Story: The Date (chapter 1)

Authors: Suicide7Days

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: if you don't like sex scenes this story isn't for you]

“So baby when do we get to have some fun” I said with a smile on my face “I don’t know probably this weekend” my girlfriend Taylor said. I kiss her on the cheek. “I love you Heather” she said with a soft voice. “I so want you Tay” I said with an eager voice. “So what are we going to do this weekend on our date” Taylor said “we’ll probably go to the movies then go to Burger King and then home” I said. Then I gave her a big kiss on the lips which were so soft. Then she took my hand and held it in a criss cross position.

The next day was Friday and we were getting ready for our date. The date I’m going to wear a black spaghetti strap with a short plaid miniskirt with fishnet pantyhose and black platform boots that come up to my knees. But I don’t know what Taylor is wearing I hope she thinks I’m hot and I hope she looks sexy. “Oh my god I can’t wait till tomorrow babe I love you so much” she said with this excited voice “Me either baby we are going to have so much fun. I have a surprise for you but you have to wait until we get to my house ok babe” “Ok honey.” She kisses my soft lips. “Oh Heather I love you so much” she hugs me with great force.

That Saturday we get ready at about 5:00 for the 6:00 show we are going to see Slaughter in the Hole it’s a scary movie. As I’m driving to Taylor’s house I see her standing on the porch she looks so beautiful with her read and black Tripp pants and a mesh top under a black My Chemical Romance tank top with a pentagram necklace with Vans on. I honk the horn and then I yell “Baby I’m ready for you!!!!” “Ok I’m coming” she said. We go to the movies to watch the film.

After the film we go to Burger King and she buys a number two with lettuce and ketchup only and a large Dr. Pepper. I order a number 5 with an iced mocha. “So what’s the surprise that you wanted to give me baby” she says holding my hand across the booth. “You have to wait my darling Taylor” “Well honey I can’t wait just gimme a hint baby” she said with an eager voice. “Well before we go home what do you want to go to like Best Buy or something???” I said. “Sure let’s go I wanna get REPO! The Genetic Opera soundtrack” Taylor said. We go to Best Buy and I get some anime DVDs and she gets the REPO! Soundtrack. We check out and go to the car. We get inside “Damn baby did I mention that you need to clean this thing” Taylor said. “I know but I don’t have enough time cause of work at the piercing place and you wanting to hang out with me I just don’t have the time baby” I said. “That’s ok Hun I understand I love you baby so very fucking much” she says with a great big smile. We go to my house and we get into the living room. “Hey baby would you go to my room I have a surprise for you” I said with a funny look on my face.

She goes to my bedroom and sits on the bed while I get ready. “Baby what are you doing” she says with an anger voice “You’ll see” I said. I get out wearing black and red lingerie with stripper shoes. “Holy shit Heather baby you look amazing is this the surprise?” she said shockingly “Yes it is baby but it’s just the beginning of it” I sit on her lap and start to make out with her. “Baby I’ve wanted to do this to you for so long baby I so want you inside of me baby” I said. “Oh baby I want you inside of me too baby. I gotta have you baby.” Then she took off my bra and caressed my tits. Then I took off her top and unhooked her bra and I slowly unzipped her pants and then I pulled them down. She took off my panties and my stockings and my shoes “Baby I want my shoes on if that’s ok with you” I said “Ok baby anything for you” she said. Then she took me on to the bed and started to lick my sweet pussy.

She tapped her tongue on my clit and sticks her fingers in my opening. “OH TAYLOR YES YES BABY FUCK ME!!!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “I’m glad you like this baby” Taylor said while she sticks her tongue in to my entrance. She then slowly gets up and sucks on my tits while she fingers me. “OH TAYLOR BABY YES YES FUCK ME YES OH BABY YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream. “Baby cum already I want you to my darling” she said as she’s going down on me and licking me. “Oh baby I’m about to baby yes oh god” Then I cum a great big one onto her tongue. “Baby it’s your turn.” She said.

I get down on her and I placed my tongue on her soft tasty clit and then I put my finger inside of her. Slowly one by one I put all of my fingers inside. “OH HEATHER BABY MORE GIMME MORE!!!!!” she screamed. And then I got up and started to make out with her. Shoving my tongue in and out of her mouth it felt so good. “Oh Taylor baby I love you so much” I said. Then I stop and get something out of a small brown paper bag. “What do you got there baby” I show it to her and it is a strap on with a nine inch dick on it. “Baby it’s all for you” then I put it on and slowly puts it in her and slowly gets it in and out in and out over and over again. Then Taylor said “Oh baby I love your dick it’s so yummy” Then I shoved it in her more. Then she started to scream some more.

Then I took my artificial cock out and let her use it. Then she shoved it into me and said this “oh baby how do you like this I hope you do oh baby yes fuck” she said while she moaned. Then she stopped and I went down on me and licked me so fast I cum a great big cum. “oh fuck that was so good baby I love that.” Then we stopped fucking and we laid in the bed with the covers on us. Taylor cuddled next to me laying her head on my chest. “So baby how was it” she said. “It was amazing baby I didn’t know I could cum so much I love you baby” “I love you too Hun.”

Then we closed our eyes and went to sleep.

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