Story: A Night With Angel (all chapters)

Authors: Skavo

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Chapter 1

“Wake up” a soft voice gently calls me back into the land of the living, I feel a warm hand trail up my bare back making me shiver and roll over to look at my companion for the evening. Her brown hair hung in strands over a beautifully pale face, in the darkness of the room her brown eyes were hidden to me but I didn’t need to see them to know what was lurking in their depths. It was the same look I had first seen when I pulled up outside her family’s house and she told me I could room with her since her parents were out of town for the weekend. Fingernails scraped along the sensitive flesh of my spine making me inhale sharply “I’m so horny” she purred into my ear before rubbing her lips along the curve of my neck. “Baby I don’t think I can stand being so close to you and not having you notice me” her fingers laced together under my shirt pressing in just above the waist of my borrowed pajama pants.

“Angel” I questioned rolling in her arms so we were facing one another our lips just centimeters apart, I could smell the sweet scent of the soap from her nightly shower still clinging to her skin. “I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing” my voice was still slurred from being asleep and slightly hoarse from my suddenly very dry lips “you never acted like you were into me before. You always made eyes at that guy from our science class” she silenced me by fiercely pressing her nails into my back, an uncontrolled moan forced its way from my throat and I started to breathe hard. Ever so lightly fingertips began rubbing over the fresh indents making me shake and my head slump forward so my sweating forehead was resting against hers.

“God when Tasha told me you were dense I thought she was kidding” her hands continued their assault on my sensitive hips, I was reduced to jelly under her highly skilled fingers. I was so close that I felt the nub of her labret press into my chin when she leaned up to plant a chaste of kiss on my dry lips wetting them with her desire “I’ve wanted you so fucking long. Fuck you have no idea how hard it’s been to control myself tonight, I‘ve been going insane ever since you used the shower” her kisses got more intense with each passing sentence until her tongue was parting my waiting lips.

Our tongues briefly fought for control before she climbed in top on me, I could feel her warm skin through the pants I borrowed from her it was like nothing was in between our bodies. “mmmm Angel” was all I could manage when she paused to take a breath then her hand slid into my pants and those delicious fingers were caressing my wet folds through the rough cotton of my boxers. My ice like hands made the muscle of her back jerk when they found their way up her Slipknot shirt, her bra was an obstacle for only a moment before it gave in to the pressure of my knowing fingers. Soft boobs were warm mounds barely contained by the medium sized t-shirt she decided to wear to bed, it didn’t take long until the friction of our bodies hardened her nipples.

“Horny bitch” she teased licking along the throbbing veins of my neck, her fingers pressed harder into the cloth of my under garment making me arch my back into her in helpless abandon. “Oh so you like that” her fingers started tapping over my lust engorged clit, my eyes literally rolled back in my head and a tortured moan slid from my throat “oh my you really do like that. Poor baby I know I’m a tease, I’ll make it up to you tonight I promise” she kissed me tenderly then threw her shirt over her head taking the now useless bra with it. Her free hand tangled itself in my shaggy brown hair, it was a convenient handle she used to pull my head back and exposed my soft neck to her teeth’s hungry exploration of my flesh. A jolt passed through my body when at last I felt bare hands slip into my now drenched boxers; pressure brought my attention back to my neck, her teeth were clamped down mercilessly. Sharp stabbing pain pulsed from my neck only to die away when the delicious sensation of a probing finger filled my drenched entrance, I could do little more than moan and dig my nails into her bare back.

“Angel” I breathed her name like a prayer brought on by each thrust of her finger moving inside my clinging walls, my hips moved in time with her pushing her digits deeper with every thrust. I felt my pants being pulled down to make room and I did nothing to fight away her advances, I was a slave to her desires now; my freed legs angled my hips of the bed so she would rub my clit. “Jesus I’m gonna cum” I moaned, she pulled her teeth out of my neck and kissed my passionately, in a flash my shirt was being thrown on the floor and Angel was on her knees with my head on her shoulder.

“Touch me back” she begged pulling her pants down to expose her own dripping womanhood “I want to cum with you, fuck Ska I’ve wanted this for so long. wanted you for so long. I beg you, don’t deny me” her brown eyes were full of more heat than any of my past girlfriends could ever show me, two of my fingers dug into her slit with no resistance making her moan. I decided to show her a little trick that spurred my exes to dub me The One-Handed Wonder, I twisted my wrist and bent my thumb so each thrust of my fingers stimulated her clit. Her moan caught in her throat for a few seconds before clawing its way from her, I was eternally grateful that her parents weren’t home to burst in and interrupt our late night experimentation. For a few seconds the only sounds in the room were a slight squishing noise and harsh breathing until at last I felt her walls clench around my fingers as climax tore more moans from her. My own release was not long after, so intent was I on drawing out her finish that I was prepared for her to add a second finger into my hungry flower; stars exploded behind my eyes and I was lost in the joy of orgasm.

Spent the two of us collapsed on our sides removing what little clothing separated our sweat drenched skin, our arms tangled together almost automatically and we pressed our bodies close. “Remind me to come over more often” I slurred tucking my head under her chin so I could listen to her frantically beating heart, too tired to speak she stroked my back softly in response. Sleep took us into her warm arms in only moments thanks to the hour we spent exploring the limits of our sexuality.

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