Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 8)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 7: The Ap-Dat Village- The Breakup

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.]


Just then, inside the bunker, Nanyo suddenly sits up, a tear running
down her cheek, her jeans still soaked in her urine.

She gasps, "It's happened..." She gets to her feet and rummages through
a pouch on her belt, pulling out a capsule and extracting a freeze-
dried sweater, exactly like her other one and slips it on, quickly
leaving the room.

"Hey! What happened?!" states Kim quickly following Nanyo out, not
realizing she has no panties on.

Nanyo reaches the front entrance and steps outside, her breast still
bleeding slightly. She stops Kim at the entrance and whispers, "Ssh!"
She rolls out a small ball that stops at Suki's feet as the small girl
steps close to the older one to hug her, whispering, "Oh, Misu... I...
I do love you so much..." These words are broadcast clearly to Nanyo
and Kim, the former barely stifling a soft sob.

Kim hears Nanyo's low sob and places her right hand on her left
shoulder from behind her. "What's wrong?"

Nanyo sighs and her shoulders slump as she sits down on the ground. She
pulls Kim down with her and says, "It's too late for us, Kim... Nisu
has just confessed her love for that other girl... I could always sense
her devotion, but I didn't realize the strength of her feelings... I'm
afraid, Kim, that any hopes of an Onl'tyl between the three of us is

Suki hugs her friend, asking, "Are you going to stay with me forever,
Misu?" She looks up at her, her violet eyes shining with hope.

"I'll answer with a question. What reason do I have not to, Suki?" the
girl questions, smiling, hoping that Suki will pick up the fact that
she is responding positively.

Suki smiles, and whispers, blushing shyly, "Then hold me, Misu... hold
me and never let me go..." Nanyo suddenly lets out a loud cry, "NISU!
NO!" She jumps to her feet and runs out, tears streaming past her. She
grabbed Suki and shakes her, crying, "NISU! NO! Don't do this! You
remember our promise, don't you?! It's me, your Nan'chi! Remember our
deal?! Remember how we swore to explore the world together?! GOD, Nisu!
Don't do this to me!" She sobs freely.

Kim runs next to the three, still oblivious to her lack of clothing on
the lower half of her body. "Suki, what is she talking about? Nanyo's
saying stuff like the Onl'tyl between us is over..."

The girl looks to Kim, also oblivious. She becomes slightly afraid of
what Kim may do in reaction to what has just happened. She says

Suki held Nanyo's sobbing form in her arms as Nanyo collapses into a
heap on the ground. She whispers, "Nan'chi... I... I'm so sorry... I do
love you, too... you and Kimmie... but... I love Misu more... I.. I'm
so sorry... I could only choose one... Nanyo, I'll always remember our
childhood together.. Kimmie, I'll always remember you and your darling
sister, Becky... who I hope will take care of Sashi for me... but I
cannot be part of an Oln'tyl anymore... I... I just can't... I'm so
sorry..." Nanyo screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and just continues to
sob on the ground.

Kim looks shocked and begins to tear up. "W-What are you saying!? Your
leaving me!?"

Suki's friend says nothing. She feels her words are not important at
the moment.

Suki hugs Kim and says, "I'm so sorry, Kimmie... I... I have no
choice... My heart says one thing, and you say another... I just can't
fight my feelings any more... I'm sorry..." She kisses Kim on the
cheek, then turns to Miho and, with tears running down her cheek, says,
"This woman... is the only one that I could love now... It's more than
just Desperation-play, Kimmie... Nanyo... there's something more
intangible about what I feel... Miho, you are the only one that has
that something... Nanyo... I left you in the past... Kimmie... I.. I
just can't be with you... I'm sorry..."

"No....NO! This can't be happening!" Kim drops to her knees and holds
her head in her hands as she starts crying uncontrollably. "This has to
be a bad dream! It has to be!"

Suki turns away from Kim and says to her friend, "Misu... I have to
go... do you want to take me with you? I... I can't stay here..." She
looks back at Nanyo, who had stood up, tears still rolling down her
cheeks, but no longer seems too upset. She asks, "Nan'chi... can you
take care of Sashi for me? I... I can't stay here... too many bad
memories... my father's hatred... Sashi's anger... I... I just can't
stay..." She floats into the air, calling, "Misu, will you come with
me?" She starts hovering off toward the city gates. Nanyo sniffs once
and nods, "Okay, Nisu... I will... just... promise me one thing...
Don't ever forget about me, Nisu... 'cause I sure won't..."

Suki's lover takes a good look at Kim and Nanyo, hoping that it will
not be her last. She then turns, and begins to follow Suki.

"Suki-chan, don't leave me." states Kim lowly as tears stream her face.

There is no response from Suki, except a telepathic message, stating,
"I'm sooooooo sorry, Kimmie... "

"Suki-chan..." thinks Kim.

The girl looks to Suki, and begins to speak once more. "Do you really
believe that this was she best choice? They seem VERY hurt..." She
states, frowning.

Suki keeps her back to her, though she sniffles LOUDLY, "I... I hope
so... my father... damn him.... I ... I didn't realize how horrible he

Nanyo bends down to Kim and holds her, whispering softly, "Kim... I'm
so sorry... Nisu... she never really learned how to tell people she was
leaving them... so just... try to excuse her ineptness... she really
loves us... it's just... she's really upset right now... that father of
hers... " She sighs.

Kim says nothing, she simply continues to cry.

At the gates to the town, Suki suddenly collapses to her knees. She
sniffles and rubs her eyes.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- After Breakup

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