Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 76)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 76

Title: EXTRA: It Starts Here

[Author's notes:

explains how Alice became the domitive person in her and Becky's relationship


Like the previous fic, this one occurs between the two seasons


“Anna, are you sure you wanna do this?” asked Alice nervously.

Both Becky and Alice were currently in the formers room, Becky sitting on the right of her bed nude and facing Alice, who was also nude as well.

“Yeah, I’m sure, I told you before, I like pain, it’s ok.” Replied Becky smiling.

“”but still, I love you and I don’t want to cause you pain.”

Becky quickly giggled for a moment, but apologized.

“Sorry, but that’s really sweet of you to say that. I love you too, but I’m asking you to hurt me.”

“But...” replies Alice looking to the floor now.

Becky smiled for a moment before stating, “Hey, I haven’t told you what got me into liking pain have I?”


“Wanna know?”


“Ok, first off, come sit next to me.”

Alice quietly did so and Becky placed her left hand over Alice’s right hand and looked at her smiling.

“I was raped.”

“!” Alice gasped in horror at this as her eyes quickly began to overflow with tears, before almost pained to ask, “W-Was, it... your first?”

Becky just continued to smile at Alice.

“I-It was, wasn’t it?” asked Alice crying fully now but quickly getting upset.

“Alice, calm down.” Replies Becky squeezing Alice’s hand.

“No! Someone raped you for your first time? Who was it!? I’ll kill’em!”

“Alice, you won’t kill anyone.”

“Who was it!? Tell me!”

“Alice, listen to me, your too worked up right now.”

“Anna why!?”

Becky smiled and calmly wrapped her arms around Alice’s head and pulled her to her chest and held her there as she cried.

“Alice, After I was raped, about a day later I was thinking back on the event. Now, I won’t lie, after my rape, I was like any other rapee, I was angry, sad and even depressed for a little while. But one thing that I felt that didn’t go along with the usual emotions was arousal...”

Alice sniffed once before, “Huh?” as she looked up at Becky.

Becky smiled as she looked at Alice, “that was my response too. I thought I was sick for being aroused at being raped. Heh, even K-then person who raped me was surprised when I told them I actually liked it.”

“Y-You liked it?” asked Alice shocked.

“At the time of my rape, no, but from that point on, I like being hurt, badly even. Basically being raped turned me into a masochist.”

“I see... so, you happy that you were raped?”

“Yep, so you shouldn’t be mad or sad, I’m not.” Replies Becky smiling.

After a moment, a smile returned to Alice’s face.

“Your amazing Anna.”

“huh? I am?”

“you turned what’s usually a horrible thing, into something you like.”

“That makes me amazing?”

“To me it does.”

So, how about doing what I asked now?”

“Um, I have one question.”


“You said the person who raped you was surprised about you liking it, who was it?”


“Mom!?” gasped Alice.”

“But back then, Kimmie was being controlled against her will, so it wasn’t really her, but it’s all been fixed and worked out.”

“Oh, well that’s a relief.”

“So...” replies Becky smiling.

“Anna, I’m still worried about actually hurting you.”

“Hmm, get up and go get one of my belts in my closet.”

Alice did so, getting a black solid belt and returning to standing in front of Becky.

“Now bend it in half and hit me.” States Becky closing her eyes.


“Don’t think, just hit me, anywhere.”

Alice groaned before lifting the belt in her right hand a bit and struck Becky’s left shoulder laughably.

Becky sighed and replied, “That was pitiful, hit me harder.”

“But Anna.”

Becky figured Alice was gonna need a push and stated, “hit me, or I’ll find someone else who will.”

“you wouldn’t!” gasped Alice tearing up again.

“Your obviously too weak, maybe I should find someone better.”

This statement angered Alice.

“You’ll do no such thing!” yelled Alice before quickly striking Becky in the face with the belt.

Becky gasped in pain and shock at where she was struck as she lay on her right side holding the side of her face. Alice though, was in shock that she hit Becky and dropped the belt.

“Anna I’m so sorry!”

Becky though quickly sat back up, rubbing the side of her face.

“Don’t be, that’s exactly what I want you to do, but not quite as hard, not yet anyway.”

“B-But, your hurting.”

“And it feels good too. Didn’t it feel good to hit me?”


“It did, didn’t it?” asks Becky reaching down and picking up the belt and giving it to Alice.

Becky then changed her position on the bed to on her hands and knees, her smooth rear facing Alice.

“You just got a taste of it, get another, come on.” States Becky waving her rear teasingly.

“Alice couldn’t deny it did feel good when she hit Becky.

“I-It did feel good...”

“I know it did, now spank me. I’ve been a bad girl haven’t I?”

Alice smiled shyly and replied, “Yeah, you tricked me into hitting you, your really bad.”

Alice applied a quick painful strike to Becky’s rear with a gasp from her.

Ohh, again.”

Your not allowed to talk.” States Alice smiling.

“Why not?” Asked Becky in a submissive tone.

Alice quickly struck Becky’s rear hard, releasing a pained gasp from her. But Alice quickly whispered, “This is o right?”

“Yeah, the further you go, the better.” Replied Becky.

“OK.” Whispered Alice smiling before resuming.

“I said not to talk!” ordered Alice.

“I’m sorry.”

Alice struck Becky’s reddening rear again, rather hard, she was getting into it now. Becky yelped in pain as she cringed from the hit. Becky’s reaction though still had a worried effect on Alice as she leaned close to her and whispered.

“Anna, I’m sorry, but can we have a safe word? I’d feel better.”

“Sure, it’s strawberry.” Whispered back Becky.

“Thank you...”

Alice returned to her previous position smiling before quickly getting back into ‘character’.

“I said NO TALKING! Are you hard of hearing!?” stated Alice roughly as she struck Becky’s rear again.

Becky now just shook her head ‘No’.”

“Good, from now on, you are to call me... Mistress Alice, understand, slave?” smiled Alice fighting back a laugh.

Becky nodded once.

“Good, now get off the bed and bow to me.” Ordered Alice.

Becky promptly removed herself from the bed an as she faced Alice for a moment, winked at her, whom shocked her as she immediately struck her in the face with the belt again, dropping her to the floor with a shocked cry of pain.

Alice only looked at Becky worriedly for a moment before resuming her role.

“You are a slave, don’t you dare repeat that action again, or I’ll beat the piss out of you!”

Becky then began to think, ‘This is great! She’s really getting into it, if she keeps this up I might-‘

Becky’s thought was quickly interrupted as she felt herself struck In the face again, bringing her completely to the floor (lying on it).

“I’m speaking to you slave! Bow to me!” commanded Alice.

Becky quickly recovered from the shook and promptly got to her knee’s infront of Alice and bowed it her. Alice soon frowned at Becky and kicked her aside and positioned her right foot to Becky’s face.

“Lick my feet slave.”

Becky cupped Alice’s foot in her hands and received a stinging strike to her lower back, with a cringe of pain from her.

“I didn’t say touch my foot! Lick it!” ordered Alice.

Becky correctly began doing so, as Alice looked at her loved doing such a lowly act, she thought, ‘Anna, do you really enjoy this, being beaten and degraded like this? ... Wait, I know how I can find out...”

“Stand up slave.”

Becky stopped her licking and did so, and Alice looked down to Becky’s shaven crotch and to her surprise, Becky was wetter than she ever saw before.

Alice quickly swipe up a handful of Becky’s juices with a pleasured gasp from her and held it to Becky’s face.

“What’s the meaning of this? How dare you become aroused in my presence!”

“M-Mistress Alice-“

“Silence!” exclaimed Alice backhanding the belt to Becky’s face, dropping her to the floor once again. “You shall be punished severely for this.”


“Get up and lay on the bed, on your stomach.”

Becky obediently did so, once she was still, Alice applied a hard hit to Becky’s rear, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Did you like that? I bet you did you dirty slave... well did you?”

Alice quickly hit Becky’s rear again.

“Answer me!”

“Y-yes!” replied Becky quickly.

“Yes what slave?”

“I like it, please, hit me again.”

“I’ll hit you when I feel like it, unless...” states Alice before smiling. “Beg slave, beg for the pain you desire so much.”

“Please, Mistress Alice, hit me, hurt me please. Make me cry.”

“Cry huh?” I think I will...”

Alice then proceeded to lay into Becky’s rear with the belt, giving her a series of slow, but very hard hits, causing Becky to cry out in pain at each one. About four hits in, Becky began genuinely crying.

Alice really started getting into it after the fifth hit, evident by her smiling, she heard Becky’s crying but could stop herself, she was actually having fun.

Becky though was loving every pained second of it, her butt being tenderized by Alice’s rage-like whipping. Becky realized Alice had lost herself in the moment and nothing short of the safe word would stop her.

From the high that the now dulling pain was giving her, Becky didn’t even care that she had begun peeing into the bed, a yellow stain quickly forming between her spread legs. By the twentieth hit, Becky’s face was buried into her pillow, not from the pain though, her rear begun to get numb to it and each hit now brought a wave of euphoria with it that pleasured Her like nothing else as she cried hard into the pillow.

After thirty punishing hits, Alice finally stopped from fatigue as she bent over on her knees catching her breathe. When she looked up to see the damage to Becky’s butt, She was nearly horrified. Becky’s rear was so abnormally red it looked like an egg could be fried on it.

“Ohhh... Anna, why didn’t you say the safe word? Your butt look horrible...”

Alice saw that Becky’s face was still buried in her pillow and she was groaning hard.

“Anna, are you ok?”

Alice reached out to Becky’s right cheek of her butt and very gently placed her hand on the red, very tender flesh. Immediately, Becky raised her head screaming and Alice instantly removed her hand.

“Anna I’m sorry!” stated Alice worriedly.

But Alice Quickly noticed something strange, Becky’s body was trembling vigorously and ridged and her scream seemed to be a... pleasurable one.

“Anna?” stated Alice in a ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ tone.

Alice quickly looked between Becky’s legs and to her amazement, saw that Becky was orgasming, evident by the large cum puddle growing between her legs that had a yellow hue. From the small rapid bubbles near Becky’s pussy lips, Alice deemed that Becky was having a very long ejaculation, seeing the size of her cum puddle and her scream started about ten seconds ago.

After a total of fifteen seconds, Becky stopped screaming and her head returned to the pillow, but Alice saw the bubble continue to form in the puddle before stuttering to a stop a few seconds later and the cum puddle retreating into the bed, like any other fluid, leaving Becky completely drain for the moment as her body continued to tremble beyond her control.

“Wow... Anna... did you, just squirt for over ten seconds non-stop?”


“Sorry, you must be so drained right now, I’ll give you a few minutes rest. Oh, I know, I’ll go get something to put on your butt, if not treated, the skin could get thick and rough.”

Alice headed out of Becky’s room, Since no one else was here at the moment, Alice didn’t worry about being seen nude. So she headed to the bathroom and opened a cabinet looking for something she could use on Becky’s butt. After scanning over a few bottle, one caught her attention, it was a small black spray bottle called, Afterplay: Whips. Intrigued, Alice took the bottle from the shelf to examine it more closely, read the descriptive wording at the bottom.

“Treats wounds inflicted by any whip-like instrument and small cuts... this is perfect, looks like Anna’s prepared for and after S&M.”

Alice quickly returned to Becky’s room, who was still in her same position.

“Anna? You ok now?”

“...Yeah.” replied Becky tiredly.

“Good, I brought a spray to heal your butt.”

“What’s it called?”

“Afterplay: Whips.”

“Good, that’s the right one.”

“Ok, I’mma put it on you now.”

Alice removed the top and begun to spray Becky’s red cheeks, which immediately clinched at the touch of the sprays droplets meeting her injured rump with Becky’s quick inhale of breath.

For the next few minutes, Alice happily treat Becky’s injured rear. After she was finished, Becky felt the pain in her rear as a dull ache.

“Thank you Alice, for hurting me.” States Becky. “Although, here’s a little tip, try to work the whole body. You focused on my butt and beat it till I couldn’t feel pain anymore.”

“And that’s... Bad?” asked Alice worried.

“No, not really. When I say I like to be hurt, I mean it. I guess my love for pain is to try and repeat the feelings and emotions I felt when I was raped, but the people who I asked to hurt me love me, so they’re limiting themselves to just how much to hurt me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Heh, don’t be. What I really deep down desire, you can’t do, none of our friends can.”

“What is it?”

“Well, I want to be beaten severely, not like what you did, but torture, real, unrestrained torture. I want to be beaten bloody and to an inch of my life.”


“Let me finish.” Replied Becky smiling. “Like for example if I’d have said the safe word, you would’ve stopped right?”


“What I desire is for the pain not to stop. The person ignoring my cries for mercy and continuing to beat and/or torture. I would be in a corner trying to protect my sensitive Areas and the person continuing to beat me, like an animal. I want to be broken, physically and mentally. I want my body to be so-“

“Anna stop.” Requests Alice fighting back tears.

“But Alice-“

“Just stop, please. I can’t understand why you’d want to have such a thing happen to you, and I don’t want to understand. I just... I just... I love you Anna.”

Tears had begun to fall from Alice’s eyes and Becky smiled.

“I’m sorry Alice, I won’t talk about it anymore.”

Alice smiled at this and replied, “How’s your butt?”

“It still aches, I’ll most likely be sore for awhile.”

“Well, you think you’ve rested enough for another orgasm?”

“Becky smiled.

“Let me do you.” Replied Becky getting to her feet, careful not to put pressure on her butt.

“But Anna-“

“But nothing, you did such a good job with what I wanted, I just gotta reward you.”

“Ok...” replied Alice blushing.

“Ok, sit on the edge of the bed, sorry about the big cum spot.”

“you don’t have to apologies for that, I’ll gladly lay in your cum Anna.” Replies Alice as she sat on the bed and lay back, directly onto the wet spot on the bed.

“Ok then, just lay there and enjoy.” States Becky getting to her knees, looking down onto Alice’s nearly hairless crotch, there was a light blue, small and thin patch of hair just about Alice’s labia.

Becky was about to lower her head to lick at the beautiful cleft between Alice’s legs, but stopped about half a foot away and smiled.

“Wait, I got a better idea.” Replies Becky as she got on the bed with Alice below her.

“What?” asked Alice.

“I’m go9nna take my own advice, I’m gonna ‘work the body’.”

Becky then quickly placed her lips to Alice’s, who was greatly surprised from this. Up until now, she was the one that always started the kissing. One thing that Alice was sure of Becky knowing about her was her love of kissing, Alice loved the feeling and taste of Becky’s soft lips pressed against her’s. Kissing had such a profound effect on Alice that, once, she climaxed just from one kiss.

Upon getting over her shock that Becky kissed her first, Alice quickly put her hands to the back of Becky’s head and pushed, almost trying to meld there lips together.

Becky never thought herself as much of a kisser, or good one, she rarely started one, but tried to return as much vigor as Alice was giving into the kiss as she could while the younger girl squirmed about vigorously under her. Becky always fond it amusing that a kiss effected Alice so strongly that she’d move around as if bugs were crawling all over her, if she was on her back. If she was standing, Alice would have the usual ‘weak in the knees’ sensation and Becky’d have to hold her up until they find a place to sit, which if they were sitting, Alice’s body would kind of vibrate, like Becky’s would if she had an orgasm.

The kiss didn’t last long enough for Alice as Becky quickly moved to her neck.

“Anna! Kiss me some more!” whined Alice.

Becky looked up to Alice smiling.

“I’m ‘working the body’.”

“Well don’t! Kiss me again?”

“No.” replied Becky teasingly.

Alice continued to whine until Becky reached her nearly washboard chest and licking at her right nipple, releasing a gasp of pleasure from the girl. Becky alternated between Alice’s nipples, licking and kissing them, Although Alice would’ve much rather be kissing Becky, she settled for Becky’s ‘work the body’ method as she moaned out in pleasure.

Becky didn’t spend too much time on Alice’s nipples, as she soon traveled further down Alice’s body, to her belly and placed light kisses around her belly-button, an action that clearly tickled the young girl.

Alice giggled and squirmed for a few moments before reaching to Becky’s head to stop her, but Becky fought against her, continuing to tickle her belly with kisses.

“Anna! Hehe, s-stop, your... ahahaha, ah! Your supposed, ahh, to make me come!” states Alice laughing uncontrollably.

After a few more moments, Becky raised her head smiling.

“I like to hear you laugh.” States Becky now on her knees again, facing Alice’s now well aroused labia.

Without another word, Becky began licking at each of Alice’s labial lips. This quickly brought a moan out of Alice as the young girl relaxed on the bed smiling as she felt Becky pleasurably showering her young, thirteen year-old labia with her tongue.

“Ohh, Anna, that feels great!”

Becky continued licking at Alice’s labia. For quite a while, that’s all Becky did, licking Alice’s lips, which Becky discovered, with the addition of her saliva combining with Alice’s juices, created a sticky substance that Becky felt on her tongue and lips.

Upon discovering this, Becky figured Alice was ready for more and inserted her tongue past Alice’s sticky lips with a gasp of pleasure from her as she placed her right hand on Becky’s head, smiling down at her as she saw Becky’s head moving as she licked her.

“Anna, I’m getting close.”

At this, Becky placed her hands to Alice’s hips and began thrusting her tongue into the hot, flesh hole.

“Ohh! Yeah, keep doing that, it’s great!”

After a few moments Alice began groaning and made a fist with her right hand, grabbing a handful of Becky’s hair.

“Just, a bit more...” groaned Alice as she also grabbed at the bed under her.

With-in a few moments, Alice gasped out quickly, immediately followed by her groaning as she pulled on Becky’s hair hard. Although, Alice didn’t squirt like Becky, whom had to settle for Alice’s other reactions. The most noticeable one was quite painful, Alice’s pulling of her hair. Becky endured it though, trying to prolong Alice’s relatively quite orgasm, until, Alice’s pulling got a little too much for Becky as she stopped and moved her head up a little whining.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Let go of my hair! Your pulling it out!”

Alice didn’t let go, but she stopped pulling so hard. Alice’s orgasm of course didn’t last as long as Becky’s, only one and a half minutes from start to finish.

Once her orgasm ended, she let go of Becky’s hair, to her relief, although a few strains were liberated from her head.

“Sorry about that Anna.”

“Well try not to do it every time.” Replies Becky running her right hand through her hair.

“heh, ok.”

Alice then began to yawn and Becky smiled.

“I guess we’re done huh?”

“No, we’re not, if you don’t mind, there’s something I want to try on you since you like pain.”

“What is it?”

“I want to try spanking your pussy.”

“Really?!” I’d love that!” replied Becky happily.

“You would?”

“Yeah, I even had a dream about it once, some American girl had to have sex with a bunch of people for some reason I forgot, it was weird.”

“Did you like it?” Asks Alice sitting up.

“Yeah, she smacked my pussy sore and made me come from it.”

“Wow, you think you’ll come if I do it for real?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Replies Becky smiling and getting to her feet.

Alice smiled as well and got off the bed to allow Becky to return to it, now laying on her back, making sure not to move her still sore butt laying down. Alice then straddled Becky, sitting on her chest, Becky had a pretty good view of Alice’s own butt and when the younger girl leaned forward a bit and placed her left hand on Becky’s upper left leg, Becky had a really good view of the brown, tensed entrance to Alice’s rectum. Becky smiled at this before quickly gasping out in pain as the sound of a smack told of Alice starting her pussy’s turn at punishment.

“Did you like that Anna?”

“Oh, yeah, do it again.”


Alice saw Becky spread her legs a little for a more ‘fuller’ hit to her already reddening lips. Like with the belt, Alice begun to start a short series of slow, but stinging close-handed slaps to Becky’s pussy, who cried out at each hit. At the fifth hit, Alice rubbed Becky’s pussy gently.

“how was it Anna?”

“I-It’s great! Each hit is more painful than the last.”

“Want me to keep going?”

“Yeah, do the same with the belt.”

“But Anna, your pussy is more delicate than your butt.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll use the safe word if I need to.”

“Ok, that makes me felt better...”

Alice smiled as she started spanking Becky’s reddened lips again, who cried out at each painful strike to her delicate lips. After thirty seconds passed, Alice paused and rubbed Becky’s pain throbbing pussy.

Alice resumed her spanking quickly. Becky was now crying, although not hard, since each hit hurt more than the last, the hits gave much pleasure but unlike her butt, the pain didn’t dull.

During this third round of pussy spanking, Becky placed her hands to her face as she cried more from the pain than the pleasure.

“Ah! It hurts!” cried Becky.

Alice saw that while Becky’s pussy was near blood red, Becky’s arousal juices covered her lips, adding even more of a sting to the slaps that were joined with wet sounds.

“Anna, if it’s too, much, just say the word.” Replied Alice as she continued her spanking.

The abundance of Becky’s juices also begun to sting Alice’s hand now as well.

Becky was thinking about saying he safe word but didn’t want to, although her pussy was feeling terrible, she could feel herself near orgasm.

Alice didn’t like the backlash of hurting herself when hurting Becky and since she was right-handed, dicided to give Becky’s pussy the hardest hit possible. Alice raised her hand high, nearly vertical as Becky saw this through her fingers and her eyes widened in shock.

“Oh no...” though Becky.

Becky tried to say strawberry before she was hit but only managed ‘str’ before she felt the wet sting to her pussy as she screamed out in pain loudly, which quickly followed by her second orgasm.

Alice felt Becky shaking between her legs and smiled as she saw Becky’s legs quivering and a thin, second long squirt of her cum leaving from her red lips, followed by two more short squirts.

As Alice saw Becky going through her afterglow, she leaned down to her pussy, almost kissing it, Alice began rubbing the swollen red lips smiling.

“Looks like you enjoyed it Anna.”

Becky looked down to Alice and saw that since she was nearly laying on her, the brown hole of her butt was in clear view and Becky smiled as she aimed her right index finger at the tight entrance...


Alice immediately clenched her tightest hole around Becky’s finger before quickly Leaning forward, removing Becky’s finger.

“Heh, don’t like the backdoor entrance huh?” asked Becky smiling.

Alice promptly switched her position to face Becky, now sitting on her stomach.

“Of course not! It’s a one-way street.”

“That’s what I said the first time too, but I love it now.” Replied Becky.

“Well I don’t.”

Becky simply smiled before placing the finger she used on Alice to her nose, smelling it.

“Hey, my finger doesn’t smell too bad.”

“Well I would hope so.”

“Compared to my as*, your smell good!” laughs Becky.

“You need to clean yourself better then Anna.” Replies Alice smiling.

“I can wipe myself just fine.”

“Really? Then I guess those marks in your panties just magically appear then huh?”

Becky then looked annoyed, which Alice smiled at and bounced on Becky’s stomach once.

“What’s wrong Anna? I didn’t want to say anything at first, but you really do need to learn to clean yourself better. Sometimes your panties look so bad it looks like you didn’t even wipe.” Stated Alice as she leaned down onto Becky.

“Well unless you plan to somehow correct my ‘problem’, let’s drop the subject.”

“Ok then!” smiles Alice as she sits up. “I’m going to teach you how to properly wipe your as*!”

“What!? I was only kidding! I know how to wipe my own as*!”

“Not very good.”

“...I thought you didn’t like the backdoor.”

“I don’t like things going IN, but I’ll do anything for you Anna, even show you the right way to clean yourself, so you can be like me. A clean and healthy as*hole goes a long way.”


Alice then removed herself from Becky and stood at the side of the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

“Huh? You going to do it now!?”

“Yep, the quicker the better.”

Ok fine...” replied Becky rolling onto her stomach carefully, since her butt was still sore and lifted herself up on her hands and knees.

Alice then returned to the bed, sitting at Becky’s feet, facing her reddened rear. She then carefully spread Becky’s cheeks and gasped at what she saw.

“Oh Wow!”

“What is it?” asked Becky sounding a bit concerned.

“No wonder you panties are always dirty, all the hair around your as*hole traps most of your crap. You shave your pussy, you should shave here too, there’s more than enough hair here.”

“Well, the thought of shaving my as* hair never occurred to me.” Replied Becky

“You should, I’ll clean you this time but you have to promise me you’ll shave back here, ok?” states Alice releasing Becky’s cheeks.

“Ok, I promise.” Sighed Becky.

Alice smiled and got off the bed.

“Good, meet me in the bathroom.” Replied Alice leaving the room.

At this point, Becky gave up resisting Alice and made her way off the bed.

“I can’t believe this, I never should’ve touched her as*.” Groaned Becky leaving her room.

Upon Becky entering the bathroom, She saw Alice happily filling the tub.

“Oh Anna, I just realized I could shave you too!”

“I’m not a baby Alice.” Replied Becky frowning a little.

“Hehe, but your as* says differently.”


Alice soon turned off the water to the tub, with the water only about four inches deep.

“Ok, get In on your hands and knees.”

Becky did as Alice requested without fuss, and once Becky was in position. Alice took a small bath towel from the cabinet near the tub and submerged it in the water.

“Just so you know Alice, this is really embarrassing.” States Becky.

“You only have yourself to blame yanno. Hey move your right cheek out of the way.”

Becky moved her right hand to her rear and did as Alice requested, Whom used her left hand to spread Becky’s left cheek as she lifted the bath towel from the water and began to clean up around Becky’s anus.

“Yanno Anna, it makes me feel good hat I’m helping you like this. I’m sure you’ll feel so much better when I’m done.”

“Heh, well, a part of me likes it too.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

After About fifteen minutes Alice had finished cleaning and shaving around Becky anus.

“There, all done!” smiles Alice at her work.

Becky got to her feet and quickly gasped at the instant change she felt.

“Wow! It feels SO much better with no hair there. I can actually feel the cheeks of my as* rubbing against each other.”

Now you have no excuse for dirty panties.” Warns Alice smiling as she stands.

“Heh, don’t worry, I’ll make sure I’m clean back there from now on.”

Alice then carefully stepped into the tub, behind Becky, placing her hands on Becky’s back, then her head lightly before asking...

“Hey Anna, let’s shower together.”

“Ok...” replied Becky reaching down in front of her to turn on the hot water, then a button to activate the shower head.

But since Becky had lowered herself a bit to turn it on, the water immediately hit Alice in the face, followed by her shocked gasp and putting her hands up to shield her face. Becky smiled at this and stood up with her back to the incoming water.

“Well, looks like I’ll wash you first.”

“That wasn’t funny Anna!” whined Alice.

“I didn’t know it would hit you in the face until it was too late, sorry.” Replied Becky failing to fight back a giggle.


“Yanno Alice, I just realized something about you.” States Becky smiling.”


“You have really pretty eyes.”

Alice quickly looked a little embarrassed at the complement and looked away from Becky’s face to her chest.

“You really think so?”

“Yeah, it’s cool how there two different colors. There’s not too many people like that.”

“I never thought of it like that. Heh, not many people have ‘this’ ether.” Replied Alice as she extended her right arm out and the blue, symbiotic material come from the back of her shoulder and covered her arm and hand.

“Hey, where does that come from anyway? It looks like it always comes from behind you.”

“Basically, it comes from my back, but to be more specific...” replies Alice turning her back to Becky, “... It actually comes from my spine.”

Becky did notice an obvious line in the middle of Alice’s back which the material gave away.

“It start’s from the top of my neck and goes all the way down almost to my tailbone. If you look really close at my back, you can see a thin line going down the middle of my back.”

“Yeah, I think I see it...” states Becky placing a finger on the line and following it down Alice’s back.

Becky made it to the middle of Alice’s back before she quickly gasped and jerked her back from Becky’s finger.

“Did that hurt?” asked Becky.

“No, the lower part of that line is really, really ticklish.”

“Well, I’ll have to remember that then. Get the soap so I can start cleaning you.”

“OK...” replies Alice as she reached down to her left for the bottle of bathing soap, then faced Becky again as she uncovered her right arm.

“Now put a lot on my hand.” Replied Becky holding out her right hand.

Alice then did so, squeezing out the lavender colored soap onto Becky’s hand, a bit larger in size than a silver dollar.

Becky then divided the amount of soap to her left hand and started at Alice’s shoulders, placing her hands there and moving her hands and the soap down her arms. Becky managed to cover Both of Alice’s arms before requesting more, once her supply was renewed, Becky started with each of Alice’s collarbone’s and down to her nearly flat chest.

Alice closed her eyes with a smile as Becky clearly gave this part of her body the most attention, massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples.

“Yanno Alice, massaging them help them grow.” States Becky before doing a light kneading.

“Mmm, I’m not falling for that.”

“Falling for what? It’s true, I did it and it worked.”

“I thought you didn’t want a big chest.”

“When I was younger I did. I wanted to be like the girls at school that were my age but were already growing breasts. I didn’t believe massaging would work ether, but I tried it for a week and it actually worked, it wasn’t very noticeable though.” Replied Becky quickly finding Alice’s nipples stiffening and added pulling on them to her massage.

“R-Really? So what changed your mind about wanted a big chest?”

“Well, besides my friends telling me it was stupid to rush my body, I overheard a couple girls in a locker room complaining about the problems they had having big breasts, and I didn’t want any of those problems, so I stopped the massaging to grow, but I still did it sometimes ‘cause it felt good.”

Alice simply moaned in reply.

“Heh, and besides, when Kimmie joined the federation to be a hunter, I wanted to follow, and having breasts would’ve and would be a hassle. Kimmie has to wear that tight vest or she’ll be bouncing a lot when she fights.” States Becky before finally moving her hands downward.

Alice couldn’t help squirming a little as Becky began to rub her belly, she even shuddered a bit as she felt some soap trail downward into the crevice of her labia. Becky saw this and smiled as she interrupted the small trail with a finger.

“Heh, looks like the soap needs to learn some patience.”

“Anna...” whines Alice looking at Becky.

“And so do you too.” Replied Becky reaching behind her to the showerhead and angling it downward before getting to her knee’s. “More soap please.” Added Becky smiling and holding out her left hand, which Alice squeezed a large amount of soap onto.

Becky then started rubbing Alice’s left leg with the soap, all the way down to her feet, then back up and intentionally grazing Alice’s labia with the side of her left hand, causing the younger girl to jump a little at the quick tease as Becky quickly trailed her hands down her leg again.

“Don’t tease me Anna.”

“have some patience.” Replied Becky smiling up at Alice as her hands returned near her crotch. Becky then moved her left hand to Alice’s right leg, near her hips, before quickly moving her right hand to Alice’s labia and shoved her middle finger into her, immediately followed by Alice’s surprised gasp as she dropped the bottle of soap. “Wow, your really wet.”

“Y-you could’ve warned me.”

“But it’s what you wanted right?” asked Becky smiling as she curved her finger toward her, quickly finding the sweet spot inside Alice and began lightly rubbing it.

Almost by reflex, Alice’s closed tightly as she gasped from the sudden rush of pleasure flooding her body. Alice quickly leaned back onto the wall to help herself stay standing.

But to Alice’s disappointment, Becky quickly removed her finger.

“But I have to finish cleaning you first.”

Anna!” gasped Alice shocked, “That Was SO mean!” added Alice whining.

“Heh, I know, but hang in there, I got a surprise for you.” Replied Becky picking up the bottle.

Becky re-supplied her hand with soap and placed the bottle were it originally started at, then began to apply the soap to Alice’s right leg. Becky was also as eager to continue pleasuring Alice as she was to get it and quickly finished on her leg.

Becky stood smiling and reached behind her to the showerhead and detached it from the wall and began to rinse away the soap from Alice’s body. When Becky finished, she looked at Alice smiling.

“Ready for that surprise?”


Becky then kissed Alice once again on the lips, which Alice immediately began returning and closed her eyes. But this was just half of Becky’s surprise for Alice, she waited about a minute into the kiss for Alice to get ‘settled’ into it before promptly positioning the showerhead under her crotch, sending the pressurized stream of water to her labia.

Alice’s reaction to this was immediate, her body quickly stiffened and she gasped into the kiss from surprise. Becky didn’t let her break the kiss though, she quickly pinned Alice’s back to the wall, before beginning her muffled moans and squirms of pleasure.

Becky had opened her eyes to enjoy the look of Alice’s face, which was just her tightly closed eyes at the moment. Since Alice could climax from kissing, Becky figured the direct and continuous stimulation of the water to her labia was a bit more than Alice was prepared for, but Becky liked the idea of overwhelming her with pleasure.

After a few moments of Alice moaning and trembling against her, Becky reached down to Alice’s right leg and lifted it up, allowing much more contact of the water to her quivering lower lips, which Alice quickly moaned out louder from, but Becky prevented her from ending the kiss as she raised her left foot onto the small ledge and rested Alice’s leg on her’s, Allowing Becky to move her hand to Alice’s head to prevent and attempts at ending the kiss. At the moment, any moaning Alice did, Becky wanted her to do it while they kissed.

AS the moments passed, Alice began to squirm more and more and tried more obviously to end the kiss, but Becky still prevented it. Becky figured Alice was nearing her point-of-no-return and soon ended the kiss herself but quickly put her hand over Alice’s mouth, who opened her eyes to Becky, trying to pled with her eyes to uncover her mouth, even though her hands were free to move.

“You gonna come?” asked Becky smiling.

Alice nodded slowly as tears formed in her eyes.

“Ok, when you do, yell my name, ok?”

Alice then quickly closed her eyes groaning as her body began to stiffen or, ‘lock-up’.

“Scream my name Alice.” Repeats Becky.

Alice quickly nodded her head.

At this, Becky finally uncovered Alice’s mouth, whom immediately screamed out...


As her climax struck her hard. Even after Alice ran out of breathe to scream, her body remained ridged. The stream of water to her orgasmic pussy did a very good job of prolonging the peak of her climax.

As Becky watched her young girlfriend climaxing, she was surprised at besides the initial yell of pleasure, Alice still remained relatively quiet for how seemingly powerful her orgasm was.

Since the water enabled Alice to ride the peak pleasure of her orgasm, once the last bit of energy used from her body to maintain such a high level of pleasure for an extended period of time expired, it ended Alice’s orgasm immediately with her gasp before passing out and her body going limp.

Becky quickly dropped the showerhead to prevent Alice from falling to the hard floor of the tube.

“Hehe, wow, that’s the first time I got you to pass out. Looks like you’ll just have to clean me next time.”

Becky carefully moved Alice from the tub and sat her to the side of it so she didn’t have to lay on the floor, which Becky assumed would feel cold to the skin.

Upon Returning to the tub, Becky replaced the showerhead to the wall and began washing herself.

Her shower was uneventful, until she began washing her hair, which was under a large soapy lather, some of it over Becky’s cloased eyes. All of a sudden though, Becky felt herself pushed hard against the wall in front of her and pinning her to it.

“Ow! Who is-“

“You thought you were getting away that easy Anna?” came Alice’s voice.

“Heh, actually yeah, enjoy your nap?”

Becky was then surprised as Alice roughly rammed her head into the wall, nearly causing Becky to lose consciousness.

“Shut up! I’m going to make you come.” Stated Alice rather harshly.

“Role-playing again huh?” asked Becky smiling.

Becky then felt Alice punch her hard in the side of her ribs.

“AHHH!” gasped out Becky as she began to lean her upper body to the right and thought, in shock, “Did Alice, just break a rib!?”

Becky then started to try to get free but Alice prevented it by putting pressure on Becky’s broken rib.

“Don’t resist Anna, or I’ll break another one.”

“O-Ok, ok, but are you mad at me?”

“No I’m not.” Replied Alice before pushing on Becky’s injured rib again.

“AHHHHH! Stop! That hurts!”

“No! I’m going to break you, physically and mentally.” Replied Alice as she began to cry but hid it from her voice.

Becky then began to think about what Alice said and it quickly dawned on her what Alice intended to do to her.

“Alice, I appreciate what your trying to do, but you can’t-“

“Yes I can! If anyone’s gonna break you, it’s gonna be me!”

“...ok, but can I get the soap off my face?”

“No, I don’t want you to see me.”

“How about we go somewhere else? The bathroom isn’t exactly the best place to break someone.”

“Ok…” replied Alice releasing Becky and quickly getting out of the tub and getting a towel to dry off and headed out of the room stating, “Meet me in your room.”

Once Alice had left, Becky stepped back a few feet putting her face into the stream of water as she placed her left hand lightly on her injured rib, thinking...

‘I can’t believe Alice actually broke one of my ribs... maybe she can do it... heh, I wonder what it’ll be like when I break...”


In Becky’s room, Alice sat on the floor, in front of the door crying with her head in her hands.

“What am I thinking!? I can’t do this! I don’t want Anna to break, I love her too much!”

Alice resumed her crying and a moment later, Becky’s voice came from behind the door.

“Alice, what’s wrong?”

”N-Nothing!” replied Alice quickly wiping her tears and stood up, trying her best to ‘get it together’.

The door opened with Becky, still holding her side, nude and walked into the room.

“I heard you crying, what’s wrong?”

Alice looked at Becky holding her side and lost the battle with herself as a fresh round of tears began to flood her eyes before a moment later, dropping to her knee’s crying with her head in her hands again.

“I’m sorry!” cried Alice.

Becky then looked down at Alice unsurprised and joined Alice on her knee’s.

“Alice, it’s ok.”

“No it’s not! You want something I can’t do! I’m sorry for breaking one of your ribs, I thought I could do what you really want, but I CAN’T!”

“Alice...” comments Becky smiling as she removed her hand from her side and embraced Alice in a light hug. “It really is ok. You gave it a shot, and even though you can’t do it, that alone shows me how much you love me.”

*sniff* “Really?”

Becky then leaned back to look at Alice smiling.

“Yeah, really.”

Alice then smiled as well.

“I promise you Anna, someday, I’ll make your desire happen, I’ll make sure of it!”

“Heh, well, I’ll be waiting anytime, anywhere.”

END ^_^

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