Story: Ribbons and Rabbits (chapter 8)

Authors: LolitaDoll

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Chapter 8

Title: The Bridge

[Author's notes:

So it's almost been a year since I've updated...I'm sooooo sorry. I have very little time since I'm a student with a lot on her plate. <3 enjoy this chapter


A big thank you to my reviewers.
I take your construcive criticism and try to apply it to my writing!



A letter.
A love letter from exchanged between my parents.
A letter filled with such tenderness.
My mother's words scrawled across the parchment.
How it must have filled my scrict Father's heart!

I read more and more letters from the box Gita gave me.

My parents were so deep in love.
My Father and Mother loved eachother!

Of all the news I could have recieved in this world, This was truly the best.

The last letter made my hands quiver.
Tears formed in my eyes.

 "Hey Kahnna..." A familiar honey voice said.
Gita smiled but it wasn't her usual genuine smile. If there was one thing I now knew well about Gita was that her facial expression said it all. She felt guilty she hadn't shared this with me.
The guilt was plain across her face.
I wasn't angry. In fact, I understood why she may have waited to inform me of this.
Gita knew me. She know I may not have reacted positively in the beginning of our friendship...Friendship, would that be all that lived between us?

"Hey Gita." I replied with a smile to reassure her I wasn't angry.
"They're beautiful letters no?" Gita asked sitting down next to me.
"Beyond that. Now I know my Father truly loved her. And mother loved me. Now I can make my decisions.." I said holding the last letter close to my heart.
Gita looked up at me with confused eyes. Decisions?"
I nodded.
"I'm going to find my mother...I need to think things over. I'm retiring to my room."

Spending time alone can be a daunting and scary thing.

Your mind collects thoughts you'd rather not listen to,

Making the decision of going to Germany to find my other was a lovely thought....
But in reality it was only just a thought.

Making it a true reality would be easier said than done.

Getting there wasn't the only obstacle.
I was a problem as well.
Would Ameria even like the person I am?

How could you like, let alone love, someone who quesitons her own humanity?

I was a constant ticking clock ready to sound my alarm at any moment. I felt like this monster ready to burst with anger and sadness.

The anger from the abuise.
Antionette for never caring for me truly. For her snarky and sneer comments that she bombarded me with since I was a small girl.
Louis for the kissing, touching, and penetration filled with true venom.

The sadness from neglect.
This came soley from Father.
Father never hears my voice. He never once asked what my heart felt in regards to anything. He never, ever told me about my real mother. And he surely never told me he loved her so much.

Looking at my hands, my small and frail hands, I pondered.
What would it take to cross the bridge that lay between my true heart and my personal demons?
The demons forever attacked the bridge. They obsessively try to burn it and cut all ties from my emotion.

That is why I run from Gita.
It must be.
But I was done with running from her.
It was time to run to her.

I stood outside of Gita's door.
I knock once and she opens up immediately.
She gave me her honey smile. My body felt warm with that sensation of true admiration.

"I thought you were never coming out of that room love." Gita embraced me and giggled.
I wrapped my arms around her small frame.
She was wearing a thin silk nightgown. I'd never noticed how small Gita in actuality was. I was always around her and I had seen...many...sides of her, but never had I realized how tiny her body was. I realized at that moment that we never held eachother like this before.

"Please, do come inside." She said taking my hand and leading me into her domain.

She pulled me onto her bed and continued comforting me with her smile.
"What did you think about Kahnna?" She asked. I stared at her. I noticed at that moment the way she said my name. When she spoke it, it was like it was the most beautiful sound in the world. And it wasn't just how she said it, but also the way it flowed from her lips. Her lips parted ever so delicately, taking great care to deliver the sound oh so perfectly.

I looked up at her.
"What's wrong with me Gita?"
I said trembling. I crumbled into her wrapping my arms around her midrift.
"Your heart's too big and You're scared. But you needn't be. I'm going to help you."
I shook my head.
"You've helped me enough. You've been at the end of the bridge waiting for me." I whispered.
"What do you mean Kahnna?" She asked stroking the small of my back with her delicate finger tips.
I sat up and looked into her eyes.
"Gita..."I said. The sound of her name alone made my heart pound.
"What is it Kahnna? Say what you must. No more hot and cold."
I caressed her face.
"Thank you. If I had never met you, I'd never of found myself. I would never have seen those letters. But most importantly.."I kissed her cheek lightly and sweet.
"..I never would have found real love."

Before I knew it, Gita's silk nightgown lay on the floor next to mine.
Gita was above me.
It was like looking up at an angel. The most beautiful and the purest of all angels.

Her hands linked with mine as she tenderly kissed my neck. Her staggering breath created a syncopated rhythem with mine, as well as our own heart beats. I lifted my head to let our lips meet.
She tasted like I thought she would, like sweet and sticky honey.
I let my hands roam her gorgeous frame.
Her soft, heaving breasts felt like a treasure in my hands. Soft moans escaped from her trembling mouth.
Her fingers met my folds, my fingers met hers.
This was the first time I felt something new, beautiful, and exciting all in one moment. Stimultaniously our fingers caressed the other\'s area. She was damp from the pleasure I was giving her. This made me yearn to give her more.
"Kah-ha-nna..."She groaned.
"Mmms" and "Aaahs" escaped from our lips as we continued exploring eachother. We were on the most erotically stunning journey ever...
"Gita..." I whispered.
"Yes?" She breathed.
"I love you..." All movement ceased. Slowly Gita kissed me.
"I know it. And how I love you Kahnna Renior. Now..." She started to move herself to face my folds head on.
"Feel my love..."


[End notes:

That's it for this chapter!

sorry it's taken so long!


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