Story: Angel (all chapters)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: This is an original fiction story.

SUMMARY: How deep can love go? One shot!

RATING: Rated M (hehehehe- for security purpose)


She hated herself.

Her mother abandoned her after she was born. She grew up in the street, hiding in the darkness during the day and lurking outside to look for food at night. Her life wasn't a’s always a nightmare. Her childhood was a disaster...being called a monster or demon child?

Was it her fault that she was conceived from a demonic character? Does her appearance tell people what she is inside?

She stood 6 feet tall. Her hair is a deep raven shade, she has 2 small horns on her forehead, her eyes are very black in a very white sclera that you cannot see the pupils even if you shone a light on them. She doesn't have a tail, but she has black wings like bats. Her voice was deep, sultry...sometimes eerie.

Father Salvador was the one who saved her from hunger when she was just a baby, from then on the kind priest told her to stay inside the church so that she will not be teased or be maltreated by anyone. When she was 6 years old, a story about Father Salvador being murdered circulated around town, and in her desperate need for knowledge, she went out of the church to look for the priest...and the result was not good.

She went back to church battered, stone was cast, she was mauled, she was ridiculed and was called demon child...

The story was just a rumor...and when Father Salvador came back...the town folks insisted that the child be burn to death.

Father Salvador made her escape that night…

That was 15 years ago.


Ilouka was busy picking leftovers from nearby garbage. She grinned as she saw lots of them, most are still edible. She was doing it leisurely as she knew that no one is at site at this hour, she has not eaten for 2 days and it seems she is lucky this time.

Banging of metal cans can be heard from her place and she ignored it. There was nothing out there that could stop her from scouring her food...she could eat a live chicken if she have to. But the banging was followed by loud laughter of men, then by a female scream.

"What the-" she told herself. She may look like a demon but she cannot stand hearing one...

So in the darkness, she rose on her feet and started running stealthily, like a shadow towards the noise,

"STOP!" she screamed and her eerie, sultry voice was carried by the wind. 4 men who have cornered a woman turned their back and faced the place where they heard the eerie voice.

'It's now or never' she told herself, trying to pacify her trembling limbs. Ilouka stood straight lengthening her shadow, and then she opened her wings to its greatest span

"DEMON!!!" One of the men shouted, he pulled a gun and pointed it to where the shadow originates and pulled the trigger,

Ilouka's eyes widened, she was not trained to dodge a bullet...actually she have never seen a gun before...the sting in her right arm tells her she's been hit.

She looked at her shoulder and saw blood oozing out of her wound before she felt dizzy, but still she was able to manage to get out of her hiding place and scare the men off of the street.

The last thing she saw before she passed out was a red haired woman, her deep blue eyes wide, a look of terror in her face,

And the last thing she heard was a scream before everything turns black...


Her heart pounded, and she thought she has awakened people 5 miles from where she is...My God! Is apocalypse now? Am I seeing right? A demon before me? Have I been that bad for a demon to come after me?

A demon after me...

She stopped screaming and stood on her feet, that demon drove away the men who tried to rape her...could she be seeing this for real?

Taking a deep breath, she gathered all her courage and started walking towards the lying demon on the floor. She kept an arm's distance between them, looking around to find something to try and poke the creature, she found nothing.

And then she saw blood, pool of blood…

It is dead! And when she thought the creature is, she heard a light moan. Startled, she jerked backwards as the creature tried to sit up and open her eyes.

Meg was surprised

The creature jerked back, fear settled in her dark eyes, and due to the action the demon hit her head on the wall causing the demon to wince.

"You-your- hu-hurt!" Meg said nervously. There was no answer. "You-you’re a she!" Meg added

Ilouka stood up, her back hunched, her left hand cradled her injured right arm, "I think I am the last time I check." She said in her serious, monotonous and eerie voice. She turned her back from the woman and tried to walk away, but not after 5 seconds, she fell on her knees.

Meg was pulled out of shock and run towards the tall woman and caught her...but Ilouka have already fallen on her knees, "I'll walk you to your house, and maybe we could do something about your arms," Meg said, she was surprised that she wasn't stammering anymore.

Ilouka didn't answer.

Then Meg realized something...the woman before her smells bad, perhaps it’s because of her body secretion or she lives-

"I live in the underground sewer," Ilouka said, "Just give me 5 minutes and I'll be okay, I could go home by myself." She said freeing herself from Meg's arms

Meg wasn't sure what to do. She could just let it be, thank her then go...but her conscience cannot do just that, she owes this woman a lot...

Take her home...Yes or no?

Yes wins

"I have a medicine kit at my apartment," The red headed woman said, then swallowed hard.

The tall woman just looked at her in bewilderment, "Are you....are you inviting me to your house?" She asked. Meg just nodded her head. Then Ilouka did something funny, (So Meg thought), she smelled her body and underarms, "Even if I smell like this?" Meg smiled and nodded again

"You can take a bath in my apartment."

Ilouka grinned.

Meg helped the tall woman to her feet and they walked to her apartment 2 blocks from where they are.


The red headed woman gave the tall woman her sleep shirt. She has to rip a part on its back to accommodate the woman's wings, and she also gave her a big pajama to wear. The tall woman smelled nice once she was through, and it turn out that the blood was caused by a graze of a bullet, good thing it wasn't a direct hit...or it could have been a bigger problem.

Meg had already called and has 2 boxes of pizza be delivered in the apartment. Once Meg was done with her bath after Ilouka, the red headed woman opened the box and offered Ilouka the food.

Meg saw the tall woman's face brighten at the site of the food and she began Meg, the woman seemed to not chew her food; she seemed to just swallow them.

"Wow!" She said as Ilouka devoured 5 slices of pizza in 5 minutes "I can't even start because it’s too hot."

Ilouka was holding her 6th slice when she stopped and looked at Meg. The tall woman blushed and put down the 6th, "Sorry...I haven't eaten for 2 days and..."

"Hey its okay, I did order this much for you!" Meg said smiling before biting on her part, "Hu-hu!" Meg said after biting the hot pizza and fanning her mouth with her hand, “Anyways, my name is Meg. Megan Rice, but you can just call me Meg."

"Ilouka." she answered

"What kind of a name is Ilouka?" Meg asked, "And what is your surname?"

"I have no idea to both of your questions."


In less than 30 minutes, Ilouka have devoured a total of 12 slices of pizza. She made the loudest burp Meg has ever heard which caused the small red head to laugh.

"You could be listed in Guinness world book of record as the one with the loudest burp in the whole world!" Meg said cheerfully.

"Guinness? What is that?"

" don't know? It's a record of the first in the world, like the tallest man, the kind of a record of unusual things." Meg said smiling

"Maybe I should be listed as the most freaky in that book," she said, a touch of sadness and fear in her tone.

Meg just looked at her

"Hey, if one gets use to seeing you, you’re not a freak at all. Different maybe but freak?" Meg shook her head no.

"Well...I am a demon, what could be more freakish than being me?" She said not convinced with Meg’s dialog.

"If you’re a demon you should have just let those men rape me. You would have not helped me if you are what you say you are." Meg said in her serious, no nonsense tone.

Ilouka did not answer.

"Meg...Thank you for letting me use your bathroom, for the cloth and for the food...I better go-"

"Ha? Where will you stay? You said you stay on an underground sewer and that is no house!"

"It kept me safe and hidden,"

"You know you can hide here...I'll let you stay."


"But you have to work for it," Meg added then she took a book in her bag "Here,"

"What is this?"

"A book."

"I know how a book looks like."

"Actually that is for my post graduate study, I need to do a book report on that, but I’m so tied up with extra work, you know for food and paying bills and..."

"I don't know how to read, I did not go to school."


"I can't pay you, so I think I'll just-"

"No, no… stay, we could think of a way for you to pay me!" Meg said laughing "But I’m tired, so we have to go to sleep. Is it alright for you to sleep on my couch?"

"I could sleep on the floor."

"The couch it is!" Meg said then she stood up, "Good night Ilouka."

"Goodnight Meg, and Thank you."

An hour later…

"Ilouka," Meg called while she stood just outside her door

"Yes Meg?"

"I know what you can do for me,"


"I have night jobs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I go home at this time of night...maybe you know, just fetch me from my work on those days...I-"

"Is that all?"

"Yes...I don't want what happened earlier to happen again and…"


"You know you can use camouflage!"

"I can hide perfectly...I'll fetch you on those days."

Meg smiled "Thank you. Good night Ilouka."

"Good night Meg."

And so a friendship began...


True to her word, Ilouka started fetching Meg from her work during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In a month, Meg have not encountered any attacks from anyone specially drunkards who sprawled in the middle of the night. In return Meg started teaching Ilouka how to read and how to write, though it wasn't a full tutoring since Meg has still lots of school works to do, and Meg was delighted that her friend was easy to teach.

One Friday night as the two walked together (With Ilouka hidden in the darkness), 3 men blocked Meg's way, the men were suspicious, aside from them smelling like they have showered with alcohol, their blood shot eyes was an indication that they mean trouble.

Meg felt her body tremble with fear, an emotion that Ilouka could sense at once.

In the shadow as Ilouka watched Meg and the 3 hoodlums, she device a plan, something that will scare the men without them actually seeing her.

Meg swallowed hard, gathering all the strength and courage. She started stepping forward; the red head knew that Ilouka was there, she knew that she will come to her rescue. Closing her eyes, she secretly chants a prayer to protect her and be left by these men.

In the eyes of the three drank men, something eerie happened. While the woman was walking towards them, they saw her shadow on the ground, her shadow was not what they expected and instead saw a shadow of a demon, her wings spread out in its full length ready to grab them and bring them to hell. The men's eyes widened and their body started trembling.

“Wha-what are you?!” One of the men asked in a trembling voice as he started backing away, along with the other two

“Demon!” The other shouted. The three dropped the bottle they were holding and one dropped a knife then they hurriedly left Meg alone.

Meg who had heard the scream opened her eyes and saw them running away from her. She breathed in for air, but due to her hyperemotional state, she lost consciousness. Her falling body was caught by 2 strong arms, and she was carried to her home in the middle of the night.


She woke up with a pounding head, then she looked around and seeing that she’s already in her room, she breathed out a sigh of relief. She dangled a leg out of her bed and prepared herself to rise when the door to her room opened and Ilouka came in,

“I really have no idea how to cook, but since you fainted I assume you'll need something to eat so I made soup. For me it is good enough I’m just not sure if it is for you, but just eat this because you need something for strength.”

Meg smiled at her as Ilouka sat beside her holding the hot soup with her bare hands.

“You should have used the tray, this is hot you might get scalded,”

Ilouka just smiled at her, “I don't feel anything in my hands.” She said before placing the hot bowl on Meg’s bedside table.

Meg looked at her, and then she moved the bowl closer to her to eat. Ilouka was about to stand up to give Meg some alone time when the red head held her hand and stopped her action. Ilouka looked at Meg as the red head started inspecting her calloused hand so she remained seated and watched the red head.

The red headed woman did not said anything, she just inspected the palm of Ilouka and after sometime, she stopped and looked at Ilouka's face, “Thank you.”

Ilouka smiled

“You saved me for the second time.”

“You were brave. I've never seen a woman in the midst of peril to go on like you did.” Ilouka said, a blush creeping on her face.

Meg smiled, “I did that because I knew you were there.”

And Meg did something no one has ever done to Ilouka, not even Father Salvador. Meg embraced Ilouka and buried her face on the taller woman's chest, “Thank you.” The smaller woman mumbled

Ilouka have nothing to say, her tongue was tied as soon as Meg's body touched hers. This was the first time that a normal human being has touched her not to ridicule her or hurt her, but instead to thank her. She doesn't know how to respond to things like this, but all she knows right now was how she’s feeling, her heart was light and nothing matters to her anymore, not even her demon feature matters to her. Right now all that matter is the woman in her arms, the woman who have showed her that she could still trust human, the woman who have taught her emotions other than sadness and anger.

Without thinking, she raised her arms and returned Meg's embrace

It seemed time stood still for them while in that embrace.

Ilouka pulled away, “You have to eat,” She said as she looked at Meg's face. The red head smiled at her and pulled away then started eating her now warm soup.

“This taste good,” Meg said scooping soup after soup


“Yeah!” this brought a smile on Ilouka's face. Meg stopped scooping her soup and looked at Ilouka’s bright smile that she returned before she resumed eating her soup.


Ilouka continued fetching Meg from work, but as time goes by, she started fetching the red head every day, even on a Tuesdays and a Thursdays. Meg bought her a large coat that she could use as a camouflage during early hours of days, and with this disguise, she was able to roam around town as well, of course she never went out alone. Little by little Meg started opening the world to her; she started showing her how to to be human.

One rainy day, the two went home soaking wet, upon going inside the apartment, Meg started taking off her clothes

“Need to be out of these wet clothes before we catch cold!” She said then sneezed, “Hope I’m not too late,” She said glancing back at Ilouka who was still standing at the doorway, “What are you doing? Take off your clothes! You don't want to get sick don't you?”

Ilouka stared at her stunned; the tall woman was looking at the naked body of Meg. She has never seen anyone as beautiful as Meg; she closed her eyes as she tried chasing away ugly thoughts about Meg. This did not go unnoticed by Meg who mischievously stepped closer to the stilled woman and started unbuttoning her coat. Ilouka opened her eyes and looked down at the red headed woman who was unclasping the buttons of her cloak, she raised her hand and held Meg's wrist “What are you doing?”

Meg smiled at her, “It seems you don't want to remove these wet garments, so I’m taking the liberty to remove it!”

“I'll do it when you get in the shower-”

Meg shook her head, “That'll be too late,”

“But-” She was cut by Meg forcing her hand out of the red head’s wrist and continued unbuttoning her coat. Not one to argue with the red head, she lets her do her staff.

When the red head was finished with the coat, she unstuck the shirt and was on the notion of removing it when she was stopped by Ilouka again, “Please don't-”

Meg looked her in the eye, “Why?”

“You'll not like what you’ll see.” she answered plainly

“That's for me to say!” stubbornly she proceeded undressing the tall woman. Ilouka could do nothing but to comply.

She stopped when she finally removed the shirt, taking in what she saw. Ilouka's body was muscular, she has a well defined abdominal muscles coated with numerous but delicate hairs, living the central line clear (1). Her breasts were just the right size, the side and bottom of it was also covered with hair, her neck down to the curved of her breast was devoid of hairs leaving it clear. She stopped inspecting Ilouka’s body and looked up at the taller woman's face. There she saw a frightened look. Despite the closed eyes, her expression tells her that the woman was frightened, of what?

“You look amazing Ilouka.” She said then she let her naked body get closer to Ilouka’s naked one, then her hand started caressing the taller woman’s abdomen, “Does this tickles?”

Ilouka opened her eyes and looked at Meg, “You don't find it freakish?”

“I told you, you’re not a freak, unusual but not a freak!” Meg said in a chastising voice before she smiled at the other woman, then she let her hand roam lower as she started unbuckling Ilouka's jeans


“You are beautiful Ilouka, don't let them make you think otherwise,” Meg whispered as she finished unbuckling Ilouk'as jeans, the red head knelt down pulling the jeans with her until it was down Ilouka’s ankle. Ilouka stepped out of it, her skin flushed. Meg then stood up and held the taller woman's hand; she led the woman to the bathroom and shut the door.

The two women started showering, and then Meg asked Ilouka to turn around and started scrubbing the taller woman's back, including the semi expanded wings.

“Nobody has scrubbed my wings yet!” Ilouka said as she gargles since the water from the shower continued on pouring on them

“Do you like it?” Meg asked while scrubbing Ilouka's back


Then Ilouka felt something new

Lips were pressed lightly on her back

“I like it too.” Meg said then holding the taller woman on her shoulders, she turned the woman around to face her, then they eyed other, “I like your eyes too, and your nose and your lips especially those sharp canine there…” She said pointing to the sharp teeth, “I like your body, I like the feel of those hairs in my palms, and most of all I like this-” Meg said pointing to her chest where her heart lies


Meg did not said anything anymore as she tiptoed, brought her arms around Ilouka's neck and pulled the taller woman's head towards her, then she pressed her lips with that of Ilouka’s.

Not aware of what they were doing, Ilouka just stood there, not responding and Meg knew why. So the red head keeps on kissing the woman until she knows what to do...and in kissing, you don't need to be a genius to know how. Following Meg's example, the taller woman did kissed back, her heart pounding hard in her chest. Heat was rising from her body, especially in that part she never felt could heat up. She closed her eyes when she felt Meg's tongue flicking out, not knowing what to do, she opened her mouth to copy what Meg was doing but instead, she was surprised when Meg actually slid her tongue inside her mouth, it was another sensation for her, another pleasant sensation.

She gasped when Meg pulled away from her, but instead of stopping, the smaller woman started kissing her down her jaw line, then down to her neck. Meg's hand started roaming around her body, Meg's palm playing on her hairy abdomen. Meg smiled as she kissed the woman's neck.

“Meg what-” Her words were cut when she have to gasp as Meg's hand grab one of her breast and started massaging it “Me-meg…” The sensation have brought Ilouka into the height of her emotion, causing her wings to expand in its full length and trashing things around

This caught the two in their action

“Oopps, I think we need a bigger space!” Meg said not letting go of Ilouka, she put her arms around the taller woman's neck, “Carry me to my room?” Ilouka nodded and carried the smaller woman bridal style. While Ilouka carried Meg to the room, she let her wings wrap them around, hiding Meg inside it. Meg smiled, and then she traced Ilouka's face with her hand, touching the tips of her small horns, “Does this hurt?” Meg asked and Ilouka shook her head no.

When they reached the room, Ilouka laid Meg on the bed, not knowing if she has to follow or not, she started getting up only to be pulled by the red head. The red head pulled the taller woman on her bed, Ilouka's back on the bed and resumed kissing the woman which was returned with fervor. Her action that was halted a while ago was also resumed causing the taller woman to bite her lower lips. Meg continued on massaging Ilouka's breast, then she leaned over and put one in her mouth, this caused the taller woman to jerk, then Meg's hand started going south, taking in the softness of the hairs on the taller woman's body. Then Meg's hand came to that center, now wet with passion, she slide a finger causing the taller woman to arch to her hand.


“I need you Ilouka,” Meg whispered in her ear

The taller woman spread her legs for Meg and Meg kissed the taller woman's lips as she pushes a finger inside...


Meg lay on top of Ilouka with a satisfied look, Ilouka's wings wrapped around them, the taller woman's arms around her and one hand massaging her back. She leaned her chin on Ilouka's soft chest as she watched the taller woman eye her.

“I love looking at your eyes,” Meg said in a soft voice

“Does sex always feels like this?” Ilouka asked

“No, but making love does!”

“So what did we do?”

“Made love.” Meg answered, and then she crawled higher so she was facing Ilouka, then she dip in for another kiss.

“Make love to me again Meg?” Ilouka said seriously

The red head grinned and started once again


The next day was a bliss for both women, after sessions of making love on Meg's bed, here they are, outside the plaza looking around, holding hands, exchanging meaningful glances at each other (though Ilouka was wearing a smoke glass).

Maybe because they were too engrossed with each other that they did not noticed a man running towards them and snatching Meg's hand bag. The red head screamed in shock, this in turn made Ilouka moved. She run after the thief and in her haste, her smoke glass fell, not wanting to let the thief go she ignored Meg shouting for her to come back and leave it alone. She wanted so much to make the red head happy. She has one thing in her mind, she have to get the bag back.

Meg was startled at what happen, she suddenly felt that something bad is going to happen, she screamed at Ilouka but the tall woman did not mind her, instead she kept on chasing the thief. In desperation, Meg waved for a taxi and they followed the running people.

Before the street met its end, Ilouka accidentally hit a fence that causes her coat to rip open. And before the eyes of the many, her wings came out, and expanded in its full length

“Demon!” Shouted one woman

The others follow suit

The thief looked back once he heard the screaming people, Ilouka did not mind the people's scream as her mind was focused on getting Meg's belongings back. The thief in his startled state at what was chasing him blindly pointed his gun and pulled the trigger.

Ilouka came down on her knees. But determination let her stand again, to go on further

Another shot was heard…

It was at that time that Meg came to the scene.

2 police officers came as well jumping on the startled thief who did not resist.

People then suddenly gathered around the fallen woman, not one help out to take the bleeding woman to the hospital, they stood there watching, shock was clearly evident on their faces, then when they were satisfied with what their eyes saw, they turned their back and left the woman to bleed.

Meg pushed her way to get to Ilouka, she fell on her knees when she saw the state the tall woman was in, she held her in her arms as the woman she loved bleeds to death.

“Help us!” She shouted

But nobody moved to help; instead they retreated and hid themselves.

A single soul pitied them, the taxi driver that took Meg to the scene came to her and started lifting the tall woman, “I'll take her to the hospital.” he said

Meg who was now crying thanked the good man then they brought her inside the taxi.

“I want – to -go to church!” Ilouka said through her labored breathing

“Yes, we will, but we have to go to the hospital first,” Meg said in between sobs

Ilouka looked at the woman crying for her, “I never thought that anyone would shed tears for me,” She raised her hand and traced the woman's face, “Thank you Meg.”

“Ilouka please-”

“The church is just at the right of the circle…” Ilouka said in a much weakened voice


“Tired, I am tired…” Ilouka said then smiling at Meg

Meg knew this could be the last time she'll see those smile, those eyes she wanted to see every day. Crying, she leaned over and kissed the woman's lips, “Let's head to the church…” Meg told the good hearted driver

The driver nodded and heads to the church.


Ilouka died in Meg's arm while Father Salvador gave her the last rite.

“It is sad to think that most humans judge through their appearances and not their heart, when the real beauty is that one you cannot see. I have seen the real beauty, I have even felt it.” Meg said as she closed the lid of Ilouka's casket “I love you Ilouka, you will always be my angel.”

As teardrop fell on the casket, the men started putting it in the hole they made. Meg and Father Salvador, the only two people who have cared and loved Ilouka despite of her appearance throws their flowers on it

“You will always be remembered.”


(1) Linea Alba

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