Story: The Beautiful Night (chapter 1)

Authors: Suicide7Days

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: i had to change some things on here so yeah


Britney and Fiona know each other because they are in the same computer apps class. They sit next to each other so they can talk. Today they are working on photo shopping some pictures they took off the internet.

“OMG! I am so editing this pic” said Fiona

“What is it?” said Britney.

She looks on the screen of the Mac computer and sees two half naked anime girls.

“What the fuck!?” she almost yelled. “I didn’t know you were lesbian”

“No I’m bi” Fiona said “and I’m looking for a girlfriend”

“Do you like anybody?” Britney said

“Yeah, but it’s secret” Fiona said

The class bell rings and the students save their work on the Macs and they head to their next class. Britney goes to her English class and Fiona goes to her Japanese class which is all the way in the other wing.

Fiona is in her class learning new words that the teacher is saying. She catches herself thinking “I wonder what Britney is thinking.” As the minuets go by she keeps on thinking about her.

The bell rings again and it is the end of the day and Britney meets up with Fiona at the parking lot. Fiona goes to her black Volkswagen bus and Britney goes to her forest green Camaro. They always parked close to each other about two parking spaces apart.

“Hey Britney!” Fiona runs to her while waving.

“Hey Fiona what are you doing tomorrow?”

“I don’t know nothing I guess” Fiona said

“Hey would you like to spend the night tomorrow” Britney said

“Sure I don’t mind” Fiona said

Fiona walks to her car and drives home.

“Oh my fucking god holy shit I can’t believe she asked me to spend the night. I’m so going to have so much fun with her.” She goes home and asks her mother and father if she can go and they say yes. So she gets her thing ready for her big night

The next day Britney and Fiona meet up in the parking lot after school

“Ready” Britney says.

“Yeah what are we going to do tonight?”

“Well I wanted to order pizza and watch a scary movie” Britney said with excitement.

Fiona follows Britney to her house and when they get there it’s a kind of big house not as big as a mansion but it is big.

“Well here we are” Britney says as they are coming out of their cars.

“Wow big house you got there” Fiona said.

Fiona and Britney enter the house and they go to Britney’s room and Fiona lays her things down onto Britney’s bed.

“Sorry but you have to sleep in the same bed as me” Britney said.

“That’s ok”

“Ok then my mom just ordered the pizza.”

The eat their pizza slices while they watch The Ring and The Ring Two

The clock stroke 11:00

“Well I’m getting tired Fiona I wanna go to sleep” Britney said with a yawn.

“Ok girly I’m getting tired to so I’ll go to bed also” Fiona said with an eager face.

They get their pajamas on and get in the bed.

The clock stroke 12:00.

Fiona slowly puts her hand over Britney’s waist and slowly gets into her pants and panties.

“What the fuck are you doing Fiona” Britney said taking Fiona’s hand out of her panties.

“Britney I gotta tell you something ever since before you came out I had the most major crush on you it’s not even funny. It even became love now. Britney I’m in love with you.”

“Whoa you could have just told me I would have gone out with you cause I have a thing for you too!”

The both hug each other and Fiona strokes Jess’s long black satin hair and then she smells it. She quivers at the smell then Britney kisses Fiona on the soft lips. Then they stand up and gets undressed.

“Oh my god I’m so wet right now Britney” Fiona said with a slight orgasm

“Don’t worry me too” Britney said.

“So how are we going to do this I never had sex with a girl before? Yes I am a girl virgin” Fiona says with a worried face.

“Have you seen any porno’s like this if you have just copy of what you saw and you’ll be ok don’t worry I’m a girl virgin too.” Britney said with a smile on her beautiful gothic face.

“Ok.” Fiona said

They lay on the bed with Fiona on top and she kisses Britney’s soft lips and Fiona goes down on Britney’s skinny pale body and goes to her tiny shaven pussy and starts lays her tongue on her clit and starts to lick. Then she goes up with one hand and squeezes her breast. And she takes the other and starts to finger Britney’s sweet tasting pussy.

“Oh Fiona!” Britney moans with pleasure as she is being fucked ever so romantically. Then she holds Fiona’s head down while she is down there.

“Come on Britney cum already” Fiona says while she slowly puts her tongue inside Britney’s pussy. Then she starts to wiggle the tongue in her and she hears Britney’s moaning.

“OH FIONA BABY YES YES!!!!” Britney yells while she is squeezing the sheets while she cums on Fiona’s tongue. Fiona lifts up and swallows the cum and licks her fingers. “Yummy” she says.

Then Britney’s turn. Britney goes down on Fiona and starts to lick her pussy. Then she puts her hands on Fiona’s breasts and rubs them ever so gently.

“Britney I love you” Fiona says with a slight orgasm.

“Fiona I love you too” Britney says lifting up from giving Fiona pleasure.

Then Britney puts her fingers inside of Fiona slowly putting another finger in as the heat rises between them. Then she takes her tongue on her clit and taps to tease her. Then she totally licks all around her clit to give her so much more pleasure.

“Oh Britney I’m about to cum” Fiona yells with a passion. Then Fiona lets out a bunch of cum onto Britney’s fingers. Then Britney lifts up and licks her fingers and says “Oh my god that was so good.”

“Wanna go to bed now” Fiona says.

“Sure if you want to I’m pretty tired my self” Britney says.

They go to bed and as they are about to fall asleep Britney asks Fiona “will you go out with me?”

And the answer was “YES”

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