and because of that I can't use much magic, and I can only transform for about 10 minutes." answers Kim.

"Oh... well... that.. that sucks..." groans Tisha as Suki starts moving.

Kim then helps Suki get to her feet, "Are you ok?"

"Unnnghhh..." she moans, stumbling back against Kim. She brings her left hand up to her forehead and rubs gently as she tries to focus in on her surroundings.

"Suki, you should change into some clean clothes." states Kim.

Suki groans softly and glances down at her best friend, lying dead on the floor. Her mouth falls open in shock and she really clams up. She notices that her clothes are covered in Nanyo's blood, but she can't seem to bring herself to move. She has an expression of pure shock on her face and she just stands there.

"Suki, I can only imagine what you must be feeling, but you have to change out of those clothes, come on." states Kim before pulling Suki away to their room.

Suki helplessly follows Kim, being really tugged pretty much against her will.

Kim leads Suki into there room.

Suki follows, being pulled along by Kim, her violet tinted eyes wide open with shock, Nanyo's blood still all down her front.

Kim sees that Suki is in shock and sighs, "Wait here..." Kim then gets some of Suki's clothes from a nearby drawer, taking out a blouse and skirt. Kim then walks infront of Suki and begins to remove her bloody shirt.

Suki's mouth hangs open, but other than that, she doesn't move an inch. It seems Kim is right in thinking that she's in shock.

Kim strips Suki down to her bra and panties and offers the clean clothes to her, saying, "You think you can dress yourself now?"

"Kim-mie..." is all the small girl can manage to choke out. She is still so deep in shock at her lover's death that she doesn't even seem capable of speech.

"Ok Suki." comments Kim before starting to dress Suki.

"Kim-mie..." she says again, her voice hoarse and deeply vulnerable.

Upon finishing dressing Suki, Kim hugs her. "Suki, I'm sorry for what happened, I promise you that Nikki will pay for this."

"Kim-mie..." starts the young girl again, finally starting to regain some semblance of normalcy as she looks up at the taller girl with her eyes shining with tears.

Kim simply holds Suki for the moment, giving her the chance to cry all she wants if she wants to.

This, indeed, is what the small girl starts to do, crying unrestrainedly into Kim's shoulder, her tiny body shaking as she sobs, "Kimmie... Kimmie... Kimmie..."

As Kim allows Suki to cry, Kim hear's Sara's voice in her head, "That's pathetic, crying because someone died. Your wife is weak Sister." Kim choses not to reply though and continues to hold Suki.

As Suki continues to cry, Tisha's voice is heard from the living area, "Eww... gross.... I ain't cleaning THAT up..."

Out in the living room, Becky returns to her room,
while Sara walks to Nikki's dead body and teleports it and her away.

*Nanyo's dead body

Tisha groans, "Eww... there's blood everywhere...  

Out in the living room, Becky returns to her room, while Sara walks to Nanyo's dead body and teleports it and her away.

Tisha groans, "Eww... there's blood everywhere...  disgusting..."

back in Kim's room, Kim slightly releases Suki, "Are you ok now?"

"K-Kimmie.... sh-she's gone... t-totally gone... I.. .I can't sense her presence a-anymore!"

Kim doesn't reply, not knowing what to say.

"Kimmie... i-it hurts... really bad...." the smaller girl blubbers.

"Suki, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

"I... I dunno... I... I've never felt anything like this before..."

"Well, this isn't the most appropriate time, but I can think of a quick, temporary fix." replies Kim blushing a little with a bit of shame on her face for the idea.

Suki looks up at Kim with a questioning look on her face. "Kimmie?"

Kim slowly lowers her right hand to Suki's crotch through her skirt.

Suki gasps in surprise and tries to back away, "K-Kimmie?! Wh-What are you doing?!" A faint blush begins to creep up her cheeks as well.

"I-I'm sorry, but this is the only thing I can think of to help for the moment." replies Kim stepping up to Suki i and placing her hand back on Suki's crotch.

"B-But Kimmie...." she tries protesting, but her voice is weak as she backs away further, bringing her hands down to pull Kim's hand away from her girlhood.

"Suki please, let me help you.." comments Kim eventually pushing Suki's back against the door and forcing her hand to Suki's crotch, rubbing.

"K-Kimmie! D-Don't! Mmm...!" she moans as her small hands cover Kim's and try to pull it away again.

Since Kim is obviously much stronger than Suki, she easily overpowers her and moves her to the bed, on her back. Kim then moves her right hand under Suki's panties and begins to finger her, and forcing a kiss to muffle Suki's cries of resistance.

"Mmmrf! Mmerf!" moans Suki as she starts squirming on the bed, trying to force Kim off of her. She brings her legs up, trying to kick Kim as she pushes up with her hands. Despite her protests, though, her insides begin to moisten, though she tries to resist the power of her arousal.

Kim continues to finger Suki's girlhood, but stops kissing her in favour of wrapping her left hand around Suki's neck in a kinda've hug, keeping her from escaping. Kim then begins to lick and suck on Suki’s neck.

"Mmm! K-Kimmie! Please! Let me go! Please...!" The young girl begs as she continues to squirm and flail out with her legs and arms, trying to hit Kim and get free.

Kim ignores Suki plea and moves her fingers deeper into Suki, locating her G-spot and stimulating it immediately.

"Aaahhh!" moans Suki, instantly quivering as her vagina begins to fill up with fluid from it's walls, dripping down onto her thighs which are pressed together in an attempt to get Kim away from her.

Kim then adds using her thumb to stimulate Suki's clit.

"Mmmph! Rgggphffmmm!" groans Suki, her eyes squeezing shut off and on as her pleasure grows, though she struggles to prevent it.

As Kim continues with her fingers, she comments, "I'm sorry Suki."

Tears appear in Suki's eyes as she cries out, "If you were really sorRY!... y-you wouldn't do th-THIS!" She starts to arch her back in pleasure.

"...Your right..." Kim then stops the actions to Suki's clit in favour of slower finger thrusts, but harder, deep thrusts.

"K-KimMIE!" she whines, her arousal continuing to grow as her
vagina's fluid continues to run down onto the bed.
Kim then figures Suki's close to coming and hugs her tightly as she continues her hard finger thrusts.

"S-Stop it, KimMIE!" she whines louder, squirming and moaning as her back again begins to arch up, much like her sister Sashi as her fluid continues to flow onto the bed.

"I can't do that."

"Wh-Why not, KimMIE?!" She nearly screams as her orgasm begins to near and she arches her back up again.

I'm wanna make you feel better, forget what happened for now."

"B-But.. th-This isn't the right TIME!" She whines loudly again.

Kim doesnt reply, just continues to urge on Suki's climax

"MMmm! Mmmmph! URRRGGGHHH!" cries out Suki as her back reaches its furthest angle and her insides start to clench as she reaches that point of inevitability where orgasm can no longer be stopped.

At the point where Suki climaxes, Kim stops her fingers and holds Suki during her orgasm

Suki screams out loudly, to the point where Tisha moans, "Owww! What the frick?!" A few seconds later, the small summoner/red mage is overcome by spasms and her urethra fills with her unique cum which is then spurted out in three long squirts before she falls back on the bed, breathing hard.

Upon feeling Suki limp in her hold, Kim asks, "Are you feeling better now?"

"K-Kimmie..." whimpers the little girl, though a faint smile crosses her lips as she adds, "I so gotta torture you n-next time..."

Kim then smiles. "It's good you feel better."

"K-Kimmie... I.. I want... " she blushes as she yawns from overexertness and adds, "w-well... y-you know..."


"I.. I mean, next time... I... I want... you know..."

"No, I don't.

Suki then reaches out with her left hand and brushes across Kim's abdomen, blushing heavily as she points there.

"Oh, I see now."

"You will let me do it, won't you, Kimmie?" she raises her gaze up to the other girl's, her eyebrows arched up, showing her
nervousness at thinking that Kim will say no.

"Sure, as long as it's not in public."

"Mmm... yeah... that would be really embarrassing..."

"Well, you want another orgasm?"

Suki lifts her head, "What? K-Kimmie... I just had one... Don't tell me you're still... um... what's that word..."

"Well, I just wanna try something else."

"Like what, Kimmie?" the small girl asks.

"Since you where a virgin..." comments Kim releasing Suki and opening a drawer near the bed and removing a strap-on. "i wanna see how you handle this."

"Wh... what is that, Kimmie?!" gasps Suki in surprise, sitting up on the bed.

"It's a strap-on, it's for girls who want to pretend they have a penis."

"Oh... is that thing... a penis?" Suki asks, getting up to her knees to get a better look.

"It's a fake one."

"A fake... penis? Wow... I didn't know that was possible..."

Kim smirks before removing her shorts and panties, then putting on the strap-on, the fake penis pointed directly at Suki. "See?"

"Wow... so does it like, get hard like a regular penis?"

"It's already hard." Kim then teases Suki by poking Suki in the mouth and cheeks with the dildo, giggling. "I think it likes you, hehe."

"Ack!" gasps Suki, falling backwards onto the bed again.

Kim smiles as she quickly moves over Suki's body, neary sitting on her chest. "Suck it."

"Um... wh-what?!" exclaims the younger girl, looking up at Kim in confusion.

"Suck my cock." smiles Kim.

"You mean... that penis?"

"Yes, cause it's going to go in you."

"You're gonna... put... THAT... in me?"

Yep, so start sucking."

"Um... o-okay..." She reaches out with her hand and gently glides the hard thing into her mouth, sucking gently.

"Hehe, you dirty girl."

"Mmm?" she raises her eyebrows at Kim upon hearing those words as she sucks the fake penis again.

"Nothing, just seeing a cute, loli-looking girl sucking a cock is such a turn-on." smiles Kim.

Suki instantly blushes again as she rolls her tongue along the edges of the fake cock in her mouth.

Kim then gets an idea and places her hands on both sides of Suki's head, and smiles down at her.

"Mmm?!" she looks up at Kim again.

Kim then begins to move Suki's head forward taking 3/4ths of the dildo into her mouth, repeatedly.

"Merfph!" Suki's eyes begin to bug out wildly as the dildo goes deeply into her mouth.

Kim does this for a few moments before pulling the dildo out of Suki's mouth, covered in Suki's saliva. "I think that's enough."

Suki coughs for a brief second, commenting, "Th-that was almost too far, Kimmie... I almost lost my breath..."

Just remember to breathe through your nose..." replies Kim moving down Suki's body and removing her skirt and panties.

"O-Okay..." Suki sighs, regaining control of her breathing and blushing as her girlhood is again exposed to her lover.

"Since you only had finger in you before, be sure to tell me if this hurts, ok?"

"S-Sure..." she breathes softly, beginning to prepare for the entry of the fake penis.

"Ok." Kim then lifts Suki's pelvis a little and begins to insert the dildo into Suki, spreading her lower lips.

"Mmmm...." moans Suki softly as the head starts to enter her formally virgin hole. She asks Kim, "Do you do this to Becky, too, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, since she's so tight, I can usually make her cry from it feeling so good." replies Kim smiling.

"Do you... think I'm that tight, Kimmie?" the younger girl asks, looking up into her lover's eyes.

"AS tight as Becky? I dunno, you should know if you tight once I stuck this in you."

"O-OK... I... I'm ready..."

"Like a band aid or slow?"

"Um, slow... I never really liked Band-Aids..."

"Hehe, ok." Kim then pushes the dildo further into Suki.

"Mmmm!" moans Suki as it's revealed that she's VERY tight and it begins to moisten slightly just from the slightest touch.

"Does it hurt?"

"Not yet... but it's really stretching me..." she states weakly.

"Ok." Kim then gradually begins to insert more and more of the dildo.

"Mmmmph! Hmmmph!" she begins to breathe harder as her innards are stretched further than with just Kim's fingers.

"hmm, seems like your tight like Becky. Here comes the rest of it..." Kim then does a quick thrust, pushing all the dildo in Suki.

"Aaahhh! St-stop, Kimmie! Th-That hurts!" whines the little girl, tears starting to form in her eyes again.

"It's all in, it's ok."

"Owww... it's bigger than it looks, Kimmie..."

"At least now your really not a virgin."

Suki blushes, "Y-Yeah... n-no more a virgin..."

"Now, let's see if I can make you cry like Becky does." comments Kim as she begins to pull out a little

"Ohmmm.... mmmm.... It feels like I'm losing something, K-Kimmie..."

"What do you mean?" asks Kim as she stops at the peak of the withdrawal.

"I mean... I can still feel it in me, but most of it is kinda gone..."

"Ah, I see, ok, here we go..." states Kim slowly re-inserting the dildo, watching Suki’s reacting

"Mmmm.. mmm..." strains Suki, her forehead beginning to bead with sweat as the penis enters her depths again.

"Mmmm..." the young girl moans softly as her innards are touched by the fake penis.

You want me to go faster?" asks Kim as she begins a slow thrusting.

"Mmmm... y-yeah... i-it's starting to feel good now, K-Kimmie..." she moans again, her pleasure level rising within her little body.

"OK..." replies Kim as she begins to increase her pace.

"Mmmm... o-oh y-yeah...." she groans softly as she begins to thrust her own hips in rhythm with Kim's, her vagina quickly moistening again as her arousal becomes apparent.

With Suki's vagina now lubed with her own fluids, Kim begins to increase her speed even more with harder thrusts.

"Mmmph...! Mmmph...! Mmmmph...!" groans Suki as her hole is pumped with Kim's speed, going faster and faster.

A few moments into this, Kim gets an idea, she lifts Suki onto her lap, in a cowgirl-like position to see if Suki would 'ride' the fake cock.

"H-Huh?! Wh-what are you d-doing, K-Kimmie?!" gasps the smaller girl in confusion.

Kim just giggles at Suki's puzzuledness and lays her back down on the bed and restarting to thrust the strap-on into Suki. "I haven't did this long enough yet..."

"Wha?" is all that Suki can manage to gasp out in more confusion before she starts breathing hard and panting with her arousal.

"Nothing.." smiles Kim as while she thrusts into Suki, leans over her and rubbing her breasts with her hands.

"K-Kimmie...." the younger girl pants heavily, her chest rising and falling with her deep breathes and her breasts swell slightly again, her nipples poking up and out as she moves her hips in concert with Kim's.

"Heh, yes?" replies Kim.

"Th-this feels.. so.. so... sooo good..." she whines softly, showing off her blushed face as she starts to arch her back slightly, her fluids running down from her girlhood.

"But not enough to make you cry though..."

"C-Cry?! Y-You wanna make me cry?" the small girl whines lowly.

"I'm pleasure, yeah."

"O-Oh... w-well... i-if you keep it up.. I.. I just might..."

"I'm sure you would, especially if I got really fast.." replies Kim as she promptly does so, making hard, quick thrusts into Suki's tightness.

"Ahhh... hahhh!" she immediately starts to shake slightly, squirming her hips around as she whines loudly, her violet depths beginning to tear up as she tries to fight from crying.

"H-Hehe, don't fight is Suki." comments Kim as she starts to pant from her action.

"K-Kimmie...! I.. I don't wanna cry!" she whines loudly, squirming and shaking as the pleasure begins to reach its zenith. It is obvious that she can't restrain from crying much longer.

"But I want you to." smiles Kim.

"K-Kimmie... st-stop..! Pl-please!" Her tears begin to run down her flushed cheeks as she lets out a loud cry that even people in other rooms can hear as she arches her back once again, bridging up like her younger sister, Sashi, as she begins to reach her inevitability point.

"Hehe, there ya go..." states Kim smiling. Kim then thinks, 'About now is a good time...' Kim then repeats lifting Suki up to see if she'd start riding the fake cock now out of reflex or instinct.

Suki does indeed start to ride the penis, but her body is so squirmy that she almost slides off the cock several times as she starts to spasm from the intense pleasure. She cries out again, her eyes squeezed shut and tears running down her red cheeks.

Kim smiles in amusement at Suki's action and lightly wraps her arms around Suki as she climaxes.

Suki pants heavily for a few moments as her orgasm ripples throughout her body and when it ends, she falls back against Kim, almost lifeless in the older girl's arms.

"Hehe, look like you really enjoyed that orgasm." states Kim as Suki is still on the fake cock.

Suki whines weakly, but doesn't lift her head or her body; she just sits down on the penis unaware of anything, it seems.

"Hmm..." think Kim for a moment before lowering her hands to Suki's rear and lifting her a bit off the dildo and lowering her back down, restarting the pleasure to Suki's tired body.

"Mmmph! K-Kimmie... wh-what are you d-doing?! I.. I'm so tired now..." she whines softly.

Which is exactly why I'm doing this, Your tired, so I'll do the work." replies Kim smiling.

"K-Kimmie... please... please stop... I... I won't be able... t-to take another orgasm..."

Kim continues her action. "Hmm, how would you know? have you had two before?"

"N-No.. I.. I told you before that I had never h-had an orgasm before I met you..."

"So how do you know you can only take two?" as Kim talks she increases her pace in thrusting Suki onto the cock. "You may not have the energy to give yourself a second one, but someone else..."

"Aaaah! K-Kimmie.. st-stop! Stop it, please!" she whines loudly as her vagina continues to drip fluid out at an amazing rate, her body quickly rising to a high arousal level again.

"Oh I think you like it!" giggles Kim.

"K-Kimmie.. I.. I really can't... t-take it... m-much longer..." Her head drops to her chest and her hips begin to thrust again as her eyes close from exhaustion, yet she still continues to react below, her vagina reaching new levels of wetness as it begins to contract tightly on the penis.

Upon seeing Suki start to thrust herself on the dildo, Kim smiles and releases her hold on Suki rear, and just watches Suki lead herself to another climax.

"Kimmie..." the small girl whispers weakly before she starts thrusting almost mechanically on the fake cock, her arms falling to her sides as another orgasm seems imminent.

"Come, come, come, come..." chants Kim almost teasingly.

Just then, the young girl almost passes into unconsciousness as her body begins to spasm again. She doesn't even arch her back; just comes right where she is, impaled on the dildo.

Kim then begins hugging Suki once again during her climax, smiling.

Suki's body trembles once or twice more after her orgasm, then she falls onto Kim's body, her head lolling around as though she's a rag doll.

"How was that one? asks Kim.

There is no response from the smaller girl; only breathing.

"Hey Suki?" questions Kim lifting her right hand to the back of Suki head and lightly tapping on her head.

Suki's head falls forward again as the girl starts to pitch forward from the slight touch.

Kim then lifts Suki's body off her slightly and feels Suki's body completely limp. "Hehe, da*n, she actually passed out."

There is no response from the smaller girl; outside the room, Tisha's voice is heard, "Yeowza... someone must be really messin' around in there... Jeez!"

Kim then moves Suki off the dildo and lays her on the bed and removes the strap-on, then goes to her door and opens it, looking for where Tisha is.

Tisha gulps and looks up at the older girl from her position on the floor in front of Kim's door. "Um... heh... "

"Were you listening in on us?" asks Kim smiling down at the girl.

"Um.... like.... you see... what had happened... um... no?" she cocks her head to the side, trying to sound off-handedly.

"Hmm, are you bored?"

"Bored? Um... like.. I dunno..."

"Well, if your horny, why not see what Becky and Alice are doing?"

"Horny? No... I'm not horny... honest...." she states almost too emphatically.

"Well what's with the volume?"

"N-Nothing..." she states with a high-pitched voice and starts to blush.

"Hmm, your face is getting red." grins Kim.

"It's, like, nothing!" she turns her gaze away from Kim and mutters, "I should've known better than to get hooked with this hag... that, and that weird pee fetish she's got..."

"Huh? what was that?" asks Kim smiling at what she thought she heard.

"What?!" she stiffens up, muttering, "I never said I had to pee... OH HOLY CRAP!"

"Well do you?" teases Kim.

"Um... you see... well... um... what had happened... I.. I mean... oh screw it to hell... Yes, dangit.. I NEED TO PEE!" She starts scrambling toward the couch.

"Hehe, hey where you going?" laughs Kim as she follows Tisha.

"Oh no you don't! I'm not gonna let you or anyone do that to me again!" She tries to dart toward the door.

Kim then teleports infront of the door, "Hold on, I'm not going to do anything."

"Hey! No fair! I can't teleport!" she whines.

Kim smiles and grabs Tisha by the hand and leads her to Becky's door. "Hey Becky, open the door for a sec."

"Hey! Lemme go, you old witch! Lemme go!" She squirms and starts struggling, attempting to yank her hand away from Kim's.


Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7- Alice’s unusual ability


Becky's door opens to reveal Alice, covered only in her thin blue symbiotic clothing. "What do you want?" she asks.

Tisha squirms against Kim's grip and squeals, "Lemme go, you old hag!"

Kim ignores Tisha as she replies to Alice, "She[Tishi] has to 'go', I was wondering if you and Becky'd like to play with her?" TBC

"Um, ok."

"Great!" replies Kim as she pushes Tishi into the room before the door closes behind her, where she sees Becky on the bed in her panties but tied to the bed.

The young 14 year old gasps, "Like, what the Erick Sanders is going ON here?!" She stumbles forward a few steps and gawks at Becky's half naked body.

"Well, I was about to have some fun with Anna before you came, but I don't mind postponing it." answers Alice. Becky then replies as Alice unties her. "I overheard Kimmie say you had to pee too!" smiling.

Tisha sweatdops, "Uh... n-no.. I.. I don't... r-really..." Her eyes dart from side to side in fear and she starts slowly backing away to the door.

"Hey come on." states Alice walking to Tisha. "We're not going to hurt you."

Tisha gulps, "Th-That's a matter of opinion..." She continues backing away toward the door, pulling her right hand behind her, fumbling for the doorknob.

Tisha quickly finds that theres no doorknob.

"crap..." she mumbles under her breath, knowing she was in for it now.

"Come on back to the bed." states Alice extending her hand out to her smiling.

Tisha shakes her head rapidly and stares defiantly at the other two girls, "No way! I ain't joinin' you two sluts! I don't swing that way!" A lightly colored blush starts creeping up her cheeks, though, as she states this, obviously saying the total opposite.

Alice quickly looks upset at the insult, but disides to let it go, trying again, "We're not like that, we just want to make you feel good."

The purple haired teen folds her arms across her chest, "I HIGHLY doubt that... Yer just as bad as that other old cow...  All you're interested in is makin' people suffer..."

"No we're not."

"Oh yeah? Then why don't you let me out? I don't wanna piss myself!"

"Well... it would feel good though."

"Ha! You expect me to believe THAT?!"

"But it will feel good!"

"Hmph!" She grunts, turning her head aside, looking away, though the blush continues to rise up toward her eyes.

Alice then turns to Becky, how is sitting up watching, "Anna, what do I do now?" TBC

"Heh, bring her over here by force then." answers Becky.

Tisha turns back to Becky, her eyes flashing with anger, "You wouldn't dare..."

"... I'm sorry..." states Alice to Tisha before she takes Tisha's hand and proceeds to pull her to the bed.

"H-Hey! Leggo! What are you doin'?!" Immediately, the young girl starts trying to pull back.

Tisha quickly finds that Alice is stronger than she looks and easily pulls her to the bed, where becky makes her sit down.

"Get off me! I mean it! If you don't let me go..." she starts to threaten before she feels a slight spasm of her small bladder and quickly brings her thighs together.

"See?' states Alice. "You have to go, let us help you."

"No! I don't wanna go here! Let me go!" She squirms and struggles against the other girl.

"We don't wanna be ruff with you, but we will if you force us to, so please relax." suggests Alice.

"NO! Lemme go! Help! Heeeellllllppp!" she starts screaming, hoping that someone will hear her.

Becky quickly shoves a piece of small clothing into Tisha's mouth nd states, "You forced us too." The two girls then lay Tisha on her back on the bed, tieing her left leg and right wrist to the bed, leaving her right leg and left arm free.

"Mmmph! Merf!" whines the short purple-haired girl as her dark eyes widen in shock and she starts to squirm on her bed, her right arm coming up and trying to hit the other two girls, doing anything she can to get them off her.

Becky holds Tisha's free arm as Alice presses on Tisha's abdomen."We just want to help you." states Alice.

"MERF!" she groans, squeezing her eyes shut as a stronger spasm overcomes her control and she presses her thighs together harder, quivering from her rising need to pee.

"Let us help, just give up." states Alice.

The smaller girl shakes her head vigorously, tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes as she squirms harder, pressing her thighs harder and harder together.

"Ok then..."sighs Alice before tieing Tisha's free leg also. "How does that feel?"

"Meerf! Mmmph!" groans the younger girl, almost instantly making a small wet spot form on her clothes as a few small spurts suddenly break free without her being able to control herself. She seems to be on the verge edge.

"Anna look, she can bearly hold it, her panties are alrready wet." states Alice. TBC

"really?" askes Becky releasing Tisha's left hand to look at her panties. "Hehe, your right, she already had a few leaks. How long have you needed to go?

Tisha blushes harder and continues squirming, quickly dropping her left hand down to clutch protectively at her sex, moaning and whining muffledly.

Becky teasingly lifts Tisha's hands from her labia and walks back to Tisha's side.

"Mmmmphf! Mmm-mmm-mmm!" she whines again, struggling to yank her hand away from Becky's grip as a sudden spasm forces one more little squirt to escape her labia, dampening her clothing again.

Becky then smiles as she states, "Hey Tisha, wanna know what I shoved in your mouth?" Meanwhile, Alice runs a finger up and down Tisha's labia smiling also.

Tisha continues to moan and whine through her gag as she looks, whimperingly up at Becky, her dark eyes shining with tears of intense pressure that she was feeling on her bladder. She quivers harder and harder and yet another small spurt jumps from her girlhood, hitting Alice's finger.

"Heh, those are Alice's panties in your mouth." giggles Becky. Alice smiles wider at Tisha's small loss and attempts to locate Tisha's clit with the tip of her fingernail slowly.

"Mmmph?!" gasps the young girl, her eyes again showing off tremendous shock and she continues to squirm, her bladder aching from the pressure and the small escapes making her urethra sting with the effort of holding on.

Becky smiles at Tisha reaction and says to Alice, while continuing to look at Tisha, " Hey Alice, "Do that thing you found out you can do."

"Mmmuh?!" gasps the really desperate girl through her gag, clearly not understanding what was next to befall her. Her bladder continues to swell with her precious golden fluid and her urethra was slowly falling numb. It would not be much longer before she lost complete control, she reflects sadly. "Oh, I'm gonna KILL them if I ever get free!" she thinks, screwing up her small face in dual concentration and rising anger.

"Ok..." replies Alice. A moment later, Tisha feels something pretty da*n unnatural rubbing her labia.

"Mph?!" groans the young girl, trying to lift her head to see what is down there touching her, (violating her - she thinks), and she sees...

A tentical-like 'thing' coming from Alices blue clothing from the top of her right hand. "Heh, how does that feel?" asks Alie smiling.

"!!!!!!!!!!!!" is all Tisha can manage to convey, through her muffled voice and her facial expression. She seems throughly shocked beyond even normal standards and as she falls still for a moment, another small spurt leaves her tender folds before she catches herself. The wet spot now reaches up to her waistband and down slightly her left leg.

Becky then removes the panties from Tisha's mouth, eager to hear her response.

The small girl coughs slightly from the bad(?) taste of another girl's underwear and she exclaims, "What in the seven hells of Michael Jackson's perversity?!"

Alice lifts her hand and makes the tentical touch Tisha's nose. "Hehe, pretty nice huh?"

"What the... what is..  that's... what...." she splutters, clearly at a loss for words.

"This stiff is becoming more and more apart of me, I can do more than just protect me with it now." smiles Alice before loweing her hand, and the tentical down to Tisha's labia.

"Noooo! What are you doing?! G-Get that... that... that THING... away from me!" she starts screaming again, still trying to yank her left hand away from Becky's grip while still feeling incredibly full in her bladder which had now swollen greatly, making her abdomen bulge up through her outfit.

Becky replies, "Wow, calm down, Alice can do amasing things in terms of pleasure now, you should want this."

"P-Pleasure?! I.. I don't see no frickin' PLEASURE in this! All I see is two old freaks tryin' to make me wet myself! NOW... LET... ME... GOOOOOOO!"

"Not gonna happen, you'l thank us when this is over, trust me." replies Becky using her left hand to rubb Tisha's abdomen.

"STOP IT! I.. I MEAN IT..! ST-STOPPPP ITTTTTT! OHHHH.. I.... I CAN'T ... CAN'T... HOLD ITTTTT! NOOOOOOOO!" she whines loudly, a quick few squirts leaving her urethra onto her clothing and she starts to stiffen up, obviously reaching the point of no return in which she would be unable to hold back the rest of her fluid. Tears pour down her cheeks as her clothes start to get wet and she writhes powerfully on the bed.

"Yeah, that's it, just let it go now." urges Becky

"Ohhhhh.. ! I.. I'm gonna kill you old people!" she gets out before screaming loudly and clenching up, going rigid on the bed before powerful rivers of urine pour down between her legs, her control shattered by Becky's rubbing of her swollen abdomen. She cries out, "Nooooo! I.. I lost it!"

"Yeah! You lost it!" giggles Becky.

"You old fogies! I'm gonna kill you! I'm really gonna kill you!" she cries, whining loudly, squealing as more and more fluid flow from her weakened muscles all down the legs of her clothing. She stops squirming, but now starts struggling violently to get free of Becky's hand, trying to use her fingernails to scratch the older girl's fingers to make her let go. She seems pissed in more ways than one and really vigorously fights to get free.

Becky quickly firms her grip on Tisha's arm. "Geez, what's with you? We just helped you!"

"KILL you... Kill you... Kill you!" is all that is intelligable from the, now, wet girl as she squirms, trying to rip her way free from the ropes, her urethra still pouring her urine down all over her lower clothing and onto the bed.

"Hmm, hey Alice, make her shut-up." requests Becky. "Umm, ok..." states Alice lifting her panties off her labia and inserts the tentical into her pussy quiet hard.

"Aaahhhh! St-stop it! St-stop it! NOooooooo!" cries the younger girl, tears beginning to flood down her cheeks as the last streams of her urine finally fall out to the bed below.

"There, that's much better than 'kill you'." smiles Becky as she moves her left hand to Tisha's left nipple, pinching it

Tisha starts panting slightly, the blush re-creeping up her cheeks as she squirms again under Becky's touch, her nipple instantly hardening and poking up through her outfit. "Wh-what... are you doin' to me?!" she questions, slowly calming down and looking curious rather than angry.

"We're going to make you feel really good."

"H-How are you gonna do that?" questions Tisha, in a shockingly different tone of voice than earlier. "Wh-Why are you touchin' my personal areas?!"

"I told you, we're going to make you feel good." states Becky. Alice then removes the tentical and makes it go away before lowering her lips and licking at a Tisha's labia.

"Aaahhhh.... " gasps Tisha in shock as her folds immediately start to glisten with slight moisture from her insides and she squirms slightly in pleasure as she adds, "Y-You're gonna d-do wh-what that other girl did, a-aren't you?" She blushes harder and continues trying to get her hand away from Becky's, suddenly wanting to touch herself.

"Your not going to hit me if I let go of your hand are you?"

Tisha gulps, "Uhh.. n-no... I.. I just... I.. I mean.... geesh, I.. I just wanna touch myself... I-Is that sooo wrong?!" The blush glows a slightly redder color as she looks down at the bed, away from Becky's face.

"That's good..." replies Becky releasing Tsha's arm. "Would you be willing to return the favor?"

"R-Return the favor? What do you mean? What... you want me to touch you?"

Becky smiles as she removes her panties and gets on the bed and literally sits her labia on Tisha's lips.

"Wha... ARE... you doing?!" gasps the smaller girl, looking confused. "I thought you wanted me to touch you... not smell you!"

"Hehehe! I want you to lick me." smiles Becky

"Lick?! What.. you mean like this?" she sticks her tongue out and runs it up to the top of Becky's lower lips.

"Oh! Yeah, just like that!" moans Becky. "Btw, how do I smell?"

"Uhhh... it's not like I really have a lot of 'sperience, ya know..." giggles the smaller girl, licking again.

"You can get more easily. You didn't answers the other question though, how do I smell down there?"

"Uhhh..." she sweatdrops, "Umm... I... I can't say... I mean... it's not unpleasant... but.. I can't seem to place the smell..."

"Good enough, get back to the licking, hehe."

"Ok, then...  grouch..." She giggles again and runs her tongue up and down Becky's labia, starting to part them and searching for her clitoris, hoping she DOES have one, because, until Kim had had her way with her, she hadn't known about it.

Meanwhile, Alice begins to insert her tougue into Tisha's pussy as Becy moans.

"Mmm... mmm... mmm..." breathes the other girl, pausing in her licking to clench slightly as fluid starts to puddle around her labia again, though this time, not caused by her urination which has since stopped.

"Mmm, you know your much better moaning that screaming in anger." replies Becky.

"I... yeah... but.. I mean.... geez... you people practically kidnapped me, ya know...."

"Not really, mmm, we just didn't let you leave, hehe."

"And you made me piss myself... Why did you do that if all you wanted was a good f*cking?"

"To help you, remimber?"

"Why do you think peeing myself helps me?! I still don't get it..."

"It felt good didn't it?"

Tisha blushes again, "Th-That's be-beside the point!" She tenses up again at Alice's licks and a deep earthy groan spills from her lips as she starts moving her hips up and down automatically.

"That's exactly the point. It felt good."

"But you made me! It wasn't right! I didn't ASK you to do that!"

"But it felt good."

"But.. but.. you forced me! That didn't feel good!" She blushes again and lets out a soft squeal as her arousal continues to grow and her unique scent starts to flow around her.

Alice then pauses in her licking of Tisha's pussy to comment, "Hey Anna, she smells really good from down here." before restarting her action.

"H-Hey... Wh-what do you mean by that?!" gasps Tisha, tensing briefly as her arousal continues to rise and she looks up at Becky with a questioning glance in her eyes.

Becky smiles, "Heh, she means your scent. When your aroused, like you are, you start to emit a smell from your pussy and in the heat of the moment, the scent alone is sometimes a great arousal booster."

"Wha... I smell? Ew... that's gotta be gross.... Look, I'm all sweaty and.. hot.. down there...  GROSS..."

"No No, it's not gross!" quickly replies Becky. "It's great really."

"How can it be?!" the smaller girl questions, tenses her thighs again momentarily, before relaxing them again.

"Well, you yourself said my smell wasn't bad, your smelling my scent." replies Becky.

"Wha... is that the smell you're talkin' bout?"

"Yep, everyone has there own uniqe scent...." Becky then sniffs once and smiles, "Oh, I think I can smell it, your scent."

"Really? I can't smell anything... What's it like?" the purple haired teen asks, sniffing rapidly.

"Hehe, you can smell yours becouse mine is right in your face. Anyway, yours smell really nice." Meanwhile Alice below, gently spreads Tisha's labia and licks at the pink inner flesh.

"Nnnnggggh...." grunts Tisha, closing her eyes and squeezing them shut as she suddenly tries to close her thighs, feeling a sharper burst of pleasure shoot throughout her young body.

"Hehe, Alice really knows how to use her tongue huh." smiles Becky.

"Y-Yeah... I... I can f-feel it all wet... a-all over me..." she breathes rapidly, her thin stomach clenching as her chest rises and falls with her panting, her girlhood leaking out fluid now.

"Would you mind doing the same to me?"

"What... lick you?" Tisha whispers softly, her own arousal still growing.

"Yeah, you did it a few minutes ago, keep doing it, how would you feel it Alice suddenly stops?"

"Well, yeah... b-but.. I.. I can't concentrate..." whines the little girl, quivering slightly from her pleasure.

"That's ok, just do what you can."

"O-Ok... I'll try..." She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out, licking up along Becky's nether lips, giggling softly to herself and squirming from her own arousal.

"Mmm, good..." moans Becky lifting her hands to her own nipples, pinching and pulling at them, causing her to moan out even more.

Tisha giggles harder and states, "Geez, why didn't nobody never tell me this was so much fun? All they ever said was 'don't do it'...  Freaks..."

"Hehe, i-it sure is." states Becky. "Mmm, thats why me and Kimmie used to do it all the time before I met Sashi."

"Sashi....  oh yeah... that b*tch...  I always hated her..." Tisha licks again and again as her own arousal rises higher and higher, beginning barely to reach new plateaus.

Alice slowly begins to lick at Tisha's exposed clit as she moves her left hand under ger and begins to rubb herself between the legs, moaning too.

"Nnnggghhhhh... nnngggghhhh.... I.. I can't take... m-much more...." Tisha whines loudly, trying her hardest to lick at Becky's girlhood.

"Ahh, keep going just a little more." requests Becky moaning more.

"N-No.. I.. I'm serious... like, really serious..." exclaims Tisha, her hair starting to change color as she comes closer and closer to losing control, her tongue flailing over Becky's labia.

"Me too! I'm almost there, don't stop!" states Becky beginning slowly move her pelvus back a forth, trying to get the most out of Tisha's licks.

"Nnngggh... NNNNGGGHHH..." groans Tisha, starting to clamp down and stiffen up. Her eyes remain closed and her hair changes to a light greenish color as her vagina begins to shrink, meaning that her orgasm is only a moment or two away.

As Tisha nears her orgasm, Becky's following right behind her as she begins to tense up and become ridged, pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers harder and more frequently.

Tisha, then stiffens up completely, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body begins to spasm and shake heavily.

Alice then places her lips completely over Tisha's clit and alternate between two actions, a small sucking and a rapid licking as she herself begins to moan.

The younger girl's hips lift and fall rapidly as her clitoris throbs and she whines, "S-Stop it... I... I'm... oh, what's the freakin' word.... "

As Alice continues, Becky suddenly moans out, "I'm comming!" before and thin, but forceful stream ejects from Becky's pussy, directly onto Tisha as Becky moans out in pleasure, trembling greatly.

Tisha's mouth hangs open as she instinctively swallows the cum that lands on her face and she quivers and trembles harder, her orgasm continuing into the second minute.

As the last of Becky's cum leaves her, and anticipating her momentary weakening, Becky quickly moves from over Tisha's face and sits directly to the right of Tisha as she trembles from the last of her climax as a small amount of remaning cum trickles out of Becky.

Tisha gasps and pants softly, still quivering slightly. She opens her bleary green-tinted eyes and whispers, "G-Geesh... th-that... was... freakin' great..."

Upon the end of Tisha's climax, Alice removes her mouth from Tisha, her eyes squeezed closed as she nears her own orgasm. "H-Hehe, Alice's gonna come too." comments Becky giving a weak smile.

Tisha glances down, "Oh HOLY... She's gonna blow!"

As Alice's moment draws nearer, she begins to emit a kind-of (and not to mention, cute) sort of whimpering as she begins to tremble.

Tisha watches nervously, yet a cute smile curls her lips.

Just a few moments later, Alice releases a moderate volumed, but long moan as she climaxes, going ridged for just about ten seconds before slumping against the bed, panting heavily. Becky then comments, smiling, "Hehe, she may not be loud, but she's da*n cute when she comes huh?"

"Yeah... I'm sure some girls are like that..." Tisha states, running a hand up through her now green hair. "Oh shi-" she gasps, only now realizing that her hair is green.

"Huh? What the heck, wasnt your hair a different color?' asks Becky.

Tisha nods, "Yeah... it was purple... It took me forever to get it that color... and now it's all undone.... crap..."

"you can change the color of your hair or something?"

"Well duh... You couldn't figure that out? Geez, what are you... an idiot or somethin'?!"

"Well I didn't know, da*n, what's the prob with changing it back?

"It takes forever to change it...  I have to concentrate hard on it... and it leaves me weak for two days... frick..."

"Hehe, well, theres an easier way to change the color of your hair here, I'm surprised you haven't found it out yet. wait a sec..." states Becky getting off the bed and walking to her dresser and taking a see-through glass object from it and placing it in from of Tisha's face, showing her relecftion.

"So? It's a mirror, ain't it?"

"Yeah, but watch..." state Becky, after a moment, theres a beep and a color pallete apears at the bottom of the glass, Becky then selects the purple one and in the reflection, Tisha's hair changes to purple. "you want your hair to be purple again right?"

"Whoah... what the heck kinda mirror is that?!"

"It's a hair changer, it changes the color of your hair, until you want to change it again."

"Wow... nice... can ya make it blue like that girl in the anime... umm... Ami?"

"Sure..." Becky then selects the blue color, changing the reflections hair to blue. "Ok?"

"Nicey... I look good..." she grins.

"OK, now stay still for a moment..." states Becky before pressing a circle in the lower right corner of the device, after a moment, "There, your hair is blue now."

Tisha reaches up with her left hand and tugs down a few strands of her, now, blue hair so she can see it, "Yay!"

"My original hair color is black, but I think brunette looks better on me." smiles Becky.

"Meh... I dunno about that... " Tisha sits up, looking around smiling for no apparent reason.

Just then, there is a knock at Kim's front door.

At the sound of the knock, Becky looks to Alice and sees that she's asleep in the position she was after her orgasm. "I guess I'll get it." Becky then opens the door and sees...

A very familar, very thin girl with clipped, short black hair is standing there, looking around the room and seeing Becky. She is attired in what appears to be a Japanese Schoolgirl gym outfit with a white top and black shorts. She looks down at Becky and frowns as she states, almost emotionlessly, "Where's Kim?"


Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 8- Suppressing the death of a loved one

[Author's notes: YURI]

"Sashi?" asks Becky somewhat surprised. "how are you doing?" smiles Becky.

Sashi lifts her right eyebrow but only repeats, "Where's Kim?"

It doesn't take long for Becky to feel the detachedness in her voice, before replying sadly and breaking eye contact, "She's in her room with Suki i think."

"Where is her room?"

"Across the hall to the left."

"Thank you." She brushes past Becky, lightly pushing her aside and walking up to the door to Kim's room, knocking on it.

Kim's door opens reveling said person completely clothed, "Oh, Sashi, how are you." greets Kim smiling.

Sashi makes no movement to suggest that she acknowledges Kim's presence. She just asks, "Where's my sister?"

"Uh, she's still sleeping, why?"

"I have felt Nan'chi's passing... I wish to comfort her..."

"Oh... yeah... about that, I'm sorry, I couldn't do anything."

"So you were here when it happened, then?"

"Yes, me and Sara were paralyzed, we all had to watch as the bit*h killed her!" states Kim starting to get worked up all over again.

"I see... So she is that powerful?" Sashi starts glancing around the room, looking for her sister.

"As much as I hate to say it, yes, she is."

Sashi sighs, "I wish I could help... but from the sound of things, she is much too powerful for even I to help...  This does not bode well..."

"She has a weakness, one hit is all that it takes to bring her down, but she's fast. Even faster than you."

"And added to that, the fact that I do not train anymore... Yes... your fight will be most difficult... The only thing I could do is try to probe into her mind... but I doubt it would make much difference..."

"Well, Suki's on my bed." states Kim

"I see... May I talk to her?"

"OK." Kim then steps aside to allow Sashi in.

Sashi steps forward, then turns around and takes Kim's left hand in hers, "I think I will need your help, Kim..."


"Can you sit on the bed with her and wake her up? She is deeply troubled right now... I would not be surprised if her slumber is very fitful..."

"Ok." Kim then walks to and sits on the bed beside Suki and places a hand to her shoulder. "Suki? Wake up."

"Mmmm....? K-Kimmie...?" stirs the small girl, yawning softly as she curls up into a fetal position, slowly coming to.

"Sashi's here."

"Hunnnh? Wh-Who? S-Sash? Sashi... sh-she's here?!" Suki sits up suddenly, looking up into the face of her younger, taller sister. "Sashi! Wh-what are you doing here?!"

"She felt Nanyo's passing and came to comfort you."

"Nan'chi's... passing... ?" She seems confused and looks disheveled, her normally neat hair drooping into her eyes. Sashi sighs, "Yes, Nisu... Your lover.. Nan'chi... is dead..."

"Suki you don't remimber?"

"Nan'chi... dead...? Oh... Oh no..." Tears start to come to her violet-tinted gaze again as she states sadly, "I.. I had almost forgotten... I... I was almost over it... Kimmie... why?!" She suddenly launches herself at Kim and starts pounding her chest, screaming, "Kimmie! Wh-Why did you bring it back up?!?!?"

"Suki I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your again." replies Kim wrapping her arms around Suki lightly.

"Kimmie... Kimmie....  why?! D-Damn it... I... I was so close..." Suki cries, still hitting Kim's chest weakly as Sashi sighs and states, "I told you so..."

"Suki, you should never forget the ones you love, if you do, they'll cease to exist, Nanyo will live on in memory."

"Kimmie.. I.. I loved her... I.. I FREAKING LOVED HER! Y-You can't understand! You could NEVER understand!" Tears splash down Suki's front as Sashi moves behind her sister. She gives Kim a meaningful glance and states, telepathically, "It is time, Kim... hold her tightly... This is really going to hurt her... but it must be done..."

Kim looks puzzled but does so, hugging Suki tightly.

As Suki shakes in sadness and terrible grief, Sashi places a hand on the smaller girl's back, sliding it up to her neck. She sighs and says, "I really thought I would never have to do this to my own sister... I wish it could be otherwise..."

Kim is still puzzled but continues to hold Suki.

Suki doesn't even seem to notice her sister's hand sliding up to her neck to the base of her head, but, as Sashi lightly pinches the nerves back there, Suki's eyes roll back in her head and she pitches forward, totally unconscious.

"What did you do to her?"

"I am not finished yet... That was just to soothe her consciousness... The real pain is yet to start..." states Sashi sadly.

"Pain? Why are you going to hurt her?"

"It is an ancient Mem'lo technique... It dulls the memory so that one cannot remember it except by unusual circumstances...  My father... the bastard... used this on her before to make her forget about me... I never thought I would have to use it on her again... The poor girl...."

Kim suddenly pulls Suki away from her. "No! you will do no such thing!"

"Kim... if you do not allow me to perform the technique, Nisu will suffer all the days of her life... Would you prefer her to suffer one minute of pain or a lifetime? She will continue to blame herself for Nan'chi's death... even though there was nothing she could do to prevent it..."

"is she really that weak that she'll suffer the rest of her life?"

"Kim... you have not noticed? Her mental powers are surprisingly undeveloped for an Ap-Dat... a side-effect of the virus that afflicted her when she was just a baby... She is overly emotional, yes... and very weak against external penetration... Would you rather your foes strip her of her mind just because you cannot stand one minute of pain to befall her?"

Kim is silent for a moment before looking at Suki's unconcious face, after a long moment, Kim replies, "Ok then, do what you need to."

"Lean her back this way, then...  I must locate her main neural nerve... And Kim? I am so sorry... As I have stated... I never wanted this to happen to her again..."

"Ok..." Kim then positions suki back to where she was.

"Now, do hold her tightly... She is bound to squirm..." Sashi puts her left hand back on the back of Suki's neck and runs a finger up to the back of her head.

"I am, she won't be getting away."

Sashi sighs heavily, then closes her eyes and begins to concentrate. A light purple aura begins to surround her and almost immediately, Suki's body twitches.

Kim immediatly closes her eyes as she eyes begin to water.

A few strange words spill from Sashi's lips as her fingers press delicately on a certain nerve in Suki's head and again, Suki's body twitches and spasms.

"How long is this going to take?"

Sashi shakes her head, clearly hinting that she cannot talk at this moment in time. More strange words leave her lips and Suki's shaking increases in tempo, moving all over the bed, tears beginning to spill from her closed eyes.

Kim continues to endur feeling Suki's Body twitch in pain.

Sashi's voice rises in pitch and volumn as she continues doing what it is she's doing to her own sister. A few tears fill her own eyes as she pinches the nerve again and a sudden yelp comes from the unconscious Suki.

Kim then begins to whisper, "It's ok." repeatedly into Suki's ear.

"K-Kimmie!" cries the young girl, writhing and squirming in pain on the bed as Sashi's voice reaches a crescendo, then begins to fall back down.

"I'm sorry Suki."

"Kimmie... kimmie... kimmie... " whines Suki's voice, growing softer and fainter as she passes back into full unconsciousness. Sashi breathes hard for a moment or two and moves her hand away from her sister's head. "It is done..." she states, wiping some sweat off her forehead.

"Thank goodness."

Sashi allows a grim smile to cross her lips, "She will not remember a thing about the event... For all she knows, Nan'chi is still alive somewhere... And she will not miss her because she will not remember her..."

"It's like when my memory was wiped of Alice's existance..."

"You may want to wake her up...  undoubtably, she will want you to hold her... It is a side effect of the... the process...  When her memory was last... um... modified... I heard tell she was very clingy...  the absence of her memory of her lost loved one will create a void in her emotions... a void I am sure you will want to fill as you are her married spouse..."

"I see..." Kim then gently shakes Suki. "Hey Suki, wake up."

"Mmmm...? K-Kimmie...? What.... what happened...? Why... do I feel so out of it...?" the small girl murmurs, opening her violet eyes again, looking even more disheveled and disoriented than last time.

"Well, I made you come twice, and you passed out."

"Come? Oh... did I.. was I... um... was I... good?" She blushes and slowly lifts her head from the bed.

"Hehe, yeah, you were really good."

"Mmm... I.. I'm glad...  but... I'm really sorry, Kimmie... I think that second orgasm was too much for me... I... I know you wanted more... I.. I'm just too weak..."

"Well, we'll just have to work on that."

"Work... on that? You mean... you're gonna build up my en-endurance?" She tries and fails to repress a smile. Sashi gets to her feet, "Well... My business here is concluded.... I think it is time I left..."

"Ok, don't be a stranger." smiles Kim.

Sashi nods at her sister who blinks up at her as if seeing her for the first time, and the taller girl walks back out into the living area, stopping by the door to Becky's room, apparently trying to decide whether or not she should enter.

back in Kim room, Kim asks, "So, you hungry?"

Suki smiles, "I think so... but.. what was Sashi doing here? She didn't even say hi..."

"Um, Sashi just came to give me a message from the Principal, it was nothing."

"Oh... the Principal...  Is that your boss, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, you met him before, remimber?"

"I can't quite remember... was he the guy that gave me that... that machine-thing?"


"Oh... what did he say?"

"It was nothing, really, you don't need to worry."

"If you say so... Kimmie... I know I shouldn't ask... but... when... I mean.. ick... I'm still so shy of asking this... but... h-have you had... an-anything.. t-to drink lately?" She blushes and suddenly becomes interested in her hands which are in her lap.

"Um, actually I have."

"Really? What was it? I'd like to know.. because.. I.. I'm kinda thirsty... I.. I think that last orgasm... re-really dehydrated me..."

"Well, it was some soda."

"Really? What kind? Was it... um... 'beer of the root?"

"huh? N-No, it was vanilla flavor."

"Vanilla flavor? That sounds yummy... May I try some?"

"sure, wait here." replies Kim before leaving out the room.

"Ok.. Kimmie..." replies the small girl.

Outside, Sashi is still standing next to Becky's door, apparently thinking to herself.

Kim then meets Sashi outside the door. "Hey, wait are you waiting for?"

"I am thinking I should apologize to Becky... I was most curt when speaking to her earlier... I think I might have offended her..."

"Oh, well it's better do what your gut tells you to do." replies Kim before walking off

Sashi sighs heavily, "Perhaps you are right, Kim..." She lifts her right hand and knocks carefully on Becky's door.

Becky door opens revealing Becky once again. "Sashi? Your still here?" questions Becky puzzled.

"Yes... I am... Becky... I would like to formally apologize about our earlier meeting... I was most concerned for my sister's wellbeing that I am afraid I was rude with you..."

"Oh, well I accept your apolige." replies Becky smiling.

Sashi smiles slightly and says, "It has been a while...  How have things been on your end?"

"It's been great, me and Alice are doing really good."

Sashi tenses, "Alice and you... I see...  I assume you have made love many times, then?"

Becky looks down slightly and blushes, "Yes, we have."

"And you have forced her to wet herself, also, Becky?"

"Um, a few times, but I'm the one that seems to be on the submissive side most of the time, she's surprisingly dommy.

"I see...  so she is the dominant... does she ever make you do humiliating things like wear a diaper?"

"Um, not yet... heh." replies Becky appearing nervous.

"I am sorry... I hope Alice did not hear that..." smiles Sashi.

"Well, she's sleeping right now, she falls asleep almost after every orgasm."

"Does she squirt?"

"Nope, she doesn't."

"I see...  well... I suppose I should get moving... I just came to support my sister... Now that her memory of Nanyo's death is behind her, she can live a normal life..."

"Wait a minute, you wiped her memory of that?"

"Not exactly... more like suppressed... It is still there, but she cannot remember it.”

"oh, i see, well, don't be a stranger ok?" replies Becky smiling at the end of her statment.

“Your sister said the same thing...”

"Hehe, did she?" giggles Becky.

“Indeed... Now.. I must get back to my job... being a secretary... I will see you later...” She turns and starts to leave.

"Ok, see you later." states Becky before closing her door.

Sashi passes the front door and turns back for a brief second, a tear in her eye, before she turns away and walks off.

just moments later, Kim returns to her room with a large cup of vanilla soda. "Here ya go Suki."

“Wow... that’s a big cup...” Suki giggles, reaching out her small hands to grasp the cup. She lifts it to her lips and takes a few hesitant swallows. “Mmm... delicious...”

"It's my faverite flavor."

“I can see why, Kimmie... But here... Don’t you want some too?” She passes the cup back to Kim.

Kim smiles at Suki knowingly but still takes the cup and drinks the soda, pausing halfway through before finishing it off. "Ahh! that's good."

Suki smiles up at her lover, “Kimmie.. you really drained that cup... You must’ve been really thirsty...”

"Well it is my fav, but did you know soda makes you have to pee quicker?"

“It does? Is it a lot like Altaiarean Beverage, Kimmie?”

"Well it doesn't work THAT fast but it's pretty similar if you drink lots of it."

“And.. have you had a lot of soda, Kimmie?”

"Well, this would make my thrid cup in the past hour."

“Is that a lot considering that it’s not as powerful as Altaiarean Beverage?”

"For me yeah, I'm going to be paying for it in about thirty minutes." replies Kim sweatdropping.

“Oh really?” giggles Suki. “Shall we get you dressed, then, Kimmie?”

"i am dressed, uless you had something else in mind."

“Oh... um... what about me? Should I get dressed too?” Suki leans close and examines Kim’s clothing...

"well, it's up to you, you might get wet."

“Hmmm.. I dunno... Without the shame of wetting anything, where’s the fun?” she giggles and leans close to Kim, suddenly wanting to hold the older girl.

"Hehe, you'd like my pee on you?" smiles Kim.

"Hmm.. I dunno... Would that make you embarrassed, Kimmie? I mean... seriously... part of the fun of seeing you wet is knowing how embarrassed you are... I'd like to see you hold it for a long time... really struggling to hold it, knowing that if you lost it, it would be humiliating..." Suki giggles and leans close to the older girl.

"Well, it wouldn't embarrass me you didn't mind me peeing on you, but it would most likly be a turn on."

"Awww... that's no fun...  Where's the excitement? I mean... if you just let go and peed on me, that wouldn't be nearly as fun as watching you struggle... and... squirm..."

"Well, the only other thing I could think of that would embarrass me from peeing on is..." Kim then quickly gasps, "Wait, I'm not going to just blurt that out!" adds Kim blushing.

"Aww... come on... tell me...  I swear I won't tell anyone else! I promise!" Suki's eyes widen as she takes Kim's left hand in hers, stroking it gently.

"Well... ok... It would be really embarrassing if I was to wear a diaper and peed in it."

"A diaper, eh?" smiles Suki, looking interested. "And do you have one around here?"

"Actually... I do, but only Becky can fit it."

"So... you don't have one that fits you? I gotta ask... have you ever tried 'age play'?" She blushes and explains, "... 'cause Nan'chi did that to me several times..."

"Yeah, a few times with Becky a little."

"D-Do you think you.. you could try it with me?" She blushes harder.

"Try what?"

"A-Age play..." she whispers, still as red as ever.

"With Becky?"

"N-No.. I.. I mean... j-just y-you a-and me.."

"Oh, um, I'm not sure..." replies Kim blushing.

"Aww... come on... please?  Just for me?" Suki begs.

"Even if I do, one of us will have to go buy a diaper that'll fit me."

"Do they sell those at that market we went to, Kimmie?"

"Well, it would be better to go to an adult retailer."

"Oh... are those easy to find?"

"yeah, real easy."

"Well... I don't think you'll be able to hold it... not with your weak bladder at all..."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Kimmie... if we try to leave here with your bladder so full, you might wind up peeing yourself in public... Do you really want to risk that? I would love to see that... but you won't..."

"Hmm, well if we're quick I won't have to worry about that."

A smirk curls her lips as she whispers, "And what if I won't hurry?"

"Well I'll leave you, you know the way back."

Suki groans, "Aww... well... how about we wait until next time for that? I really... I mean, REALLY, wanna see you squirm... It's been so long... I don't think I can wait for you to go get a diaper..." She lunges forward and pushes Kim down onto her back, locking her lips to the older girl's.

Kim smiles at Suki's eagerness but momentarily removes Suki's lips from her own. "Yanno, theres still a bit of time before I have to pee."

"Good... maybe I'll have time to explore... You don't mind, do you?" She giggles and drops one hand down Kim's neck, moving toward her chest.

"Heh, of course not, explore all you want."

"Kimmie... have you ever heard of a Desperation Point?" Suki murmurs, pressing her lips against Kim's chin, and licking down her neck.

"Yeah, a long time ago you told me about it."

"Did we ever discover where it was? I don't wanna touch it and make you pee early.. I want time to explore your body..." She reaches up with her left hand and pries apart Kim's lips, running a finger down to her tongue as she uses her right hand to stroke the top of Kim's chest, above her breasts.

"i don't think so, my pleasure point is my ears though."

"Hehe.. Yeah.. I remember... but I don't wanna touch those either.. at least.. not until you wet yourself... After you're nice and wet, then I'll do it..." Suki lifts her head and parts her lips, sticking her tongue out and licking Kim's tongue.

Kim giggles at Suki action and replies, "What are you doing?"

"Exploring..." the small girl giggles. "I've never done this before with anyone... well, Nan'chi kissed me several times, but never like this.

"YOur licking more than kissing." smiles Kim.

"I know.. but.. I always wanted to do this... It reminds me of all the suckers Daddy gave to me with I was little...And your tongue.. is so wet... and tender..." She sucks in a deep breath and lightly tugs the end of Kim's tongue into her own mouth.

"Hehe, tha-sh weird." replies Kim.

Suki giggles again and lets go of Kim's tongue, raising her head slightly and using her hand to gentle pinch Kim's nose shut. She whispers, "Your nose is cute, too, Kimmie..."

"My nose?" questions Kim. "How?"

Suki giggles, "Yeah, Kimmie... it's so cute and round... " She lets go of Kim's nose and presses her palm against Kim's upper cheek, near her eyes and comments, "I like your skin, too, Kimmie... It's so dark and mysterious..."

"Hehe, now your starting to sound like Allie." smiles Kim.

"Really? She said that too, Kimmie?" Suki frowns slightly, then uses her left hand to pry open Kim's eyelid, staring deeply into Kim's eye. "What a lovely color..." she murmurs.

"Yeah, she'd always say how pretty my skin looked, it was a little embarrassing."

Suki lets go of Kim's eyelid and slides her hand back across the older girl's cheek, pressing in slightly on her bones.

"What are you doing now?"

"Exploring, Kimmie.. Didn't I tell you?" Suki sighs and lets her fingers cross over to the other girl's lips, parting them again and leaning her head over to lick the insides of her lips.

"Your certainly taking your sweet time."

"I'm supposed to, remember, Kimmie? You told me it would be some time before you have to pee...  I'm just trying to make this as enjoyable as possible." She lowers her right hand down Kim's chin and starts stroking her neck.

"Well I'm getting a bit impatient."

"Impatient? Why, Kimmie? Is something wrong?" Suki looks up at her, a worried expression crossing her facial features.

"No, nothings wrong."

"You don't like this, then, Kimmie? Is that it?" Suki looks crestfallen.

"No, no, I like it, but, couldn't you kinda, go quicker?"

"Why, Kimmie? Is there.. something bothering you? You say you like it, but you want me to go quicker... I.. I don't understand..."

"Well, I'm getting horny, that's why." replies Kim smiling.

"Oh... you're getting horny? But.. isn't it... I mean.. aren't orgasms better if you delay them?" Suki asks, pushing Kim back harder on the bed as she starts to crawl on top of her.

"Yeah, of course, especially when someone is delayed one on purpose by someone."

"You mean... like how I'm doing with you?" A grin flits across Suki's face as she settles in over Kim's prone body.

"Da*nmit..." groans Kim as she realizes she's given Suki a great idea.

"What was that, Kimmie?" Suki giggles as she slides down so that she's sitting on Kim's stomach.

"Come on Suki, I wanna come before I have to pee."

Suki shakes her head, "Nah-uh... I wanna see you pee before I make you come... I mean, really... I wanna see your panties and short get wet from your pee before you come..."

Kim then winces slightly and by reflex, presses her legs together.

This doesn't go unnoticed by Suki who whispers softly, "Did you get the first urge, Kimmie?" She leans close to the older girl and blows gently onto her lips.

"Yeah, but that was quicker than I thought.

"So I won't have as much time to play... that stinks..." Suki complains as she gets up off Kim only to sit on her left side. "I think I'll give you a chance to get up and leave..."

"Leave? For what?" questions Kim sitting up.

"So you can avoid wetting yourself..." Suki grins.

"Wait a minute, aren't you supposed to making me wet myself?"

"I am... and I still will... I just thought I should give you one chance to get away..." Suki giggles.

"Well that defeats the purpose of me trying to leave then."

"But where's the fun if you don't at least TRY to stop it?" Suki frowns. "Maybe I should call in Becky... I'm sure she could help..."

"No!" quickly replies Kim standing up. "I'll try to leave."

Suki grins, "I don't know... I think it'd be fun to see Becky have some fun with you..." She takes a deep breath.

Kim quickly moves to cover Suki’s mouth. "Wait, I said I'd go."

Suki's eyes twinkle and she squirms slightly, using her mental connection to Kim to think, "Just gimme a minute and I could get her in here... hehe..."

"Come on Suki, she's probably busy with Alice. You wouldn't want to interrupt them would you?"
"Do you promise to do EXACTLY what I say, Kimmie?" she thinks to the older girl.


Suki grins and thinks, "Then let my mouth go."

Kim then removes her hand from Suki's mouth, feeling another relatively small, but noticeable urge to pee.

"Good... now I want you to really struggle to hold it... Don't let it go no matter what happens... and get embarrassed when it DOES happen... Got it, Kimmie?" Suki puts her hands on her hips in an authoritative stance.

"OK, ok."

"Lovely..." smiles Suki as she takes Kim's left arm and gently bends it behind her back. "Now come with me, Kimmie..."

"Where are we going?

"We're going back to the bed... and if you know what's good for you, you'll do what I said... Now tell me.. Do you have any silk panties or just cotton ones?" She moves Kim back over to the bed.

"Yeah, I'm wearing cottons ones now."

"I see... Where do you keep the silk ones?"

"In my underwear drawer with the others."

"OK then... I want you to lay on the bed, on your back and put your hands up by your head. Don't move them an inch."


"Do it, then... and remember... I'll be watching you from over here..." She giggles and lets go of Kim's arm, stalking over to the drawers.

Kim does so and lays on her bed on her back and raises her hands above her head.

Suki asks, "Which drawer is it in, Kimmie?"

"The top drawer."

"Ok then..." She opens the drawer and sees...

that the drawer is full of a rainbow of colored cotton and silk panties.

"Hmmm... Let's see... I need a pair of white panties... " She sifts through the underwear drawer, looking for such a pair.

Suki quickly finds a pair of panties shes looking for.

"Ahhh... here we go..." Suki grins and crosses the room to where Kim is laying on the bed. "Still holding it, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, but it's growing?"

"It's still there, huh...? It's going to get worse before it gets better, Kimmie..."

"I know."

"Now... give me your left hand, Kimmie..." orders Suki as she leans over the prone girl.

Kim does so and moves her left hand to Suki.

Suki smiles gently and bends Kim's fingers into a fist, sliding her thumb in between and closing her eyes. Suddenly, Kim's hand feels really heavy.

"What are you doing?

Suki lets go of Kim's hand. "You don't remember this, do you, Kimmie?"

"Um, no, should I?"

"You don't remember me making your arms heavy before when you had to pee?"

"Ummm... Oh, yeah, I do."

"Now... I wanna test it.. Try lifting it up, Kimmie..."


Suki watches with interest.

Kim does succeed in lifting her hand but just a little and obviously straining to do so.

"It's really heavy, isn't it, Kimmie?" Suki giggles and takes hold of Kim's hand, somehow lifting it up and putting it up by her head.

"Yeah, how do you do that?"

"It's an ancient Ap-Dat spell... it's actually pretty basic... it helps out when fighting monsters..."

"I see."

"Now Kimmie... I want you to close your eyes..."

"Ok.." Kim does so.

"Now, Kimmie... can you feel your bladder? Tell me... how it feels..." A sudden thought comes to Suki's mind and she whispers, "Do you remember the... the um... the "Rick" incident?"

"Rick? My brother? What about him?"

"You remember when Hon'tyl possessed me and made you see Rick?"

"umm, kinda, yeah, why?"

"Do you remember the.. the um... exercises he tried to make you do?" Suki looks uncomfortable bringing this up again.

"i don't remember what he did."

"Oh... ok.... I.. I"m sorry to bring it up..."

"It's no-" Kim is interrupted as she tenses and groans a little.

Suki shakes her head, "Anyway... Where were we..." She slides around to Kim's other side and takes hold of her other hand.

"Wait, your going to paralize both of my hands?"

"Um... maybe... why... do you want to hold yourself?"

"Well, if I need to it would be helpful."

Suki's eyes suddenly twinkle, "I got a great idea..." She bends Kim's free hand behind her head and suddenly screams out, "BECKY!"

"Hey! What are you doing!?" gasps Kim.

Suki doesn't say anything to Kim, but screams louder, "BECKY! COME HERE, BECKY!"

Soon, Becky walks into the room in just her bra and panties. "What is it?"

Suki smirks down at Kim and says, "Hey, Becky.. gimmie a hand... Your sister needs to pee.. and I wanna make her suffer... I need some help... You wanna help?"

"Well, since Alice is still alseep, I guess I'll help."

"Aw, come on... Can't you show more enthusiasm? This IS your sister, we're talking about... Don't you really love her? Isn't she the reason you gave up Sash?"

"Do you really have to bring that up?" frowns Becky.

Suki looks sad, "I.. I'm sorry... I.. I just thought... I mean... I ... I just thought you'd like to play around with Kimmie..."

"But if Alice wakes up and I'm not there, she'll freak out. She's like my shadow, hehe."

"I.. well.. I COULD use a sleep spell on her..."

"You really want me to help huh?" asks Becky as Kim squirms a bit

"Yeah... I mean... Kimmie always dreams about you... and.. I.. well, I felt I should help you two..." She blushes and looks sad.

"Oh really? Kimmie Dreams about me?" asks Becky walking into the room.

Suki nods, giving Kim's shoulder a light punch, "Yeah.. tell her all about it, Kimmie..."

"I-I don't dream about her anymore." states Kim continuing to squirm.

Suki grins and lies smoothly as though she's been dying to say this for ages, "Oh, come on, Kimmie... I heard you last night... You said something along the lines of 'Ooh, Becky..."

Kim then blushes deeply, "N-No I didn't."

"Yeah and then she said, um.. 'f*ck me harder, Becky... I want you in me..." Suki giggles, looking up at Becky.

Becky quickly grins in happiness, blushing also. "Really!? Kimmie you still think of me like that?"

"Yeah... she was really into it... she almost came three times..."

"Oh Kimmie, I'm getting all wet now! Suki was there anything else?"

"Yeah... she was all.. 'make me pee', Becky.. Right, Kimmie?" She looks back at Kim, grinning.

"...O-Ok, fine, it's true." admits Kim. "I have lots of dreams about Becky." Kim then begins groaning.

"So, Becky... You wanna help me now? I wanna really make her suffer... I wanna make her hold it longer than she's ever held it before..."

"OK, it probably won't be too long anyway, since it's Kimmie, hehe."

"Aw, don't say that, Becky... Let's just try to make the best of it..."

Kim then replies to Becky's comment with, "Tht's big talk for someone who can't bring down a Dark Bringer without being KO'ed." Becky then frowns, "What was that!?"

"Huh?" states Suki, looking confused.

Kim groans once before replying, "Becky always gets taken out by a certain monster in the Ruins."

"Why did you have to tell Suki that!?" states Becky. "Now I'm really going to make you suffer."

"Huh?" She's really confused now.

Before Kim can reply, Becky quickly walks to the bed and presses her hand into Kim's abdomen. "Ah! stop that!" gasps Kim squirming more.

"Hey, wait, Becky... we want to make her suffer.. not just wet herself, right?" Suki shuffles her feet nervously, feeling that she's lost control of the situation.

Becky quickly removes her hand, "Oh, sorry about that."

"Now... Let's let her catch herself... Let her hold herself for a moment... Do you have any more vanilla drink, Becky?" She smirks at Kim.

"Vanilla drink? you mean pop?" asks Becky."

"Um.. I think so.. it's what Kim likes to drink..."

"Yeah, it's her favorite."

"Can you get some for her? I don't think she's quite full enough yet..."

"ok.." replies Becky leaving.

Suki grins down at Kim. "Liking this, Kimmie?"

"A little..." replies Kim.

"It's gonna be a lot better... You're gonna be a lot fuller before it's all over with... Do you like being helpless like this, Kimmie?"

"... Yeah..." replies Kim lowly.

Suki smiles, "I'm glad... I've always wanted to do this to you..." She reaches down and brushes some of Kim's hair aside.

Becky returns moments later with a rather large cup of pop. "Here, I got plenty."

Suki smirks, "Good... Now, Kimmie... drink up..." She takes the cup from Becky's hands and puts it at Kim's lips.

Kim willingly do so, drinking all of the pop.

Suki smiles at Becky, "Now... how to best do this... I know! Becky... do you want Kim's breasts or... the other area...?"

"I want Kimmie's breasts, it's payback time for what she did earlier."

"Hehe.. ok... just don't be rough with her... Just gently ease up her urge..." Suki giggles, moving down to Kim's feet.

Becky then straddles Kim's stomach and undoes her vest, revealing Kim's bra, before that was removed, revealing Kim's nice C cup breasts.

Suki watches interestedly for a moment before running a finger along Kim's foot.

Kim tenses from the ticklish sensation at her feet as Becky cups her hand over Kim's breasts.

Suki giggles, "Is that ticklish, Kimmie?"

"Y-Yeah." replies Kim as she tries to fight off the pleasure from Becky rubbing her breasts.

"Ok... I certainly won't do that again..." she laughs, cupping her hands around the whole of Kim's foot and gently bending and straightening her toes.

"Kimmie I wish your breasts were as sensitive as mine, I'd be able to make you come. Like you did to me." state Becky.

"Yeah... wouldn't that be nice, Kimmie..." Suki continues to smile sweetly as she sticks her tongue out and licks Kim's toes.

"Ah! Suki stop that." gasps Kim before she tenses from another urge to pee.

"Why? Don't you like this?"

"It's making it harder to hold myself, I really have to go now."

"I see.. but Kimmie... when you're not needing to pee, would you like me to do this again?" She runs a hand up between Kim's thighs.

"Honestly no, but that's not going to matter to you."

"Noted for future reference..." Suki nods, running her palms across Kim's knees.

Wow Kimmie, It's been awhile since I felt your breasts like this before, there allot firmer than mine." state Becky.

"Kimmie... you like this, don't you? Your sister on your breasts.. and me... on your thighs... I want to see you tremble..." She squeezes Kim's left leg.

"Well in a little while I am, the urge is getting even stronger." groans Kim.

"Now Kimmie.. remember... you better try to hold it... don't let it go or else I'll be REALLY angry with you..."

"Well I am trying to hold it."

"No... I want you to REALLY hold it... like this.... like if you wet yourself, you'll get your master mad at you... even though you're not a slave... Oh, I know.. how about.. if you wet yourself, your DAD will spank you! How's that, Kimmie?!"

"What!?" gasps Kim. Becky then comments, "That would be funny to see."

Suki grins, "Yeah... that'll work... if you wet yourself, Kimmie... I.. I'll tell your Dad what you do!"

"T-that's not fair! I'm going to loss it eventually!" replies Kim.

Suki smirks, "You'd better hope you can hold it, 'cause if you don't, I'm gonna tell him..." She winks at Becky

"Yeah, Maybe I'll tell mom too." giggles Becky.

"Yeah... so you'd better hold it, Kimmie..." Suki giggles, rubbing Kim's knees again.

Suddenly, Alice's voice is heard, "Anna! Where are you!?"  Becky then looks nervous, "Uh-oh... she woke up."

"Do you want me to put her out, Becky?" asks Suki, worriedly.

"No, I'd rather not..." replies Becky. Alice then finds Becky in Kim's room, she's just in her blue symbiotic clothing. "Anna! there you are!"

"Hehe, have a nice nap?" asks Becky smiling. Alice quickly walks up to Becky and grabs her by her left her and pulling her off Kim. "O-Ow! Hey, wait a minute!" whines Becky as Alice pulls her out of the room.

"Um... uh-oh..." mumbles Suki, her eyes darting back to Kim.

Even Kim looks puzzled at the brief scene before them. "Wow, did Alice just pull Becky out by her ear?"

"Um... it looked like that..."

"But, Alice is only like, 13, Becky's 18, Shouldn't that've been the other way around?"

Suki bites her bottom lip, "Maybe I should go and see what's going on..." She starts to leave.

"Wait, Becky is submissive, maybe Alice is the dominent one."

"Becky? Submissive? I... I guess so.. I mean.. she's the one who liked being raped and all..."

"Hehe, actually, thats pretty cute, the youngest one doms the older one." replies Kim repressing a giggle.

"But.. I... I wanted Becky to help... I.. I don't think I can do what I wanted to do without her..." Suki whines, plopping down on the side of Kim's bed, looking tearful.

"Well I doubt Alice will be letting Becky go anytime soon now." replies Kim before groaning.

"Aw, man...  wait... where's Sara? Do you think she'd help me?"

"I don't know, I don't think she's into watersports."

"Awww...  darnit..." Suki gets to her feet and disappointedly kicks at the ground, stubbing her toe and falling back on the bed, whining and clutching it.

"WEll I still need to pee yanno."

"But.. I can't embarrass you like this...  I can't make you fight to hold it in without it..."

"Well what do I do about my bladder then?"

"Will you do it, Kimmie? Will you fight to hold it and act embarrassed when you lose it? Or... should I go through with my threat and tell your Dad?"

"You wouldn't really tell my dad would you?

A faint smile curls Suki's lips, "If it would embarrass you..."

"Of course it would!"

"So you would try to hold it longer if I really went through with it?"

"Of course I would."

"Good!" Suki smirks, ".. So that is what I'm gonna do...." She moves to her side of the bed and begins fumbling for her PDA-like device.


Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 8- Nikki Returns

[Author's notes: YURI, WATERSPORTS, LOLI]

You can't be serious. Your really going to tell my dad?" asked Kim shocked.

"Oh yes, Kimmie... I'm gonna tell him... I'm gonna have him talk to you too... You'll be laying there trying to hold it and he'll be talking to you..." She giggles lightly and continues searching for her device.

"But you can't do that! That’s too embarrassing!"

"Gimme ONE good reason why I shouldn't." Suki laughs as she spies the little rectangular device.

"It's embarrassing!"

"Not good enough, Kimmie....  Not good enough..."

"Well what would be good enough?" asks Kim before groaning once more and placing her right hand to her crotch.

"I wanna see you blush! I wanna see you humiliated... If you don't want me to tell your Dad, you gotta do something for me... something that will make you embarrassed! Kimmie... Don't you understand, that the best part of seeing you squirm, is knowing that you are mine?!" Suki turns back to Kim, her violet eyes shining with sudden tears.

Kim thinks for a moment before 'aha'ing', "I got it, it's still really embarrassing, but I'd rather this than the other..."

"So you know what I want you to do, then, Kimmie? Tell me...  I want to hear it from your lips..." Suki presses a button on the PDA, dialing up her sister's number.

"Well, what if I transform into my super state and pee then?" asks Kim.

"You wouldn't be embarrassed like that... No, Kimmie.. I think you know what I want you to do... You can transform, of course... but..."

"B-but what?"

"But it's not ENOUGH!" Suki stamps her foot in frustration as she dials the next number on the PDA.

"Not enough!? Me peeing while I’m transformed would be almost more embarrassing than peeing in public."

"But no one else would witness it, Kimmie! Don't you understand?! Can't you understand?! I want people to know!" Suki nearly cries out in frustration.

"But why?"

Suki shouts, "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, DAMNIT! I FREAKIN' LOVE YOU AND I WANT THE WHOLE DAMN PLACE TO KNOW IT!" Her short hair flies around her, making her look totally deranged and out of control.

"Ok, ok, I get it, but not everyone is into peeing in public." Kim then groans again.

"You don't have to be... That's the whole point! That's what's supposed to make you hold on... struggle and squirm.. do everything in your power to prevent it! That's the WHOLE IDEA!"

"That right there is my point, I don't want to struggle and squirm in public."

"Fine then... I'll just get your Dad over here...." Suki turns away from Kim and dials the next number on the PDA.

Kim quickly stands and groans from her increased urge to pee, "W-Wait! Can't I don't something else other than with my dad?"

"You know of something else that might make you humiliated, Kimmie?" Suki keeps her back to the HUnewearl.

"I told you! Peeing while I'm transformed! It's just not good enough for you!"

"How exactly would that humiliate you?! It wouldn't change anything! It'd just be you and me in private like always!"

"Y-You've never seen me fully transformed, my clothes and everything change, isn't the fact that a super strong person is about to wet themselves good enough?"

"So you won't remove your clothes? And you'll still try to hold it beyond your endurance?!"

"Yeah, of course."

"You'd better... because if I hit this last number, I'll be able to get my sister here... and, as you know, she's a full telepath... she can arrange a connection between you, me, and.. your father..." She turns back to Kim and a naughty smirk plays around her lips.

"Ok, ok..." as Kim continues to hold herself, she groans particular hard as her body begins to glow a bright white. "T-This'll take a moment..." comments Kim.

"Hurry it up... I want time to enjoy your desperation..." Suki folds her arms across her chest.

After a few moments, the glow around Kim glows so bright that id blinds Suki, forcing her to cover her eyes.

"Argh! That light is so bright!" Suki's eyes tear up as she covers them and turns away.

just seconds later, Suki can hear Kim gasp out and the glow quickly fades, When Suki returns her gaze to Kim, she sees her on the floor on her knees, Kim's blue spectral wings visible and her hair glowing a bright white, also a white glow surrounds Kim’s body as Suki sees something similar to a white one-piece bathing suit covering Kim's body.

Suki groans, "Ow... you almost blinded me! Why didn't you warn me?!" She rubs her eyes again, trying to get them used the site of Kim in her transformed state.

"S-Sorry, I'm used to it so I forgot to warn you." replies Kim looking up at Suki. "I can only stay like this for ten minutes."

"Only ten minutes?! I won't be able to enjoy the desperation! Gah, this is just like Nan'chi... She'd ALWAYS go so fast...  Before I could even really get into it, she'd pee herself.... Maaaaannnn...."

"Well I'm sorry, transforming using my mana, that's why I rarely fully transform. It drains me really fast."

"I can't believe this... why, why, why, WHY does everyone move so FAST?!" She turns away from Kim and sniffles once or twice, hiccupping.

"Hey, come on, your wasting time, after ten minutes, I won't have the energy to hold myself."

"OH FINE... whatever... as long I can see you pee yourself, right?! Hmph!" Suki suddenly turns and puts her hands on Kim's chest, forcefully and angrily pushing her back toward the bed.

"Why are you so angry?"

Her eyes shining with tears, Suki grunts, "If you can't tell by now... I even told you what was wrong...!"

"Geez, is me peeing in public really that important to you?"

"That's part of it... but there's also the fact that you're always rushing this! This is SUPPOSED to be enjoyable, not sped up like a.. like a.. like a GUY!" she splutters.

"H-how would you like it if I forced you to do s-something you don't want?"

Suki blushes, "You do that all the time... and I... I... well.. .it would be fun!"

"I don't make you piss yourself in public."

"The fighting.. you always make me train with you... even though I can't fight at all..."

"You wanted to be stronger, you said you wanted to be able to protect your village." replies Kim before groaning hard.

"When did I say that?! With Hon'tyl dead, there's no threat to my village!" Suki roughly grabs Kim's left arm and chants the spell to make it heavy again.

"I don't remember exactly when but you did say that."

"Maybe I meant I wanted to be strong enough to force you to do what I wanted in bed? I don't really care about anything we do outside... You're strong enough for both of us... But I want to be in control... HERE..." She pulls Kim's right hand away and does the same spell there.

Kim then notices what Suki is trying to do and stats, "That won't work when I'm transformed."

"What? What do you mean?" Suki backs off, looking puzzled.

"Nngh, T-That binding thing you can do won't work on me like this."

"What? Why not?"

"I'm immune to a bunch of stuff when I'm transformed." Kim then groans out loudly as she places both her hands to be crotch now.

"Oh maaaaaaaannnn.... Now what do I do... Um... how strong are you, physically? I mean.. if I use something to hold your arms back like a rope or something, you'll just break it, won't you?"

"Y-Yeah..." groans Kim.

"Ok ok ok... maybe this..." She places a hand on Kim's side and runs it around to her back, poking into her spine.

"Uh, w-what's that supposed to do?"

"I'm looking for your mental center... Every person has one... We learned in class that if proper pressure is applied in just the right way, partial paralysis can be caused... I'm sure, though, that it won't work... Not even Becky's special paralysis item would work, I think..." She jabs a forefinger HARD into the very center of Kim's spine.

"Well I can still- AH!" gasps Kim as she finds keeping her legs closed and her hands where they are very hard to do. "I-I think, y-you found m-mine..."

"Really?! It worked?! Do you feel like your arms are growing numb? Or your legs? Or both?"

"B-Both, it's t-taking every t-thing I h-have to keep them w-where they a-are...." struggles Kim.

"OK... that's not quite it... I don't want your legs paralyzed... just your arms... Let's see... how's.. THIS?" She gives a certain ridge a hard poke with her slightly long index fingernail, pushing it barely inside of Kim's body and making a small bloodless hole.

"Ohh, t-that's better, but my a-arms are still hard to use.

"Your arms haven't fallen completely numb, yet, Kimmie? Hmm... maybe this..." She slides her hand up a few centimeters, poking her fingernail through another small bloodless hole.

With anoughter gasp from Kim, she's now trembling vigorously, trying to retain some control of her arms, her body is also glowing a bit bright from the extra energy she using to help.

"Kimmie... if the numbness gets to be much worse, you won't be able to fight it and you might make it worse... I've almost found the mental center... I think it's here..." She closes her eyes and concentrates, her low level telepathic powers surging through her fingertips and into Kim's body, causing the numbness to spread up her arms.

"no, I need my hands, stop."

"Kimmie... face it... your hands are almost gone..." Suki mumbles distractedly as her body's energies send the numbness down to her fingers, gently prying them upon them, making them fall open and out of control of the beautiful HUnewearl.

"Well I'll fight till I can't anymore!"

Suki groans heavily, exerting the full, though admittedly weak, brunt of her low level telepathic powers and suddenly, a slicing pain starts forming in Kim's shoulders, overtaking her ability to control her arms.

Kim then gasps out in desperation as she hand finally fall from her control, her reinforced hold on her bladder now gone.

Suki pants heavily, breathing, "I.. I think.. that... that did it... Did it, Kimmie?" She looks down at the older girl.

"Y-Yeah, it d-did." groans Kim.

"Good... 'cause I really hate doing that... I HATE causing pain... It should go away though without much lasting damage..."

"Pain? W-What pain?"

"Didn't you feel some pain when I pushed my telepathic essence inside of you? Most people do..." She reaches down to Kim's hands and gently pulls them away, laying her arms up besides either side.

"W-Well I didn't."

"Huh... you must really be strong, Kimmie... No wonder you were able to beat Hon'tyl... wow..." She places a hand on Kim's stomach, sliding her left up toward her breasts. "Is there anyway to get this off so I can see your transformed breasts, Kimmie?"

"W-WEll, I never tried taking it off, I don't know."

"Lemme try..." She grabs hold of the left hand side and finds, "Aw, geez... it's like... attached to you..."


"How weird...  I've never seen anything like this... I... I'm not gonna be able to remove it..."

"Well, t-that explains w-why it always felt l-like a second skin on me."

"Aw, that's no fun... oh well..." Suki sighs and her left hand suddenly wraps around Kim's left breast, squeezing it hard. "You should still be able to hold it, right, Kimmie? Your thighs are still pressed together, right?"

"Yeah, at least for a few more minutes, my mana is nearly gone."

"I wonder if a mana transfer is possible..." Suki thinks aloud absently as she lowers her right hand down to Kim's stomach, searching for the indentation of her navel.

"you mean give me some of your mana?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... I've got a good amount stored up because I haven't flown in a while... Think that might help you, Kimmie?" She pushes her index finger inside Kim's navel as her other hand pinches her nipple through her outfit.

"Well, It couldn't hurt."

"Ok.... we can try..." Suki reaches up to Kim's temples with both her hands and starts running them in circles over her skin as she closes her eyes.

"A-any time your ready..." states Kim

"Ok... here goes... you might feel a slight stinging, but then you should feel revitalized... Here goes everything..." She grunts lowly and a purplish aura glows all around her skin, flowing gently into Kim's body, surrounding her with a lovely violet emanation.

"Ohh..." smiles Kim. "Tingly! hehe."

"How's that, K-Kimmie?" asks Suki, her voice trembling with a sudden loss of energy from her body, her hands opening and her legs wobbling under her.

"Wow, if feels great, I feel like I can even hold it longer now."

Suki starts panting heavily and suddenly topples over Kim's prone body, moaning weakly.

"What's wrong?"

"It... it's okay, K-Kimmie... I.. I just transferred too much... I'll be okay.. j-just gimmie a minute..."

"Oh, ok, sorry."

Suki pants softly for a few moment, then sits up and smiles goofily at Kim. "You feel stronger, K-Kimmie?"

"Yeah, I feel allot better." smiles Kim.

"So you.. you think you can hold it awhile then? Hehee... that makes me happy..."

"yea, ten minutes more at least."

"Good... n-now... where were we?" She slowly reaches up to Kim's left breast and squeezes it again as her right hand moves back down to Kim's navel, dipping her finger inside, pushing the material into the opening.

this action quickly causes Kim to start squirming and tensing.

"Kimmie?" asks Suki, a smile starting to creep across her lips as she lowers her lips to Kim's covered nipple, kissing it gently as her right hand tickles her navel.

"Y-Yeah?" replies Kim.

"You're having trouble holding it, aren't you, lover?" She whispers, her face slightly reddening as she licks at Kim's nipple, wanting so badly to get through the material.

"Hehe, well I've 'been' having trouble."

"But.. I mean... I haven't seen you squirm like that in a while... It's.. really sweet... I love your squirms..." She suddenly scoots up to Kim's head and locks her lips on Kim's, her left hand running down along Kim's side, apparently making for her crotch.

When Suki's hand reaches the 'Y' of Kim's crotch, she finds that because of Kim's legs being tightly squeezed together, moving her hand down in-between her legs is a bit difficult.

Suki moans softly into the kiss, boldly darting her tongue further into Kim's mouth as her right hand slides up and starts caresses her tender breast. Her left hand somehow finds the strength to push in-between Kim's thighs, and scoots down along her skin-tight outfit, rubbing the fabric up against her mound.

Upon Suki wedging her hand in-between Kim's legs, the older her tenses suddenly and groans loudly into the kiss as Suki's action obviously threatened Kim's weakening hold.

Suki breaks the kiss to smile down at the other girl. She whispers in Kim's ear, "You like that, don't you, Kimmie? It's making you have to go worse, isn't it?" She leans close to Kim's cheek and licks in a teasing motion towards her very sensitive ears, her right hand squeezing the dark skinned girl's breast and her left hand gently beginning a slight rubbing motion on the fabric over her labia.

Kim pants once, but smiling also, as she begins to fidget/squirm a bit, more so with her legs.

"Mmmm... Kimmie... you look so delicious... I... I just wanna keep you here like this all the time..." Suki whines softly, her tongue moving ever closer to her pointed ear, as her left hand starts stroking Kim's labia a little harder, her right hand slowly sliding down from her breast.

"Nnngh... I'm not going to be able, to hold it much longer, if you keep doing that..." groans Kim.

"Tell me, Kimmie... does it spasm? Is it stinging, Kimmie?" Suki's tongue finally reaches Kim's ear and starts licking up along the pointed tip, her right hand lightly probing the distension of her bladder as her left hand pats her labia through her skin-tight outfit.

"I-It's defiantly stinging... unless you want me to pee r-really soon, stop for a sec..."

"Ohhhhh... ok..." Suki giggles and pulls her left hand back away from Kim's labia. "Is that better, Kimmie?" She giggles again and suddenly leans her weight into her right palm, pressing down hard on her quivering abdomen.

"Ah! no it's not!" groans Kim as she tenses even more.

"Aw, come on, Kimmie... surely you're not about to lose control from just that little bit of touching, are you? Come on... keep trying to hold it..."

"I-I am trying... It's just so hard to..." groans Kim.

"Do you need a break, Kimmie? If you want me to stop. you know what you gotta do..." Suki's eyes glint with mischievousness. "All you gotta do is beg..." She giggles and pulls her hand back slightly, choosing instead to rub Kim's abdomen without putting too much pressure on the bulge.

"Suki, can you give me back control of my hands? I don't t-think my legs are doing the j-job anymore."

"Hands? Nope... uh-uh... If I do that, you'll just try to escape... Nothin' doing..." She giggles again, continuing to rub Kim's abdomen unmercifully, driving Kim's urge up higher without making her lose it outright. "Now come on... beg... beg just you used to when we first knew each other... Come on..."

"Nngh.. come Suki, I need my hands! I'm about to lose it!" states Kim really wanting to hold herself.

"What did I just say? What's a matter? Can't hold it anymore? What are you, a little girl?! Come on... show some grit, Kimmie... Fight harder!" Suki laughs and brings her left hand down to Kim's thighs again, sliding her whole body down the bed and putting her own covered crotch over Kim's as she uses her right hand to relax Kim's hold by rubbing her bursting bladder with teasingly gentle movements. "Come on, Kimmie... I wanna see some more squirms and back arching..."

"Ohh... I wish you could-" states Kim before she suddenly smiles, but quickly begins groaning a second later as she begins squirming a lot more.

"Come on, Kimmie! Just hold it a little longer... Come on, I know you can do it!" Suki encourages as she moves a little further down Kim's body, sitting on the bed between the older girl's thighs, which she uses her left hand to spread as her right hand slides between the bulge of her bladder and her girlhood, rubbing down along the skin to coax some fluid out.

Just seconds after Suki' spread Kim's legs apart, the older girl gasps out loud as she remaining hold is stripped from her and she begins peeing hard into her skin-tight white leotard, quickly saturating the crotch in a deep yellow color as surprisingly, there was now leakage, like before, Kim's urine rose up into her leotard, almost reaching her breasts.

Suki giggles, "Wow... you really had to go... That's a lot of fluid there... and... wow.. it's not coming out of your outfit... amazing..." She places a hand on the drenched crotch and presses in a little.

Upon pressing her finger to Kim's crotch, Suki feels Kim's urine under the material.  

"Wow... this is weird... How does this stuff work, anyway, Kimmie?" She presses in a little harder.

"I don't know, but know I have a different problem, if a de-transform, the pee is going to drench the bed."

Suki giggles, "Is that really such a bad thing, Kimmie? I mean.. didn't Becky make you pee the bed before?"

"Yeah, but I didn't really have a choice." replies Kim sweatdropping.

"So? If it's not really a problem, then just de-transform...  I don't mind sharing a bed with a pee-drenched lover..." She giggles and sits back on Kim's crotch, feeling the warmness and hearing the slight squish.

"Hmm, why don't you lay on the bed and I stand over you, 'then' de-transform?" suggests Kim smiling.

Suki giggles, "So you can pee all over me? Is that what you're planning, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, how about it?"

"Sure.. I don't mind..." She rolls off Kim and leans back on the bed, looking over at Kim with a smile on her face.

Kim also smiles as she gets to her feet over Suki. "ready?"

"Uh-huh..." breathes the smaller girl, looking up at Kim with love in her violet eyes.

"Ok, here ya go..." states Kim as she de-transforms, her wings and leotard simply shimmering away and the urine splashing down to Suki, Leaving Kim standing nude above Suki.

"Ahhh.. Mmm.... oh, that feels good..." moans Suki as she squirms around underneath Kim as the fluid flows over her clothes.

A few seconds later, a knock comes at Kim's door. "Who is it?" asks Kim.  "Uh, Alice." comes Alice’s voice. "Come in." replies Kim before her door opens, and in walks Alice smiling, just coving in her blue symbiotic clothing.

Suki lifts her head up and waves shyly, "Um.. h-hi, Alice..."

Alice then began giggling for no apparent reason before obviously stopping herself. "U-Um, Mommy- no wait, mom, yeah, what do you think of the way I look?" asks Alice repressing another giggling event.

"Um, well, your thirteen, I like everything about you." replies Kim.

Suki sits up, "Umm.. I think I'll leave you two alone... I.. I need to go change anyway...." she mumbles.

"No you don't Suki." states Alice Smiling. "I wanna show you what Alice's body can do." (TBC)

"huh? What do you mean Alice’s body?" asks Kim before a moment later 'ah-ha'ing'. and Alice quickly replying, "Oops! da*nite I knew I'd mess up!"

"Huh? I.. I'm confused..." Suki frowns, trying to figure out what's going on.

Kim then gets off her bed and walks behind Alice, wrapping her left hand around her waist and lowering her right hand to Alice crotch, rubbing, causing the young girl to moan out. "Hehe, Suki, what's wrong with this picture."

"Um... I... I don't know... "

"Really? take a little closer observation." states Kim as Alice seems to want what Kim is doing to her, evident by her moving her hips in time to Kim's rubbing her pussy.

Suki gasps, "That... can't be right...! Something's wrong... Alice would never let you do that to her! She must be an imposter!"

"Heh, your kinda right. " smiles Kim. "this is Alice, but it's not at the same time."

"Wha? How could it be Alice and yet, not Alice?" asks Suki, scratching at her short black hair.

"It's really Becky in Alice's Body." Kim then let's go of Alice's body. "Alice would have been protesting what I was doing to her the entire time."

"Yeah... you're right! But.. Becky?! How did you know?" asks Suki.

"When she said she wanted to show you what Alices body could do is what reveal her." replies Kim. "You almost had us Becky."

"Yeah, I almost did it..." groaned Becky/Alice.

"But.. she still looks like Alice... How did she do that?"

"Well, awhile ago I bought a device that allow a person to switch bodies with anouther person, I didn't really find much use for it, so I nearly forgot about it." answers Kim.

"Oh... w-well... I guess.. that makes sense..."

Becky/Alice then adds, "But it makes for very interesting sex, and you can learn more about the person too."

"Um.. i-if you say so..." states Suki dubiously.

Kim then smiles, "Hey Suki, what about you and I give it a go?"

"Um... I.. I don't know... I.. I'm kinda used to my own body..."

"Oh come on, it's only temperary."

"W-Well... I.. I guess we could... as long as we switch back soon..."

Becky/Alice then comments, "It's really fun Suki! I'm having a great time in Alice's Body, hehe, finding all her little spots. Like this stuff that covers her, it feels like I'm completly naked in a pool of water..."

Suki gives Becky this look: O.o, before she giggles into her hand, trying to suppress her humor.

"What's funny?" asks Becky/Alice smiling.

"N-Nothing! S-Seriously!"

"Aw come on, tell me, please?"

"I.. I was... just... um... imagining you in Alice's body... and using that material she wears... It... it just struck me funny, that's all..."

"Oh, Yeah, Alice had to tell me how to use it, it's easier said than done though. but she used to it so it's second nature to her, plus there's the voices in her head." smiles Becky/Alice. Meanwhile Kim leaves the room to go get the device.

"Voices? Like what kind of voices, um... Becky?"

"The stuff is symbionic, so its a living thing, and I can hear it talking to me sometimes."

"Oh yeah? What does it say?"

"It's like a casual conversation, like: how are you, and stuff. I can't get it to tell me private stuff about Alice, that would be nice, hehe."

Suki giggles, "I'm sure... Just imagine the kinda things it would tell you about her..."

"yeah, I guess I'd just have to get Alice herself to tell me."

"Too bad you don't have telepathy like Sashi and Nanyo do... you could just read her thoughts.. hehe..."

Kim then comes back with the device, which looks rather simple, a 'Y' shaped cord with suction-cup like attachment on two ends with a remote on the other cord. "I got it." Kim then adds. "Ether it's been a really long time since I have used this on becky or her body is a magnet for pleasure. Alice was masturbating like crazy with your body."

"Hehe, I know." smiles Becky/Alice.

Suki sits up on the bed, gasping in wonderment, "Um... where does it go?"

"It goes on the forehead." states Becky/Alice.

"Um.. w-will it hurt?" Suki questions fearfully.

"Nope, it's like waking up though." replies Becky/Alice.

"W-Waking up?"

"Yeah, you pass out momentarily while you switch bodies, so you basically wake up, just in anoughter body." answers Becky/Alice.

"Oh... that doesn't sound so bad..."

Kim then sits on her bed. "Ready Suki?" smiles Kim.

"U-Um... o-ok..." Suki gulps.

Once Suki is facing Kim, Kim places one end of the device to Suki's forehead and the other her her own. "Here we go, see you on the other side." smiles Kim.

"Um... O-ok..." blushes Suki as she leans in for a quick kiss.

Kim Presses the button on the remote and a moment later, both girl's momentaryly pass out, then coming to about ten seconds later, Kim opening her eyes to see her body in front of her. "It worked." annoounced Kim, but surprised when she heard herself in Suki's voice.

"Uhhh... K-Kimmie... a-are you there?" comes Kim's voice from nearby.

"Yeah, I'm here. open your eyes." states Kim/Suki

"O-Ok... I... I'm kinda afraid too, though..." The older/younger girl opens her eyes and looks down over Kim's naked body. "Ahhh! K-Kimmie?!" she cries out, suddenly wrapping herself in the sheets.

"Why are you covering yourself?" asks Kim/Suki.

"I... I... um... I... I'm sorry..." She lets the sheet drop, a cute blush showing on Kim's dark skin.

"Hehe, i'm blushing." giggles Kim/Suki.

"I... I can't help it, Kimmie... I... I'm not used to this... Being naked and all..."

"Really?" smirks Kim/Suki before she stands and begings striping out of her clothes.

"Aaahhh! Wh-what are you doing, Kimmie?! D-Don't do that!" Suki/Kim crosses the room and draps a sheet across the smaller body of her lover, still blushing heavily.

"Hehe, come on Suki, you shouldn't be embarrassed, you got a great body!" laughes Kim/Suki as she quickly removes the sheet from her body and quickly moving about the room, evaiding any further attempts by Suki/Kim to cover her.

"Ahhhh! K-Kimmie! Don't! Please! Don't show.. um... me.... off to everyone! Please! Show some decorum!" She gets to her feet and takes one step before clutching her head and falling back. "Ick... I'm dizzy... dangit, you're too tall, Kimmie!" She sits back on the bed until the dizziness passes.

"Hehe, I haven't been this small in so long! It's so great!" giggles Kim/Suki as Becky/Alice laughes at the scene before her.

Suki/Kim runs a hand down across her chest and blushes, "Wow... I.. I didn't realize you were so big, Kimmie... Heh, I can make them bounce... not like mine..." She moves up and down, giggling, as Kim's breasts move with her.

Kim/Suki then stops suddenly and plops onto the bed. "Ohhh, I'm so tired all of a sudden."

Suki/Kim states, "Yeah... I used up most of my mana on you... It'll take a while before I'm... um.. you're... recharged..."

"Man this sucks. I'm too tired to do anything. No wonder you rarely hop around energeticly like becky does."

"Hehe... now you know what I have to deal with... But it's okay, Kimmie... It'll get better..."

Kim/Suki then smiles and lowers her right hand to her labia, rubbing. "Mmm, I'm not too tired to do this."

"Kimmie! Um... d-do you... know what you'll wind up doing if you d-do that?"

"Huh? What?"

"You're gonna make me.. I mean... you... come..."

"Heh, that's the point."

"Kimmie... *sigh*... this is just... plain weird... and I..." She starts forward, before tripping on the bed and landing on her face. "Owieee... Man... I can't control these mechanical legs of yours, Kimmie... "

"Mmm, oh yeah, it's does to a little getting used to."

Suki/Kim tries to sit up, but falls backward, her arms flailing wildly, "Heeeeyyyy! Now the arms are messing up!" She falls off the bed onto the floor below and hits her head. "Owwww!" she moans.

"Hey carefull, you gonna injure my body." states Kim/Suki.

"Owww... I can't help it... These fake arms and legs are hard to control!" she whines as she sits up on the edge of the bed.

"Hehe, but your pussy is easy to control." giggles Kim/Suki before moaning.

"K-Kimmie! Whoah! G-Gimmie a hand here!" She slips off the bed again, falling to the floor, but this time, she doesn't hit her head or anything.

"ohh, ok." replies Kim/Suki getting off the bed and helping Suki/Kim up onto the bed. but the moment Kim/Suki was bent over with her rear facing Becky/Alice, the said girl quickly walked behind her and began fingerig her pussy with her right hand.

"Wow, Suki's pussy is alot tighter than Kimmie's." comment's Becky/Alice along with a surprised gasp from Kim/Suki.

Suki/Kim gasps, "Wh-whoah! Becky! Wh-what are you doing?! Get your fingers out of there! That.. that's my.. .um... p-pussy!" She lunges across the bed at Becky/Alice.

Becky/Alice quickly hopes back, also removing her fingers, with a groanfrom her, dripping with Kim/Suki's wettness from her pussy. "What's the problem? giggles Becky/Alice.

The other girl protests, "I.. I didn't give you permission to do that, Becky! I mean... under the circumstances... I.. I mean really..."

Kim/Suki then stands up stating, "but Suki, this isn't your body at the moment though is it?" smiling.

"But... but... Kimmie... i-it still l-looks like me!"

"And you me." replies Kim/Suki.

"Yeah!" adds Becky/Alice walking behind Suki's body and reaching around with her right hand to finger her pussy again. "I can do this and you can do anything about it. isn't it fun seeing your body being fingered?"

Suki/Kim whines, "Yeah.. but I wanna be in there! That's not fair!" She starts stamping her feet, having a little temper tatrum.

*"Well, why don't you get her breasts then?" suggests Becky/Alice.

"Um... don't you mean MY breasts?" Suki screws up Kim's face in concentration, trying to understand all that is happening now.

"I mean, why don't you get 'her' breasts?" repeats Becky/Alice smiling.

"Oh whatever... sure... I'll get 'em..." She lunges out toward Kim/Suki and uses Kim's longer arms to pull the smaller girl into a big hug, turning her around so that Kim/Suki is facing away from her. "Gotcha!" She smiles.

"Hey, you can't just spin her around like that, I was fingering her!" whines Becky/Alice.

"It's okay, Becky... um.. Alice... um... aw, what should I call you anyway?!"

"Well i'm in Alice's body, so, Alice." replies Becky/Alice before lowering herself to her knees and licking at Suki's pussy, causing Kim/Suki to moan out and rest her hands on Becky/Alice's head.

"Um... Ok.... Alice.... Um... Kimmie... um... th-there's something I forgot to tell you before we switched bodies..." Suki/Kim blushes as she holds the smaller girl in her arms.

"Mmm, what is it?" asks Kim/Suki.

The taller Suki leans in close to the smaller Kim's ear and whispers, "I.. um... I... er... I was about... to... go.. um... t-to... the restroom after I made you pee yourself..." She blushes harder as she looks down at Kim.

"Oh, well I'm sure Becky won't mind a little surprise." smiles Kim/Suki.

"Are you even going to try to hold it?" asks the suddenly much bigger girl as she reaches her right hand around Kim/Suki's waist to hold her still while she slides her left hand out to grip the small breasts that she used to have.

"Mmm, I don't know."

"Kimmie... how do you... feel about.. being... i-inside my body? I mean... you can now sense the emotions of all three of us, can't you?"

"um, no, should I?"

"Well, you ARE in my body... But you really can't sense anything? Hmm.. maybe I still have that power..."

"Well maybe you do something to sense emotions, sense your so used to it, it would be second nature to you... mmm..."

"Hmmm... I wonder..." mumbles Suki/Kim as she pinches what used to be her own nipple with her fingertips, using her other hand to rub across the smaller girl's stomach, wondering if Kim will feel the effects of her weak spot and start getting drowsy.

Kim/Suki suddenly opens her mouth in a yawn. "Oh, I'm getting sleepy for some reason."

Suki/Kim giggles, "Hehe... I seem to have passed on that weakness to you... I'd better be careful..." She pulls her hand away from the other girl's stomach, giving her right nipple a light tug.

"Oh yeah, the spot that make you go to sleep..." comment's Kim/Suki moaning a little more from Becky/Alice's talented tongue.

Suki/Kim sighs, "You know all about it now... don't you? It's really kinda embarrassing to just fall asleep every time my stomach is rubbed..."

"I can imagine..." states Kim/Suki closeing her eyes from pleasure.

"And Nan'chi... she used to do that to me ALL the time... she'd get me nice and desperate, then, when I didn't think I could hold on any longer, she'd start rubbing my stomach and put me to sleep so that I'd wind up peeing myself... Ha, I got her back though... I learned a nifty Sleep spell... sure showed her!" She giggles as she continues to fondle Kim/Suki's smallish breast.

"Kim/Suki chooses not to respond to that and just moans in pleasure.

Suki/Kim sighs, "I haven't really had much use for it lately, though... I don't know of anyone who would want to be put to sleep..." She lowers her head over the smaller girl and licks at her cheek.

"Mmm, Ohh, Becky is so good with her tongue! Moans Kim/Suki. "I've been missing out!"

Becky/Alice stops licking at Suki's pussy for a moment to comment, "And Alice's much better than me, pretty strange for someone who wasn't into girls until she met me."

"Heh... maybe one day I should try using my tongue... but... I dunno... it just sounds weird to use a tongue in that manner..." She licks up Kim/Suki's cheek toward her ear.

"Hehe, it's great, you should try it." moans Kim/Suki.

"Kimmie... my ears aren't as sensitive as yours... but maybe you'll like this...." Suki/Kim giggles slightly as she trails Kim's tongue along the smaller girl's ear, licking along the lobe.

"Mmm, that is nice..." comments Kim/Suki as she feels Becky/Alice starting to lick at her clit.

"Kimmie... tell me... how does it feel? You like this, I'm sure..." Suki/Kim's left hand comes down and gives the small girl's left breast a tender squeeze.

Kim/Suki then gasps out in delight as a chil of pleasure flows through her. "Ohh, yeah, you breasts are much more sensitive than mine."

"Are you gonna make... um... me... squirt, Be- I mean.. Alice?" Suki/Kim asks, giving Kim/Suki's breast another teasing pinch.

Becky/Alice removes her lips from Suki's clit with a sucking sound, similar to the sound a sucker makes when pulled from the mouth, and replies, "If I can, then yeah." before reapplying her lips to Suki's clit.

"I remember when Kimmie did it to me... I couldn't move for hours afterward... Kimmie... my body... will lose mana rapidly and under the current circumstance... you'll have a hard time maintaining control..." She licks Kim/Suki's ear again, fondling her breast with tender strokes.

"R-Really? You lose mana during this?" asks Kim/Suki moaning.

"Not really losing it... more like it's used up...  My body is powered by mana... All my functions are regulated by mana..."

"W-Wow, well I have noticed a v-very gradually decrease in my strength." states Kim/Suki.

"I think mana is equal to your culture's... um... Life Force? Is that right?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"You're not gonna be able to hold it if you keep getting aroused, Kimmie..." Suki/Kim states bluntly and softly into the smaller girl's ear, as she licks the lobe again, her right hand rubbing Kim/Suki's side, well away from her stomach, knowing how much pleasure that gives her.

"Y-Yeah, I've noticed that... the better it feels.... the harder to is to prevent peeing." Shortly after Kim/Suki states this, she gasps in surprise as Becky/Alice intensifies her licking of Suki's clit and inner labia.

"Be careful, Kimmie... if she spreads you open much further, it's gonna be really hard... though, I don't think you'll have much of a problem holding it... Your bladder is far weaker than mine..." Suki/Kim giggles as she strengthens the rubbing of the smaller girl's side, producing a sudden increase in the pleasure Kim/Suki feels as her left hand finally touches the nipple.

"Heh, that's obvious... i just wish you had to pee in my body... so you'd know how... hard it is." comments Kim/Suki.

"If we stayed like this, I probably would... But you were empty when we switched...."

Suddenly, the group hears Tisha's loud scream outside. "Noo, not now!" groans Kim/Suki in frustration.

Suki/Kim lets go of Kim/Suki in shock and gasps, "What the... what happened?!"

"I don't know, It's proboly nothing though." states Kim/Suki

Tisha's voice suddenly breaks through the wall and the others can hear her words, "What the garforking shnit are you doing, you... you stupid... you ANIMAL! LEGGO OF ME!"

Kim/Suki then looks puzzled as she pushes Becky/Alice's lips from her. "Animal? ... It couldn't be.."

There is one more piercing scream from Tisha, then all falls silent and Suki/Kim trembles, "Who could it be, Kimmie?!"

Kim/Suki suddenly runs out of the room.

"Kimmie! Wh... what's going on?!" Suki/Kim follows, forgetting about the fact that she's stark naked and that Kim/Suki is also naked.

Becky/Alice also follows the two out, and once out of the room the group sees that nikki has returned, dressed in her black pants and black trench coat. Tisha's limp body drapped over her right shoulder. Nikki sees the three and smiles. "Oh, looks like I interuppted something."

"What the fu*k are you doing here?!" screams Kim/Suki. "Let Tisha go!"

"Yeah! let her go!" adds Becky/Alice.

Suki/Kim's eyes tear up, "Ni-chan... why? Why are you doing this?!"

Kim, forgetting that she's in Suki's body, lunges at Nikki, who snickers at the attempt backhands her with her left hand, but hard enough to propel Suki's body into the nearby wall, causing a deep indentation before Suki's body fell to the floor in pain. "Geez, Kimberly your wife is getting awfully daring. maybe that Bit*hes death did something to her." states Nikki to Suki/Kim, thinking that is in fact Kim.

Suki/Kim gasps, "Someone's dead?! Who?! Answer me, Ni-chan! Who did you kill?!"

"Have you forgotten already kimberly? Maybe i should have made Nanyo suffer before her death then." smirks Nikki.
"Nanyo?! You... killed... Nan'chi?! You... you.... BITCH!" screams Suki/Kim in rage and she lunges toward Nikki, shouting all sorts of incoherent things.

Nikki smiles and dodges a punch by Suki/Kim ad waves a finger. "Ah, Ah, Ahhh, come any closer and I'll kill this young girl." warns Nikki.

"Ow..." moans Suki/Kim as she misses Nikki by a mile. She turns around and demands, "Ni-chan... Why...? Why are you doing this?! Didn't you have fun with us?! Didn't we treat you good enough?! Why?!"

Nikki notices the nickname and 'Kim's' personally and comments, "Wait a minute, you've never called me Ni-chan, only Suki has... and your acting alot like her..."

"Ni-chan... please... answer me...  Why are you doing this?!"

"Hmm..." thinks Nikki looking down to Kim/Suki and picking her up by her neck. "Kimberly?"

Kim/Suki was obviously still in pain, but still tried to pry Nikki's hand from her neck. But Nikki then smiled wide. "It IS you! Ohh, this great!" Nikki then threw Suki's body into the wall again, knocking her out cold this time then picking her back up and over her other shoulder. "Two for the price of one... and I assume your Suki in Kimberly's body?" asks Nikki.

"Ni-chan...! Stop! Don't hurt Kimmie! Please!"

"Heh, if you want to save Kimberly and Tisha, meet me on the planet, on the western outskirts of he city where Kimberly's apartment is. You shouldn't have much of a problem finding us. Oh, one more thing, don't be surprised if these two are in the most, best, of conditions if and when you come, hehehe...." states Nikki before teleporting away.

"Ni-CHANNNNNNNNNNNNN!" screams Suki/Kim, falling to her knees and crying.


Chapter 10

Title: SIDE FIC 1: The Torture of Tisha and Kimberly


“AHHHHHHH!” screamed a young girl’s voice in pain.

This was the sound that greeted Kim as she woke up, still in the body of another young girl, her wife Suki. Her body at first glance would seem underdeveloped for someone of eighteen years, but being Ap-dat, it was a common thing among the people. The most noticeable feature, or lack there of compared to a human or other person is the lack of pubic hair, the Ap-dat, or more likely, none at all.


“AHHHHH! Stop it” begged the pained girl’s voice.

Kim could feel her body hanging in the air by her wrists, and slowly lifted her head and looked to the right, seeing, in her blurred vision, another young nude girl hanging in the same manner, but Kim noticed another figure behind the young girl, whipping her back into a bloody mess.



Before Kim knew it, the words left her mouth.

“Stop it! Don’t hit her again!”

The figure doing the whipping paused and looked at Kim.

“So, you’ve waken up…” stated the girl’s voice.

Kim’s vision started to become clearer and she could now recognize the two girl’s, Tisha, the fourteen year old being whipped and Nikki, a 20+ year old Neko who was once Kim’s childhood friend, but recently revealed she was a spy all along, who serves a powerful being known as Dark Faultz.

“Why are you torturing Tisha? It’s me Faultz wants, right?” asks Kim.

“True, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little extra fun on the side...” smiled Nikki before lifting the multi-lesh whip in her right hand.





Tisha’s last scream pained Kim’s ear’s to hear and begin crying for Tisha.

“Stop it please! She doesn’t deserve that!”

“Probably not, but still...”



Tisha now began a fresh round of crying after the last punishing whip of her completely blood covered back, frequently dripping to the grass below.

“Well, time to move to the front and finish there...” comments Nikki.

Kim looked at Tisha’s front and was shocked to see that area had already received some of Nikki’s whip. It wasn’t nearly as bloody as her back, but there were long cuts into the flesh of her chest and stomach.

“Yanno…” began Nikki placing the small whip into her black coat. “This primitive means of torture is so much funnier than the stuff we have now.” Adds Nikki removing a two yard long whip.

“Please don’t hit her.” Begged Kim.

“Heh, you know what I like most about this kind of whip?” asks Nikki lifting the long one.

Nikki quickly readies the whip and strikes Tisha right between her breasts crating a long, somewhat thin cut, also drawing a scream of pain from Tisha.

“Stop it!” yells Kim crying.

“Why should I? Let me remind you...” states Nikki striking Tisha again. “I am not your friend, I serve Lord Faultz, you have nothing to offer me. If you were smart, you would submit to Lord Faultz. Think about it Kimberly, if you and my Lord combine powers, you be unstoppable, the universe can be yours.”

A smile began to appear on Kim’s face, which prompted a smile on Nikki’s, before Kim replied with, “So Faultz must be weaker than I thought if her wants me to join him.”

This remark clearly upset Nikki and quickly walked to her and slapped her hard enough to spin her once on the rope.

“Don’t you ever speak that way about Lord Faultz!”

Nikki was about to strike Kim but stopped.

“Wait, I know...”

Nikki walked back in front of Tisha and struck her.


“No! Stop it!”

“You caused this.” Replied Nikki before striking her again, this time over her left breast, cutting it to the left of her nipple.


“Please! Stop!” begged Kim.

Nikki was about to strike Tisha again, aiming for her face, Kim saw this and screamed.

“I’ll take her pain!”

Nikki paused at this and asked, “What do you mean?”

“A-Anything you planned to do to her, do to me instead.”

“Hmm, you do know your in Suki’s body right?” asks Nikki smiling.


“And I’m sure your thinking “I hope Suki forgives me” huh? Well, when she sees the condition her body is in, we’ll both see how much she loves her. Hehe, you hear that Tisha, Kimberly here is sacrificing herself for your sake.”

“K-Kim…” manages Tisha with her body screaming with pain.

“Tisha, it’s ok, I can take it.” Replied Kim.

“Heh, maybe you can, but can Suki’s body?” asked Nikki.

Kim then gasped quickly.

“Suki’s no fighter, hell, if she throws a punch she’d probably hurt herself... Now, let’s begin.”

Nikki quickly squeezes the handle of the whip and quickly strikes Kim across her bear chest between her breasts, and not only did Kim scream in pain, but the whip stuck to where it struck.

“Oh, I forgot to mention, this whip has small retractable needles. If they don’t take skin, they get stuck. Now, I could ether retract the needles rather painlessly, but you know that’s not what I’m going to do huh?” smiles Nikki.

Of course, Nikki pulls on the whip hard, snatching it free from Kim’s body, who screamed in pain as a long thin strip of her skin was ripped from her body.


“Ow?” question Nikki. “That’s not going to cut it, I must not hurt that much.”

Nikki’s right hand, and soon the whip, gains and electric charge.

“Let’s see how an electric shock does...” replies Nikki as she readies the whip for a strike.

“No, stop!” begged Kim quickly.



Kim screamed as a loud as her lungs allowed as the painful strike across her chest brought the electric charge through her body, causing it to immediately stiffen as the current past through her frame. To add insult to injury, the whip had once again gotten stuck into her skin, continuing to feed the electric current.

“Ha ha, you glow like a light!” teases Nikki.


Nikki continues to electrocute Kim for about thirty seconds, at which time, she rips free the whip along with more of Skin’s skin.

Kim now hangs limply, her body now twitching from the lingering currents.

“Hehe, it looks like you even had a little accident.” Comment’s Nikki at Kim’s inner thighs, which where lightly coated in urine.

After a moment of no reply from Kim, Nikki quickly walks to her and slaps her.

“Hey, wake up! Don’t you die on me, I’m not done yet.”

This action earns Nikki a pained groan from Kim.

“Good, you not dead, look like Suki’s body isn’t as fragile as I thought. Well, here’s another dose...”

Before Nikki can strike, she hears Tisha yell, “Stop it you monster!”

“Keep you mouth shut!” replies Nikki quickly striking her.

Whom screams in pain as she’s electrocuted for just over three seconds since the whip didn’t stick.

“S-Stop...” groans Kim. “G-Give me her, pain...”

“Hmph, you can’t stand it can you? Seeing a girl like her in pain.”

“S-Stop hurting her, please.”

Nikki ignores Kim and quickly strikes Tisha again, the whip clinging to her skin this time, continuously giving her body an electric current as she screamed in agony.

“You think she can take it as long as you Kimberly?” asks Nikki as Tisha continues to be electrocuted.

“S-Stop it please!” begs Kim starting to cry.

Nikki continued to electrocute Tisha for about twenty seconds, till a white foam-like drool started to come from her mouth.

“Hehe, she’s foaming at the mouth, I don’t think she’ll take much more. What do you think?”

“Stop it! Your killing her!” cries Kim.

“Hehe, do you know what happens if someone is electrocuted long enough?”

“Please stop it! She can’t take any more!”

“That person’s body catches fire, would you like to see that?”

“No! Please Stop!”

“Hmm, ok, she’s young...” comments Nikki before ripping free the whip.

Tisha almost immediately passes out.

“Heh, oops, ya think she’s still alive?”

“Tisha…” lowly states Kim worriedly.

“You should worry about yourself...” comments Nikki quickly striking Kim with the electrified whip.


Liquid and electricity don’t get along too well and Kim feels the urine on her crotch intensify the pain in that area.

“You shouldn’t concern yourself with other people’s pain...”



“AS long as your alive, why care about someone else in pain?”



“Yanno, you can stop this pain...”



“All you have to do is submit to Lord Faultz, and your pain will end. This is your last chance, join my Lord.”

“N-N...ever...” gasps Kim with Suki’s tortured body in agonizing pain.

“Heh, I must say, I admire you determination. Even in the body of someone you love, your still defiant, heh... so be it then... let’s see how you like a helping of a stronger charge...”

The lighting around the whip gains a purple hue.

“Heh, purple lightning, the second strongest electric charge...”

Nikki struck Kim once again, but no longer did a crack sound emit...



This pain was like nothing Kim had ever experienced before, she immediately felt like she was going to pass out, but another agonizing strike followed.




Before Nikki struck again, Kim painedly shouted, Stop!” crying hard.

“What is it now?”

Kim then thought, “Suki, I’m sorry...”

“I-I... give up...” replied Kim crying in shame.

“So, I finally broke ya huh? Well, you’re a little too late...”



This was simply too much for Kim to take anymore in Suki’s body, she was afraid of it giving out and her dying. She’d rather give up and keep Suki’s body alive than it dying, along with her.

This torture continued for ten more minutes, each zap of the whip threatening Suki’s body and Kim’s life.

Nikki was about to hit Kim again but paused, taking a moment to look at her body twitching severely from the currents still in her body.

Nikki reached into her left pocket and pulled out a rectangle device with a scream and held it in front of Kim.

“Hmm, your... or should I say, Suki’s energy level is at thirty-one, one more hit would kill you...”

Nikki then aimed it at Tisha.

“Tisha’s still in a safe level, one thousand-forty-two and raising.”

Nikki appeared to think for a moment before, “My Lord has told me not to kill you, your Lucky... hmm, but it seems my Lord wants to give me a present for you, I wonder what it could be...”

Nikki de-lightened the whip and replaced it to her hip before holding out her right hand. Soon, a hypodermic needle appeared in her hand.

“My Lord... Ah, I see, thank you. Kimberly, this will be the last thing I’m allowed to do to you, or Suki’s body...”

Nikki then inserted the Needle into her abdomen, her bladder and injects a fluid. After Nikki pulls the Needle out, Kim almost immediately gasps weakly and writhes in pain.

“From now on, anytime you beloved wife pees, it’ll feel like she’s peeing fire it’ll burn so bad.”

Kim screams once more before passing out again. Nikki examines her with the device again...

“Hmm, energy level one...”


Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 10- Confronting Nikki

[Author's notes: VIOLENCE, GURO, DEATH]

"Da*nmit!" screams Becky/Alice. "She's taken both Tisha and Kimmie! Suki we had to rescue them!"

Suki/Kim shudders on the ground, crying, "N-Ni-chan... what... what has happened to you...? I.. I don't understand...."

"Suki, get up! We don't have time to waste, we have to hurry!"

Suki/Kim looks up at Becky/Alice with tears in her eyes. She hiccups once or twice more, then nods.

"I have to get back to my own body." comments Becky/Alice returning to Kim's room to retreave the device.

Suki/Kim runs a hand through her hair and she calls after Becky/Alice, "Um... Becky... what am I supposed to do like this?"

Becky/Alice comes back and fails to repress a smiles dispite the situation before commenting, "Well, we have to rescue Kimmie to get your body back. I suggest you try to get used to her body for the time being."

"But... I.. I don't know how to control this body!" She whines tearfully. "I can barely stand up with these... these.... machanical monstrousities!" she indicates her arms and legs.

"I don't think Kim would like you calling her arms and legs that." states Becky/Alice.

"I... I'm sorry.. but.. I don't know what else to call them!"

"Well, hurry and get dressed, we're wasting time. Since Nikki teleported, she's already at Cyclias, we have to take a ship." comments Becky/Alice quickly leaving into her and Alice's room.

"Um... Becky... where does... um... Kimmie keep her clothes?" calls Suki after the departing girl.

"In the closet and her drawer." replies Becky through her door.

"Thanks, Becky..." calls Suki/Kim as she whirls around and begins digging through Kim's closet, looking for a conservative skirt and top to cover a pair of white cotton panties and a larger bra than she's used to.

Suki sees as she looks through the dresser that Kim has a wide selection of clothing other than her usual vest and short-shorts, stuff like a few knee-length skirts a verity of jeans and pants along with shirts. Suki/Kim also notices that a select few of the jeans have a somewhat think inner lineing...

Suki mumbles to herself, smiling shyly down at the pants, "Hmm... I wonder if these are because she wets herself..." She grabs one of the knee-length skirts and a top and quickly puts them on, making sure to squash Kim's breasts into a tight bra.

Shortly after, Alice comes to the door. "Suki-san, Are you ready?"

Suki replies, "Um, I.. I think so... Alice? Is that you and not... Becky?" She moves to the door and opens it.

Suki/Kim sees Alice covered in her blue cloak looking up at her. "Yeah, it's me." a moment later, the pre-teen smiles at Suki/Kim.

Suki states, sadly, "I'm sorry about your mom... but I promise... I'll do whatever I can to get her back..." Then she notices that Alice is smiling at her, which causes her to involuntarily smile. "Um, what?"

"Nothing..." comments Alice continuing to smile. "It's just, your in my mom's body but I can still tell that your not her."

"How? You can sense emotions?" Suki asks.

"No, I can just tell, the way your standing for example, it's different than how my mom stands."

"Oh... so you can tell from just my posture? Hmm... how.. does Kimmie stand?" She frowns slightly.

"Well... the way she stands and walks, she gives the impression of confedence, like she'll do her best no matter what."

"Ohhh... I... I can't be confident like that... I-It's just... not in my nature..." She frowns wider and brings her hands in front of her, tangling them in her skirt in her abject shyness.

Alice then giggles cutely, "It looks so weird when you do that in mom's body."

"I... I"m sorry..." She blushes and turns her head to the side, casting around for something else to say. "Um... where's Becky?"

here, Alice blushes  and looks towards the floor, "She's really tired at the moment, hehe." ^_^;

"What?! She's asleep?! But... but.. what about Kimmie?! A-And Tisha..?! Aren't we supposed to go rescue them?!" Suki makes Kim's mouth drop in shock.

"She's not asleep, she's just really tired. Anna should be fine by the time we get to Cyclias."

"Oh... w-well... should we go then, Ali-chan?"

Alice smiles once more before agreeing and calling Becky out, whom walks out fully dressed in cameo pants and black T-shirt and looking pretty tired but not overly so, her walking seems to be a labored. "I'm ready."

Suki reaches out to Becky, pulling her aside and whispering, "Becky... Are you still as um... horny... as Kimmie always said you are? Is that why you're so tired? Because of Ali-chan?"

"Well Alice was masturbating the entire time she was in my body." answers Becky. "She wore me out. I'll be fine before we reach the planet... to answer your question though, yeah, I'm horny right now."

Suki puts her head in her hands and sighs, "Oh, Ali-chan..."

Alice then comments, blushing, "I couldn't help it! I had no idea how sensitive Anna's body was."

"And.. Becky... how could you POSSIBLY still be.. um... horny... after all Ali-chan did to you?"

"Well I have a high sex drive... enough talking we have to hurry." states Becky going for the door.

Suki sighs, "I have a bad feeling about this...." She then shakes her head and follows Becky out the door, asking, "Um, Becky.. should we ask Sash to come with us? She might be of use to us.."

"Ok, we'll see if she wants to come."

"Where do you have her stationed, Becky?" pants Suki, running to catch up with the younger girl.

"I think she's with the Principal, we'll check his office."

"The Principal? Isn't he like the leader?"

"I guess, come on." states Becky leaving, followed by Alice.

Suki chases after Becky, growing more and more exhausted by the minute.

The threequickly reachthe Principal office, the three stand a short distance from the Principal's desk and the two desks beside them, the right one which sits Sashi. Becky and Alice promtly salutes the man.

Suki looks at Becky and Alice, then blushes and tries to copy their salute, still new to the idea of doing so. Sashi leans back in her chair, balancing a pen on her nose, looking bored.

Becky then announces, "Sir, I am sorry for the unannounced visit, but we require Sashi for a moment." (TBC)

"Hmm, very well, Miss Nihon..." states the Principal looking towards the said girl.

Sashi looks back at him, curiously as she states, "Mm?"

"Your freinds require your attention, don't you want to see what they want?" asks the man.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I already know.. That is my sister over there."

"So you know what they want?" asks the Principal?

Sashi nods, "Yes... I am telepathic and can easily read the mind of my sister... she is really easy to read..."

Becky then asks, "So are you coming with us or not?"

Sashi nods, "It beats hanging around here doing nothing..." She stands up, then glances back to the Principal, before returning her gaze to Becky's face, sending a telepathic thought to her - *I can sense you are horny, Becky... you... and Suki...*

Becky looks with mild  surprise and returns the thought, "Suki is too?"

Suki, who can sense her sister's thoughts, blushes hard and hisses in thought *Sash, SSSHHHH! Don't tell people that!*

"Becky then thinks, "Never mind about that, are you comeing? we have to hurry!"

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "If I want to give my sister a good orgasm, I have no choice..." She winks at Becky, cutting Suki's limited telepathic powers off so that she can't hear that.

"Well, is that a yes or no?" Alice meanwhile looks to be getting bored.

Sashi stares intensely at Becky, a hint of the emotion shining through her 'mask', hoping that the younger girl will take the hint and speak the answer.

after a moment, Becky states, "Sir, we need to take Sashi with us, is that alright?"

"...You may, Miss Nihon, your dismissed until further notice."

"As you wish, sir..." Sashi then imitates the salute perfectly and gets to her feet.

The group then quickly heads out and to Kim's ship, Becky heading to the cockpit.

Sashi grabs Becky's arm and whispers, pushing Suki hard down the ladder/stairs so that she can't hear, "Becky... I am the last person who would ever swear, but damnit... Can you really say that you miss me? Honestly and truthfully?"

"Huh?" questions becky at the unexpeced question.

Sashi seems to get angered at the response and she grabs Becky and forces her hard up against the wall. "Becky... damnit... you little b*tch... I asked you a question... and I demand an answer... Do you, or do you not, miss me?!"

Suddenly, Sashi is tackle to the floor by Alice. "What are you doing to Anna!?" nearly screams the young girl angryly.

"This is none of your concern, Alice... This is a personal matter between me and Becky..." She easily pushes the younger girl off of her and grabs Becky's arm, tightly, using her mental powers to tell Becky *We need to be alone for a few minutes to talk... Can you get rid of Alice that length of time?*

Before Alice attempts to repeat her action, Becky quickly states, "Alice stop... can you leave for a sec?"

"There's no way I'm leaving you with her Anna!" replies Alice.

Sashi thinks to Becky *I can suppress her physical ability and I WILL if I cannot get a few moments with you alone*

Becky then tries again, "Alice please, just for a few minutes."

After a few minutes of Becky looking at the pouting pre-teen, she gives in, "F-Fine... Don't you even think of hurting Anna, Sashi." replies Alice slowly leaving the area into the next room.

"My intentions to Becky do not include hurting her, unless, of course, it is the pain she seeks..." Sashi turns back to Becky and forces her up against the wall again, not really hurting her, but making sure that Becky can't get away. "Now, Becky... you WILL answer me.."

"Ok, I will, but why the sudden aggression?"

"You angered me, Becky..." Sashi states simply.


"You dumped me."

"I thought you got over that."

A tear appears in the corner of Sashi's normally cold expression-less eyes, "Damnit, Becky... You, of all people, should know that it is impossible to get over your first love... Remember your love for Kim?"

"Yeah, I still do love Kimmie."

"Then you should know that I still love you... In much the same way... and I will never get over that... and I will do whatever I can to be there  for you..."

"Oh, I see... I'm sorry tht I hurt you so much."

"Yes.... Now you understand... and..." Sashi suddenly lowers her head to Becky's head and locks her lips onto the younger girl's lips, sending a sudden surge of passion shooting throughout her body, before she backs off, knowing that the younger girl is now breathless. ".. I do not care who you sleep with... I do not care if you do not love me... I still and forever more want to be by your side... You can sleep with whoever you want, but you will never get rid of me..." Her right hand slides down across Becky's stomach, gently.

Becky closed her eyes in the middle of the kiss from Sashi's passion and was indeed breatheless as a high sensation of pleasure flooded her senses in chill-like shivers, and her legs nearly gave out from under her, and to top it off, Becky's entire face had noticably reddened.

Sashi backs off slightly and grabs hold of Becky, supporting her full weight as she forces her back up against the wall. "Becky, do you understand now? I do not care what you do... I WILL be here... and I WILL do to you many things... including making you wet yourself, which... I notice, you already are..."

Becky then places her left hand to her crotch, confirming her wettness, Sashi's kiss had so much of an imapt that her pussy nearly instantly flooded itself in her fluids. "W-We... have to......" Becky tries but is unable to finish her statement from the extreame degree of arousal/horniness flowing through her. At a level atained only a few times in her eighteen years of life.

Sashi lets her lips curl in a smirk, "Have you forgotten the intensity of what I can do to your mind and body, Becky?" She closes her eyes and a memory of Becky being pleasured by three guys suddenly enters the young girl's mind, plastering itself over her vision so that that is all she can think of.

After a moment, Sashi feels Becky fall limp in her hold, seeming to be in sort of a pleasure trance.

"You like that, do you not, Becky?" smiles Sashi, holding the younger girl in her arms.

Becky seems unable to reply, but a few seconds later, Becky's hips twitch hinting at a possible orgasm.

Sashi then removes the image from Becky's mind, instead pushing her thoughts into Becky's mind, demanding, "Well, Becky...? What is your decision? Do you want me back? Or should I just leave...?" She lets the telepathic statement hang, watching the young girl decide whether or not to think or orgasm.

A few moments after Sashi removes the imege, Becky's body quickly stiffens and an almost silent gasp  before Sashi feel Becky's body nearly vibrating in her hold.

Sashi grins and just holds Becky in her arms, trying to commit this to her memory in case Becky decides to do something, anything, to pull away from her, both emotionally and physically.

About two seconds later, Sashi can hear the faint sound of Becky's cum meeting the floor, shortly after that, Becky looks to begin crying, but the not tears of pain, but overwelming pleasure.

Sashi looks down at Becky's face and moves closer to her, licking her tears as she whispers, "You loved that, Becky... Admit it..."

"...Y-Yws...." manages Becky still appearing to be under the pleasure of her orgasm.

Sashi then stands Becky up, straightening her back and lifting her head so that the younger girl can look into her eyes. "Becky... Do you deny me?" she whispers, softly, seductively.

"S-Sashi..." tiredly breathes Becky.

"I WILL not let you go until you make a decision. Even if that means you pee yourself because I will not let you go to the bathroom. I will NOT let you go until you say yes."

"T-This...Is... Is...isn't...." tries Becky as her lengthy orgasm begins to near it's end.

"Becky... I guess you would call this an ultimatum... I assure you... if you do not say yes, I will NOT let you go...  even if I have to put Alice out..."

"B-But, Kimmie...." suggests Becky.

"Kimmie what? I told you... I do not care who you love... all I am asking for is for you to allow me to stay by you..."

"... Ok... No, p-prolem..."

"You agree, then, Becky? You will allow me to stay with you?" Sashi smiles in a sweet way, her right hand rubbing Becky's stomach gently.

"Yes, I will..."

"Good... Now tell me, Becky... Do you still like to be raped?" She grins and lets go of Becky's body, backing away and allowing the younger girl to control herself.

Becky promptly falls to her butt with a small squish sound once Sashi let go of her, the crotch of her pants dreanched in her warm cum along with a little of the front of Becky's pant's. "Yeah..." replies Becky still recovering her breathe from her orgasm.

"Excellent..." Sashi states. "There are a few things I have planned for you now that you have said yes... But.. in the meantime, your sister and that brat, Tisha, are in danger... We should go..." She turns and starts to leave the cockpit, hesitating only to see if Becky has any more to say.

Becky doesn't say anything else.

"Hmmph..." Sashi nods once and leaves the room, looking for Alice and her sister.

Sashi quickly finds Alice, being in front of the door Sashi opened, the young girl is staring at her frowning. In a way, it's pretty cute.

"I am sorry for offending you... I just needed a moment with Becky... She is yours now..."

"Your da*n right she's mine! You better stay away from her!" demands Alice.

"Unfortunately, that is no longer your decision... That is solely up to Becky..."

"Why would Anna ever go back to you?"

"There are... certain things that I can do for her... I could even do them for you if you were not so closed-minded... Things I am certain you would like as much as she does..."

"I doubt it!"

"If the law was not written as to prevent me from using my telepathic powers, I could show you..." She steps close to Alice and runs a hand down Alice's back.

Alice quickly does a 180 and brandishes two daggers, looking ready to strike. "What are you touching me for!?"

"Hmmm... I thought so... " Sashi pulls her hand back. "You are jealous... but you have nothing to fear...  Just ask... 'Anna'... about what I can do... Talk to her... You will see..."

"Jealous!? I'm not jealous!" replies Alice agrivated at the comment.

"Then I do not understand your reluctance to experience an orgasm..."

"An orgasm, you attacked Anna!"

"Ahh... I see your point... You think that because I pushed Becky up against the wall hard that I do not love her...  For that, I apologize... You may not be aware of it, but she enjoys being treated roughly... However, that was not my intent... I was... angered... because of past events... We have since worked out our problems, though... That will not happen again unless she wants it..."

"Really? Well it's good you worked out ya'll problems, and I am aware of Anna liking pain." replies Alice slowly lowering her offensive state.

"Trust me, Alice... I have no intention of hurting you or Becky... and if you would allow me, I could show you pleasure beyond pleasure..." Sashi drops her emotional control and smiles gently at Alice.

a quick moment later, they can hear and feel to ship start and begin to move. "Looks like Anna is ok after all..."

"I told you she would be... I promise you, Alice, I will never hurt her... and... I also promise to give you any physical pleasure you desire..."

Alice returns her hands under her cloak and looks slightly away from Sashi as a slight blush raises on her cheeks. "You'd really do that? Even after the way I acted to you?"

"I see no reason I should not...  After all, Becky loves you as much as she loves Kim... It is the right thing to do... So, any time you want to experience pure physical pleasure, let me know... you will have to agree to let me into your mind, but I assure you, I will not do anything to hurt you..."

"Well, Anna trusts you, I guess I will too... I'm sorry."

"It is okay... Like I said, if ever you want it, I will give it to you... Now.. where is Suki?"

"I think she's in the bedroom at the back of the ship on this floor."

"Is she in peak physical condition? Meaning, did I hurt her when I pushed her down here?"

"She's fine, she was just confused why you suddenly pushed her."

"I see... then I must apologize to her..." Sashi gives a quick nod at Alice and moves off toward the bedroom.

Alice then leaves to the cockpit.

Sashi enters the bedroom and converses with Suki in private.

When the ship returns to Cyclias...  

and reaches the area near Kim's apartment, Becky and Alice sees a plume of smoke out in the western outskirts of town. "That must be it." states Becky.

Sashi, who has by now returned to the cockpit, states, "There is something burning there... People are suffering..."

Becky quickly takes the ship down, near the source of the smoke, it's just a bon-fire, a signal. Near it is a large tree with two small bodies visible from the cockpit window hanging by there tied hands. "That's them!" states Becky.

"Tisha, I do not care about... but Kim should not have to suffer that way... It makes my sister... and you... hurt too much..." Sashi states as a disheveled, tired-looking Suki/Kim enters the cockpit.

"Come on, we have to get them down." states Becky as she quickly leaves the cockpit

"Yes." states Sashi as Suki mumbles, "Are we there yet?"

Alice then replies, "Yeah, there hanging on a tree." before she leaves too

Sashi looks at Suki and states, "You need a powerup after your orgasm... Here..." She touches Suki/Kim's forehead and dispels some of her own energy into Suki/Kim's body. Suki/Kim's eyes open wide and she quickly gains control of her bodily functions.

Upon Suki/Kim and Sashi meeting up with Becky and Alice, who look to be in shock at the sight before them. "Kimmie..." gasps Becky. "Mom..." comments Alice too.

Suki/Kim gasps, "Oh no...! KIMMIE!"  as Sashi glances around, trying to feel for Nikki's presence.

The group sees both Kim/Suki and Tisha are a bloody mess as they hang there, Kim/Suki looks to be in far, far worst shape, her entire body sees to be painted red in her blood as even open scars are visable, fortunatly, she's uncounsious. (TBC)

"Nikki you bit*h!" screams Becky. Alice walks closer to the two, looking at the rops that hold them.

Suki/Kim lets out a strangled cry, "Nooo.... Ni-chan... This... This is too terrible!" Then she sees what Alice is doing and she warns, "Ali-chan! Don't... Don't touch Kimmie! Please...! For you're own good, don't touch the blood!"

Nikki's voice is then heard, "Yes, don't touch her, unless you want to cause her more pain."

Suki gasps, "Ni-chan?! Wh-Where are you?!" Sashi then closes her eyes and begins to probe around, searching for Nikki's thoughts.

Nikki then steps out from behind the tree. "So, what to do you think, Suki?" states Nikki smiling at Suki in Kim's body. "Want this body back now?"

Suki's lip quivers as she tries to remain defiant, "Ni-chan... Why? Why are you out to kill us all? What did we do to you? Is it.... is it because of the wetting thing?"

"The only person I'm interested in is Kimberly, you all are just bonus's."

"Why? Why are you trying to kill Kimmie?! What did she ever do to you?! I thought you two were best friends?!"

Nikki smiles, "Nikki and Kim were friends, but that's a different story."

"What? I.. I don't understand, Ni-chan... What do you mean?! Aren't you Nikki?! Was... was it all an act?!"

"Like I said, different story." states Nikki. "You'll pay for this!" yells Alice as she runs to Nikki with a dagger. "Alice no!" replies Becky running after her.  

Nikki smirks and before Becky can catch her, Nikki throws something from her left hand, promptly knocking her to her back. "Alice!" gasps Becky dropping to her knees next to the young girl. "Hmph, too bad, she was so young too." replies Nikki catching a 1 foot diameter chakram.

Suki gasps, "Noooo! Stop it, Ni-chan! STOP IT!"

Sashi grunts, "Impressive..." She closes her eyes and begins to project her thoughts into Nikki's mind.

Becky quickly begins shaking Alice, who, to her relief, wakes up. "Oh, your alive!" states Becky quickly hugging Alice. Nikki then looks surprised, "She's alive? How? I aimed at her neck, she shouldn't even have a head right now."  "You monster!" snaps Becky. "You would've killed her without a second thought!"

Suki crosses over to Becky and asks, "Will she live? I.. I can't use any healing magic in this form... ohhh, but if I could..."  

Suddenly, the images of Nikki being forced to pee herself at Suki's hands flashes through Nikki's mind briefly as Sashi continues her assault on the catgirl's mind.

Alice states, "I'm fine, it felt like my head was nearly knocked off."

"It's becouse of the armor stuff your wearing, it's covering your neck too, it saved your life." replies Becky.

Nikki then states, "I see, symbionic clothing... well, I'll... huh?" replies Nikki before lowering her left hand to her abdomen, then looking at Sashi, "You..."

Sashi states telepathically, "Remember something, Nikki?" Again, the images of Nikki peeing herself flash through her mind.

nikki then smiles, "actually, I do.", Nikki then pulls out a glove and puts it on her right hand. Then placing her hand on Suki's body, covering the glove in the girl's blood. "Lord Faultz, warned me of Suki's blood, you could say she has 'special' blood."

Sashi stops, "My sister... her blood... what do you plan to do?"

"Would her blood work on another Ap-dat?"

Becky then asks Sashi, "What is she talking about?"

Sashi states, "The blood of my sister... and all of summoners like her... has special... properties... that allow them to summon..."

Then, at a speed that even Sashi can't detect, Nikki appears next to Becky and picks her up by her neck with her right , gloved, bloody hand and once Becky is to her feet lets her go.

"What the hell are you doing!?" demands wiping at Suki's blood on her neck.

Sashi's face shows great anger as she witnesses Nikki's speed and torture of her love. "Nikki... Do not... and I mean this... Do NOT anger me... You were not here when we went to the Ap Dat Villages... You do not yet comprehend my anger... This is your last warning."

"Heh, try me, all I need is to touch your skin." smirks Nikki.

"Unfortunately, Nikki... The blood of my sister will not drain me of my power... Because I am part Ap Dat too... Our bodies are designed to absorb the energy we use..." Sashi closes her eyes and suddenly, a crippling cramp suddenly attacks Nikki's bladder, which is generated solely by Sashi's manipulation of Nikki's brainwaves.

Nikki winces at the pain and places her left hand to her crotch. "Da*n, such a simple tactic. How often does it work?"

"You would have to talk to Kim for that... Kim and Sara... But that is not my only method of attack..." Sashi states before a second cramp overtakes Nikki's bladder, weakening her hold without letting her release it. At the same time, one of the nerves in Nikki's brain suddenly becomes inflamed, causing an immense amount of pain to shoot through her skull.

Nikki groans in and a moment later, Becky remimbers something, "Oh yeah! your weakness, one punch."

"Da*n you." groan Nikki

"Nikki... you cannot win... let Kim and the brat go and join our side and we will protect you from Dark Faultz... Trust me..." Sashi lets up, causing the pain in Nikki's brain to subside slightly, though she keeps the pressure on Nikki's bladder high.

"you fools, I have no intentention of joining you, Nikki can't be saved." states Nikki. Becky suddenly drops to her knees, "Ohh, I feel weird."

Alice then sits up, holding becky from falling. "Anna, what's wrong?"

Sashi states, "She is weakening... The blood of my sister is wearing her down..." She turns back to Nikki and probes deeper into her mind, searching for Nikki's secrets, bringing the pain in her brain back up almost to the point of causing her to collapse from said agony.

"Nnngh... I can't believe I'm losing. I won't allow myself to taken prisoner, n-next time I won't be so leniant." states Nikki before vanishing.

Sashi swears, "God-fucking-damnit! I was so close to learning more about her... and Dark Faultz, too..."

"We have to save Anna!" states Alice as Becky falls limp in Alices hold, not yet passed out though. "She's getting worse!"

At that moment, Suki/Kim comes out of her shock and leans down over Becky. She whispers, slowly, "We need to get the blood off.. That's the only thing that'll work... Um... Ali-chan? Did you bring the device? I need to switch back into my old form... That way I'll be able to control my blood... and my powers of healing..."

"But look at the shape your body is in, you won't be able to do a thing in that shape, we need to heal your body first, I just hope Mom and Anna can hold on until then."

"Once Kim is back in her own body, I'll feel better... I.. I can't stand to see her hurt like this..." She suddenly grabs Alice's shoulders and begs, "Please, Ali-chan... I... I need to be back there... for.. for Kimmie's sake... Please!"

"Wait, You can use mom's body to heal her and Tisha, you have to transform."

"How?" gasps Suki/Kim.

"Ok, first you have to clear your mind, close your eyes."

She gulps, "Um... o-okay..." and closes her eyes, trying to remove all images from her mind.

If youv'e cleared your mind, you should feel like your body is holding something, then let it go. You should a great sense of relief and even a small bit of pleasure around your body as you do this."

"Um... o-ok.." mumbles Suki as she lets out a soft pant, then relaxes, hoping that something is happening...  

At the same time, Sashi crosses over to Becky's fallen form and takes hold of one of her hands, pushing her mind into the younger girl's. *MP (Mind Projection) Becky... hold on... I know it is not easy... I know how weak you feel... Try this.... Maybe this will give you strength*  Suddenly, an image of Kim smiling at Becky as the younger girl forces Kim to pee flashes through Becky's weakened mind.*

A faint smile slowly appears on Becky's face while a moment later, Kim's body begins to glow white. "Your doing it Suki, keep your mind clear, or it'll stop." announces Alice.

"I... I'm trying... I-It's not easy..."

"Just take your time."

"O-Ok... U-Ugh...!" she suddenly grunts, relaxing greatly and almost falling forward. (TBC)

At the same time, Sashi squeezes Becky's hand and shows her more images of herself making Kim pee herself and all the times she licked Kim's labia and vagina, making her cum in her sleep. *Becky... Please.. hang on... I... I... Your sister loves you too much... A-and... well.... um... so does Alice... a-and..."

Becky then thinks, "I don't know how much longer I can hold on, My legs and arms are getting cold."

Sashi thinks, "Suki is trying to draw out the powers of your sister so that she can switch bodies with her and regain control over her blood and her powers so she can heal you... Please, Becky... Please... use these images to stimulate your fighting instinct..."

"Ok, I'll try..." thinks Becky. Alice then places a hand to the middle of Becky's chests and gasps, "Anna's heart beating so slow, Anna come on! Don't give up!"

Sashi asks, "Alice... what is taking Suki so long to gain the power of Kim?" She glances back at her sister as a glowing aura starts forming around her.

"It looks like she having hard time clearing her mind, she's too distracted. This isn't good, Anna's going to die if we can't think of something!"

"It is Nikki... her mind is clouded with thoughts of, as she calls her, Ni-chan..." muses Sashi.

Alice then turns to Suki, "Suki, you have to forget about  Nikki. Oh! I nearly forgot, you can think of something cheerful too! Come on."

Suki whines, "I.. I can't! Ni-chan... I.. I loved her... as much as anyone... She.. she was so cute!"

Sashi sighs, "I am going to have to enter her mind again..."

"Well think about the good things your remimber about Nikki, you can do this Suki." encourages Alice

Suki whines, "Um um... I.. I remember making her pee herself... That.. that was fun..."

"Ok, think about that." A moment later, Alice hears Becky's nearly silent voice. "Anna, don't worry, your gonna be fine."

Suki groans, a smile coming to her lips, "Ni-chan... she was so sweet... I liked playing with her tail... and her ears were so soft and furry..." The aura around her starts to glow a slightly brighter color and Sashi unconsciously squeezes Becky's hand really hard as images of Becky being f*cked by three guy's huge penises suddenly shoots through Becky's mind.

Kim's body then suddenly brightens to a near blinding degree. "Suki your doing it!" cheers Alice. Suki can feel a pleasent sensation eminating throughout her body as she feels Kim's blue spectral wings come from her back, before the glow fades, leaving Suki with a smile on her face and th white leotard covering her body. "Suki, there's no time to heal mom, you have to save Anna first, she doesn't have much left to fight with."

"I.. I don't know if I can... My blood... the only known antidote is me... me controlling my blood..." She bites her lower lip and suddenly starts trying to cover up, blushing.

"There's no time, it's all or nothing take a few fethers from your wings and close your hands around them."

"O-Okay... I.. I'll try..." She moves her hands away from her body, still blushes at the limited clothing she's wearing and takes a few feathers from her left wing. "Do I... pull them out?"

"Yeah, it won't hurt."

"Ok." She tugs lightly and pulls out three feathers, holding them in her hands, tightly gripping them.

after a few moments, "Ok, uncover your hands over Becky's neck... I hope this works."

"Ok.." Suki lets the statement hang as she uncovers her hands over Becky's neck, praying that Becky will survive the encounter with her blood.

Kim's wing feathers in her hands have turned to a ooze-like materal, more than enough. "Now cover her hands." states Alice as she covers her own hands in her blue symbionic clothing and holds Becky's hands up.

"Ok." Suki does what Alice suggests and covers Becky's hands with the ooze as Sashi moves her hand to Becky's left breast, rubbing gently over the mound and down to her sternum where her heart is, trying to coax it to keep beating.

Once Alice allows the fluid to do it's thing for a moment, Alice tries talking to Becky, "Anna? Anna, are you feeling better?" there's no reply from the limp girl and Alice quickly places an ear to Becky's chest. "Her Heart is beating so slow. you may have just slowed the process, we need to help Mom and Tisha."

Suki nods, "I.. I need to switch back to my own body...  only then can I control my blood..." She tries to get to her feet, but with the wings, she overbalances and lands back on her butt.

"you need to heal those two first."

"Owieee... stupid wings have messed up my balance..." she whines as she gets back up to her feet and moves over to Tisha's body.

"Ok, to heal her will be easy, just consentrate on the target and think of something soothing with one or both of your hands towards her."

She gulps again, "Ok... h-here goes..."

Just a moment later, a white glow surrounds Tisha's body. "Good, your doing it, Tisha's not as bad as mom."

Tisha moans weakly, "... argh.... ow... wha... what hit me....?" as she starts to come to slight consciousness.

"Don't worry, your going to be fine." States Alice.

"Ow... jeez...." she moans softly, her eyes never opening.  

Suki asks, "Is she good enough to go? Becky's not gonna last much longer even with the healing..."

"Yeah, Mom's going to take the most to heal, I'll go get the thing to change you back." states Alice leaving.

Tisha suddenly opens her eyes and calls Suki's attention by whining to her. "S-Suki?! I-Is that you?! I.. I wanted to t-tell you... K-Kim... she... she took the worst of that b*tch's beating... She did... it.. to save me..."

Suki takes Tisha's left hand in hers, pulling it free from her bindings and smiles, "It's okay, Tisha... We're here now... We're gonna take care of both you and Kimmie..."

Alice then comes back with the device.

Suki then extricates herself from Tisha's weak grasp and says, "I have to go now, Tisha... I have to help Kimmie..."

Alice then return to her position at Becky's side and checking her heart beat again and gasps in shock, "Her hearts stopped! Suki hurry!" states Alice beginning to cry.

Suki gasps, "I'm on my way!" She moves over to Kim/Suki's side and begins to do the same process to her. Sashi, meanwhile, strokes Becky's chest, trying to get her heart beating again.

While Alice waits, she runs her fingers through Becky's hair.

Suki whines, "It's not working! Kimmie won't wake up! Kimmie, please... wake up.... Please, wake up, Kimmie!"

"Mom, would be longer to heal, is she's not dead she will comearound." states Alice

"Kimmie... Kimmie... " Suki starts crying as she does the process again, trying to heal her lover, her soul mate.

Slow, Kim start to come too, evident from a groan.

"Kimmie?! Kimmie.. are you there?! Kimmie!"

"S-Suki..." groans Kim from pain.

"Kimmie?!" Suki throws her arms around Kim and hugs her, crying softly. She starts blubbering, "Kimmie, I.. I really.. was worried about you.. and Becky.. Becky's almost dead... My blood... got all over her... and.. uhoh..." She looks down in horror realizing that she's covered in her own blood.

"Oh no Suki, you have to hurry before it starts." states Alice

"I.. I know... Ali-chan.. hurry.. gi-give me the device... "

"Ok... Here." states Alice getting up and giving the device to Suki."

"How... do.. I use... this.. device again?" mumbles Suki, her eyes strangely going in and out of focus.

"Put one end to each of your foreheads and press the button

"O.. Okay..." She lifts the device, her fingers trembling and pushes the end to Kim/Suki's forehead, leaning close to do the same with her own forehead.

Alice then holds Kim up for the moment the two pass out. Kim then wakes up back in her own body and falling to her knees from weakness.

Suki whines softly back in her own body, the blood content of her vessels low from all the injuries.

Kim then looks up at Suki. "Suki, you shouldn've, your body is so injured."

"I-It's okay, Kimmie... I... I'll be alright.. I.. .I just..." her eyes close suddenly and she moans softly.

"Suki, what's wrong?" asks Kim.

"I've lost.. a lot of blood..." she mumbles faintly, weakly as she lifts her left hand up and takes hold of her chest, running a finger through her blood. "Now... all I've gotta do is..." she mutters almost sleepily, her head falling to her side.

"I've lost... a lot of blood..." she mumbles faintly, weakly as she tries to move her hands, but finds she can't. "Kimmie... C-Can you... r-release me...?" Her head drops to her side as she looks to be totally out, but her breathing says otherwise.

"I'll do it." states Alice, before taking a dager from her cloak and cutting Suki free.

Suki's arms fall to her sides, but then she weakly lifts up her trembling left hand and dips it into a small blood pool on her chest. She mumbles, her eyes remaining closed, "There.. now all I gotta do is..." She trails off and pitches forward toward Kim's body, the older girl suddenly feeling stronger.

"Suki! What's wrong?!" asks Kim.

It is not Suki who answers, but Sashi. "She has exhausted her power... She needs time to recharge. Becky, however, should return to normal soon... Suki did her job... She controled the energy draining properties of her blood and made it inert."

"Anna's not ok, she's dead, her hearts stopped! Mom, you have to save her, please!" asks Alice. (TBC)

Kim gasps and quickly goes to Becky's side and places a hand to Becky's chest and apples energy pulse to Becky's heart, trying to restart it. A few tense moments and a few pulses later, Becky suddenly gasps a breathe of life seeing the angelic-like appearance of Kim above her instantly brings a smile to Becky's face and she quickly hugs her. "Kimmie!"

Sashi wraps an arm around Becky's waist, holding her, while still allowing Becky to hug Kim. She leans close to the back of Becky's head and whispers softly, "I still love you, Becky..."

"Anna!" exclaimes Alice squeezing in for a hug herself.
Sashi then backs away sadly, not really wanting to let her go, but knowing Becky has other lovers.

"Don't you die on me again, you hear me?" demands Alice. Becky releases Kim and smiles at Alice before hugging and kissing her. "I'll try my best."

Sashi turns back to her sister's form and crosses Tisha's path, stepping on her legs, causing the younger girl to cry out, "Heyyy! Watch it, you spaz!"

Kim then states, "I guess we can go back to P2 to rest and clean up."

Sashi picks up her smaller sister's body and says, "Kim, do you want to carry Suki or should I?"

"Her blood is safe to touch now?"

Sashi nods, "Yeah, she has neutralized the effects of her blood... until the next time, at least..."

"OK, give her to me, she still needs healing." states Kim standing.

"As you wish..." Sashi steps on Tisha's legs again as she moves back over to Kim's side to hand her smaller sister off to the other girl. "Take care of her."

Tisha suddenly lets out, "Hey, um, guys... Can we, like... find a bathroom around here somewhere?! I like, really need to go..."

Kim then comments to  Tisha, where going back to the ship, can you stand?

"Oww... well, if I don't wanna wet myself, I'd better, hadn't I?! Geez!"

Becky then comments, "Kimmie, can we stop at your apartment before we go back to P2?" "Ok, Why not."

Sashi sighs, "As you wish..." She looks away and suddenly, Becky can sense a slight twinge of arousal coming from the silent girl.

Becky smiles at Sashi before taking Alice's hand and leading her to the ship, followed by Kim holding Suki.

Tisha follows, hobbling along on her scratched legs. "Geez... This sucks..."


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