Story: Ribbons and Rabbits (chapter 3)

Authors: LolitaDoll

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Chapter 3

Title: A change of Schedual

[Author's notes: Small encounters]

Dinner wasnt quiet like it should have been, that it was not.
Father and the Professor were conversating about "old times".
Antionette showered Gita in compliments about her beautiful blonde hair. Antionette was a blonde herself...she didnt see many like herself.
Even Louis's eyes made noise. They were saying " can I fuck her now?" or maybe something like "Is the girl really staying here? maybe she's a good fuck."...

Gita, even when being drenched in the cascade of praise, spoke not a word.
She and I seemed to have that in common. We were both women of little words.

However even with this in common, I still felt the tension between us both.


It was so thick you could slice it with a knife.

Claire took Gita on a small tour of the manour.


I took this opportunity to take a listen to my father and the Professor's conversation. I made sure first, Antionette had turned in for the night, and Louis was no where in site.


I stood outside father's study and listened in on the conversation.

"Gita..she's troubled you see.." The professor said.
"Whatever do you mean Adam? I understand she may not get along with her peers, but she isnt a "case" is she?" Father replied...chucking when saying "case".

"Dear friend...I only wish she wasnt. You see, she had a very traumatising experience at such a young age. I told you of how my son and his wife were murdered?" The professor said solemnly.


"Yes..Yes I do. Such a terrible tragedy."

Tragedy? I thought. What happened to that girl?



I dont know why I had stopped listening to their conversation that I didnt.
But Something in my gut made me go to my room and stay there the rest of the night..

Maybe the words of "some things are better left unsaid" applied at that very moment.


I didnt feel like going along with my ending of the day.
It seemed as though my routine for the day was all disfunctional.


I didnt even feel like playing my violin tonight.
Something wasnt right.
And Gita was at the very centre of it...the very centre.

A knock came at my door.


"Who is it?" I asked looking at the door.

"Professor Ivory's leaving miss, Your father would like you to come down and say goodnight as well." Claire said.

I obliged.


"Thank you for taking Gita for the time being old friend." The professor said to father. "Not at all. She's more than welcome." Father said giving the professor a brief handshake.
Gita approached the professor with desperation in her eyes. She didnt want him to abandon her here. I dont blame her....
"Please behave yourself my sweet Gita. He's a nice man and this family is one of a kind." He said.
"That it is.." I mumbled under my breath.
"Kahnna?" father said.
"Nothing sir. Have a wonderful trip Professor. Dont worry about Gita." I said. Though, what i really wanted to say was "take her and run" But of course I didnt.

The professor left the manour and a distressed Gita.


The time was now half past one.


I lay awake in my canopy bed. Staring at the ivory lace, feeling the smooth silk, and scrunching my toes in the satin.
I almost went along accordingly to my schedual, yet I seemed to resist.


I looked at the canaries. They were silent. I looked at my rabbit. It was silent. I looked at the violin. It too was silent.


What wasnt silent were the questions in my head. Why is she 'troubled', where is she from, how long has she lived with her grandfather? I felt nervous for some reason. Strangely and unexplainably nervous.


There was a knock at my door once again...


"Y-yes?" I said and then cleared my throat.


"May I come in?" A honey voice sounded. Gita.
"....Come in.."

She entered.
She smiled.
She said, "Let's engage in an exchange of words."

I looked at her as if she were daft. "alright?" I responded sitting up.


She sat in a chair across the room. The chair the rabbit sat raggedy in.
"I'm sorry to barge in like this...But I feel like we havent been properly introduced. My name is Gita Ala Dahlia Ivory. My Full name anyhow. I feel like such an imposer here..."


I looked at her. "No such thing. You're fine. You can just call me Kahnna." I moved a little feeling uncomfortable, and not from the bed...


"You're not quite a talker no?" she asked with a small giggle.


"I believe less is more." I replied.


"Oh I see." she giggled...amused. Was she thinking illfully of me?


"May I ask a question Gita?" I asked hesitantly.
Gita looked at my rabbit. She gently picked it up, caring not to mess up the seams.


"I suppose..." She said with a sly smile. This girl was shisty.
"Why exactly did you not get along with your roommate?"
She started to play with the ears.
"She was nosy." She looked at me with a hard face.
"uh....oh well I see..." I think she was saying something to me.
She was only putting it in a different context.


What she was really saying was "Shut up you sneaky brown noser. Get out of my business."


Or rather, I thought so until she giggled again.
"Im kidding of course. Dont look so frightened Kahnna." She said.
I felt my face get hot.


I've learned one thing about today...

I do not like Gita Ala Dahlia Ivory

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