Story: Complete (chapter 1)

Authors: angelronin

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Chapter 1

Author’s Note: This pairing usually I don’t wrote about but I trying different and since I finish this little story over three months ago. Enjoy Midori/Youko shippers

Disclaimer: The characters of Midori and Youko I don’t claim ownership but Sunrise does.

One Saturday night, Youko force to watch several different DVDs range from anime to Sentai shows with her red-hair lover Midori. She want go to restaurant and eat the finest food but Midori insist watching shows from her childhood.

She suffer through the special effects laden episodes and seeing Midori cheering on her favorite heroes pulling off impossible victory against the villains.

Youko hopes Midori would act her age and stop pretending be seventeen. Witness her girlfriend’s happiness when the heroes’ mecha combine into huge one and fighting against monster of the week. She wonders what cause her to fall for the enthusiastic ex-HiME.

Since they met at college over a few years ago, Midori drag Youko into one adventure to another. Youko was chuckling at the memories. They’re both opposites of other. Midori is very passion, have strong sense of justice and fairness. Youko is very logical, down-to-earth; Midori is her Yin to Youko’s Yang.

She has a genuine smile when sentai team pulls their big finisher against the monster. Midori is starting jumping up and down showing her fannish devotion.

Youko still don’t understand Midori but she the one brought excitement to her life and she very appreciate of it.

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