Story: Butterfly Kisses (chapter 1)

Authors: Zoeylicious

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Chapter 1

A slight breeze flows through the area making me shiver. I wrap the soft blanket around myself tighter. I look around and all I see are swaying plains in all directions except for the lonely weeping willow I lay my back against.

I sigh as I wait for my best friend, Sarah, to appear so we can chill together. Looking up into the cloudless night sky, I exhale a sharp breath of hair and pull a few strands of my blonde hair behind my ear.

Sarah... She's such a total bad ass. Always a lot of fun to be around, and she also has a positive vibe exploding out of her as well. She's one hundred percent incredible.

She's also stunning, the kind of beauty that makes you turn your head twice. I'm sure most girls are jealous of her straight brown hair that drops to her shoulders, her deep blue eyes, and her slim figure. Oh shit. Guys staring equal guys staring at breasts and a firm ass. Enough said.

We're incredibly close; she's been my best friend since we were 9. Now at 18, I'm sure we've shut up all of those people who think high school relationships will never last after graduation.

Like glue and paper, you can't take us apart, bitches.

"Heyhey," a soft voice whispers from my left.

I turn my head around then look up to see her glowing flawless face looking down at me. My stomach drops like I've been on a roller coaster. How odd.

Gently lower me to the ground.

"Sarah," I say smiling.

She always makes my heart pound when she's near me. Ever since I've graduated it's been like this. Am I attracted to her? Perhaps I'm a lesbian? I've never really been into guys... Shit, look what you made me do. I got hooked back into my thoughts. Thanks.

"Colette? You okay?' Sarah asks bringing me back down to earth.

"Er, yeah, I'm just cold," I reply with a cheesy smile.

She only smiles at me and I open my arms to her sit with me inside the blanket. She pulls the blanket around herself.

We sit close together and giggle when our shoulders brush each other's.

"Where were you?" I ask looking at her.

"Fixing dinner for the ‘rents. Mom had to have the sauce this thick and the noodles this long for the spaghetti. Damn, I just wanted to shove some meatballs up her ass," she laughs.

I giggle then sigh at the thought while I watch Sarah rub her hands together, creating friction to keep them warm. Something inside me tells me to take her hands into my own and I do so. I blush at my action.

Sarah stops and looks up at me. I shiver for a moment.

"I-I thought I could keep them warm for you," I say softly.

She only smiles and rubs my knuckles, making me blush even more than before. But this awakens something within me, and I squeeze her hands. I remove one hand to trace her collarbone. She whimpers from my touch.


She slips a hand up to my cheek, and holds it there for a moment before taking it off.

"Should have told you earlier," I whisper in her ear.

"Should have known myself," she responds squeezing the inside of my thigh. I moan into her neck.

I pull my head back and kiss her softly. She tastes like icing. Sweet. Delicious. Addicting.

I'm getting hot and wet. Damn the temptation, damn it to hell.

"I love you," Sarah whispers to me after the kiss.

I look at her, her eyes sparkling from the moonlight on this chilly and tranquil night.

She pulls me back in for another, and slips her tongue in. I moan and rip the blanket off of us' goose bumps crawl over my skin. I push her to the ground and nibble and breathe heavily on her ear. She grips my shoulders as I go down to her neck and collarbone leaving bite marks and kisses.

She brings a hand down to my inner lower thigh and traces it slowly. I stop as she starts to rub and squeeze my thigh, making me bury my face into her neck.

"Sarah," I manage to say before I moan.


A couple of hours pass and we lie on the ground side-by-side, our hands intertwined with one another's, asleep with the blanket over us.

I open my eyes slightly to look at her.


"I love you, too," I whisper and I drift back off to sleep.

Love is just a friendship on fire.


[End notes: Thank you for reading. <3]

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