Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 75)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 75

Title: EXTRA: Rebound and score!

[Author's notes:

Alice uses Becky's and Sashi's break-up to snag Becky for herself at last


This fic occurs after the season is over, but before the start of the second


Becky currently lay on her bed in just her white underwear crying silently, A few moments later; Alice walks into the room, dressed in something similar to a school girl's uniform

"B-san, I heard what happened. Are you ok?" asked Alice walking to the bed and sitting on it at Becky's feet.

"I've, been better." sniffles Becky.

"Yanno..." begins Alice starting to blush and fiddle with her fingers."I'm here for you."

At this, Becky slowly at up next to Alice, but looked towards the floor as tears lightly streamed down her cheeks.

"You don't give up, do you?" states Becky sadly.


"It hasn't been 24 hours since I broke up with Sashi, and you're already trying to hook-up with me!" replied Becky looking at Alice as the tears flowed.

"B-B-san, I'm sorry-"

"Alice, I told you before, I don't like you in that way, you're my sister kid."

"I-I realize that, but, I love you, I can't help the way I feel for you, I want to be near you always..." Alice then wrapped her arms around Becky's left arm and continued, "...can't you please reconsider?"

"Alice..." began Becky sadly."I'm flattered you feel that way about me, but I can't be your girlfriend, I don't deserve to be anyone's love."

"Yes you do! Why would you say such things about yourself!?"

"Do you know why I broke up with Sashi?"


"I cheated on her." replies Becky before the tears increased.

Alice gasped and slightly withdrew from Becky, but continued to hold her arm.

"With six men..." continued Becky."I let them all come inside me. I had started my period too, so I nearly became pregnant!"


"So you see? I don't deserve your love..."

"But you deserve a second chance." replies Alice smiling. "You made a mistake, all that proves is that you're human. Don't you want a second chance at love?"

"I-I, I don't know." cried Becky.

"B-san, look at me."

Becky does so with teary eyes.

"I'm giving you a second chance, please, take it." replied Alice moving her left hand up to Becky's face and lightly caressing her right cheek.

"I-I'm scared..."

"You don't have to be. I'll never leave you, I love you too much."

Alice then proceeded to kiss Becky, who began to cry hard, as she aloud Alice to kiss her. After a few moments, Becky quickly backed away, breaking the kiss.

"I can't do this."

"Yes you can, I hear it's like riding a bike."

"N-No... I'm, still on my period." replies Becky blushing.

"Oh, I don't care, there's more than one way to make a girl come."


"B-san, just relax."

Alice then repositioned herself behind Becky, undoing the hook of Becky's bra to reveal her small breasts and Alice gently cupped them with her hands from behind. Becky moaned from this as she felt the younger girl's hands massaging her small mounds.

"That's it..." whispered Alice."...relax B-san."

Alice massaged Becky's breasts for just over a minute before lowering her right hand into Becky's panties, pulling out the pad Becky used for her period, having only a moderate sized circle of blood. Alice quickly tossed the object to the floor and placed her hand over the crotch f Becky's panties, taking a moment to find Becky's stiffening nub. Who gasped with pleasure from Alice touching her clit.

"Is there anywhere else you want me to touch you?" asked Alice.

"Y-Yes... just above my pussy, that's my spot."

"Your spot? ...Oh! I see, really?" asked Alice smiling.


"So, if I rub here..." states Alice as she raises her right hand slight and places her fingers on Becky's pubic area through her panties.

"Yes, right there."

Alice continued to smile as she restarted massaging Becky's left breast while starting to rub Becky's Spot, quickly causing her to flinch from the sudden, high amount of pleasure flooding her body.

"Ohhhh, just like that! Keep doing it!" moaned Becky as she also rocked her pelvis forward, aiding Alice's rubbing.

Alice simply smiled in joy at giving the one she loved so much pleasure, which she continued for just about a minute before Becky started to moan louder and stiffen up. Becky came shortly after, moaning loudly as she flooded her panties in her cum, Alice herself enjoyed feeling Becky's trembling in her hands even after her orgasm died and Becky was enveloped in the afterglow and leaned back on Alice tiredly.

"Alice..." panted Becky.


"Call me Becky from now on, ok?"

"Really!?" asked Alice happily. "I can call you by your first name?"

Becky then smiled to herself and replied, "Better yet, you can call me Anna, it's my middle name. No one else calls me by that."

"Thank-you so much B-sa- I mean, Anna." Replies Alice blushing and smiling.

"And Alice?"


"Thank-you for giving me a second chance."

"No, thank-YOU." replied Alice resting her chin on Becky's right shoulder smiling.

End ^_^

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