Story: Ribbons and Rabbits (chapter 2)

Authors: LolitaDoll

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Chapter 2

Title: Gita ala Dahlia

[Author's notes:

One of the sadder chapters. I'm really sorry its slow at the beginning...but I do not believe in rushing the plot. I want to give it time to unfold and be a good story. I only have two of which was just me commenting my sister's c'mon guys! read and review!



Claire Brought in my breakfest like usual. She placed it on my burea`like usual. And I got angry she didnt put it on my nightstand like usual. I really hated that governess sometimes. I took my breakfest to the terrace and sipped my chamomele tea. I Looked into our courtyard and saw a limousine pull up to our front gates. Another suitor I'm sure I thought. A man did slip out of the car...but someone else did too. It looked like a gi- "Kahnna?" Louis said from outside of my door.


My stomach turned. "c-coming." I said. This wasnt too it still makes me nausious. Louis does this every so often. He'll come into my room and take advantage of me.


Louis is not my blood brother. He's Antionette's son from a previous marriage. He's older than me by five years. I shouldnt even exist. My father and Antionette Have been married ninteen years. However when the time came for my father to have children and pass on blood, she was infertile. That's where she comes in.


Ameria Jeanantria Rose Steigerwale...My Father's mistress, my mother.


My mother was the most beautiful woman in Germany. She was brought here to Briphonia to assist my father. Which of course was successful because here I am. But as soon as I was born they forced her home to germany. I never knew her, that I didnt. I'm very certain I never wil. My father never speaks of her and I do not think it is because of Antionette. Something happened...something ba-


 "Hello? Shall we get a move on? We dont have much time this morning."


Louis was getting impatient. I tend to do that though, go into another place as he enters my room with cruel intentions. All I can do is nod and oblige this act of impurity. I slipped my nightgown off without a word. My bare body faced him and without hesitation he shed his clothing as well.





It doesnt take him long to get off. He's in and out all in a matter of ten..sometimes fifteen minutes. Then he leaves me alone to be ashamed of myself. Most girls would cry about it. Most girls would be sick to there stomach. But of course I am not most girls.


Once he's gone I put on my black dress and tie a ribbon in my hair. I stare at myself in my full body mirror.


My father has Claire get me from my room and bring me down for afternoon tea. I think about this morning. I think about the limo with the old man and who what I thought looked like a girl. Who were these two guests?


I come downstairs and head to my father's study.


It was just as I had thought.


A young woman sat in an armchair across the room.
She had blonde hair that waved down to her back. Her eyes were a brilliant amber colour. She was holding a parasol by her side and smiled warmly at me. I cocked a brow. I think her smile was genuine...


"Kahnna, This My old and good friend Professor Ivory and his granddaughter Gita." Father said.
I curtsied and offered the professor my hand. He gave me a strange look. My father laughed. "No darling, he's not here to pursue you." Embarassed for the first time in awhile, I drew back my hand. The professor smiled and nodded to me. I took a seat next to my father and Claire brought in cinnamon and chai tea.


"Now professor I understand you've been worried for Gita's welfare?" Father said. I looked back over towards the girl who just sat quietly sipping her tea. "Yes. I had her enrolled in a private academy, but she cant seem to work well with a class and apparently she didnt get along well with her roommate..." My father nods.

"This simply wont do since I'm going to teach abroad. I havent anyone to watch over my Gita." Gita was looking at me. Her eyes felt like stones hitting me. I was afraid to look into them.

"I see...Well perhaps we can look after her for you. She and Kahnna are the same age. I'm sure they will get along. What do you ladies think?"
Father looked at me. The professor looked at Gita. Gita and I looked at eachother. There was some sort of silent agreement between the two of us. I knew Gita did not like me, and I cannot say I'm fond of her that I cannot. But We decided within our eyes we'd agree.

Though neither of us can name why.


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