Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 9)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 8: The Ap-Dat Village- After Breakup

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]

As Suki and her lover disappeared, Nanyo sighs sadly, reaching into one
of her pouches and pulling out a cotton swab, running it over her
breasts and trying to stop the bleeding from earlier, her jeans still
dripping wet.

"Suki-chan... why?" states Kim lowly as she sits on the ground still

Once she stops her bleeding, Nanyo tosses the cotton swab aside and
bends down to hug Kim, saying, "I'm so sorry, Kim... I should have let
you in on what I knew... I had
sensed Suki would be coming to a decision in her life, but I didn't
want to believe it... I'm so sorry, Kim..." Her own tears fall onto
Kim's head as she just holds Kim in her arms.

"But why couldn't She just stay with both me and Miho? What happened to
make her suddenly choose one or the other?" asks Kim looking up to
Nanyo's face.

Nanyo sighs, "It was that bastard Jakashi... He has tormented Sashi all
her life and now... his hatred of the Oln'tyl has deeply wounded Suki,
too... His little princess and he hurt her... I can't believe he's such
an evil man..."

"Jakashi's the reason behind this?" Kim's question is slightly laced
with anger.

Nanyo sighs, "Partially, yeah... He has preconceived notions about life
and the way people are supposed to act and it doesn't really correlate
with most other Ap-Dat people..."

"That Son-of-a bi*ch! He'll pay for this!" exclaims Kim as she quickly
gets to her feet and makes for the building they left from.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow and follows Kim inside. Inside the building,
there is no one. There is no sign of life or anyone inside.

"JAKASHI! Where the hell are you!" exclaims Kim .

There is no answer. Nanyo scratches her head, "Damn it... where did
that bastard go?!"

Kim turns her back to Nanyo and suddenly, a white aura starts to
emanate from Kim's body. "Because of Jakashi, Suki-chan left me. I'll
never forgive him for this."

Nanyo sighs, "I know how you feel, Kim... but killing me won't solve
your problems... we will have to try to find Jakashi..."

"its not you I'm going to murder Nanyo." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Then, we need to think about this... We must locate
Jakashi... then we need to hold him down and bring Suki and Sashi
back... they're the ones who need to confront him..."

Kim quickly turns around and her eyes have turned completely white.
"NO! I am going to kill him, no one else."

Nanyo grabs Kim's shoulders, holding her down, "NO, Kim... This is a
family matter... we MUST let Suki and Sashi handle this... If we
interfere, then we will be destroying their whole family and by not
allowing Suki and Sashi to settle their past, we may inadvertently do
irreparable harm to both of them..."

"I don't care! Jakashi must die for what he did!" exclaims Kim.

"He WILL die... but it cannot be by our hands alone... Suki and Sashi
MUST have the chance to end their suffering once and for all..."

"I'll end it for them." replies Kim.

Nanyo, whispering, "I'm sorry, Kim... I hate to do this... but it seems
I have no choice..." She pulls a small bomb out of her pouch and tears
it open in front of Kim, spraying some fine dust into her eyes,
blinding her and causing tears of pain to spill out.

"Ah!" Kim brings her hands up to try and rub the dust from her eyes.

Nanyo moves behind Kim and wraps her arms around Kim's arms, pinning
them to her sides and holding her still as she tries to talk Kim down
by reminding her that this is not who she really is and that it is
destiny for Suki and Sashi to confront their father.

Kim begins squirm in Nanyo's hands. "Let me go!"

Nanyo holds tight, still trying to talk her down, "Kim, even if you do
kill Jakashi, how do you think that'll make Suki feel?! She loves her
father! Would you hurt her just to pacify your broken heart?"

Kim immediately stops struggling and her head lowers as she starts to
cry again. "But why did this have to happen! I did nothing wrong."

Nanyo sighs, "No, it's wasn't your fault... you didn't do anything
wrong... it was Suki's decision... she had to chose one of you... and
she chose the one person she loved the most... It hurts me too, to
think that Nisu doesn't love me either... but... I want to make her
happy no matter what... It's horrible, I know... but there's nothing we
can do about it..." A tear drops on Kim's head, coming from Nanyo's

Kim's legs basically give out from under her and she falls to the floor
and begins to cry.

Nanyo just holds her, rubbing her back gently, trying to comfort her by
just being there. Her jeans squish slightly as she moves down with Kim,
but she ignores it.

Kim cries just one word, "Why?" repeatedly.

Nanyo repeats, "It was her decision, Kim.... her decision..."

"But I just can't accept it. I don't want her to leave me." replies

Nanyo sniffs, "I didn't want her to leave me too... but you can't
change her mind... I couldn't... and she loved me for years..."

"Oh no..." states Kim Lowly.

"Hmm?" asks Nanyo, slightly confused.

"I just now realized, I don't have any pants or underwear on." replies
Kim blushing a bit.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- Lifted Spirits

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