Story: Spider Princess (chapter 7)

Authors: dragonfire5000

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Chapter 7

Title: Kumobito Advent

[Author's notes: Chapter 7 is here. I hope you all enjoy.

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In a house in the countryside, a woman was waiting outside as a car drove up. A tall man with blond hair and short bristly hair on his face stepped out. “Evening, Miss Haruki,” he said. “How is the merchandise?”

            “They are ready to be shipped, Mr. Gregory Brown,” Miss Haruki said with a bow. “Now, about the money…”

            “You’ll get that later,” he said as he motioned for two tall men to follow him. Miss Haruki led them into the house and opened one of the doors. Inside were several teenage girls, several of them Chinese and Japanese with a few Koreans and Caucasians. “So everyone of them is accounted for?”

            “Yes,” Miss Haruki said. “They are all here.”

            One of the girls was sobbing and holding onto another. “Please…let us go home…please, I’m begging you…”

            “Shut up,” one of the men said as he raised a gun threateningly.

            “Don’t be so trigger-happy, Ronald,” Gregory said sharply. “What good is a prostitute with a bullet hole through her? Now, let’s get them all into the cars and…” His eyes stared. “Miss Haruki, you have tarantulas in your house?”

            “What do you mean?” Miss Haruki asked, her voice suddenly dropping in temperature. “I keep my house clean just fine.”

            “Well, obviously not fine enough!” the third man yelled. “I saw it too, that thing was the size of a rat! You…” He suddenly stopped, staring at the ground. “Hey…they have black widows in Japan?”

            “Don’t be stupid,” Ronald snapped. “They’re only in America…oh god, you’re right! What the hell is a black widow doing here?” A sudden shriek from one of the girls caused everyone else to look around in fright; a large number of spiders had started scuttling out of the nooks and crannies of the house. There were all kinds: wolf spiders, jumping spiders, clock spiders, black widows, tarantulas…

           “Geez, you sure you take care of this place alright?” Gregory asked incredulously. “Ah, no matter, it’s just a couple of stupid spiders. Listen, get the girls…” A sudden dripping sound caught his attention. A drop landed on his shoulders and he looked up. His eyes suddenly bulged out and the words “…oh crap…” managed to come out before he let out an inarticulate scream and brought his gun up. Shooting desperately, the other men started shouting and shooting too.

Miss Haruki and the girls screamed as a monster dropped from the ceiling, rearing up and shrieking as she raised her spider legs and grabbed a hold of the third man. Ripping him in half with frightening ease, the monster screeched as she barreled forward and was soon upon the others.




"AAHH! AAHH!” the girl continued to cry out. “They’re in me, they’re crawling in me, oh help me someone help me…”

            “Teruko-neechan! What are we supposed to do?!” Rie cried out.

            “I…I don’t know…” Teruko said, her eyes wide with fear. “I…I don’t want her to die…but what should I do? What can I do…?” The older girl could only hold onto her captive as the girl continued to thrash around.

            “Oh no…oh no…” Rie moaned as spindly legs suddenly burst out of the girl’s vagina. She leaped back in horror as she saw something that resembled a black spider the size of a rat force its way out of the girl. The girl continued to shriek when she saw what was coming out of her. The spider soon lay on the ground, twitching. The fluids covering its upper body left a musky smell in the air.

            “Oh…” Rie moaned as she watched the spider suddenly enlarging rapidly. It was quickly approaching the size of a small cat and as it opened its mandibles it let out a cry that sounded just like a human infant. The spider continued to cry as two of its spider legs started to grow shorter. The tips split into five separate parts that quickly started to turn into something that resembled a human hand. The mandibles of the spider started to fuse together while a horizontal split appeared on the face of the spider. Hair started to grow on the spider’s head while the rearmost legs started to split into five toe-like structures.

            “She’s…she’s changing…” Teruko whispered.

            The spider’s hard exoskeleton had started to soften and become a pink color. Teeth appeared inside of the face split that was now clearly turning into a mouth. Six of the spider’s eyes disappeared while the remaining two started to form an iris and pupil. Soon, right before everyone’s eyes, there was a small infant girl who was almost indistinguishable from humans except for the four remaining spider legs on her back.

            The infant let out a whimper as she tried to crawl. Falling on her stomach, she let out a little grunt of surprise as she tried to use her hands to pull herself towards Teruko. “Ah…ah…” the little girl called out. “Ah…ah…”

            “My…my baby…this is my child…” Teruko reached for the infant and picked it up. She stared at the baby who, upon seeing her face, went silent and started to sniff. The baby’s face soon broke into a grin and she gurgled happily. “Wait…she needs to eat…”

            Teruko’s spider legs lurched upwards and slashed something that was bundled up by webs. The dead body of a large lizard dropped down and Teruko set the baby down. The baby, upon seeing the lizard, poked it tentatively before sinking her teeth into it. Teruko turned her attention back to the girl, her long fingers running over the girl’s face in what looked like tender stroking. “It’s okay…it’s okay…”

            It was only then that Rie realized just how psychologically broken her sister was; what else could explain the mood swing from a sobbing wreck to a babbling maternal figure? ‘Oh mother, you have a lot of questions to answer…’




            Saki lounged in her bedroom, one hand over her heart while another was curled around Shiori. “Do you feel it, Shiori?” she asked softly. “Another Kumobito has been born into this world…” She let out a sigh of bliss. “Isn’t life so wonderful?”

            “Mmgh…mgh…” Shiori whimpered through her gag. As Saki reached over to pull the gag out, the younger girl let out a gasp as the damp ball was pulled out. “Saki…please, no more of this…untie me, I won’t run away, please…”

            “Shiori,” Saki said in a gentle but firm voice. “The last time you promised you’d be together with me you decided to marry some rich man’s son. And he wasn’t even that savory of a character either; you shouldn’t have run away the first time. You know I don’t like it when people break their promises…”

            “It…it was my father’s fault!” Shiori cried out. “He wanted me to, and I…!”

            “Why didn’t you believe in me?” Saki asked softly. “Why didn’t you believe that we could work things out? Your father was a fool; he never paid much attention to you, did he? All he was worried about was increasing his personal funds, never paying attention to the little treasure in front of him. So why did you see the need to obey his foolish order?” She placed a hand on Shiori’s breast and rubbed gently, causing the younger girl to moan as Saki gently played with her nipple. “My dream is nearly complete, and I wanted you to be with me when it happens.”

            “But…but why must you hurt so many people? Why…”

            “I’ve only hurt those that tried to betray me or kill me, Shiori. Are you still talking about Ryouki? He was an idiot as well. To think he could actually defeat me! But then again, you can say that the reason I’m doing all of this is because of what he did to me. So if you must blame someone, blame him.”

            “But those girls you turned into Kumobito! And the girls you’ve captured to make them give birth to more! Why? Why did you involve them?!”

            “They will get used to it; humans have proven themselves to be quite capable of adapting.” Saki rolled over and gazed down at Shiori. “Shiori, do you love me?”

            “Y-yes, but…but I don’t want you to do these things! Why can’t you…”

            “Then trust me, Shiori,” Saki said as she leaned down and kissed the younger girl, first chastely, then deepening the kiss until the only sounds Shiori could utter were tiny moans. She sighed, breathing in the scent of lavender on Shiori’s skin from the bathwater she had just bathed the younger girl in. “You know I would never hurt you, my love…” She was suddenly interrupted by a knocking on the door. “Yes, what is it?”

            “Sadako has come back, Saki-sama,” a voice called out. “She’s brought something for you. Shall I have her bring it up?”

            “No, I’ll go greet her,” Saki said as she sat up. She ruffled Shiori’s hair affectionately. “Sorry I keep getting called away. I’ll be back soon, alright?” She gave Shiori a kiss on the cheek before picking up the ball gag and putting it in Shiori’s mouth once again. “See you later.”




            Handa-sensei twisted her fingers nervously. ‘I haven’t heard anything from the police yet…’ she thought. ‘I…I’m being watched, and I can’t do anything…the male students are getting restless, and the bus we took is destroyed…oh, what should I do? I’ve never been so scared in my life…’

            Suddenly, one of the male students who had been lounging around leaped back from the window. “Hey, there’s something heading towards us!” he shouted. “Look! Look right there! There’s…wait, there’s two of them!”

            The other boys as well as Handa-sensei ran up towards the windows. Indeed, there was a dark shape that seemed to be moving towards the inn at incredible speed. The things seemed to be moving in a scuttling motion, and upon closer look it seemed that they had spider-like limbs coming from their…!

           The things smashed through the windows and one of them let out a hiss as she reared up. Handa-sensei let out a shriek as she saw the horror that stood before her. It was a woman with spider legs growing out of her back. The creature was wearing what a sleeveless kimono with no back to allow the spider legs free movement. The creature reached down and grabbed Handa-sensei, lifting her up with ease. “Well, what have we here?” the creature asked mockingly. “And here I thought the teacher would be older as well! This one’s still quite young!”

            The second creature scuttled in, this one older than the one that had a hold of Handa-sensei. “Human, answer us this; where is the remaining female student? The one with orchid-colored hair? Tell us now.”

            ‘Orchid-colored hair…no, they don’t mean Kanako-chan? That means…that means she’s safe for now!’

            “I don’t know, and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you!” Handa-sensei spat out.

            “I see…” the one that had a grip on her said. “Kaoru-neesama, what now?”

            “Her stuff must be here,” Kaoru said. One of the boys, grabbing a hold of his backpack, let out a yell as he ran forward. Kaoru swatted him aside almost nonchalantly, sending him flying through a wall and landing face-first in the ground outside. “Find out which spiritual scent has no match with those we sensed in the temple; that will be hers.”

            Mitsuko smiled. “Of course, Kaoru-neesama…but what about this teacher?”

            “Take her with us; perhaps Saki-sama will know what to do with her. She’s quite young, and I’m sure she’ll make a fine breeder…”




            A man came walking towards the house dragging a struggling handcuffed Japanese school girl behind him. “Shut up, girl! You gave me a lot of trouble, and if you give me more, I’ll deck you good!” He noticed the cars in front of the house. “Aw damn, they’re already here…Oh well, you’ll fetch a good price for them, I bet! Those men love young virgins like you!”

            He hurried over to the door and knocked. “Haruki-san? I’ve got another one!” He suddenly noticed that the door was unlocked and opened it. “Haruki-san, where are you?” He suddenly swore loudly as a huge torrent of spiders came rushing out of the house and scuttling away. “God damn! What the hell was that?!” A sudden feeling of dread came over him. “Come on,” he said roughly to the girl as he pulled her upstairs. “Haruki-san? What the hell’s going on…what the…” He suddenly let out a retching sound as soon as he looked inside of the upstairs room where the girls were kept.

           Gregory Brown lay on the ground, his body torn to pieces and thrown all over the room. Two other men lay on the ground, one of them torn in half and the other one with his neck torn out. Miss Haruki herself lay slumped on the wall, her arms torn off. There was some sort of burn mark on the floor, burn marks that seemed to form a circular pattern with strange symbols on it.

            “So Sadako-sama got here before me…” the handcuffed girl muttered.

            “What the hell? What do you know about this?!” the man roared as he grabbed the girl. “Tell me! Did you call the cops?! Huh?!”

            “Her Highness stirs, and she will soon awaken…” the girl muttered. “I must return…I must return…” Her body started to tremble and, to the man’s horror, her arms started to stretch and stretch. Pulling her wrists apart, the handcuff chain snapped like a twig. The girl’s legs were growing as well and she was soon getting down on all fours. “You didn’t feed me…” the girl said, smiling to reveal fangs. “But it’s not too late…” The last thing the man saw before the girl lunged at his throat were four spider legs tearing out of her uniform.

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